Ancestor Tree of Carmen Pearl Darlington.. 3

Biographies. 4

Meredith Darlington, Jr. 4

Benjamin Darlington. 4

James Darlington. 4

Benjamin Darlington, Jr. 5

Census Records. 6

1810 Cumberland Co, PA (Darlington). 6

1810 Pughtown, Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1820 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1820 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1830 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1830 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1840 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1840 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1840 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1850 Kanawha Co, VA (Darlington). 6

1850 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 7

1850 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington, Ewing). 7

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington). 7

1860 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington). 8

1860 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington). 8

1860 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington). 8

1870 West Virginia Census Index (Darlington). 9

1870 Nicholas Co, W.VA (Darlington). 9

1870 Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington). 9

1870 Elk TWP, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington). 9

1870 Fayette Co, W.VA (Darlington). 9

1880 Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington). 10

1880 Charlestown, Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington). 10

1880 Fayette County, W.VA (Darlington). 10

1900 Fayette and Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington). 11

1910 Fayette County, VA (Darlington). 13

1920 Fayette Co, W.VA (Darlington, Goode, Stone). 15

1920 Charleston, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington). 16

1920 Charleston, Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington). 16

1930 Charleston, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington). 16

Vital Records. 17

Virginia Marriage Records (Darlington). 17

Fayette County, VA Birth and Death Records (Darlington). 17

Obituary Records. 18

Margaret D. McElhinny (1915 – 1994). 18

Benjamin F. Darlington (1902 -1900). 18

Joseph W. Darlington (1915 – 1972). 18

Arthur Lewis Krantz (1890 – 1957). 18

Headstone Pictures. 19

Craig Cemetery, Fayette Co, WVA (Darlington). 19

Miscellaneous Documentation.. 22

Emails. 22

Vaughan Family Cemetery (Darlington). 23

Jas Wm Franklin Darlington Death Certificate. 24

Descendants of WILLIAM DARLINGTON.. 25



The majority of my Darlington information comes from census reports and various vital records from Fayette County, Virginia/West Virginia - with special thanks to my cousin, Joyce Grigsby, for her contributions to this text.

The first reported Darlington immigrant of this research is William Darlington—he made the journey from Ireland and arrived in the early 1700’s and settled and died in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  A Will record is on file in this county that I still need.[1]


William Darlington tombstone:

"Here lieth the body of Wm. Darlinton, who departed this life Sept. 10 1757 in the 67th year of his age"


First mention of another possible ancestor is in the Revolutionary War Records of Virginia (Gabriel Joseph Darlington - relationship unknown).  The origins of this Darlington lineage is reported to be Durham County, England according to an excerpt from a book titled "Settlement and Some First Families in Back Creek Valley" (page 546).

Frederick County, Virginia is where my Darlington research begins.  Meredith Darlington is listed in the 1782 Frederick County, Virginia census (page 20), and again in 1790 (household of 11 whites, 1 black). There are three names listed in the 1810 VA census: David, John, and Meredith.  In 1820, Gabriel and Meredith are listed in Frederick County and Benjamin Darlington shows up in Nicholas County.  Gabriel and Meredith Darlington both had well established families in the 1820 census report—either one could be the father of young Benjamin who moved on to Nicholas County prior to the 1830 census.  This Benjamin Darlington is the forefather of my Darlington lineage.

On 23 April 1810, Benjamin Darlington married Mary (Polly) Johnson in Kanawha County, Virginia - Mary was the daughter of William and Amy Johnson of Nicholas County. Except for the 1840 census report where Benjamin is found in Fayette County, Benjamin continues to be reported in Nicholas County up until he is last seen in the 1850 census.  Their son William Darlington settled in Fayette County, Virginia where he is last seen in the 1860 census.  I found his wife Anna Holiday Darlington for the last time in the 1870 census living with their son, George Darlington.

In 1858, Benjamin Franklin Darlington (Frank), son of William and Ann Darlington and my third great-grandfather, married Sarah Frances Craig - daughter of James and Sarah Blake Craig.

On 28 December 1873, my great-great-grandfather, James William Franklin Darlington, was born to Benjamin F. and Sarah Craig Darlington. James went by the name "Frank", like his father.

James William Franklin Darlington married Josephine Quillen, daughter of James and Margaret Biggins Quillen, in September 1900 Fayette County, West Virginia. At the time of young Frank's death from spinal meningitis in 1917 Kanawha County, he and Josephine had four children, one being my great-grandmother, Carmen Pearl Darlington. Carmen married Forrest L. Grigsby in 1917 Fayette County, West Virginia.


Terry Davis (Carolyn Mitchell, Alma Grigsby, Carmen, Jas Wm Franklin, Benj. F., William Darlington)

Special Thanks to cousins:

 Joyce Grigsby (William and Ann Holliday Darlington descendant)

Sharon Fridley Cahoon (John and Ruth Ingram Darlington descendant)


Meredith Darlington, Jr.[2]

Mary Doster was born circa 1775, probably in Culpepper County. She married Meredith Darlington Jr. son of Meredith and Mary (Davis) Darlington Sr., Aug. 10, 1809, in Frederick County, Virginia. Meredith Jr. was born on the 15th day, 6th month, 1778.  It is believed that he died in Frederick County. Four children were born to this union: Joseph Darlington, Harvey Darlington, Evalina Darlington, and James Darlington. The Darlingtons came from Durham County, England.

Benjamin Darlington

Benjamin Darlington married Mary, daughter of William and Amie Johnson, and lived in Nicholas County for seventeen years before coming to Loup Creek. His cabin and clearing were located on Mulberry Fork of Loup Creek. He was still living there in 1841 when a nephew, James Johnson, made a land entry of fifty acres extending down the branch on both sides "to include the improvement whereon Ben Darlington lives". In 1846, the fifty-acre tract was surveyed for James Darlington and patented by him the next year. Ultimately the tract became a part of the Turley Foster claims. At Bee Fork below, was the log school house where Ben taught the children of the settlers for several years. Mr. Julian Johnson, of Pratt, has stated that his father, John B. Johnson, attended this log school beginning about 1830, and that he got all of his schooling there under Benjamin Darlington. Those were the days of the subscription school, when the patrons erected the building and paid the tuition of the pupils - four or five cents per diem for each pupil. The Johnsons were accustomed to having their school and church wherever they chanced to be, and one of their first considerations after arriving on Loup Creek was the erection of a building for education and religion. The Bee Fork School on Mulberry Fork is the same one referred to and more accurately dated in the following original source - a land survey made for...

This was one of the very few schools in existence in our area at this period before the formation of Fayette Country, and all their teachers so far as known were men - Francis Pinnell, Wesley Pinnell, Harlow Heath, Benjamin Darlington, etc.  School records of the whole of Kanawha County cited by Dr. C. H. Ambles, West Virginia historian, show that in the decades of the twenties and thirties there was not a single lady teacher in the county.  A few women entered the profession in the forties. The Census of 1840 lists Benjamin Darlington's occupation under the heading "Professions and Engineers", and his name appears in a list of Kanawha County teachers of the forties found in Dr. C. H. Ambler's treatise on the schools that received aid from the Literary Fund of Virginia.

In this same decade, there is a record of a firm doing business under the head of Darlington and Peebles, further identified as "Partners in Trade" organized by Benjamin Darlington and Robert Peebles, but the location of their business is not given; and it may be questioned whether the partner referred to here was the elder Benjamin Darlington or his son Benjamin, Jr.

Benjamin and Mary Darlington had five sons and five daughters that swelled the enrollment of his Schools, but did not add anything to his salary. The sons were William of Kanawha Falls, Joseph of Swiss on Gaulley, James of Morris Creek, Benjamin of Charleston, and John of Loup Creek. The daughters were Nancy, Mary, Rebecca, and two others.  None of the family remained on Mulberry Fork. Benjamin and Mary spent their last days on Morris Creek near Montgomery.

James Darlington

James Darlington, son of Benjamin and Mary Darlington, lived first on Mulberry Fork of Loup Creek, where he made a land entry and obtained a patent for fifty acres at the mouth of Settle Fork in l846-47. Seeking better economic opportunities, he moved from there to Kanawha Falls, where he engaged in the merchandise business for a short time. In l849, he bought 117 acres on Morris Creek about two miles above its mouth and lived in a two-story log house with projecting upper story reminiscent of block houses of Indian times. It was located a few rods above the site of the later Donwood store. From the timber on his place, he cut and sold tall straight white oaks for boat gunwales, which brought fifty dollars per pair in the boat building industry on the Kanawha.

Darlington had attended the Bee Fork log school on Mulberry Fork as a boy. After he was grown, he attended night school while holding a job at day labor. Having qualified as a grammar schoolteacher, he was employed by the patrons to teach their children in the log schools on the Kanawha. Fayette County had a school superintendent at that time, but the financing of the schools was still the burden of the patrons. In 1852, James Darlington was elected Justice of the Peace and member of the County Court, which then consisted of the fourteen elected Justices and had judicial as well as administrative functions. The Court was divided into four sections of three Justices each for the quarterly sessions, and Darlington was chosen chairman of his section. He served until 1856 and, in that same year, met with a fatal timbering accident resulting in his death at the early age of forty. A few years later, his oldest son was lost in the Civil War. The son, Lieutenant Nathan Darlington, enlisted in the Sixtieth Virginia Regiment at the age of eighteen.*[3] and participated in the campaigns in the Kanawha Valley, in North Carolina, and in the Seven Days battles near Richmond, receiving special mention for gallantry in actions at Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill, and Fraysers Farm.

After the war, Eliza Darlington, widow of James Darlington, sold her property on Morris Creek and moved to Loup Creek, where she bought two-hundred twenty acres on the west side of the valley opposite and below the mouth of White Oak Fork. There her two surviving sons, Owen and James, built a large two-story log house on the site of the old pre-war Mosley cabin and cleared many acres of additional land for farm crops - corn, oats, wheat, tobacco, pumpkins, melons, potatoes, and vegetables - and for orchards and pasture. Tobacco was the money crop and, for its curing, two large log barns were erected on the farm. Owen Darlington was a public schoolteacher, beginning at the age of seventeen. His teaching service in log schools and their successors in various parts of the county spanned the period from 1866 to 1916.

Benjamin Darlington, Jr.

Benjamin Darlington, Jr., son Of Benjamin and Mary Darlington of Nicholas and Fayette counties, was born in the Peters Creek area of Nicholas County and died at Charleston. He married Nancy, daughter of Turley and Amy Foster of Mulberry Fork, Loup Creek. He was a farmer, teacher, and preacher. He taught subscription school in the Montgomery area before the Civil War. In the 1850s, he entered the ministry as a preacher of the Methodist Episcopal church. He became a well-known circuit rider, traveling the wilderness roads on horseback to serve a string of remote log churches. Among the churches he served in the Loop were Evans Chapel at Deep Water, Ebenezer Church at Kincaid, Lincoln Chapel at Wriston, Doggett Chapel on Laurel Creek, and Camp Ground (on the Hawkins Place) at Oak Hill.

At a Methodist Conference held at Parkersburg March 16, l864, with Bishop Morris presiding, Darlington was assigned to an extensive new circuit composed of what had been four separate circuits before the war. It included the former circuits of Fayette, Raleigh, Summersville, and Mountain Cove.

This combination of circuits was made necessary by the scarcity of qualified workers resulting from the uncertainties of war time. At this time, the circuit rider lived on Morris Creek, near Montgomery, and this far-flung circuit must have been a severe challenge. In later years, Darlington accepted a stationary charge as pastor of a church near Charleston.

One son of Benjamin and Nancy Darlington remained in the Loop. This was Dick Darlington, a carpenter, cabinet maker, and stonemason. He lived on Laurel Creek, at Fayetteville, and at Scarbro. Other children of Benjamin Darlington and wife were Margaret (Jarrett), Nancy E., Virginia, Rebecca A., Benjamin, and Ada.

Census Records

1810 Cumberland Co, PA (Darlington)

Census standard:  0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

Juniata TWP, pg. 58

Meredith Darlington            Male       40002                      Female    01010

John Darlington                   Male       10021                      Female    20010

1810 Pughtown, Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

Census standard:  0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

David Darlington                 Male       10010                      Female    10010

1820 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

Census standard:  MALE 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 18, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

                                FEMALE 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

Gabriel Darlington                Male       430010                    Female    10110

Merideth Darlington            Male       001202                    Female    10010

1820 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington)

Census standard:  MALE 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 18, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

                                FEMALE 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older

Benjamin Darlington            Male       400010                    Female    20010

1830 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington)

Benjamin Darlington            1m under 5, 2m 10-14, 2m 15-19, 1m 50-59, 2f 10-14, 1f 15-19, 1f 20-29, 1f 50-59

1830 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

Gabriel Darlington                1m 10-19, 1m 20-29, 1m 60-69, 1f 10-19, 1f 30-39, 1f 50-59

1840 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington)

pg. 010

Joseph Darlington               1m under 5, 1 m 5-10, 2 m 20-30, 1 f under 5, 2 f 5-10, 1 f 20-30

1840 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

pg. 110   Meridith Darlington             1 m under 5, 2 m 30-40, 2 f under 5, 1 f 15-20

                Gabriel Darlington                1 m 60-70, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 20-30, 1 f 60-70

1840 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington)

pg. 145   Benjamin Darlington            1 m 10-15, 1 m 70-80, 2 f 10-15, 1 f 50-60

pg. 152   William Darlington               2 m under 5, 1 m 20-30, 1 f under 5, 1 f 20-30

1850 Kanawha Co, VA (Darlington)

Benjamin Darlington            30            b. VA

Nancy                                    30            b. VA

William                                   10            b. VA

Jane                                        6              b. VA

Amanda                                 4              b. VA

Dickson                                 2              b. VA

1850 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

Meredith Darlington[4]          50            b. VA

Rachael A.                             29            b. VA

Margaret                                12            b. VA

Sarah                                      10            b. VA

Joseph                                   8              b. VA

James R.                 7              b. VA

Columbia                               4              b. VA

Oscar                                      2              b. VA

1850 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington, Ewing)

                                                43rd District (Western), Aug 1850, pages 371/374

Joseph Darlington               38           b. VA                                      Allen Ewing                          38            b.VA

Jane                                        40            b. VA                                      Rachael                                  34            b.VA

Elizabeth                                18            b. VA                                      Elizabeth                                17            b.VA

Mary                                      16            b. VA                                      Margaret                                15            b.VA

Benjamin                                14            b. VA                                      Hudson                                  13            b.VA

James                                     12            b. VA                                      Sarah                                      11            b.VA

Roda                                       10            b. VA                                      Ellen                                       9              b.VA

Lorenzo                                  9              b. VA                                      Mary                                      7              b.VA

Catherine                               7              b. VA                                      Harrietta                                 5              b.VA

Houstin                                  5              b. VA                                      Lorenza                                  2              b.VA

David                                     1              b.VA                                       Benjamin Darlington[5]          75            b.NR

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington)

                                                14th Dist., 12 Aug 1850, pg. 352

James Darlington                 33                                            William Darlington               38

Eliza J.                                    27                                            Ann                                        37

Nathan                                   7                                              George                                   16

Owen                                      10/12                                       Mary J.                                   14

                                                                                                Ben F.                                     12

James Craig                           50            farmer                     Emeline H.                             9

Sarah                                      42                                            Charlotte M.                          7

Wm                                         23                                            Ann P.                                    4

Susan                                     20                                            Matilda A.                             2

Mary E.                                  18

James M.                               16                                            Nancy Whalon[6]                    47

Sarah F.[7]                                12                                            Sarah                                      18

Charles H.                              10                                            Eliza                                        15

Margaret                                7                                              Mary                                      12

C. C.                                        1                                              Rebecca                                 10

                                                                                                Sidney                                    7

1860 Nicholas Co, VA (Darlington)

Joseph Darlington               48            b. VA

Jane                                        47            b. VA

Rowdy M.                             21            b. VA

Roda Ann                              20            b. VA

Lorenzo                                  19            b. VA

Catherine                               18            b. VA

Andrew D.                             15            b. VA

Sarah A.                                 13            b. VA

Martha M.                             11            b. VA

Susan J.                                 9              b. VA

1860 Frederick Co, VA (Darlington)

Gainesborough                                                                    Bruce Town

Jacob Baily?                          36            b. VA                      Mary M. Adams                   74            b. VA

Mary                                      40            b. VA                      Martin M.                              42

Sarah J.                                  8              b. VA                      James H.                                34

George W.                             4              b. VA                      Thomas J.                              32

Meredith Abner                   18            b. VA                      John D.                                  29

Joseph Darlington               14            b. VA                      James Darlington                 17

Frances Brumbach (f)          18

Meredith Darlington            60            b. VA

Rachael A.                             40            b. VA

Mary M.                                                22            b. VA

Joseph                                   20            b. VA

James                                     17            b. VA

Columbia                               14            b. VA

Anna                                      10            b. VA

Oscar                                      12            b. VA

Laura                                      4              b. VA

1860 Fayette Co, VA (Darlington)

Benjamin Darlington            40  b. VA (N. Meth Minister)                             Gauley Bridge

Nancy                                    37                                            William Darlington               49            b. VA (farmer)

William A.                             17                                            Anna                                      48            b. VA

Mary J.                                   15                                            Ann P.                                    15            b. VA

Amanda                                 13                                            M. A.                                      12            b. VA

Margaret                                8                                              William B.                              6              b. VA

A. D.                                       10

Nancy E.                                6                                              B. F. Darlington                    22            b. VA

Virginia R.                              3                                              Sarah F.                                  22            b. VA

                                                                                                Emma M.                                6/12         b. VA

Fayetteville, pg. 323

George Darlington               26            b. VA (farmer)       James Craig[8]                          73            b. VA

Rebecca                                 22            b. VA                      Sarah                                      62            b. VA

                                                                                                Margaret                                25            b. VA

Eliza J. Darlington                37            b. VA (widow)      Columbus                              21            b. VA

Nathan                                   17                                            Felix H.                                   19            b. VA

Owen                                      11

James                                     4                                              William Craig                        43            b. VA

                                                                                                Martha                                   35            b. VA

John Darlington                   30            b. VA (farmer)       James                                     12            b. VA

Ruth                                       25                                            Sarah                                      10            b. VA

Lucinda                                  8

Ellen                                       6                                              Nancy Whalen                     60            b. VA (widow)

Marshy (female)                   4                                              Sidney E.                               19            b. VA

Laura                                      2

1870 West Virginia Census Index (Darlington)

Name                                                      Age         Sex         Locality                                 County                   Page

Darlington, J. W.                  17                            M            Morgan TWP                       Monongalia          368

Darlington, Joseph              65                            M            Weston                                  Lewis                      377

1870 Nicholas Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Jefferson TWP

Joseph Darlington               57            b. WVA

Jane                                        56            b. WVA

Rosa                                       30            b. WVA

Dixon                                      15            b. WVA

1870 Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Oscar M. Darlington            22            b. VA      Occupation: Tanner

Annie E.                                 21            b. WVA

1870 Elk TWP, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Lorenzo Darlington              30            b. VA

Jane                                        29            b. VA

Benjamin                                7              b. WVA

Joseph                                   5              b. WVA

Norris                                     3              b. WVA

William D.                              1              b. WVA

1870 Fayette Co, W.VA (Darlington)

                                                Falls of Kanawha, Kanawha TWP, pages 96 - 101

F. Darlington         32            b. VA                                      John Darlington   43            b. VA

Sarah                      32            b. VA                                      Ruth                       31            b. VA

Margaret                10            b. VA                                      Lucinda                  18            b. VA

Nancy J.                 9              b. VA                                      Mellissa                 16            b. VA

Charles J.               6              b. VA                                      Charlotte                14            b. VA

Sarah A.                 4              b. W.VA                                Laura                      11            b. VA

Mary S.                  1              b. W.VA                                Lorenza                  9              b. VA

                                                                                                Wm Osmon           6              b. W.VA

Benj Darlington    50            b. VA Preacher                     Charles                   4              b. W.VA

Nancy                    47            b. VA                                      Columbus              4              b. W.VA

Andrew                  20            b. VA

Margaret                17            b. VA                                      G Darlington         36            b. VA

Nancy E.                15            b. VA                                      Rebecca                 32            b. VA

Virginia                  13            b. VA                                      Annie[9]                    58            b. VA

Rebecca                 11            b. VA                                      William                   15            b. VA

Benjamin                6              b. W.VA                               

                                                                                                Mnt Cove TWP

Nathan Darlington               31            b. VA                      Whalen, Nancy    71            b. VA

Elizabeth                                38            b. VA                      Mary Darlington[10]                35            b. VA

Simantha?                              15            b. VA                      Franklin                  12            b. VA

Resetta                                   7              b. VA                      William                   10            b. VA

                                                                                                Augustus              8              b. VA

Eliza Darlington    46            b. VA                                      Edith                       4              b. WVA

Owen                      20            b. VA

James                     13            b. VA


1880 Cabin Creek, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington)

W. B. Darlington  [11]             25            b. W.VA

                Enum as boarder in household of Charles (36 b. WVA) and A. H. Rigg (32 b. W.VA)

1880 Charlestown, Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Ocscar Darlington                30            b. VA

Anna                                      35            b. VA

Charles                                   5              b. W.VA

Ella M.                                    1              b. W.VA

1880 Fayette County, W.VA (Darlington)


Darlington, A. D.                  29            b. WV     fath WV moth WV (Carpenter)

Dirrinda E.                             22            b. WV     fath VA  moth VA

Henry C.                                3              b. WV


Darlington, A. O.                  29            b. WV     fath WV moth VA (farmer)

Annah M.                              18            b. WV     fath WV moth WV(wife)

Eliza J.                                    58            b. VA      fath FR   moth VA (widowed mother)

James W.                               22            b. WV     (laborer - brother)



Darlington, George A.         46            b. WV     fath WV moth WV (sawyer)

Rebecca A.                            44            b. WV     fath IR    moth VA

Joseph A.                              18            b. WV     fath WV moth WV (nephew)

Edith J.                                   14            b. WV     (niece)



Darlington, Frank                 43            b. WV     fath WVmoth WV (farmer)

Sarah                                      43            b. WV     fath WV moth WV

Emma                                      20            b. WV

Nancy                                    18            b. WV

Charles                                   16            b. WV

Sarah                                      15            b. WV

Mary                                      12            b. WV

Susan                                     10            b. WV

Franklin                                  6              b. WV

George                                   3              b. WV

Thomas                                  1              b. WV


Darlington, J. J.                     54            b. WV     fath VA  moth VA (miller)

Ruth                                       48            b. WV     fath WV moth WV

Lorenza H.                             19            b. WV     (son)

W. O.                                      16            b. WV     (son)

C. W.                                      14            b. WV     (son)

Virginia M.                            12            b. WV

John M.                                 8              b. WV

Adolphus C.                         2              b. WV


Mountain Cove

Darlington, Mary                 44            b. WV     fath IR    moth VA (widow)

Wm S.                                    20            b. WV     fath WV moth WV (farmer)

Augustus                              18            b. WV     (farm laborer)

1900 Fayette and Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Fayetteville Dist.                  Darlington,            James[12]                   b. Mar 1858           42            W.VA    

                                                                                Hattie W.               b. Mar  NR             35            W.VA

                                                                (son)       Holly C.                  b. Jun 1890                            W.VA

                                                                (son)       Lacy N.                  b. Dec 1896                            W.VA


Kanawha Dist.                      Darlington,            Jeff[13]                       b. Aug 1863           36            W.VA

                                                                                Hattie                     b. Mar 1866           34            W.VA

                                                                                Alex                        b. Jul 1893              6              W.VA

                                                                                Sibyl                       b. Oct 1898            1              W.VA


Fayetteville Dist.                  Darlington,            John[14]                     b. Jan 1872             28            W.VA


Mountain Cove Dist.           Darlington,            Joseph[15]                 b. May 1865          35            W.VA

                                                                                Elzina                      b. May 1869          31            W.VA

                                                                                Benj. F.                   b. Jan 1888             12            W.VA

                                                                (dau)       Darth? J.                b. Jun 1889            10            W.VA

                                                                (dau)       Marth                     b. Nov 1891           8              W.VA

                                                                                Gilbert                    b. Apr 1893            7              W.VA

                                                                                Lola                        b. Aug 1895           4              W.VA

                                                                                Cara                        b. Aug 1895           4              W.VA

                                                                (dau)       Isa E.                      b. Nov 1899           7/12         W.VA


Fayetteville Dist.                  Darlington,            A. Owen[16]              b. Jul 1849              50            W.VA

                                                                                Annie                                                     36            W.VA

                                                                                Fredrick N.                                             20            W.VA

                                                                                Laura B.                                                 15            W.VA

                                                                                George                                                   13            W.VA

                                                                                James                                                     11            W.VA

                                                                (dau)       Myrtle                                                    9              W.VA

                                                                                Minnie                                                   7              W.VA

                                                                                Pearl                                                       5              W.VA

                                                                                Ora                                                          3              W.VA


Nuthall Dist.                          Darlington,            William[17]                b. Aug 1859           40            W.VA

                                                                                Laura                      b. Oct 1865            34            W.VA

                                                                                George                   b. Sept 1887           12            W.VA

                                                                                Joseph                   b. Nov 1889           10            W.VA

                                                                                Eva                         b. Aug 1891           8              W.VA

                                                                                Leona                     b. Apr 1895            5              W.VA


Kanawha Dist.                      Darlington,            William                   b. May 1862          38            W.VA

                                                                                Martha J.               b. Feb 1862            38            W.VA

                                                                                Della                       b. Jul 1888              11            W.VA

                                                                                Mason                   b. Jan 1890             10            W.VA

                                                                                Girtrude                  b. Sept 1894           5              W.VA

                                                                                Thomas A.            b. Jun 1897            2              W.VA

                                                                (father)   John J.[18]                 b. Jul 1826              73            W.VA


Kanawha County                 Darlington,            William D.[19]           b. Feb 1869            31            W.VA

Cabin Creek Dist.                                                 Harriet E.                b. Jan 1869             31            W.VA

                                                                                Lewis H. b. Feb 1896            4              W.VA

                                                                                Estulena A.           b. Apr 1898            2              W.VA

                                                                                Hannah E.              b. Apr 1900            2/12         W.VA


Kanawha Dist.                      Darlington,            Henry[20]                  b. Oct 1875            24            W.VA

                                                (enum. with Mary E. James - boarder)


Kanawha County                 Darlington,            Henrietta[21]             b. Feb 1840                            W.VA

                                                                (dau)       Minnie A.              b. May 1875          25            W.VA

                                                                (stepson) Benjamin S.         b. Apr 1864            36            W.VA


Fayetteville Dist.                  Darlington,            George A.[22]           b. Apr 1835            64            W.VA

                                                                                Rebecca                 b. Apr 1839            61            W.VA

                                                                (S-L)       Mary                      b. Aug 1834           65            W.VA


Kanawha Dist.                      Darlington,            Fred[23]                     b. Jun 1879            20            W.VA


Kanawha Dist.                      Darlington,            Ben F.                     b. Feb 1838            62            W.VA

                                                                                Sarah F.                  b. Mar 1838           62            W.VA

                                                                                Frank                      b. Dec 1873            26            W.VA

                                                                                George M.             b. Sep 1876            23            W.VA

                                                                                Thomas J.              b. May 1879          21            W.VA

                                                                                Josie[24]                    b. May 1882          18            W.VA


Fayetteville Dist.                  Darlington,            Andrew D.[25]          b. Nov 1849           50            W.VA

                                                                (wife)      Susan A.                b. Jan 1866             34            W.VA

                                                                                Lillie M.                  b. Nov 1886           13            W.VA

                                                                                Laura B.                 b. Aug  1888          11            W.VA

                                                                                Melvin L.               b. Nov 1889           11            W.VA

                                                                                Esty                        b. May 1890          10            W.VA

                                                                                Ethel                       b. Jun 1893            7              W.VA

                                                                                Clide                       b. Oct 1894            5              W.VA

                                                                                Mabel                     b. Jun 1896            4              W.VA

                                                                                Gracie                     b. May 1898          2              W.VA


Kanawha County                 Darlington,            Benj[26]                     b. Apr 1859            41            VA


1910 Fayette County, VA (Darlington)

Fayetteville Dist - 21 May 1910

Joseph Darlington               48            b. WVA fath VA  moth VA                4 kids living out of 4

Priscilla  m:32 yrs  44            b. WVA fath VA  moth VA

Annie                                     21            b. WVA

Edith                                       18            b. WVA

Sydney?                                                13            b. WVA

Sydney?                                                13            b. WVA

Mary                                      2              b. WVA


Fred N. Darlington               29            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA

Sarah      m: 4 yrs                  26            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA


Kincaid Precinct

William Darlington               45            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA                         4 kids living out of 5

Martha   m: 22 yrs                46            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA

Mason                                   19            b. WVA

Thomas A.                            12            b. WVA

Ida                                          6              b. WVA                


Kanawha Dist

Jefferson Darlington            46            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA                         5 kids living out of 7

Hattie     m: 17 yrs                44            b. VA      fath VA  moth VA

Claude                                    16            b. WVA

Gorden?                                 15            b. WVA

Sybyl                                      11            b. WVA

Paul                                        7              b. WVA

Kathleen                                5              b. WVA


Scarbro Precinct

Henry C. Darlington            34            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA                        1 kid living of 1

Clayanna   m: 10 yrs             30            b. WVA fath WVA moth WVA

Ruby                                      8              b. WVA


William S. Darlington          50            b. WVA

Laura                                      44            b. WVA

Leona                                     12            b. WVA


William Darlington               54            b. WVA

enum. with George and Maggie Flint (reported as uncle who was married 2 times)


Franklin Darlington              72            b. WVA

Fred  (G-son)                         7              b. WVA

Josephine  (D-in-L)              28            b. WVA

Bulah  (G-dau)                      9              b. WVA

Pearl  (G-dau)                        9              b. WVA

William F.                              36            b. WVA


Thomas Darlington              30            b. WVA

Effie                                        29            b. WVA

Millie                                      6              b. WVA

Evelyn                                    4              b. WVA

Frank                                      2              b. WVA

John                                       NR          b. WVA


James Darlington                 55            b. VA

Ida                                          46            b. WVA

Holley  (son)                         19            b. WVA

Lacy  (son)                            13            b. WVA

Goodie (son)                         8              b. WVA

Nellie                                      2              b. WVA


A. D. Darlington                   56            b. WVA

Susan                                     43            b. VA

Melvin                                   20            b. WVA

Ethel                                       17            b. WVA

Clyde                                      15            b. WVA

Mabel                                     14            b. WVA

Grace                                      12            b. WVA

Ida                                          10            b. WVA


G. F. Darlington                    22            b. WVA

enum. with  Aben Payne


George Darlington               76            b. VA

Lon  (wife)                             29            b. WVA

Charles (son)                        4              b. WVA


Alfred Darlington                 59            b. VA

Anna                                      40            b. WVA

Laura                                      24            b. WVA

Virgie                                      18            b. WVA

Minnie                                   16            b. WVA

Pearl                                       13            b. WVA

Ora                                          10            b. WVA

Roy                                         NR          b. WVA

Eva                                         6              b. WVA

Lula                                        8              b. WVA


1920 Fayette Co, W.VA (Darlington, Goode, Stone)

Cliff Top

William Darlington               50            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Luella                                     50            b. WVA fath Ken                 moth SC

Ruby                                      9              b. WVA

Howard                                  6              b. WVA

William                                   10/12?     b. WVA



Lula Darlington                    19            b. WVA                 sister-in-law

Enum. with Clarence (age 26) and Pearl (age 24) Comer


Jose Darlington (widow)     38            b. OH      fath WVA              moth WVA

Fred                                        17            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Margret                                  4 3/12      b. WVA

Wibur Stone                         21            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Beula[27]                                   20            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

F. Wilber                                1 6/12      b. WVA



Jack O. Goode                       36            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Laura B.                                 35            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Annie M. Darlington[28]        57            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA            mother-in-law

Roy A.                                   12            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA            brother-in-law


Auguste J. Darlington         56            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Percilla M.                             53            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Edith C.                                  26            b. WVA

Sydney                                  21            b. WVA

Mary S.                                  12            b. WVA


James W. Darlington           63            b. WVA fath US                   moth VA

Harriet E.                                55            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Lacy N.                                  23            b. WVA

Goodis N.                              18            b. WVA

Nellie J.                                  12            b. WVA


Fred W. Darlington              39            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Sarah J.                                  35            b. WVA fath WVA              moth VA


Henry Darlington                 44            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Clayanna                               37            b. WVA fath VA                  moth WVA

Ruby                                      18            b. WVA


Clyde Darlington                  25            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Minnie                                   22            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA



George Darlington               43            b. WVA

Mary F.                                  33            b. WVA

Earl                                         17            b. WVA

Marion                                   14            b. WVA

Dale                                        12            b. WVA

Martha                                   8              b. WVA

June                                        5              b. WVA

George                                   2 7/12      b. WVA



Martha Darlington               52            b. WVA                 widow

Thomas                                  22            b. WVA

Ida                                          16            b. WVA

Mary E.                                  1/12         b. WVA



J. A. Darlington[29]                 34            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Annie                                     28            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Etta?                                       11            b. WVA

Delores?                                                8              b. WVA

Russel?                                  6              b. WVA

Lula                                        3              b. WVA

Rosco                                     2              b. WVA

1920 Charleston, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington)

George Darlington               32            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Margaret                                29            b. TN      fath SCOT             moth SCOT

Leland K.                               8              b. WVA

Joseph L.                               5              b. WVA

David H.                                4              b. WVA

1920 Charleston, Jefferson Co, W.VA (Darlington)

Oscar Darlington                  30            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Grace                                      28            b. WVA fath WVA              moth WVA

Gardner                                  8              b. WVA

Minnie                                   6              b. WVA

1930 Charleston, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Darlington)

George F. Darlington           42            b. WVA fath VA                  moth WVA

Margaret                                39            b. TN      fath SCOT             moth SCOT           20 at first marriage

Kenneth                                 18            b. WVA

Joseph W.                             16            b. VA

David                                     14            b. WVA


Hattie Darlington                 64            b. VA      fath VA                  moth VA                widow

Kickash?, Kathleen              23            b. WVA (dau)

Winnie (g-dau)                     3              b. WVA

Vital Records

Virginia Marriage Records (Darlington)

Fayette County, VA -          Darlington, Lucinda (18)                     m: Richerson, Creed W. (22)               1 Aug 1871

                                                Darlington, Charlotte M. (17)             m: Settle, Joel D. (24)                           24 Dec 1874

                                                Darlington, Ellen (21)                           m: Payne, Jas H. (28)                            5 Aug 1875

                                                Darlington, Laura E. (17)                     m: Payne, Madison (28)                      18 May 1876

                                                Darlington, Edith (17)                          m: J. W. Sevy (22)                                31 Dec 1882

                                                Darlington, E. M. (23)                          m: Geo. W. Sims (25)                            29 Aug 1883

                                                Darlington, Va. M. (16)                        m: Fleming Settle (24)                          9 Apr 1884

                                                Darlington, Sarah A. (18)                    m: Edward Say (24)                              24 Dec 1884

                                                Darlington, S. W. (25)                          m: Laura J. Wood (18)                         25 Dec 1884

                                                Darlington, William (22)                      m: Martha J. Taylor (23)                      10 Feb 1887

                                                Darlington, Joseph A. (25)                 m: Precilla M. Settle                             2 Mar 1887

                                                Darlington, Mary L. (18)                     m: Isaac E. McCormick                        26 Oct 1887

                                                Darlington, John M. (23)                     m: McMillion, Rosa (21)                      6 Mar 1897

                                                Darlington, Ora J. (18)                         m: Calvin W. Eads (21)                        2 Jul 1899


Frederick County, VA -       Darlinton, Maria L.                               m: Charles W. Thorp                           3 Apr 1823

                                                Darlington, Mary                                 m: Clark, Joseph                                   14 Jun 1842

                                                Darlington, David                                m: McCoole, Anna                               22 Apr 1802

                                                Darlinton, Eleanor                                m: Davis, David                                    21 Feb 1832

                                                Darlington, Gabriel                               m: Edwards, Margaret                         8 May 1798

                                                Darlington, Gabriel                               m: Rinker, Barbara                                19 Apr 1792

                                                Darlington, James H.                           m: McLeod, Mary S.                            28 Oct 1829

                                                Darlington, John                                  m: Edwards, Polly                 18 Mar 1788

                                                Darlington, Meredith                           m: Doster, Mary                                   10 Aug 1809

                                                Darlington, Meredith                           m: McCoole, Catherine                        6 May 1802

                                                Darlington, Meredith                           m: Swartz, Rachel Ann                        10 May 1836

                                                Darlington, William                              m: Guthridge, Eleanor                          22 Jul 1792

                                                Darlington, Margaret                           m: Edwards, Edward                            7 Mar 1799

                                                Darlington, Sarah                                 m: Pugh, Hanania                                 23 Dec 1804


Nicholas County, VA          -Darlington, Elizabeth                          m: Sims, James                                     5 Dec 1832

Lewis Co, KY                        Meredith A. Darlington                      m: Jane Gorman                                    1 Aug 1850

Fayette County, VA Birth and Death Records (Darlington)

A. S. Darlington                   b. Jun 1878 (Loop Creek)                    parents: John and Ruth

G. G. Darlington                    b. 29 Dec 1882 (Laurel Creek)             parents: A. D. and D. E. Darlington

D. Darlington                        d. 4 Mar 1884 age 26 b. Fayette Co   reported by friend Lindsay Friend

Geo. Darlington                    d. 26 Jun 1886 b. Oak Hill                    parents: A.O. and A.M.

L. M. Darlington                   d. 4 Nov 1886 age 1 yr                         parents: A.D. and S.A.

Geo. F. Darlington                b. 18 Sep 1887                                       parents: S.W. and Laura J.

Della Darlington                   b. 12 Jan 1888                                        parents: Wm and Martha

M. Darlington                       b. 12 Sep 1888                                       parents: A.O. and Annie    

Lee Darlington                      b. 26 Nov 1889                                      parents: Dick and  Susan

Jos. Darlington                     b. 17 Nov 1889                                      parents: Will and Laura

Eva Darlington                     b. 23 Aug 1891                                      parents: Wm and Laura      

Hugh? Darlington                d. 1 Sept 1899        37 yrs old               born: W.VA

E. J. Darlington                     d. Mar 1879           3 yrs old                 parents: John and Ruth

Ida Darlington                      d. 22 Dec 1885       4 yrs old                 parents: A. D and S. D.

Daisy Darlington                  d. 22 Aug 1886      2 mo. old                parents: S. W. and Laura

F. B. Darlington                    d. Feb 1897            9 mo. old                father: C. J. Darlington

L. H. Darlington                    d. 1 Sep 1899         38 years                 parents: John and Ruth

J. F. Darlington                     d. 9 Jun 1899         1 day                      parents: Wm and Laura

Joseph A. Darlington          d. 21 Aug 1924      62yrs 6mo 4days in Dempsey W.VA


Gabriel Dodridge Darlington b. 1789 to Joseph and Sarah Wilson in Augusta Co, VA (Staunton)

Obituary Records

Margaret D. McElhinny (1915 – 1994)

Margaret Darlington McElhinny, 79, of Frame Road, Elkview, died Thursday, Nov. 24, 1994, at Arthur B. Hodges nursing center, Charleston, after a long illness.

She was a homemaker, a Baptist and formed the first Frame Girl Scout Troup.  She was a volunteer for American Red Cross and Community Chest.  She founded the Mountain State Cat Club and was secretary fo Charleston-Kanawha Humane Society.

Surviving: husband, Lawrence McElhinny; daughters, Martha Jo Hunt of Newark, Del., Donna Brace of Brookville, Fla., Sue Ellen Compton of Huntington, Rise Bailey of Charleston; 13 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren.

Service will be 3 p.m. Sunday at Hafer Funeral Home, Elkview, with the Rev. Danny McClunt officiating.

Friends may call two hours prior to the service at the funeral home.

Benjamin F. Darlington (1902 -1900)

Services for Benjamin Frederick Darlington, 87, of Baytown will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1990, at Navarre-Lee Funeral Home with Dr. E. Richard Steel officiating.

Darlington died Sunday, Sept. 2, in a Baytown nursing home.

Born in West Virginia, Darlington had been a resident of Baytown for 20 years after living many years in Borger.  He was a retired rigger forman for Phillips Chemical Co. and was affiliated with the Methodist Church.

He is survived by his wife, Margaret Sjolander Darlington of Baytown; daughters and sons-in-law, Mary and David Jackson of Baytown; Ann and Jack Tyler of Little Rock, Ark.; sister and brother-in-law, Margaret and L.W. McElhinney of Elkview, W.Va.; grandchildren, Linda Donham, Donald Jackson, Jack Tyler Jr. and Cindy Eoff; and five great-grandchildren.

The family will receive friends from 6-8 p.m. Monday at Navarre-Lee Funeral Home.

Burial will be at Cedarcrest Cemetery.

Arrangements are under the direction of Navarre-Lee Funeral Home.

Joseph W. Darlington (1915 – 1972)

School Official J.W. Darlington’s Service Tuesday

Joseph W. Darlington,[30] 57, of 731 Garvin Ave., died Sunday in Charleston General Hospital after an extended illness.

He was coordinator for the Kanawha County Board of Education warehouses, a member of Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, Lions Club and was a World War II veteran.

Surviving: wife, Mary Ault Darlington; daughters, Mrs. Mary Jo Krantz of Charleston, Mrs. Diana Jones of Ankeny, Iowa; son, Robert of Huntington; brother K.L. Darlington of Charleston.

Services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday in Bartlett-Burdette Funeral Home with the Rev. John G. Parks officiating.  Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Park in South Charleston.

Arthur Lewis Krantz (1890 – 1957)

SATURDAY, APR. 27, 1957

KRANTZ, Arthur Lewis – Services tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in St. Albans, the Rev. Joseph Emery officiating.  Burial in Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Albans, Snodgrass Funeral Home of South Charleston in charge.  Mr. Krantz, 66, a millwright at the Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp. plant at Ravenswood, died Thursday in a Parkersburg hospital after suffering a stroke at his rooming house in Ravenswood the day before.  He lived at 4820 Kanawha Tpk., South Charleston.  The body is at Bartlett Funeral Home in St. Albans and will be taken to the church one hour before services by the South Charleston funeral home.


 Miscellaneous Documentation


Posted by Herman Weiland on, November 12, 2000

(ref John Darlington 1761)

The Darlington Family Book 1900 has John born 5 mo 8. 1761 mar Mary Edwards. He d. 1816 bur Newark Ohio, Children listed as Sarah born 1 mo 5, 1789....Meredith born 3 mo 21, 1795....Margaret born_____married a Wilson......Maria born 1 mo 5, 1790 married Bradley Buckingham...Fidelia born___mar Isaac Wilson....Reese born ____Marr 1st a ____Holmes and 2nd____Murphy...No Samuel listed.  Checked the book for any Samuel that might fit the bill and there are none


Posted by patricia Kirby miller on, September 19, 2003

(ref Darlingtons in VA/WV)

hi ray,i am also the ggg grandchild of benjamin and polly johnson darlington,my grandmother was lula agnes darlington kirby,her father was benjamin darlington,s/o lorenzo darlington,who is the s/o joseph darlington who was the s/o of benjamin & Mary "polly" johnson darlington.i sure would like to hear from you.i have a few brickwalls on both sides. hope to hear from you soon. patricia kirby-miller


Posted by Stacey Nerdin on, dated July 21, 2003

(ref Darlingtons in VA/WV)

Hello! I discovered my Darlington roots via my grandmother Hellen Holmes Clark of Victoria, Virginia. Her mother was Ida Darlington, daughter of William Darlington and Martha Taylor. William was the son of John Johnson Darlington and Ruth Ingram. John Johnson was the son of Benjamin Darlington and Mary Polly Johnson. These ancestors of mine inhabited primarily the Kanawha, Nicholas, and Fayette counties of VA/WV. If any of these names are in your family line, I would love to connect with you. I have found a fair amount of information on the Darlingtons, as well as associated lines, and would not only like to share, but also just connect. Thanks, and take care!

Stacey Nerdin Oregon, USA


Posted by Janet Huntley on, dated January 21, 2002

(ref Joseph Wilson Darlington – Mason Co. Ky)

I don't know whether this information will be of any assistance in your research. I am a Wilson family researcher, with many genealogical ties to Lewis and Mason Co. KY. Here is pretty much a verbatim biography of General Joseph Darlington, as recorded by Cora Scott Wilson in her book about the Wilson family of Lewis Co. I do know that Joseph did marry Sarah Wilson, daughter of Lt. Col. George William Wilson and Elizabeth McCreery. Here's the quoted info ----which is my only source of information at the moment on the goings and comings of the Darlington family:

"General Joseph Darlington was born July 19, 1765, within four miles of Winchester, Virginia, on a plantation of over 400 acres owned by his father, Meredith Darlington.

"He was very fond of good dressing. He won the good graces of Miss Sarah Wilson of Romney, Virginia (now West Virginia), said to be a very wealthy young lady and the belle of two counties, Frederick and Hampshire. She was also courted by Albert Gallatin, but General Darlington won her hand.

"Sarah was the daughter of Col. George Wilson and Elizabeth McCreery. Sarah and Darlington were married at Romney, March 18, 1790.

"They removed to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in 1790 to a farm owned by Sarah. Two sons were born there, John Meredith Darlington, December 4, 1791, and George Wilson, on November 18, 1793.

"In October, 1794, with their two children, they embarked on a Broadhorn [a variety of flat-bottomed boat used to ferry people and their belongings down the Ohio River] and landed in Maysville, Kentucky, November 14, 1794. General Darlington went from Maysville to the mouth of Cabin Creek, four miles above Maysville [i.e. east of Maysville], where he ran a ferry.

"In the spring 1797, he moved to the town of Washington, and located there. On July 10, 1797, he was appointed Judge of the Probate Court. In 1798, he became on the County Commissioners and Clerk of the Board.

"In 1803, he took up a tract of some 700 acres of land east of West Union, Ohio, and built a double-hewed log house opposite Collings Springs. The house burned down few years later.

"He held many responsible positions. They had six sons and two daughters.

"Their daughter Sarah married Reverend Henry Van Deman.

"General Darlington's residence was on the highway beween Maysville and Zanesville, where he died of cholera, August 2, 1851, and was interred before noon that same day.

"He was a fine conversationalist and possessed great natural dignity of carriage.

"He adopted a grand-niece in 1727, who resided in his home until her marriage in 1840, and who resided near his home until his death in 1851."


Posted by rita ture gano on, dated January 28, 2002

(ref William in Chester to Meredith in Frederick Co.)


Your William that lived in Chester co. Pa. was the father of Meredith who moved to Frederick Co. Va.

This is how it looks:

William b.1690 in Ireland married Margaret ? b.June 1728, she and 3 children died at sea from smallpox on the way to America from Ireland.  William died 10 Sept.1757.

Their children were:

John, d:1815 in Moon twp. Allegheny Co. Pa he married Mary Bruce

Meredith, d: in Frederick Co. VA he married Sarah Davis or David (from a Will) in1758 in Lancaster Co. Pa.

William Jr.(I don't have info on him)


Sources: William's Will in Darlington File in Cumberland Co.

Historical Soc. in Carlisle, Pa.

Gen. of Darlington Family by Gilbert Cope, p.515

Tombstone: "Here lieth the body of Wm. Darlinton, who departed this life Sept. 10 1757 in the 67th year of his age"


Posted by patricia Kirby miller on, dated April 4, 2001

(ref Benjamin and Martha walker darlington)

Ray, you ask me for dates, the only dates i have are, Benjamin J. Darlington, d Nov.11,1927,and Martha Jane Walker Darlington d. July 1928,both are buried Vaughan, WV. These are the only dates, sorry. But thank you for your help.



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(ref Gabriel Darlington of Back Creek Va)


I am a direct descendant of Gabriel Darlington. If you are still interested, please contact me by e-mail. His father was Meredith Darlington and my family still carries the name to this day; i.e., my sister is Ann Meredith. This family line is eligible for membership in the DAR through Meredith. He housed several hundred Hessian prisoners of war on his farm in Frederick County, VA, during the Revolution. Just let me know how I can help.

Happy New Year,

Vanda Reynolds White

Vaughan Family Cemetery (Darlington)

Located a few miles up Twenty Mile Creek, Nicholas Co, W.VA


Darlington, Jack                           18 June 1903 - 23 June 1918

Darlington, Lorenzo                     27 Nov 1840 - 18 May 1905

Darlington, Viola C.                     11 Apr 1885 - 7 Sept 1896

Darlington, Walter E.                   19 Aug 1887 - 19 Aug 1905



Generation No. 1


1.  WILLIAM1 DARLINGTON was born Abt. 1690 in IRELAND, and died 10 Sep 1757 in CHESTER CO, PA.  He married MARY DARLINGTON* Abt. 1730. 



                   i.    JOHN2 DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1731, PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1815, ALLEGHANY CO, PA; m. MARY BRUCE, 1758, LANCASTER CO, PA.

2.               ii.    MEREDITH DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1733, PENNSYLVANIA.

                 iii.    WILLIAM DARLINGTON, JR., b. Abt. 1735, PENNSYLVANIA.



Generation No. 2


2.  MEREDITH2 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1733 in PENNSYLVANIA.  He married SARAH DAVIS Abt. 1758. 



                   i.    WILLIAM3 DARLINGTON, b. 29 Jul 1759, VIRGINIA.

3.               ii.    JOHN DARLINGTON, b. 8 May 1761, VIRGINIA; d. 1816, NEWARK, OH.

                 iii.    REESE DARLINGTON, b. 29 Mar 1763, VIRGINIA.

4.              iv.    JOSEPH DARLINGTON, GENERAL, b. 19 Jul 1765, VIRGINIA; d. 2 Aug 1851, ADAMS CO, OH.

5.               v.    GABRIEL DARLINGTON, b. 16 Aug 1767, VIRGINIA; d. Bet. 1840 - 1850, res. FREDERICK CO, VA.

                 vi.    DAVID DARLINGTON, b. 27 Jun 1772, VIRGINIA.

6.             vii.    BENJAMIN DARLINGTON, b. 1775; d. Aft. Aug 1850, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

               viii.    MARGARET DARLINGTON, b. 27 Dec 1775, VIRGINIA; d. ADAMS CO, OH.

7.               ix.    MEREDITH DARLINGTON, b. 15 Jun 1778, WINCHESTER CO, VA; d. FREDERICK CO, VA.



Generation No. 3


3.  JOHN3 DARLINGTON (MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 8 May 1761 in VIRGINIA, and died 1816 in NEWARK, OH.  He married MARY EDWARDS. 



                   i.    SARAH4 DARLINGTON, b. 5 Jan 1789.

                  ii.    MEREDITH DARLINGTON, b. 21 Mar 1795.

                 iii.    MARGARET DARLINGTON, m. WILSON.

                 iv.    MARIA DARLINGTON, b. 5 Jan 1790; m. BRADLEY BUCKINGHAM.

                  v.    FIDELIA DARLINGTON, m. ISAAC WILSON.

                 vi.    REESE DARLINGTON, m. (1) HOLMES; m. (2) MURPHY.



4.  JOSEPH3 DARLINGTON, GENERAL (MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 19 Jul 1765 in VIRGINIA, and died 2 Aug 1851 in ADAMS CO, OH.  He married SARAH WILSON 18 Mar 1790 in ROMNEY, VIRGINIA, daughter of GEORGE WILSON and ELIZABETH MCCREERY. 



                   i.    JOHN MEREDITH4 DARLINGTON, b. 4 Dec 1791, FAYETTE CO, PA.

                  ii.    GEORGE WILSON DARLINGTON, b. 18 Nov 1793, FAYETTE CO, PA.



5.  GABRIEL3 DARLINGTON (MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 16 Aug 1767 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1840 - 1850 in res. FREDERICK CO, VA.



8.                i.    MEREDITH4 DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1800, VIRGINIA; d. Aft. 1860, res. FREDERICK CO, VA.



6.  BENJAMIN3 DARLINGTON (MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1775, and died Aft. Aug 1850 in NICHOLAS CO, VA.  He married MARY (POLLY) JOHNSON 23 Apr 1810 in KANAWHA CO, VA, daughter of WILLIAM JOHNSON and AMY JOHNSON*.  She was born Abt. 1785, and died Bef. Aug 1850 in NICHOLAS CO, VA.



                   i.    MARY4 DARLINGTON, m. ABRAHAM SETTLE, JR.

                  ii.    NANCY DARLINGTON.

                 iii.    REBECCA A. DARLINGTON.

9.              iv.    WILLIAM DARLINGTON, b. 1811, VIRGINIA; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

10.             v.    JOSEPH D. DARLINGTON, b. 1812, VIRGINIA; d. Bet. 1870 - 1880, res. NICHOLAS CO, VA.

11.            vi.    BENJAMIN J. DARLINGTON, b. 26 Jan 1813, NICHOLAS CO, VA; d. 1 Jun 1893, KANAWHA CO, W.VA (Elkview).

12.           vii.    RACHEAL DARLINGTON, b. 19 Dec 1816, VIRGINIA; d. 22 Feb 1857, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

13.          viii.    JAMES DARLINGTON, b. 1817, NICHOLAS CO, VA; d. 24 Jan 1856, FAYETTE CO, VA.

14.             ix.    JOHN J. DARLINGTON, b. Jul 1826, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



7.  MEREDITH3 DARLINGTON (MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 15 Jun 1778 in WINCHESTER CO, VA, and died in FREDERICK CO, VA.  He married MARY DOSTER 10 Aug 1809 in CULPEPPER CO, VA, daughter of THOMAS DOSTER and MARY DOSTER*.  She was born Abt. 1782.



                   i.    JOSEPH4 DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1808.

                  ii.    HARVEY DARLINGTON, b. May 1810.

                 iii.    EVALINA DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1815.

                 iv.    JAMES DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1817.



Generation No. 4


8.  MEREDITH4 DARLINGTON (GABRIEL3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1800 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1860 in res. FREDERICK CO, VA.  He married RACHEL ANN SWARTZ 10 May 1836 in FREDERICK CO, VA.  She was born Abt. 1820 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FREDERICK CO, VA.



                   i.    MARY MARGARET5 DARLINGTON, b. 1838, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                  ii.    SARAH DARLINGTON, b. 1840, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                 iii.    JOSEPH DARLINGTON, b. 1842, FREDERICK CO, VA.

15.            iv.    JAMES R. DARLINGTON, b. 1843, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                  v.    COLUMBIA DARLINGTON, b. 1846, FREDERICK CO, VA; m. MCKENZIE.

                 vi.    OSCAR DARLINGTON, b. 1848, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                vii.    ANNA DARLINGTON, b. 1850, FREDERICK CO, VA.

               viii.    LAURA DARLINGTON, b. 1856, FREDERICK CO, VA.



9.  WILLIAM4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1811 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married ANNA HOLLIDAY 25 Dec 1832 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1812 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1870 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



16.              i.    "BROTHER"5 DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1834, VIRGINIA; d. Bet. 1865 - 1870.

17.             ii.    GEORGE A. DARLINGTON, b. Apr 1835, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1910, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

18.            iii.    MARY A. DARLINGTON, b. 1836, FAYETTE CO, VA.

19.            iv.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DARLINGTON, b. 26 Feb 1838, FAYETTE CO, VA (Cotton Hill Mt.); d. Dec 1918, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    EVELINE H. DARLINGTON, b. 1841, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                 vi.    CHARLOTTE M. DARLINGTON, b. 1843, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                vii.    ANNA PAULINE DARLINGTON, b. 1846, FAYETTE CO, VA.

               viii.    MATILDA A. DARLINGTON, b. 1848, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                  ix.    WILLIAM B. DARLINGTON, b. 1854, FAYETTE CO, VA.



10.  JOSEPH D.4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1812 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1870 - 1880 in res. NICHOLAS CO, VA.  He married JANE L. SIMS 25 Aug 1831 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She was born 1813 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. NICHOLAS CO, VA.



                   i.    ELIZABETH5 DARLINGTON, b. 1832, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  ii.    MARY DARLINGTON, b. 1834, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 iii.    BENJAMIN DARLINGTON, b. 1836, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 iv.    JAMES DARLINGTON, b. 1838, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  v.    ROWDY M. DARLINGTON, b. 1839, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 vi.    RHODA ANN DARLINGTON, b. 1840, NICHOLAS CO, VA; d. Aft. 1880, NICHOLAS CO, VA; m. WILLIAM B. MORRIS, DR.; b. 1810, WEST VIRGINIA; d. Aft. 1880, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

20.           vii.    LORENZO D. DARLINGTON, b. 1841, NICHOLAS CO, VA; d. Aft. 1880, res. NICHOLAS CO, W.VA.

               viii.    CATHERINE DARLINGTON, b. 1843, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  ix.    ANDREW D. (HOUSTIN) DARLINGTON, b. 1845, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                   x.    SARAH A. DARLINGTON, b. 1847, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  xi.    DAVID DARLINGTON, b. 1849, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 xii.    MARTHA M. DARLINGTON, b. 1850, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                xiii.    SUSAN J. DARLINGTON, b. 1851, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                xiv.    JOSEPH A. DIXON DARLINGTON, b. 1855.



11.  BENJAMIN J.4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 26 Jan 1813 in NICHOLAS CO, VA, and died 1 Jun 1893 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA (Elkview).  He married (1) NANCY FOSTER 26 Mar 1841 in FAYETTE CO, VA, daughter of TURLEY FOSTER and AMY FOSTER*.  She was born 5 Feb 1822 in VIRGINIA, and died 22 Apr 1873.  He married (2) HENRIETTA H. SNYDER 12 Apr 1874 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She was born Feb 1840 in KANAWHA CO, VA, and died 20 Dec 1900 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



                   i.    WILLIAM A.5 DARLINGTON, b. 28 Jun 1842, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                  ii.    MARY JANE DARLINGTON, b. 21 Feb 1844, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 4 Oct 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. CHARLES H. PAYNE, 25 Aug 1864, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    AMANDA DARLINGTON, b. 4 Jul 1846, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. HENRY HAWKINS, 13 May 1869, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1843.

21.            iv.    ANDREW DICKSON (DICK) DARLINGTON, b. 1 Nov 1849, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1910, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

22.             v.    MARGARET DARLINGTON, b. 25 Dec 1851, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 11 Sep 1927.

23.            vi.    NANCY ELLEN DARLINGTON, b. 15 Jun 1854, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                vii.    VIRGINIA REGER DARLINGTON, b. 13 Jul 1857, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. MACY BENNETT, 24 Feb 1875, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; b. 1852, FAYETTE CO, VA.

               viii.    REBECCA ALICE DARLINGTON, b. 27 Mar 1861; d. 1920, KANAWHA CO, W.VA (Elkview).

                  ix.    BENJAMIN STEVENS DARLINGTON, b. 4 Apr 1864, NICHOLAS CO, W.VA.

                   x.    MARTHA ANN DARLINGTON, b. 27 Jan 1841.




                  xi.    MINNIE A.5 DARLINGTON, b. May 1875.



12.  RACHEAL4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 19 Dec 1816 in VIRGINIA, and died 22 Feb 1857 in NICHOLAS CO, VA.  She married ALLEN EWING 18 Oct 1832 in NICHOLAS CO, VA.  He was born 12 Jun 1812 in VIRGINIA, and died 27 Apr 1899 in NICHOLAS CO, VA.



                   i.    ELIZABETH J.5 EWING, b. 3 Aug 1833, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  ii.    MARGARET EWING, b. 27 Apr 1835, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 iii.    HUDSON EWING, b. 12 Feb 1837, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 iv.    WILLIAM ADISON EWING, b. 12 Feb 1837, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  v.    SARAH J. EWING, b. 11 Apr 1839, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 vi.    ELEANOR (ELLEN) EWING, b. 14 Nov 1840, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                vii.    MARY SUSAN EWING, b. 4 Apr 1843, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

               viii.    HARRIETTA EWING, b. 13 Feb 1845, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  ix.    LORENZO EWING, b. 27 Dec 1847, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                   x.    VIRGLE EWING, b. 15 Feb 1853, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                  xi.    ANGELINE EWING, b. 16 Mar 1857, NICHOLAS CO, VA.



13.  JAMES4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1817 in NICHOLAS CO, VA, and died 24 Jan 1856 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  He married ELIZA J. SAY.  She was born 1823 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    FREDERICK NATHAN5 DARLINGTON, b. 1843, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Abt. 1864.

24.             ii.    ALFRED OWEN DARLINGTON, b. Jul 1849, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Bet. 1910 - 1920, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

25.            iii.    JAMES W. DARLINGTON, b. 28 Mar 1858, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 4 Mar 1922, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



14.  JOHN J.4 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Jul 1826 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Aft. 1900 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married RUTH INGRAM 9 Jan 1851 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She was born 1832 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    LUCINDA5 DARLINGTON, b. 1852, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. CREED W. RICHARDSON, 1 Aug 1871, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    MELLISSA ELLEN DARLINGTON, b. 20 May 1854, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JAMES H. PAYNE, 5 Aug 1875, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

26.            iii.    CHARLOTTE MARSHA DARLINGTON, b. 10 Sep 1856, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                 iv.    LAURA E. DARLINGTON, b. 1859, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. MADISON PAYNE, 18 May 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1848.

                  v.    LORENZA H. DARLINGTON, b. 1861, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1 Sep 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

27.            vi.    WILLIAM OSMAGO DARLINGTON, b. 11 May 1864, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 12 Jun 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    CHARLES W. DARLINGTON, b. 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    COLUMBUS DARLINGTON, b. Abt. 1867.

                  ix.    VIRGINIA M. DARLINGTON, b. 1868, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. FLEMING SETTLE, 7 Apr 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                   x.    JOHN M. DARLINGTON, b. 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. ROSA MCMILLIOM, 6 Mar 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  xi.    E. J. DARLINGTON, b. 1875, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Mar 1879, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 xii.    ADOLPHUS C. DARLINGTON, b. Jun 1878, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



Generation No. 5


15.  JAMES R.5 DARLINGTON (MEREDITH4, GABRIEL3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1843 in FREDERICK CO, VA.  He married MARY E. DARLINGTON*.  She was born 1843.



                   i.    EUREKA V.6 DARLINGTON, b. 1867, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                  ii.    NANNIE J. DARLINGTON, b. 1870, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                 iii.    GEORGEANA DARLINGTON, b. 1873, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                 iv.    JOSHUA M. DARLINGTON, b. 1875, FREDERICK CO, VA.

                  v.    CATHERINE DARLINGTON, b. 1878, FREDERICK CO, VA.



16.  "BROTHER"5 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1834 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1865 - 1870.  He married MARY WHALEN Abt. 1857 in VIRGINIA, daughter of NANCY WHALEN*.  She was born Aug 1834 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6 DARLINGTON, b. Apr 1859, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Aft. 1900, res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

28.             ii.    WILLIAM S. DARLINGTON, b. Aug 1859, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Aft. 1900, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

29.            iii.    JOSEPH AUGUSTUS DARLINGTON, b. 1862, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 21 Aug 1924, DEMPSEY, W.VA.

                 iv.    EDITH J. DARLINGTON, b. 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. J. W. SEVY, 31 Dec 1882, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. Abt. 1860.



17.  GEORGE A.5 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Apr 1835 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Aft. 1910 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married (1) REBECCA A. DARLINGTON* Abt. 1853 in VIRGINIA.  She was born 15 Apr 1839 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 16 Mar 1903 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married (2) LEONA A. DARLINGTON* 25 Sep 1909 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1880 in WEST VIRGINIA.



                   i.    CHARLES MALCOLM6 DARLINGTON, b. 1905; d. 26 Dec 2001.



18.  MARY A.5 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1836 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She married JAMES SAY.  He died Abt. 1918.


Children of MARY DARLINGTON and JAMES SAY are:

                   i.    JAMES E.6 SAY, b. 1860, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. LAURA B. CUNNINGHAM; b. 1871, RALEIGH CO, W.VA.

30.             ii.    EFFIE J. SAY, b. Nov 1865.

                 iii.    PARTHENA SAY, b. 1868.

                 iv.    THOMAS G. SAY, b. 1869.

31.             v.    MINNIE MAY SAYE, b. 1 Aug 1871, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 28 Jun 1955, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



19.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 26 Feb 1838 in FAYETTE CO, VA (Cotton Hill Mt.), and died Dec 1918 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married SARAH FRANCES CRAIG 16 Nov 1858 in VIRGINIA, daughter of JAMES CRAIG and SARAH BLAKE.  She was born 22 Mar 1838 in FAYETTE CO, VA (Cannelton), and died 19 Jan 1902 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



32.              i.    EMMA MARGARET6 DARLINGTON, b. 8 Dec 1859, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 2 Aug 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    NANCY J. DARLINGTON, b. 27 Jul 1861, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 1932; m. WILLIAM H. PAYNE, 26 Oct 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1865; d. 1932.

33.            iii.    CHARLES JEFFERSON DARLINGTON, b. 15 Aug 1863, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 3 Dec 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    SARAH A. DARLINGTON, b. 23 Jan 1866, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 19 Jan 1902; m. EDWARD SAY, 24 Dec 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1860.

34.             v.    MARY (MOLLY) L. DARLINGTON, b. 1 Mar 1869, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 20 May 1915.

35.            vi.    SUSAN ELLEN DARLINGTON, b. 1 Mar 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Nov 1956.

36.           vii.    JAS WM FRANKLIN DARLINGTON, b. 28 Dec 1873, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Columbia); d. 7 Mar 1917, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

37.          viii.    GEORGE MADISON DARLINGTON, b. 21 Sep 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 28 Jan 1943.

38.             ix.    THOMAS J. DARLINGTON, b. 26 May 1879, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Armstrong Creek); d. 23 Apr 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



20.  LORENZO D.5 DARLINGTON (JOSEPH D.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1841 in NICHOLAS CO, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. NICHOLAS CO, W.VA.  He married JANE DARLINGTON* Abt. 1863 in WEST VIRGINIA.  She was born 1841 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. NICHOLAS CO, W.VA.



39.              i.    BENJAMIN6 DARLINGTON, b. 1864, KANAWHA CO, VA.

40.             ii.    JOSEPH DARLINGTON, b. May 1865, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; d. Aft. 1900, res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    NORRIS DARLINGTON, b. 1867, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

41.            iv.    WILLIAM D. DARLINGTON, b. Feb 1869, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; d. Aft. 1900, res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                  v.    JOHN DARLINGTON, b. Jan 1872, NICHOLAS CO, VA.

                 vi.    HANNAH E. DARLINGTON, b. 1879, NICHOLAS CO, VA.



21.  ANDREW DICKSON (DICK)5 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 Nov 1849 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Aft. 1910 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married (1) DURINDA E. FORD 26 Mar 1874 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1856 in VIRGINIA, and died 4 Mar 1884 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married (2) SUSAN A. PERRY 27 Jan 1885 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born Jan 1866 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1910 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



42.              i.    HENRY C.6 DARLINGTON, b. Sep 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    T. J. DARLINGTON, b. May 1879, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    ORA J. DARLINGTON, b. 1880; m. CALVIN W. EADS, 20 Jul 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    IDA DARLINGTON, b. 1881, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 22 Dec 1885, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    G. G. DARLINGTON, b. 29 Dec 1882.




                 vi.    LILLIE M.6 DARLINGTON, b. 1885, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 4 Nov 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    IDA L. DARLINGTON, b. 25 Aug 1888, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Bef. 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    LAURA B. DARLINGTON, b. 25 Aug 1888, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ix.    MELVIN LEE DARLINGTON, b. 26 Nov 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                   x.    ESTY DARLINGTON, b. May 1890, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  xi.    CORA ANN DARLINGTON, b. 8 Jun 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 xii.    ETHEL DARLINGTON, b. Jun 1893, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                xiii.    CLYDE O. DARLINGTON, b. 25 Oct 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. MINNIE DARLINGTON*; b. 1898.

                xiv.    MABEL DARLINGTON, b. 4 Jun 1896, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 xv.    GRACE J. DARLINGTON, b. 12 May 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                xvi.    IDA DARLINGTON, b. 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



22.  MARGARET5 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 25 Dec 1851 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 11 Sep 1927.  She married VERNON JARRETT 2 Mar 1876 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  He was born 2 Aug 1855 in KANAWHA CO, VA.



                   i.    VERNON R.6 JARRETT, b. 1878; d. 1964.

                  ii.    BENJAMIN JARRETT, b. Aug 1879.



23.  NANCY ELLEN5 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 15 Jun 1854 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She married JAMES C. JARRETT 4 Apr 1876 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA, son of ELI JARRETT and NANCY NEWHOUSE.  He was born 1840 in KANAWHA CO, VA.



                   i.    JENELIA A.6 JARRETT, b. 1877.

                  ii.    JOHN E. K. JARRETT, b. 1879.



24.  ALFRED OWEN5 DARLINGTON (JAMES4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Jul 1849 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Bet. 1910 - 1920 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married (1) EMALINE FORD 18 Dec 1873 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.    He married (2) ANNA M. KINCAID 7 Sep 1879 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1861 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1920 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    FREDRICK N.6 DARLINGTON, b. 19 Jun 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. SARAH DARLINGTON*, 1906; b. Abt. 1883, WEST VIRGINIA.

                  ii.    LAURA B. DARLINGTON, b. 1885, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JACK O. GOODE; b. 1884, WEST VIRGINIA.

                 iii.    GEORGE DARLINGTON, b. 26 Jun 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    M. DARLINGTON, b. 12 Sep 1888, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    JAMES (VIRGIE) DARLINGTON, b. 10 Jan 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    MYRTLE DARLINGTON, b. 1890, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    MINNIE DARLINGTON, b. 1893, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    PEARL DARLINGTON, b. 15 Sep 1895, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. CLARENCE COMER; b. 1894.

                  ix.    ORA DARLINGTON, b. 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                   x.    LULA D. DARLINGTON, b. 1 Aug 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  xi.    EVA DARLINGTON, b. 1904, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 xii.    ROY A. DARLINGTON, b. Jan 1909, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Unknown.



25.  JAMES W.5 DARLINGTON (JAMES4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 28 Mar 1858 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 4 Mar 1922 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married HARRIET E. WOOLWINE 6 Jun 1886 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 8 Mar 1864 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 13 Oct 1930 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    VERNA E.6 DARLINGTON, b. Mar 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    HOLLIE C. DARLINGTON, b. 28 Jun 1890, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Aug 1974, CABELL CO, W.VA (Huntington).

                 iii.    LACY NEIL DARLINGTON, b. 19 Jul 1896, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    GOODIS N. DARLINGTON, b. 5 Oct 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    NELLIE J. DARLINGTON, b. 1 Jun 1907, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Mar 1985, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Harvey).



26.  CHARLOTTE MARSHA5 DARLINGTON (JOHN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 10 Sep 1856 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She married JOEL DIXON SETTLE 24 Dec 1874 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born Jun 1849.



                   i.    MARTHA6 SETTLE.

                  ii.    OLIVER SETTLE.

                 iii.    SAMUEL D. SETTLE.

                 iv.    VIRGIE L. SETTLE.

                  v.    ANNIE SETTLE, b. 2 Apr 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 15 Jan 1949; m. JOE CONNARD, 11 Nov 1894.

                 vi.    GEORGE SETTLE, b. 1878, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    LUCINDA SETTLE, b. 8 Aug 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 20 Nov 1953; m. PAT PATTERSON.

               viii.    MARY JANE SETTLE, b. 10 Mar 1882, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 14 Dec 1906; m. JOHN L. HARLOW.

                  ix.    EVA MAY SETTLE, b. 7 May 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 15 Jan 1961; m. CHARLES SHOCKEY.

                   x.    LILLY BELLE SETTLE, b. 3 Apr 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 20 Oct 1929.



27.  WILLIAM OSMAGO5 DARLINGTON (JOHN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 11 May 1864 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 12 Jun 1917 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married MARTHA J. TAYLOR 10 Feb 1887 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 25 Feb 1862 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 4 Jan 1957 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    DELLA6 DARLINGTON, b. 12 Jan 1888, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    MASON DARLINGTON, b. Jan 1890, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Sep 1968.

                 iii.    GERTRUDE DARLINGTON, b. Sep 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 14 Nov 1905, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

43.            iv.    THOMAS ALFRED DARLINGTON, b. 1 Jun 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 9 Apr 1974, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

44.             v.    IDA DARLINGTON, b. 1903, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



Generation No. 6


28.  WILLIAM S.6 DARLINGTON ("BROTHER"5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Aug 1859 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married LAURA J. WOOD 25 Dec 1884 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born Oct 1865 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    DAISY7 DARLINGTON, b. Jun 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 22 Aug 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

45.             ii.    GEORGE FRANKLIN DARLINGTON, b. 18 Sep 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Aft. 1930, res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    JOSEPH DARLINGTON, b. 17 Nov 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    EVA DARLINGTON, b. 23 Aug 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    LEONA DARLINGTON, b. 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    J. F. DARLINGTON, b. 8 Jun 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 9 Jun 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



29.  JOSEPH AUGUSTUS6 DARLINGTON ("BROTHER"5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1862 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 21 Aug 1924 in DEMPSEY, W.VA.  He married PRECILLA M. SETTLE 2 Mar 1887 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born Abt. 1866 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1910 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    ANNIE7 DARLINGTON, b. 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    EDITH DARLINGTON, b. 1892, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    SYDNEY? DARLINGTON, b. 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    SYDNEY? DARLINGTON, b. 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    MARY DARLINGTON, b. 1908, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.





Children of EFFIE SAY and JAMES KINCAID are:

                   i.    LONNIE O.7 KINCAID, b. Oct 1889.

                  ii.    CLAUDIE E. KINCAID, b. Mar 1891.

                 iii.    HOWARD E. KINCAID, b. Dec 1894.

                 iv.    ARETHA M. KINCAID, b. Oct 1895.

                  v.    OLGA M. KINCAID, b. Jul 1898.



31.  MINNIE MAY6 SAYE (MARY A.5 DARLINGTON, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 Aug 1871 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 28 Jun 1955 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married JOHN EDWARD (EDDIE) KINCAID 10 Mar 1891 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, son of KELLIS KINCAID and LUCINDA JOHNSON.  He was born 22 Aug 1872 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 25 Feb 1956 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


Children of MINNIE SAYE and JOHN KINCAID are:

                   i.    WILLIS7 KINCAID.

46.             ii.    DEWEY S. KINCAID, b. 13 Jun 1897; d. Aug 1982.

47.            iii.    MABLE GARNET KINCAID, b. 6 Jan 1911, CLAY CO, W.VA.



32.  EMMA MARGARET6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 8 Dec 1859 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 2 Aug 1899 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married GEORGE W. SIMMS 29 Aug 1883 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 1858 in KANAWHA CO, VA.



                   i.    NETTIE7 SIMMS.

                  ii.    CARL SIMMS, b. 12 Jun 1884.

                 iii.    BURT F. SIMMS, b. 2 Feb 1886.

                 iv.    MADELINE SIMMS, b. 2 Feb 1887.

                  v.    SALLY SIMMS, b. Abt. 12 Oct 1888.



33.  CHARLES JEFFERSON6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 15 Aug 1863 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 3 Dec 1926 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married HATTIE D. ALSTED 16 Jan 1893 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 31 May 1865 in BLAND CO, VA, and died 16 Oct 1947 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



                   i.    CLAUDE ALEX7 DARLINGTON, b. Jul 1893, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    GORDON DARLINGTON, b. 1895, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Bef. 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    SYBIL DARLINGTON, b. Oct 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    PAUL D. DARLINGTON, b. 1903, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

48.             v.    KATHLEEN DARLINGTON, b. 1905, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



34.  MARY (MOLLY) L.6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 Mar 1869 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 20 May 1915.  She married ISAAC (IKE) E. MCCORMICK 26 Oct 1887 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 1855.



                   i.    CHARLES7 MCCORMICK.

                  ii.    BOB MCCORMICK.

                 iii.    PETE MCCORMICK.






                   i.    JEWELL7 BAILEY.

                  ii.    BOYD BAILEY.

                 iii.    MARGARET BAILEY.

                 iv.    RUTH BAILEY.



36.  JAS WM FRANKLIN6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 28 Dec 1873 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Columbia), and died 7 Mar 1917 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  He married JOSEPHINE STARK QUILLEN 4 Sep 1900 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, daughter of JAMES QUILLEN and MARGARET BIGGINS.  She was born 13 Mar 1882 in HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill), and died 8 Jan 1946 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



49.              i.    CARMEN PEARL7 DARLINGTON, b. 14 Jan 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 Jul 1960, NASSAU CO, FL (Callahan).

50.             ii.    BEULAH FRANCES DARLINGTON, b. 14 Jan 1901, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 9 Apr 1984, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

51.            iii.    BENJAMIN FREDERICK DARLINGTON, b. 16 Sep 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Sep 1990, HARRIS CO, TX (Baytown).

52.            iv.    MARGARET LILLIAN DARLINGTON, b. 9 Oct 1915, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 24 Nov 1994, KANAWHA, W.VA (Elkview).



37.  GEORGE MADISON6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 21 Sep 1876 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 28 Jan 1943.  He married MARY STUMP 12 Oct 1901 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, daughter of JOHN STUMP and MARY STUMP*.  She was born 1887 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1918 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    EARL7 DARLINGTON, b. 1903, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    FRANCIS MARION (TED) DARLINGTON, b. 9 Feb 1905, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Mar 1986, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Mount Carbon).

                 iii.    DALE DARLINGTON, b. 1908, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    MARTHA DARLINGTON, b. 1912, WEST VIRGINIA.

                  v.    JUNE DARLINGTON, b. 1915, WEST VIRGINIA.

                 vi.    GEORGE DARLINGTON, b. 12 Dec 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



38.  THOMAS J.6 DARLINGTON (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, WILLIAM4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 26 May 1879 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Armstrong Creek), and died 23 Apr 1926 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married EFFIE D. PERCIVAL 11 May 1904 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 21 Nov 1880 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 5 Nov 1914 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    MILLIE7 DARLINGTON, b. 1904, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    EVELYN DARLINGTON, b. 1906, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    FRANK DARLINGTON, b. 1908, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    JOHN DARLINGTON, b. Feb 1910, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.






                   i.    LULU AGNES7 DARLINGTON, m. KIRBY.



40.  JOSEPH6 DARLINGTON (LORENZO D.5, JOSEPH D.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born May 1865 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married ELZINA DARLINGTON*.  She was born May 1869 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    BENJAMIN F.7 DARLINGTON, b. Jan 1888.

                  ii.    DARTH? J. DARLINGTON, b. Jun 1889.

                 iii.    MARTH DARLINGTON, b. Nov 1891.

                 iv.    GILBERT DARLINGTON, b. Apr 1893.

                  v.    LOLA DARLINGTON, b. Aug 1895.

                 vi.    CARA DARLINGTON, b. Aug 1895.

                vii.    ISA E. DARLINGTON, b. Nov 1899.



41.  WILLIAM D.6 DARLINGTON (LORENZO D.5, JOSEPH D.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Feb 1869 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  He married HARRIET E. DARLINGTON* Abt. 1895 in WEST VIRGINIA.  She was born Jan 1869 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1900 in res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



                   i.    LEWIS H.7 DARLINGTON, b. Jan 1896, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    ESTULENA A. DARLINGTON, b. Apr 1898, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    HANNAH E. DARLINGTON, b. Apr 1900, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



42.  HENRY C.6 DARLINGTON (ANDREW DICKSON (DICK)5, BENJAMIN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born Sep 1876 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married CLAYANNA OWEN 2 Dec 1900.  She was born 1880 in WEST VIRGINIA.



                   i.    RUBY7 DARLINGTON, b. 25 Nov 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



43.  THOMAS ALFRED6 DARLINGTON (WILLIAM OSMAGO5, JOHN J.4, BENJAMIN3, MEREDITH2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 Jun 1897 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 9 Apr 1974 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married RETTA SPURGEON SELVEY 11 Jun 1921 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 27 Aug 1899 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA, and died 2 Feb 1987 in McKEESPORT, PA.



53.              i.    MARY ELIZABETH7 DARLINGTON, b. 8 May 1919, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    THOMAS A. DARLINGTON, JR., b. 12 Feb 1923, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 May 1996, COLUMBUS, OH; m. KATHERINE FRALEY.

54.            iii.    MABEL ELAINE DARLINGTON, b. 12 May 1925, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 23 Dec 1970, COLUMBUS, OH.

                 iv.    WILLIAM CLINTON DARLINGTON, b. 1927, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    LORETTA ANNABELLE DARLINGTON, b. 1929, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    KARL DOUGLAS DARLINGTON, b. 25 Sep 1932, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 7 Oct 1995; m. JOAN HAROLD.

                vii.    HOWARD HERCHEL DARLINGTON, b. 1934, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. ELEANOR TOYA.

               viii.    ALMA CHRISTINE DARLINGTON, b. 1936, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. GENE GRAY.

                  ix.    FLORA MAY DARLINGTON, b. 1938, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. WILLIAM ALAPIC.






                   i.    MARGARET7 CLARK.

                  ii.    HELLEN HOLMES CLARK.



[1] A source reference mentioned when I learned of the Will was the book “Gen. of Darlington Family”, by Gilbert Cope” – I have no other info on this source at this time.

[2] Biographies of Benjamin and his family come from a book titled "Cabins of the Loop", by Neil Darlington.

[3] Frederick Nathan Darlington enlisted 26 Jun 1861, was promoted to Sergeant 15 Dec 1861, then to Lieutenant 15 Apr 1862. He was reported to have resigned (commission?) 15 Jan 1863 - do not have a record of him being killed.

[4] Meredith Darlington married Rachel Ann Swartz 10 May 1836 in Frederick County, VA.

[5] This is the last census report that Benjamin Darlington – I do not have specific death info at this time.  According to the internet posting of Janet Skelton dated 21 Feb 03, Allen Ewing married Rachel Johnson (b. Dec 19, 1816) then Elizabeth Donnally on Oct 17, 1859.  The last child of Rachel and Allen Ewing appears to be Angeline, born Mar 16, 1857.  There seems to be some confusion as to the maiden name of Rachel of Rachel Ewing – it is highly likely Rachel in the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Johnson Darlington.

[6] In 1870, Mary Whalen Darlington shows up with four Darlington children that are nieces and nephews to George A. Darlington (2 of them are living with him in 1880).  This is a mystery since there is no other brother of George on record that could be the father except B. F. Darlington – could this be a second family.  I cannot locate Mary Whalen Darlington with oldest son, Franklin (born 1858), in the 1860 census records at all.

[7] Sarah Francis Craig, daughter of James and Sarah Blake Craig, future husband of Benjamin Franklin Darlington.

[8] James and Sarah Craig are the parents of Sarah Francis Craig, wife of Benjamin Franklin Darlington.

[9] Anna Holliday widow of William Darlington.

[10] Mary Whalen Darlington, widow of ‘unknown’ son of William and Annie Holiday Darlington – I believe this son to be the oldest that was missed in census reports.  Joseph Augustus and Edith show up in George A. Darlington’s household (son of William and Ann) in the 1870 census as nephew and niece.  Nancy Whalen shows up in 1850 and 1860 census reports – and was still a widow.

[11] I believe this to be William B. Darlington, son of William and Anna Holliday Darlington.

[12] James Darlington, son of James and Eliza Say Darlington.

[13] Charles Jefferson and Hattie Alstead Darlington, son of Benj. F. and Sarah Frances Craig Darlington.

[14] John Darlington, son of Lorenzo D. and Jane Darlington.

[15] Joseph Darlington, son of Lorenzo D. and Jane Darlington.

[16] Alfred Owen Darlington, son of James and Eliza Say Darlington.

[17] William Darlington whose father is the brother of George Darlington (son of William and Anna Holiday Darlington).  The name of the brother is still a mystery to solve.

[18] John J. Darlington, son of Benj. and Mary Johnson Darlington in household of son, Wm Osmago Darlington.

[19] William D., son of Lorenzo D. and Jane Darlington.

[20] Henry D., son of Andrew Dickson and Durinda Ford Darlington.

[21] Henrietta Snyder Darlington, widow and second wife of Benjamin J. Darlington (1813-1893).

[22] George A., son of William and Anna Holliday Darlington – George and Rebecca never had children.

[23] Frederick Darlington, son of Alfred Owen and Anna Kincaid Darlington.

[24] Josie Quillen, daughter-in-law of Benj. F. and Sarah Craig Darlington – married James William Franklin “Frank” Darlington September 4, 1900.

[25] Andrew Dickson Darlington, son of Benj. J. and Nancy Foster Darlington.

[26] Believe this Benjamin to be “Franklin” Darlington, brother of Joseph Augustus Darlington – whose father needs to be determined (their uncle is George A. Darlington, son of William and Anna Holliday Darlington).

[27] Beulah Darlington Stone – daughter of J.W. Franklin Darlington and Josie Quillen.

[28] Annie M. Kinkaid Darlington – widow of Alfred Owen Darlington.

[29] Census index reported name interpretation as Josh Darlington.  Children names with question marks are best guess – names were unreadable.

[30] Joseph is the son of George F. and Margaret Shorthouse Darlington of Kanawha County (George is great-grandson of William and Anna Holliday Darlington.