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Census Records. 7

1723 Stafford Co, VA (Enoes, Martin) 7

1779 VA Census Index (Innes, Inness, Innos) 7

1783 Virginia (Crookshanks) 7

1783 Amherst Co, VA (Crookshanks, Enniss, Enix, Martin) 7

1785 Amherst Co, VA (Eness, Enecks, Martin) 7

1787 Stafford Co, VA Tax List (Ennis) 7

1787 Amherst Co, VA (Enix, Martin) 8

1790 VA Census Index (Enos, Enix, Enniss, Innis) 8

1810 Virginia Census Index (Crookshanks, Enos, Innes) 8

1810 Nelson Co, VA (Ennis, Martin) 9

1820 Virginia Census (Crookshanks, Eanes, Enes, Ennis, Enos, Innes) 9

1830 Virginia Census (Crookshanks, Eanes, Enis, Ennis, Enox, Enux, Price) 11

1840 Virginia Census Index (Crookshanks, Ennis) 12

1850 Bath Co, VA (Ennis) 12

1850 Kanawha Co, VA (Enniss) 12

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Ennis) 12

1860 Bath Co, VA (Ennis) 13

1860 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co, VA (Enos) 13

1860 Rocky Hill, Fayette Co, VA (Ennis) 13

1860 Kanawha Co, VA (Ennis) 13

1870 Vinton Co, OH (Enos) 14

1870 Sewell TWP, Fayette Co, W.VA (Ennis) 14

1870 Greenbrier Co, W.VA (Ennis) 14

1870 Cedar Crk TWP, Bath Co, W.VA (Ennis) 14

1870 Charleston TWP, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Ennis) 14

1880 Mountain, Fayette Co, WVA (Fleshman, Innis, Tincher) 15

1880 Knox TWP, Vinton Co, OH (Enos) 15

1880 Kanawha Co, W. VA (Ennis) 15

1880 Summers Co, W.VA (Martin) 15

1900 Knox TWP, Vinton Co, OH (Enos) 16

1900 Alexander, Athens Co, OH (Johnson) 16

1900 Fayette Co, WVA (Ennis) 16

1910 Fayette Co, WV (Ennis) 17

1920 Fayette Co, WV (Ennis) 17

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Kentucky.. 18

Warren County, Kentucky. 18

1810 Warren Co, KY (Enniss, Ennis) 18

1820 Warren Co, KY (Ennis) 18

1830 Warren Co, KY (Ennis) 18

1840 Warren Co, KY (Ennis) 18

1850 Warren Co, KY (Ennis) 18

Biography of Ennis from Ireland to Warren County, KY.. 18

Johann Ennis Descendants. 19

On-line Queries (Ennis) 20

Barren County, Kentucky. 21

1810 Barren Co, KY (Ennis) 21

1820 Barren Co, KY (Ennes, Ennis) 21

1830 Barren Co, KY (Ennis) 21

1840 Barren Co, KY (Ennis) 21

1850 Barren Co, KY (Ennis) 21

Garrard County, Kentucky. 21

1820 Garrard Co, KY (Enis) 21

1830 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis) 21

1840 Garrard Co, KY (Inis) 21

1850 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis) 22

1860 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis) 22

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Indiana.. 23

Fayette County, Indiana. 23

1830 Fayette Co, IN (Enis, Ennis) 23

1840 Fayette Co, IN (Enos) 23

1850 Fayette Co, IN (Ennis) 23

1860 Fayette Co, IN (Enos) 23

Morgan County, Indiana. 23

1830 Morgan Co, IN (Ennis) 23

1840 Morgan Co, IN (Ennes, Ennis) 24

1850 Green TWP, Morgan Co, IN (Ennis) 24

William Ennis and Catherine Pointer Descendants. 24

On-line Queries (Ennis) 27

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Ohio.. 28

Greene County, Ohio. 28

1820 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis) 28

1830 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis) 28

1840 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Enos) 28

1860 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis) 28

John and Elizabeth Armstrong Ennis of Greene County, OH.. 28

Thompson Ennis Line from Greene Co, OH to Fayette Co, IN.. 29

Montgomery County, Ohio. 30

1840 Montgomery Co, OH (Ennis, Enos) 30

1850 Montgomery Co, OH (Ennis) 30

Civil War Pension Records. 31

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in North Carolina.. 33

James Ennis from Ireland to North Carolina. 33

Zachariah Ennis son of James Ennis. 34

Tracking Unconnected ENIS/ENOX in Virginia.. 36

Albemarle County, Virginia. 36

1820 St. Ann’s Parish, Albemarle Co, VA (Enox) 36

1830 Albemarle Co, VA (Enox) 36

Nelson County, Virginia. 36

1810 Nelson Co, VA (Enox) 36

1850 Nelson Co, VA (Enox, Martin) 36

1860 Nelson Co, VA (Enox, Martin) 36

Shadrick Enox Line. 36

Vital Records. 38

Early Virginia Marriages (Ennis) 38

Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia (Ennis, Martin) 39

Indiana Marriage Records (Ennis) 40

Kentucky Marriage Records (Ennis, Innis) 40

Marriage Bond for William Ennis to Frances Martin. 40

Fayette Co, W.VA Birth/Death Records (Crookshanks, Ennis) 41

Virginia Marriages (Crookshanks) 41

Miscellaneous Documentation.. 42

Ennis Inheritance Correspondence. 42

Deed Records. 45

John Crookshanks Revolutionary War Pension Records. 48

James W. Ennis Civil War Records. 49

Tracking the Price Line. 50

Tracking the Anne Anderson Martin Line. 51

Bits and Pieces (Ennis) 55

Will Records. 56

Will abstract of Sherod Martin. 56

Will abstract of Steven Martin. 56

Obituaries. 57

Annie L. Gwinn (1894-1985) 57

James W. Ennis (1839-1923) 57

Myrl H. Ennis (1910-1987) 57

Cemetery Records. 58

Ennis Cemetery, Fayette Co, W. VA (Ennis, Goddard) 58

Descendants of GEORGE ENNIS. 60

Descendants of John Hans Cloverfield.. 73





The origin of the Ennis branch of this research is believed to be Scotland.  At this point, the evidence is only verbal and has yet to be proven.  There is a lot of research available on the internet on various Ennis branches but an absolute link across the seas cannot be made at this time.  There are several stories that provide potential leads for further research.

One story concerned the widow of Captain Innis of England. Mrs. Ennis had married a man named Dunn in Virginia, after her husband, Captain Innis, drank poison water in Gibraltar and died. Captain Innis had left his wife and family to carry on in the new world, alone.

Melanie Ennis shared an abstract she found from "The King's Passengers to Maryland and Virginia", by Peter Wilson Coldham.  In September of 1766, among the list of Felons to be transported from London to Virginia on the ship "Justitia", under Capt. Colin Somervell, was a George Innes who was to transport himself.

Sir John and his son James Ennis emigrated from Ireland in 1738, settled in Virginia for a while, then ended up in Burke County, North Carolina.  This line is further looked at within this documentation.

Ennis descendants, Patti McLaughlin and J. T. Mayes, share similar versions that "currier" John Ennis (born 1695 in Ireland), arrived at the port of Boston, from Dublin, on the 25th of June 1716 on the ship "Globe". John settled in Amherst County, VA and died in 1762 Goochland County, VA.  This branch is covered further in this text as a trail is followed to Warren County, Kentucky.

Another tale... It has been passed on that three Ennis brothers left Edinburgh Scotland for America leaving behind sister, Jane[1]. Jane was reported to have been over 90 years old when she died in the early to mid 1800's. This family lore is shared by Ennis cousin, David Ranzy Wood of New York. David's information comes from notes written by William Irving Ennis (grandson of Catherine Ennis—daughter of Sherrod Ennis, Sr.).

Another version of the inheritance story…  Ennis descendant, Ron Anderson, states that the Ennis inheritance passed from descendant, Gilbert Innes of Canada, to Jane as the last surviving member of this branch of the family.  The father of Jane was George Innes (who had 5 children)—the fortune originator is said to be William (William Innes left Scotland and settled in Gloucestershire to marry around 1720).  Additional correspondence concerning the search for this elusive Ennis inheritance is provided in this text.

The focus of much of the Ennis research in this text is in Virginia and West Virginia.  The Ennis name is not very common in the Virginia and West Virginia records that I have seen. One difficulty I have in the search is the number of variations in the spelling—I find Eanes, Enis, Innes, Ennis, Ines, Enos.  Despite name rarity there are a few records I came across that have not linked to the primary line of this research that begins with William (Billy D.) Ennis.

The earliest information I have on the Ennis ancestry of this research begins with George Ennis, believed to be the father of our known Ennis forefather, William (Billy) Ennis. George reportedly immigrated to Fredericksburg, Virginia, from Edinburgh, Scotland. The verification on the link from George to William is only verbal, at this time—cousins Melanie Ennis and Patty Ennis Coons have both shared that their parents related to them the family connection.

The first probable sign of William (Billy D.) Ennis is in the Stafford County (adjacent to Fredricksburg County), Virginia tax list.  In 1787 and 1789, William Innis is a white male over 21 with no dependents.  It was after this time frame that William Ennis began his family.

Through miscellaneous records, documentary evidence is available to confirm William Ennis as an ancestral grandfather.  One record is a Nelson County, VA Deed of Trust, discovered by Loretta Midkiff and Carol Beattie that names the wife of William as Fannie.  Taking this further, Melba Purkey discovered that William Ennis married Frances Martin on 27 Jan 1795 in Albemarle County, VA.  Additionally, another Deed record and the Will abstract of Sherrod Martin, verifies the Martin and Ennis family ties.

Information provided by various Ennis cousins relayed an interesting accounting of William (Billy) Ennis family information passed down through the years. After arriving from Edinburgh, the Ennis family settled on the Rock Fish River in Nelson County, VA. They had a large southern estate and a great number of slaves to operate it. Through some misfortune, the William Ennis family lost their wealth through bad debt and scattered prior to the Civil War, settling in different areas. The four known sons of William were John, James, Marshall and Sherrod.  John is said to have settled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, James in Kanawha County, West Virginia, Marshall in Bath County, Virginia and Sherrod in Greenbrier and Fayette Counties, West Virginia.

The oldest known son of William, Marshall Ennis, lived his entire adult life in Bath County, Virginia with his wife Mary Nally Ennis whom he married in 1831.  Marshall and Mary had no children of their own.

Another William Ennis son, James, lived in Charleston, Virginia. He married Jane (Ruth) Newhouse, in 1834.  James had a Cooper Shop, making salt barrels for the Kanawha Valley Salt Industry. By 1850, James’s father, William, lived in the same household and is shown in the 1850 census report.  Legend has it that James Ennis was struck down by a cholera epidemic that came to the Kanawha Valley. When he was placed in a coffin for burial, he moved his hand and woke up—recovering from the disease and living for many years more.

Records from the Warren County area of Kentucky where Bowling Green is seems to indicate that the John that first settled there would have been much older than a son of William’s would be – it seems probable that John may have actually been an older brother to William (or even possibly his father).  If William did have a son named John he was born some time after the 1810 census was taken in Nelson County, VA.  I have not been able to locate William in an 1820 or 1830 census to verify the fourth son, John Ennis.

William’s son, Sherrod Ennis, is my fourth great-grandfather.  Sherrod first settled in Greenbrier County, Virginia by the time of his January 26, 1833 marriage to Esther Crookshanks Price. Esther Crookshanks was the daughter of John Crookshanks and Mary Cloverfield (1787 - John Kirk, surety for John Crookshanks & Mary Cloverfield).  John Crookshanks was reported to be a Hessian soldier hired by the British to fight the Colonists.  There is a record of a new adjutant to Lt. Col Campbell by the name of John Crookshanks, of the Queen's Rangers, who was "dangerously" wounded and taken prisoner, in 1781, at Georgetown.  Although the Hession soldier story is not confirmed the wound at the Battle of Georgetown matches with other information gathered on John Crookshanks revolutionary war service.  John Crookshanks came from Germany, but after the Revolutionary War, he made his home in America.  His daughter, Hester (Esther) Crookshanks married Tillery Price on 6 January 1827 in Greenbrier County – their family can be found in the 1830 Greenbrier County, VA census. The same William Irvin Ennis notes that alluded to family fortune in Scotland (from an interview with Sherrod Ennis, Jr.), also mentioned that Esther Ennis had at least 2 children by Tillery Price prior to her 1833 marriage to Sherrod Ennis, Sr.


Sherrod Ennis, Sr. of Sewell, in Fayette County, West Virginia, died on February 4, 1882. Sherrod's wife Esther reported the death but unfortunately did not name his parents. I was unable to find the death date of Esther Ennis – they are both buried at the Ennis Cemetery in Fayette County.  Sherrod and Esther had 10 children; one of them was James William Ennis.

James W. Ennis, my third great-grandfather, fought on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War.  Cousin, Eileen Ennis Fox, shared a little lore on the circumstance of James W. Ennis' conscription into Confederate service. It is passed on that an attempt was made to draft James into the war cause and he decided to flea—his brother Marshall was taken in his stead. It is believed that James relented because Marshall had kids and a pregnant wife. When Marshall was returned to his family, he soon moved to Ohio.

On 5 June 1864, James Ennis was captured at the battle of Piedmont, Virginia.  He spent the remainder of the war at Indianapolis prison camp called, Camp Morton.  He was released June 12, 1865—taking a very long time to return home (one cousin stated that he had walked home).  As a result of James' long return home, his parents assumed he was dead and had given all his belongings away.

In 1867, James W. Ennis married Hulda Jane Kincaid in Fayette County. Hulda was the daughter of James and Sarah Martin Kincaid of Fayette County.  The Kincaid side of my family also has a story of three ancestral brothers that left Edinburgh Scotland for America.

James Kincaid died in 1923 and his wife Hulda Kincaid Ennis died in 1938—they are buried in the Ennis Cemetery of Meadow Bridge.

On September 9, 1897, James and Hulda Ennis's daughter, Susan Mary Ennis, married Sanford Samuel Grigsby in Fayette County, West Virginia. Sanford was the son of Charles and Annie Elizabeth Ailstock Grigsby of Bath and Rockbridge County, Virginia. Susan died shortly after the birth of their third child in 1902 Kanawha County, West Virginia. Susan's youngest sister, Annie Lee Ennis, was the last surviving child of James and Hulda Ennis.  The oldest child of Sanford and Susan Mary Ennis Grigsby was Forrest Leonard Grigsby; Forrest was my great-grandfather and the father of my grandmother, Alma Grigsby Mitchell.



Terry Davis (Carolyn Mitchell, Alma Grigsby Mitchell, Forrest Grigsby, Susan Ennis Grigsby, James W. Ennis)



ENNIS Family Researchers

Nan Woodworth Nelson          (MARY MAGDALINE ENNIS descendant)


Sharon Phillips Belinski (granddaughter of JOHN MARSHALL ENNIS)

Melba Loudermilk Purkey (Billy D. ENNIS descendant)                       

Eileen Ennis Fox (granddaughter of JAMES NOEL ENNIS)[2]    

Patty Coons (JAMES W. ENNIS descendant)                            

Carol Sharp Beattie (MARSHALL ENNIS, son of SHERROD ENNIS)

Loretta Ennis Midkiff (SHERROD ENNIS, JR. descendant)      

Melanie Ennis Turner (JAMES W. ENNIS descendant)                                 

Census Records

1723 Stafford Co, VA (Enoes, Martin)

Martin, Stephen   7 white souls

Enoes, George      Powell's Run & Licking Br.

1779 VA Census Index (Innes, Inness, Innos)

Hugh Innes           He'y County

James Inness        Yoho County

James Innos         Wmbg

1783 Virginia (Crookshanks)

John Crookshanks[3]             pg. 86     Shen

1783 Amherst Co, VA (Crookshanks, Enniss, Enix, Martin)

Enniss, John[4]        11 whites

Enix, David           12 whites

Martin, Hudson   1 white

Martin, Henry      10 white   7 black

Martin, John         2 white     1 black

Martin, James      9 white   17 black

Martin, Azeriah    8 white   11 black

Martin, Sherod     9 white     7 black

Martin, Stephen   8 white

Martin, Gideon     7 white

Martin, John         5 white     3 black

Martin, Moses      5 white     1 black

Martin, Joseph     8 white     1 black

1785 Amherst Co, VA (Eness, Enecks, Martin)

Enecks, James      3 white souls

Enecks, David      10 white souls

Eness, John           11white souls

Martin, Sarah       5 white souls

Martin, Azareah  9 white souls

Martin, Azareah  9 white souls

Martin, Gideon     6 white souls

Martin, James      10 white souls

Martin, Henry      10 white souls

Martin, John         3 white souls

Martin, Sherod     9 white souls

Martin, Peter         11 white souls

1787 Stafford Co, VA Tax List (Ennis)

William Ennis       1 Male over 21 (no dependents)

1787 Amherst Co, VA (Enix, Martin)

males 16-20         blacks +16            blacks -16             horses, mares, colts, &aamp; mules          cattle

NAME (white males +21)         charged w/tax                                                                                             NOTES

Enix, James                                  self                                  0 0 0 2 1

Enix, David                                   self                                  0 0 0 1 0

Enix, David Sr.                             self                                  0 0 0 2 7

Martin, Benjamin                        self                                  1 0 0 1 6

Martin, John                                 Benjamin Martin                                                                                         (16-21 yrs)

Martin, Hudson                           self                                  0 1 0 1 2

Martin, Jessey                              self                                  0 0 0 5 6

Martin, Henry                              self                                  1 4 3 6 18                                                              comisr.

Martin, Sparks                             Henry Martin                                                                                               (16-21 yrs)

Martin, John                                 Ryin Porter

Martin, William                            self                                  0 0 0 1 0                                                                                physician

Martin, Moses                              self                                  1 2 4 9 8

Martin, John                                 Moses Martin                                                                                               (16-21 yrs)

Martin, Jesey                                John McHatter                                                                                             (16-21 yrs)

Martin, Pleasant                          self                                  0 2 4 2 9

Martin, Sherad                             self                                  1 2 7 5 15

Martin, Elisha                               Sherad Martin                                                              son of Sherad prob. over 21

Martin, George                             Sherad Martin                                                              son of Sherad prob. 16-21 yrs

Martin, Gideon                             self                                  0 0 0 2 6

Martin, Azeriah                            self                                  0 4 7 5 13

Martin, Stephen                           self                                  1 0 0 3 5                                                                               & son 16-21

Martin, Peter                                 self                                  2 0 0 3 10

Martin, George                             Peter Martin                                                                                  son of Peter 16-21 yrs

Martin, Charles                            Peter Martin                                                                                  son of Peter  16-21 yrs

1790 VA Census Index (Enos, Enix, Enniss, Innis)

Innis,      Robert                    pg. 53     Glo

William                  pg. 108   Stafford

Enix,       David                     pg. 47     Amherst

Enos,      Francis                   pg. 54     Glo

Francis                   pg. 68     Glo

William                  pg. 68     Glo

Enniss,   John                       pg. 47     Amherst

1810 Virginia Census Index (Crookshanks, Enos, Innes)

Gloucester County             Enos,                      Henry


                                                                                Lewis, Jr. and Sr.



Franklin County                 Innes,                     Burwell



Rockingham County         Crookshanks,       Jonathan



1810 Nelson Co, VA (Ennis, Martin)

                                                Free White Males               to 10       11-16     17-25     26-45     45+

                                                Free White Females          to 10       11-16     17-26     27-45     45+


Elizabeth Enox                    11000    11010

David Enox                          00001    24101

Polly Enox                            10000    00001

William Ennis[5]                      21001    02010

William Martin                     00001    00101

Sparks? Martin                    00010    00000

Hudson Martin                    40001    11201

Mary Martin                         00010    00201

Hezekiah Martin                 30010    23010

James Martin                       20010    20010

Wm Martin                           00010    00000

Uriah? Martin                       00301    00201

Joseph Martin                      21101    20010

Sherod Martin                      00010    00000

James Martin                       00010    00000

Riley Martin                         00001    00010

George Martin                      33001    10001

Meridith Martin                   00010    00000

Hudson Martin, Jr.              20010    20200

Jno Martin                            11001    11101

Hudson Martin                    02201    11101

Benjamin Martin                 00301    00301

Wm Martin                           10010    20010

Jno Martin                            00011    00110

Sophia Martin                      10000    00010

Elijah Martin                        22110    21010

1820 Virginia Census (Crookshanks, Eanes, Enes, Ennis, Enos, Innes)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

Accomac County

Ennis,     Curtis                     pg. 18                     010110  11100

Albemarle County

Enox,     Shadriack              pg. 26                     100001  10010

Amelia County

Eanes,    Henry P.                                                                300001  02010

Herbert                                                  021101  21010

Caroline County

Innes,     James                     pg. 170                   100101  02111

                                Mary                      pg. 170                   000000  01201

                                William                  pg. 170                   100001  42010

Dinwiddie County

Eanes,    Pabeall                                                   100010  30100

Elisha                                                     100010  10100

Eunes,    Buckner                                                 110001  01010

Fauquier County

                Ennis,     Elijah                     pg. 51                     031010  11010

                                William                  pg. 51                     100001  01201


Gloucester County

                Enes,      Warner                                                   000110  00120

                Enos,      Ann                                                        010000  10201

                                George                                                   000010  00100

                                Henry                                                     023410  41010

                                John                                                       000001  00011

                                Samuel                                                  200010  10200

Greenbrier County

Crookshanks,       John Sr.                                                  031101  11301

                                John Jr.                                                  100010  10100

Nelson County

                Ennix,    David                     pg. 193                   010001  11310

                                David                     pg. 193                   001100  00110

                                Elizabeth                                               000200  00111

                Martin,   Sherod                                                   000001  00000

Norfolk County

                Ennis,     Peter                                                       00010    00000

                                William                                                  00100    00000

Petersburg County

                Ennes,    James                                                     000100  00100

Pittsylvania County

                Eanes,    Edward                                                  111211  10101

                                Henry                                                     200010  00010

                                John                                                       100010  10010

                                John                                                       100101  11010

                                William                                                  400010  00010

                                Arthur W.                                              100100  11201

Westmoreland County

                Ennis,     Caty                       pg. 128                   000100  20101

                                William                                                  120001  01100

Williamsburg County

                Ennis,     Nicholas                                pg. 146                   000100  00000



Innes,     Rebecca                                GLOU    187

Robert                    FAUQ     150

Inness,   Alexander             ROCK    287

William                  ROCK    287


Bath Co, VA

Enos, Marshal

1 male 20-30

1 female 20-30

1830 Virginia Census (Crookshanks, Eanes, Enis, Ennis, Enox, Enux, Price)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Ennis,                     Catherine              Westmoreland      116

                                James                     Dinwiddle              350         Petersburg

                                John                       Dinwiddle              352         Petersburg

                                John H.                  Mason                   142

                                Levi                        Accomack            333         Accomack

                                William                  Westmoreland      115

Eanes,                    Henry P.                                Amelia

                                Hubert                   Amelia

                                Paschal                  Amelia

                                Thomas                 Amelia

                                William H.             Amelia

                                Edward                  Pittsylvania

                                Henry                     Pittsylvania

                                John                       Pittsylvania

                                William                  Pittsylvania

                                Rice                        Nottaway

                                Abraham S.          Henry

                                Arthur W.              Henry

                                Jrman?                   Dinwiddle

                                Elisha                     Dinwiddle

                                Martin B.               Dinwiddle

                                James                     Dinwiddle

                                John                       Dinwiddle

                                John                       Dinwiddle

Enis,                       Robert                    Harrison

                                George                   Fauquier                                                                                20001                    00001

                                William (60-69)    Fauquier                                                                                001000001           00002001

Enes,                      Stephen                 Amherst

Enux,                     Hudson                  Kanawha              189                                                                        

Enox,                     Shederick              Albemarle             246                                         000100001           20103001

Enos,                      Francis                   Gloucester             168                                         10001                    1100101

George                   Gloucester             168                                         210001                  01002

Henry                     Gloucester             168                                         2003101                                00310101

Samuel                  Gloucester             168                                         1020001                                11002

Warner                   Gloucester             168                                         300011                  01011

John H. Rev          Rockbridge           184

Marshall                                Bath                       188                                         00001                    00001

Innes,                     Edmund                                Caroline

                                James                     Caroline

                                William                  Caroline

Crookshanks,       John                       Greenbrier             169         Lewisburg              131001                  001101

                                Robert                    Greenbrier             169         Lewisburg              220001                  01001

                                Alex (50-59)         Greenbrier             169         Lewisburg              10011001             00001

                                Mary (50-59)        Greenbrier             169         Lewisburg              00101                    01000101

                                Samuel                  Fayette                  158

Price,                      Tillery[6] (20-29)     Greenbrier             198                                         00001                    20001

                                Jacob Sr.                Greenbrier             198                                         0010000001         0011010001

1840 Virginia Census Index (Crookshanks, Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Ennis,     Absolem                FAUQ     243         Hamilton

Agnes                     CULP     004

Sherod                   GREE     226         S. Greenbrier         120001                  2010001

Catherine              FAUQ     243         Hamilton              

Edmund                                CARO

                James                     CARO

James                     WEST    284

James                     DINW    052         Petersburg

John                       DINW    053         Petersburg

John                       CHEST  235         Lower Di

Marshall                                BATH    123                                         0000001                                0000011

                Rufus                     CARO

                William                  WEST

                William Ennis       GREE                                                     0000000001         00000001

Crookshanks, Alexander   GREE     198

                Robert                    NICH

Samuel                  GREE     158

1850 Bath Co, VA (Ennis)

Marshal Ennis[7]                     53           b. Nelson  VA       Glovemaker

Polly Ennis                            50           b. Albemarle  VA

Rosa A. Strange                  4              b. Bath  VA

1850 Kanawha Co, VA (Enniss)

James Enniss                        48           b. VA

Jane                                        35           b. VA

Mary                                      16           b. VA

Sally                                       14           b. VA

Virginia                                  11           b. VA

William[8]                 86           b. VA

1850 Fayette Co, VA (Ennis)

Aug 1850 14th Dist.

Sherod Ennis                        43                                           Samuel Crookshanks[9]        37

Esther                                     43                                           Elizabeth                               26

Marshall                                                14                                           John H.                                  10

James W.                               13                                           William R.                             8

Frances                                  12                                           David L.                                                6

Elizabeth                               9                                              Andrew S.                              4

Sherdy                                   8                                              Agness J.                                1

Catherine                              7                                              Barbara Ramsey                 19

Arch                                       6

Esther J.                                 3

Delithe                                   1

1860 Bath Co, VA (Ennis)

Marshall Ennis                     64           b. VA

Polly                                       60           b. VA

Rowena Strong                    15           b. VA

1860 Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co, VA (Enos)

pg. 429

Marshall Enos                      26           b. VA

Eliza A.                                  24           b. VA

Crocilla A.                             3              b. VA

Francis C.                              1              b. VA


Pg. 417

Elizabeth Enos                     20           b. VA

                Enum. A. A. (age 42) and Eliza (39) Miller

1860 Rocky Hill, Fayette Co, VA (Ennis)

District 4, pg. 421/22, Aug 1860

Sherrod Ennis                       50           b. VA      farmer

Easter                                     50           b. VA

James                                     23

Catherine                              20

Sherrod                                  18

Archable                                16

Delitha                                   12

Margaret A.                          10

1860 Kanawha Co, VA (Ennis)

Kanawha, pg. 174

James Ennis                          57           b. VA

Jane                                        47           b. VA

Sarah Jackson                      22           b. VA

James A.                                1              b. VA

1870 Vinton Co, OH (Enos)

27 Jul 1870

Enos, Marshall[10]                  33           b. VA

Maria                                     29           b. OH

Percilla                                   12           b. VA

Catherine                              11           b. VA

Mary                                      9              b. VA

Alice                                       4              b. OH

Matilda                                  2              b. OH

Henrietta                               1/12        b. VA

1870 Sewell TWP, Fayette Co, W.VA (Ennis)

17 Jun 1870 - pg. 169

Sherrod Ennis                       64           farmer    b. VA

Esther                                     64                           b. VA

Archabald                             24                           b. VA

Margaret                               17                           b. VA

Marshall                                                8                              b. VA

James H.                               5                              b. VA


James Ennis                          33           farmer    b. VA

Hulda                                     19                           b. VA

Wm                                        1                              b. VA


Mathew Tincher                  21                           b. VA

Catherine                              26                           b. VA

1870 Greenbrier Co, W.VA (Ennis)

Blue Sulphur TWP, pg. 348

Sherrad Ennis[11]                    26                           b. VA      Carpenter

Elizabeth D.                          22                           b. VA

Mary E.                                 2                              b. WV

Susan                                     3/12                        b. WV

1870 Cedar Crk TWP, Bath Co, W.VA (Ennis)

Pg. 14

Ennis, Mary                          60                           b. WV

Strong, Rosanna                  22                           b. Bath Co

Strong, Susan                       3                              b. VA

1870 Charleston TWP, Kanawha Co, W.VA (Ennis)

Pg. 78

Ennis, James[12]                      60                           b. VA      Makes salt barrels

Jane                                        53                           b. W.VA

Wells, Alfred W.                   11                           b. W.VA

1880 Mountain, Fayette Co, WVA (Fleshman, Innis, Tincher)

21 Jun 1880  pg. 38/9

Sherod Innis         72           b. VA                                      Archible Innis       28           b. WV

Easter                     72           b. WV                                     Mary                      25           b. WV

Margaret               25           b. WV                                     Rosetta                  3              b. WV

Marshall Innis      17           b. WV                                     Rachel E.               1              b. WV

William H.             15           b. WV                                     William Adkins    19           b. WV

Minnie                   4              b. WV                                     Francis Adkins     16           b. WV


James W. Innis     41           b. VA                                      Sherrod Innis Jr.   38           b. WV

Huldy J.                 28           b. WV                                     Elizabeth               34           b. WV

William                  10           b. WV                                     Eliza                       12           b. WV

John M.                 8              b. WV                                     Mary E.                 10           b. WV

Sarah F.                                 7              b. WV                                     Elizabeth D.          6              b. WV

Mary S.                  1              b. WV                                     Estaline V.             5              b. WV

Mathias A.            2              b. WV

William Fleshman 41          b. WV

Francis[13]                                39           b. WV                                     Mathew Tincher  32           b. WV

Lizzie C.                19           b. WV                                     Catherine              37           b. WV

Mary T.                 18           b. WV                                     Lizzie                     9              b. WV

William H.             15           b. WV                                     Isabell                    7              b. WV

Sherman M.          8              b. WV                                     Margaret               5              b. WV

Estaline                  7              b. WV                                     Mary S.                  3              b. WV

Joseph                    5              b. WV

John C.                  2              b. WV

May                       2/12        b. Mar 1880 WV

1880 Knox TWP, Vinton Co, OH (Enos)

11 Jun 1880

Enos, Marshall     46           b. VA

Maria                     41           b. OH

Amanda                                14           b. OH

Matilda                  12           b. OH

Henrietta               10           b. OH

M. Rosa                 8              b. OH

William                  4              b. OH

Cordelia                 3              b. OH

Samuel                  11/12     b. OH

1880 Kanawha Co, W. VA (Ennis)

Ennis, Jane            48                           b. VA      widowed

Wells,     William  21 (g-son)              b. WV     Sawyer

1880 Summers Co, W.VA (Martin)

Elton Mountain

Martin, Jno A.                      36           b. VA     

Delitha[14]                                                31           b. VA     

Elizabeth M.                         10           b. WVA 

James H.                               8              b. WVA 

Norborn A.                            4              b. WVA 

Wade Hampton                   2              b. WVA 

Marshal A.                            2/12        b. WVA 

1900 Knox TWP, Vinton Co, OH (Enos)

Enos,      Marshall                                65           b. Jul 1834 WV

Mariah                                   60           b. Jan 1839 OH

William J.                              24           b. Aug  1875 OH

Viola (g-dau)                        15           b. Mar? 1885 OH

1900 Alexander, Athens Co, OH (Johnson)

Oliver Johnson                     38           b. Aug 1861 OH   fath OH moth OH               married 17 years

Mary A.[15]                              38           b. Oct 1861 OH    fath WV                moth WV              5 of 5 children living

Nettie                                     16           b. Dec 1883 OH

Harley                                    13           b. Aug 1886 OH

Bertha G.                               11           b. Apr 1889 OH

Blanche M.                           8              b. Oct 1891 OH

Rollin L.                 3              b. Jul 1896 OH

Tabitha                                  85           b. Jun 1814 OH    fath PA  moth VA               widowed mother

1900 Fayette Co, WVA (Ennis)

Sewell Mt. District

Sherrard Ennis                      58           b. Feb 1842 VA

Elizabeth D.                          50           b. Dec 1849 VA

Mathias                                 22           b. Nov 1877

Lula B.                                   19           b. Jun 1880                           Qunnamont District

Dracella M.                           13           b. Jan 1887                           Ennis, William[16]   31           b. 1869  WV

Homer E.                               9              b. Jan 1891                           Permalin                28           b. May 1872

Clark H                                  1              b. Nov 1898. (Grandson)   Ida F.                     8              b. 1892

                                                                                                                Pearl                       6              b. 1894

Marshall W. Ennis               38           b. Feb 1862                           Della J.                   4              b. 1896

Nellie A.                 27           b. Mar 1873

John V.                                  6              b. Apr 1894                           Ennis, J. H.            35           b. Nov 1864

Bessie L.                                4              b. Mar 1896                          L. M.                      34           b. Aug 1865

Samuel C.                             1              b. Dec 1898                          Edgar L.                 15           b. Apr 1885

Wallace G. (Cousin)            20           b. Feb 1880                           James O.                13           b. Aug 1886

                                                                                                                Lilly May              11           b. Oct 1888

John Ennis                            29           b. Jan 1871                           William S.              9              b. Jan 1891

Laura                                     25           b. Oct 1874                           Libbie Pearl           6              b. Feb 1894

Mollie                                     6/12        b. Nov 1899                          Henry E.                4              b. Dec 1895

                                                                                                                Harry L.                 2              b. Jan 1898

Quinnamont                                                                                        Lester                     2/12        b. Apr 1900

J.W. Ennis                             63           b. Apr 1837  WV

Hulda                                     50           b. Apr 1850  WV

James Noel                           19           b. Nov 1880  WV

Benjamin E.                         16           b. May 1884  WV

Walter                                    13           b. Jan 1887  WV

Andrew A.                             10           b. Jul 1889  WV

Luie E. (dau)                         7              b. Nov 1892 WV 

Annie L.                                 5              b. Dec 1894  WV                


1910 Fayette Co, WV (Ennis)

James  Ennis                         70           b. WV                                     James Ennis[17]       45           b. WV

Huldy                                     60           b. WV                                     Ladonia                 44           b. OH

Andrew                                  19           b. WV                                     Edgar                     25           b. WV

Louie                                      17           b. WV                                     James                     22           b. WV

Annie                                     15           b. WV                                     Lillie                       20           b. WV

                                                                                                                Willie                      18           b. WV

James Ennis                          29           b. WV                                     Libbie                     16           b. WV

Della                                       20           b. WV                                     Henry                     14           b. WV

                                                                                                                Lenard                   12           b. WV

                                                                                                                Lester                     10           b. WV

                                                                                                                Kermit                   7              b. WV

                                                                                                                Dottie                     5              b. WV

                                                                                                                Mable                    3              b. WV

1920 Fayette Co, WV (Ennis)


James W. Ennis                    79           b. WV                                     Noel Ennis             39           b. WV

Hulda                                     69           b.  WV                                    Della                       30           b. WV

Andrew                                  29           b. WV                                     Thelma                  8 11/12  b. WV

Beatrice                                                 24           b. WV (dau-in-law)              Charles A.             2 8/12    b. WV

Ramsey, Albert[18]                 17

                                                                                                                McGuire, Pat        44           b. WV

Fire Creek                                                                                            Alec? C.                 38           b. WV

J. O. Ennis                             33           b. WV (boarder)                   Otis                         17           b. WV

                Enum. James and Ellen Smith                                          Bulah                     7 10/12  b. WV

                                                                                                                Margaret A. Ennis[19] 65       b. WV


James H. Ennis                    55           b. WV

William                                  27           b. WV


Edgar Ennis                          35           b. WV

Anne                                      21           b. WV

Lizz                                        3              b. WV

James                                     4/12        b. WV


Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Kentucky

Warren County, Kentucky

1810 Warren Co, KY (Enniss, Ennis)

Males     Females                                0-10        10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

George Ennis        21010    30010

John Enniss           20010    31010

John Enniss           00101    00101

1820 Warren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

George Ennis        210101  21010

John Ennis, Sr.      000001  00001

John Ennis, Jr.      101101  32011

1830 Warren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Geo Ennis (50-59)               11020001             000001

1840 Warren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males     Females                0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39

Willis Ennis           10001    0001

1850 Warren Co, KY (Ennis)

Dist. #1, 14 Sept 1850

Willis Ennis[20]         33           b. KY     Farmer

Caroline J.             32           b. KY

James R.                10           b. KY

Mary E.                 8              b. KY

John I.                    6              b. KY

Ann E.                    4              b. KY

Lucy I.                   2              b. KY

Malinda Long      17           b. KY

Isaac Lavan         27           b. KY     Blacksmith

Biography of Ennis from Ireland to Warren County, KY

John Ennis I arrived in America the 25th day of June 1716 at the Port of Boston on the passenger ship "Globe", along with 28 other passengers that sailed from Dublin, Ireland. John's occupation was listed as a currier. A currier was a craftsman who treats animal skins with oil or grease. Not long after he arrived in America, John migrated to Goochland County Virginia. In 1744, the western portion of Goochland was detached to form Albemarle County and later Amherst County was created from Albemarle County. It is not known who John married but he had one known son John Ennis II who became well known as a man of influence and position in the Old dominion.

John Ennis II was born in Ireland and came with his father to America in 1716.[21] He married Mary Ann Whitlock. John and Mary had the following children: George Wahington Ennis married December 24, 1796 (1) Frances Campbell (2) Matilda Allcock, John Ennis III married August 7, 1797 Rachel Campbell, Sally Ennis married April 12, 1807 Axel Page, Molly Ennis married December 7, 1785 Lewis McQueen, Franky Ennis married March 13, 1789 Gideon Martin, Jean Ennis married February 24, 1796 James Edmonds, Winney Ennis married December 16, 1805.

George Washington Ennis born 1750 in Albemarle County Virginia died 1835 in Warren county Kentucky. George married December 24, 1796 in Amherst County Virginia (1) Frances Campbell born September 12, 1777, daughter of Ambrose and Margaret Campbell. George joined a Caravan of Wagons that left Amherst County Virginia in 1805 for Warren County Kentucky. This westward migration included the families of Ennis, Campbell, Page, Martin, Swinney, Allcock and others. The Ennis family settled southwest of Bowling Green near Rich Pond Grove. George and Frances had the following children: Cornelius Ennis born 1797 married November 10, 1817 Mary Johnson, John Ennis born January 1, 1800 died 1826 married August 21 1820 Nancy Butt, Margaret Ennis born March 17, 1801 died July 1, 1888 married November 16, 1818 James Dishman, Sarah Ennis born October 1, 1810 died October 27, 1887 married October 11, 1825 William K Phelps, Elizabeth Ennis born 1813 married December 11, 1832 Richard Breedlove, Willis D Ennis born October 22, 1816 died September 4, 1898, George Washington Ennis Jr. born 1818

George Washington Ennis (age 74) married April 21, 1824 (2) Matilda Allcock (age 27) in Warren County Kentucky. George and Matilda had the following children: Joseph R Ennis born February 27 1825, William Tennant Ennis born August 29 1826 died 1862 married September 1 1850 Nancy Gatewood [22]

Johann Ennis Descendants

Johann Heinz Ennis    1650 Dublin Ireland – 1726 Goochland Co, VA

        John Ennis            1695 Dublin Ireland - 1762 Amherst Co, VA

        m1. 1714 Anna Elizabeth Kolter     1689 - 1759

                        ● Johannes Hines Ennis     b. 1720

                        m. Aug 7, 1797 Rachel Campbell

        m2. Mary Ann Whitlock

                        ● Sally Ennis

                        m. Apr 12, 1807 Axel H. Page

                        ● Molly Ennis

                        m. Dec 7, 1785 Lewis McQueen

                        ● Franky Ennis

                        m. Mar 13, 1789 Gideon Martin

                        ● Jean Ennis

                        m. Feb 24, 1796 James Edmonds

                        ● Winney Ennis

                        m. Dec 16, 1805 (unknown)

                        ● George Washington Ennis                           1750 - 1835

                        m1. Dec 24, 1796 Frances Campbell             b. Sep 12, 1777 - 1823

                                        ▪ Cornelius Ennis b. 1797

                                        m. 1821 Dicey Graves

                                        ▪ John Ennis          1800-1826

                                        ▪ Margaret Ennis  Mar 17, 1801Amherst Co, VA – 1888

                                        m. Nov 19, 1818 Warren Co, KY James Dishman

                                        ▪ Francis Ennis     b. 1804

                                        ▪ Sarah Ennis        1810-1887

                                        ▪ Elizabeth Ennis b. 1813

                                        ▪ Willis D. Ennis    b. 1815

                                        ▪ George W. Ennis Jr.           b. 1819

                        m2. Apr 21, 1824 Matilda Allcock                  b. 1797

                                        ▪ Joseph R. Ennis 1825 – 1848

                                        ▪ William T. Ennis                1826 - 1862

On-line Queries (Ennis)

George W. Ennis

Posted by: JBrown

Date: August 15, 2001

In Reply to: Re: George R. ENNIS-Warren Co., KY by Virginia L. Keefer


Ginny, In case you don't have it (this from RECORD of WILLS, WARREN CO., KY, page 10:

Will Book D, page 80:

INNIS, George, wife, Matilda ENNIS. Children: Elizabeth, William, George Washington, Joseph R., William T., Cornelius. To daughter, Sally Phelps, a parcel of land on which William Phelps now lives. To two boys, the children of Dicey GRAVES of Giles Co., Tenn., said to have been begotten by my son, Cornelius ENNIS. Executors, my son in law, John CAMPBELL and Isaac Smith, Jonathan Potts, John C. Potts. A codicile to this will mentions Catherine Hollingsworth. This is dated January 29, 1833 and witnessed by Isaac Smith and William Nash. The second codicile dated April 13, 1835. Witnessed by Isaac Smith and John H. Gorin. Recorded June Court 1835. Test, Jona Hobson, C.W.C.C.

I'm pretty sure Matilda was a 2nd or even 3rd wife. Prob. 2nd, but he had children by several different wives over the period of his lifetime. Also, the marriage record I have for Cornelius' first wife is a Peggy Johnson? not Polly? I guess I'll have to look up that record again, to be sure. Juanita Brown (JBrown).


Cornelius Ennis and Dicey Graves

Posted by: JBrown

Date: August 18, 2001

In Reply to: Re: Cornelius Ennis md Dicey Graves 1821 AL by Robert D. Epps


I looked through the 1870 census for Randolph Co., AR at the FHC and couldn't find a single ENNIS-INNES-INNIS listing. Where is Supple, AR? Couldn't find that either. I did find Cornelius and his 3rd or 4th family in Lafayette Co., MO for 1850. The whole county is listed as Dist. no. 46, so I had to search page by page to find him and the printing is so faint, it's hard to read any details. What became of this family? Did he bring them to AR with him in the 1870's? This is what I could make out on the page (written pg. no. 389 and printed pag. no. 196):

Cornelius ENNIS age 52, Carpenter-couldn't be certain of the listed state of birth, but I think it's him

Loiusa ENNIS, age 44

William H. ENNIS, 14, born LA

Louisa ENNIS, 3, born MO

A few houses before his listing is:

George __? ENNIS, 31, Carpenter, born KY

Janely?? ENNIS, age 31, born KY

Elvira C. ENNIS, age 7,

James La F. (Lafayette?) ENNIS, age 6

John C. ENNIS, age 4,

George ENNIS, age 8 mo.

Couldn't be sure of the other data-maybe some of you with better eyes can check it.

IF this is a brother of Cornelius, he would have been born ca. 1819 and Matilda?

would have been his mother? George R. ENNIS died 1835, an old man to be father at 1819, but I guess anything's possible. Also, since there's such an age difference in Cornelius' 14 yr. old son born in LA and the 3 yr. old daughter born MO., maybe there was another wife between Dicey and Louisa?

Where and when did Cornelius die? buried?

The son William H. was born before Dicey's death, so was there ever divorces for any of the wives? Anyone have any answers to any of these questions? I also checked Lincoln Co., TN 1850 census for John C. ENNIS and his wife, Parthenia-couldn't find them there.

Still looking for other areas. JBrown

Barren County, Kentucky

1810 Barren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males/Females    0-10        10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

John Ennis            12211    42011

1820 Barren Co, KY (Ennes, Ennis)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

John Ennes           200110  20010

William Ennis       100010  10100

1830 Barren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males                     Females                0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49

James Ennis          111001                  1110010

John Ennis            021112                  0011001

1840 Barren Co, KY (Ennis)

Males                     Females                0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49

James Ennis          0012001                                0110001

John Ennis Jr.       10001                    0001

1850 Barren Co, KY (Ennis)

John Ennis                            60           b. KY

Dorothy                                 65           b. VA

James M.                               37           b. KY

Anderson Ferguson             13           b. KY

Angelina                                12           b. KY

Emily                                     10           b. KY

Garrard County, Kentucky

1820 Garrard Co, KY (Enis)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

James Enis            000301  00301

1830 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis)

Males                     Females                0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49

John Ennis[23]          100001                  11001

1840 Garrard Co, KY (Inis)

Males                     Females                0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49

Archibald Inis       103002                  01001

John Inis                1100001                                10211

1850 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis)

Archibald Ennis[24] 48           b. VA      Carpenter              John Ennis[25]          52           b. VA      Carpenter

Nancy                    46           b. KY                                     Elizabeth               46           b. KY

Milly                       18           b. KY                                     Lewis                      21           b. KY     Millright

George                   12           b. KY                                     George                   14           b. KY

Mary E.                 10           b. KY                                     Sarah                     12           b. KY

Lewis                      8              b. KY                                     Elizabeth               5              b. KY

Catherine              6              b. KY


John Ennis            23           b. KY

Elizabeth               19           b. KY

Nancy J.                                8              b. KY

1860 Garrard Co, KY (Ennis)

John Ennis            66           b. VA                                      G. E. Ennis[26]          34           b. KY     Miller

Elizabeth               60           b. KY                                     Sarah E.                 23           b. KY

N.                            32           b. KY

Amanda                                34           b. KY

Sarah                     21           b. KY

Elizabeth               16           b. KY

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Indiana

Fayette County, Indiana

1830 Fayette Co, IN (Enis, Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69

Catherine Enis[27]   21000    000001

William Ennis       00001    200010

1840 Fayette Co, IN (Enos)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69

Katherine Enos    00200    0000001

1850 Fayette Co, IN (Ennis)

Columbia                                                                                             Harrison

Catherine Ennis                   50           b. VA                                      Joseph Shanks     86           b. DE

Ann Messersmith                 30           b. VA                                      Cynthia Ennis      42           b. OH

                                                                                                                Lydia                     22           b. IA

William Ennis                       26           b. IN                                       Elizabeth               17           b. OH

Amanda                                                22           b. IN

Mary                                      2              b. IN

Hulda A.                                1              b. IN

1860 Fayette Co, IN (Enos)

Connersville                                                                                        Columbia

Wm Enos              36           b. OH                                                     Elias Enos             34           b. IL

Rebecca                                33           b. OH                                                     Emily                     29           b. IN

Amelia                   10           b. OH                                                     John                       5              b. IN

Flura                       8              b. OH                                                     William H.             2              b. IN

Edward                  6              b. OH                                                     Samuel E.              7/12        b. IN


Sarah Enos[28]         8                                                                              Ormce? Enos        35           b. VA

                                                                                                                Mary K.                 12           b. IN


Katherine Enos    60           b. VA

Morgan County, Indiana

1830 Morgan Co, IN (Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69

Archibald Ennis                   20001                    0101

Walker Ennis                        10001                    00001

William Ennis Jr.                  100001                  11001

William Ennis Sr. [29]             101200001           00202101

1840 Morgan Co, IN (Ennes, Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79

Mitchell Ennes                     200010                  000020

Archibald Ennis                   112001                  010101

Thompson Ennis                 100010                  200010

Walker Ennis                        211001                  010001

Wm Ennis (70-79)               0001100001         00010001

Wm Ennis Jr. (50-59)          10110001             0201101

1850 Green TWP, Morgan Co, IN (Ennis)

Thompson Ennis                 35           b. KY                                     Walker Ennis[30]     43           b. KY

Polina Ann                            35           b. KY                                     Darcus                   45           b. KY

James W.                               12           b. In                                        Emeline                 18           b. In

Sarah Ellen                           10           b. In                                        Washburnt            14           b. In

James M. Pierce                   8              b. In                                        Emery                    13           b. In

Eliza Ann Ennis                   8              b. In                                        William                  10           b. In

Manerva C. Ennis               6              b. In                                        Cealy Hall (f)       12           b. In

Polly Jane Ennis                   4              b. In                                        Sarah Ennis          6              b. In

Joseph A.                               2              b. In                                        John                       4              b. In

Albert M.                               1              b. In                                        Selton (m)             2              b. In

Geo W.                                   9/12        b. In

                                                                                                                Mitchell Ennis[31]    39           b. KY

Archibald Ennis[32]                 50           b. KY                                     Nancy Ennis         26           b. KY

Nan                                        48           b. KY                                     Albert                     13           b. In

James H.                               22           b. In                                        Gainford                10           b. In

Catherine J.                           24           b. In                                        James P.                                1              b. In

John M.                                 20           b. In

Martha A.                             17           b. In

Betholomew                         15           b. In

Fanny Elizabeth                  12           b. In

Pascow                                  10           b. In

Sylvester H.                          4              b. In

William Ennis and Catherine Pointer Descendants

William Ennis Born 1770

Married: 12 Mar 1790 in Lincoln Co, VA (later KY)

Their children were 1. Samuel ENNIS b: AFT 1790 2. John ENNIS b: 20 Nov 1790 in Lincoln Co, VA (later KY) 3. James M ENNIS b: 1792 4. Archibald ENNIS b: 14 Mar 1796 5. Jane ENNIS[33] b: 1800 in KY 6. Edna ENNIS b: 15 Jan 1801 in KY 7. Elsie or Alice ENNIS b: 1802 8. Anna ENNIS[34] b: 1806 in KY 9. Walker ENNIS b: 1807 in KY 10. Mitchell ENNIS b: 30 Mar 1811 in KY 11. Angelletta ENNIS[35] b: 1813 12. Thompson ENNIS b: 17 Feb 1817 in KY William Ennis died 1841 in Morgan Co, IN. [36]


Entry dated: Sun Jan 7 2001    Contact: Cheri Astrahan at


1 William ENNIS b: 1770 d: 1841

  + Katherine "Patsy" or "Kate" POINTER b: 1775

    2 Samuel ENNIS b: AFT 1790

    2 John ENNIS b: 20 Nov 1790 d: 29 Nov 1865

      + Martha "Patsy" FERGUSON d: BEF 1827

        3 Margaret ENNIS b: 1819

          + Allison BAILEY b: 1818

        3 Anderson ENNIS b: 1820

          + Elizabeth ELKINS b: 1826

            4 James W ENNIS b: 1845

            4 Eliza C ENNIS b: 1848

            4 Adna C ENNIS b: 1849

      + Dorothy "Dolly" FERGUSON

    2 James M ENNIS b: 1792 d: 1846

      + Mariah REED

    2 Archibald ENNIS b: 14 Mar 1796 d: 8 Sep 1851

      + Nancy CARROLL b: 19 Feb 1805 d: 5 Jan 1881

        3 Joseph ENNIS b: AFT 1820

        3 Harvey ENNIS b: AFT 1820

          + Vine WARREN

        3 Elizabeth ENNIS b: AFT 1820

          + Mr PEARCY

        3 Katherine G ENNIS b: 1826

          + Joseph ELKINS b: 1817

        3 James H ENNIS b: 1828

        3 John Marion ENNIS b: 1829 d: 1915

          + Teresa "Racie" KNIPSTINE b: 1833 d: 1919

            4 John W ENNIS b: 1860 d: 1912

        3 Martha A ENNIS b: 6 Aug 1832 d: 15 Nov 1903

          + Benjamin BAILEY b: 16 Sep 1833 d: 17 Mar 1863

          + John Frederick SANDERS b: 13 Nov 1837 d: 3 Feb 1897

        3 Bartholomew ENNIS b: 1834 d: 1907

          + Matilda DAVIS b: 1833

        3 Fanny E ENNIS b: 1838

        3 Epaschal (Pascow or Pascal)ENNIS b: 1840

          + Clarice ELKINS b: 1837

        3 Sylvester ENNIS b: 18 Mar 1849 d: 30 Jun 1910

          + Widow from GEORGIA

          + Harriet THOMPSON b: 8 Oct 1849 d: 19 Jun 1891

            4 Dillard Seymour ENNIS b: 1 Oct 1869 d: 1 Aug 1939

              + Leafy BRUNNIMER b: 1 Nov 1879 d: 6 Jun 1941

            4 Nancy Katherine ENNIS b: 4 Jan 1871

              + Francis J MIDDLETON b: 18 Jan 1855 d: 29 Mar 1943

            4 Viola May ENNIS b: 13 Jul 1872 d: 24 Jan 1875

    2 Jane ENNIS b: 1800

      + William PERRY b: 1800-1810 d: BEF 1850

    2 Edna ENNIS b: 15 Jan 1801 d: 20 May 1881

      + John SKAGGS b: 16 Oct 1800 d: 30 Jul 1870

    2 Elsie or Alice ENNIS b: 1802

      + William PERRY b: 1800-1810 d: BEF 1850

    2 Anna ENNIS b: 1806 d: 2 Mar 1863

      + Joseph JOHNSON b: 1810

    2 Walker ENNIS b: 1807

      + Dorcas BAILEY b: 1805 d: AFT 1850

        3 Emeline ENNIS b: 1832

        3 Washburnt ENNIS b: 1836

          + Mary Ellen MELICK

            4 Walker ENNIS b: 16 Dec 1857

        3 Emery ENNIS b: 1837

        3 William ENNIS b: 1840

        3 Sarah ENNIS b: 1844

        3 John ENNIS b: 1846

        3 Selton ENNIS b: 1848

    2 Mitchell ENNIS b: 30 Mar 1811 d: 1859

      + Nancy TRENT b: 1810-1815

        3 Alfred ENNIS b: 1837

        3 Gainford ENNIS b: 1840

        3 James ENNIS b: 1849

    2 Angelletta ENNIS b: 1813 d: 5 Jan 1886

      + Samuel CARRELL b: 4 Jul 1818 d: 22 Jan 1884

    2 Thompson ENNIS b: 17 Feb 1817 d: 23 Jun 1869

      + Perlina (Polina Ann) CARRELL\CARROLL b: 23 Dec 1816 d: 24 Mar 1884

        3 James W ENNIS b: 1838

        3 Sarah Ellen ENNIS b: 18 Jan 1839 d: 10 Aug 1919

          + Henry HINE b: 13 Jan 1813 d: 7 Aug 1878

        3 Eliza Ann ENNIS b: 1842

        3 Manerva C ENNIS b: 1844

        3 Polly Jane ENNIS b: 1846

        3 Joseph A ENNIS b: 1848

        3 Albert M ENNIS b: 1849

        3 George W ENNIS b: Oct 1849

On-line Queries (Ennis)

Anderson Ennis son of William Ennis, Jr.

Posted by: Debbie Engelking

Date: August 17, 2002

In Reply to: Re: ANDERSON ENNIS by Sydney Phillips


Here are the names of the children that I have for Anderson and Elizabeth (ELKINS)ENNIS. Hope this helps.



Anderson ENNIS (b.20 Feb 1819-Kentucky;d.3 Feb 1889)

sp: Elizabeth ELKINS (b.15 Sep 1825-Kentucky;

m.16 Apr 1840;d.16 Sep 1899)

1. William Riley ENNIS (b.10 Mar 1842-Morgan Co.,Indiana;

d.11 Feb 1929-Indianapolis,Marion,Indiana)

sp: Harriet Ann MOORE (b.Nov 1844-Morgan Co.,Indiana;

m.19 Mar 1863;d.Jul 1935-Indianapolis,Marion,IN)

2. James W ENNIS (b.Abt 1845-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

3. Eliza C ENNIS (b.Abt 1848-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

sp: George A HENSLEY (m.1 Jul 1868)

4. Edna Caroline ENNIS (b.Abt 1849-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

5. Harriet ENNIS (b.Abt 1854-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

6. Jeremiah M ENNIS (b.28 Mar 1853-Morgan Co.,Indiana;

d.20 Oct 1915-Green Twp.,Morgan,Indiana)

sp: Sarah J (b.1853-Ohio;m.Abt 1877;d.1944)

7. Stanley ENNIS (b.Abt 1857-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

8. America ENNIS (b.Abt 1858-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

9. Isil Manford ENNIS (b.1861-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

sp: Amanda C BAILEY (b.1860;m.8 Feb 1881;d.1943)

10. Emily ENNIS (b.Abt 1865-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

11. Agnes I (Aggie) ENNIS (b.Abt 1866-Morgan Co.,Indiana)

sp: Thomas M SKAGGS (m.28 Dec 1890


Ennis Cemetery

Posted by: Debra Barnes

Date: October 03, 2001

In Reply to: Re: JOHN ENNIS, father of WILLIAM ENNIS, SR. by Debbie Engelking


I don't know of any listing for the Ennis Cem. I went there a few years ago and was able to locate only 2 headstones. One was Wm Ennis died 1841 and the other was N.E. Ennis d 1831. You might try contacting the library to see if they have a listing. Many Ennis were buried in Thompson Cem. and Union Cem. Anderson Ennis died 2/3/1889. According to a book by Wendell Ennis, Anderson's parents were William Ennis Jr and Sibbay Wilburn.

Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in Ohio

Greene County, Ohio

1820 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

Elizabeth Ennis                    110100                  11002

Jeremiah Ennis                     400010                  02000

Samuel Ennis Jr.                  100100                  00100

Samuel Ennis Sr.                  000010                  10010

Thompson Ennis                 221101                  21010

1830 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Thompson Ennis                 02222001             00210000001

Jeremiah Ennis                     00011010             00000010000

1840 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Enos)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Geo Enos                               10001    100010

John Enos                             10001    000011

1860 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH (Ennis)

Geo W. Ennis                        45           b. OH

Sarah                                     43           b. OH

Thompson[37]                          19           b. OH

Marshall                                                17           b. OH

Charlotte                               15           b. OH

Georgianna                           12           b. OH

Rosa                                       9              b. OH

Francis (male)                      1              b. OH

Elizabeth Scott?                   50           b. OH

John and Elizabeth Armstrong Ennis of Greene County, OH


Born: 3 Dec 1769 PA

Died: 10 May 1829 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH



Born: 1773 in PA

Died: 1 Nov 1843 in Greene Co, OH

Marriage: 10 Apr 1794 in PA


Children                 Birth

Samuel Ennis           2 Sep 1796 in PA

Mary Ennis               15 Jun 1798 in Greene Co, OH

John Ennis               15 May 1800 in Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH

Elizabeth Ennis         16 Jan 1805 in Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH

William Ennis           20 Mar 1807 in Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH

Rebecca Ennis          24 Dec 1811 in Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH

Absolom Ennis             22 Feb 1814 in Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH

Thompson Ennis Line from Greene Co, OH to Fayette Co, IN

Entry dated: 2005-11-22 Contact: Patrick Murphy

Minor, Ennis, Ronan and Messersmith Families of Connersville and Columbia Townships of Fayette County, IN


1 Thompson ENNIS b: ABT. 1743 d: AFT. 1782

  +  ELIZABETH d: AFT. 1782

    2 John ENNIS b: 3 DEC 1769 d: 10 MAY 1820

      + Elizabeth ARMSTRONG b: ABT. 1773 d: 1 NOV 1843

        3 Margaret Elizabeth ENNIS b: 5 FEB 1795 d: 19 JAN 1831

          + James VANCE b: 11 FEB 1794 d: 31 AUG 1866

        3 Samuel ENNIS b: 2 SEP 1796 d: 1860

        3 Mary ENNIS b: 15 JUN 1798 d: ABT. 1824

          + Abraham VANCE d: ABT. 1831

        3 John ENNIS b: 15 MAY 1800 d: 23 FEB 1829 Fayette Co, IN

          + Catherine MESSERSMITH b: 4 APR 1797 d: 1868

            4 William ENNIS b: 1823 d: ABT. 1863

              + Orlean JONES b: ABT. 1823 d: 1906

                5 Mary Catherine ENNIS b: 1847 d: 11 MAR 1897

                  + Oliver Henry RONAN b: 1845 d: BET. 1870 - 1875

                5 Ellsworth ENNIS b: 1 JUL 1862 d: 1 OCT 1928

                  + Carrie SCHEMPP d: 13 FEB 1928

            4 Elias ENNIS b: 1826 d: AFT. 1880

              + Emily ROUSE b: ABT. 1833 d: 4 APR 1881

                5 John Albert ENNIS b: 1855 d: AFT. 1880

                  + Mary A. UNKNOWN b: ABT. 1858 d: AFT. 1880

                5 William H. ENNIS b: 1858

        3 Elizabeth ENNIS b: 16 JAN 1805 d: 14 DEC 1863

        3 Willam ENNIS b: 20 MAR 1807 d: 5 FEB 1834 Fayette Co, IN

          + Cynthia BRADLEY b: 1808 d: AFT. 1870

            4 Elizabeth ENNIS b: 4 JUL 1832 d: 19 AUG 1896

        3 Rebecca J. ENNIS b: 24 DEC 1811 d: 5 OCT 1876

          + Benjamin SHANKS b: ABT. 1802 d: DEC 1845

        3 Absolom ENNIS b: 22 FEB 1814 d: 16 MAR 1843

    2 Elizabeth ENNIS

      + Richard WARFIELD d: AFT. 1803

    2 Samuel ENNIS d: AFT. 1809

      + Polly DUNWIDDLE d: AFT. 1809

    2 Thompson ENNIS b: AFT. 1780 d: 1832

        3 Mary P. ENNIS b: ABT. 1807 d: ABT. 1895

          + James VANCE b: 11 FEB 1794 d: 31 AUG 1866

    2 Jeremiah ENNIS b: 1782 d: AFT. 1815


Montgomery County, Ohio

1840 Montgomery Co, OH (Ennis, Enos)

John Ennis                            210001  0000100000

Jeremiah Ennis                     000010  0000000000

J. P. Enos                               100010  0000100000

Mary Enos (70-79)              000010  0000000001

1850 Montgomery Co, OH (Ennis)

Butler TWP                                                                                         Dayton, Ward 2

George Ennis[38]                      35           b. OH                                     Thompson Ennis                 29           b. OH

Sarah                                     33           b. OH                                     Harriet                                   25           b. OH

Mary                                      11           b. OH                                     Henrietta                               6              b. OH

Thompson                            8              b. OH                                     Thos L.                                  5              b. OH

Marshall                                                6              b. OH                                     William M.                            2              b. OH

Charlotte                               4              b. OH                                     Chas                                       4/12        b. OH

Georgiana                             2              b. OH                                     Sarah J. Adkins?                  15           b. OH

Thomas                                 42           b. OH

                                                                                                                Mad River TWP

Dayton, Ward 4                                                                                  John Ennis                            45           b. NY

J. Ennis                                  30           b. OH     Cooper                   Elizabeth                               36           b. OH

Cath                                       22           b. OH                                     John L.                                   15           b. OH

Jno                                          5              b. OH                                     William                                  13           b. OH

Susan McDarrh                    7              b. OH                                     Jane                                        11           b. OH

Robert Steele                        58           b. MD     Dragman               George                                   8              b. OH

Sarah                                     66           b. VA

                                                                                                                Washington TWP

Dayton, Ward 3                                                                                  Sarah Ennis[39]                        34           b. NJ

James Ennis                          44           b. OH     Tailor

Civil War Pension Records





John C. Cline, being first duly sworn, says that he was a member of Company “C” First Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry; that he personally knew George W. Ennis and his two sons, Thompson Ennis and Marshall Ennis, who were members of said Company “C”; that said George W. Ennis was killed at Dog Walk, Kentucky on the 9th day of October 1862; that said Thomson Ennis and Marshall Ennis were both sick during the winter of 1863 and 1864, while said regiment as a member of the Fourth Army Corps was engaged in the campaign around Knoxville, Tennessee; that said Thompson Ennis and Marshall Ennis were each affected with diarrhea and that said Thompson died as a result of said sickness; that inasmuch as the father and brother of said Marshall Ennis both died during the war and he himself being sick, deponent together with other members of said company petitioned the company commander of said company to recommend said Marshall Ennis for a furlough; that such furlough was granted said Marshall Ennis, and further deponent says not.

Signature of John Cline


Sworn to before me by the said John C. Cline and by him signed in my presence the 8th day of January, 1900.

Signature of W.H. Russell

County Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas

Montgomery County, Ohio[40]



Thompson B. Ennis, son of George W. Ennis

Name:                            Thompson B Ennis[41]

Enlistment Date:         01 September 1861

Distinguished Service:              DISTINGUISHED SERVICE

Side Served:                 Union

State Served:               Ohio

Unit Numbers:             1842

Service Record:          Enlisted as a Private on 01 September 1861 at the age of 19.  Enlisted in Company C, 1st Infantry Regiment Ohio on 01 September 1861.  Died Company C, 1st Infantry Regiment Ohio on 02 April 1864 in Knoxville, TN.



Jeremiah Ennis, brother of George W. Ennis

Name:                                    Jeremiah Ennis ,  

Enlistment Date:                  18 October 1861

Distinguished Service:         DISTINGUISHED SERVICE

Side Served:                          Union

State Served:                        Ohio

Unit Numbers:                      1997

Service Record:                    Enlisted as a Private on 18 October 1861 at the age of 41

                                                Enlisted in Company 1st Indp, SS Regiment Ohio on 23 November 1861.

                                                Died Company 1st Indp, SS Regiment Ohio on 03 March 1862 in Dayton, OH


The following is an extract of Ennis pension record data researched and provided by Carol Beattie.

On the 4th of Sept, 1866, Sarah A. Ennis applied for an increase of pension, form the $8 she was receiving each month.  She stated that her husband George W. Ennis, who died 9th day of Oct 1862 while a private in Co C, 1st Regt, Ohio Vol. Inft. He was killed while in action at Perryville, KY.  She stated that she was 48 years old, and she was living in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.  Further, she listed the following children as being under 16 years of age: Rosa Ellen, born 29 July 1851 and Francis Marion born 12 Dec 1859.


On Mar 8, 1912, Marshall Ennis of Caddo Co, Oklahoma submitted the following info to the Bureau of Pension.

        He was born near Bellbrook, Ohio.

        He enlisted in Dayton, Ohio.

        Before enlisting he lived near Bellbrook, Ohio.

        His occupation was Blacksmith.

        His rank, company, and regiment were Corporal, Co C, 1st OH Vol. Inf.

        He was discharged at White-Side Tennessee.

        Since being discharged, he had lived at Ohio till 1868, Indiana 1877, Arkansas 1886, Alabama 1903, Kansas 1905, Okla. and New Mex. balance of time.

        His present occupation was “Preach a free Gospel and farm a little.”

        Height 5’9”, light colored skin.

        Noticable mark” “a little brown mole on right shoulder blade”.

        The only other name he had ever gone by was Marshall M. Ennis.

        His address at that time was Clement, Oklahoma R F D Route 1.


A second document of Mar 8, 1912 lists 7 children all living: Sarah May, May 23 1866, Mary Lanza Nov 16 1869, George W. July 30 1871, David E. Feb 13 1873, Rosetta C. Mar 24 1875, Millon M. Nov 1st 1877, Esther F ? 1891.


April 10, 1915, Marshall Ennis of Blanchard, Oklahoma filed papers with the Bureau of Pension providing the following info:

        He was born Sept 19, 1843 (no birthplace given).

        He served with Company C 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Company C 198 R Ar l (hard to read).

        His post office at enlistment was near Bellbrook, Green Co, Ohio.

        Wife’s full name Rosa Anna Ennis, formerly Hickler.

        They married May 28, 1865 at Coshocton, Ohio in the M E Church.[42]

        Rosa Ana died Feb 17 1913.

        He lists his children as Ihrig, Mary Larnsa (now Burnes), George Washing Ennis, David Elmer Ennis, Rosetta Clara Ennis (now Dickson), Marshall Millon Ennis, and Esther Florence Ennis (now Taylor).

        He further stated that he had lately moved to Cole, Okla.



Tracking Unconnected ENNIS in North Carolina

James Ennis from Ireland to North Carolina

Hillcoat-Patten-Chalmers & collateral lines

Ancestry .Com Entry dated: 2005-01-25 Contact: Anna May Baker


Name: James ENNIS

Birth: 1735 in Athlone Westmeath

Death: 1778

Change Date: 18 Dec 2003


Nickname: Jim.

James Ennis went as a young boy to America with his father Sir John Ennis.


He was born about 1730 (Jerry R. Ennis) or 1735 (Affidavit of Willis Lyons Ennis)


"JAMES ENNIS was the one and only child and heir to all the Towns and Lands of Augha, Cashel, Momrach, Bananarow, Caldragh, Tullaghmore, Kmckullen, Gortnarne, Agapoloo, Killacross, all situated in the Baron of Leitrim, and County of Leitrim..." (Source: Affidavit of will is Lyons Ennis dated 17 April 1937).


JAMES ENNIS Born at Athlone County Westmeath, Ireland, on or about __day of 1735." (Source: Affidavit of Willis Lyons Ennis dated 17 April 1937).


"I further state that about the year 1738...SIR JOHN ENNIS...with his son, JAMES, age three fled to the United States of America..."(Source: Affidavit of Willis Lyons Ennis dated 17 April 1937).


"this is my statement as i hav bin teched about my ENNIS ginarasion JOHNENNIS my grat grat granfather cam from dublin, irlin back in the colndays hee had one son named JIM ENNIS hee had 8 childrn thar nams was MARTN and JHON and WILLIAM an JIM ZACKARIAR an JESSA an JERAMIR an ELISABETH won gir next is our family ZACKRIAR family..."(Source statement of Adeline Ussery dated 10 December 1923).


"MARTIN JOHN WILLIAM JAMES J. R. ZACKRIHAR JERAMIRE JESSA an BETSA this in the ENNES childern names of our grat grat gran father..." (Source: Statement of Adeline Ussery dated 10 December 1923).


James Ennis married ELIZABETH BOWLES in Augusta County, Virginia (Dennis R. Terry) or he may have married Anna Moles. (Source: Jean (Ennis)Conrad).


There are extensive court records in Orange County, Virginia, showing that JOHN ENNIS was the subject of many suits, usually dealing with landownership problems. In one case he is accused of fighting and biting off part of the ear of his fellow combatant. (Jerry R. Ennis).


Tradition states that JAMES fought in the Revolutionary War. He probably bought land on the Catawba River in Burke County, North Carolina and moved there with his family in the early 1780. (Jerry R. Ennis.


JAMES died 1778 (Jean (Ennis) Conrad or he died about 1792 or a few years later (Jerry R. Ennis).


source Richard Enman/Sharon Collins file


Father: John ENNIS b: 1710 in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland
Mother: Elizabeth NALLS b: Abt 1710

Marriage 1 Anna MOLES

Married: 1754 in , Augusta, Virginia

Note: _UIDBF80869FAEC9E5489A866A2BA0286A75642A


William ENNIS b: 1758 in , Louisa , Virginia

James ENNIS b: 1760 in , Louisa , Virginia

Jesse ENNIS b: 1762 in , Louisa , Virginia

Jeremiah ENNIS b: 1764 in , Louisa , Virginia

Zachariah ENNIS b: 1766 in Rocky Creek, Albemarle, , Virginia

Elizabeth ENNIS b: 1772 in Virginia

Martin ENNIS b: 1755 in Rocky Creek, Albemarle, , Virginia

John ENNIS b: 1756 in , Louisa , Virginia

Zachariah Ennis son of James Ennis

Name: Zachariah ENNIS

Birth: 1766 in Rocky Creek, Albemarle, , Virginia

Death: 4 Nov 1844 in At home of son Elisha, Prarie Township, Madison, Arkansas

Burial: 5 Nov 1844 Unmarked grave, Madison , Arkansas

Occupation: Farmer Adulthood

Change Date: 18 Dec 2003


The Rocky Creek homestead became part of Albermarle County, Virginia in1764. Hence ZACHARIAH was born in Albermarle County, Virginia in about1766. In 1816 he migrated to Adair County, Kentucky.


"And I further state that ZACHARIAH ENNIS who was born in Augusta County, State of Virginia, in the year of 1766 and who died in Madison County, State of Arkansas 4th day of November, 1844. That ZACHARIAH ENNIS was joined in marriage with ANNE BRADSHAW who was born in the State of North Carolina, about 1770 and died in Burk County, State of North Carolina1815. To this union was born 7 Children..."(Source: Affidavit of Willis Lyons Ennis dated 17 April 1937).


"I further state that ZACHARIAH ENNIS was the son of JAMES ENNIS born at Athlone County Westmeath, Ireland, on or about 1735..." (Source:Affidavit of Willis Lyons Ennis dated 17 April 1937).


"this is my statement JIM ENNIS he had 8 children there Nameswas...ZACKRIHAR.. this in the ENNES children names of our great great grand father..." (Source: Statement of Adeline Ussery dated 10 December1923).


"now i will comens on ZACKRIAR our grandfather.. had 8 children names,ANNA an MARA an ELIZBETH ARONS boys JAMS an WILLIAM an ZACKRIHAR and JHONand ELISHA grand mother ENNIS her nam bee for marig was ANNA BRADCHAW ithink her grandfather was bornd in for gina i dont noo wher grandmother(i wont bee shore) borned she cam from irlan too but wher shee was borndher ir thair i dont rembmber." (Source: Statement of Adeline Ussery dated10 December 1923).


1880 Census of Adair County, Kentucky, lists Elizabeth (daughter ofZachariah Ennis, Sr.) and indicates that her mother and father were bothborn in North Carolina.


The marriage license of Elizabeth (Ennis) Aaron to George Aaron statesthat this is the daughter of Zachariah Ennis, Sr., and that her fatherwas born in North Carolina.


Zachariah and Suzannah "Anna" lived in Burke County, North Carolina. In1817, after Anna's death, he moved to Adair County, Kentucky, with his children and then went to Madison County, Arkansas with his son, John, in1839. (Source: Jean (Ennis) Conrad).


Zachariah was a farmer. He died 04 November 1844, at the home of his son, Elisha, in Prairie Township, Madison County., Arkansas. (Sources:Dennis R. Terry quoting Gene Norris; Jean (Ennis) Conrad).


source Richard Enman/Sharon Collins files


Father: James ENNIS b: 1735 in Athlone Westmeath

Mother: Anna MOLES


Marriage 1 Elizabeth ENNIS b: 1772 in Virginia



Barbara ENNIS b: 24 Oct 1788 in , Burke , North Carolina

John ENNIS b: in Burke County, North Carolina

Nancy ENNIS b: Abt 1793 in , Burke , North Carolina

Marriage 2 Susannah BRADSHAW b: Abt 1770 in North Carolina

Married: 1798 in Burke County, North Carolina



Adaline ENNIS b: in , , North Carolina

Zachariah ENNIS b: in , , North Carolina

Anna ENNIS b: Abt 1801 in Burke County, North Carolina

William ENNIS b: 1804 in Burke County, North Carolina

James G. ENNIS b: Abt 1805 in Burke County, North Carolina

John Riley ENNIS b: 17 Feb 1809 in Burke County, North Carolina

Elizabeth ENNIS b: 2 Feb 1813 in , Burke, North Carolina

Elisha ENNIS b: 29 Nov 1814 in Burke County, North Carolina

Mary ENNIS b: Abt 1802 in Burke County, North Carolina


Tracking Unconnected ENIS/ENOX in Virginia

Albemarle County, Virginia

1820 St. Ann’s Parish, Albemarle Co, VA (Enox)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-18     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

Shadriack Enox           100001                  1001001

1830 Albemarle Co, VA (Enox)

Males/Females    0-4          5-9          10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Shederick Enox            00010001             20103001

Nelson County, Virginia

1810 Nelson Co, VA (Enox)

Males     0-10        10-16     16-26     26-45     45+         Females                  0-10      10-16     16-26     26-45     45+

Elizabeth Enox[43]          11000    11010

David Enox                  00001    24101

Polly Enox                    10000    00001

William Ennis[44]            21001    02010

1850 Nelson Co, VA (Enox, Martin)

Nelson County, VA Poor House (partial listing)

Shadrac Enox              84           b. VA

Betsey                            78           b. unk

Frances Martin             84           b. VA

1860 Nelson Co, VA (Enox, Martin)

Nelson County, VA Poor House (partial listing)

Elizabeth Enox            89           b. Nelson

Polly Bryant                 30           b. Nelson

Rudolphus                    1              b. Nelson


Elizabeth Enox            30           b. Nelson

Mary J.                          5              b. Nelson

James                             1              b. Nelson

Shadrick Enox Line

Shadrick Enis married Betsy Martin February 6, 1806 in Albemarle County, VA.  After this point in time, I find Shadrick identified with the “Enox” name in all later documentation. Shadrick Enox died in April 1860 at the age of 97 of dropsy.  He and his wife, Betsey, spent the remaining years of their life as paupers in the Nelson County, Virginia Poor House.  It is my belief that Shadrick is an older brother of William (Billy D.) Ennis – and that Sherrod Ennis’ name is actually a derivative of Shadrack.  If a connection can be verified between Shadrick and William it might be possible to make the link to the John Ennis (1650-1726) of Ireland line that migrated through Goochland and Amherst Counties, Virginia then on to Warren County, Kentucky.  There are several circumstantial clues that seem to lead to a family relationship between Shadrack Enox and William Ennis.  I have recorded anything I can find on Enix/Enis families of Nelson County, VA.



Nelson County, Virginia (Enox)

Enix, David Jr.                 Lannum, Sally          20 Oct 1789      Amherst County, VA


B. Enis[45]       m. Fleming Woody              1 Oct 1810            Nelson Co  (bond - David Enis)



Mary J. Enox[46] b. 1800

Married. William Henry Griswell 17 Jul 1821 in Nelson County, KY

William Grisell born: 20 Dec 1794 in [city], [county], VA, USA


William G Griswold         16 Jun 1827 in VA

John R Griswold               1832 in Warren, KY

George W Griswold          1833 in Warren, KY

Elias Griswold   1835 in Warren, KY



David F. Enox[47] b. 1795 VA

Married: Lucinda Gott 3 Mar 1842 in Warren County, KY

Lucinda Gott born: 29 May 1816 in Bowling Green, Warren, KY


James F Enox                   1828 in KY

Polly A Enox                    1831 in KY

Squire J Enox                   1834 in Boling Green, KY

Margaret E Enox             1836 in KY

Lucy E Enox                    1838 in KY

David F Enox                   1843 in KY

Richard Penn Enox         4 Aug 1846 in KY

Mildred Enox                   1847 in TX



Stephen Enox

m. Elizabeth Weaver  10 June 1847        Nelson Co, VA


Vital Records

Early Virginia Marriages (Ennis)

Name                                     Spouse                                   Date                       County

Absalom Ennis                     Jane Day                               28 Dec 1838         Fauquier

Anne Innis                            Joseph Jones                         18 Jul 1811           Princess Anne

B. Enis[48]                                 Fleming Woody                   1 Oct 1810            Nelson Co  (bond - David Enis)

Brent Innis                            Rachel Touchstone             16 Feb 1809         Frederick

Betsy Ennis                           Jeremiah Cosby                   1 Sep 1808            Amelia

Catherine Innes                   Samuel G. Adams               5 May 1797          Henrico Co

Clary Ennis                           Thomas Taylor                    13 Jan 1823          Caroline

Edmund Ennis                     Mary Dobbs                         19 Dec 1825         Halifax

Elijah Ennis                          Dully Smith                           15 Jan 1817          Fauquier

Elizabeth Ennis                    Mason Corbin                      7 Jan 1826            Fauquier

Gill Ennis                               Sarah Dawson                      6 May 1835          Wythe

Gearlington Ennis                Margaret Going                    20 Dec 1806         Patrick

George Ennis                        Catherine Ennis, Mrs.         7 Mar 1828           Fauquier

George Ennis                        Frances Campbell               24 Nov 1796        Amherst Co

Haney Ennis                         Samuel Fryer                        1 Sep 1804            Westmoreland

Hannah Innis Brent            John Hampton                     18 Nov 1816        Fauquier

Harriet Innes Alexander     William C. Waren                12 Nov 1826        Henrico

James Ennis                          Dory Jones                            8 Apr 1800            Caroline

James Ennis                        Jane Newhouse                   13 Mar 1834        Kanawha

James Ennis                          Sarah Self                             28 Jul 1850           Arlington

Jane Ennis                             William V. Beazeley           10 Jul 1843           Caroline

James Ennis                          Ann Cloud                            24 Dec 1791         Shenandoah Co

James Enos                           Priscilla Vick                         24 Dec 1795         South Hampton Co

John Innes                            Rachael Campbell              6 Sep 1797            Amherst Co

John Ennis                            Mary D. Hare                       30 May 1811       Chesterfield

John Ennis                            Nancy C. Hawkins              16 Dec 1822         Brunswick

Lavina Ennis                        William Willard                    11 Dec 1843         Caroline

Libby Ennis                          Beckwith Butler                   26 Jan 1829          Westmoreland

Leanna Ennis                       John Vaughan                      8 Feb 1844            Caroline

Lucy Ann Ennis                   Alexander T. Boatwright    9 Jul 1827             Amelia

Lucy Ennis                            Harris Corbin                        14 Nov 1821        Fauquier

Lucy Ennis                            Thomas Betoss                    21 Dec 1807         Fauquier

Marchal Ennis[49]                 Mary Nally                          31 May 1831       Bath

Margaret H. Ennis               John Brown                          4 Feb 1829            Campbell

Margaret M. Innes              James Patterson                   12 Oct 1796          Franklin Co

Mary Enos[50]                         William Grizzle                     17 Jul 1821           Nelson Co (bond - Joseph Horsley)

Nancy Ennis                         Alfred Tulley                        13 Oct 1833          Kanawha

Nancy Ennis                         Elisha Broy                           12 Aug 1805         Shenandoah

Patty Ennis                           Hancock Webb                    29 Dec 1804         Fauquier

Paulina Ennis                       Martin Ellet                           27 Dec 1825         Campbell

Peggy Innis                           Samuel Bean                        8 Feb 1810            Rockbridge

Robert Innes                         Tabitha Boyd                       4 Jul 1798             Halifax Co

Sally Innes                            Axel Heath Page                  12 Apr 1807         Amherst

Sally Innis[51]                         Crawford Puckett              12 Mar 1825        Nelson

Sarah Ennis                          Leonard Coatney                                25 Jan 1811          Fauquier

Shadrick Enis[52]                     Betsy Martin                        6 Feb 1806            Albemarle Co

Sophia Ennis                        Thilman Carnall                  10 Feb 1834         Caroline

Sophia Ennis                        Tilman Carnal                      15 Feb 1834         Caroline

Susan Ennis                          James A. Sorrel                    11 Jun 1828          Caroline

Susan Ennis                          James Sarrell                        12 June 1828        Caroline

Susan Ennis                          William Baugham               19 Dec 1822         Amelia

Susanna Ennis                     Archer Toney                       14 Feb 1786         Goochland Co

Terissa Ennis                        Cary Vaughan                     22 Dec 1843         Caroline

Thomas Ennis                      Caty Carpenter                    18 Jun 1796          Westmorland Co

William T. Innes                  Julia A. Minor                       30 Oct 1849          Lunenberg

William Ennis                       Jane McKenney                  14 Apr 1845         Westmoreland                     

William Enniss                     Margaret Brinn                    10 Jul 1802           Westmorland Co

William Ennis                       Winny Hewitt                       24 Mar 1794        Fauquier Co

Wm. M. Ennis  28                Nellie James  18                   18 Feb 1893         Fayette Co           

William Innis[53]                   Frances Martin                   27 Jan 1795         Albemarle Co

Winney Innes                       Absalom Stratton                                16 Dec 1805         Amherst

Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia (Ennis, Martin)

Marriage Bonds and Other Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia 1763-1800, Compiled by William Montgomery Sweeny, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1980

Jean Innis  m: 24 Feb 1796 to James Edmunds, Jr. John Innis, Surety. William Edmonds made oath that James was 21years of age.

George Ennis, bachelor, and Frances Campbell, spinster, December 24, 1796. Ambrose Campbell, surety. Certificate of marriage by    the Rev. William Crawford. (M.R.)

Rhoda Enix, spinster, to Jesse Fidler, bachelor, August 18, 1794. Nathaniel Wade, surety. Consent of David and Sary Enicks for Jessey         Fielden to obtain a marriage license to wed Roady Enicks.

Martin, Azariah, and Mary Roades, spinster, March 10, 1772. William Martin, surety, who made oath that Mary was of lawful age.         Consent of Mary.

Martin, Azariah, Jr., of Madison County, bachelor, and Lucy Rodes, spinster, April 20, 1791. Azariah Martin, surety. Consent of her         father, Charles Rodes.

Martin, Edward, and Polly Warwick, May 7, 1792. Daniel Warwick, surety. Consent of her father, Abraham Warwick.

Martin, George, bachelor, and Milley Eads, spinster, December 24, 1788. Andrew Wright, surety. Consent of her father, Abraham         Eads, of Albemarle County. James Wood made oath that Milley was over 21 years of age.

Martin, George, bachelor, and Sarah Fox, spinster, May 17, 1788. Samuel Fox, surety. Consent of his father, Sherod Martin. Consent of         her father, Samuel Fox.

Martin, George, bachelor, and Barbary Woods, spinster, June 17, 1793. Consent of Barbary. Certificate of marriage by the Rev. Mr.         Crawford. (M.R.)

Martin, Gideon, widower, and Franky Innis, spinster, March 13, 1789. John Innis, surety.

Martin, Gideon, bachelor, and Mary Housright, spinster, September 23, 1793. George Martin, surety. Consent of her father, John         Housright.

Martin, James, and Rebecca Wills, spinster, February 4, 1799. Lawrence Wills, surety. Consent of her father, James Wills.       Certification of marriage by the Rev. William Crawford. (M.R.)

Martin, James, bachelor, and Polly Giles, spinster, January 5, 1795. William Giles, surety. Certificate of marriage by the Rev. Ezekiel         Campbell, 1794. (M.R.)

Martin, John, bachelor, and Anne Rodes, daughter of Charles Rodes, December 12, 1782. William Martin, surety. Consent of her         father, Charles Rodes, Sr.

Martin, John, and Ann Page, spinster, November 22, 1797. Dillard Page, surety, who made oath that his sister, Anne was over 21 years         of age. Certificate of marriage by the Rev. William Crawford. (M.R.)

Martin, John, bachelor, and Susannah H. Ball, spinster, December 21, 1794. Lewis Ball, surety, who testified that Susannah Huse Ball         was upwards of 21 years of age. (Bond is not signed.) Certificate of marriage by the Rev.  Ezekiel Campbell. (M.R.)

Martin, Josiah, and Sarah England, October 6, 1795. William Martin, surety, who made oath that Sarah England was 21years of age.         Certificate of marriage by the Rev. Charles Crawford. (M.R.)

Martin, Kiah, and Dicey Stratton, spinster, November 4, 1794. John Stratton, surety.

Martin, Obediah, bachelor, and Ann New, spinster, 17 Jan 1791. George Martin, surety. Consent of  mother, Sarah New.

Martin, Pleasant, and Rebecca Jopling, spinster, October 2, 1775. James Hill, surety.

Martin, Ralph, and Sigismundi Price, March 1, 1800. James Woods, surety.

Sally Martin, 16 Dec 1800 to Robert Edwards. Joseph Martin, Surety. Consent of her father, Sherod Martin.

Martin, William, bachelor, and Patsey Key Daverson, spinster, December 8, 1789. Charles Rodes, Jr., surety. Consent of Patsey Key.

Indiana Marriage Records (Ennis)

Ennis, John                     Messersmith, Catharine   18 Jun 1821              Fayette County

Ennis, Walker                 Bailey, Dorcas                30 Nov 1828             Morgan County

Ennis, Anna                    Johnson, Joseph             23 Sep 1830             Morgan County

Ennis, Jane                     Perry, William                 24 Jun 1834              Morgan County

Ennis, Mitchell                 Trent, Nancy                  05 Mar 1835              Morgan County

Ennis, Angelletta             Carrel, Samuel               12 Mar 1835              Morgan County

Kentucky Marriage Records (Ennis, Innis)

Ennis, James                     Reed, Mariah                 21 Mar 1816            Barren County

Ennis, Archibald                 Casey, Nancy                10 Aug 1824            Garrard County

Ennis, John                        Casey, Elizabeth            11 Nov 1823            Garrard County

Ennis, Nancy                      Johnston, James B.        30 Nov 1825            Garrard County

Ennis, Cornelius                 Johnson, Polly               10 Nov 1817            Warren County

Ennis, Nancy                      Hickman, William           24 Jan 1818             Warren County

Ennis, Catherine                 Collins, Richard             10 Apr 1818             Warren County

Ennis, Peggy                      Dishman, James            16 Nov 1818            Warren County

Ennis, John                        Butt, Nancy                   02 Aug 1820            Warren County

Ennis, James                     Buckley, Catherine        29 Dec 1823             Warren County

Ennis, Betsey                    Buckley, Thomas          10 Jan 1824              Warren County

Ennis, Polly                       Campbell, John L.          27 Mar 1824             Warren County

Ennis, George                    Allcock, Matilda             21 Apr 1824             Warren County

Ennis, Sally                       Phelps, William             11 Oct 1825              Warren Count y

Innis, John                        Fergason, Patty             01 Sep 1812            Barren County

Innis, William Jr.                Wilburn, Sibbay             27 Jul 1814              Barren County

Innis, Edney                      Skaggs, John                09 Mar 1819            Barren County

Innis, Alcy                         Pary, William                 20 May 1819            Barren County

Marriage Bond for William Ennis to Frances Martin

Know all men by these presents that we William Innis and Lewis Mackwane are held and firmly bound unto Robert Brook Esq. Govenor or chief majestrate of the state of Virginia in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid to the said Brook and his successors to which payment will and truly to be made we bind our ____.  jointly and severally and each of our joint and several ????? Extrs. and ????? firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and oaths this 27th day of January 1795.

The bondshow of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage suddenly intended to be true and solemn in between the above bound William Innis and Francis Martin now if thou shall be no lawful cause or impediment to obstruct the said marriage then this obligation to be void else to run under full force and virtue.

teste                William Innis (his mark)

Alex Garrett

Lewis Mackwane (his mark)

Fayette Co, W.VA Birth/Death Records (Crookshanks, Ennis)

Amanda Ennis                     b. 3 Oct 1884                        par: S. and Elizabeth Ennis

Annie Ennis, Mrs.                24                                           d: 26 Aug 1924

Myrtle Ennis                         14yrs 10 mo 25 days          d: 26 May 1926   burned to death

unnamed Ennis                    b: 29 Apr 1892                     par: John and R.J.              

Joseph A. Crookshanks      d. 10/10/1895                      age 34

Caroline V. Crookshanks   d. 2/20/1884                         age 35 reported by husband, D.S. Crookshanks

Virginia Marriages (Crookshanks)

Alexander Crookshanks    m: Margaret Judy                                                4 Feb 1830                            Greenbrier Co

Caroline Crookshanks        m: John Cutlip                                     6 Jul 1837                             Jackson Co

Euphrates F. Crookshanks[54] m: Sarah E. Roy (22)                      14 May 1880                       Fayette Co

Elizabeth Crookshanks      m: Nathaniel Deitz                              6 Apr 1826                            Greenbrier Co

Esther Crookshanks            m: Tillery B. Price                                6 Jan 1827                            Greenbrier Co

George Crookshanks          m: Mary Ann Hugart                          23 Sep 1841                         Greenbrier Co

Hannah Crookshanks        m: Robert Handley                             4 Sep 1817                            Greenbrier Co

Jane Crookshanks (41)      m: Aaron Barce (37)                           3 Feb 1895                            Fayette Co

Jno. Crookshanks                                m: Rebecca Mowry                            30 Sep 1846                         Greenbrier Co

John Crookshanks              m: Mary Cloverfield                           30 Aug 1787                         Augusta Co

John Crookshanks              m: Sarah Campbell                             17 Nov 1814                        Greenbrier Co

John H. Crookshanks (40) m: Susan Thomas               (26)                        8 Apr 1880                            Fayette Co

Mary Crookshanks             m: David Cutlip                                   5 Mar 1835                           Greenbrier Co

Nancy Crookshanks           m: Hamilton Brown                            19 Feb 1835                         Greenbrier Co

Robert Crookshanks           m: Sally Thornton                               6 Jul 1820                             Greenbrier Co

Samuel Crookshanks         m: Elizabeth Ramsey                         7 May 1839                          Fayette Co

Miscellaneous Documentation

Ennis Inheritance Correspondence


London England, Jan. 3, 1869

Columbus Smith, Esq.:

Dear Sir—I am unable as yet to send a full report to the claimants in this case, but I shall write a note to let you know that I am at work on the case, and in a fair way to ascertain the parties entitled to the large property in Scotland.  In his report dated Feb. 10, 1866, Mr. Fisher correctly stated that Miss Innis died intestate, and the immense property belongs to the nearest heirs: so that we have only to secure the correct pedigrees of Miss Innis and connect her with the rightful claimants.  The present possessor of the estate, Mr. Mitchell, seems to have obtained possession merely because no other person endeavored to substantiate a claim to it.  He was, I have learned, quite remotely connected with Miss Innis, to have taken possession without any show of right, and now holds the property simply by right of possession.

I shall use every means to secure the desired pedigree, and hope the claimants will tolerate my delay, when they consider the vastness of the work before me.  In this particular case no further information respecting the amount and situation of property is needed by you.

In the course of my researches I have found other Innis properties unclaimed, and shall forward the advertisements to you.  I shall keep you informed upon the results of my investigations as I proceed.

It shall be my purpose to investigate thoroughly the several cases now in hand, and if we can obtain the pedigrees of all claimants in America we shall be able to ascertain the validity of these claims in a short time.

Yours truly,

A. B. Herrick



W. Salisbury, Vt., April, 1869

To Hon. H. O. Smith, American Agent for the Innis Association:

Dear Sir—After this long delay in the investigation of the Innis case in Great Britain, the delay unavoidable on account of my necessary change of partners in Europe, I am now able to furnish to you a short report from Mr. Herrick, relative to this case, which I think you better have printed and send to the members of the Association.

I believe this property is now recoverable by the next of kin of Jane Innis, and I hope we shall yet be able to show some member or members of this Association such next of kin.  This is not an old case.  On that account the difficulties of proving pedigree would be much less than would necessarily be in an old case.  Mr. Mitchell, now in possession, had not yet got a title by possession.  It now remains for the claimants to say whether this investigation shall go on or shall stop.  We cannot go on without we are properly supported by the Association.  Mr. Herrick has but just got fairly into the case.  He believes it to be a good one, and has become very much interested in it, and it seems a great pity to have the investigation cease before all the facts are found out relative to it.

                                                                                Yours truly,

Columbus Smith.



London England.

Columbus Smith, Esq.:

Dear Sir—Relative to the claims of the Innis Family I have secured the following advertisements:


“Wm. Innes, who, in beginning of 1811, was living in Grosvenor Square, in County Middlesex, or his representatives, will apply to Mr. Halifax, Solicitor, 88 Chancery Lane, and they will hear something to their advantage.  N. B. Said Wm. Innes was a bachelor, and supposed to have been a Scotchman, and to have died many years ago.”  London Gazettte, 1833.


“Innes Heirs of Stow wanted.  Gilbert Innes, farmer in Barnyards, afterwards in Rona, in Aberdeenshire, and Jean Fraser, were married Dec. 2, 1701.  Their son George was a banker in Edinburgh, (Royal Bank of Scotland.)  His issue are extinct, but his parents had a numerous family.  Apply to Mr. Spense, 6 St. Andrew Sq. Edinburgh.”  Times, June 14, 1854.


“Important estates of natives of England deceased abroad.  Among whom are Capt. E. M. Ennis, died 1845.  John Charles Ennis died 1822.  Apply to Halligan, Gray’s Inn, London.” Times, Feb. 13, 1855.


“Unclaimed money No. 10,311.  The heirs of representatives of Wm. Innes, of Lime street Square, merchant, who died about 1794, will apply to their advantage to De Bernardy, 9 Northumberland street, Strand.” Times, April 23, 1863.


“Innes—Donaldon—Geddes.—If any of the children of Mrs. Elizabeth Innes, late of Parkside, near Edinburgh, widow of Geo. Innes, Esq., formerly an inspector of stamp duties of Scotland, or of Mrs. Anne Donaldson, of Banff, widow of James Donaldson, Esq., formerly of Kinairdy, in Co. Banff; or of Mrs. Jane Geddes, dec., formerly wife of John Geddes, of Orton, in Co. Moray, North Britain, (and which said Elizabeth Innes, Anne Donaldson and Jane Geddes, were the daughters of Sir James Innes, of Coxtown Baronet, long since deceased, and sisters of Sir David Innes, of Coxtown, Baronet, since also deceased,) are now living, and will apply to Mr. Chalmer, of Middle Temple, London Solicitor, they may hear of advantage.”  Weekly True Sun, Jan. 13, 1839.


“Navy five per cents.  John Innes, Purser in the navy.  Jan., 1812-17.  Unclaimed in 1822.”


“Innes, Margaret, spinster, afterwards named Wright, sister of Sir David Innes.  Her next of kin will hear something of advantage.”  Times, July 25, 1822.


“Iness, Elizabeth, of Edinburgh, widow of George Innes.  Her children will hear of advantage.”  Times, July 30, 1822.


“Innes, Jane, spinster, afterwards named Geddes, daughter of Sir James Innes, baronet.  Her children wanted.”  Times, July 30, 1822.



Uriah Martin Letter to his uncle, Sherod Ennis, Jr.

Charleston Kanawha Co. West VA - December the 31st 1883

Deare Uncle and family 

it is with much pleasure that I seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well as common hopeing? that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same kind blessing. I would like for you to see this place how it has improved since you was down. The capital has been enlarged and it custom house build and we have a rail road right through Charleston and they are still a building. Uncle Sherdin I want you to send me a list of all the names of all the heirs of that fortune that we have been working at let me know everything that you can recollect it bout the names of the old heirs I have been working at the matter ever since you wrote to me to go a head with it  I had 3 letters gon to  Washington City and 3 letters in Scotland and we have some hopes of getting the business brought to a close  I have got John P Hale? and Alfred W. Burnette to ?? it on and they both seem to be business men. I want to know if you recollect a bout that advertisement that hutsonpiller had when he was in charleston with you. I want you to write immediately and let me know all you can in the matter so no more at this time yours, with respect Uriah Martin and family to Mr. Sheardon Innis and family.


Letter Provided by Ron Anderson on Innes family fortune - dated 14th February 1895

This following information was sent to me by my sister, Pat Anderson (Ashford, Middx) from information she had received from our Aunt Gertie Long, it is from an essay/project that my cousin Stephen Long carried out at school based on papers that had been kept by my Great Aunt Beattie after the death of her father (my Great Grandfather on my Father's side. William Matthew Long, died 1933)


                                                                                                                        15, Cecil Road,

                                                                                                                        The Bristol Road,



Mrs. Cresswell / Dear Madam,

I received a letter a few days ago from your sister Mrs. Nash giving me your adress- I should have wrote to you before but I have had such a bad cold on my chest, I am quite sure that you could not understand much at the meeting so I will try and explain a little more. Our case is such a grand good case, The Scotch lawyers call it a beautiful case, and I know so much about it that I hardly know where to begin.

Your mother is the eldest daughter of Mary Mathews, and the eldest grandaughter of my grandmother, Sarah Bosworth. My mother was Elizabeth, a younger daughter.

Our grandmother was a cousin to Miss Innes the testatrix and at the death of Jane Innes, Sarah Bosworth was next of kin, we are all quite sure of that, you mother knew that too. I have been searching ever since 1881, and in April 1883, I went to Scotland for the first time. I have been altogether 9 times. Mr Long has been with us twice. We have found every Register of Birth, Marriage and Death down here back to 1682, the whole history of every branch of the family- we have a pedigree, that Mr Long says he is quite satisfied with. There was one marriage that could not be found, your mother and everyone tried and searched and at last they gave it up, and my mother and everyone believed that it had been destroyed, but when I was a girl at home and being one of the youngest of the family, my mother often talked to me about this case and pointed out the relationship to grandmother, and showed me the names of the Innes's of Scotland and told me about Gilbert Innes, the brother of Jane coming to see grandmother and bringing her money, and that grandmother was really always waiting and expecting the trustees to come and fetch her to Scotland and claim it, 10-12 years before she died.

When I started in 1881, I told them the marriage must be searched for most carefully. I have searched all the churches in Glostershire, and some in Hereford after advertising in the London Standard and the best papers here 20 pounds reward for the marriage, it seemed hopeless but I would not give up, I commenced searching in the Probate Court in Gloster and I insisted upon seeing the Cathedral Register and found the marriage there. Our parents could not go forward and claim because they thought this marriage was lost.

In 1857 some documents were got together and a Lawyer came from Scotland and got all the papers off them pretending that he would get the money for them, as soon as he got all the papers he was gone and never heard of again. A man named Abraham Jervis was amongst us lately, trying to get the documents and got a good bit of money off several of my cousins pretending to get up our case, but my cousin at Ledbury went up to London and found he was being deceived and prosecuted him at the Gloster Assizes in November for obtaining money by false pretences and he had six months hard labour in jail here. I turned my back on him the first time I saw him, and I stuck to Mr Long. Part of the documents are his and part mine. I have always found Mr Long straight and honest, and I will do all I can to help him win it. He had worked very hard at it and I have too, and I will never rest until I see something done.


We found in Edinburgh the old butler and the man that was Page.  The old butler told us the whole history of the family and everything that had been done, he was summoned 2 years after Miss Innes's death to make his deposition before the Lords of the Treasury, and tell everything he had heard from Miss Innes.  He told us that Miss Innes often told him of her heirs and next of kin were the descendants of her Uncle William in the South West of England, poor working people, and a good deal more about us.  We do come through her Uncle William, his tombstone is at Longhope and has been defaced, but it is badly done and leaves the trace very plain and all the tombstones in Scotland are defaced and we believe that our Aunt Esther went to Scotland to claim and was followed to her home and  we were told in Edinburgh that a hole was bored in the house, and charcoal or gas put in, they were all smothered and died.  The trustees took £14 000 each and pretended it was all settled, but friends of Miss Innes set to work as soon as she was buried, and traced out all the bad work.  The old butler done what he could, I was astonished to find that the Scotch people had cleared the way for us, they told us they want our claim, and I want them to benefit as soon as possible.  I have spent a good deal myself upon it, now we are trying to get it into Court.  We are going to try and get it in Court "en forme pauperie" that is the poor man's Court.  In London that would be in Council's opinion, in Scotland it will cost less, but 3 or 4 of us will have to live in Scotland 6 weeks and then we can walk into Court as Citizens of Scotland and ask for a hearing of our case, and open it that way  Dear Mrs Cresswell, I hope that you will be able to understand this scribble, I am going to call a meeting as soon as the weather is a little better and Mr Long will begin with the case as soon as £25 is paid down.  We want 4 or £5 now to make up our half.

Can you or your sisters and brother help us?.  If you can make up £4 in your family and let us have it at the next meeting, I think the rest will be forthcoming, a great many have put theirs.

This is the first time I have ever tried to raise money for it, but this money is for expenses to get it into Court, we can't get it in without, it must go in a legal way.  I hope I shall never have to ask you but once more after this, and I hope you will help is at once.  I shall do everything I can to push it, I think it is our duty to do all we can to win back our birthright, I shall do nothing that I am ashamed of and I hope heaven will help us.

Please write, I shall  have no secrets, you will know what the money is used for,


I am sincerely yours,

E. Chandler.

Deed Records

Wm. Innes to Deed of Trust I.M. Smith Jr.

This Indenture made and entered into this twelfth day of February one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven between William Innes & Fanny his wife of the County of Nelson and State of Virginia of the first part, John M. Martin of the second and John M. Smith Jr. of the third part: Witnesseth that whereas the said William Innes & Fanny his wife stands justly indebted to Jno. M. Smith Jr. for the sum of ninety five dollars and sixty nine cents by bond bearing even date with this deed, which debt with the legal interest thereon accruing the said William Innes and Fanny his wife is willing and desirous to secure. Now for and in consideration of the premises and the further consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby and fully acknowledged by the said William Innes and Fanny his wife they the said William Innes and Fanny his wife, have bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain sell unto him the said John M. Martin his heirs executors, administrators for ever the following property to wit: Parey, Ned (a boy in the possession of Noth Harlow) Pamelia a Girl with their future increase, two beds of furniture, fourteen head Hogs, two wheels 1 door and apparatus, two plows, four hoes, two axes, two shot guns, one handsaw one rule, one skillet, three pots & one Cow. To have and to hold this said property to him the said Jno. M. Martin his heirs, executors & administrators forever. and the said William Innes and Fanny his wife for themselves, their heirs, executors, and administrators will warrant and for ever defend the right of the property aforesaid together with its increase against the claim of themselves, heirs executors, administrators, and all persons whatsoever, upon this special trust. Nevertheless that if the said William Innes & Fanny his wife shall pay the debt aforesaid with its interest and costs attending this trust, on or before the first day of September next then This Indenture to be void and of no effect, but in case the said William Innes & Fanny his wife, make default in the premises and shall fail to pay any part or the whole of the debt aforesaid with its interest, and costs attending this executing of this deed, then in that case it shall be lawful for the said Jno. M. Martin or his legal representative to advertise the property aforesaid ten days previous to the sale at some public place in the neighborhood of said William Innes and Fanny his wife, and sell at public auction the property aforesaid, for cash, or so much thereof as will pay the debt aforesaid with its interest accruing and all costs attending this deed, and the balance if any pay to the said William Innes & Fanny his wife. In testimony whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year aforesaid.                                                    Witness:

                                                                                        Joel Smith

                                                                                        George Neese

                                                                                        John B. Spiece

William Innes (seal) Fanny Innes (seal) John M. Martin (seal)


John M. Smith Jr. (seal) At a Court for Nelson County the 26 "day of February 1827.

This Deed of Trust was presented in court and proved by the oath of one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be for further proof, And in the Clerk's office of said County the 23rd day of April 1827. This Indenture or Deed of Trust was further proved in said office by oath of two other subscribing witnesses thereto and admitted to record.

Teste: Sp. Garland, Ck


Ennis to Deed Smith

This Indenture made and entered into this twenty third day of September in the year of our Son one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight Between Marshall Ennis of the County of Nelson and State of Virginia of the one part and Joel Smith of the said County and State of the second part: Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars lawful money in hand paid the said Marshal Ennis by the said Joel Smith at & before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Marshal Ennis hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto the said Joel Smith a certain tract or parcel of land lying in said county of Nelson on the head waters of Synches Creek containing one hundred acres be the same more or less and being the same land willed to the said Marshal Ennis, by his Grand Father Sherod Martin which land adjoining the lands of Major James Woods, David Rodes heirs and lands of the said Joel Smith, with all and singular appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold to said land and premises to only proper use and behoof of the said Joel Smith his heirs and assigns forever and the said Marshall Ennis for himself his heirs and assigns, will warrant and forever defend the right of the aforesaid land to the said Joel Smith his heirs & free from the claim of himself his heirs & an free from the claims all persons whatsoever unto the said Joel Smith his heirs and assigns forever. In Testimony whereof the said Marshall Ennis hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and date first above written.

Witness                                                                                                          Marshal Ennis (seal)

G. Penn

H.P. Smith

John M. Smith


In the Clerks Office of Nelson County September the 29th 1828. This Deed of Bargain and sale was presented, and proved by oath of Hardin P. Smith and a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to lie & and in the said office Sept. the 30th 1828 this Deed was further proved by the oaths of George Penn and John M. Smith two other subscribing witnesses thereto and admitted to record.


Teste: Seaton H. Loving DC


Henry Ridenour to Deed Sherrod Ennis Sr, Sherrad Ennis Jr. and James W. Ennis

This deed made the 21st day of Oct 1868.  Between Henry Ridenour of the County of Shanadorah and State of Virginia of the first part and Sherrod Ennis Sr, Sherrod Ennis Jr., andJames W. Ennis of the second part all three of the County of Fayette and State of West Virginia.  Witnesseth for the consideration of four hundred dollars $400.00 there being one hundred dollars paid, and that the said Henry Ridenour reserves a lien in this title for the definded payments for three hundred and twenty nine acres of land and bounded as fol. Beginning at a hickory and ash corner to Coffman and with the same N47 E 192 poles to a chestnut on a point near a cliff – thence S 85 W 48 poles to two W. Oaks S 33 W 46 poles to a hickory and chestnut oak on a line of Miller and with the same S 77 E 58 poles to two yellow Lynns corner to same thence N 47 E 88 poles to two chestnuts on Coffmans line N 47 W 36 poles to the beginning.  To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with it appurtenances for which the said Henry Ridenour warrents and defends generally.

Henry Ridenour


Sharod and Easter Ennis to Deed James W. Ennis

This deed made this the 26 day of June 1876.  Between Sharod Ennis and Easter his wife of the first part and James W. Ennis of the second partr all of the County of Fayette and state of West Virginia.

Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Sharod Ennis and Easter his wife do grant unto said James W. Ennis his heirs and assigns the following real estate to with a certain parcel of land being one third of a survey made by Henry Reidenour said third containing one hundred and nine acres lying and being in the County of Fayette and on the near ridge adjoining the lands of John Miller and Michal and John Coffman and bounded as follows to north beginning at a hickory and ash comes to Cofman thence west open line to the 200 poles line between the maple and chestnut oak and the two chestnuts so as to include the above named one hundred and nine acres thence south to his chestnuts on a east hill side S 59° E 62 poles to two white oaks S 33 W 76 poles to a hickory and chestnut oak on a line of willows ans with same S. 77 E 56 poles to a yellow Lynn comer to same thence N 47 E 88 poles to two chestnuts on Coffmans line N 47 W 36 poles to the beginning with its appurtenances to said James W. Ennis his heirs and assigns forever and the said Sharod Ennis and Easter his wife do warrant and defend the title of said tract in parcel of land from all and every claim whatever.  Given from under our hands and seal this the date above written.

Sharod Ennis (his mark)

Easter Ennis (her mark)


John Crookshanks Revolutionary War Pension Records

On 24, October 1820, John CROOKSHANKS age 66 years, appeared in open court and made oath that he served in Revolutionary War as follows: he enlisted in Augusta County in company of musketry commanded by Capt. John SIMS of 10th Va. Regt. In 1776 for 3 years, then he was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and when his three years had expired, he enlisted in the legion commanded by Col. Henry LEE to server during the war, and was in the battles of Georgetown and Guilford where he was wounded in his right leg just below the knee.  A certificate of pension was granted him 4 June 1818, No. 4719.  He swears he was a resident citizen on 18 Mar 1818 when he applied and that he has not tried to diminish his property in order to bring him under the Act of Congress pertaining to pensioners.  The property which he owns is as follows: one bay mare very old, two other mares 8 to 9 yrs. old, 10 head of sheep, 2 yearling cattle, 2 ovens and hooks, 2 kettles, one pair of hooks, 2 old coffee pots, 1 tea kettle, 1 old broken skillet, 3 chairs, one reed, one pair of gears, 2 spinning wheels, one big wheel, two old water vessels and shotgun, 5 old water buckets, 2 dishes, 6 bowls, 15 spoons, 11 knives and forks, one candle stick, one tea pot, a log chain, two old broken shovels, a bar share plow, gears, 3 blevins, 3 hoes, 5 augers, 2 chisels, one gouge, a drawing knife, one reel, one small trunk, 4 scythes, 2 sickles, one saddle, six tea cups, one pipes box, 10 pitch forks, one dung fork, one coffee mill, one flat iron, one key, two pint bottles, one churn, one strainer, four bridles, one cutting box and knife, two hammers, pincers, nippers, two knives, 15 old links, one pair of wool cards, one curry comb, one mustard box, 2 axes, snuffers, one iron wedge, one griddle.  His family consists of a wife (not named) who is 53 years of age, unable to labour in consequence of rheumatic pains, four daughters: Elizabeth CROOKSHANKS age 27 yrs., Catherine CROOKSHANKS age 19 yrs., Hester CROOKSHANKS age 12, and Nancy CROOKSHANKS age 6 yrs., tow of whom are able to contribute to their support; also three boys: Alexander CROOKSHANKS age 17 yrs., William CROOKSHANKS age 15 yrs., and George CROOKSHANKS one year old, tow of whom are able to assist in some degree in working to our support.   (Note: surnames of children added to this record to enable their names to appear in the index.)  He is a farmer aged a66 who owns no land, and is unable to support himself in consequence of a wound received in Battle of Guilford Courthouse below his left knee, and from old age and inability is unable to contribute to his own or his family’s support.  Court values his property at $103 and copy of declaration and list of property ordered transmitted to War Dept.[56]


John CROOKSHANKS personally appeared to say he was acquainted with SMITH while a regular soldier in the service of the U.S. during Rev. War, and that he and SMITH enlisted about the same time in Staunton, Augusta Co., Va. and that they both swore in at the same time before a certain Alexander SINCLAIR then a Justice of the Peace for Augusta County and that he enlisted in the company commanded by Capt. John SIMS, also of the 10th Va. Regt., and SMITH says he has no other evidence in his power of his said service.  Court is satisfied that SMITH did serve in the Rev. War for 3 years, and from their own knowledge he is in reduced circumstances, and Clerk is ordered to transmit a copy of these proceedings to Secretary of War.  John CROOKSHANKS, age 65 next January, also personally appeared to make his own declaration that he served in the same Regt. As SMITH and served for 3 years and was in Battle of Brandywine and Jamestown, and that after his 3 years expired, he enlisted in the Legion commanded by Col. Henry LEE and he was in battle of Georgetown and Guilford where he was wounded in the right leg just below the knee, and that he was then put into a hospital at Guilford Courthouse where he remained some time, and then was taken to Charlotte in North Carolina and from thence after some time he was taken to Camden, South Carolina, where he was discharged from service by said General in 1782 and that he has lost said discharge, that he is now a pensioner of the U.S. as will appear by a reference to his certificate of pension signed by W. EUSTUS which he prays may be considered a part of his statement.  (Accompanying this Court hearing was his pension certificate bearing date of 27 April 1810 saying he was on the pension list at the rate of $2.50 per month to commence on 20 December 1809.  He had no other evidence of his service and that the pension now allowed him is not sufficient to support him and that he is in reduced circumstances and needs his country’s support.  Other witnesses testified in his behalf and Court orders clerk to send a copy of these proceedings to Secretary of War.[57]

James W. Ennis Civil War Records

60th Virginia Infantry, Confederate States Army

The 60th Virginia Infantry, originally known as the 3rd Regiment Infantry, Wise Legion, was formed on August 13, 1861, with 10 companies lettered A to K. An 11th company was added in Sept., but the regiment was again reduced to 10 companies when the original Company H was transferred to the 59th Virginia Infantry on November 5, 1861.

Company A - Beirne Sharpshooters

Company B - Greenbrier Mountain Rifles

Company C - Dixie Rifles    (Company of James W. Ennis)

Company D - Allegheny Rifles

Company E - Bruce Rifles

Company F - James River Rifles

Company G - Roane Rangers

Company H1 - Richmond Light Guard

Company H2 - Captain John A. Pack's Company

Company I - Captain White G. Ryan's Company

Company K - Osceola Guards."


The 60th Virginia Infantry was originally commanded by Colonel William E. Starke. While serving as the 3rd Regiment Infantry, Wise Legion under Brigadier General Henry Alexander Wise, the unit fought at Sewell Mountain on September 27, 1861. The 60th Virginia Infantry served in the Army of Northern Virginia in June and July 1862, and as such participated in the Seven Days Battles around Richmond and specifically at Gaines' Mill on June 27, 1862. Reassigned to the Department of Western Virginia and East Tennessee, served in the mountains from the fall of 1862 until the spring of 1864 as part of John McCausland's Brigade. From the spring of 1864 until the end of the war, the regiment served in the Shenandoah Valley as part of Smith's Brigade, Wharton's Division, under General Jubal Anderson Early. Engagements during this period include Cloyd's Mountain, Piedmont, Monocacy, Winchester, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, and Waynesboro.


Summary of James W. Ennis Civil War Service[58]

Enlisted:                        June 26, 1861 at Gauley Bridge by B. H. Jones.

Aug 31, 1861                listed as absent after Gen. Wise fell back from Gauley Bridge.

Dec 31, 1861                                listed as sick at Salem Va.

Feb 29, 1864                listed as absent for six days without leave.

Oct 31, 1864                 listed as absent.  Remarks stated that he had been captured on June 5 at Battle of Piedmon. (1500 confederates were captured at this battle)


He appears on a roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana.  He was received there on June 21, 1864. 


He took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States on June 12, 1865 at Camp Morton, and was released on the same day.


According to a story in the book “The Flood and the Blood”, by Dennis Deitz, copyright 1988, the relatives of James W. Ennis assumed he had died during the war and were surprised when he showed up – after walking home from the prisoner of war camp.



Tracking the Price Line

From: David R. Wood

Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 5:28 PM

Subject: Family Tree


David Preisch

Born: 1692         in: Offenbach(Landau) Rheiland, Pfalz, Germany

Wife: Agnes Hoffman

Born: 1696         in: Offenbach(Landau) Rheiland, Pfalz, Germany



John Michael Price

Born: October 09, 1718 in: Offenbach, Germany

Died: 1802   in: Prices Fork, Montgomery Co. Va

Married:  Between 1740 - 1745

Spouse:  Margaret Killian

Born: 1721  in: Rheinpfalz, Palantine, Rhenish, Bavaria, Germany

Died: After 1785

Father: Andreas Killian

Mother: Mary Cline or Beaver



(1)   Jacob Price

Born: 1760   in: Augusta Co. Va

Married: September 10, 1790 in: Montgomery Co. Va.

Spouse: Hanna Harless

Born: 1775    in: Boteourt Co. Va

(2)    Michael Price

Born:  Abt.  1746    in: Augusta Co. Va.

Died:  1839   in: Montgomery Co. Va

Married about: 1770

Spouse:  Ester Francisco

Born: About 1749   in: Toms Creek, Montgomery Co. Va.

Died: April 18, 1854   in: Montgomery Co. Va



Jacob Price

Hannah Killian


(1)    Tillery Price

Born; About 1802   in: Augusta Co. Va

Married: January 08, 1827  in: Greenbrire Co. Va

Spouse: Hester (Esther) Crookshanks

(2)     Hiram Price

Born: December 02, 1801   in: Montgomery Co. Va.

Married: Februrary 03, 1824

Spouse: Catherine Surface

(3)      Lewis Price

Born: 1782     in:  Montgomery Co. Va.

Died: June 10, 1855

Married: July 06, 1799  in: Montgomery Co. Va

Spouse: Margaret (Peggy) Hareless



This is from our cousin Caroline Rappold in Huntington, W.Va.  I am going to redo this in Word and send it so it will not scrambled.  At least it tells you who Hiram was.  Wait till you see the information on Crookshanks!!!  Will follow soon.  David

Tracking the Anne Anderson Martin Line


Compiled by Carol Beattie, September 2003


Cornelius and Edyth Dabney

Dorothy Dabney married William Anderson

            Anne Anderson married Steven Martin

                        Sherod Martin married Mary

                                    Francis Martin married William Ennis


This document is an attempt to pull together sources of information about Ann(e) Martin, wife of Steven Martin, mother of Sherod Martin, and grandmother of Francis Martin Ennis. Researchers on the Internet have posted several genealogies for this family. This compiler has been able to document some of the information, but full compelling evidence has not been obtained for all connections. Only information that is logical and/or has some supporting evidence is being presented in this report. Other extensions of this line, and much conflicting information, have been posted on the Internet. However, no supporting documentation has been obtained by this compiler, and it is not being included. In a belief that more heads are better than one, this document is being sent to other researchers in the family in the hopes that, together we can find additional proof.



“I Steven Martin being in my proper sences do appoint this my last will & testament. It is my desire that my negro fellow Harry shall be sold and that my son John Martin shall have twenty pounds of the money that he is sold for and that my wife Anne shall have the remainder. I also give to my wife Anne one feather bed one cow two iron potts and all the pewter that I have and one third part of my stock of hoggs. I give to my son Giddeon Martin all the land within the following bounds; beginning at Ben Crawfords line and running parilel with Simpsons Branch (so as to include Gideon Martins plantation) to John Martins line all my land on the south side of the above lines I give to my son Stephen Martin. All my land on the north side of the above mentioned bounds on provision that my wife shall have the plantation whereon I live as long as she lives. I give to my son John Martin my bay mare & my saddle and two cattle. I give to my daughter Ann Smith two cattle. I give my daughter Elizabeth Gragg one cow. I give my wife Ann my sorrill horse. I give the remaining part of my stock of horses cattle hoggs my stock of sheep to be equally divided amongst all my children ElizabethGragg Mary Martin Sherod Martin Stephen Martin Ann Smith John Martin. I do appoint William Martin sole executor.” Signed December the 16th 1768 by Steven Martin with his mark, in the presence of Francis Meriwether, James Martin, William Henderson. Will was presented in court on August 7, 1769. (Note: spelling and punctuation are as in the will.)


CHRIST CHURCH, ST PETER’S PARISH 1653-1812, New Kent Co., Virginia (Found on, Also found in The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786, transcribed by C. G. Chamberlayne, published by The Library Board, Richmond, 1937

Birth/Baptism Records for:

Elizabeth Martin June 01, 1730, parents: Steven Martin and Ann Anderson

Fanny Martin August 02, 1736, parents: Steven Martin and Ann Anderson


*Compiler’s Note: This is the only proof that I have found that ties Ann Anderson to Steven Martin. Is this the correct Steven and Ann Martin? This is the weakest link in the chain. We know that an Elizabeth was listed in Steven’s will, but not Fanny. Could Fanny be Ann Martin Smith? Another researcher believes that Fanny was Francis Martin who married William Martin and died in 1831, in Amherst Co. No other proof of Steven Martin being in New Kent Co has been located. However, there were others with the Martin surname in the county in the early 1700s.


*Compiler’s Note: Gideon Martin, son of Steven and Anne, served in the Revolutionary War. The information was obtained from Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records, Vol 3, compiled by Patrick G Wardell, Heritage Books, Inc. “Gideon Martin esf 1780 Amherst Co., VA, in Captain Azariah Martin’s (no kinship given) company; PN aec 100 Warren Co KY, 1832 F-531232 R1638.” Researchers of Gideon provide a birth date of 1732 and a death date of 1837. The 1732 birth date would fit in with the timeframe of births of Elizabeth and Fanny.



More than one researcher has stated that the Ann Anderson who married Steven Martin was the daughter of William and Dorothy (Dabney) Anderson. (Note: The parentage of Ann is the second weak link.) Cited as proof of the parents of Ann is the will of William Anderson, said to have been proven in 1717 in King William Co, VA. It is reported to name his wife, Dorothy, and children Elizabeth, Susannah, Dabney, Sarah, Mary, Judith, and Ann.


*Compiler’s Note: We have now moved to a section of Virginia that is very confusing. County lines changed several times, as did Parish lines. Also, several counties are known as “Burned Counties”, in that their courthouses were destroyed by fire at various times. In addition, the family of Dorothy Dabney Anderson was located in a part of Virginia where four counties are quite close; New Kent, King William, King and Queen, and Gloucester.


*Compiler’s Note: The Virginia Archives in Richmond are said to have a collection of various wills which have been submitted from the Burned Counties. It is hoped that the will of William may be found there.



The following information about William was found in the book “English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records”, Compiled by Louis des Cognets, Jr., published

From the Quit Rent Roll of King William County for 1704, Capt. Wm. Anderson owned 150 acres.

Appointed Justice of the Peace of King William Co 27 Apr 1710

Appointed Sheriff of King William County 22 April 1712.

County Coroner of King William County in 1714


The following are land patents for William, which are said to be listed in the Virginia Patent Books:

                1663-Head right of William Jones to New Kent Co.

                12/10/1668 Patent 6/213 437 acres New Kent Co

                3/11/1675/76 Patent ?/601 60 acres Gloucester Co

                9/22/1682 Patent 7/186 90 acres New Kent Co

                4/25/1701 Patent 9/350 179.5 acres King & Queen Co

From the description of the land, it is thought that William likely owned land on both sides of the Poroptank River and the county line between Gloucester and King William Counties.



The following are land patents, which tie Dorothy Dabney to William Anderson, and her father, Cornelius Dabney:

                1699: James Dabney, Geo. Dabney, Dorothy Dabney and Sarah Dabney, devisees of Cornelius

Dabney, dec’d were heirs of 700 acres to which was added Low Land thereto adjoining 150

acres in Pamunkey Neck.


25 Apr 1701: Patented 179 acres, St. John’s Parish, King & Queen Co., VA, next to her sister

Sarah. That date Sarah Dabney was patented 179.5 acres in Pamunkey Neck within King and

Queen Co., VA, beginning at a hickory on Pownces Swamp and running by marked trees

dividing this from James Dabney’s land, bounded also by her sister Dorothy’s land Pownce’s

Swamp and the water course of the said swamp.


                “Wm.Anderson & Dorothy, his wife 179.5 acres in Pamunkey Neck; K & Q Co., in St. John’s

Par; on Pownce’s Sw; adj. Sarah Dabney; 25 Apr 1701, p. 350. Trans of 4 pers: George Moody,

Anne Parker, George Summersett, Robert Breadwood. Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of

Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol 3:1695-1732




The first patent of land to Cornelius Dabney is said to be dated 1664. It may be found in the Archives Division of the Virginia State Library in Richmond, and it reads as follows:

“To all to whome these presents shall come: Now know ye, that I, the said Sir William Berkeley, Knt., Governer of Virginia, do give and grant unto Cornelius Dabony, two hundred acres of land lying in New Kent County on the south side of York river above Tettopotomoyes Creek, beginning at a white oak at the mouth of the creek and along the creek westerly 750 poles to a maple and thence N by W 152 poles to a… the river side, thence down the river 750 poles easterly to the first station where it began. Being marked all round by marked trees and the river and the aforesaid creek. Two hundred acres part hereby being formerly granted to the said Daboney by patent dated the 27th of September 1664 and one hundred acres being due unto the said Dabany for the transportation of two persons…. To have and to hold and to be held and yielding and paying (et)….Given under my hand the 16th day of March 1667.

Headrights attached: Jone Winter & Besse an Indian.”


*Compiler’s Note: Transporting means the bringing in from overseas or a neighboring colony. Colonists were given land for bringing other people into the colony.


*Compiler’s Note: This researcher has not seen the above patent. However, it has been cited in several sources, and said to be in Land Patent Book, No 5, page 370.  One source is Old New Kent County Some Account of The Planters, Plantations, and Places in King William County St. John’s Parish, Vol.II by Malcolm Hart Harris (Another reason for a trip to Richmond.)



From The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, December 31, 1915, Vol. XXIII, Abstracts by W. N. Sainsbury, and copies in the McDonald and De Jarnette Papers, Virginia State Library, Virginia in 1677-1678.

                “Virginia June 29, 1678

                Cockacoeroe, Queen of Pamunkey to Colonel Francis Moryson. Finds by experience the great

                King of England to be her very good friend. Shall make it her business to possess her neighbour

                Indians and others to be of the same mind and affection to his Majesty as herself and hopes her

                Example will be a pattern to all those who are concerned in these late Articles of Peace never

                To be violated. If any insurrection arise it will be contrary to the knowledge of the Queen who

                Will endeavour to put a period to the least of differences. Has vowed perpetual fidelity to his

                Majesty. Confesses her fault in running away. Her grievences are deferred to the next

                Assembly. Is very much dissatisfied with the Rappahannocks who are very disobedient to her

                Commands for what she bids them do in behalf of the English; they are a deceitful people.

                Her son presents his humble service to the great King of England. ‘This is the interpretation

                Of the Queen of Pamunkey with her mark attested by me Cornelius Dabney. (Colonial Papers

                1 p.)”

                                Footnote: “This is the first time that the name of the Queen of Pamunkey appears in our

                                Records. She was at the head of what remained of the Indians once ruled by Powhatan

                                and Opecancanough. She had been the wife of Tottopotomoy who was killed as an ally

of the settlers in the fight at Bloody Run. The running away she refers to occurred during Bacon’s Rebellion. Cornelius Dabney, long an Indian interpreter, was also a planter and was ancestor of the well-known Virginia family of the name.”


*Compiler’s Note: The Pamunkey Tribe was part of the confederation of Indian tribes that John Smith dealt with in early Virginia history. There continues to be a Pamunkey Indian Reservation on the maps of Virginia. Information about the tribe is available on the Internet.


The Origin of the Dabney family of Virginia, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XLV, April, 1937, No. 2., Author Charles William Dabney

(Note: This is a well researched article, which sets out to prove that the ancestry of Cornelius is English and not French Hugenot, as many had claimed.)


Land Records from the Virginia Land Office

1.       Sept. 27, 1664; Cornelius DeBaney (his name, appearing several times in the patent, has

been incorrectly copied as deBonis and deBoney); 200 acres on Tottopotomoy’s Creek, South Side of York River, a little below the fort of Manaskin. For the transportation of four persons.

2.       June 7, 1666; Cornelius Debney, 640 acres on the lower side of Tottopotomoy’s Creek,

York River, next land of Robert Anderson and John Fleming. Purchased from Mr. Littlepage and James Turner. For the transportation of thirteen persons.

3.       March 16, 1667; Cornelius Dabony, 300 acres on South Side of York River and upper side

of Tottopotomoy’s Creek. For the transportation of two persons, Jone Winter and Besse an Indian.


                Sainsbury’s Abstracts of Colonial State Papers, extant in the Public Records Office in London

1.       Conclusion of a letter written 29, June 1678 “Sr. my Wife Eedeth has her humble

Service p’sented unto y’ Hono’, would gladly send y’ one of her Boyes a yeare or two hence. My humble service to y’ Hono’. I am: Sr: y’ Hono’s most humble servant in all obedience Cornelius Dabney.”


2.       “Two letters dated September and October, 1686, from William Byrd in Virginia to

Perry and Lane in London requesting payment of L6, S37 drawn on them by Cornelius Daboney. Perry and Lane were London agents for most of the wealthy Virginia families in the latter part of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. (There are also records among the Colony’s papers in Richmond of the payment in tobacco of Cornelius Dabney’s salary as agent to the Indians.”


“Here we have evidence that Cornelius Dabney was a British citizen of age, for no alien or minor could receive land grants or hold office, and that he had an English wife and at least two boys, one at least old enough in 1678 to be sent to England to school. To have acquired land and to have learned the language of the Indians, Cornelius Dabney must have been in Virginia at least twenty years when this letter was written in 1678."


                                    3.  “The St. Peter’s Vestrybook, which starts in 1680, shows that Cornelius Dabney was

             a member of the vestry of that church and had attended eighteen meetings, nearly every one, from 1684 to October 25, 1693 (he died soon thereafter, as shown by the burial records), and that he was present at the meeting in 1684, the year before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. This indicates early residence in New Kent, for only matured men were admitted to the vestry. Accordingly on May 1, 1694, a vestryman was appointed to serve as church warden for two years—the customary term—‘in ye place of Mr. Cornelius Dabboni’, deceased. All this shows that Cornelius Dabney was an Englishman and a member of the Church of England and ranked among the best men in the county. St. Peter’s Vestry was for a century probably the most aristocratic vestry in Virginia.”




Should you chose to do a search on the Internet about this family, you will find much conflicting information. There are at least two other wives ascribed to Cornelius, one, Sarah Jennings, was probably the wife of a son or grandson, instead. Cornelius may have had a second wife, Susannah. Some even say his second wife may have been a Native American.


It would be great if all of this lineage could be proven. However, I doubt that some information will ever be found. It makes for great history if it is true. What do you think? Any ideas? Let me know, if you come up with any research possibilities for any of this. Even if this turn out to be totally incorrect, I had an interesting time compiling the info.  Carol Beattie, 14 September, 2003.



Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. #15, Oct 1977, Number 4, pp. 142-148

History of Louisa County, Virginia, by Malcolm H. Harris, 1936, pp.305-307

The Colonial Genealogist XII:3 has article written by Arden H. Brame Jr entitled “The English Birth

            And Ancestry of Cornelius Dabney”

The Early descendants of Wm. Overton and Mary Elizazbeth Waters of Virginia and Allied Lines, W. P. Anderson

William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 8, p.105, Vol. 11, p. 122

Bits and Pieces (Ennis)

Virginia Soldiers of 1776 Affidavits.

The decision rendered at the Sept. Court, Amelia county, 1830, was that Rice Ennis died intestate, leaving his widow Frances Ennis who is now living and the following children:--Mary Cosby, widow of Jeremiah Cosby, John Ennis, Lucy Boatright (wife of Alexander Boatright), and one grandchild, William Baughan, son of Susanna Ennis who is deceased and was the wife of William Baughan; these and no other heirs.


William W. Ennis (b. Sep 2, 1808 d. Oct 15, 1886 Fountain Co, IN m: Rebecca Meek 1837)



George Ennis b. 1812 Stafford Co, VA m: 7 Mar 1828 in Fauquier Co, VA

        Son         Charles Henry Ennis b. 1841 Stafford Co, VA



Contract between James W. Ennis and his sister, Margret Ennis

Article of agreement entered into this the 19th day of February 1892 between James W. Ennis of the first part and Marget Ennis of the second part.  The said Marget Ennis now gives up her entire possession and enters into a new contract.  J. W. Ennis agrees to rent the said Marget Ennis the house which she now lives in for the term of one year and the said Marget is to move out and give the said J. W. Ennis full possession when the year is out and the said J. W. Ennis further agrees to let the said Marget Marget help him to work the field around said house in corn and the said Marget Ennis and Wallace is to help with the balance of the crop and her son Wallace is to help to put out work and gather the said corn and is to have one third of what is raised on said field and the said Marget is to have no fruit only what the said J. W. Ennis has cause to let her have and the said Marget Ennis is to have no authority whatever only what is named in this article of agreement and the said Marget Ennis is to harbor no men and if the said Marget forfits this contract in any way she is to move out and give the said J. W. Ennis full possession in ten days notice as witness our hand and seal Feb 19th 1892.

J. W. Ennis

Marget Ennis her mark

Witness W. Ennis

Will Records

Will abstract of Sherod Martin

SHEROD MARTIN[59] -- Book 4, Page 147 -- May 3, 1803, writtten; June 18, 1804, probated. Witnesses: ELIJAH L. WILLIAMS, CHAS. SMITH, WM. FOX. Son, SHEROD; son, GEO., and his oldest son, JOS. MARTIN, and his son, THOS., when they are of age; my gun, commonly called "Jeoffrey"; my son, JOS., and his two oldest sons, SHEROD and JAS. - land near Irving's Road and Rockfish Gap Road to widow HENDERSON's. Grandson, MARSHALL INNIS, son of WM. INNIS - mountain plantation next to RICH. RICHARDSON and where my son, SHEROD, and WM. INNIS built a warehouse last year - line of CHAS. SMITH; granddaughter, DECCA INNIS - slaves to stay with her parents as long as either of them lives; grandson, JEOFFRY MARTIN, son of MOLLY MARTIN; daughter, SALLY, where she lives and at her death to grandson, JEOFFREY MARTIN. My ux (wife), MARY - land to where JAS. SHIELDS lives from top of Stoney Hill. Our son, ELISHA's, child or children. Mare bought of THOS. D'PRIEST. Grandson, RUEBEN MARTIN, son of ELISHA MARTIN; my four grandchildren: JOS. , GEO., ELISHA, and SHEROD MARTIN. Executors: friends, CAPT. AZARIAH MARTIN and HUDSON MARTIN and my sons, SHEROD and GEO. MARTIN.

Book 4, Page 174 -- Inventory -- June 14, 1805; CHAS. SMITH, CHAS. BRIDGWATER, RO. HENDERSON.

Book 4, Page 396 -- Administrator's Bond -- GEO. and HUDSON MARTIN and THRUSTON DICKERSON, December 17, 1804, for GEO. MARTIN. This is indexed for THOS. MARTIN, but in document it appears to be SHD. MARTIN.

Will abstract of Steven Martin

STEVEN MARTIN[60] -- Book 1, Page 399 -- December 15, 17688, written; August 7, 1769, probated. Witnesses: FRANS MERIWETHER, JAS. MARTIN, WM. HENDERSON. Son, JNO.; my ux, ANNE; (Do any of you know if ux means wife?) son, GIDEON - land by BEN CRAWFORD; SIMPSON's branch; JNO. MARTIN; GIDEON's plantation. Son, STEPHEN; my daughter, ANN SMITH; daughter, ELIZ. CRAGG; daughter, MARY MARTIN; my son, SHEROD MARTIN. Administrator: WM MARTIN.

Book 1, Page 140 -- Administrator's Bond -- WM. MARTIN, HENRY KEY, JNO. JACOBS, August 7, 1769, for WM. MARTIN.

Book 1, Page 152 -- Inventory -- no total; November  6, 1769. ALEX. PATTON, JNO. MARTIN, SHEROD MARTIN.

Book 1, Page 198 -- Administrator's Account of administrator - legatees: WM. CRAGG, DAVID MARTIN, SHEROD MARTIN, RO. McWHORTER, GIDEON MARTIN, STEPHEN MARTIN, ANN SMITH, JNO. MARTIN. Committee: FRANCIS MERIWETHER; ALEX. REID, JR.; July 1, 1771

Book 4, Page 392 -- Administrator's Bond -- STEPHEN MARTIN and JAS. BROOKS, February 18, 1805, for STEPHEN MARTIN




Annie L. Gwinn (1894-1985)

Mrs. Annie Lee Gwinn, 90, of Beckley, died Monday in a local hospital after a long illness.  Born Dec. 9, 1894, at Meadow Bridge, she was a daughter of the late James Harvey and Hulda Jane Kincaid Ennis. Mrs. Gwinn was a member of the Red Springs Community Church and was a homemaker. She was preceded in death by her husband, Leonard Cline Gwinn in 1945 and a son, Hubert Gwinn in 1958.

Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Elcho (Hiltron) Hughart of Meadow Bridge; four sons, Harold and Clyde Hiltron Gwinn, both of Beckley, Harlan Gwinn of Piney View and Harlton Gwinn, address unknown; 15 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Services will be Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Wallace and Wallace Funeral Home chapel in Rainelle with the Rev. Earl Lewis officiating. Burial will be in the Ennis Cemetery at Meadow Bridge. Friends may call today from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

James W. Ennis (1839-1923)

Dec. 5, 1923, Co. C 60th Va. Infantry C.S.A.

An old resident of the eastern part of Fayette County died at his home at Red Springs December 5, 1923. He was born April 15, 1839, in Greenbrier County, but when 10 years of age, moved with his parents to Fayette County.

Besides his wife, he is survived by the following: William, Noel, and Benjamin Ennis of Red Springs. John Ennis of Grandview, W. I. Ennis of Beckley, Andrew Ennis of Mahan. Mrs. F. J. Goad of Grandview, Mrs. A. A. Godard of Red Springs, Mrs. Cline Gwinn of Red Springs, and two grandchildren, Forest and Ralph Grigsby, sons of the late Susan Grigsby of Mahan.[61]

Myrl H. Ennis (1910-1987)

Myrl Houston Ennis, 77 of Meadow Bridge died Friday, Feb. 27, at a Fairlea hospital following a long illness.

Born Jan. 27, 1910, in Fayette County, he was the son of the late Wallace and Bertie Smith Ennis.

Ennis was a retired coal miner.

Survivors include four daughters, Bertha Atkinson of Uniontown, Pa., Bertie Lou Fernatt of Dennison, Ohio, Betty Armstrong of Richfield, Ohio, and Rosie Adkins of Ravenna, Ohio; a brother, Flura Ennis of Meadow Bridge; five sisters, Macel Hightower of Beckley, and Matrue Reynolds, Myrtle Stevens and Ethel and Elsie Ennis, all of Meadow Bridge; 15 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Meadow River Post, March, 1987.

Cemetery Records

Ennis Cemetery, Fayette Co, W. VA (Ennis, Goddard)

Bacus Mountain Road  (90 unmarked graves)[62]

Alva C. Ballenger                                Susan Ennis Grigsby           Estaline M. Ballenger          Wm. I. Ennis          

b. 1903  d. 1973                                  b. 1879  d. 1902                  b. 1901  d. 1908                  b. 1892  d. 1976   WWI


Daisy E. Goddard                                                Mary Grigsby                       Evelyn Louise Meakin       Theodore K. Ennis

b. 1881  d. 1969                                  1921                                                                                       b. 1902  d. 1973   WWII

                                                                Dewey Ballenger

Ida M. Adkins                                      b. 1892  d. 1924                  Charles W. Jones                 Edgar L. Ennis

                                                                b. 1896  d. 1969                  b. 1903  d. 1921                  b. 1885  d. 1969


James Adkins                                       Elmer H. Fleshman             Ruth Jane Ballanger           Annie Dean Ennis

b. 1914  d. 1972                                  b. 1884  d. 1935                  b. 1858  d. 1917                  b. 1899  d. 1924


Leona May Ennis                                                Wm. H. Ballenger                Joseph Tincher                     Theodore F. Ennis

b. 1903  d. 1905                                  b. 1874  d. 1935                  b. 1886  d. 1923                  born and died 1924


Everet E. Ennis                                     Lottie R. Ballenger              Hezikiah L. Tincher            Henry E. Ennis Walker

b. 1922  d. 1942                                  b. 1879  d. 1962                  b. 1861  d. 1932                  d. 19??  Age 44

Delitha A. Tincher[63]

Homer E. Ennis                                    Mary M. Kincaid                 b. 1867  d. 1948                  Henry Ennis[64]

b. 1891  d. 1960                                  b. 1862  d. 1938                                                                  b. 1896  d. 1946  WWI


Ella M. Ennis                                                                                        Dad: Wm. N. Jones

b. 1900  d. 1979                                  Alga E. Ballenger                 b. 1872  d. 1948                  James Harvey Ennis

                                                                b. 1913  d. 1961                  Amanda E. Jones                                b. 1864  d. 1943

Jas. Valley Ganoe                                                                                b. 1884  d. 1972

b. 1904  d. 1933                                  Myrtle V. Ballenger                                                             Ladonia M. (Ripley) Ennis

                                                                1916                                       Cecil C. Tincher                   b. 1865  d. 1939

James V. Gunnoe                                                                                                b. 1897  d. 1934

b. 1928  d. 1959                                  Della Ennis Berry[65]                                                              W. A. Ripley

                                                                b. 1896  d. 1914                  George R. Walker                b. 1873  d. 1937

John H. Thompson                                                                             1924       - Son

b. 1882  d. 1948                                  Thomas Berry                      Emma R. Walker                 O.O. or D.D. Ripley

                                                                b. 1891  d. 1963                  b. 1889  d. 1929  Mother   Co. C. 4th W.Va. Inf.

Druzilla M. Thompson

b. 1887  d. 1941                                  James Ronald Berry           Ova Grady Berry                 Wm. Dorse Goddard

                                                                b. 1937  d. 1968                  Pvt. U.S. Army WWII         b. 1905  d. 1937

Sharad Ennis                                                                                        b. 1917  d. 1975

b. 1842  d. 1931                                  Roy R. Ramsey                                                                   Ocie Goddard

Elizabeth Ennis                                    b. 1928  d. 1940                  Edna Pearl Berry                 b. 1912  d. 1953

b. 1849  d. 1926                                                                                  b. 1893  d. 1976

                                                                Lula B. Ennis[66]                                                                     J. Thomas Goddard

Floyd Goad                                           b. 1880  d. 1917                  Herbert Hoover Berry         b. 1898  d. 1968

b. 1869  d. 1940                                                                                  b. 1929  d. 1947

Sarah Goad                                          Sharad Ennis, Sr.                                                                 S. L. Goddard

b. 1873  d. 1952                                  Ester Ennis                            Wm. Edward Fox                                b. 1865  d. 1938

                                                                                                                b. 1905  d. 1963

James W. Ennis                                    Ora Walker                                                                           Marsha Ellen Goddard

Co. C. 60th Va. Inf. C.S.A.                1907                                       Jackie Lee Gardner             born and died 1956

                                                                                                                b. 1948  d. 1970

Hulda Ennis                                          Esta Kincaid - Sister                                                            Russell Adkins

b. 1850  d. 1938                                                                                  Catherine Tincher                b. 1922  d. 1975


Julia F. Hugart                                      Tom Carter                           Charles H. Gill                      Richard Thomas Smoot

b. 1897  d. 1974                                  d. 1928                                  b. 1932  d. 1952                  b. 1915  d. 1971


Pvt. Howard Emil Hugart, Jr.            Bessie Adkins                       Esta Gill                                 Wm. Adkins

b. 1930  d. 1952                                  b. 1885  d. 1969                  b. 1885  d. 1942                  b. 1856  d. 1944


Olmer Sylvan Gwinn                           Samuel Henry Fox              John S. Gill                            Harlow Fox

1917                                                       b. 1863  d. 1937                  b. 1880  d. 1971                  b. 1937  d. 1968


Olsen Wendell Gwinn                          Virginia Susan Fox              Gregory Howard Hughart  Hubert L. Fox

b. 1915  d. 1916                                  b. 1867  d. 1930                  1956                                       b. 1940  d. 1978


Andrew Allen Ennis, Sr.                      Herbert Russel Fox              Randol Lee Fox                   Shelvia J. Fox

b. 1889  d. 1967  WWI                       b. 1901  d. 1959                  d. 1957                                  1948


Beatrice H. Ennis                                 Cecil Carl Fox                      Wallace G. Ennis[67]               Christopher Edward Fox

b. 1895 -                                                b. 1905  d. 1975                  b. 1880  d. 1964                  1974


James Noel Ennis                                                Layland Goddard                                L. Cline Gwinn[68]                   Ralph Bragg

b. 1880  d. 1963                                  b. 1908  d. 1964                  b. 1892  d. 1945                  b. 1904  d. 1904

Della Mae Ennis                                                                                  Father: Hubert H. Gwinn

b. 1889  d. 1977                                  Thelma K. Goddard            b. 1920  d. 1958   WWII    James Oscar Ennis[69]

                                                                b. 1911  d. 1963                                                                  b. 1887  d. 1978  WWI

Descendants of GEORGE ENNIS

Generation No. 1




Children of GEORGE ENNIS and MARY ENNIS* are:

                   i.    JAMES3 ENNIS, b. 11 Mar 1752, STAFFORD CO, VA.

2.               ii.    WILLIAM (BILLY) D. ENNIS, b. 9 Jul 1765, STAFFORD CO, VA; d. Abt. 1855, res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3 ENNIS (GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 9 Jul 1765 in STAFFORD CO, VA, and died Abt. 1855 in res. KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  He married FRANCES (FANNY) MARTIN 27 Jan 1795 in ALBEMARLE CO, VA, daughter of SHEROD MARTIN and MARY MARTIN*.  She was born in VIRGINIA, and died Bef. 1850 in VIRGINIA.



                   i.    DECCA4 ENNIS.

                  ii.    JOHN ENNIS, b. Abt. 1795; d. res. BOWLING GREEN, KY.

                 iii.    MARSHALL ENNIS, b. 1797, NELSON CO, VA; d. Bef. 1870, res. BATH CO, VA; m. MARY (POLLY) NALLY, 31 May 1831, BATH CO, VA; b. 1800, ALBEMARLE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1850, res. BATH CO, VA.

3.              iv.    SARAH (SALLY) ENNIS, b. 15 Jul 1798, VIRGINIA; d. 22 May 1893, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

4.               v.    JAMES (COOPER) ENNIS, b. 1802, VIRGINIA; d. 19 Jul 1876, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

5.              vi.    SHERROD ENNIS, b. 1807, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 4 Feb 1882, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Sewell).



Generation No. 3


3.  SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS (WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 15 Jul 1798 in VIRGINIA, and died 22 May 1893 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.  She married WILLIAM CRAWFORD PUCKETT 17 Mar 1825 in NELSON CO, VA.  He was born 1 Jul 1799 in AMHERST CO, VA, and died 10 Sep 1848 in GREENBRIER CO, VA.



6.                i.    MARTHA5 PUCKETT.

7.               ii.    MARY (POLLY) BROCKETT PUCKETT, d. 13 Jan 1880.

8.              iii.    WILLIAM C. PUCKETT, JR., b. Abt. 1825.

9.              iv.    JAMES MARION PUCKETT, b. 25 Oct 1826; d. 11 Nov 1913.

10.             v.    MARY JANE PUCKETT, b. 1831.

11.            vi.    AMELIA PUCKETT, b. 1836.

12.           vii.    AMANDA PUCKETT, b. 30 Mar 1838, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 12 Apr 1916, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

13.          viii.    SAMUEL T. PUCKETT, b. Abt. 1839.

14.            ix.    ELIZABETH (BETSEY) PUCKETT, b. Abt. 1841.



4.  JAMES (COOPER)4 ENNIS (WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1802 in VIRGINIA, and died 19 Jul 1876 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  He married JANE (RUTH) NEWHOUSE 13 Mar 1834 in KANAWHA CO, VA, daughter of HENRY NEWHOUSE and ELIZABETH CLAYPOLE.  She was born 17 Apr 1815 in VIRGINIA, and died 19 Apr 1897 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.


Children of JAMES ENNIS and JANE NEWHOUSE are:

15.              i.    MARY ELIZABETH5 ENNIS, b. 1834, VIRGINIA.

16.             ii.    SARAH (SALLY) ENNIS, b. Jan 1837, KANAWHA CO, VA; d. Aft. 1901, KANAWHA CO, VA.

                 iii.    VIRGINIA ENNIS, b. 1839, VIRGINIA.



5.  SHERROD4 ENNIS (WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1807 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 4 Feb 1882 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Sewell).  He married ESTHER (HESTER) CROOKSHANKS 26 Jan 1833 in VIRGINIA, daughter of JOHN CROOKSHANKS and MARY CLOVERFIELD.  She was born 1807 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, and died Aft. 4 Feb 1882 in res. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    MARY5 PRICE, m. HULET.

                  ii.    JOHN PRICE.

17.            iii.    MARSHALL ENNIS, b. 10 Jul 1834, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 13 Dec 1921, VINTON CO, OH.

18.            iv.    JAMES WILLIAM ENNIS, b. 15 Apr 1837, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 5 Dec 1923, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

19.             v.    FRANCES SARAH ENNIS, b. 1838, GREENBRIER CO, VA.

20.            vi.    ELIZABETH ENNIS, b. 29 Dec 1839, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Abt. 1864, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

21.           vii.    SHERROD ENNIS, JR, b. 17 Feb 1842, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Nov 1931.

22.          viii.    CATHERINE ENNIS, b. Abt. 1843, FAYETTE CO, VA.

23.            ix.    ARCHIBALD F. ENNIS, b. 1844, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 1927.

                  x.    ESTHER JANE ENNIS, b. 1847, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Bef. Aug 1860, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

24.            xi.    DELITHA A. ENNIS, b. 10 Mar 1848, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. Aft. 1880, res. SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

25.           xii.    MARGARET A. ENNIS, b. 1850, FAYETTE CO, VA.



Generation No. 4






                  ii.    JOSEPH VANDALL, m. MARY HAGERATY.

                 iii.    JOHN VANDALL, m. RINDA BENNETT.

                 iv.    THOMAS VANDALL, m. MARY SUSAN EAGLE; b. 1869.






                   i.    JOHN C.6 PATTERSON, b. 6 Jun 1833, GREENBRIER CO, VA; m. M. E. J. HINKLE, 12 Apr 1866.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH PATTERSON, b. 6 Dec 1834, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 7 Sep 1866.

                 iii.    WILLIAM PATTERSON, b. 4 Sep 1836, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 17 Sep 1863.

                 iv.    MARY M. PATTERSON, b. 3 May 1838, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. Jun 1900; m. LEE LOWRY, 26 Feb 1861.

                  v.    CATHERINE L. PATTERSON, b. 16 Oct 1839, GREENBRIER CO, VA; m. JAMES LAWSON LOWRY, 4 Apr 1867.

                 vi.    THOMAS H. PATTERSON, b. 7 Feb 1842, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 2 Nov 1872; m. ANNA HAWES, 7 Oct 1868.

                vii.    VIRGINIA (JENNIE) PATTERSON, b. 28 Jan 1844, GREENBRIER CO, VA; m. HENRY JONES, 3 Oct 1872.

               viii.    JOSEPH HUNTER PATTERSON, b. 23 Nov 1847, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 24 Dec 1926; m. KATHRYN SURBAUGH, 6 May 1884.






                   i.    VIRGINIA F.6 PUCKETT, b. Abt. 1861; m. (1) TINSLEY BROWN, Aft. 1881; m. (2) HENRY EDWARD EAGLE, 1 Jul 1881, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; b. 16 Sep 1859; d. 19 Nov 1920.

                  ii.    MARY BELL PUCKETT, b. Abt. 1863; m. JOHN SMITH, 20 May 1887, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.



9.  JAMES MARION5 PUCKETT (SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 25 Oct 1826, and died 11 Nov 1913.  He married ELIZABETH FOX 6 Dec 1849.  She was born 22 May 1827, and died 23 May 1898.



                   i.    MARY CATHERINE6 PUCKETT, b. 10 Jan 1851, VALE, W.VA; d. 7 May 1918; m. JOHN MARTIN, 13 Apr 1876, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    MARTHA JANE PUCKETT, b. 30 Mar 1853, VALE, W.VA; d. 5 May 1927; m. SIMON J. WOOLRIDGE, REV..

                 iii.    SARAH (SALLY) PUCKETT, b. 25 Nov 1855; d. 2 Jun 1927; m. JOSEPH HEDRICKS, 28 Nov 1872, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    LOVIE ALICE PUCKETT, b. 10 Mar 1858; m. ABRAHAM M. FRANTZ, REV., 9 Dec 1880.

                  v.    JOSEPH PUCKETT, b. 16 Nov 1860; d. 14 Jan 1863.

                 vi.    JAMES HARVEY PUCKETT, b. 24 Nov 1863, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 12 Mar 1950; m. (1) MARY A. HUTCHINS; m. (2) CARA C. HILL.

                vii.    JOHN THOMAS PUCKETT, m. (1) ELIZABETH MCCLUNG; m. (2) PEARL MURPHY.

               viii.    GENERAL FLOYD PUCKETT, b. 2 Feb 1869, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; m. MOLLY DONNALLY.





Children of MARY PUCKETT and HENRY EAGLE are:

                   i.    JAMES6 EAGLE, b. 1853; m. BETTY ZIMMERMAN.

                  ii.    THOMAS EAGLE, b. 1855; m. FRANCIS FLESHMAN, 11 Mar 1878, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    HENRY EDWARD EAGLE, b. 16 Sep 1859; d. 19 Nov 1920; m. VIRGINIA F. PUCKETT, 1 Jul 1881, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; b. Abt. 1861.

                 iv.    BENJAMIN S. EAGLE, b. 21 Mar 1863; d. 2 May 1882.

                  v.    SARAH EAGLE, b. 20 Nov 1865; d. 27 Jan 1942; m. EDWARD RAYMOND ZIMMERMAN, 28 Sep 1886.

                 vi.    MARY SUSAN EAGLE, b. 1869; m. THOMAS VANDALL.

                vii.    JOHN WILSON EAGLE, b. 18 Mar 1873; d. 30 Jan 1956; m. IDA JANE GIBSON, 17 Oct 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.






                   i.    JIM6 FOX, m. (1) VIRGINIA ANN JONES; m. (2) MINNIE SEARS.



12.  AMANDA5 PUCKETT (SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 30 Mar 1838 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, and died 12 Apr 1916 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.  She married SAMUEL GODDARD 30 Nov 1858 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  He was born 16 Dec 1837, and died 6 Jan 1925.



                   i.    SALLY ANN6 GODDARD, b. 8 Jun 1860, GREENBRIER CO, VA; d. 15 Feb 1879.

                  ii.    MARY J. GODDARD, b. 28 Jan 1863, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 22 Jul 1934; m. DAVID SIMS, 6 Dec 1882.

                 iii.    GRANT GODDARD, COL, b. 22 Oct 1865, GREENBRIER CO,W. VA; d. 30 Mar 1906; m. ALICE KENNEY, 6 Sep 1888.

                 iv.    CRYRUS A. GODDARD, b. 3 Jun 1868, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 10 Mar 1951; m. VIRGINIA FOX.

26.             v.    FILMORE GODDARD, b. 1 Nov 1871, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 19 Jul 1955, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    LEDONIA GODDARD, b. 27 Oct 1874, GREENBRIER CO,W. VA; m. (1) OTTO KENNEY; m. (2) SHORT.



13.  SAMUEL T.5 PUCKETT (SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Abt. 1839.  He married ELIZABETH WILLIAMS 11 Feb 1862 in GREENBRIER CO, VA.  She was born Feb 1839.



27.              i.    LAURA6 PUCKETT, b. Abt. 1863, GREENBRIER CO, W VA; d. Abt. 1934, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    JAMES EZRA PUCKETT, b. Dec 1865; m. (1) LIZZIE A. WILLIAMS; m. (2) JUNIE SIMMS.

                 iii.    WILLIAM AUSTIN PUCKETT, b. 1 Nov 1872, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 1 Nov 1951; m. DORCAS D. CROOKSHANKS.

                 iv.    SAMEUL E. PUCKETT, b. Sep 1881; m. GEORGIA A. DONNELLY, 13 Nov 1902, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.



14.  ELIZABETH (BETSEY)5 PUCKETT (SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Abt. 1841.  She married WILLIAM PATTERSON, son of JOHN PATTERSON and ELIZABETH CARAWAY.  He was born Abt. 1793, and died Aug 1862 in COLUMBUS, OH.



28.              i.    JOHN HENRY6 PATTERSON, b. 22 Jan 1832, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 7 Feb 1904.

29.             ii.    THOMAS PATTERSON, b. Abt. 1843, GREENBRIER CO, VA.

                 iii.    ELMIRA PATTERSON, m. JOHN REYNOLDS.

30.            iv.    CHARLIE PATTERSON.



15.  MARY ELIZABETH5 ENNIS (JAMES (COOPER)4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1834 in VIRGINIA.  She married (1) WILLIAM H. WELLS 18 Feb 1858 in KANAWHA CO, VA.  He was born Abt. 1835.  She married (2) AUSTEN HUNDLEY 26 May 1868 in KANAWHA CO, VA. 



                   i.    WILLIAM A.6 WELLS, b. 1859, VIRGINIA.



16.  SARAH (SALLY)5 ENNIS (JAMES (COOPER)4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Jan 1837 in KANAWHA CO, VA, and died Aft. 1901 in KANAWHA CO, VA.  She married MARSHALL EDWARD JACKSON, REV. 14 Jul 1857 in KANAWHA CO, VA.  He was born 1820 in ALLEGHENY CO, VA, and died 22 May 1914.



                   i.    GREENBRIER FRAZIER6 JACKSON.


                 iii.    WILLIAM ALLEN JACKSON.

                 iv.    SAMUEL H. JACKSON.

                  v.    CHARLES EDWARD JACKSON.

                 vi.    JAMES A. JACKSON, b. 1859, KANAWHA CO, VA.



17.  MARSHALL5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 10 Jul 1834 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, and died 13 Dec 1921 in VINTON CO, OH.  He married (1) ELIZA A. MARSHALL Abt. 1857.  She was born 1836 in VIRGINIA.  He married (2) MARIA WITHERSPOON Abt. 1863 in OHIO.  She was born 31 Jan 1839 in OHIO, and died 17 Aug 1902 in VINTON CO, OH.  He married (3) MARGARET A. NARCULL 13 Dec 1903 in FAYETTE CO, WVA.  She was born 1860 in VIRGINIA.



                   i.    CROCILLA A.6 ENNIS, b. 1857, GREENBRIER CO, VA; m. HIRAM ROBINETTE, 27 Jun 1877, VINTON CO, OH.

                  ii.    FRANCIS CATHARINE ENNIS, b. 22 Jul 1859, GREENBRIER CO, VA; m. WILLIAM E. STANLEY, 14 Nov 1878, VINTON CO, OH.

31.            iii.    MARY MAGDALINE ENNIS, b. 17 Oct 1861, VIRGINIA; d. 14 Mar 1949, ATHENS CO, OH.




32.            iv.    ALICE AMANDA6 ENNIS, b. Abt. 1865, OHIO; d. 24 Sep 1944, ALBANY, OH.

                  v.    MATILDA ENNIS, b. 1868, OHIO.

                 vi.    HENRIETTA ENNIS, b. May 1870, OHIO; m. KENNEY.

33.           vii.    ROSA MAY ENNIS, b. 13 Nov 1872, VINTON CO, OH; d. 30 Nov 1953, FRANKLIN CO, OH.

34.          viii.    WILLIAM J. ENNIS, b. Aug 1875, OHIO; d. Aft. 1953, ALBANY, OH.

                 ix.    CORDELIA (JANE) ENNIS, b. 1878, OHIO; m. WILLIAM A. DAILEY, 1 Dec 1898, VINTON CO, OH.

                  x.    SAMUEL ENNIS, b. 11 Dec 1879, VINTON CO, OH.

                 xi.    VIOLA ENNIS, b. Mar 1885, OHIO.



18.  JAMES WILLIAM5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 15 Apr 1837 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, and died 5 Dec 1923 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married HULDA JANE KINCAID 5 Dec 1867 in FAYETTE CO. W.VA, daughter of JAMES KINCAID and SARAH MARTIN.  She was born 2 Apr 1852 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 8 Apr 1938 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


Children of JAMES ENNIS and HULDA KINCAID are:

35.              i.    WILLIAM M.6 ENNIS, b. 14 Feb 1869, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 18 Feb 1952.

36.             ii.    JOHN MARSHALL ENNIS, b. 10 Jan 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Sep 1947.

                 iii.    SARAH F. ENNIS, b. Jan 1873, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1952, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. FLOYD F. GOAD, 22 Dec 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1869; d. 1940, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

37.            iv.    SUSAN MARY ENNIS, b. 1 Oct 1878, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 26 Jul 1902, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

38.             v.    JAMES NOEL ENNIS, b. 27 Nov 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 16 Jun 1963, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

39.            vi.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ENNIS, b. 6 May 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 15 Dec 1957.

                vii.    WALTER IRVIN ENNIS, b. 3 Jan 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Sep 1968; m. CARRIE ALLEN.

40.          viii.    ANDREW ALLEN ENNIS, b. 1 Jun 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 27 Oct 1967, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Mahan).

41.            ix.    LOUIE EDNA ENNIS, b. 29 Nov 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Mar 1976, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Meadow Bridge).

42.             x.    ANNIE LEE ENNIS, b. 9 Dec 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 18 Nov 1985, RALEIGH CO, W.VA (Beckley).



19.  FRANCES SARAH5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1838 in GREENBRIER CO, VA.  She married WILLIAM A. FLESHMAN 24 Nov 1859 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  He was born Aug 1836 in VIRGINIA, and died 24 Sep 1924.



                   i.    ELIZABETH CATHERINE6 FLESHMAN, b. 14 Aug 1860, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 20 Dec 1930; m. ANDERSON MASON FLESHMAN.

                  ii.    MARY T. FLESHMAN, b. 1862, FAYETTE CO, VA.

                 iii.    WILLIAM HARRISON FLESHMAN, b. 19 Aug 1864, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 8 Oct 1954; m. MARY E. SHUCK, 6 Apr 1890.

                 iv.    GEORGE E. FLESHMAN, b. 1866, FAYETTE CO,W. VA; d. Bef. 1880, FAYETTE CO, W. VA.

                  v.    JOHN FLESHMAN, b. 1868, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    SHERMAN M. FLESHMAN, b. 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    ESTALINE FLESHMAN, b. 6 Apr 1873, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 27 Jan 1898.

               viii.    JOSEPH W. FLESHMAN, b. 1875, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1949; m. ADA SHUCK, 12 May 1901.

                 ix.    ROSA MAE FLESHMAN, b. 1880; m. MARSHALL A. MARTIN, 30 Dec 1903; b. 1880, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.



20.  ELIZABETH5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 29 Dec 1839 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Abt. 1864 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.  She married (1) WALTER BURKLEY.    She married (2) SIMEON R. BERKLEY 25 Jul 1861 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, son of WILLIAM BERKLEY and MARGARET BERKLEY*.  He was born 1827 in GREENBRIER CO, VA.



                   i.    MARGARET6 BERKLEY.

                  ii.    WELLINGTON BERKLEY.



21.  SHERROD5 ENNIS, JR (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 17 Feb 1842 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Nov 1931.  He married ELIZABETH D. MARTIN 28 Feb 1867 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA, daughter of SHADRICK MARTIN and MARY TERRY.  She was born 29 Dec 1849 in VIRGINIA, and died 1 Jul 1926 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Lawton).



43.              i.    ELIZA DELITHA ALICE6 ENNIS, b. 10 Mar 1867, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 27 Aug 1948.

44.             ii.    MARY ELLEN NOEL ENNIS, b. 29 Apr 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    ANDREW FRANKLIN ENNIS, b. 17 Jan 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1874, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    ELIZABETH ADORA ENNIS, b. 21 Jan 1874, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JOHN S. DEAN, 2 Apr 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1861.

                  v.    ESTALINE VIRGINIA ENNIS, b. 4 Jun 1875, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. ROBERT S. GUNNOE, 12 Sep 1896, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1873.

45.            vi.    MATHIAS ALLEN ENNIS, b. 22 Nov 1877, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1 May 1957, OHIO.

46.           vii.    LULA BELL ENNIS, b. 18 Jun 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 16 Dec 1916, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    CHLORA ANNITA ENNIS, b. 19 Feb 1883; m. JOSEPH G. GREER, 6 Jul 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. Abt. 1875.

47.            ix.    AMANDA E. ENNIS, b. 3 Nov 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1972.

                  x.    DRUCILLA MAY ENNIS, b. 20 Jan 1887; d. 1941; m. JOHN H. THOMPSON; b. 1882; d. 1948.

48.            xi.    EMMA BURTON ENNIS, b. 16 Jun 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 24 Sep 1929.

49.           xii.    HOMER E. ENNIS, b. 31 Jan 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1 Jan 1960, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



22.  CATHERINE5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Abt. 1843 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She married (1) WALTER BURKLEY.    She met (2) SIMEON BERKLEY.    She married (3) MATHEW TINCHER 12 Oct 1869 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born Jan 1848 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1900 in FAYETTE CO, WVA.



50.              i.    WILLIAM MARSHALL6 ENNIS, b. 22 Feb 1862, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 5 Apr 1951.

51.             ii.    JAMES HARVEY ENNIS, b. 3 Nov 1864, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1943, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.




                 iii.    ELIZABETH JANE6 TINCHER, b. 1 Feb 1870, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 24 May 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    ISABELLE TINCHER, b. 1872, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 9 May 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    MARGARET TINCHER, b. Abt. 1875.

                 vi.    MARY SUSAN TINCHER, b. Apr 1877, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 11 May 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                vii.    MARTHA TINCHER, b. 30 Jun 1881, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    SARAH (SADIE) C. TINCHER, b. 16 Oct 1883, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JONES.

52.            ix.    ESTALINE TINCHER.



23.  ARCHIBALD F.5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1844 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 1927.  He married MARY ELLEN ADKINS 25 Apr 1874 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, daughter of WILLIAM ADKINS and NANCY ADKINS*.  She was born 1855 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died 1937.



                   i.    ROSETTA A.6 ENNIS, b. 1876, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1 Oct 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. LUTHER M. HUNDLEY, 14 Mar 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1869.

                  ii.    RACHEL E. ENNIS, b. Feb 1878, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 19 Jun 1951; m. EVERETTE OSCAR BERRY, 1 Aug 1895, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 16 May 1876; d. 25 May 1952.

                 iii.    WILLIAM MASON ENNIS, b. 28 Feb 1881, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    NANCY J. ENNIS, b. 17 Feb 1884, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1960; m. (1) ARTHUR W. WALKER, 4 Oct 1899; m. (2) JOHN SLONE, Aft. 1899.

                  v.    CHARLES R. ENNIS, b. 24 Mar 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 16 Apr 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    MARY M. ENNIS, b. 17 Oct 1886, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

53.           vii.    EDGAR (EDWARD) ENNIS, b. 5 Jul 1887; d. 16 Oct 1953, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

54.          viii.    JESSE CORBETT ENNIS, b. 28 Apr 1897, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 24 Oct 1969, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

                 ix.    LANIE ENNIS, m. EDWARD WARD.



24.  DELITHA A.5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 10 Mar 1848 in FAYETTE CO, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. SUMMERS CO, W.VA.  She married JOHN A. MARTIN 17 Dec 1868 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, son of SHEDRICK MARTIN and MARY TERRY.  He was born 6 Mar 1844 in GREENBRIER CO, VA, and died Aft. 1880 in res. SUMMERS CO, W.VA.


Children of DELITHA ENNIS and JOHN MARTIN are:

                   i.    ELIZABETH M.6 MARTIN, b. 1870, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    JAMES H. MARTIN, b. 1872, SUMMERS CO, W.VA; m. SALLY VANDALL.

                 iii.    NORBORN A. MARTIN, b. 1876, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    WADE HAMPTON MARTIN, b. 1878, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

                  v.    MARSHALL A. MARTIN, b. 1880, SUMMERS CO, W.VA; m. ROSA MAE FLESHMAN, 30 Dec 1903; b. 1880.

                 vi.    GUS MARTIN, b. Aft. 1880.



25.  MARGARET A.5 ENNIS (SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1850 in FAYETTE CO, VA.  She married (1) UNKNOWN FATHER.    She met (2) THOMAS SMITH 19 Feb 1895.  He was born 1853 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    SAM6 ENNIS, b. 8 Feb 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Sewell).

55.             ii.    WALLACE G. ENNIS, b. 8 Feb 1880, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 May 1964, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

56.            iii.    EFFIE FLORANCE ENNIS, b. 1891; d. 24 Jan 1947, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.




                 iv.    OSTAN MCKINLEY6 SMITH, b. 5 Aug 1895, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 20 Jun 1971, ALDERSON, W.VA.



Generation No. 5


26.  FILMORE6 GODDARD (AMANDA5 PUCKETT, SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1 Nov 1871 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA, and died 19 Jul 1955 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.  He married MARY REBECCA GILKERSON 5 Apr 1893.  She was born 19 Mar 1872, and died 7 Jan 1949 in GREENBRIER CO, W.VA.



                   i.    MAYMIE SUSAN7 GODDARD, b. 15 Sep 1894, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 20 Feb 1979; m. EMBERRY KELLEY MOORE, 1 Sep 1916.

                  ii.    OTTO MCKINLEY GODDARD, b. 26 Oct 1896, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 25 Sep 1983; m. TRINA SUSAN FOX, 15 Jan 1930.

                 iii.    DONNIE ARRON GODDARD, b. 13 Jul 1899, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 11 Sep 1963; m. GOLDIE ELSIE MARTIN, 7 Nov 1923.

                 iv.    EVA EDITH GODDARD, b. 27 Sep 1901, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 25 Sep 1977, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; m. WILLIAM KENNA LOUDERMILK, 25 Dec 1919.

                  v.    CARY ROOSEVELT GODDARD, b. 8 Oct 1903, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 30 May 1990; m. MARGARET ELIZABETH LOUDERMILK, 27 May 1923.

                 vi.    BERNICE ORA GODDARD, b. 13 Oct 1905, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; m. JAMES ELMER BUTCHER.

                vii.    BURLEY BENTLEY GODDARD, b. 2 Feb 1908, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 25 Aug 1973; m. MAE WHITAKER.

               viii.    KAY ORVILLE GODDARD, b. 20 Jul 1910, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 29 Mar 1929.

                 ix.    OLETA HESSE GODDARD, b. 26 Dec 1913, GREENBRIER CO, W.VA; d. 20 May 1984; m. GLEN ALVIN PENNINGTON, 28 Dec 1938.



27.  LAURA6 PUCKETT (SAMUEL T.5, SARAH (SALLY)4 ENNIS, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Abt. 1863 in GREENBRIER CO, W VA, and died Abt. 1934 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married JESSIE W. DONNALLY. 



                   i.    TOM7 DONNALLY, b. Abt. 1892, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Abt. 1913, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    MINNIE DONNALLY, b. Abt. 1894, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    JEFFERSON (JESSIE) DONNALLY, b. 24 Dec 1893, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 6 Oct 1980, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. FREDERICK RICHARD COLEMAN; b. 11 Aug 1889, CLAY CO, W.VA; d. 9 Feb 1971, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.


                  v.    HAZEL DONNALLY, b. 29 Oct 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 3 Apr 1970, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    BESSIE DONNALLY, b. Abt. 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 1966, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. WILLIAM DIXON.

                vii.    IONA DONNALLY, b. FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

               viii.    HATTIE DONNALLY, b. FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Abt. 1985, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 ix.    MARY DONNALLY, b. FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Abt. 1934, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.






                   i.    SAMUEL7 PATTERSON, b. 9 Sep 1869; d. 9 Mar 1952; m. HADLEY RUTH GWINN; b. 9 Jan 1870; d. 7 Jun 1942.

                  ii.    EVERMAN LEIGHBURN PATTERSON, m. SARAH COX.

                 iii.    MORSE PATTERSON, m. VIRGINIA GWINN.

                 iv.    ACHSAH PATTERSON, m. LLOYD DIEHL.

                  v.    ALICE PATTERSON, m. BEN BURNS.

                 vi.    ADA PATTERSON, m. WILSON.

                vii.    WILLIAM PATTERSON.

               viii.    JOHN EDWARD PATTERSON, m. REBECCA BURNS.






                   i.    ROSCO RIFFE7 PATTERSON, b. 23 Mar 1894; d. 5 Jun 1982; m. PEARL BRYANT.






                   i.    GASTON7 PATTERSON, m. MOLLIE DOSS.



31.  MARY MAGDALINE6 ENNIS (MARSHALL5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 17 Oct 1861 in VIRGINIA, and died 14 Mar 1949 in ATHENS CO, OH.  She married OLIVER LINCOLN JOHNSON 1883 in OHIO, son of JOSEPH JOHNSON and DORCAS DAINS.  He was born Aug 1861 in ATHENS CO, OH, and died 27 Jan 1929 in FRANKLIN CO, OH.


Children of MARY ENNIS and OLIVER JOHNSON are:

                   i.    JANETTE (NETTIE) TABITHA7 JOHNSON, b. 13 Dec 1883, ATHENS CO, OH; d. 27 Jan 1983, OHIO; m. EUGENE EARL WOODWORTH, 12 Jun 1907, OHIO; b. Jun 1882, OHIO; d. 1947, OHIO.

                  ii.    HARLEY E. JOHNSON, b. 10 Aug 1886.

                 iii.    BERTHA G. JOHNSON, b. Apr 1889, OHIO; d. 22 Aug 1979.

                 iv.    BLANCHE M. JOHNSON, b. 13 Oct 1891, ATHENS CO, OH; m. RUSSELL STEMAN.

                  v.    ROLAND (ROLLIN) L. JOHNSON, b. Jul 1896, OHIO; d. 1930.



32.  ALICE AMANDA6 ENNIS (MARSHALL5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Abt. 1865 in OHIO, and died 24 Sep 1944 in ALBANY, OH.  She married WILLIAM ADAMS 14 Mar 1889 in VINTON CO, OH. 


Children of ALICE ENNIS and WILLIAM ADAMS are:

                   i.    CHARLES LESTER7 ENNIS, (ADAMS), b. 1882, VINTON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1944; m. MARY MAY LENT, 17 Feb 1907, ATHENS CO, OH.

                  ii.    VIOLA ADAMS, b. Abt. 1885; d. Aft. 1944; m. GAR F. CHEADLE, 25 Jun 1904, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    LOVIE LUELLA ADAMS, b. 27 Oct 1887, VINTON CO, OH; d. NEWARK, OH; m. CARLSTED ALDESSE HUTCHINSON.



33.  ROSA MAY6 ENNIS (MARSHALL5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 13 Nov 1872 in VINTON CO, OH, and died 30 Nov 1953 in FRANKLIN CO, OH.  She married HOMER CHESSER 25 Dec 1890 in VINTON CO, OH.  He was born 10 May 1861 in OHIO, and died 2 Jun 1912 in FRANKLIN CO, OH (Columbus).


Children of ROSA ENNIS and HOMER CHESSER are:

                   i.    SULA7 CHESSER, b. Jan 1892.

                  ii.    SOPHIE MAY CHESSER, b. Abt. 1894, VINTON CO, OH; d. 30 Jun 1936, FRANKLIN CO, OH (Columbus); m. (1) JAMES GARFIELD SHARP, 28 Sep 1909, ATHENS CO, OH; m. (2) GEORGE W. DIETSHLE, 1914; m. (3) HENRY GLASCOE, Abt. 1920.

                 iii.    LINDSAY P. CHESSER, b. 22 Sep 1895, VINTON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1953, FRANKLIN CO, OH; m. (1) MARIE K. CHESSER*; d. Abt. 1945; m. (2) SARAH ABRAM KAISER; d. Jul 1978.

                 iv.    EDNA F. CHESSER, b. 18 Aug 1900, VINTON CO, OH; d. 7 Jul 1984, FRANKLIN CO, OH; m. (1) WILLIE P. MULHOLLAND, 11 Oct 1915, FRANKLIN CO, OH; b. 11 May 1894, FRANKLIN CO, OH (Columbus); m. (2) CHARLES WOEHRLE, Aft. 1920.

                  v.    BERTHA V. CHESSER, b. 28 Apr 1904, ATHENS CO, OH; d. 22 Jun 1974, FRANKLIN CO, OH (Columbus); m. ROY W. LANNING.



34.  WILLIAM J.6 ENNIS (MARSHALL5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born Aug 1875 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1953 in ALBANY, OH.  He married (1) NORMA (NANNA) BODKIN 10 Feb 1904 in MEIGS CO, OH.    He married (2) FLORA BROOKS Aft. 1911. 



                   i.    RAY L.7 ENNIS, b. 1905, OHIO.

                  ii.    HARRY HYSELL ENNIS, b. 14 Jun 1911, ALBANY, OH; d. Oct 1985.



35.  WILLIAM M.6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 14 Feb 1869 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 18 Feb 1952.  He married PMELIA (MARY CATHERINE) CASSIE WHITE 30 Mar 1890 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 2 May 1872 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 12 Oct 1947.



                   i.    BESSIE7 ENNIS.

                  ii.    MARSHALL ENNIS, m. MARGARET BRAGG.

                 iii.    MYRTLE ENNIS.

                 iv.    IDA FLORENCE ENNIS, b. 28 Apr 1892, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. WILLIAM A. RAPPOLD.

                  v.    EDNA PEARL ENNIS, b. 1 Nov 1894; d. 11 May 1976; m. DANIEL C. BERRY; b. 14 Apr 1888; d. 18 May 1970.

                 vi.    DELLA J. ENNIS, b. 20 Apr 1896, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 3 May 1914, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. THOMAS BERRY; b. 21 Sep 1891; d. 3 May 1963, FAYETTE CO, W. VA.

                vii.    FOREST ENNIS, b. 21 Jul 191311; m. LENORA (NONA) FOX; b. 19 Oct 1925; d. Nov 2002.

               viii.    JAMES J. ENNIS, b. 1904, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 ix.    JESSIE J. ENNIS, b. 1907, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  x.    LILLIAN ENNIS, b. 1909, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JAMES MATHEW NEFF.



36.  JOHN MARSHALL6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 10 Jan 1870 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 2 Sep 1947.  He married ANNA LAURA JOHNSON 31 Jan 1898 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, daughter of ANDREW JOHNSON and MARTHA MEADOWS.  She was born 13 Oct 1874 in RALEIGH CO, W.VA, and died 19 Oct 1957 in RALEIGH CO, W.VA.


Children of JOHN ENNIS and ANNA JOHNSON are:

                   i.    MATTIE JANE7 ENNIS, b. 23 Nov 1899, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 6 Nov 1971, DANIELS, W.VA; m. THOMAS SMITH HANEY; b. 28 Oct 1895, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; d. 20 Apr 1958, RALEIGH CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    WILMER L. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1903.

                 iii.    ANDREW NOEL ENNIS, b. 22 Jan 1903, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; d. Oct 1961, BECKLEY, W.VA2,2; m. ELSIE G. SMITH.

                 iv.    ARTHOL ENNIS, b. Abt. 1906; m. LUNDY E. GREEN.

                  v.    EDNA AUDREY ENNIS, b. Abt. 1907.

                 vi.    EASTER FRANCIS ENNIS, b. Abt. 1909.

                vii.    CECIL J. ENNIS, b. Abt. 1914.



37.  SUSAN MARY6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1 Oct 1878 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 26 Jul 1902 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She married SANFORD SAMUEL GRIGSBY 9 Sep 1897 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, son of CHARLES GRIGSBY and ANNIE AILSTOCK.  He was born 22 Oct 1872 in BATH CO, VA (Millboro), and died 5 Aug 1946 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.



                   i.    FORREST LEONARD7 GRIGSBY, b. 6 Jun 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 29 Apr 1953, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. CARMEN PEARL DARLINGTON, 3 Oct 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 14 Jan 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 Jul 1960, NASSAU CO, FL (Callahan).

                  ii.    RALPH EDWARD GRIGSBY, b. 5 Apr 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 4 Jan 1991, BUTLER, PA; m. EVA MOCK, 27 May 1922, MAHAN, W.VA.; b. 24 Dec 1901, COBLENZ, GER (Lutzell); d. 17 Jun 1958, MAHONING CO, OH (Youngstown).

                 iii.    MARY A. GRIGSBY, b. 22 Jul 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 22 Jul 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



38.  JAMES NOEL6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 27 Nov 1880 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 16 Jun 1963 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married DELLA MAY EVANS 1909 in WEST VIRGINIA, daughter of LEWIS EVANS and JULIA EVANS*.  She was born 6 May 1889 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Bays), and died 23 Jan 1977.


Children of JAMES ENNIS and DELLA EVANS are:

                   i.    THELMA7 ENNIS, b. 15 Jan 1911, FAYETTE CO, W. VA; d. 9 Feb 1963; m. LAYLAND GODDARD; b. 6 Feb 1908; d. 24 Oct 1964.

                  ii.    CHARLES ALVIN ENNIS, b. 6 May 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 30 May 1994, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. MILDRED ELOISE HARMON, 19 Apr 1948; b. 30 Mar 1930; d. 21 Feb 1998.



39.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 6 May 1884 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 15 Dec 1957.  He married LEOLA MARGARET NEAL.  She was born 1 Sep 18913, and died Nov 19783.


Children of BENJAMIN ENNIS and LEOLA NEAL are:

                   i.    EMMA JANE7 ENNIS, m. DUANE ANDERSON.

                  ii.    ELOISE VIRGINIA ENNIS, b. 1912; m. LAIR.

                 iii.    BENJAMIN F. ENNIS, JR., b. 1921, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 26 Aug 1998, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. KATHERYN TOLLIVER; b. 1926.



40.  ANDREW ALLEN6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1 Jun 1889 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 27 Oct 1967 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Mahan).  He married BEATRICE HICKS Abt. 1919.  She was born 29 Jun 1895 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 3 Oct 1985 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    MARY ELIZABETH7 ENNIS, b. 19 Oct 1920, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. JOHN PRICE DAVENPORT; b. 14 Jun 1917, LAKE CITY, TN; d. 7 Feb 1994, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    JANE HARRIETTE ENNIS, b. 13 Aug 1922, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. NORMAN WESLEY LONG; b. 20 May 1917, WARD, W.VA; d. 3 Aug 1971, OAK LAWN, IL.

                 iii.    DOROTHEY KATHLEEN ENNIS, b. 15 Nov 1924, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. FRANK JOSEPH FACINOLI; b. 1 Sep 1917, WHITESVILLE, W.VA.

                 iv.    ANDREW A. ENNIS, JR., b. 30 Sep 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. (1) KATHERINE ROBERTSON, Abt. 1954; b. 28 Feb 1936, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; d. 12 May 1995, HAMILTON, OH; m. (2) HELEN DOROTHY POORMAN WARD, Aft. 1958; b. 26 Oct 1938, RALEIGH CO, W.VA.

                  v.    JAMES ENFIELD ENNIS, b. 13 Oct 1929, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. BETTY GRACE DAVENPORT; b. 2 Nov 1934.



41.  LOUIE EDNA6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 29 Nov 1891 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died Mar 1976 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Meadow Bridge).  She married ANDREW HARRISON GODDARD, son of GEORGE GODDARD and ROSEANNA KINCAID.  He was born 27 Jul 1892 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 14 Oct 1949.



                   i.    RUBY IRENE7 GODDARD, m. ELGIE CLIDE MCCLANAHAN.

                  ii.    GENEVIEVE GODDARD, m. FRANK MCCLANAHAN.

                 iii.    MAE GODDARD, m. MARTIN.

                 iv.    VIRGINIA GODDARD, m. JAMES GARDNER.

                  v.    GLADYS LEE GODDARD, b. 17 Sep 1932, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. RAY ARTHUR MCCLANAHAN; b. 15 Mar 1892, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 31 Jul 1992, CLEVELAND, OH.



42.  ANNIE LEE6 ENNIS (JAMES WILLIAM5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 9 Dec 1894 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 18 Nov 1985 in RALEIGH CO, W.VA (Beckley).  She married LEONARD CLINE GWINN.  He was born 16 Jul 1892 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 9 Feb 1945 in RALEIGH CO, W.VA (Beckley).


Children of ANNIE ENNIS and LEONARD GWINN are:

                   i.    HARLON7 GWINN, b. WEST VIRGINIA; m. NADINE WALKER.

                  ii.    HILTRON (SIS) GWINN, b. WEST VIRGINIA; m. ELCO HUGHART; b. 11 Aug 1921; d. 3 Mar 1990.

                 iii.    WAYNE HARLTON GWINN, b. WEST VIRGINIA; m. MARIE ADKINS.

                 iv.    HAROLD IBNER GWINN, b. 11 Sep 1917, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 30 Sep 1993, RALEIGH CO, W.VA (Beckley); m. BEULAH (CENOR) FOX; b. 7 Mar 1915; d. Jul 1982, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Meadow Bridge).

                  v.    HUBERT HARVEY (WAYNE) GWINN, b. 13 Feb 1920, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 10 Feb 1958, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. ELLA MAE HUGHART, 4 Jun 1947, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1 May 1926, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    HILTON (CLYDE) GWINN, b. 8 Apr 1930, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. MARCELLA MARGARET FOX, 23 Dec 1948; b. 24 Jun 1929, CRICKMER, W.VA.



43.  ELIZA DELITHA ALICE6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 10 Mar 1867 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 27 Aug 1948.  She married HEZEKIAH L. TINCHER 18 Jun 1882 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 8 Jan 1861, and died 8 Jan 1932.



                   i.    JOSEPH7 TINCHER, b. 23 Dec 1886; d. 7 Jan 1923.

                  ii.    HAZEL CLAY TINCHER, b. 12 Sep 1889; d. 19 May 1984.

                 iii.    CECIL TINCHER, b. 20 Nov 1897; d. 21 Jul 1934.



44.  MARY ELLEN NOEL6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 29 Apr 1870 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married HARVEY FOX 29 Sep 1887 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 1865.


Child of MARY ENNIS and HARVEY FOX is:

                   i.    WILLIAM EDWARD7 FOX, b. 8 Jun 1905; d. 24 Mar 1967.



45.  MATHIAS ALLEN6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 22 Nov 1877 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 1 May 1957 in OHIO.  He married MARY (ANNIE) SMITH 2 Oct 1900 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born 1880 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 6 Jul 1939 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.


Children of MATHIAS ENNIS and MARY SMITH are:

                   i.    OMA CLEO7 ENNIS, b. 29 Dec 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. LUTHER HUDSON.

                  ii.    LEONA MAY ENNIS, b. 30 Aug 1903; d. Feb 1905.

                 iii.    OCIE ESTELLE ENNIS, b. 5 Apr 1905; d. 12 Oct 1957, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; m. GEORGE WYTHAL ESCUE.

                 iv.    ELIZABETH VIRGINIA ENNIS, b. 17 Dec 1906; m. WILLIE FANNING, 4 Oct 1926; b. 22 May 1901; d. 22 Jun 1984.

                  v.    MABEL MARY ENNIS, b. 6 Feb 1909; m. DANA WOOSTER ESCUE, 5 Oct 1931; b. 28 May 1908; d. 6 Sep 1971.

                 vi.    ARLIE COLON ENNIS, b. 17 Apr 1911, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. VIRGINIA KATHRYN THOMAS, 24 Dec 1931, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; b. 25 May 1914, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                vii.    BASIL FRANKLIN ENNIS, b. 5 Feb 1913; d. 13 Mar 1957; m. (1) MABEL BUNN PAULEY; m. (2) WILDA HIGGINBOTTOM.

               viii.    HENRY ELVIN ENNIS, b. 17 Jun 1916; d. 2 Mar 1997, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; m. EDNA HAZEL CARPER; b. 25 Apr 1914; d. 9 Aug 1984.

                 ix.    ESCOL CARL ENNIS, b. 20 Dec 1919; d. 28 Dec 1919.

                  x.    DOROTHY WILMA ENNIS, b. 3 Mar 1921; m. HAROLD BAILEY PETERS; b. 8 Sep 1918; d. 15 Apr 1987.



46.  LULA BELL6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 18 Jun 1880 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 16 Dec 1916 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She married JAMES WILLIAM RAMSEY 15 Aug 1901 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 7 Jul 1859, and died 1916.


Children of LULA ENNIS and JAMES RAMSEY are:

                   i.    CLARK HOBERT7 ENNIS, RAMSEY, b. 10 Mar 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 8 Jul 1959.

                  ii.    SEBERT GETTER RAMSEY, b. 31 Aug 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 3 Mar 1995, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. ADA PEARL SMITH, 21 Aug 1923, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 1 Mar 1907, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 10 Dec 1998.

                 iii.    LIZZIE RAMSEY, b. 1904, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. BILL BRAGG.

                 iv.    BESSIE EDITH RAMSEY, b. 8 Mar 1906, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 17 May 1942; m. HAZEL TINCHER.

                  v.    JAMES BASS RAMSEY, b. 17 Jun 1908, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Mar 1976.

                 vi.    THORNEY THOMAS RAMSEY, b. 3 Aug 1911, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 Apr 1967.

                vii.    ALBERT RAMSEY, b. Jul 1916, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. LOLA COAL.



47.  AMANDA E.6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 3 Nov 1884 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 1972.  She married WILLIAM JONES 20 Sep 1899 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He was born 1872, and died 1948.



                   i.    CHARLES W.7 JONES, b. 7 Apr 1903; d. 30 Apr 1903.

                  ii.    ROBERT B. JONES, b. 14 Mar 1905; d. 3 Oct 1908.



48.  EMMA BURTON6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 16 Jun 1889 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 24 Sep 1929.  She married CLAYTON ARTHUR WALKER. 


Children of EMMA ENNIS and CLAYTON WALKER are:

                   i.    ELMER ARTHUR7 WALKER.

                  ii.    WILLARD MCRAN WALKER.

                 iii.    ALVIA E. WALKER.

                 iv.    GEORGE R. WALKER, b. 28 Jan 1924; d. 8 Feb 1924.



49.  HOMER E.6 ENNIS (SHERROD5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 31 Jan 1891 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 1 Jan 1960 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married ELLA M. ADKINS.  She was born 25 Sep 1900, and died 8 Nov 1979.



                   i.    EDNA7 ENNIS, b. 21 Oct 1918, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. ALPHA O. FOX, 10 Jul 1945, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 5 Oct 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



50.  WILLIAM MARSHALL6 ENNIS (CATHERINE5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 22 Feb 1862 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 5 Apr 1951.  He married NELLIE A. JAMES 18 Feb 1893 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born Mar 1873, and died 5 Sep 1941.



                   i.    ALMA7 ENNIS.

                  ii.    WILLIAM OPHER ENNIS.

                 iii.    JOHN V. ENNIS, b. Apr 1894, FAYETTE CO, W. VA; m. ERMA ZICKAFOOSE.

                 iv.    BESSIE L. ENNIS, b. Mar 1896, FAYETTE CO, W. VA; m. OSCAR BURTON.

                  v.    SAMUEL CLYDE ENNIS, b. 24 Dec 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 21 Sep 1984, HAMMOND, IN; m. NELLIE LOOMIS; b. 26 Oct 1904, VALPARAHO, IN.

                 vi.    ELLIS DAVIS ENNIS, b. 28 Feb 1903; d. 29 Jan 1985.

                vii.    JESSE M. ENNIS, b. 13 Sep 1905; d. 17 May 1971.



51.  JAMES HARVEY6 ENNIS (CATHERINE5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 3 Nov 1864 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 1943 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married LADONIA M. RIPLEY 10 Apr 1884 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  She was born Aug 1865, and died 1939 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.



                   i.    EDGAR LOGAN7 ENNIS, b. 10 Apr 1885, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Feb 1969, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; m. (1) ANNE PEARL DEAN; b. 1899; d. 1924; m. (2) ROXANNE WOOD LIVESAY; b. 19 Aug 1890; d. 27 Mar 1968.

                  ii.    JAMES OSCAR ENNIS, b. 27 Aug 1887, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 24 Nov 1978, RALEIGH CO, W.VA (BECKLEY).

                 iii.    LILLIAN MAY ENNIS, b. 26 Oct 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 iv.    HARRY LEONARD ENNIS, b. 29 Jan 1891, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                  v.    WILLIAM IRVING ENNIS, b. 29 Jan 1892; d. 30 Mar 1976, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 vi.    LIBBY PEARL ENNIS, b. 10 Feb 1894, FAYETTE CO, VA; m. THOMAS FOX.

                vii.    HENRY EMMIT ENNIS, b. 29 Dec 1896; d. 23 Jun 1946; m. MAUDE B. DEAN; b. 29 Feb 1904; d. 6 Apr 1992.

               viii.    HARRY LEONARD ENNIS, b. 18 Jan 1898; d. 26 Sep 1994; m. MARTHA DEAN; b. 29 Feb 1904; d. 9 May 1990.

                 ix.    LESTER OTIS ENNIS, b. Apr 1900, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; m. MARIE BEKNER.

                  x.    THEODORE KERMIT ENNIS, b. 13 Nov 1902; d. 19 May 1973, FAYETTE CO, W.VA.

                 xi.    DOTTIE ESTER ENNIS, b. 1905.

                xii.    MABLE FAIR ENNIS, b. 1907.






                   i.    LESTER7 KINCAID, b. Mar 1893, WEST VIRGINIA.



53.  EDGAR (EDWARD)6 ENNIS (ARCHIBALD F.5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 5 Jul 1887, and died 16 Oct 1953 in SUMMERS CO, W.VA.  He married DELLA CATHERINE BERRY.  She was born 1 Jun 1894, and died 3 Nov 1972.


Children of EDGAR ENNIS and DELLA BERRY are:

                   i.    FANNIE ELLEN7 ENNIS, b. 15 Jul 1912; d. 19 Jan 1968, SUMMERS CO, W.VA; m. LEDROW DAVID ADKINS; b. 28 Nov 1909, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. Dec 1982, BELLWOOD, W.VA.

                  ii.    VIOLET ENNIS, b. 24 Mar 1913; d. 9 Jan 1975, LANCASTER CO, PA; m. HENRY LEWIS ADKINS, 6 Apr 1932, LAYLAND, W.VA; b. 30 Oct 1911, LAYLAND, W.VA; d. 25 Aug 1973, MEADOW BRIDGE, W.VA.

                 iii.    HARRY ENNIS, b. 5 Dec 1916; m. DOROTHY COPELAND; b. 8 Jul 1908.



54.  JESSE CORBETT6 ENNIS (ARCHIBALD F.5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 28 Apr 1897 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 24 Oct 1969 in SUMMERS CO, W.VA.  He married BESSIE MAE PLUMELY.  She was born 6 May 1920 in RALEIGH CO, W.VA, and died 23 Jun 1979.



                   i.    ELMER THOMAS7 ENNIS, b. 30 Jul 1938, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. NAOMA SHIRLEY AYERS; b. 1 Jan 1940, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    RUSSELL HENRY ENNIS, b. 17 Aug 1940, RALEIGH CO, W.VA; m. STACIE MAE GWINN; b. 12 Oct 1944, GREENBRIER CO, W. VA.

                 iii.    FREDDIE JACKSON ENNIS, b. 20 Feb 1947, SUMMERS CO, W.VA; m. BETTY JANE AYERS; b. 1 Dec 1942, SUMMERS CO, W.VA.



55.  WALLACE G.6 ENNIS (MARGARET A.5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 8 Feb 1880 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, and died 25 May 1964 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA.  He married BERTIE SMITH Abt. 1907.  She was born 11 Aug 1889 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Jun 1977.



                   i.    MYRTLE F.7 ENNIS, b. 29 Aug 1908; d. 8 Nov 2000; m. ROY (WINDY) L. STEVENS; b. 10 Jan 1907; d. 13 May 1986.

                  ii.    MYRL HUSTON ENNIS, b. 27 Jan 1910, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 27 Feb 1987.

                 iii.    VIOLET M. ENNIS, b. 6 Sep 1913; m. THOMAS V. REYNOLDS; b. 19 Nov 1908; d. 10 Apr 1997.

                 iv.    MATRUE ENNIS, b. Abt. 1914; m. REYNOLDS.

                  v.    MACEL ENNIS, b. Abt. 1918; m. (1) HIGHTOWER; m. (2) NECCESSARY.

                 vi.    ETHEL LEE ENNIS, b. 11 May 1919, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 5 Sep 1994, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                vii.    FLORA ENNIS, b. Abt. 1927.

               viii.    ELSIE ENNIS, b. Abt. 1930.



56.  EFFIE FLORANCE6 ENNIS (MARGARET A.5, SHERROD4, WILLIAM (BILLY) D.3, GEORGE2, JOHN1 INNIS) was born 1891, and died 24 Jan 1947 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She married JOSEPH BLEAU.  He was born 1873, and died 1963.


Children of EFFIE ENNIS and JOSEPH BLEAU are:

                   i.    JOSEPH WILLIAM7 BLEAU, b. 1915; m. BESSIE DALE HOKE.

                  ii.    EFFIE VIRGINIA MAE BLEAU, b. 10 May 1917; m. EMERY GARNET GRIMMETT.

                 iii.    SAMUEL ALVIN BLEAU, b. 1919; m. MARGARET ALICE WARD; b. 1920; d. 1984.

iv.BEULAH LAVERNE BLEAU, b. 1921; m. LOUIE JUDSON GASTON; b. 1917; d. 1978.

Descendants of John Hans Cloverfield

This Record Provided by Carol Beattie

Forward through email 30 Aug 2003


Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN HANS1 CLOVERFIELD was born Abt. 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died Bef. May 26, 1778.  He married UNKNOWN



Family lore in the Ennis branch of the family states that the mother of Mary may have been a native American.


Caroline Rappold reports the following information from Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement of Virginia; Rockingham County Records from Vol 2, pp 360 to 369 by Lyman Chalkley

        May 26, 1778              A slave named Will was convicted and sentenced to be hanged for the murder of Hans Cloverfield

        June 22, 1778               A reward was offered for the recapture of slave Will, for the murder of Hans Cloverfield.

        August 24, 1778          Felix Gilbert appointed administrator of estate of Jno. Cloverfield

        May 25, 1779              Catherine, orphan of John Cloverfield, to be bound out.

        May 22, 1780              Catherine, orphan of John Cloverfield, to be bound Mary, orphan of John Cloverfield, to be bound.

        April 29, 1783              Captain Thomas appointed guardian to Mary, orphan of Jon Cloverfield

        August 27, 1787          John Crookshanks & John Kirk, surety for John Crookshanks & Mary Cloverfield (p. 302

        August 30, 1787          Marriage of John Crookshanks & Mary Cloverfield by Rev. Archibald Scott, (P. 348)

        March 1, 1796             John Gibson & James King, surety for John Gibson & Catherine Cloverfield (of age), daughter of Cloverfield, deceased.

        March 3, 1796             Marriage of John Gibson & Catherine Cloverfield, by Rev. Wm. Wilson



2.                i.    MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, b. Bet. 1765 - 1768.

                  ii.    CATHERINE CLOVERFIELD, b. Abt. 1772, Augusta County, Virginia; m. JOHN GIBSON, March 03, 1796.


Generation No. 2


2.  MARY2 CLOVERFIELD (JOHN HANS1) was born Bet. 1765 - 1768.  She married JOHN CROOKSHANKS August 30, 1787 in Augusta County, Virginia.  He was born Abt. 1752 in See Notes, and died October 05, 1822 in Greenbrier Co. VA (WV).



This marriage date and place are reported in the "Chronicles of the Scotch Irish" by Lyman Chalkley. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Archd. Scott.



Birthplace: Some researchers of the Crookshanks family report that John was born in Augusta Co, VA. Family lore in the Ennis branch of the family states that he was a Hessian soldier who came to the colonies with those troops and may have switched allegance. Still another researcher believes he may have been born in Shenandoah Co., VA or Scotland.


Sources of information: Rev. War Pension Documents, "Marriages of Greenbrier Co 1781-1849" by Evans, Robert Cruikshank, Greenbrier Co WV Rootsweb, Augusta Co. Web Site, USGenweb, "Chronicles of the Scotch Irish" by Lyman Chalkley, Burgess Website, Ennis Family Researcher, Caroline Rappold.


According to the Burgess Website, the birth and baptism records for the children of John and Mary are found in the Jennings Branch Church, also known as St. Peter's Lutheran Church. It had 2 separate congregations. It is located in the Pastures District, 10 miles west of Staunton, Virginia. Records are found in Volume 1, 1797-1844 in the Staunton Library.


Military Records of John Crookshanks, 6 Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War, Private, Drum and Fife.

        (Information found in records of National Archives at Washington, DC)


Enlisted-Dec. 19, 1776

Company Muster Roll-Captain John Syme's Co of Foot, 10th Virginia Regiment for May 1777

Company Muster Roll-  Same for June 1777

Company Pay Roll-Capt. John Syme's Company, 10th Virginia Reg't, commanded by Col. Edward

        Stevens. June 1777, Pay per month 6 2/3 Dolls (Sp?)

Company Pay Roll-Dec 3, 1776-June 1, 1777, Commencement of Pay Dec 19, 1776, Time of Service 5

        mo 12 days, Pay per month 6 2/3 Dolls, Subsistence per week 1 1/3, Whole Pay L13 10

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for July 1777-Same info as June

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Aug 1777-Same info.

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Sept 1777-Same info.

        *Note: This Company was designated at various times as Capt. John Syme's and Lieut.

                 Thomas Barbee's Company.

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Oct 1777-Same info.

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Nov 1777-Same info.

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Dec 1777-Same info.

Company Pay and Muster Rolls for Jan 1778, for Capt. John Syme's Company, 10th Virginia Regiment,

        commanded by Major Samuel Hawes. Same pay info.

Company Muster and Pay Rolls for Feb 1778 for Lieut. Lamme's Co. of the 10th Virginia Reg't

        commanded by Maj. Samuel Hawes. Remarks: On Com'd

        *Note: This company was designated at various times as Capt. David Laird's and Lieut.

                Nathan Lamme's Company.

Company Muster and Pay Rolls for Mar 1778, same company at Valley Forge, same pay,

        Remarks: In Hsp.

Company Muster and Pay Rolls for Apr 1778 for Lieut. Nathan Lamme's Co. of Foot belonging to the 10th

        Virginia Reg't commanded by Col. John Green. At Valley Forge, Pay remained the same. No


Company Muster and Pay Rolls for May 1778-Same as April, Note: Term of enlistment 3 yrs.

Company Muster and Pay Rolls for June 1778-Same as May, at Brunswick, Remarks:Guard

Company Pay Roll for Aug 1778, Lieut. Thomas Barbee's Co., 10th Virginia Regiment commanded by

        Col. William Russell. Same pay.

Roll for Sept 1778 John Crookshanks Appears with the rank of Prvt on a Roll of Lieut. Thomas Barbee's

        Compy. N. B. The men were Inlisted in Dec 76 and Jan 77 and they were mostly for three years

        the Remainder for to Serve During the war which are about four of them.  Remarks: Light

        Infantry. At Camp Robertson.

Company Muster roll for December, 1778-at Camp Middle Brook-Lieut. Colonel Hawes' Company of Foot

        in the 6th Continental Virginia Reg't, commanded by Colonel John Green.

Company Muster Roll for May, 1779-At Smiths Grove (sp?) same unit as Dec, 1778.

Company Muster Roll for June, 1779-At Smiths ?

Company Muster Roll for Aug, 1779-At Smith's ?, Term of Enlistment 2 years.

Company Pay Roll for Aug 1779, Lieut. Colonel Hawes' Company, 6th Virginia Regiment

        Pay per month 7 1/3 Dolls', Comment written under Pay due to sick absent "Agreeable to a

        resolve of ? the 18th ?, also note for Subsistence for 14 days 2/3 Dols.

Company Muster Roll for Sept, 1779-At Camp Rainepan (sp?), Term of enlistment 3 Y.

Company Muster Roll for Oct, 1779-At Haverstraw, Term of Enlistment 3 years-Drum & Fife, Lieut.

        Colonel Hawes' Company of Foot in the 6th Virginia Reg't.

Company Pay Roll for Oct, 1779-Drum, Lieut. Colonel Hawes' Company, 6th Virginia Regiment. Pay per

        month 7 1/3, Subsistence 10, Amt. of pay and subsistence 17 1/3.

Company Muster & Pay Rolls for Nov, 1779, Camp near Morristown, Drum & Fife, Lieut. Col. Hawes'

        Company, 6th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. John Green, Term of enlistment 3 years,

        Remarks: Disch'd 6 Inst.


"John Crookshanks, Sol. Inf. appears in a Book* under the following heading: 'A List of Soldiers of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance of there full pay Agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed November Session 1781.' By whom Received: Jno Stockaell, June 2, 1783, Sum L55-3-10. *This book bears the following certificate: 'This Register contains a true abstract of all the certificates issued at the Auditor's Office to Officers & Soldiers of the Virginia line on Continental establishment. J. Pendleton, Auditor, Aud'rs Office, 1 Aug 1792, Teste: J. Carter, Vol. 176; page 113." (Note: spelling and phrasing are as found in the records.)


From the Greenbrier Co., W.V. Court Orders 1780-1850 transcribed by Helen S. Stinson

"On 24 October 1820, John Crookshanks age 66 years, appeared in open Court and made oath that he served in Revolutionary War as follows: he enlisted in Augusta County in company of musketry commanded by Capt. John Sims of 10th Va. Regt. in 1776 for 3 years, that he was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and when his 3 years had expired, he enlisted in the legion commanded by Col. Henry Lee to serve during the war, and was in the battles of Georgetown and Guilford where he was wounded in his right leg just below the knee. A certificate of pension was granted him 4 June 1818, No. 4719. He swears he was a resident citizen on 18 March 1818 when he applied and that he has not tried to diminish his property in order to bring him under the Act of Congress pertaining to pensioners. The property which he owns is as follows: one bay mare very old, two other mares 8 or 9 yrs. old, 10 head of sheep, 2 yearling cattle, 2 ovens and hooks, 2 kettles, one pair of hooks, 2 old coffee pots, 1 tea kettle, 1 old broken skillet, 3 chairs, one reed one pair of gears, 2 spinning wheels, one big wheel, two old water vessels and shot gun, 5 old water buckets, 2 dishes, 6 bowls, 15 spoons, 11 knives and forks, one candle stick, one tea pot, a log chain, two old broken shovels, a bar share plow, gears, 3 blevins, 3 hoes, 5 augers, 2 chisels, one gouge, a drawing knife, one reel, one small trunk, 4 scythes, 2 sickles, one saddle, six tea cups, one pipes box, 10 pitch forks, one dung fork, one coffee mill, one flat iron, one key, two pint bottles, one churn, one strainer, four bridles, one cutting box and knife, two hammers, pincers, nippers, two knives, 15 old links, one pair of wool cards, one curry comb, one mustard box, 2 axes, snuffers, one iron wedge, one griddle. His family consists of a wife (not named) who is 53 years of age, unable to labour in consequence of rheumatic pains, four daughters: Elizabeth age 27 yrs., Catharine age 19 yrs., Hester age 12, and Nancy age 6 yrs., two of whom are able to contribute to their support; also three boys: Alexander age 17 yrs., William age 15 yrs, and George one year old, two of whom are able to assist in some degree in working to our support. The Court valued his property at $103 and copy of declaration and list of property ordered transmitted to War Dept."


The Estate settlement for John Crookshanks is recorded in Will Book Vol. 1 of Greenbrier Co. WV, dated October 1822. Purchases at the sale of his estate were: John Crookshanks, William Crookshanks, Alexander Crookshanks, Mary Crookshanks, John McClung, and Caty Crookshanks. Among his possesions were six books, and a Sow with pigs.




                   i.    JOHN3 CROOKSHANKS, b. Abt. 1788, Shenandoah County, Virginia; m. SARAH CAMPBELL, November 17, 1814, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

                  ii.    MARY "POLLY" CROOKSHANKS, b. Abt. 1789, Shenandoah County, Virginia.



Birth year may be 1799 (according to Robert Cruikshank)


Marriage records of Greenbrier Co., WV have a Mary Crookshanks marrying David Cutlip on 5 Mar 1835.


According to the Burgess Website, Polly was born in 1799 in Augusta County, Virginia and baptized in the Jennings Branch Church, Churchville, Augusta County, Virginia.


                 iii.    ELIZABETH CROOKSHANKS, b. July 11, 1791, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); m. NATHANIEL DEITZ, April 06, 1826, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.



According to the Burgess website, Elizabeth was baptized 5 Aug 1793 in the Jennings Branch Church, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Churchville, Augusta County, VA.



Marriage records of Greenbrier Co WV 1781-1849, has Eliza married to Nathaniel Deitz.


                 iv.    ROBERT CROOKSHANKS, b. Abt. 1793, Shenandoah County, Virginia; d. Nicholas County, West Virginia; m. SALLY THORNTON, July 06, 1820, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.



Marriage records of Greenbrier Co, WV 1781-1849, This couple married by Josiah Osborne.


According to the Burgess Website, Robert was born 8 Apr 1797 and was baptized 8 Apr 1797, in the Jennings Branch Church, St. Lutherans Church The Pastures District, Churchville, Augusta County, Virginia.


                  v.    HANNAH CROOKSHANKS, b. Abt. 1795; m. ROBT. HANDLEY, September 04, 1817, Greenbrier County, West Virginia.



According to the Burgess website, Hannah was baptized in the Jennings Branch, St. Peter's Church, Churchville, Augusta County, Virginia.


Notes for ROBT. HANDLEY:

Marriage Records in Greenbrier Co, 1781-1849-This couple married by Jno Pinnell.


3.              vi.    ALEXANDER CROOKSHANKS, b. Bet. 1800 - 1805.

                vii.    ABRAHAM CROOKSHANKS, b. Abt. 1801, Augusta County, Virginia.

               viii.    CATHERINE CROOKSHANKS, b. Bet. 1801 - 1803, Augusta County, Virginia.

                 ix.    WILLIAM CROOKSHANKS, b. Bet. 1803 - 1806, Augusta County, Virginia; m. DIANA ?, Abt. 1838, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; b. Abt. 1814.

4.               x.    HESTER CROOKSHANKS, b. Bet. 1806 - 1808, Augusta County, Virginia.

                 xi.    NANCY CROOKSHANKS, b. Bet. 1812 - 1814; m. HAMILTON BROWN, February 19, 1835, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; b. 1812, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV).



Married by Robt. McClintic, Marriage Records of Greenbrier Co., WV 1781-1849


                xii.    GEORGE CROOKSHANKS, b. 1817, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); m. (1) MARY ANN HUGART, September 23, 1841, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; m. (2) NANCY HUGHART, January 21, 1864.



This compiler questions whether George is a son or a grandson to John and Mary. His mother at the time of birth would have been 52 years old.


Marriage records of Greenbrier Co., WV have Geo. Crookshanks marrying Mary Ann Hughart, ceremony conducted by Wm. G. Margrove.


Generation No. 3


3.  ALEXANDER3 CROOKSHANKS (MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, JOHN HANS1) was born Bet. 1800 - 1805.  He married MARGARET JUDY February 04, 1830 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. 



Married by Jno McElhemy, Marriage records of Greenbrier Co., WV 1781-1849



                   i.    JAMES4 CROOKSHANKS, m. ELIZABETH JACK.



Caroline Rappold reports that the marriage records for this couple list Alexander and Margaret as the parents of James.



4.  HESTER3 CROOKSHANKS (MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, JOHN HANS1) was born Bet. 1806 - 1808 in Augusta County, Virginia.  She married (1) TILLERY B PRICE January 08, 1827 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, son of JACOB PRICE and HANNAH KILLIAN.  He was born Bet. 1800 - 1810.  She married (2) SHERROD ENNIS Abt. 1833 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  He was born 1807 in Probably Amherst County, Virginia, and died February 04, 1882 in Fayette County, West Virginia.



Hester's marriage bond to Sherrod Ennis spells her name as Esther Price. Surety provided by Hiram Price, brother of Tillery. Her name has also been spelled as Easter.


Marriage Bond of Sherard Ennis and Esther Price, "Know all men by these Presents, that we Sherard Ennis and Hiram Price of the County of Greenbrier are held and firmly bound unto John Floyd Esq, Governor of Virginia and his successors, for the use of the Commonwealth, in the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 26th day of January 1833. The Condition of the above Obligation is such, That whereas a Marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized the above bound Sherard Ennis & Esther Price of Greenbrier County, if therefore, there shall be no lawful cause to obstruct the said Marriage, then the above Obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of Sherard Ennis (his mark) and Hiram Price, John Matthews Esq."



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV



Additional information about this family is found in the notes of William Irving Ennis, believed to have been written in the 1920s, after interviewing the son of Hester (Easter) Ennis.


Marriage records of Greenbrier Co., WV 1781-1849, married by Jno Elhemy.


1830 Census, Greenbrier Co., WV, P 198, 1 adult male age 20-30, 1 female 15-20.-


Lynn Dreimiller provided the following court records from Greenbrier Co., WV.

22 June 1829, "James Stevenson appt. by court as surveyor of the road in place of Thomas Dotson from creek at Linson's to the forks of the road at Piercy's with the following hands to keep same in legal repair: Thomas and John Piercy, Willis Martin, Grigsby Renick, John Rippetoe, Peter Rippetoe, Charles Stevenson, Samuel and John Gregory, Joseph Neff, Moses Kapp, Eli Withrow, John Knapp, John Kershner, Jacob Longenacre and Thomas Dotson, and blacks Fleming Slave, George Slave....Ordered that Tillery Price, John Price, John Hedrick, James Hanna... be added to the list of John Hester surveyor to work under him to keep same in repair."


24 Aug 1829, "Robert Crookshanks appt. overseer of the road in place of John Hester from Beaver Creek to the turnpike at David Hanna's with the following hands to keep same in legal repair: John and Alexander Crookshanks, John Price, Nathaniel, Joseph, John and Robert Deetz. Tillery Price, John Price Jr., Hiram Price, John Hedrick, James Hanna. Jacob Hester, Joseph Hester, and Christopher Hester."


I have received information from someone else that one of Tillery's brothers was Hiram. A Hiram Price signed the marriage bond for Esther Price and Sherrod Ennis. The source of the information about Tillery's family is unknown and the information is unconfirmed.



Caroline Rappold reports the first name of Sherrod as James. She is also the source of the death date, and reports that he died of colic.



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV



5.                i.    MARY4 PRICE, b. Bet. 1825 - 1832.

                  ii.    JOHN PRICE.




                 iii.    MARSHALL4 ENNIS, b. July 10, 1834, VA/WV; d. December 13, 1921, Knox Twp, Vinton County, Ohio; m. (1) ELIZA ?, Bef. 1858, WV; m. (2) MARIA WITHERSPOON, Abt. 1864; b. January 31, 1839, Ohio; d. August 17, 1902, Vinton County, Ohio; m. (3) MARGARET NARCULL, December 13, 1903, Fayette County, West Virginia.



Marshall moved to Ohio in 1861, when Confederate troops came to conscript his brother, who was hiding, into the army. When they could not find his brother, James William, they took Marshall, instead. Upon hearing the news, James William caught up with the patrol and was exchanged for Marshall. That evening, Marshall, his wife, and three children left in a wagon for Ohio. Near the Ohio River, they reported hearing gun fire. (Family lore)


At various times, the census lists Marshall as a common laborer, coal miner, and farmer.


Marshall had 3 children with Eliza and 7 with Maria.


The compiler of this document is the great-great granddaughter of Marshall and Maria.



Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Knox Twp, Vinton County, Ohio



Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Knox Twp, Vinton County, Ohio


                 iv.    FRANCIS ENNIS, b. Abt. 1837, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); d. Aft. 1920; m. WILLIAM F FLESHMAN; b. August 1836, Virginia; d. September 24, 1924.



William and Francis were the parents of nine children. William was a farmer and in 1870 owned real estate valued at $200.


                  v.    JAMES WILLIAM ENNIS, b. April 15, 1837, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); d. December 05, 1923, Fayette County, West Virginia; m. HULDA JANE KINCAID, November 05, 1867, Fayette County, West Virginia; b. April 02, 1850, Fayette County, West Virginia; d. April 08, 1938, Fayette County, West Virginia.



James William reluctantly served with Co. C, of the 60th Virginia Infantry, CSA. In 1864 he was captured and imprisoned in Camp Morton, located in the state of Indiana. At the end of the war, family lore says he walked home and it took him so long that his family assumed he had died, so his mother threw all of his clothes away.


James William was a farmer. In 1870, he owned property valued at $150.


James and Huldah had ten children.



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV


v.  ELIZABETH ENNIS, b. Abt. 1840; m. SIMEON R "WILLIE BECKLEY, July 25, 1861.


                vii.    SHERROD ENNIS, b. February 17, 1842, Fayette County, West Virginia; d. November 1931; m. ELIZABETH DUPREY MARTIN, February 28, 1867, Greenbrier County, West Virginia; b. December 29, 1849, Virginia; d. July 01, 1926, Lawton, Fayette County, West Virginia.



Sherrod, Jr., was a farmer. He was also a fine carpenter. Some of his furniture pieces exist to this day. During the Civil War, he served in the Home Guard.


Sherrod and Elizabeth had twelve children.



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV


               viii.    CATHERINE ENNIS, b. 1844, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); m. MATTHEW TINCHER, October 12, 1868, Fayette County, West Virginia; b. Abt. 1848, Fayette County, West Virginia.



Catherine had 3 children prior to her marriage to Mathew. They carried the Ennis surname.



Burial: Ennis Family Cemetery, Backus Mt. Rd, Fayette Co., WV



Matthew was a farmer. In 1870 they lived next to Catherine's brother, Sherrod, Jr., in Fayette Co. WV. Matthew and Catherine had 4 daughters. Three of them died in the month of March, 1886.


Matthew remarried 29 Sept 1903 to Cintha Adkins.  A later marriage has been reported for Catherine to Walter Burkley.


                 ix.    ARCHIBALD ENNIS, b. Bet. 1846 - 1850, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV); d. 1927;; m. MARY ELLEN ADKINS, April 25, 1874, Fayette County, West Virginia; b. Bet. 1848 - 1857, Raleigh County, West Virginia; d. 1937.



Archibald was a farmer. He and Mary Ellen had eight children.



Burial: Claypool Cemetery, Summers County, WV



Burial: Claypool Cemetery, Summers County, WV


                  x.    ESTHER JANE ENNIS, b. 1847; d. Bef. August 1870.

                 xi.    DELITHIA ENNIS, b. March 10, 1848, Fayette County, West Virginia; d. Bef. 1886; m. JOHN A MARTIN, December 17, 1868, Fayette County, West Virginia; b. March 06, 1844, Greenbrier Co. VA (WV).


Notes for JOHN A MARTIN:

Delithia was the second wife of the three wives of John Martin. John and Delithia had 6 children.


                xii.    MARGARET ENNIS, b. Abt. 1853, VA/WV; m. THOMAS SMITH, February 19, 1895; b. Abt. 1853, Quinnimont, Fayette County, WV.



Margaret had four children, prior to her marriage to Thomas. Those children had the surname of Ennis. Thomas and Margaret had one son.


Generation No. 4


5.  MARY4 PRICE (HESTER3 CROOKSHANKS, MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, JOHN HANS1) was born Bet. 1825 - 1832.  She married JAMES HEWLETT August 11, 1848 in Fayette County, West Virginia. 


Notes for MARY PRICE:

Notes from the 1920s of William Irving Ennis, upon interviewing Sherrod Ennis, Jr. Identify Mary as the the daughter of Esther Price Ennis.



Additional sources of information: Fayette Co Marriage Records, 1860 Census for Fayette Co.


1850 Census Fayette Co, Family #578 John Hewitt 28, Farmer, Mary 18, John 6 mos.

1860 Census Fayette Co, Family #850 John Hewlet, 38 Farmer, Mary 35, John 11, Henry J 10, Andrew Mc (?) 8, Genetta F 6, James A 3, Easter A 1 mo.


Children of MARY PRICE and JAMES HEWLETT are:

6.                i.    JOHN5 HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1849, Fayette County, West Virginia.

7.               ii.    HENRY J HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1850, Raleigh County, West Virginia.

                 iii.    ANDREW HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1852.

                 iv.    GENETTA F HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1854.

                  v.    JAMES A HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1857.

                 vi.    EASTER A HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1860.

                vii.    LIZZIE E HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1864; m. GEORGE W CLEMENTS, September 24, 1895.

               viii.    IRAMITTA HEWLETT, b. June 17, 1856, Raleigh County, West Virginia.



Record for bith of Iramitta found in Raleigh Co., WV Birth Records, 1853-75, (


                 ix.    PRUSULA HEWLETT, b. October 11, 1866, Fayette County, West Virginia.



Record of birth-Fayette Co, WV Births, 1866-1880 (


Generation No. 5


6.  JOHN5 HEWLETT (MARY4 PRICE, HESTER3 CROOKSHANKS, MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, JOHN HANS1) was born Abt. 1849 in Fayette County, West Virginia.  He married SARAH F KINCAID September 13, 1887 in Fayette County, West Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM KINCAID and SUSAN ?



                   i.    MARY S6 HEWLETT, b. Abt. 1882; m. SAMUEL L SPENCER, March 05, 1898.



7.  HENRY J5 HEWLETT (MARY4 PRICE, HESTER3 CROOKSHANKS, MARY2 CLOVERFIELD, JOHN HANS1) was born Abt. 1850 in Raleigh County, West Virginia.  He married ELIZABETH C CREGER July 14, 1874. 



                   i.    JAMES HENRY6 HULET, b. 1882, Fayette County, West Virginia.

[1] From bits and pieces of information provided by Loretta Midkiff and other Ennis cousins it would appear that the three brothers may have been William, James and John.  In the areas of Amherst and Nelson County, VA there were several marriage bonds and deed records signed by the likely brothers around the 1780’s.

[2] Eileen has compiled an excellent book full of pictures dedicated to her grandfather, Noel Ennis.  The book is titled “A PICTURE OF THE PAST RED SPRINGS, WEST VIRGINIA, AND A REMEMBRANCE OF THE ENNIS CEMETERY”, copyright 2003.

[3] John Crookshanks applied for Rev. War pension 23 Jun 1818 in Greenbrier Cty VA aged 64 in Jan 1818, sol enl in Augusta Cty VA received pension from 27 Apr 1810 at $2.50 per mth, in 1820 sol had a wife aged 53 and four daughters; Elizabeth 27, Catherine 19, Hester 12 and Nancy 6 also 3 boys; Alexander 17, William 15 and George 1. reference: Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files  Volume I: A - E

[4] Land grant recorded for John Ennis, 25 Jul 1788 Amherst County on the north branches of Ruckers Run.

[5] William (Billy D.) Ennis after his 1795 marriage to Francis Martin.  Two sons were born between 1800-1810 (James and Sherrod), one son born between 1794-1799 (Marshall).  Two daughters born between 1794-1799 (Sarah and Decca). His wife, Francis showing born between 1765-1783.  If the oldest son is in fact Marshall then that means that John was born after this 1810 census in Nelson County, Virginia.

[6] The Tillery Price family – first husband of Esther Crookshanks.  Tillery apparently died by the time of Esthers second marriage to Sherrod Ennis in 1833.

[7] Marshall Ennis is son of William (Billy D.) Ennis and brother to James, John and Sherrod Ennis.

[8] Billy D. Ennis, father of Sherrod Ennis of Fayette County, W.VA.

[9] Samuel Crookshanks married Elizabeth Ramsey May 7, 1839 – no connection has been made to Ester Crookshanks Ennis at this time.

[10] Marshall Ennis, oldest son of Sherrod Ennis.

[11] Sherrod Ennis, Jr. and wife Elizabeth D. Martin Ennis.

[12] James Cooper and Jane Newhouse Ennis, brother of Sherrod Ennis.

[13] Francis Ennis Fleshman, daughter of Sherrod Ennis

[14] Delitha Ennis Martin, daughter of Sherrod Ennis.

[15] Mary Ennis Johnson, daughter of Marshall and Eliza Ennis.  Tabitha is Dorcas Tabitha Dains widow of Joseph Johnson.

[16] William Ennis family reported in Sewell Mt. and Quinnamont District in same census.

[17] James Ennis (age 45), son of Catherine Ennis (Sherrod’s dau).  James father reported to be Simeon Beckley by Catherine’s grandson William Irving Ennis - Simeon later married Catherine’s sister, Elizabeth.

[18] Albert Ramsey, family connection unknown, reported as an orphan.

[19] Margaret A. Ennis widows mother-in-law.

[20] Willis D Ennis (1815- ) married Caroline J Hines July 11 1839.  Willis was the son of George and Mary Francis Campbell Ennis and grandson of John and Mary Ann Whitlock Ennis.

[21] At this point I believe a generation was left out of the dialog. sources report that there was a John Ennis that married Anna Elizabeth Kolter around 1714 and had a son named John in 1720.  I believe it is this 1720 John that actually married Mary Ann Whitlock. 

[22] Information on the Warren County, Kentucky Ennis branch can be found on the website of Keith Dishman, , “Dishman Family of Virginia - Tracing the descendants of Samuel Dishman (Duchemin) of Westmoreland County, Virginia”, 2005.

[23] John Ennis m. Mariah Reed 1816; witness on John Combs.

[24] Archibald Ennis married Nancy Casey 10 Aug 1824 in Garrard Co, KY.

[25] John Ennis married Elizabeth Casey 11 Nov 1823 in Garrard Co, KY.  I believe Archibald and John to be the sons of Willie D. Ennis and brothers to Sherrod Ennis.  There is no documentation that William D. Ennis had a son named Archibald.

[26] G. E. and Sarah Ennis enumerated with Amos C. (47 b. KY) and Mary A. (41 b. MD) Hicks.

[27] Catherine Messersmith Ennis, widow of John Ennis (1800-1829) – they married June 18, 1829 in Fayette Co., IN.

[28] Sarah Enos enumerated with William (41 b. VA) and Elizabeth Jones (45 b. VA).

[29] William Ennis (b. 1770 d. 1841), married Catherine Pointer, died in Morgan Co, IN. He had 12 or 13 children, among them Thompson Ennis who married Perline Carrell, daughter of Adam. Archilbald Ennis who married Nancy Carroll, daughter of Batholomew Carroll Jr. and Angeletta Ennis who marriet Samuel Carrol.  William’s father is reported to be John Ennis.

[30] Walker Ennis married Dorcas Bailey 30 Nov 1828 in Morgan County.

[31] Mitchell Ennis married Nancy Trent March 5, 1835 in Morgan County, IN.

[32] According the on-line Archibald Ennis (b. 14 Mar 1796) died 8 Sep 1851 in Morgan Co, IN.

[33] Jane Ennis married William Perry 24 Jun 1834 in Morgan County.

[34] Anna Ennis married Joseph Johnson 23 Sep 1830 in Morgan County.

[35] Angelletta Ennis married Samuel Carrel 12 Mar 1835 in Morgan County.

[36] From the internet web site of Edna Ennis and John Skaggs,

[37] Thompson B. Ennis has a Civil War pension record on file (1st OH Inf.) that names his mother, Sarah A. Ennis, as beneficiary.

[38] George Ennis married Sarah A. Duncan.  Based on George’s connection to Greene County, OH there is a possibility that he is a descendant of John Ennis (b. Dec. 3, 1769 PA d. May 10, 1829 Sugar Creek, Greene Co, OH) and Elizabeth Armstrong (b. 1773 d. Nov. 1, 1843 Greene Co, OH) who were married April 10, 1794 in PA.  The father of John Ennis is reported to be Thompson Ennis – John also had a brother named Thompson (b. 1780).

[39] Sarah enumerated in household of Richard (52 b. NJ) and Ann Haines (50 b. NJ).

[40] Record forwarded through email by Carol Beattie.

[41] Thompson B. Ennis, son of George W. and Sarah Duncan Ennis.

[42] This Ohio marriage record verified:  Marshall Ennis married Rosanna Heckly 28 May 1865 in Coshocton.

[43] Elizabeth Martin Enox, may be the bride of Shadrack Enis/Enox – there is no sign of him in 1810.

[44] William (Billy D.) Ennis after his 1795 marriage to Francis Martin.  Two sons were born between 1800-1810 (James and Sherrod), one son born between 1794-1799 (Marshall).  Two daughters born between 1794-1799 (Sarah and Decca). His wife, Francis showing born between 1765-1783.  If the oldest son is in fact Marshall then that means that John was born after this 1810 census in Nelson County, Virginia.

[45] I believe this do be another Shadrick Ennis daughter – bonded by brother, David.

[46] Mary’s Virginia marriage record has her recorded as Mary Enos (bond - Joseph Horsley).

[47] This David F. Enox family as listed can be found in the 1850 Lamar County, Texas census.

[48] I believe this do be another Shadrick Ennis daughter – bonded by brother, David.

[49] Marshall Ennis, born 1797, son of William and Francis Martin Ennis – Marshall had no children.

[50] I believe Mary Enos is the daughter of Shadrick Enis – both later show their names as Enox.

[51] Sally Innis, daughter of William and Francis Martin Ennis.

[52] Shadrick Enis, possible brother to William Ennis, could be Sherrod Ennis namesake.

[53] Bond - Lewis Macwane, wit- Alexander Garret d. ??? Martan who gives consent wit- George Martain & Lewis Mackwane

[54] Euphrates reported age as 41 – no connection made to family yet.

[55] Innis Association records found in the Library of Congress, file number 29681.

[56] Greenbrier Co., W. VA Court Orders 1780-1850, pg. 317, transcribed by Helen S. Stinson, copyright 1988.

[57] Greenbrier Co., W. VA Court Orders 1780-1850, pg. 275-276, transcribed by Helen S. Stinson, copyright 1988.

[58] Thanks to Carol Beattie for the research on these Civil War records and for sharing them.

[59] Sherod Martin, father of Francis Martin, wife of William Ennis

[60] Steven Martin, father of Sherod Martin.

[61] James Ennis died in Lawton (Fayette County), West Virginia on 5 Dec 1923.  A book titled: "History of Sewell Mountain", by W. I. Lawrence contained an obituary for James W. Ennis.

[62] Cemetery records found in W. VA State Archives, compiled by Robert L. Arthur, Sr., “Fayette County Cemeteries, Vol. II, dated March 3, 1983.

[63] Eliza Delitha Alice Ennis, daughter of Sherod Ennis, Jr. and Elizabeth Martin.

[64] Henry Emmit Ennis, son of James Harvey Ennis, great-grandson of Sherrod Ennis.

[65] Della Ennis married Thomas Berry - she was daughter of William M. granddaughter of James W. Ennis.

[66] Lula Bell Ennis Ramsey, daughter of Sherrod Ennis, Jr.

[67] Wallace is son of Margaret A. Ennis and grandson of Sherrod Ennis, Sr.

[68] Leonard Cline Gwinn, husband of Annie Lee Ennis who was daughter of James W. Ennis.

[69] James O. Ennis, son of James Harvey Ennisl.