Census Records. 3

1820 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co, VA (Craig). 3

1830 Virginia (Craig). 3

1840 Virginia (Craig, Creigh). 3

1850 Dist. 29, Kanawha Co, VA (Craig). 4

1850 Floyd Co, VA (Craig). 4

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Craig, Creigh). 4

1860 Fayette Co, VA (Craig). 5

1870 Fayette Co, W.VA (Craig). 5

1880 Greenbrier Co, W.VA (Creigh). 6

1880 Kanawha District, Fayette Co, W.VA (Craig). 6

Miscellaneous Data.. 7

Blake/Winter Genealogy and Allied Families. 7

Thomas Creigh of Greenbrier County, Virginia. 8

Vital Records. 9

Fayette Co, VA and W.VA (Craig, Blake). 9

Kanawha Co, VA (Craig). 9

Descendants of JAMES CRAIG.. 10



Most of information I have on my Craig line comes from census and vital records from the Fayette County Virginia/West Virginia region. James Craig, born 1797 Virginia, is the first verified Craig ancestor – he is settled in Fayette County at least by 1840.  Earlier census records do not adequately prove his presence.

In the 1850 Fayette County, James is lively near William Craig and his wife, Catherine.  William actually shows up in two places in 1850 – he can also be found in Floyd County, Virginia.  Also in 1850 Fayette County is John Creigh and his wife, Deliah.  According to John’s 1874 death record in Fayette County, he is the son of Thomas and Margaret Creigh of Greenbrier County.  Thomas Creigh is reported in Greenbrier County at least from the time of the birth of his son, Doctor Thomas Creigh.  I have concentrated a lot of effort trying to prove a connection between James, William, and John and the senior Thomas Creigh.

Around 1827, James Craig married Sarah. I found a James Craig marriage to Sarah Blake on 15 December 1825 Kanawha County, Virginia - but do not know if this is them. In the 1850 Kanawha County census there is another James Craig, 63 years old, with a 21 year old daughter named Caroline and a 16 year old son named Nicholas - his wife had not been listed with him so I was unable to verify her name. If my James Craig is the one that married Sarah Blake then there is information available through the LDS Church that puts the Blake line back to the 1600's - beginning with Sarah's parents, James (b. 1780 Greenbrier County, VA, d. 9 Sep 1833 Kanawha County, VA) and Jane Arthur Blake (m: 31 Jul 1805 Greenbrier County, VA). I continued to track James and Sarah Craig in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census reports:

Thanks to my cousin, Joyce Grigsby, I have pictures of the grave stones of James and Sarah M. Craig, from the Craig Cemetery in Fayette County, W.VA. James died 23 February, 1887 (aged 90 years - a soldier of the war of 1812), and Sarah M. Craig died 30 July, 1892 (aged 83 years). My 3rd great-grandmother, Sarah Frances Craig, is buried with them.

In 1858, Sarah F. Craig married Benjamin Franklin Darlington. Benjamin was the son of William and Ann Holliday Darlington. Benjamin and Sarah were the parents of nine children - their son, James William Franklin "Frank" Darlington, was my great-great-grandfather.

Frank Darlington married Josephine Quillen on 4 September 1900, in Fayette County, W.VA. Josephine's parents were James and "Maggie" Biggins Quillen. Frank and Josephine had four children - their daughter, Carmen Pearl Darlington, was my great-grandmother.


Census Records

1820 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co, VA (Craig)

Males to 10     10-16     16-18     16-26     to 45     45+        Females to 10     10-16     16-18     16-26     to 45     45+

Robert Craig          Males 101111        Females 00011

Thomas Creigh[1]    Males 311301        Females 20022

1830 Virginia (Craig)

Under 5     5-9     10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Greenbrier, Lewisburg

Thomas Creigh     pg. 167   Males 001220001                  Females 02400010011

Robert Craig          pg. 171   Males 001000010                  Females 10100100001



Robert Craig          pg. 187   Males 110001000                  Females 10001000000

George Crage        pg. 187   Males 110010000                  Females 20001000000

James Craig           pg. 187   Males 011001000                  Females 21100100100

1840 Virginia (Craig, Creigh)

Under 5     5-9     10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Fayette County

James Craig           pg. 145   Males 10101100    Females 1110010

John Creigh           pg. 159   Males 01100100    Females 2100100


Kanawha County

David Craig           pg. 46     Males 00010010    Females 0001001

Robert Craig          pg. 46     Males 22210000    Females 1010010

Geo Craig               pg. 46     Males 31210010    Females 1111001

Jas Craig                pg. 53     Males 12001101    Females 0111101

Jas B. Craig           pg. 4       Males 20000101    Females 0111101

1850 Dist. 29, Kanawha Co, VA (Craig)

Robert Craig          56            b. VA                                      William Craig        26            b. VA

Nancy                    51            b. VA                                      Mary                      29            b. VA

Samuel                   19            b. VA                                      Sarah D.                 3              b. VA

David                     24            b. VA

Robert                    17            b. VA                                      James B. Craig      63            b. VA      Carpenter

John                       14            b. VA                                      Nicholas                                16            b. VA

Nancy                    12            b. VA                                      Caroline Watson  21            b. VA

1850 Floyd Co, VA (Craig)

William Craig        44            b. Floyd

Catherine E.           42           

Nancy                    17            b. Floyd

J. H. (male)             13            b. Floyd

J. D. (male)             13            b. Floyd

J. T. (male)             5              b. Floyd

M. M. (female)      1              b. Floyd

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Craig, Creigh)

14th Dist - 12 Aug  pg. 352               W. Dist - pg. 379                                 14th Dist - 22 Aug  pg. 364

James Craig           50                            William Craig        44                            John Creigh[2]         46

Sarah                      42                            Catherine E.           42                            Delitha                   40

Wm                         23                            Nancy                    17                            Thomas                  19

Susan                     20                            J. H.  (male)            13                            Margaret                17

Mary E.                  18                            J. D.  (male)            13                            Lewis                      15

James M.               16                            J. S.   (male)           5                              Elizabeth                13

Sarah F.                  12                            M. M.  (female)     1                              Catherine               11

Charles H.              10                                                                                            Wm H.                    8

Margaret                7                                                                                              Joseph                   5

John                       4                                                                                              Emily J.                   3

C. C. (male)            1                                                                                              Saml W.                 1

1860 Fayette Co, VA (Craig)

District 2                                                                                              District 4

James Craig, Sr.                    62            b. VA                                      John Creigh           57            b. VA

Sarah                                      54            b. VA                                      Delilah                    47            b. VA

William                                   33            b. VA                                      Lewis                      25            b. VA

Mary E. Huffman                  28            b. VA                                      Elizabeth                21            b. VA

William Huffman                  25            b. VA                                      Catherine               20            b. VA

Charles                                   19            b. VA                                      Wm H. H.               19            b. VA

Martha                                   25            b. VA                                      Joseph                   17            b. VA

Margaret                                15            b. VA                                      Emily                      14            b. VA

John                                       13            b. VA                                      Samuel W.             10            b. VA

Christopher C.                      11            b. VA                                      John C.                   9              b. VA

Felix H.                                   9              b. VA                                      Sabinah                  7              b. VA

Tomsey E. Huffman (f)        5              b. VA  (grandchild)              Augustus              5              b. VA

James Huffman                     6/12         b. VA  (grandchild)             

James                                     1              b. VA                                     

"unnamed"                            4/12         b. VA                                     

1870 Fayette Co, W.VA (Craig)

17 Aug 1870, Gauley Bridge, pg. 101                             Sewell, pg. 180

James Craig           73            b. VA                                      John Creigh           65            b. VA

Sarah                      62            b. VA                                      Delilah                    59            b. VA

Margaret                25            b. VA                                      Elizabeth                31

Columbus              21            b. VA                                      Joseph                   23

Felix H.                   19            b. VA                                      Emily                      21

                                                                                                Samuel                   19

William Craig        43            b. VA                                      Christopher           17

Martha                   35            b. VA                                      Sabina                    15

James                     12            b. VA                                      Augustus              13

Sarah                      10            b. VA


Wm Huffman        35            b. VA

Mary                      38            b. VA

Thompsy               14            b. VA

James                     13            b. VA

Sallie                       10            b. VA

Mittie                     5/12         b. W.VA

1880 Greenbrier Co, W.VA (Creigh)

Blue Sulpher                                                                        Fort Spring

Delilah Creigh       70            b. W.VA                                Lewis S. Creigh     65

Joseph A.              35            b. W.VA                                Elizabeth A.           45

Samuel                   32            b. W.VA                                Allen E.                  17

Emily J.                   27            b. W.VA                                John L. Duff          48

Sabina L.                24            b. W.VA                                Louisa E.                41

Augustus              23            b. W.VA


Sarah E. Creigh[3]    63            b. VA

1880 Kanawha District, Fayette Co, W.VA (Craig)

Charles Craig        35            miner                                      William Craig        53

Louisa                    26                                                            Martha                   46

Anna                      4                                                              James                     21

Lee                          3                                                              Sarah                      20

C. C. (male)            1                                                              Lori                         7

Payne, James        25            boarder                                  John                       4

Huffman, James    22            boarder

Stockton, Wm       40            boarder                                  James Craig           83            b. VA fath VA moth VA

Scott, Chris           21            boarder                                  Sarah                      74            b. VA fath VA moth VA

Brewer, Thom       26            boarder                                  Columbus              30            b. WV


Felix Craig              29                            b. W.VA                William Huffman 47             b. WVA

Ellen                       21                            b. W.VA                Mary                      49            b. WVA

Henry                     2                              b. W.VA                Araminta                10            b. WVA

Oma                        1/12 (May)             b. W.VA

Bessie                    1/12 (May)             b. W.VA


Miscellaneous Data

Blake/Winter Genealogy and Allied Families

Entries: 7780    Updated: Mon Aug 27 11:13:05 2001    Contact: Robert J Blake


·  ID: I1812

·  Name: James CRAIG

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: ABT 1797 in VA


Marriage 1 Sarah BLAKE b: ABT 1808 in VA Kanawha Co, VA 15 Dec 1825

1.        William CRAIG b: ABT 1827 in VA

2.        Susan CRAIG b: ABT 1830 in VA

3.        Mary E. CRAIG b: ABT 1832 in VA

4.        James M. CRAIG b: ABT 1834 in VA

5.        Sarah F. CRAIG b: ABT 1838 in VA

6.        Margaret CRAIG b: ABT 1843 in Fayette,WV

7.        Charles H. CRAIG b: ABT 1845 in Fayette,WV

8.        John CRAIG b: ABT 1846 in Fayette,WV

9.        Columbus Christopher CRAIG b: ABT 1850 in Fayette,WV

10.     Felix W. CRAIG b: ABT 1851 in Fayette,WV


·  Name: William CRAIG

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: ABT 1827 in VA

Father: James CRAIG b: ABT 1797 in VA
Mother: Sarah BLAKE b: ABT 1808 in VA

Marriage 1 Martha UNKNOWN

1.        James CRAIG b: ABT 1859 in Fayette,WV

2.        Sarah CRAIG b: ABT 1860 in Fayette,WV

3.        Loni CRAIG b: ABT 1873 in Fayette,WV

4.        John CRAIG b: ABT 1876 in Fayette,WV


·  Name: Charles H. CRAIG

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: ABT 1845 in Fayette,WV

Father: James CRAIG b: ABT 1797 in VA
Mother: Sarah BLAKE b: ABT 1808 in VA

Marriage 1 Louisa UNKNOWN b: ABT 1854 in WV

1.        Ann CRAIG b: ABT 1877 in Fayette,WV

2.        Lee CRAIG b: ABT 1877 in Fayette,WV

3.        C.C. CRAIG b: ABT 1879 in Fayette,WV


·  Name: Felix W. CRAIG

·  Sex: M

·  Birth: ABT 1851 in Fayette,WV

Father: James CRAIG b: ABT 1797 in VA
Mother: Sarah BLAKE b: ABT 1808 in VA

Marriage 1 Ellen UNKNOWN b: ABT 1859 in WV

1.        Henry CRAIG b: ABT 1878 in Fayette,WV

2.        Oma CRAIG b: MAY 1879 in Fayette,WV

3.        Bessie CRAIG b: MAY 1879 in Fayette,WV

Thomas Creigh of Greenbrier County, Virginia


Then as now members of the profession in Greenbrier desired after graduation to keep abreast of the advances being made by the profession and endeavored he promotion and dissemination of medical knowledge by study, and writing for medical journals of the day.

Among these pioneer physicians was Doctor Thomas CREIGH, born July 1812.[5] He graduated with an academic degree from what is now Ohio University at Athens, Ohio. he received his medical degree from one of the most outstanding medical schools of America, and the oldest, the University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin FRANKLIN.

He had as his medical preceptor in Lewisburg another outstanding and distinguished member of the profession, Doctor SIMPKINS.

Dr. CREIGH was a public-spirited citizen and as such represented the county of Greenbrier for several sessions in the Legislature of Virginia. He was a contributor to medical journals and the first president of the Greenbrier Medical Society.



While his home was always in his native community, and the place he loved best in all the world, Greenbrier County, the late John A. Preston was in every sense a man of commanding importance and influence through West Virginia. He was a, great lawyer, and was the favorite son of his native county. People respected, trusted, admired and loved him because they knew him to be worthy of all and that he was true to his high ideals, ideals that he translated into action and conduct that fully earned him his high place in county and state.

His father was David R. Preston, a native of Southwestern Virginia, a minister of the Presbyterian faith, who completed his theological studies in Princeton University. David R. Preston probably came to Greenbrier County from Kentucky in the decade of the '30s. He had a charge at Union in Monroe County, but for many years his home was near Lewisburg in Greenbrier County. He married Jeanette Creigh, who represented one of the oldest and best known families in Greenbrier County. The Creighs were prominent Confederates during the Civil war.  Rev. David R. Preston died when a comparatively young man. He and his wife had six children, the late John A. Preston being next to the youngest.

Vital Records

Fayette Co, VA and W.VA (Craig, Blake)


Adam Blake                                           m: Jemima Burgess                               3 Jul 1831

Alex Blake                                             m: Jane Blake                                        11 Jun 1840

Elizabeth Blake                                     m: Isaac Arthur                                     25 Jan 1830

Elizabeth Blake                                     m: Mann Keaton                                  2 Jul 1848

Huldah Blake                                        m: Charles Wilson                                14 Jan 1841

James Blake (26)                                   m: Sarah Harvey                                   10 Jan 1867

James A. Blake (21)                              m: Eliza J. Marrs                                    4 Jun 1867

Martha Blake                                        m: Zacharia Wood                               12 Oct 1849

Mary Modina Blake (24)                     m: James Wisley Settle (24)                25 Feb 1866

McDowell Blake                                   m: Hannah Johnson                             23 Aug 1838

Richard Blake                                        m: Isabella Summerfield                       21 Dec 1865

Sarah Blake                                           m: Astin Burgess                                 25 Jul 1830

Sarah Blake                                           m: Andrew Wilson                               18 May 1848

William W. Blake                  m: Mary Tredaway                               23 Apr 1848

William Edward Blake (21)  m: Mary V. Tabor                 28 Feb 1867

Alexr Craig (27)                                     m: Susan Deal (22)                               1872

Annie Belle Craig (17)                         m: Thos. J. Vandergriff (22)                17 Aug 1888

Elizabeth Creigh (35)                            m: John A. Fleshman (45)                   5 May 1874

F.H. Craig (25)                                       m: Ellen Brewer (17)                             14 Jun 1877

James Madison Craig (32) m: Jannetta Bays (29)                          16 Aug 1866

Jno. Craig (28)                                       m: Sarah Ann Bays                              2 Dec 1874

Margret J. Craig (27)                            m: Parris Tottan (25)                            23 Jan 1872

Robert E. Craig (27)                              m: Mary A. Davis (16)                         25 Dec 1899



Albert Craig                                          b: 5 Jun 1888         par: Wm and Mary Craig   



Charles Blake (65 yrs old)                   d: 30 Jan 1873        par: Geo & Nancy Blake (b: Fayette Co)[6]

McD. Blake (52 yrs old)                      d. 25 Apr 1882       par: Adam and Jeminia Blake (b. Fayette Co)[7]

William Blake (72 yrs old)                   d: 23 Sep 1873       par: Geo & Nancy Blake (b: Greenbrier Co)[8]

Annie M. Creig (11 mo. old)               d: Mar 1867           par: Wm & Martha Creig[9] (b. Falls TWP)

J. C. Criegh (27 yrs old)                       d: Dec 1874            par: John and Deliah Criegh (b: Fayette Co)[10]

John Criegh (71 yrs old)                      d. Dec 1874            par: Thos & Margaret Criegh  (b: Greenbrier Co)

Myrtle Craig  (31 yrs old)                    d: 14 Aug 1916      loc: Powellton

Kanawha Co, VA (Craig)

Craig, Daniel F.     married Malinda Dawson    2/1830


Craig, Robert -      Jenny Dawson      5/15/1822 (she was daughter of John Dawson & Eleanor WILLIAMS)


 Descendants of JAMES CRAIG

Generation No. 1


1.  JAMES3 CRAIG  (THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 1797 in VIRGINIA, and died 23 Feb 1887 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married SARAH (SALLIE) M. BLAKE 15 Dec 1825 in KANAWHA CO, VA.  She was born 1809 in VIRGINIA, and died 30 Jul 1892 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


Children of JAMES CRAIG and SARAH BLAKE are:

2.                i.    WILLIAM4 CRAIG, b. 1827, VIRGINIA; d. 16 Feb 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    SUSAN CRAIG, b. 1830.

3.              iii.    MARY E. CRAIG, b. 1832, VIRGINIA; d. Aft. 1880, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    JAMES MADISON CRAIG, b. Nov 1833, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. JANETTA BAYS, 16 Aug 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1837.

4.               v.    SARAH FRANCES CRAIG, b. 22 Mar 1838, FAYETTE CO, VA (Cannelton); d. 19 Jan 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

5.              vi.    CHARLES H. CRAIG, b. 1840, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1880, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    MARGARET J. CRAIG, b. 1843, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. PARRIS TOTTAN, 23 Jan 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. Abt. 1847.

               viii.    JOHN L. CRAIG, b. Dec 1846, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. SARAH ANN BAYS, 2 Dec 1874, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. Jan 1847, WEST VIRGINIA.

                  ix.    CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CRAIG, b. 1849, FAYETTE CO, VA.

6.                x.    FELIX H. CRAIG, b. 1851, FAYETTE CO, VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM4 CRAIG (JAMES3, THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 1827 in VIRGINIA, and died 16 Feb 1898 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married MARTHA CRAIG* Abt. 1857 in VIRGINIA.  She was born 1835 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


Children of WILLIAM CRAIG and MARTHA CRAIG* are:

                   i.    JAMES5 CRAIG, b. 1858, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                  ii.    SARAH CRAIG, b. 1860, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                 iii.    ANNIE M. CRAIG, b. Apr 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Mar 1867, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    LORI CRAIG, b. 1873, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    JOHN CRAIG, b. 1877, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



3.  MARY E.4 CRAIG (JAMES3, THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 1832 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married WILLIAM HUFFMAN Abt. 1854 in VIRGINIA.  He was born 1835 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    TOMSEY E.5 HUFFMAN, b. 1855, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                  ii.    JAMES HUFFMAN, b. 1857, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 25 Apr 1885, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    SARAH (SALLIE) HUFFMAN, b. 1860, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                 iv.    ARIMINTA HUFFMAN, b. 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



4.  SARAH FRANCES4 CRAIG (JAMES3, THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 22 Mar 1838 in FAYETTE CO, VA (Cannelton), and died 19 Jan 1902 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DARLINGTON 16 Nov 1858 in VIRGINIA, son of WILLIAM DARLINGTON and ANNA HOLLIDAY.  He was born 26 Feb 1838 in FAYETTE CO, VA (Cotton Hill Mt.), and died Dec 1918 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    EMMA MARGARET5 DARLINGTON, b. 8 Dec 1859, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 2 Aug 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. GEORGE W. SIMMS, 29 Aug 1883, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1858, KANAWHA CO, VA.

                  ii.    NANCY J. DARLINGTON, b. 27 Jul 1861, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 1932; m. WILLIAM H. PAYNE, 26 Oct 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1865; d. 1932.

                 iii.    CHARLES JEFFERSON DARLINGTON, b. 15 Aug 1863, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 3 Dec 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. HATTIE D. ALSTED, 16 Jan 1893, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 31 May 1865, BLAND CO, VA; d. 16 Oct 1947, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    SARAH A. DARLINGTON, b. 23 Jan 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 19 Jan 1902; m. EDWARD SAY, 24 Dec 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1860.

                  v.    MARY (MOLLY) L. DARLINGTON, b. 1 Mar 1869, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 20 May 1915; m. ISAAC (IKE) E. MCCORMICK, 26 Oct 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1855.

                 vi.    SUSAN ELLEN DARLINGTON, b. 1 Mar 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Nov 1956; m. EDWARD BAILEY.

                vii.    JAS WM FRANKLIN DARLINGTON, b. 28 Dec 1873, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Columbia); d. 7 Mar 1917, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; m. JOSEPHINE STARK QUILLEN, 4 Sep 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 13 Mar 1882, HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill); d. 8 Jan 1946, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

               viii.    GEORGE MADISON DARLINGTON, b. 21 Sep 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 28 Jan 1943; m. MAY (NELLIE) WORKMAN, 1902, WEST VIRGINIA; b. 1887, WEST VIRGINIA.

                  ix.    THOMAS J. DARLINGTON, b. 26 May 1879, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Armstrong Creek); d. 23 Apr 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. EFFIE D. PERCIVAL, 11 May 1904, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 21 Nov 1880, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 5 Nov 1914, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



5.  CHARLES H.4 CRAIG (JAMES3, THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 1840 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married LOUISA CRAIG* Abt. 1875 in WEST VIRGINIA.  She was born Abt. 1854 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


Children of CHARLES CRAIG and LOUISA CRAIG* are:

                   i.    ANN5 CRAIG, b. Abt. 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    LEE CRAIG, b. Abt. 1877, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    C. C. CRAIG, b. Abt. 1879, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



6.  FELIX H.4 CRAIG (JAMES3, THOMAS2 CREIGH, THOMAS1) was born 1851 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  He married ELLEN BREWER 14 Jun 1877 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1859.


Children of FELIX CRAIG and ELLEN BREWER are:

                   i.    HENRY5 CRAIG, b. 1878, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    OMA CRAIG, b. May 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    BESSIE CRAIG, b. May 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 6 Jul 1882, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    MYRTLE CRAIG, b. 4 May 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



[1] According to the Greenbrier County 1938 Historical Booklet 160th Anniversary 1778 – 1938 “The Old Lewisburg Academy” – Thomas Creigh participated in the Jan 29, 1812 act that incorporated the Lewisburg Academy.  According to the 1874 death record of John Creigh in Fayette Co, W. Virginia – John was the son of Thomas and Margaret Creigh and he was born in Greenbrier County (1803).  I am trying to confirm or deny John Creigh as the brother of James Craig of Fayette County.

[2] No connection made to John Creigh - his death was recorded December 1874 (71 yrs old) in

Fayette County death records. Parents reported to be Thos. and Margaret; wife, Deliah. John

Creigh married Delila McClung 24 March 1830 in Nicholas County, VA.

[3] Sarah F. Creigh is the widow of Doctor Thomas Creigh, son of Thomas and Margaret Creigh.

[4] Extract from Historical Booklet - Greenbrier County, 160th Anniversary - 1778-1938, Published 1938, Transcribed by Lori Samples

[5] Believe to be the son of Thomas Creigh of same county – and possible brother of James Craig (b. 1797).

[6] Reported by son, Lewis Blake.

[7] Reported by O.C. Blake, son.

[8] Reported by son, William Blake.

[9] Reported by grandfather James Creigh.

[10] J.C. and John Creigh deaths reported by Deliah Creigh.