Census Records 3

1800 Buffalo TWP, Armstrong Co, PA (Waterson) 3

1810 Pennsylvania Census Index (Carnahan) 3

1810 Armstrong Co, PA (Waterson) 3

1820 Armstrong County, PA (Carnahan, Waterson) 3

1830 Pennsylvania Census Index (Waterson) 3

1830 Armstrong County, PA (Carnahan, Randolph) 4

1840 Armstrong Co, PA (Carnahan, Randolph) 4

1850 Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan, Randolph, Watterson) 4

1850 Armstrong Co, PA (Watterson, Waterson, McWaterson) 5

1860 Madison TWP, Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan) 5

1860 Rose TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan) 5

1870 Jefferson County, PA (Carnahan) 5

1870 Jefferson County, PA (Carnahan) 6

1870 Madison TWP, Clarion County, PA (Carnahan) 6

1880 Madison TWP, Clarion County, PA (Carnahan, Watterson) 7

1880 Polk TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan) 7

1885 Douglas Co, KS (Carnahan) 8

1900 Ohio Soundex - C655 (Carnahan) 8

1900 Polk TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan) 8

1900 Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan) 9

1920 Clarion County, PA (Carnahan) 10

Miscellaneous CARNAHAN Records in Pennsylvania 11

Cumberland County, PA_ 11

Civil War 11

Miscellaneous WATTERSON Records 12

John Waterson and Catherine Spies Watterson_ 12

Miscellaneous Emails 12

James and Catherine Tetoit (DeTar) Watterson_ 13

Watterson Lore 14

Civil War 14

Obituaries Records 15

Mary A. Walls Carnahan (1832 – 1906) 15

Minnie Carnahan Mitchell (1870 – 1927) 15

Faye V. Rankin Carnahan (1901 – 1989) 15

Edgar H. Carnahan (1874 – 1959) 16

Delbert E. Elder (1923 – 1994) 16

Amanda B. Mortimer Carnahan (1878 – 1961) 16

Paul Wilbur Carnahan (1906 – 1966) 16

Edgar E. Carnahan (1919 – 1994) 17

David H. Carnahan (1902 – 1990) 17

Anna M. Carnahan King (1907 – 1967) 17

Paul D. King (1931 – 1985) 18

Cemetery Records 19

Rimersburg Cemetery, Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan) 19

Wattersonville Cemetery, Armstrong Co, PA (Watterson) 19

Descendants of Thomas Carnahan_ 20


From various accountings on the internet, my Carnahan line originated from Scotland. Several genealogy files begin the generations of Carnahan families with William Carnahan, born about 1455 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Numerous generations follow before the first Carnahans are reported in the state of Pennsylvania. The focal point of my particular ancestry seems to be with the family of James and Margaret Janny Carnahan. James was reportedly born 19 October 1692 in Legoniel (County Antrim), Ireland - he married Margaret Janny on 4 August 1718, in Dublin. According to the reported birth locations of the later children of James and Margaret, it appears the family arrived in the United States, and settled in the region of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, some time between 1720 and 1723. The known children of James and Margaret Janny Carnahan were: William (born about 1712, Ireland), Joseph (born 11 May 1715, Ireland), James Alexander (born 1 July 1719, Ireland), John (born 16 November 1720, Ireland), Mary Jane (born 1723, Cumberland County, PA), and Adam (born 1739, Cumberland County, PA). I do not know which James Carnahan son was the ancestor to my line. Many of the Carnahan branches settled in the Pennsylvania counties of Allegheny and Westmoreland.  The earliest signs I have of my direct Carnahan branch begin in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

The first Carnahan of my ancestry which is found in these research records is my fifth great-grandfather, Thomas, who is first listed in the 1820 Armstrong County, PA census report[1]. Thanks to the information provided by Thelma Kifer, wife of 4th cousin, Jeffrey Kifer, many blank spots in my data were filled.

My fourth great-grandfather, James Carnahan, is reported by Thelma Kifer to have been born in Crawford County, PA around 1806. Future wife of James, Mary (Polly) Fitz-Randolph, and her family were from the same county. James and Mary "Randolph" were married around 1823, in Armstrong County, PA - Mary was the daughter of William and Mary Smith Fitz-Randolph.

I have collected Watterson data along the way in my research because of the reported marriage of my third great-grandfather, Taylor Carnahan to Barbara Watterson around 1854 in Clarion County, PA.  Research is abundant on the Watterson line but an actual connection to Barbara Watterson is eluding me.



 Census Records

1800 Buffalo TWP, Armstrong Co, PA (Waterson)

under 10     10-16     16-26       26-45       45+

James Waterson                   Males     20201                      Females  12101

1810 Pennsylvania Census Index (Carnahan)

Allegheny Co                       Deer TWP                             pg. 314   John Carnahan

                                                Pittsburgh Borough             pg. 231   William Carnahan

                                                Robinson TWP                    pg. 269   James Carnahan

                                                St. Clair TWP                        pg. 176   David Carnahan

                                                St. Clair TWP                        pg. 184   William Carnahan

Cumberland Co.                    Mifflin TWP                          pg. 72     Judy Carnahan

Indiana Co.                            Mahoning TWP                   pg. 64     Thomas Carnahan

Mercer Co.                            French Creek TWP              pg. 940   Adam Carnahan

                                                French Creek TWP              pg. 940   Andrew Carnahan

                                                French Creek TWP              pg. 942   Sarah Carnahan

Westmoreland Co.               N. Huntingdon  TWP          pg. 114   John Carnahan

                                                Rostraver TWP                    pg. 124   John Carnahan

                                                S. Huntingdon TWP            pg. 124   James Carnahan

                                                S. Huntingdon TWP            pg. 124   John Carnahan

                                                S. Huntingdon TWP            pg. 125   James Carnahan

                                                S. Huntingdon TWP            pg. 125   John Carnahan

                                                Washington TWP                               pg. 109   Adam Carnahan

                                                Washington TWP                               pg. 109   David Carnahan, Sr.

1810 Armstrong Co, PA (Waterson)

under 10     10-16     16-26       26-45       45+

Sugar Creek TWP

pg. 393   John Watterson                   Males     00100                      Females  10100

pg. 399   James Watterson                 Males     00201                      Females  01001

pg. 400   Jacob Watterson                  Males     30010                      Females  30010

1820 Armstrong County, PA (Carnahan, Waterson)

Males      - 10          10-16       16-18       16-26       26-45       45+          Females  - 10          10-16       16-26       26-45       45+

pg. 301   Toby TWP            Thomas Carnahan                Males 120010        Females 31010

pg. 301   Toby TWP            William Carnahan Males 000010        Females 30001

pg.  319  Sugar Creek           James Watterson, Sr.           Males 000101        Females 00011

pg. 319   Sugar Creek           John Watterson                   Males 300100        Females 10100

pg. 319 Sugar Creek             James Watterson, Jr.           Males 200020        Females 10110

1830 Pennsylvania Census Index (Waterson)

Armstrong County

James Watterson                 Kittanning                             pg. 194

Jacob Waterson                   Perry TWP                            pg. 242

James Waterson                   Toby TWP                            pg. 236

John Waterson                     Toby TWP                            pg. 237

Westmorland Co

James Waterson                   Unity TWP                            pg. 327

1830 Armstrong County, PA (Carnahan, Randolph)

                                                -4             5-9           10-14       15-19       20-29       30-39       40-49       50-59       60-69

James Carnahan                   Toby TWP            pg. 236   Males     210010000              Females  100010000

Rebecca Carnahan               Toby TWP            pg. 232   Males     120000000              Females  101001000

William Carnahan Toby TWP            pg. 252   Males     110010000              Females  100010000

Thomas Carnahan                Toby TWP            pg. 237   Males     000100001              Females  000210100

John Randolph                     Toby TWP            pg. 236   Males     000010000              Females  000100000

William Randolph                Toby TWP            pg. 237   Males     113110100              Females  000100100

1840 Armstrong Co, PA (Carnahan, Randolph)

                to- 4        5- 9          10-14       15-19       20-29       30-39       40-49       50-59       60-69

pg. 124   William Randolph                Males     00020002                Females  000100010

pg. 127   John Randolph                     Males     10001100                Females  120010000

pg. 127   Thomas Carnahan                Males     10001001                Females  010000001

pg. 127   William Carnahan Males     01100100                Females  111001000

pg. 129   James Carnahan                   Males     03110100                Females  301001000

pg. 129   Nathaniel Randolph             Males     12100100                Females  002000100

pg. 130   Taylor Randolph                  Males     20001000                Females  010010000

1850 Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan, Randolph, Watterson)

Pg. 99

William Watterson               26            b. PA      Boatman                James Waterson, Sr.            60            b. PA

Catherine                               31            b. PA                                      Margaret                                60            b. PA

Emaline                                  8              b. PA                                      Samuel                                   15            b. PA

Margaret                                6              b. PA                                     

Elizabeth                                6              b. PA                                      Perry TWP, pg. 166

Alvin                                      3              b. PA                                      Charles Watterson               21            b. PA

James                                     9/12         b. PA                                      Mary                                      20            b. PA

Christina Ring                       22            b. PA                                      William                                   6/12         b. PA

Thomas Hocking                  21            b. PA                                     

                                                                                                                Jacob Waterson                   24            b. PA

James Carnahan   44                                                                            Mary                                      21            b. PA

Mary                      46                                                                            Isiah                                       10/12       b. PA

David                     20                                                                            Jacob                                      75            b. PA

Taylor                    16                                                                           

Lucinda                  14                                                                            Madison TWP, pg. 98

Eliza                        12                                                                            William Randolph [2]              66            b. NJ

James                     10                                                                            Phillippa?                               68            b. NJ

Hugh                      6                                                                              Hugh                                      26            b. PA

Garrison                 2                                                                              Barbara                                  25            b. PA

William                   23                                                                            Lawson                                  4              b. PA

Elizabeth                21                                                                            Mary                                      2              b. PA

Margaret                1/12                                                                         Sarah                                      1              b. PA


Jacob Watterson  40

Rebecca                 38

Mary                      12

William                   11

Wallis                     8

Anna                      4

Martha                   2

1850 Armstrong Co, PA (Watterson, Waterson, McWaterson)

Kittanning TWP, pg. 192 

Thomas Watterson              24            b. IRE

Jane                                        20            b. IRE


Pg. 199

John Watterson                   64            b.IRE

Margaret                                62            b. PA

Daniel                                     22            b. PA

John                                       20            b. PA


Sugar Creek TWP, pg. 15

James Waterson                   30            b. PA                      William McWaterson          31            b. PA

Mary A.                                 28            b. PA                      Sarah                                      40            b. PA

Samuel W.                             6              b. PA                      Martha A.                              14            b. PA

Margaret A.                          5              b. PA                      John                                       12            b. PA

Ann M.                                  3              b. PA                      George                                   9              b. PA

James W.                               8/12         b. PA                      Nancy J.                                 1              b. PA

                                                                                                John Waterson                     100          b. PA

Nancy Waterson[3]                                55            b. PA

1860 Madison TWP, Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan)

William Carnahan 52            b. PA                      Daniel Carnahan   30            b. PA

Margaret                                51            b. PA                      Mary A.                 30            b. PA

Eliza Jane                               24            b. PA                      William                   3              b. PA

                                                                                                Emma L. 1              b. PA

1860 Rose TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan)

Ben F. Carnahan   34            b. PA      Moulder

Asenath                 33            b. PA

Sarah R.                 4              b. PA

B. F.                        4              b. PA

H. L.                        10/12       b. PA

1870 Jefferson County, PA (Carnahan)

Polk TWP, 22 Jun 1870, pg. 136/7                                 Madison TWP, 5 Aug 1870

Thomas Carnahan                41            b. PA      Carpenter               Taylor Carnahan [4]                37            b. PA

Mary                                      28            b. PA                                      Barbara                                  36            b. PA

James M.                               4              b. PA                                      Mary E.                                  15            b. PA

Abraham T.                           2              b. PA                                      William                                   14            b. PA

Mary E.                                  6/12         b. PA                                      Nannie E.                               12            b. PA

                                                                                                                James                                     11            b. PA

B. G. Carnahan                      31            b. PA      Farmer                    Frank                                      8              b. PA

Barbara                                  28            b. PA                                      Cammie W.                            3              b. PA

Willis M.                                2/12?       b. PA                                      Minnie B.                               5/12         b. PA


James Carnahan                   64            b. PA      Farmer                    Hugh Carnahan                    26            b. PA

Mary                                      67            b. PA                                      Elizabeth                                22            b. PA

William A.                             12            b. PA                                      Thomas H.                             8              b. PA


Annie Carnahan   16            b. PA      Servant

1870 Jefferson County, PA (Carnahan)

Polk TWP, 22 Jun, pg. 136/7

Thomas Carnahan                41            b. PA      Carpenter               James Carnahan   64            b. PA      Farmer

Mary                                      28            b. PA                                      Mary                      67            b. PA

James M.                               4              b. PA                                      William A.             12            b. PA

Abraham T.                           2              b. PA                                      --------------------

Mary E.                                  6/12 b. PA                                              Hugh Carnahan    26            b. PA

-----------------                                                                                         Elizabeth                22            b. PA

B. G. Carnahan                      31            b. PA      Farmer                    Thomas H.             8              b. PA

Barbara                                  28            b. PA                                      --------------------

Willis M.                                2/12? b. PA                                            Annie Carnahan   16            b. PA Servant


Heath TWP, pg. 60                                                                              Perry TWP, 13 Jun, pg. 109

William Carnahan 44            b. PA      Farmer                    Daniel Carnahan   40            b. PA Carpenter

Elizabeth                                38            b. PA                                      Mary A.                 40            b. PA

Sardis                                     17            b. PA                                      William A.             13            b. PA

Angeline                                15            b. PA                                      Emma                      11            b. PA

Nancy J.                                 12            b. PA                                      Edward                   9              b. PA

George                                   10            b. PA                                      Sarah                      6              b. PA

Rebecca E.                             7              b. PA                                      Evaline                   4              b. PA

Harriet E.                                4              b. PA                                      Berden (male)        1              b. PA

Annie                                     1              b. PA

                                                                                                                Eliza Carnahan[5]     14            b. PA      Servant


Warsaw TWP

Mary A. Carnahan[6]              16            b. PA      Servant 

1870 Madison TWP, Clarion County, PA (Carnahan)

5 Aug, Rimersburg

Taylor Carnahan[7]                 37            b. PA      farmer                     William Carnahan 63            b. PA

Barbara[8]                                 36            b. PA                                      Margaret                                60            b. PA

Mary E.                                  15            b. PA                                      Eliza J.                                    34            b. PA

William                                   14            b. PA

Nannie E.                               12            b. PA

James                                     11            b. PA

Frank                                      8              b. PA

Cammie W.                            3              b. PA

Minnie B.                               5/12         b. PA

1880 Madison TWP, Clarion County, PA (Carnahan, Watterson)

2 Jun 1880

Taylor Carnahan  (farmer)  46            b. PA      fath b. PA              moth b. PA

Mary A.                                 45            b. PA      fath b. PA              moth b. PA

Cam                                        13            b. PA

Minnie                                   11            b. PA

Mary E.                                  26            b. PA

Edward                                   5              b. PA

Bailey, Harrison                    5              b. PA (grandson)

Walls, Maggie                      30            b. PA (step-dau)


Sardis Carnahan                   19            b. PA

Marsha                                  22            b. PA

Mary                                      5              b. PA

Emma                                      2              b. PA


William Carnahan 72            b. PA

Margaret                                70

Eliza J.    (daughter)             45


James Watterson                 62            b. PA      fath PA                  moth PA

Mary                                      58            b. PA      fath GER                moth GER

R. S. (son)                              21            b. PA

Ida                                          19            b. PA

K. N. (dau)                             18            b. PA

M. A. Fluke (dau) 34            b. PA

R. S. Fluke (g-son)               10            b. PA

Buabout?, J. E.                      10            b. PA (servant)


F. A. Watterson                   28            b. PA

Lottie                                      28            b. PA

James A.                                5              b. PA

Harry W.                                3              b. PA

Smiley                                    1 ½          b. PA

1880 Polk TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan)

 pg. 242

Thomas Carnahan                50            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA    

Mary                                      39            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA

James M.                               14            b. PA

Abriham T.                            12            b. PA

Mary E.                                  10            b. PA

Minnie M.                             7              b. PA

Alvin E.                                  4              b. PA


Carnahan, James                  74            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA

Mary                                      77            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA

Hugh                                      35            b. PA

Elizabeth                                33            b. PA  (dau-in-law)

Thomas                                  16            b. PA  (grandson)               


Carnahan, Benjamin             33            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA

Barbary                                  37            b. PA  fath PA  moth PA

Harry M.                8              b. PA

Loretta A?             7              b. PA

Garison L.              5              b. PA

Obidiah S.              4              b. PA

Mary C.                  2              b. PA

James W.               1              b. PA

1885 Douglas Co, KS (Carnahan)

Henry Carnahan[9]                  71            b. PA

Hannah                                  71            b. PA


James Carnahan                   28            b. PA

M.P.E.?                                  21

M.E.?                                      4

Laura                                      3              b. KS

B.H.                                        9              b. KS


John Carnahan                     50            b. PA

E.A.                                        40

Mary                                      17

H.H.                                        12

W.                                           9

1900 Ohio Soundex - C655 (Carnahan)

James Carnahan                   b. Oct 1825 (74)     PA          living in Paulding Co (Brown TWP)

John W.                                 b. Dec 1859 (40)    OH


Marry Carneyhan                 b. Jan 1840 (60)     PA          living in Wood Co.

Josetta                                   b. Jan 1870 (30)     PA


William Carnahan b. Dec 1811 (88)    PA          living in Portage Co. (Ravenna)

Harriet J.                                b. Aug 1818 (81)   OH

1900 Polk TWP, Jefferson Co, PA (Carnahan)

Sardis Carnahan   b. 1855                    PA                                          Wade Carnahan   b. Apr 1881            PA

Elizabeth                b. Dec 1857            PA

Custer, Micle        b. Jan 1882             PA          (son)

Custer, William     b. Mar 1894           PA          (son)

Custer, Edna         b. Apr 1896            PA          (dau)

Boyd Carnahan    b. 1884                    PA          (son)

1900 Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan)

Madison TWP

Taylor Carnahan[10]                66 b. Feb 1834       PA          fath PA  moth PA                                married 26 years

Mary A.                                 66 b. Oct 1833       PA          fath PA moth PA                  2 of 2 children living


Garrison S. Carnahan           b. Jul 1874              PA

Fannie                                    b. Mar 1874           PA

Samuel D.                              b. Mar 1898           PA


James W. Carnahan             40 b. Sep 1859       PA                                                          married 15 years

Carrie M.                                34 b. Jul 1865         PA                                                          6 of 7 children living

Samuel T.                               14 b. Jul 1885         PA

Charles F.                              13 b. Mar 1887      PA

Jennie B.                                10 b. Aug 1889      PA

Lena M. (dau)                       8 b. Mar 1892        PA

Mary L.                                  3 b. Dec 1896         PA

John H.                                  6/12 b. Nov 1899   PA


Edgar H. Carnahan               26 b. Dec 1873       PA                                                          married 3 years

Amanda B.                            21 b. Aug 1878      PA                                                          2 of 2 children living

Wilson                                   2 b. May 1898       PA

Gertrude                                 0/12 b. May 1900  PA


Cameron W. Carnahan        33 b. Jan 1867        PA                                                          married 8 years

Rachel F.                                25 b. Nov 1874      PA                                                          3 of 3 children living

Minnie O?                             7 b. Nov 1892        PA

Ruth E.                                   5 b. Apr 1896         PA

John C.                                   3 b. May 1897       PA



Elisa J. Carnahan[11]                               b. Nov 1834           PA          (Rimersburg)


Mary A. Watterson[12]          78 b. Jan 1822        PA          fath FRA   moth Palestine   8 of 12 children living

Robert S. (son)                     41 b. Feb 1859       PA

Bailey, Pauline                      19 b. Mar 1880      PA (servant)


New Bethlehem

Frank Carnahan                    b. Oct 1861            PA

Mary E.                                  b. Feb 1864            PA

Skinner, Loyd                       b. Aug 1885           PA          (step-son)

Skinner, Beulah                    b. Mar 1887           PA          (step-dau)

Skinner, Chammie?               b. Dec 1892            PA          (step-son)

Libbie Carnahan (dau)         b. Sep 1899            PA

Charles                                   b. Feb 1895            PA

1920 Clarion County, PA (Carnahan)

Charles F. Carnahan            32            b. PA                      James W. Carnahan             60            b. PA

Margaret                                37            b. PA                      Carrie M.                                54            b. PA

Hilda                                       10            b. PA                      Mary L.                                  23            b. PA

Hazel                                      8              b. PA                      John H.                                  20            b. PA

James                                     6              b. PA                      Edgar E.                                 17            b. PA

Donald                                   4  9/12     b. PA

Wilson                                   1  7/12     b. PA                      Samuel T. Carnahan             34            b. PA

                                                                                                Emma W.                               33            b. PA

Edgar H. Carnahan               46            b. PA                      Twila M.                                11            b. PA

Amanda B.                            41            b. PA                      Bessie M.                              9              b. PA

Gertrude                                 19            b. PA                      Edith L.                                  7              b. PA

David                                     17            b. PA                      Sylvia L.                 3 10/12    b. PA

Paul                                        14            b. PA

Anna M.                                                12            b. PA                      Jacob Carnahan                    45            b. PA

Ella M.                                    11            b. PA                      Fannie                                    46            b. PA

Edgar H. Jr.                            7/12         b. PA                      Andrew                                  12            b. PA


Emmet Carnahan                  36            b. PA                      Dale S. Carnathan                21            b. PA

Gay E.                                     30            b. PA                      Ruth E.                                   20            b. PA

Glenn C.                 4              b. PA

Loyd L.                                  1 8/12      b. PA

Miscellaneous CARNAHAN Records in Pennsylvania

Cumberland County, PA

Judith Carnahan (wife of Robert) - born 1793, died 21 May 1835 in Cumberland County, PA

Mary Carnahan (wife of William) - born 1793, died 7 Sept 1823 in Cumberland County, PA

Robert Carnahan married Agnes Wallace on 10 Oct 1791 in Cumberland County, PA

James Carnahan married Catherine Drugon 20 Jan 1797 in Cumberland County, PA

Thomas Carnahan married Mary Ellen Hamilton  (Mary E. dau of James Hamilton who died Oct 1869)

Adam Carnahan of Newton PA - Will proved Dec 3, 1793 (Cumberland Co) ex. James Carnahan, Esther Calhoon - #60 Book E pg. 310 filed Oct 1799

Hugh Carnaghen (Cumberland Co) - Will proved 6 Sep 1802 ex. Thomas Urie, Elizabeth Cooper -filed 3 Nov 1804 book B pg. 150

Civil War

Carnahan, Thomas - private, Co. A, enlisted at age 30, a boat builder from Clarion County, PA. Mustered in 22 Oct '61. Wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks May '62. Discharged 16 Aug   '62 due to wounds.

Miscellaneous WATTERSON Records

John Waterson and Catherine Spies Watterson

John b.5 Oct. 1774 in Greensburg area.(ldest son) John had a son, John W. Watterson, born. 1803.  This son was born 6 years before he married Catherine Spies. 1st wife unknown.  Question? Is there any Native American traditions in your family? I have in mine. The book says the 1st wife was most likely a Native American. No record to prove it however.  On 9July 1809 John Watterson married Catherine Spies of German descent she came to this country in 1797, age 16.

John's first son, John W. Watterson married Mary Ech in 1827. They had 2 sons. 1st son, John W. Watterson b.1831 d. 1890 married Mary Kuntz.; 2nd son, Captain John W. Watterson married Ann Countries, and had a known daughter, Minnie Watterson who married a Wayne.  She was a member of the DAR and Capt. John served in the civil war.  John and Catherine Spies Watterson had a daughter, Elizabeth, b.5 Jan.1810; son, Jacob D. Watterson b.9 July 1811.

Jacob D. Watterson b. 9July 1811-d.27 sept.1889 wife Rebecca Hopper b.6 may 1812. buried Wattersonville. Children:Mary Jane Watterson b.1838; Willam Henry b.1839; Wallace Watterson b.1842/3, d.1910 mar. Caroline nee?b.1843-1907;Anna b.1841/6 {lived to be 102-108yrs}mar. John Minehart; Marcus Watterson b.1848;phoebe Ann Watterson b.1849-d.1938 Mar. Thomas N. Reighard 1856-1937. Bertha Watterson daug of Wallace Watterson;Hollis watterson son of Marcus Watterson.p14 Reighard,1984

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Miscellaneous Emails

Posted By: Regina Mathews

Date: September 3 2001

In Response To: Re: Watterson Family book (Regina Mathews)

John and catherine Spies Watterson had 8 children by 1820.In 1840 john married 3rd wife (unknown) and he died in 1863,age 89 or 90. p. 1-5 Reighard 1984.



WATTERSON posted by Gloria Weiss on Sunday, August 20, 2000

I am looking for anyone researching the family of Jacob Watterson & Rebecca Hopper that lived in Sherritt, Armstrong Co. As far as I know these are their 11 children:

1. Juit Watterson

2. Mary Jane Watterson born 1838

3. William Henry Watterson born 1839

4. Anna Watterson born 1841 married John Minehart

5. Wallace Watterson born 1842 married Caroline

6. Marcus Watterson born 1847 married Mary

7. Martha Watterson born 1848

8. Phoebe Ann Watterson born 1849 married Thomas Reighard and they had 7 children

9. Melissa Watterson born 1850

10.Emma Watterson born 1851

11.Andrew Watterson born 1856.


Posted by: Gloria Weiss             Date: September 08, 2001 at 04:09:13

In Reply to: Re: Watterson Armstrong/Clarion Co. PA by Ron DeWitt


I am from their son, James Watterson. Would love to hear more of what you have. If you would like, you can email me at: My family comes from Annie Watterson born to Jacob D. Watterson & Rebecca Hopper. Jacob D. is a son of John Watterson & Catharine Spiess. John Watterson is the son of James Watterson & Catharine DeTar.




William & Hannah Watterson Perry Twp. PA

Posted by: Gloria Weiss             Date: September 02, 2001 at 06:13:54

Does anyone know who the parents were of William H. Watterson born 6/1855 and married 1880 Hannah Fair born 10/1853. In 1900 they are living in Perry Twp., Clarion Co. where William is a coal miner. By 1900 they had had 7 children but only 5 are living: Emory W. born 5/1881 married Lucinda, William Barton born 5/1882 married Nellie, Harry C. born 8/1885 died 10/28/1937 married Golda, Hannah M. born 9/1887 & Annie born 5/1893.


Gloria Weiss



Good Morning,

Glad that those obits helped. No, I haven't found much out on Mary Ann Walls.  Someone in a genealogy club found a Maggie Walls (her daughter)  in orphan court  Guardian 1858-1872 given to Fredrick Wahl, father Peter Wall. This information is from Wayne Wall of Butler, PA.  That is quoted word for word.  I'm not sure what is meant but neither she nor I have any more.  She also mentioned a Wall Reunion being held last summer (July 20)  in Belnap, PA. Maybe that will sent you in some direction.   There is nothing about Barbara Waterson.  If I come across anything. I'll be in touch.


Sue Benton []

James and Catherine Tetoit (DeTar) Watterson[13]

JAMES (JACOB)2 WATTERSON (JOHN)1 was born 12 Apr 1747 in Lehigh area, Lackawann Co, PA., and died Abt. 1835 in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA or Sugar Creek Township, Armstrong Co, PA. Baptism recorded 16 Sep 1759 at Reformed Church of Bucks County, PA (reference number 25857).  He married CATHERINE JOST DETAR (TETOIT) Abt. 1773 in Greensburg, Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA., daughter of DAVID TETOIT and ANNA JOGHS.


i. CATHERINE3 WATTERSON, b. Abt. 1775; d. Bef. 1869; m. EBENEZER DAVIS.

ii. JOHN WATTERSON, b. December 05, 1774, Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. 1863; m. CATHERINE.

iii. JACOB WATTERSON I, b. 1778; d. Infant.

iv. JACOB WATTERSON, b. May 16, 1778.

v. JAMES WATTERSON, b. August 16, 1782; d. Infant.

vi. ELIZABETH WATTERSON, b. March 16, 1784, Westmoreland Co., PA.; m. JOHN BRUNER.

vii. SUSANNA WATTERSON, b. March 10, 1786, Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. 1838; m. GEORGE DELP.

viii. PHOEBE WATTERSON, b. 1788; d. 1850; m. JAMES MCCLATCHEY III.

ix. MARY WATTERSON, b. March 25, 1789, Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. Aft. 1837.

x. JAMES WATTERSON, b. June 1791, Greensburg, Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. November 09, 1850, Wattersonville, Washington Twp., Armstrong Co., PA.. Married Margaret “Peggy” McClatchey (b. abt 1789) abt. 1814 in Wattersonville, Washington Township, Armstrong Co, PA

1.        JAMES WATTERSON III b. Jan 1815 Armstrong Co, PA

2.        JOHN WATTERSON b. 12 Oct 1816 Armstrong Co, PA

3.        JAMES W. WATTERSON b. 15 Mar 1818 Armstrong Co, PA d. 31 Jan 1892 married Mary Ann Hookey b. 19 Jan 1822 d. 10 Apr 1902

4.        MARGARET WATTERSON b. 2 Mar 1820 Armstrong Co, PA

5.        WILLIAM A. WATTERSON b. 27 Jan 1823 Armstrong Co, PA

6.        MARY JANE WATTERSON b. 12 Feb 1826 Armstrong Co, PA

7.        ELIZA WATTERSON b. 10 Feb 1828 Armstrong Co, PA

8.        SAMUEL WATTERSON b. 15 Feb 1832 Armstrong Co, PA

9.        WALLACE WATTERSON b. abt 1838 Armstrong Co, PA

xi. JACOB WATTERSON b. 27 May 1782 Armstrong Co, PA

xii. HENRY WATTERSON, b. July 02, 1794, Westmoreland Co., PA.; d. 1877; m. PHOEBE MCCLATCHEY.

Watterson Lore

Posted by Ron DeWitt on September 7, 2001

Some time ago there was a story about the siblings of James Watterson on a bulletin board like this one. It seems that on 4 Apr 1756 the nine year old James, his five year old sister Susannah and an infant sibling were proceeding to home when they were told by a friendly Indian not to go home because some bad Indians were attacking the children's parents. According to the testimony as handed down by Susannah Watterson, she remembered that upon being told this her brother ran back to his parents and she assumed he was massacred with them. She, however, grabbed her infant brother and ran to a neighbor. After the incident, she was "farmed out". We have no further knowledge of what happened to the infant brother. The name "James Watterson" was passed on as given names to a number of her descendants: James Watterson Showalter; James Watterson Jackson, etc. Evelyn (Abraham) Benson, a granddaughter of Elizabeth (Showalter) Jackson, and a g granddaughter of Susannah was a historian, and discovered the report made of the massacre on April 4, 1756, at the Pennsylvania Archives in Philadelphia in which John and Catherine Watterson are listed as victims, but not the 9-year-old boy. According to the date of the massacre, James would have been born ca. 1747, and if she were 5, she would have been born ca. 1751. Susannah married Ulrich Showalter ca. 1769. According to her tombstone in the Showalter section of the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Smithfield, PA she died July 30, 1815. Apparently, the descendants of both James and Susannah Watterson were unaware of the other survival until recently.

Civil War

Regimental Roster 103rd Pennsylvania Volunteers

WATTERSON, GEORGE, Corporal, Company B. Mustered September 24, 1861 -June 25, 1865. Captured in Plymouth, North Carolina April 20, 1864.  Andersonville Code 40258. Left prison December 10, 1864. Promoted from Private May 1, 1865.


WATTERSON, WILLIAM B., Private, Company F. Mustered December 7, 1861 ->June 2, 1865.  Captured in Plymouth, North Carolina April 20, 1864.  Andersonville Code 40372.  Left prison April 21, 1865.


James Waterson married Jane Wiley in 1792 Cumberland Co, PA – he died 1828.


James H. Waterson married Margaret Hemphill Jan 12, 1865 in Kittanning, Armstrong Co, PA.


Obituaries Records

Mary A. Walls Carnahan (1832 – 1906)

At a little past high noon Thursday, February 28, 1906, after a long and distressing illness, Mrs. Mary A. Carnahan, wife of Taylor Carnahan, was called to her reward at the advanced age of 73 years, 4 months and 22 days.  She leaves a husband, a daughter and a son, besides a large circle of friends and relatives, to mourn her loss.  Mrs. Carnahan has been a member of the Methodist church for more than 40 years, and died in the triumphs of a Christian’s faith and hope.  A few evenings before she died she invited a company of friends and neighbors in to hold a prayer meeting at her home.  After singing and praying with her for more than an hour she bade each one good-night, and expressed her perfect confidence in her Savior and a readiness to go to him when he called.  She was a faithful wife, a loving mother and a kind neighbor, but a great sufferer, having been afflicted with asthma for many years.  We cannot call her back, but we can go to her.

Minnie Carnahan Mitchell (1870 – 1927)

Minnie Carnahan Mitchell - died 28 Jan 1927 in Youngstown, OH

Mrs. Minnie Mitchell, wife of Wilson Mitchell, died suddenly of heart trouble at 12:10 p.m. Friday at her home, 1807 Oak St.

Mrs. Mitchell was born in Rimersburg, Pa., March 13, 1870, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Carnahan.

She came to Youngstown eight years ago. In 1897 she was married to Wilson Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell was a member of the Pythian Sisters and the Rebeccas of Rimersburg, and Grace M. E. Church.

She leaves the following children: John, Mrs. Lottie Mahoney, and Mrs. Thelma McClain, of New Mine, Pa.; Roy[14], Ernest, Charles and Mrs. Ethel Rish, of Youngstown, and Mrs. Laura Ewings, Arnold, Pa.  She also leaves the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. N. E. Hetzler, Miami Fla.; Frank Carnahan, New Kensington, Pa.; James and Edgar Carnahan, Rimersburg, Pa.; Cam Carnahan, Karnes City, Pa.  She leaves 25 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The body will be taken to Rimersburg for burial Monday.

Faye V. Rankin Carnahan (1901 – 1989)

Faye V. Carnahan, 87, of Rimersburg RD 1 (Pleasant Hill) died Monday morning in Alleghany Manor at Shippenville.

Born December 19, 1901, in Madison Township, Clarion County, she was a daughter of the late James and Elizabeth King Rankin.

She was married November 28, 1919, to Frank Wilson Carnahan.  He died September 18, 1974.

She was affiliated with the Wildcat Wesleyan Church and was a lifelong resident of the Rimersburg area.

Surviving are a son, Albert Carnahan of Summerville; two daughters, Mrs. Eugene (Clara Belle) Fye of Rimersburg RD 1 and Janet Divins of Rimersburg RD 1; five grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by a brother, four sisters, and a great-granddaughter.

The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 pm today and from 2 to 4 pm and 7 to 9 pm Wednesday at the Dick E. Kline Funeral Home in Rimersburg.

Funeral services will be conducted at 11 am Thursday in the funeral home.  Rev. Robert Hales, pastor of the Wildcat Wesleyan Church, will officiate.

Interment will follow in the Rimersburg Cemetery.

Edgar H. Carnahan (1874 – 1959)

Edgar H. Carnahan, 85, of Rimersburg, died Monday, January 5, 1959.

Mr. Carnahan, a son of Taylor and Mary Ann Walls Carnahan, was born December 11, 1874, in Madison Township, Clarion Co.  On July 2, 1896, he was married to Amanda Belle Mortimer, who survives.

Besides his wife, he leaves the following children: F. Wilson Carnahan, Mrs. Gertrude Elder, David H. Carnahan, Rimersburg; Paul H. Carnahan, of Cheswick; Mrs. Anna Mary King, Rimersburg; Ella Mae Carnahan, Meadville, and Edgar E. Carnahan, Templeton.  Also surviving are 23 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

Mr. Carnahan was a member of the Methodist Church of Rimersburg, and had served as Justice of the Peace in Madison Township, for years.

Delbert E. Elder (1923 – 1994)

BIG BEAR, CALIF. – Delbert E. Elder, 70, of Big Bear, Calif., a former resident, died Sunday, April 10, 1994.

Born June 23, 1923, in Kisinger Mills, he was the son of Gertrude Elder of Rimersburg and the late William D. Elder.

Mr. Elder was a 1940 graduate of Rimersburg Madison Joint High School (Union).

After serving in the Pacific Theater as a U.S. Marine, he was graduated from Oklahoma A.M. in Sillwater, Ok.  Following fifteen years of employment for IBM, he founded his own company.  Mr. Elder was a computer engineer.

Survivors include his mother, Gertrude Elder of Rimersburg; his wife, Arlene Elder of Big Bear, Calif.; and seven children.  Deborah Okuma of San Mateo, Calif., David Elder of San Luis, Obisjeo, Calif., Sandy Beckman of Mission Veijo, Calif., Mary Beth Ramlo of Orange, Calif.,; Judy McKernan of Ft. Collins, Colo., Jim Elder of Littleton, Colo., Robyn Elder of Seattle, Wash.; and six grand-children.

Also surviving are three sisters, Maxine Ruffner of Treasure Lake, Helen Rickard of Tavares, Fla., and Ruth McCafferty of Rimersburg.

Funeral services and interment were held April 15 in Altersgate United Methodist Church in Tustin, Calif.

Amanda B. Mortimer Carnahan (1878 – 1961)

Mrs. Amanda Belle Carnahan, 83, widow of E. H. Carnahan, died Friday afternoon, December 15, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Elder, of R1, Rimersburg.

Mrs. Carnahan was born August 12, 1878, in Madison Township, Clarion County, a daughter of Samuel and Phoebe (Brock) Mortimer.

Her husband died January 6, 1959.

Mrs. Carnahan was a member of the Rimersburg Methodist Church, the Lawsonham Street Circle of the Women’s Society of the Church, and the Ladies Adult Bible Class.

She is survived by four sons, F. Wilson Carnahan of Rimersburg RD1, David Carnahan of Rimersburg, Paul Carnahan of Cheswick and Edgar Carnahan of Templeton; three daughters, Mrs. William (Gertrude) Elder of Rimersburg RD1, Mrs. John (Anna Mary) King of Rimersburg, and Ella Mae Carnahan of Meadville; 24 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held in the Moore Funeral Home, Rimersburg, on Monday, December 18, at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Samuel Allaman, pastor of the Rimersburg Methodist Church, officiating.  Interment was in Rimersburg Cemetery.

Paul Wilbur Carnahan (1906 – 1966)

Paul Wilber Carnahan, 59, passed away Saturday, March 5, in his home in Cheswick following a lingering illness.  He was born April 21, 1906, the son of the late Edgar H. and Belle Mortimer Carnahan.

Mr. Carnahan was a member of the Prebyterian Church of Cheswick and was employed for about 30 years by the Blawnox Company.

He was married to the former Clara Heath, of Tidal, who survives.  A daughter and a son, MRs. Grant (Betty) Hiwiller, of Cheswick, and Samuel Carnahan, of Baltimore, Md., also survive; five grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. William (Gertrude) Elder and Mrs. Anna Mary King, of Rimersburg, Mrs. Robert (Ella Mae) Reiser, of Grove City; three brothers, Wilson and David Carnahan, of Rimersburg, and Edgar Carnahan, Jr., of Mahoning.

Services were conducted on Monday, March 7, at the Clowes Funeral Home, Cheswick, with the Rev. John M. Jenkins officiating.

Burial was in the Tidal Cemetery.

Edgar E. Carnahan (1919 – 1994)

Edgar E. Carnahan, 75, of Templeton RD1, died Friday, July 29, 1994 at Sugar Creek Rest Inc., Worthington RD2.

He was born May 15, 1919 in Rimersburg to Edgar H. and Amanda B. (Mortimer) Carnahan.

Mr. Carnahan was a WWII veteran of the U.S. Army.

He was a member of the Kittanning VFW, the United Mine Workers and the Engineers Union.

Survivors include his wife, Alverda (Cloak) Carnahan whom he married in 1938; a son, Edgar D. Carnahan of Fairfax, Va.,; and three grandchildren, Edgar J. and Lisa L. Carnahan and Holly Goodson.

He was preceded in death by his parents; a son, William Martin Carnahan in 1980; three brothers; and three sisters.

CARNAHAN – Friends of Edgar E. Carnahan, 75, of Templeton RD1, who died July 29, 1994, will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the Snyder-Crissman Funeral Home in Kittaning where services will be held Monday at 11 a.m. with the Rev. Ken Tack officiating.  Burial will take place in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Arrangements by Snyder-Crissman.

David H. Carnahan (1902 – 1990)

David H. Carnahan, 87, of 305 North Main Street, Rimersburg, died Tuesday, June 19, 1990, in Clarion Hospital.

He was born Nov. 3, 1902 in Madison Township, Clarion County to Edgar and Amanda Belle (Mortimer) Carnahan.

Mr. Carnahan was a member of the Rimersburg United Methodist Church, Rimersburg Community Club, Clarion County Campers, served as mayor of Rimersburg Borough for 18 years and school director for Union School District.

He was employed by Keystone Mining Co. at Kissinger Mills until his retirement.  He worked for Rimersburg Plumbing and Heating.

Survivors include his wife Ruth C. (Craig) Carnahan, whom he married Dec. 26, 1921; two sons, Robert “Bob” Carnahan of Asheville, N.C. and James “Jim” Carnahan of Tidal, Pa,; five grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Elder of Rimersburg and Mrs. Maxine Ruffner of Maryland and one brother, Eddie Carnahan of Templeton RD1.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one daughter, Marilyn Louise Carnahan; two brothers, Wilson and Paul Carnahan and two sisters, Anna Mary and Ella Mae.

CARNAHAN – Friends of David H. Carnahan, 87, of 305 North Main Street, Rimersburg, who died Tuesday, June 19, 1990, will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Dick E. Kline Funeral Home in Rimersburg, where funeral services will be Thursday at 11 a.m. with the Rev. Ray Snair, pastor of the Rimersburg United Methodist Church, officiating.  Burial will follow in Rimersburg Cemetery. Arrangements by Kline.

Anna M. Carnahan King (1907 – 1967)

RIMERSBURG – Mrs. Anna Mary King, 60, of Rimersburg, widow of John King, died Sunday afternoon in the Butler County Memorial Hospital.

She was born February 18, 1907, at Rimersburg RD 1, a daughter of Edward H. and Amanda Belle Mortimer Carnahan.

She was married January 15, 1925, to John King, who died in 1962.

Mrs. King was a member of the First Methodist Church of Rimersburg, the Lawsonham Street Circle, the Woman’s Society of Christian Service and the 3W Class of the church.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Claude (Faye) Gearhart of Rimersburg, Mrs. Noble (Jean) Gourley of Clarion RD 2 and Mrs. Richard (Anna) Pollum of Knox; five sons, Samuel A. King of Denver, Colo., Paul King of Sharon, David King of Durant, Iowa, Jack King of Pulaski and Gale King of Enumclaw, Wash.; two sisters, Mrs. W. D. (Gertrude) Elder of Rimersburg RD 1 and Mrs. Robert Reese of Grove City; three brothers, Wilson Carnahan of Rimersburg RD 1, David Carnahan of Rimersburg and Edgar Carnahan of Kittanning.

A brother, Paul is deceased.

She also is survived by 24 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Friends may call at the Moore-Kline Funeral Home in Rimersburg after 7 p.m. today.  Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the funeral home with Rev. Seth Bower, pastor of the First Methodist Church, officiating.  Interment will be in the Rimersburg Cemetery.

Paul D. King (1931 – 1985)

Paul D. King, 53, of 530 Lucy St., Masury, Ohio, a native of southern Clarion County, died Saturday, June 15, 1985, in Sharon General Hospital.

Mr. King was born Nov. 24, 1931 in Rimersburg, a son of John and Anna Mary Carnahan King.

Before retiring in 1983, he was employed 32.5 years at National Casting Division, Midland Ross Corp.

He was also the owner and operator of King’s Television in Masury for 20 years.

During the Korean Conflict, Mr. King served with the U.S. Army.

He was a member of the Sacred Heart Church of Sharon and the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department.

Survivors include his wife, the former Angeline Rutunno, who he married 30 years ago.

Also surviving are four brothers, Samuel of Denver, Colo, David of Durant, Ohio, Gail of Seattle, Wash., and Jack of Clarion; three sisters, Mrs. Richard (Ann) Polum of Smithport, N.Y., Mrs. Noble (Jean) Gourley of Clarion and Mrs. James (Faye) Riley of Rimersburg; and, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Friends were received on Tuesday, June 18 and Wednesday, June 19 at the Matz Funeral Home in Brookfield.

Services will be held at 11 a.m., Thursday, June 20 at the Sacred Heart Church in Sharon.  Interment will be in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cemetery in Sharon.


Cemetery Records

Rimersburg Cemetery, Clarion Co, PA (Carnahan)

William T. Carnahan            1856 - 1917                             Carnahan               Beulah                    1887 - 1927

Osena (his wife)                   1860 - 1913                                                              Albert                     1901 - 1918

                                                                                                                                Frank L.                  1861 - 1928

Frank W. Carnahan              1898 - 1974

Fay V.                                     1901 - 1989                              James W. Carnahan                             1859 - 1928

                                                                                                Carrie M.                                                1865 - 1945

John Carnahan                     1899 - 1961

Mary E.                                  1905 -

John A. (son)                        1937 – 1940

Wattersonville Cemetery, Armstrong Co, PA (Watterson)

THE WATTERSONVILLE CEMETERY, although not in Brady's Bend Township, lies just a few miles downriver from the town of East Brady, on the Armstrong County side of the  Allegheny River. Ann M. Brooks of Syracuse, New York wrote to us in 1999 when she came into  possession of a listing of the cemetery.  She graciously shared it with us, and we reproduce  her letter here. We did not take any pictures, but you may visit the cemetery by following  Route 268 toward Kittanning, turning left just before Cowansville, where a sign directs you  to Sherrett and to Lock 9 and the power station.

This is a scenic, winding road, and unless  you have traveled it before, you will fear that you have lost your way several times before  arriving at the cemetery. However, take heart and follow the marina signs.  You will also see a sign for the Wattersonville Methodist Church, where the cemetery is located.  Services  are still held in this church, and the cemetery is tended and accessible.  Most of the dates  are from the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. We thank Ms. Brooks for her information and hope it is helpful.

Following is a letter and the interment listing from Ms. Brooks dated 21 May  1999.  She received a copy of the listing from Annabelle Shetler and Mildred Thomas  dated July 1986.


Watterson     Anna B.                                 1915        1967

Watterson     Anna M.                                                1877        1964

Watterson     Frederick Addison               25 Aug. 1851         -               27 Sep. 1887

Watterson     Frederick                                1877        1887

Watterson     Howard                                  son of F.M. & K.N. 1894

Watterson     Howard E.                              1908        1985

Watterson     James                                     d. 9 Nov. 1850, age 66

Watterson     James                                     Mar. 1878 - 31 Jan. 1882

Watterson     Margaret                                d. 6 Sep. 1849        age 60, wife

Watterson     Mary A.                                 wife of James 19 Jan. 1822 - 10 Apr. 1902

Watterson     Mab                                        R.W.

Watterson     Robert Smiley                       1859        1932

Watterson     Samuel                                   1832        1852        son of James

Watterson     Thomas                                  1853

Watterson     Thomas F.                             1875        1911

Watterson     Wallace                                  Civil War

Descendants of Thomas Carnahan


Generation No. 1


1.  THOMAS1 CARNAHAN was born 1780 in NORTHUMBERLAND CO, PA, and died 1847 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married HANNAH CARNAHAN* Abt. 1805 in CRAWFORD CO, PA.  She was born in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. 1860 in res. CLARION CO, PA.



2.                i.    JAMES2 CARNAHAN, b. 1806, CRAWFORD CO, PA; d. 15 Dec 1883, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

3.               ii.    WILLIAM CARNAHAN, b. 1808, CRAWFORD CO, PA; d. 13 Apr 1890, CLARION CO, PA.

                 iii.    JOHN CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1810, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; m. NANCY CARNAHAN*.

                 iv.    ELIZABETH CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1812, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Bef. 1854; m. WALLS.

4.               v.    MARY CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1815, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. CLARION CO, PA.

                 vi.    MARGARET CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1817, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. Bet. 1851 - 1860; m. (1) ANDREW JACKSON BROCK, Abt. 1836; b. Bet. 1809 - 1812; d. 8 Jul 1899, CLARION CO, PA; m. (2) WALTER BRYANT, Abt. 1844.

                vii.    POLLY CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1818, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. Bef. Sep 1854; m. MCCONLEY, Abt. 1850.

               viii.    JANE CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1820, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; m. THOMAS GANOE, Abt. 1839; b. Abt. 1820, PENNSYLVANIA.



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES2 CARNAHAN (THOMAS1) was born 1806 in CRAWFORD CO, PA, and died 15 Dec 1883 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He married MARY FITZ RANDOLPH 1823 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, daughter of WILLIAM RANDOLPH and MARY SMITH.  She was born 18 Feb 1802 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 3 Jun 1888 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.



5.                i.    WILLIAM3 CARNAHAN, b. 10 Oct 1825, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 12 Nov 1904, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

6.               ii.    PHOEBE CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1827, ARMSTRONG CO, PA.

7.              iii.    THOMAS CARNAHAN, b. 20 Oct 1829, ARMSTRONG CO, PA (Toby TWP); d. 20 Oct 1888, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

8.              iv.    DAVID CARNAHAN, b. 15 Aug 1830, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 13 Feb 1907, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

                  v.    ISABEL CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1832, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 12 Jul 1890, WESTMORELAND CO, PA; m. WILLIAM MASTERS, 1850; b. 24 Jun 1826, WESTMORELAND CO, PA; d. 22 Jan 1900.

9.              vi.    TAYLOR CARNAHAN, b. 28 Feb 1833, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 1 Nov 1911, CLARION CO, PA.

                vii.    LUCINDA CARNAHAN, b. 1836, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. Bef. 1884; m. JONATHAN DAVIS, 25 Jan 1853, ARMSTRONG CO, PA.

10.          viii.    ELIZA JANE CARNAHAN, b. 1838, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 11 Jul 1894, INDIANA.

                  ix.    JAMES CARNAHAN, b. 1840, CLARION CO, PA.

11.              x.    HUGH CARNAHAN, b. 24 Jul 1844, CLARION CO, PA; d. 15 Jan 1907.

12.             xi.    BENJAMIN GARRISON CARNAHAN, b. 11 Aug 1846, CLARION CO, PA; d. 16 Jun 1927, PENNSYLVANIA.



3.  WILLIAM2 CARNAHAN (THOMAS1) was born 1808 in CRAWFORD CO, PA, and died 13 Apr 1890 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married MARGARET CARNAHAN* Abt. 1827.  She was born 1809 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. Jun 1880 in CLARION CO, PA.



                   i.    MARY3 CARNAHAN, b. 1828, PENNSYLVANIA.

13.             ii.    DANIEL CARNAHAN, b. 1830, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iii.    JOHN CARNAHAN, b. 1832, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iv.    ELIZA JANE CARNAHAN, b. Nov 1834, CLARION CO, PA; d. Aft. 1900.

                  v.    LOUISA CARNAHAN, b. 1846, CLARION CO, PA.



4.  MARY2 CARNAHAN (THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1815 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died in CLARION CO, PA.  She married JACOB W. GANOE Abt. 1839.  He was born Abt. 1814, and died 20 Apr 1897.


Children of MARY CARNAHAN and JACOB GANOE are:

                   i.    MARGARET3 GANOE.

                  ii.    BENJAMIN GANOE.

                 iii.    H. GANOE.



Generation No. 3


5.  WILLIAM3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 10 Oct 1825 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 12 Nov 1904 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married SARAH ELIZABETH CONNER Abt. 1849 in INDIANA CO, PA.  She was born 1829 in BEDFORD CO, PA, and died 1889 in ELMIRA, NY.



14.              i.    MARGARET ANN4 CARNAHAN, b. Mar 1850, CLARION CO, PA; d. 17 Apr 1930.

15.             ii.    SARDIS CARNAHAN, b. Jun 1853, INDIANA CO, PA; d. Bef. 1927.

16.            iii.    MARY ANN CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1854, CLARION CO, PA.

17.            iv.    ANGELINE CARNAHAN, b. Jul 1855, INDIANA CO, PA; d. WEST VIRGINIA.

18.             v.    ELIZABETH CARNAHAN, b. Apr 1856, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Abt. 1925, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                 vi.    NANCY JANE CARNAHAN, b. 3 Apr 1858, ELK CO, PA; d. 30 May 1946, SCHUYLER CO, NY; m. (1) ROBERT HARVEY SIAR, Abt. 1878; b. 1850, CLARION CO, PA; d. 1 Jul 1890, CORSICA, PA; m. (2) SAMUEL MCLATCHEE, Aft. 1879.

                vii.    GEORGE CARNAHAN, b. 5 Feb 1860, INDIANA CO, PA; d. 20 Sep 1934, SCHUYLER CO, NY.

19.          viii.    REBECCA E. CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1862, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. Aft. 1900, SCHUYLER CO, NY.

                  ix.    HARRIET EMMA CARNAHAN, b. 1866, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1882.

20.              x.    ANNIS AMANDA CARNAHAN, b. 14 Oct 1869, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 23 Sep 1961, SCHUYLER CO, NY.

                  xi.    ROXANNE CARNAHAN, b. Feb 1871, JEFFERSON CO, PA; m. JAMES PERRY ION, 16 Sep 1892, JEFFERSON CO, PA.



6.  PHOEBE3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1827 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA.  She married JACOB SNYDER Abt. 1846 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He was born 1821 in CLARION CO, PA.



                   i.    MARY4 SNYDER, b. 1847.

                  ii.    DAVID SNYDER, b. 1849.

                 iii.    ANNIE SNYDER, b. 1855.

                 iv.    LIZZIE SNYDER, b. 1857.

                  v.    EMMA SNYDER, b. 1860.

                 vi.    MALISSA SNYDER, b. 1862.

                vii.    JAMES SNYDER, b. 1865.



7.  THOMAS3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 20 Oct 1829 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA (Toby TWP), and died 20 Oct 1888 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He married MARY TAYLOR 22 Aug 1864 in WESTMORELAND CO, PA, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR and MARY TAYLOR*.  She was born 1 May 1840 in WESTMORELAND CO, PA, and died 5 Mar 1920 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.



                   i.    RENEE4 CARNAHAN, m. MCKILIN.

21.             ii.    JAMES MONROE CARNAHAN, b. 25 Jun 1865, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 7 Apr 1938, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

22.            iii.    ABRAHM THOMAS CARNAHAN, b. 1 Jul 1867, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 8 Apr 1952, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

23.            iv.    MARY ELLA (HELLEN) CARNAHAN, b. 15 Dec 1869, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 14 Aug 1941.

24.             v.    MINNIE AMANDA CARNAHAN, b. 26 Jul 1872, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 1940.

25.            vi.    ALVIN ELLSWORTH CARNAHAN, b. 31 Aug 1875, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. Nov 1950.



8.  DAVID3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 15 Aug 1830 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 13 Feb 1907 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.  He married MARY JAN MANSFIELD Abt. 1851 in PENNSYLVANIA.  She was born Nov 1831 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Abt. 1903 in PENNSYLVANIA.



26.              i.    JAMES S.4 CARNAHAN, b. 19 May 1853, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 12 Jul 1934, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

27.             ii.    WILLIAM DAVID CARNAHAN, b. 5 Apr 1856, WESTMORELAND CO, PA; d. 31 Jul 1937, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

                 iii.    AMANDA CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1858, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iv.    ALONZO CARNAHAN, b. 28 Jan 1860, WESTMORELAND CO, PA; d. 23 Dec 1936, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

                  v.    JENETTE CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1862, PENNSYLVANIA.

28.            vi.    GEORGE CARNAHAN, b. Oct 1865, PENNSYLVANIA.

29.           vii.    HUGH CARNAHAN, b. 14 Jun 1869, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 8 Nov 1936, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

30.          viii.    HARRY ELMER CARNAHAN, b. Sep 1872, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 5 Jul 1912, PENNSYLVANIA.



9.  TAYLOR3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 28 Feb 1833 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 1 Nov 1911 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married (1) BARBARA WATTERSON 1854 in CLARION CO, PA.  She was born 1835 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 1874 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married (2) MARY A. WALLS Abt. 1873 in PENNSYLVANIA.  She was born 6 Oct 1832 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 28 Feb 1906 in CLARION CO, PA.



                   i.    MARY E.4 CARNAHAN, b. 5 Feb 1855, ARMSTRONG CO, PA; d. 21 Mar 1896, CLARION CO, PA.

31.             ii.    WILLIAM THOMAS CARNAHAN, b. 1856, CLARION CO, PA; d. 5 Jun 1917, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iii.    NANCY (HANNAH/NANNIE) E. CARNAHAN, b. 1858, CLARION CO, PA; d. Aft. 1927, res. MIAMI, FL; m. CHARLES H. HETZLER, 1892.

32.            iv.    JAMES WILLIAM CARNAHAN, b. Sep 1859, CLARION CO, PA; d. 29 Dec 1928, CLARION CO, PA.

33.             v.    FRANK L. CARNAHAN, b. Oct 1861, CLARION CO, PA; d. 1928, res. NEW KENSINGTON, PA.

34.            vi.    CAMERON WALLACE CARNAHAN, b. Jan 1867, CLARION CO, PA; d. 11 Nov 1943, WESTMORELAND CO,  PA.

35.           vii.    MINNIE B. CARNAHAN, b. 13 Mar 1870, CLARION CO, PA; d. 28 Jan 1927, MAHONING CO, OH.

               viii.    HARRY E. CARNAHAN, b. 10 Apr 1871, CLARION CO, PA; d. 11 Aug 1871, CLARION CO, PA.




                  ix.    MAGGIE4 WALLS, b. 1850, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Aft. Feb 1906.

36.              x.    EDGAR (EDWARD) HART CARNAHAN, b. 11 Dec 1874, CLARION CO, PA; d. 5 Jan 1959, CLARION CO, PA.



10.  ELIZA JANE3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 1838 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 11 Jul 1894 in INDIANA.  She married GEORGE SMITH 21 Dec 1854 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He was born in CENTER CO, PA, and died 18 Apr 1916.



                   i.    WILLIAM THOMAS4 SMITH, b. 30 Dec 1856, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 23 Nov 1916; m. MATTIE BATTEREAL; d. 4 Jan 1904.

                  ii.    GEORGE ALBERT SMITH, b. 27 Dec 1858, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 13 Dec 1952; m. HATTIE HOOVER; d. 17 Jul 1840.

                 iii.    FLORENCE ARMINTA SMITH, b. 16 May 1860, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 11 Oct 1939; m. SAMUEL POLAND, 1880.

                 iv.    IDA JANE SMITH, b. 26 Apr 1862, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 25 Jan 1872, DELAWARE CO, IN.

                  v.    JAMES ELMER SMITH, b. 14 Nov 1864, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 10 Feb 1940; m. MARTHA E. BUFFINGTON.

                 vi.    ANICE AMANDA SMITH, b. 16 Nov 1866, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 25 Feb 1880.

                vii.    MICHAEL HARVEY SMITH, b. 16 Mar 1869, JEFFERSON CO, PA; m. MINNIE SMITH*.

               viii.    SARAH VIOLA SMITH, b. 12 Jan 1871, DELAWARE CO, IN; d. 25 Apr 1957; m. ALVA LAMAR MOODY, 1 Dec 1890; d. 2 Feb 1928.

                  ix.    FIRMIN MILTON SMITH, b. 27 Jun 1873, DELAWARE CO, IN; d. 14 Sep 1936; m. ANNA E. MCCORMICK; d. 20 Nov 1928.

                   x.    ORVILLE LAWSON SMITH, b. 3 Jul 1875, DELAWARE CO, IN; d. 3 Jul 1953; m. IDA A. WATSON.

                  xi.    LEONA MAY SMITH, b. 26 Mar 1877, DELAWARE CO, IN; d. 17 Jul 1957; m. THOMAS HARVEY CAMPBELL.

                 xii.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SMITH, b. 16 Aug 1882, DELAWARE CO, IN; d. 1 Jul 1959; m. ANNA CAROLINE LARSON, 2 Jul 1917, BALTIMORE, MD; b. 23 Oct 1876, OLAND, SWE; d. 5 Nov 1954.



11.  HUGH3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 24 Jul 1844 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 15 Jan 1907.  He married ELIZABETH CARNAHAN* Abt. 1861.  She was born 1847 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    THOMAS H.4 CARNAHAN, b. 1862, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  ii.    JOHN D. CARNAHAN, b. 22 Sep 1892, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Nov 1865.



12.  BENJAMIN GARRISON3 CARNAHAN (JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 11 Aug 1846 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 16 Jun 1927 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married BARBARA FAIR Abt. 1870 in PENNSYLVANIA.  She was born 1843 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    HARRY4 CARNAHAN, b. 1871, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  ii.    LORETTA CARNAHAN, b. 1873, PENNSYLVANIA.

37.            iii.    GARRISON LAWSON (JACOB) CARNAHAN, b. 22 Jul 1874, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Aft. 1920, res. CLARION CO, PA.

                 iv.    OBIDIAH S. CARNAHAN, b. 1876, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  v.    MARY C. CARNAHAN, b. 1878, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                 vi.    JAMES W. CARNAHAN, b. 1879, JEFFESON CO, PA.

38.           vii.    WADE G. CARNAHAN, b. 1 Apr 1881, PENNSYLVANIA.



13.  DANIEL3 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born 1830 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married MARY A. CARNAHAN*.  She was born 1830 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    IDA4 CARNAHAN, b. PENNSYLVANIA.

                  ii.    WILLIAM A. CARNAHAN, b. 1857, CLARION CO, PA.

                 iii.    EMMA L. CARNAHAN, b. 1859, CLARION CO, PA.

                 iv.    EDMOND (EDWARD) CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1861, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  v.    SARAH CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1864, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 vi.    MARY EVALINE CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1866, PENNSYLVANIA.

                vii.    BERDEN CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1869, JEFFERSON CO, PA.



Generation No. 4


14.  MARGARET ANN4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Mar 1850 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 17 Apr 1930.  She married (1) JOSEPH HARRIGER 4 Jul 1866 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He was born 7 Mar 1841, and died 6 Feb 1883.  She married (2) JEREMIAH MAITLAND 19 May 1888 in ELK CO, PA.  He was born in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 28 Feb 1915.



                   i.    SIVILA5 HARRIGER, b. 5 Jan 1867; m. BULLERS.

                  ii.    SAVALON PATOLLAH (CON) HARRIGER, b. 8 Aug 1868.

                 iii.    JOSEPH DISA (JODE) HARRIGER, b. 6 Feb 1870.

                 iv.    SOLOMEN MIRTLE HARRIGER, b. 6 Jan 1872.



15.  SARDIS4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Jun 1853 in INDIANA CO, PA, and died Bef. 1927.  He married (1) MARSHA ELIZABETH RAY Abt. 1875.  She was born 1858 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married (2) ELIZABETH CUSTER Abt. 1898.  She was born Dec 1857 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    MARY5 CARNAHAN, b. 1875, CLARION CO, PA.

                  ii.    EMMA CARNAHAN, b. 1878, CLARION CO, PA.

                 iii.    BOYD CARNAHAN, b. 1884, PENNSYLVANIA.




                 iv.    MICLE5 CUSTER, b. Jan 1882, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  v.    WILLIAM CUSTER, b. Mar 1894, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 vi.    EDNA CUSTER, b. Apr 1896, PENNSYLVANIA.



16.  MARY ANN4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1854 in CLARION CO, PA.  She married DAVID DUFFY Abt. 1870. 


Children of MARY CARNAHAN and DAVID DUFFY are:

                   i.    WILLIAM5 DUFFY.

                  ii.    MILTON DUFFY.

                 iii.    ELIZABETH DUFFY, m. WILLIAM BAUM.

                 iv.    MARY DUFFY.






                   i.    LUCINDA5 KROAH, b. Abt. 1873.

                  ii.    MARY ELLEN KROAH, b. 12 Jul 1874; d. 13 Jul 1934, JEFFERSON CO, PA; m. ISAIAH JEREMIAH BRIGGS, 1 Aug 1894, JEFFERSON CO, PA; b. 27 Oct 1872, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 2 Jun 1945, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                 iii.    ANNIS KROAH, b. Abt. 1876.

                 iv.    JOHN L. KROAH, b. Abt. 1879.

                  v.    GEORGE M. KROAH, b. Abt. 1879.



18.  ELIZABETH4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Apr 1856 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Abt. 1925 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  She married WILLIAM SIAR Abt. 1874. 



                   i.    JAMES5 SIAR, b. 1875.

                  ii.    CHARLES W. SIAR, b. 1877.

                 iii.    GEORGE N. SIAR, b. 1878.

                 iv.    LAURA B. SIAR, b. 1879.



19.  REBECCA E.4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1862 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died Aft. 1900 in SCHUYLER CO, NY.  She married WILLIAM JAMES CARLL 24 Mar 1880 in CLARION CO, PA.  He was born 1845 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 11 Nov 1930.



                   i.    LAWRENCE5 CARLL.

                  ii.    MABEL LOTTIE CARLL, m. THOMPSON.

                 iii.    CLINTON CARLL.

                 iv.    JAMES CARLL.

                  v.    FLORENCE CARLL.

                 vi.    CHARLES CARLL.

                vii.    ROBERT WARREN CARLL, b. 3 Jan 1882; d. 8 Dec 1981; m. ALMEDA WIANT; d. 30 Jun 1962.

               viii.    WILLIAM EARL CARLL, b. 24 Mar 1883, CLARION CO, PA; d. Mar 1964, OREGON; m. RUTH COOK.

39.             ix.    CLARA JANE CARLL, b. 6 Apr 1885, CLARION CO, PA; d. 8 Oct 1968, WARREN CO, PA.

                   x.    EVA ADA CARLL, b. 24 Apr 1888; m. MELVIN SIBBLE.

                  xi.    JOHN CLINTON CARLL, b. 23 Oct 1890; m. SARAH BISH.

                 xii.    MARY BELL CARLL, b. 1 Apr 1892, CLARION CO, PA; m. FRANK GAVEN.



20.  ANNIS AMANDA4 CARNAHAN (WILLIAM3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 14 Oct 1869 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 23 Sep 1961 in SCHUYLER CO, NY.  She married SAMUEL CONRAD FREDERICK 26 Mar 1889 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He was born 29 Dec 1867, and died 28 Aug 1938 in TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.



40.              i.    MILDRED IRENE5 FREDERICK, b. 30 May 1905.



21.  JAMES MONROE4 CARNAHAN (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 25 Jun 1865 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 7 Apr 1938 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He married BERTHA ECKLUND 20 Sep 1900.  She was born Oct 1881 in SWEDEN, and died 26 Jun 1923.



41.              i.    EDWARD ALVIN5 CARNAHAN, b. 1 Aug 1901; d. Aug 1974.

42.             ii.    VIRGIL HOWARD CARNAHAN, b. 2 Jul 1903.

43.            iii.    EDITH BLANCHE CARNAHAN, b. 15 Aug 1905.

44.            iv.    RAY THOMAS CARNAHAN, b. 26 Jan 1908.

45.             v.    ROBERT CHARLES CARNAHAN, b. 23 May 1910; d. 8 Jun 1978.

46.            vi.    EARL WESLEY CARNAHAN, b. 10 Jun 1913.

                vii.    MILDRED ALTINA CARNAHAN, b. 31 Jul 1915; d. 14 Jan 2001; m. PRESTON LYLE MCCLELLAND, 18 Sep 1937; b. 18 May 1911; d. 27 Mar 1982.

47.          viii.    WILLIAM MONROE CARNAHAN, b. 10 Jun 1918; d. 21 Jan 1995, res. JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                  ix.    MABEL MARGRET CARNAHAN, b. 3 Nov 1920; m. HERBERT WHITE, Jan 1944; b. 13 Oct 1918; d. 2 Feb 1988.

                   x.    VIOLET MAXINE CARNAHAN, b. 20 May 1923; m. JAMES RAYMOND KOLSTEE, 17 Apr 1942; b. 8 Mar 1921; d. Oct 1983.



22.  ABRAHM THOMAS4 CARNAHAN (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 1 Jul 1867 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 8 Apr 1952 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  He married IDA LUCRETIA SNYDER 22 Sep 1897 in CLARION CO, PA.  She was born 16 May 1871, and died Jun 1912 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.



                   i.    LOTTIE BELL5 CARNAHAN, b. 14 Oct 1899; m. PERRY HARRY SWEET, 11 Apr 1959.

                  ii.    ISSAC BURDETT CARNAHAN, b. 17 Aug 1901; d. 12 Oct 1972; m. LILLIAN GARDNER, 28 Mar 1927.

                 iii.    CLIFTON ELLSWORTH CARNAHAN, b. 1 Sep 1903; d. 14 Apr 1974; m. NAVE MARY PASCO, 10 May 1939.

                 iv.    GEORGE GRANT CARNAHAN, b. 28 Dec 1906; d. 11 Mar 1963; m. ROSE ANN O'REILLY, 30 Apr 1941.

                  v.    JAMES RAYMOND CARNAHAN, b. 10 Jul 1908; m. JUANITA R. BEST, 26 Jul 1934.

                 vi.    WILLIAM STUART CARNAHAN, b. 25 Apr 1912; m. MARIE KUNZ.



23.  MARY ELLA (HELLEN)4 CARNAHAN (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 15 Dec 1869 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 14 Aug 1941.  She married JOHN GODFREY CARLSON 2 Jul 1887.  He was born 24 Mar 1863 in SWEDEN, and died 29 Jan 1962 in ELK CO, PA.



                   i.    JAMES ALBERT5 CARLSON, m. BEATRICE KEYS.

                  ii.    ROBERT CARLSON.

                 iii.    DANIEL CARLSON, b. 24 Jan 1889; d. 6 Dec 1899.

48.            iv.    ELVA AMANDA CARLSON, b. 1891; d. 1958.

                  v.    LOTTIE MAY CARLSON, b. 4 Dec 1896; d. 12 Nov 1983; m. (1) ELTON HOLT; m. (2) IRVIN BUSH.

49.            vi.    BERTHA NELLIE CARLSON, b. 18 Jan 1899, BROOKVILLE, PA; d. 2 Sep 1967, WARREN, PA.

50.           vii.    ELSIE ALMA CARLSON, b. 11 Jul 1901; d. 23 Jul 1974.

               viii.    JAY OSCAR CARLSON, b. 17 Feb 1905, BROCKWAY, PA; d. 7 Aug 1987, ST. MARYS, PA.



24.  MINNIE AMANDA4 CARNAHAN (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 26 Jul 1872 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 1940.  She married ISAAC IRVIN BLACK 2 Jul 1887.  He was born 26 Aug 1868, and died 30 Jun 1951.



                   i.    WILLIE ALVIN5 BLACK, b. 31 Aug 1891; d. 7 Nov 1891.

                  ii.    MARY LAURENA BLACK, b. 14 Jan 1893; m. JOHN MCKILLIP.

                 iii.    PERRY EDGAR BLACK, b. 19 Feb 1895.

                 iv.    MERLE MCCAIN BLACK, b. 25 Mar 1897.

                  v.    JOHN MONROE BLACK, b. 6 Sep 1899; d. 28 Sep 1919.

                 vi.    THOMAS EDISON BLACK, b. 23 Feb 1902; d. 11 Aug 1921.

                vii.    LEILA ELLA BLACK, b. 16 Jan 1904; m. SHIRL BOYER.

               viii.    ORPHA MYRTLE BLACK, b. 25 Jun 1906; m. (1) DENNIS R. SHAFFER; m. (2) JOHN PACE.

                  ix.    JAY HERBERT BLACK, b. 10 Oct 1907; d. 16 Jan 1908.

                   x.    SARAH MAE BLACK, b. 1 Aug 1909; d. 14 Sep 1909.

                  xi.    EARL ROBERT BLACK, b. 19 Nov 1910; m. EMILY LINDEMUTH.

                 xii.    JENNIE DORA BLACK, b. 7 Jun 1914; d. 4 Aug 1914.



25.  ALVIN ELLSWORTH4 CARNAHAN (THOMAS3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 31 Aug 1875 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died Nov 1950.  He married JOSIE LEE 30 Nov 1910.  She was born 6 Feb 1889.


Children of ALVIN CARNAHAN and JOSIE LEE are:

                   i.    LEWIS ALVIN5 CARNAHAN, b. 22 Sep 1916; m. ALTA MCDOWELL, 27 Aug 1936.

                  ii.    CLARENCE CARNAHAN, b. 14 Apr 1921; m. (1) MARGEY GIREIKSY; m. (2) NORROD.

                 iii.    BETTY CARNAHAN, b. 18 Feb 1924; m. RALPH ALLSHOUSE, 4 Sep 1940; d. Jul 1978.

                 iv.    BESSIE CARNAHAN, b. 18 Feb 1924; m. ROLAND B. SIMMONS, 1942.

                  v.    FRED CARNAHAN, b. 21 Oct 1926.



26.  JAMES S.4 CARNAHAN (DAVID3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 19 May 1853 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA, and died 12 Jul 1934 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.  He married MARY ANN WHALEN.  She died Bef. Jul 1934.



                   i.    THOMAS5 CARNAHAN, b. 1881.

                  ii.    JOHN CARNAHAN, b. Jun 1885.

                 iii.    HUGHEY CARNAHAN, b. Feb 1889.

                 iv.    PANSEY CARNAHAN, b. 1892, PENNSYLVANIA.



27.  WILLIAM DAVID4 CARNAHAN (DAVID3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 5 Apr 1856 in WESTMORELAND CO, PA, and died 31 Jul 1937 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.  He married MARY ANN WHITTINGTON Abt. 1873.  She was born 29 Jul 1856 in YORKSHIRE, ENG, and died 15 Jul 1940 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.



51.              i.    GEORGE EDWARD5 CARNAHAN, b. 8 Jun 1875, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 9 Jul 1925, McKEESPORT, PA.

                  ii.    LAURA M. CARNAHAN, b. Abt. 1878, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

                 iii.    ANNIE CARNAHAN, b. Mar 1880, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

                 iv.    WILLIAM D. CARNAHAN, JR., b. 8 Jan 1883, BRADERSFIELD, PA; d. Aug 1945, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; m. ISABELLA MILLER, 9 Jan 1902.

                  v.    CHARLES ELLIS CARNAHAN, b. Dec 1885, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 1977; m. ELIZABETH E. CARNAHAN*.

                 vi.    ALBERT CARNAHAN, b. 1888, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. Abt. 1909.

                vii.    PEARL CARNAHAN, b. Feb 1890, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 1911.

               viii.    HOWARD CARNAHAN, b. Oct 1895, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 1977; m. WINIFRED CARNAHAN*.

                  ix.    EMMA CARNAHAN, b. Dec 1898, ALLEGHENY CO, PA; d. 1918; m. CLIFFORD EICHER.



28.  GEORGE4 CARNAHAN (DAVID3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Oct 1865 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married MARY CARNAHAN* Abt. 1885.  She was born Dec 1869 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    GEORGE5 CARNAHAN, JR..

                  ii.    EDWARD CARNAHAN, b. 1891.

                 iii.    HANNAH CARNAHAN, b. Nov 1894, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iv.    ELLEN CARNAHAN, b. Dec 1895.

                  v.    MARTHA J. CARNAHAN, b. Feb 1900.



29.  HUGH4 CARNAHAN (DAVID3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 14 Jun 1869 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA, and died 8 Nov 1936 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.  He married MARTHA JANE CARNAHAN* Abt. 1891.  She was born 1875 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 1916 in PENNSYLVANIA.



                   i.    IDA MAE5 CARNAHAN, b. Sep 1892.

                  ii.    MARY CARNAHAN, b. Dec 1895.

                 iii.    CLYDE CARNAHAN, b. Feb 1897.

                 iv.    MARGARET CARNAHAN, b. Jun 1905, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1937; m. CLINE.

                  v.    FRANK CARNAHAN, b. Aug 1907, PENNSYLVANIA.



30.  HARRY ELMER4 CARNAHAN (DAVID3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Sep 1872 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 5 Jul 1912 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married (1) BERTHA CARNAHAN* Bef. 1907.  She was born Sep 1880 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married (2) MARGARET LEWIS Aft. 1908.  She was born 15 Feb 1882 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died 13 Nov 1966 in ALLEGHENY CO, PA.



                   i.    ELMER L.5 CARNAHAN, b. 1907, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1955, PENNSYLVANIA.



31.  WILLIAM THOMAS4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 1856 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 5 Jun 1917 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married (1) OSENA CARNAHAN* 30 Jan 1883.  She was born 1860, and died 4 Apr 1913 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married (2) MARY FULTON 27 Feb 1915.  She was born 1870 in CLARION CO, PA.



                   i.    FRANCES5 CARNAHAN.

                  ii.    TAYLOR CARNAHAN.

                 iii.    ROSE CARNAHAN.



32.  JAMES WILLIAM4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Sep 1859 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 29 Dec 1928 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married CARRIE MABEL BUTLER 18 Sep 1884 in JEFFERSON CO, PA.  She was born 24 Jul 1865 in JEFFERSON CO, PA, and died 27 Apr 1945 in CLARION CO, PA.



52.              i.    SAMUEL TAYLOR5 CARNAHAN, b. 13 Jul 1886, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 1951.

53.             ii.    CHARLES FRANKLIN CARNAHAN, b. 28 Mar 1887, CLARION CO, PA; d. 22 Apr 1952.

54.            iii.    JENNIE BLANCHE CARNAHAN, b. 15 Aug 1889, CLARION CO, PA; d. Oct 1980, ARIZONA.

55.            iv.    LENA MAUD CARNAHAN, b. 27 Mar 1892, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                  v.    ALMA GERTRUDE CARNAHAN, b. 25 May 1894, JEFFERSON CO, PA; d. 3 Apr 1895, JEFFERSON CO, PA.

                 vi.    MARY LOVILLA CARNAHAN, b. 21 Dec 1896, CLARION CO, PA; d. 10 Dec 1921, CLARION CO, PA; m. JAMES T. NULPH, 2 Nov 1921, CLARION CO, PA; b. 1900, CLARION CO, PA.

56.           vii.    JOHN HOMER CARNAHAN, b. 12 Nov 1899, CLARION CO, PA; d. 10 Aug 1961, ALLEGHENY CO, PA.

57.          viii.    EDGAR ELLSWORTH CARNAHAN, b. 25 Dec 1902, CLARION CO, PA; d. 12 Dec 1965, SAN BERNARDINO CO, CA.



33.  FRANK L.4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Oct 1861 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 1928 in res. NEW KENSINGTON, PA.  He married ANNA MARY BELLE WOLFE, MRS. SKINNER Abt. 1890 in PENNSYLVANIA.  She was born Feb 1864 in PENNSYLVANIA.


Children of FRANK CARNAHAN and ANNA WOLFE are:

                   i.    LOYD5 SKINNER, b. Aug 1885, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  ii.    BEULAH SKINNER, b. Mar 1887, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1927.

                 iii.    CHAMMIE SKINNER, b. Dec 1892, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iv.    RALPH WILSON CARNAHAN, b. 1891, PENNSYLVANIA; m. ETHEL BLANCHE PIZER, 28 Aug 1912, CLARION CO, PA; b. Abt. 1894.

                  v.    CHARLES CARNAHAN, b. 19 Jun 1893, CLARION CO, PA; d. 11 Sep 1893, CLARION CO, PA.

                 vi.    CHARLES CARNAHAN, b. 18 Feb 1895, CLARION CO, PA; d. May 1969, PENNSYLVANIA.


               viii.    LIBBIE (NELLIE) CARNAHAN, b. Sep 1899, CLARION CO, PA; m. J. R. STINER.

                  ix.    MERRILL ALBERT CARNAHAN, b. 21 Nov 1900, CLARION CO, PA; d. 1918.



34.  CAMERON WALLACE4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born Jan 1867 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 11 Nov 1943 in WESTMORELAND CO,  PA.  He married (1) RACHEL FLORENCE HOLLY 24 Dec 1891 in CLARION CO, PA.  She was born 20 Nov 1874 in ARMSTRONG CO, PA, and died 11 Apr 1901 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married (2) LAURA RIGGLE 4 Sep 1901 in BUTLER CO, PA.  She was born 1865 in BUTLER CO, PA.



                   i.    MINNIE OSENA5 CARNAHAN, b. Nov 1892, CLARION CO, PA.

                  ii.    RUTH E. CARNAHAN, b. Apr 1896, CLARION CO, PA.

58.            iii.    JOHN CHESTER CARNAHAN, b. 7 May 1897, CLARION CO, PA; d. 30 Dec 1950, WESTMORELAND CO, PA.



35.  MINNIE B.4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 13 Mar 1870 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 28 Jan 1927 in MAHONING CO, OH.  She married WILSON MITCHELL 22 Oct 1887 in CLARION CO, PA, son of JOHN MITCHELL and FRANCES KEWLEY.  He was born 19 Jun 1865 in CUMBERLAND, ENG (Egremont), and died 31 Oct 1940 in MAHONING CO, OH.



59.              i.    JOHN MILTON5 MITCHELL, b. 28 Jun 1888, CLARION CO, PA; d. 3 Jan 1957.

60.             ii.    TAYLOR ROY MITCHELL, b. 18 Mar 1890, CLARION CO, PA; d. 14 Feb 1974, MAHONING CO, OH.

61.            iii.    LAURA VALINA MITCHELL, b. 4 Apr 1892, CLARION CO, PA; d. 10 Feb 1974, WESTMORELAND CO, PA.

62.            iv.    CHARLOTTE (LOTTIE) AUGUSTA MITCHELL, b. 7 Sep 1894, CLARION CO, PA; d. 30 Sep 1980, ARMSTRONG CO, PA (Freeport).

63.             v.    ETHEL VIRGINIA MITCHELL, b. 11 Apr 1897, CLARION CO, PA; d. 30 Jun 1967, MAHONING CO, OH.

64.            vi.    CHARLES EDWARD MITCHELL, b. 13 Jul 1901, CLARION CO, PA; d. 10 Sep 1956, MAHONING CO, OH.

65.           vii.    EARNEST CLIFTON MITCHELL, b. 26 Dec 1903, CLARION CO, PA; d. 12 Dec 1965, MAHONING CO, OH.

66.          viii.    THELMA IMOGENE MITCHELL, b. 11 Feb 1907, CLARION CO, PA; d. 10 Jun 1983, TRUMBULL CO, OH (Girard).

                  ix.    ARTHUR WILSON MITCHELL, b. 8 Mar 1909, CLARION CO, PA; d. 18 Dec 1909, CLARION CO, PA.



36.  EDGAR (EDWARD) HART4 CARNAHAN (TAYLOR3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 11 Dec 1874 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 5 Jan 1959 in CLARION CO, PA.  He married AMANDA BELLE MORTIMER 2 Jul 1896 in CLARION CO, PA, daughter of SAMUEL MORTIMER and PHEOBE BROCK.  She was born 12 Aug 1878 in CLARION CO, PA, and died 15 Dec 1961 in CLARION CO, PA.



67.              i.    FRANK WILSON5 CARNAHAN, b. 21 May 1898, CLARION CO, PA; d. 18 Sep 1974, ARMSTRONG CO, PA.

68.             ii.    GERTRUDE CARNAHAN, b. May 1900, CLARION CO, PA; d. Aft. Apr 1994, res. CLARION CO, PA.

69.            iii.    DAVID H. CARNAHAN, b. 3 Nov 1902, CLARION CO, PA; d. 19 Jun 1990, CLARION CO, PA.

70.            iv.    PAUL WILBUR CARNAHAN, b. 21 Apr 1906, CLARION CO, PA; d. 5 Mar 1966, CHESWICK, PA.

71.             v.    ANNA MARY CARNAHAN, b. 18 Feb 1907, CLARION CO, PA; d. 1967, BUTLER CO, PA.

                 vi.    ELLA MAE CARNAHAN, b. Sep 1908, CLARION CO, PA; d. Bef. Jun 1990; m. ROBERT REISER.

72.           vii.    EDGAR H. CARNAHAN, JR., b. 15 May 1919, CLARION CO, PA; d. 29 Jul 1994, ARMSTRONG CO, PA.



37.  GARRISON LAWSON (JACOB)4 CARNAHAN (BENJAMIN GARRISON3, JAMES2, THOMAS1) was born 22 Jul 1874 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. 1920 in res. CLARION CO, PA.  He married FANNIE SHAFFER.  She was born Mar 1874 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. 1920 in res. CLARION CO, PA.



                   i.    SAMUEL DRAKE5 CARNAHAN, b. 31 Mar 1898, CLARION CO, PA; d. 14 Mar 1970, CLARION CO, PA.

                  ii.    ANDREW CARNAHAN, b. 26 Aug 1907, CLARION CO, PA; d. 28 Mar 1972, CLARION CO, PA.






                   i.    HARRY S.5 CARNAHAN, b. Oct 1909, PENNSYLVANIA.

                  ii.    PAUL E. CARNAHAN, b. 14 Aug 1911, PENNSYLVANIA; d. Dec 1987, McKEAN CO, PA.

                 iii.    WAYNE CARNAHAN, b. 1912, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1913, PENNSYLVANIA.



[1] I have seen a record on an unnamed child born to William and Grizelda Carnaghan in October 1785 – this could possibly be Thomas or a sibling to Thomas but no verified connection is made at this time. In the 1810 and 1820 census indexes there is a William Carnahan listed in Madison (Armstrong County), PA.

[2] William Fitz-Randolph's reported death date is 1855 in New Athens, PA; his wife's reported death date is 1852. His daughter, Mary Fitz-Randolph, married James Carnahan about 1823. James and Mary gave birth to my third great-grandfather, Taylor, in 1834.

[3] Nancy Waterson enumerated with William (age 48) amd Susan (age 47) Bruner family

[4] Taylor Carnahan (Farmer) reported as Carnahan Taylor in the 1870 census report.

[5] enum. with Joseph Harrigan family

[6] enum. with Benjamin Burns family

[7] Reported as Taylor, Carnahan in the 1870 census.  Taylor or his parents, James and Mary Randolph Carnahan could not be located in the 1860 census.

[8] Barbara Watterson Carnahan reportedly died in 1875 – documentation still needs to be located.  There are longstanding Watterson families in the region but a connection has not yet been made to who Barbara’s parents were.  There is also an Irish Watterson family that was living in the area at the time that Barbara could be related to.

[9] Ran across this Carnahan family while doing other research – family connection not known

[10] Mary Walls Carnahan reported two living children of 2 in this census (this would be Maggie Walls b. 1850, Edward Carnahan b. 1875).  Some time around 1853 Taylor Carnahan was married to his first wife, Barbara – she and Taylor are in the 1870 Census.  By 1880, his wife was Mary A. Carnahan. According to the 1887 Clarion County, Pennsylvania marriage application of my great-great-grandparents, Wilson Mitchell and Minnie Carnahan, the parents of Minnie B. Carnahan were Taylor and Mary A. Carnahan – I believe Mary A. is Minnie’s step-mother. In the 1880 Clarion County census record, Taylor and Mary A. Carnahan reported a step-daughter named Maggie Walls living in their household. – follow-on information from internet sources supports the fact that Taylor’s second wife was Mary A. Walls (1832 – 1906).  The maiden name of Minnie's mother is reported to be Watterson according to Wilson Mitchell (he was the informant on Minnie's death certificate).  According to the information provided by Thelma Kifer, Taylor was in fact married to Barbara Waterson first (she died around 1875) - later, Taylor married Mary A. Walls. I still need to acquire records that would help prove this information.  I could find no sign of Taylor and Mary A. Carnahan after the 1900 census. I have the death certificate of Taylor Carnahan reporting his death as 1 November 1911, in Madison Township.  On 22 Oct 1887, Minnie Carnahan married Wilson Mitchell in Clarion County, PA. Wilson was the son of John and Frances Kewley Mitchell of Egremont, England. Wilson arrived in the United States in 1886 at the age of 21.  Around 1918, Minnie Carnahan Mitchell and her husband Wilson relocated to Youngstown, Ohio. In 1927, Minnie Mitchell died suddenly - she reportedly keeled over at the dinner table from heart failure. Wilson died several years later in 1940 Youngstown, Ohio. Wilson and Minnie Mitchell were both transported to Rimersburg, PA, for burial.

[11] enumerated with Ellen E. Porter (Partner)

[12] Widow of James Watterson

[13] Information is a compilation of information from numerous internet sources – it is intended as a step off point for further research and has not been collaborated or proven with source documentation at this time.

[14] On March 18, 1890, Wilson and Minnie Carnahan Mitchell gave birth to my great-grandfather, Taylor Roy Mitchell in Clarion County, PA.  Taylor married Gertrude Mohney on November 19, 1915. Gertrude was the daughter of James B. and Mary Emigh Mohney. Taylor and Gertrude had four children.