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This is a project I have started to pass along and receive any information relating to Batchilier descendants. I currently have almost 660 names and 267 families (last update 29 Aug 99) in Rev. Stephen Batchilier descendants -and it's still growing!! In the mean time click on my SURNAMES and see what I have. I will include any Batchilier cousins who would like to make their descendancy available to me. I have also included lineage of famous cousins as I come across them. See PRESIDENTIAL ANCESTRY to do some interesting research for yourself. If you look up John Hussey's marriage to Margaret Record you can trace down to the parents of my 7th cousin, twice removed, Richard Milhous Nixon.

Any James Dean fans? He was my 7th cousin once removed (before I was born that is). You can get to the DEAN family by way of Christopher Hussey and Ann Garretson.

Note: John Greenleaf Whittier, famous poet and author, boasted of his connection with Christopher Hussey (son-in-law to the Rev.Stephen Batchilier) - no stateside connection has been made... Recent info has put J.G. Whittier from the Richard Hussey line of Dover, NH. His mother was Abigail Hussey dau. of Joseph Hussey and Mercy Evans.

Daniel Webster, grandson of Benjamin Bachelder and Susanna Page - son of Susanna is my 5th cousin (7 times removed). The will of Benjamin is available in my will collection.


There's a great book recently republished titled "Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy" (first published 1898)
by Frederick Clifton Pierce
--- Contains a whole lot of information on the descendants of Rev. Stephen Batchiler and the Batcheller brothers of Essex County Massachusetts - good for verifying or giving you a good place to start on your research. A Must have for any Batchiler researcher. No I don't get a commission - I just started reading the 624 page book and know it's worth the $33.00. If interested call Heritage Book News at 1-800-398-7709. Ask for book #P318. You can also order Heritage books through their on-line web site.

I am also inputting my collection of WILLS, OBITUARIES, and BIOGRAPHIES for your genealogy interests. Please check back with me because I have a lot and it will take me time to input them. My genealogy home page will have my last update dates.

Special thanks to my following cousins for helping me with my research:

Batchilier/Hussey Researchers

David Burgess Home Page
Cheney Family: 1603 - 1997
Jana Ulrich's Genealogy Surnames Researched
Marston Manor(10th cousin, twice removed)
Patrick Janis' Czech Genealogy Page
Mark Merritt(12th cousin)
Betty I. Ralph(5th cousin, once removed)
Carla Jean Henderson (6th cousin, twice removed)
Christopher Hussey Turnbull (7th cousin, twice removed)

Sincerely, Terry E. Davis

Please check back - I've only just started

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