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Census Reports 3

1850 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce) 3

1860 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce) 4

1870 Indiana Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce) 5

1870 Orion TWP, Fulton County, IL (Pierce, Lovell) 5

1870 Sugar Creek TWP, Gentry Co, MO (Lovell) 6

1875 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 6

1880 Lawrence Co, IN (Pace, Pierce) 7

1880 Orion TWP, Fulton Co, IL (Pierce) 7

1880 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 8

1885 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 8

1900 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 10

1910 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 11

Marriage Records 12

Lawrence Co, IN Marriages Through 1850 (Pierce) 12

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 – 1900 (Pierce, Lovell) 12

Perryman and Melvina Pierce 50th Anniversary Announcement 14

Biographies 15

Newton Pierce 15

Murder Committed by Samuel Pierce 15

Obituaries 25

Leroy J. Pierce (1830 – 1898) 25

Nancy Pierce Stanley (1864 – 1942) 25

Mary E. Pierce (1875 – 1961) 25

Ida Skeen Pierce (1875 – 1951) 25

Eliza Pierce Hackler (1875 – 1949) 26

Hester Pierce Voorhies (1882 – 1950) 26

August N. Pierce (1911 – 1964) 26

Ivan L. Pierce (1895 – 1966) 27

Harry S. Pierce (1900 – 1971) 27

Probate Records 28

Will of Henry Toller Pierce (1816 – 1876) 28

Cemetery Records 29

Indian Creek, Maul Ridge, Lawrence Co, IN_ 29

Highland, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 29

Culver Union, Culver, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce) 30

Descendants of Joseph Pace_ 31

Descendants of Zachariah (Lovell) Loveall 45


Some of the information I have on the Pierce family comes from the LDS church ancestral file. I have been able to verify a good portion of the data by my own research. My Pierce branch originates in Virginia and works their way into Indiana around the middle 1800's. The oldest great-grandfather I’ve been able to locate, Josiah Puckett Pierce (1779 – 1856), is in the 1850 Lawrence County, Indiana census.

Thanks to Pierce cousin, Vicki Eggers Enfield of Indiana – I have been able to fill in a lot of holes on the Pierce line.

Census Reports

1850 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce)

30 Aug 1850

Newton Pierce[1]     43            b. VA                                      Henry Pierce         38            b. VA

Sarah                      39            b. NC                                      Margaret                29            b. KY

Leroy J.                  20            b. NC                                      Newton                  11            b. IN

Elizabeth J?           17            b. IN                                       Jonathan                                9              b. IN

Sarah M.                11            b. IN                                       Josiah                     7              b. IN

John N.                  4              b. IN                                       Nancy                    4              b. IN

Henry J.                 2              b. IN                                       Periman                  2              b. IN


James Pierce          39            b. VA                                      William Pace         36            b. NC

Tabitha                  38            b. KY                                      Sally                       38            b. NC

Letitia                     13            b. IN                                       Phoebe                   7              b. IN

Viarinda?               11            b. IN                                       David                     5              b. IN

Daniel                     7              b. IN                                       Sally                       4              b. IN

Lavinia                   4              b. IN                                       Joseph                   2              b. IN

Marion                   2              b. IN

                                                                                                Josiah Pierce         71            b. VA

Periman  Pierce     26            b. VA                                      Letitia                     64            b. VA

Melvina                 19            b. IN                                       Lavinia                   29            b. VA

John W.                 1              b. IN                                       Anne E.                  22            b. NC

                                                                                                Herod                     20            b. NC

1860 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce)

20 Jun 1860

Peariman Pierce    35            b. VA                                      Joseph Pierce        41            b. VA

Elizabeth                28            b. IN                                       Eveline                   32            b. NC

E. J.                         3              b. IN                                       Martha                   17            b. IN

Martha                   2              b. IN                                       Henry F.                 15            b. IN

Peariman                3/12         b. IN                                       James                     14            b. IN

                                                                                                Raney (female)      12            b. IN

Herrod Pierce        30            b. ?                                          Stephen J.              10            b. IN

Hester A.               23            b. IN                                       Zachariah              9              b. IN

John H.                  2              b. IN                                       John or Jane          7              b. IN

                                                                                                Johanna                 4              b. IN

Newton Pierce Sr.53             b. VA                                      Josephine              1              b. IN

Sarah                      49            b. NC

Elizabeth                24            b. IN                                       Newton  Pierce Jr.[2]20           b. IN

Sarah                      22            b. IN                                       Polly                       18            b. IN

John N.                  14            b. IN                                       Mary E.                  8/12         b. IN

Henry J.                 12            b. IN                                       Waggoner, Mariah 17


Henry Pierce         43            b. VA                                      James Pierce          49            b. VA

Margaret                40            b. KY                                      Tabitha                  46            b. KY

Jonathan J.            18            b. IN                                       Tina                        16            b. IN

Josiah                     16            b. IN                                       Eliza                        9              b. IN

Nancy                    15            b. IN

Perimen                  12            b. IN                                       Leroy Pierce          30            b. NC

Leetuce                  8              b. IN                                       Sarah                      28            b. IN

Henry                     6              b. IN                                       Thomas N.             6              b. IN

Rebecca                 4              b. IN                                       Amanda J.             3              b. IN

Herrod                    8/12         b. IN                                       John                       1              b. IN


Lemuel Pace          69            b. NC                                      John Pace              50            b. NC

Mary                      44            b. NC                                      Phebe                     53            b. VA

Peggy                     39            b. IN                                       (several kids from census not included)

Lydia                      34            b. IN

Betsy                      23            b. IN

Peggy Phillips       21            b. IN                                      

Sarah Phillips        17            b. IL        *


1870 Indiana Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Pierce)

27 Jun 1870

James Pierce                          59            b. VA                                      Herod Pierce                         41            b. NC

Tabitha                                  55            b. KY                                      Hester A.                               34            b. IN

Annie                                     18            b. IN                                       John H.                                  12            b. IN

Cobb, Tabitha                       9              b. IN                                       William                                   7              b. IN

                                                                                                                Henry                                     6              b. IN

Leroy J. Pierce                      40            b. NC                                      Ellen A.                                  2/12         b. IN

Jane F.                                    29            b. IN

Thomas N.                             16            b. IN                                       Josiah Pierce                         26            b. IN

Amanda                                 13            b. IN                                       Caroline                                 26            b. IN

John                                       11            b. IN                                       Juda M.                                  4              b. IN

David                                     9              b. IN                                       Senora?                                  2              b. IN

Mary                                      6              b. IN                                       Minnie                                   4/12         b. IN

Sarah                                      6              b. IN

Samuel[3]                                  9/12         b. IN                                       Benjamin Pierce    47                            b. VA

                                                                                                                Elizabeth                38                            b. IN

Newton Pierce                      64            b. VA                                      Elizabeth J.            13                            b. IN

Sarah                                      59            b. NC                                      Martha                   11                            b. IN

Elizabeth                                37            b. IN                                       Laura                      8                              b. IN

Hardwick, Joseph                 19            b. IN                                       Livinia                    5                              b. IN


Henry J. Pierce                      21            b. IN                                       John Pierce            24                            b. IN

Harriet                                    21            b. IN

                                                                                                                Lavinia Pierce       46                            b. VA

1870 Orion TWP, Fulton County, IL (Pierce, Lovell)

Pierce,    Josiah                     55            b. VA                                      Pierce,    Henry                     53            b. VA

Eveline                   45            b. NC                                                      Margaret                51            b. KY

Henry                     26            b. IN                                                       Nancy                    24            b. IN

Stephen                 20            b. IN                                                       Perryman               22            b. IN

Zacharia                 19            b. IN                                                       Lettice                    18            b. IN

Jane                        16            b. IN                                                       Henry                     16            b. IN

Joana                      13            b. IN                                                       Rebecca                 14            b. IN

Verinda?                11            b. IN                                                       Herod                     10            b. IN

Vina?                      6              b. IL                                                        Mary                      8              b. IN

Mary                      4              b. IL

                                                                                                                Pierce,    Newton                  39            b. IN

Pierce,    James                     24            b. IN                                                       Charlotte                28            b. IN

Angelina                21            b. IL                                                        William                   8              b. IN

                                                                                                                                Levinia                   4              b. IN

Lovell,    James [4]                   60            b. VA

Mary A. 38

Mary J.   18

James     16

Stephen 14

Samuel   12

Charles   10

Frank      4

Altey      2

1870 Sugar Creek TWP, Gentry Co, MO (Lovell)

James Lovell         47            b. IN       John Lovell           41            b. IN       Reuban Lovell      38            b. IN

Anna                      45            b. IL        Mary                      33            b. IL        Elizabeth                34            b. IN

James                     16            b. IL        Sarah                      22            b. IL        Mary C.                  14            b. IL

Reuban                  12            b. IL        May                        19            b. IL        John                       12            b. MO

Evaline                   10            b. IL        Francis                   14            b. IL        Sarah                      8              b. MO

Clarinda                 4              b. IL        Susan                     10            b. IL        Ruben                    6              b. MO

                                                                                                                                Susan                     5              b. MO

Ruben Lovell[5]       83            b. VA      Stephen Lovell     44            b. IN       Charles                   3              b. MO

Elizabeth                17            b. NC      Cynthia                  34            b. OH      Calvin                     1              b. MO

                                                                Charles                   12            b. IL

                                                                Matilda                  6              b. IN

1875 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

J. J. Pierce[6]             33            b. IN       (arrived in KS via IL)

E. (wife)                  32            b. IN

N. M. (female)       10            b. IL

M. J. (female)        6              b. IL

C. L. (male)            4              b. IL

W. H. (male)          2              b. IL

1880 Lawrence Co, IN (Pace, Pierce)

Indian Creek

Leroy J. Pierce                      50 farmer                b. NC      fath b. NC              moth b. VA

Jane                                        58                           b. IN       fath b. NC              moth b. KY

David                                     20                            b. IN

Mary                                      15                            b. IN

Samuel                                   11                            b. IN

Adaline                                  9                              b. IN

William                                   7                              b. IN

Eliza                                        5                              b. IN

Joseph                                   3                              b. IN

Homer?                                  1                              b. IN

Walter                                    1                              b. IN

Sarah Douglas                      15 (step-dau)         b. IN

Elizabeth Hardwick              75 (moth-in-law)   b. NC


Herod Pierce                         52                            b. NC      fath b. VA              moth b. VA

Hester Ann                           44                            b. IN

John H.                                  21                            b. IN      

William L.                              17                            b. IN

Henry F.                                 15                            b. IN

Ella May                                10                            b. IN


Paraman Pierce                     56                            b. NC      fath b. VA              moth b. VA

Elizabeth                                48                            b. IN       fath b. GA              moth b. KY

Laura B.                                 16                            b. IN      

Lavinia                                   14                            b. IN      

Emma                                      5                              b. IN

Simeon Lynn                         20 (nephew)


Springfield, Perry TWP

James Pierce                          67                            b. VA      fath b. VA              moth b. VA

Emily                                      64                            b. OH

Annie                                     25                            b. IN


George M. S. Pace                45                            b. IN       fath NC                  moth VA

Susan                                     39                            b. IN       fath KY                  moth KY

Mollie                                     20                            b. IN

Carrie                                      14                            b. IN

Mattie                                    12                            b. IN

John                                       8                              b. IN

Ethel                                       3                              b. IN

Albert? T.                              22 (brother)           b. IN       fath NC                  moth VA


Thomas Pierce                      26                            b. IN       fath IN                    moth IN

Annie                                     21                            b. IN       fath OH                  moth IN

Ora (daughter)                      3                              b. IN

Olla (son)                               2                              b. IN

Opal (son)                             8/12                         b. IN

1880 Orion TWP, Fulton Co, IL (Pierce)

Pierce,    Josiah                     63            b. VA      fath VA  moth VA

Evaline                                   52            b. NC

Mary                                      14            b. IL

Sarah                                      8              b. IL

Andrew Dunbar[7]                  4              b. IL (grandson)

Zachariah Dunbar                3              b. IL


Pierce,    Margrette[8]             61            b. KY      fath PA  moth TN

Lettice                                    28            b. IN       fath VA  moth KY

Herrod[9]                                  20            b. IN

Emma                                      17            b. IN


Pierce,    James                     34            b. IN       fath VA  moth NC

Angeline                                32            b. IL

Josiah                                     9              b. IL

Ida                                          8              b. IL

Josephine                              4              b. IL

James                                     2              b. IL


Pierce,    Zachariah              28            b. IN       fath VA  moth NC

Leah                                       28            b. IL

Ina                                          7              b. IL

Minnie                                   4              b. IL

V? Evaline                             4/12         b. IL (Feb)

1880 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

Henry T. Pierce                     35            b. IN       fath b. VA              moth b. NC

Margaret                                25            b. IN       fath b. IRE             moth b. IN

Mary                                      6              b. IL

Martha                                   4              b. IL

Frederick                                1              b. KS


Jonathan Pierce                    38            b. IN       fath b. VA              moth b. KY

Elizabeth                                37            b. IN       fath b. NC              moth b. OH

Nancy M.                              15            b. IN

Maranda J.                            11            b. IN

Cyrus L.                                 9              b. IN

William H.                              7              b. IL

Mary E.                                  5              b. KS

Eliza A.                                   4/10         b. KS (Feb)


Newton Pierce[10]                    40            b. IN       fath b. VA              moth b. KY

Charlotte                                38            b. IN       fath b. IN               moth b. IN

William H.                              18            b. IL

Phebe Ann                            9              b. IL

Bessie V?                               5              b. IL

Emaline N.                             3              b. IL


Perryman W. Pierce             31            b. IN       fath b. VA              moth b. KY

Ermina E.                                24            b. IN

1885 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

Culver TWP                                                                         Centre TWP

J. J. Pierce              43            b. IN                                       Newton Pierce      25            b. IL

Elizabeth                42            b. IN                                       Charlotte                42            b. IL

Mary A.                 15            b. IL                                        Pheobe                   14            b. IL

Cyrus                     14            b. IL                                        Rhesa                     10            b. IL

William                   12            b. IL                                        Anasiah?               7              b. IL (male)

Mary                      9              b. KS                                      John                       3              b. KS

Eliza                        5              b. KS                                      Thomas                  1              b. KS

Addie                     2              b. KS


P. U. Pierce            36            b. IN

Elizabeth                30            b. IN

Manuel                  4              b. KS

Lillie                        3              b. KS

J. J.                          1              b. KS

1900 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

Armina Pierce (widow)                                        b. Jan 1855 IN      

Daniel N. Pierce                    m: 1yr                     b. Jul 1880  KS     

Emma E. (dau-in-law)                                           b. Aug 1878  KS  

Lettice M.                                                              b. Feb 1882  KS    

Jonathan J.                                                            b. Feb 1884  KS    

Martha E.                                                               b. Jun 1885  KS


Jonathan J. Pierce                [11]                                             b. Jul 1841  IN       fath E.VA   moth KY

Elizabeth                                                                b. Mar 1843 IN      fath NC       moth NC

William                                                                   b. Nov 1872 IL

Mary E.                                                                  b. Nov 1875 KS

Aliza                                                                       b. Feb 1880 KS


Newton Pierce[12]                    m: 41yrs                 b. Aug 1839 IN

Charlotte                                                                b. May 1842 IN

John P.                                                                   b. Dec 1882 KS

Thomas E.                                                             b. Feb 1884 KS

Wilber A.                                                               b. Jul 1889 KS


Emmasia Pierce                     m: 1yr                     b. Jun 1877 IL

Alta L.                                                                    b. Jun 1883 KS


William H. Pierce m: 17 yrs                b. Mar 1862 IN

Adda A.                                                                 b. Dec 1865 IA

Albert L.                                                                b. Feb 1891 KS

Frank M.                                                                b. Jun 1892 KS

Ivan L.                                                                    b. Jun 1894 KS

Annie M.                                                               b. Jul 1897 KS

Stanley, Charles (boarder)                                  b. Apr 1874 IN

1910 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)


Charley Pierce                       53            . TN                                        Frances E. Pierce                  37            b. IN

Sarah E.                                  47            . IL                                          Edith K.                                  36            b. KS

Lola                                        19            . KS                                         Lenna E.                 10            b. KS

                                                                                                                Ethelyn                                  6              b. KS

Charlotte L. Pierce                81            . VT                                         Frances                                  4              b. KS

Frank S.  (son)                      39            . KS                                         Emaline Kinsey                     65            b. OH



Emment Pierce                      32            b. IN                                      Jonathan J. Pierce[13]              68            b. IN

Edith                                       26            b. KS                                     Elizabeth                                67            b. IN

Charles                                   9               b. KS                                     Mary E. (daughter)              33            b. KS

Thelma                                   7               b. KS                                    

Frank                                      5               b. KS                                     Delphos

Scott                                       NR          b. KS                                     Mary A. Pierce                     65            b. IL

                                                                                                                                enum. James M. Newton    

T. E. Pierce                            26            b. KS

Rettie                                      18            b. KS

Alice L. Cummings               38            b. KS      (mother-in-law)

William H Cummings           2              b. KS      (brother-in-law)

W. A. Pierce (brother)         21            b. KS

                                                                                                                Saline, Saline Co, KS

R. C. Pierce                            59            b. OH                                      Lee B. Pierce                         28            b. KS

Henrieta C.                            55            b. IN                                       Julia M.                                  28            b. OH

Ida E.                                      33            b. IN                                       Lawrence                               4              b. KS

Grace M. Stanley (dau)       19            b. KS                                      John                                       2              b. KS

William R. Stanley                19            b. KS      (son-in-law)


Marriage Records

Lawrence Co, IN Marriages Through 1850 (Pierce)

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division

David N. Pierce                             Malinda F. Hackler                               17 Sep 1885

Elizabeth J. Pierce                         William Hammonds                              2 Aug 1877

Henry T. Pierce                             Margaret Wallace                                                16 Jul 1872

Herod Pierce                                 Hester Ann Darnall                              1 Sep 1857

Isaac H. Pierce                              Sarah Ann Chapman                           30 Jul 1863

Jane Pierce                                    Phillip H. Clipp                                      10 Feb 1878

John H. Pierce                               Sarah E. Douglas                                  22 Feb 1885

John N. Pierce                               Josephine Pinkston                             10 Nov 1874

Jonathan J. Pierce                        Elizabeth Ray                                        6 Aug 1863

Josiah Pierce                                 Evaline Parker                                       8 Jan 1842

Josiah Pierce                                 Caroline Cobb                                       28 Feb 1865

Lavina Pierce                                Henry Hardwick                                   1 Jan 1867

Leroy Pierce                                  Sarah Cobb                                           16 Nov 1852

Leroy J. Pierce                              Jane F. Douglas                                    1 Jul 1868

Lettice W. Pierce                          John B. Roach                                      25 Jul 1858

Louisa Pierce                                Francis E. Tinsley                                13 Oct 1864

Martha Pierce                               Thomas Roy                                         18 Sep 1860

Martha E. Pierce                           John M. Carmichael                             21 Nov 1878

Mary Pierce                                   John H. Mathews                                 24 Oct 1869

Mary C. Pierce                              George Colvin                                       28 Nov 1880

Mary C. Pierce                              Absolum Miller                                    20 Nov 1881

Nancy Pierce                                 Peter Romenzo                                      18 Jun 1831

Nancy E. Pierce                            Silas Stotts                                            20 Jul 1876

Nathaniel H. Pierce                      Agnes D. Holliday                               5 Nov 1850

Newton Pierce                              Charlotte Waggoner                            6 Jan 1859

Newton Pierce                              Eliza Vest                                               26 Mar 1871

Perryman Pierce                            Elizabeth M. Holderness                     12 Dec 1848

Polly Pierce                                   Robert Mullis                                        21 Jan 1830

Robert Pierce                                Frances Constant                                 12 Jul 1885

Samira Pierce                 James Mayberry                                   22 Jul 1847

Sarah M. Pierce                            William Hardwick                 27 Aug 1857

Sublinus Pierce[14]                          Deborah Albert                                    10 Nov 1838

Thomas Pierce                              Amzey D. Nicholas                              25 Aug 1875

Thomas V. Pierce                         Susan N. Dorsett                                  22 Jun 1878

Virinda Pierce                                Isaac Cobb                                            13 Jan 1859

William L. Pierce                           Mary Belle Adamson                          14 Mar 1885

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 – 1900 (Pierce, Lovell)

Pierce Grooms

PIERCE, AARON                                         PARR, JENNIE                                     09/10/1876

PIERCE, BRINTON J                   CAGLE, MARY E                 12/25/1876

PIERCE, DAVID D                                       SPARKS, SARAH                               02/10/1853

PIERCE, EPHRAIM                                     RYNEARSON, MARY                        04/07/1840

PIERCE, FRANKLIN                   WALTERS, ELLEN                              02/27/1876

PIERCE, GEORGE                                         CRAWFORD, ELLA                            11/05/1878

PIERCE, GEORGE W                   ROWDEN, ELIZABETH                     12/06/1877

PIERCE, HIRAM T                                      WILCOX, EDITH                 05/24/1893

PIERCE, JAMES N                                       GOFORTH, ANGELINE                      12/16/1869

PIERCE, JERRY                                            HENSLEY, EVA                                    09/12/1879

PIERCE, JOHN P                                          SCYBERT, ALICE L                             12/31/1887

PIERCE, JOHN R                                          KELLEY, MARCELLA                        04/14/1862

PIERCE, JOHN R                                          WEESE, MINERVA J                          01/11/1866

PIERCE, JOSEPH                                          MURPHEY, MARTHA                       02/01/1865

PIERCE, JOSEPH H                                      FIDLER, ELIZA                                    03/21/1844

PIERCE, WILLIAM                                     YOUNT, SOPHIA                                09/30/1866

PIERCE, ZACHARIAH                               SOPER, LILLY                                      07/03/1871


Pierce Brides

STENSON, JOHN W                                   PIERCE, CHARLOTTE                        11/25/1850

ELMORE, WILLIAM E                               PIERCE, ELLA E                   02/18/1882

ADAMS, JOHN F                                        PIERCE, JANE                                      08/10/1862

DUNBAR, ROBERT C                 PIERCE, JANE                                      09/10/1874

MCCOY, JAMES A                                     PIERCE, JOHANNA                            10/19/1876

MCDANIEL, SPENCER                              PIERCE, JOSEPHINE                           08/30/1876

TORRENS, JAMES                                      PIERCE, LUCY ANN                           11/07/1850

LITTLE, HENRY C                                       PIERCE, MARGARET A                    03/12/1868

BARLOW, WILLIAM H                             PIERCE, MARY E                                10/19/1882

JOHN, WILLIAM C                                     PIERCE, MARY ELIZABETH            12/28/1873

BRINK, CYRUS                                            PIERCE, MARY JANE                        01/10/1869

VANDOREN, ABRAHAM                         PIERCE, MARY L                                12/07/1891

BROWN, WILLIAM H                               PIERCE, MATTIE J                             03/07/1882

BETTS, FRED                                               PIERCE, MAY O                  02/14/1894

BROOKS, CHARLES A                              PIERCE, NANCY E                              12/01/1879

ROY, JOHN                                                   PIERCE, NANCY L                              03/19/1865

PURNELL, LEWIS                                       PIERCE, NARCIS                 01/11/1866

BRIAR, H H                                                  PIERCE, NETTIE                  09/19/1889

SMITH, JOHN                                              PIERCE, PEDEE                                    12/08/1852

NUBURN, THOMAS T                               PIERCE, PHEBE JANE                        12/07/1862

VAIL, RANDAL C                                       PIERCE, PHEBIE                  04/03/1862

HUNT, JAMES H                                         PIERCE, REBECCA                              11/13/1879

VARNOLD, WILLIAM HENRY                PIERCE, RHODA                 03/19/1894

HANKS, MELVIN                                        PIERCE, SARAH                  12/21/1886

HARWICK, OSCAR                                    PIERCE, SARAH A                             12/27/1866

HUNNICUTT, ALBERT                              PIERCE, SUSAN A                              07/04/1870

HARTSON, JAMES                                    PIERCE, SUSANNAH MRS               12/10/1876

RAWALT, HENRY A                 PIERCE, V NINA                  01/31/1883


Lovell Grooms

LOVELL, CALVIN B                    DRURY, MARY A                               01/28/1889

LOVELL, DOUGLAS S A                            FARR, ANGELINE                               04/06/1876

LOVELL, FRANK B                                     BABCOCK, ADDIE R                         09/01/1887

LOVELL, HENRY                                         WHEELER, MARY A                          05/22/1856

LOVELL, J ALLEN                                       CREEK, MARGARET A                     10/07/1874

LOVELL, JAMES                                         LITTLETON, MARY ANN 11/04/1847

LOVELL, JAMES                                         BETTS, MARY                                     04/24/1836

LOVELL, JAMES M                                    COPE, FRANCES L                              01/01/1874

LOVELL, JAMES W                                    THOMAS, KATHRYN                       10/20/1897

LOVELL, JOHN                                            GRAY, BASHABE MRS                     08/30/1865

LOVELL, JOHN                                            PAINTER, MARY J                             04/05/1883

LOVELL, JONATHAN                                ELMOORE, MARTHA                       02/08/1855

LOVELL, REUBEN                                       MANGRUM, SARAH E                     05/14/1866

LOVELL, REUBEN                                       THOMPSON, CATHERINE MRS     04/14/1888

LOVELL, SOLOMON                  LITTLETON, NANCY0                       3/30/1851

LOVELL, STEPHEN                                     SWANGO, MARTHA                        11/18/1852

LOVELL, WILLIAM                                    HOLLOWAY, HESTER                       07/22/1849

LOVELL, WILLIAM                                    CROSS, SARAH                                  07/10/1853

LOVELL, WILLIAM A R                            BLACK, MARY JANE                        07/06/1876

LOVELL, WILLIAM C.                               HAYES, ADA                                       09/17/1899

LOVELL, WILLIAM H                                PHILLIPS, HATTIE                             04/30/1871


Lovell Brides

HOWARD, WILLIAM                                LOVELL, ELIZABETH                        02/09/1837

LINDSEY, MARION                                    LOVELL, ELIZABETH J                      09/02/1888

CARTER, WILLIAM J                                LOVELL, IDA                                       09/23/1875

COOPER, PHILETUS HENRY    LOVELL, LILLIAN                               09/20/1883

COX, HENRY H                                            LOVELL, MARY E                               07/02/1871

MESSMORE, WILLIAM W                       LOVELL, MARY E                               11/05/1865

SECOR, PHELETUS S                 LOVELL, MARY O                              07/09/1845

DAVID, G ISAAC                                        LOVELL, MAUDE                               05/07/1891

MILHONE, CHARLES C                             LOVELL, NELLIE JOSEPHINE           08/25/1894

GARD, TIMOTHY                                       LOVELL, RACHAEL                          04/05/1846

GREEN, ELMER                                           LOVELL, RHODA                                02/24/1895

SMITH, ABNER                                           LOVELL, RUTH                                    10/19/1856

BEARD, SIMPSON                                      LOVELL, SARAH                                12/08/1837

ENNIS, MILTON                                          LOVELL, SARAH E                             07/24/1880

ENNIS, THOMAS MILTON                      LOVELL, SARAH E                             07/24/1880

CRONE, HORACE W                  LOVELL, SARAH M                           11/03/1892

WALKER, AMOS                                       LOVELL, THARESA                           02/15/1866

Perryman and Melvina Pierce 50th Anniversary Announcement

Golden Wedding:  On Dec. 12, 1898, children and relatives and friends of Perryman and Melvina Pierce met at the latters house to celebrate 50th Wedding.  Mr. Pierce was b. Aug. 17, 1824, Melvina Holderness was b. Oct. 2, 1831.  They were m. Dec. 12, 1848.  To this union twelve children were born, seven died young.  All of their children present except Mrs. Carmichael, who was prevented by sickness.  Those present were: Jane Hammond and little Willie, Harlin Carmichael, Mrs. Vantuyle, Wesley Hammond, Arley Chestnut, Claudie Carmichael, Cleveland Carmichael of Springville.  Reubin W. Lynn, dau and little grandson of Linton, James A. Kern and wife, Otto Kern, wife and little dau. Doc. Hackler, wife and little dau. Mrs. Bell Parry and W. Lynn of Fayetteville, Ordie Davis, John Sipes, Marshall Lee and family and Mr. Goodin.


Newton Pierce

(Son of Henry Toller and Margaret Lovall Pierce)

Newton and Charlotte (Waggoner) Pierce and family arrived in 1880 at his parents' Henry and Margaret Pierce[15], 11 miles SW of Minneapolis, by covered wagon in company with his brother-in-law, John Chancy family.  His children: Mary E.; Jonathan; Wm. Henry (Cora Bremmerman); Letty; Levina; Josiah; Phebe; Rhese (Chas. Eberly); Emmasia (Alta Smith); Epsa Rebeka; John Pereman (Bertha Baker); Asa Wilber; Thomas Edwin (Anna Lauretta Cummings).  Thomas Edwin and Anna Lauretta's children:  August (Lola Schott); Ruth (Geo. Kaull); Anna (Ramond Schott).  The small farm where the Pierce family moved in 1883 had a dugout with one large room.  A curtain was hung across to make a semi-private sleeping room and a place where members could change clothes.  There was a loft where the older children slept, with 2 beds and a ladder for ascending to the loft.  Every 6 weeks, except in bitter winter weather, everything was removed from the home and walls were white washed.  They took what precaution possible in that day against disease & germs.  Milk was a luxury and J. J. Pierce had one cow that furnished milk for their family and several less fortunate neighbors.  Mrs. Pierce planted a garden and it was shared with all comers and little put away in cans and dried to feed the family in their first winter in Ottawa County.  Newton had two brothers in the county: Jonathan J. (Elizabeth ______) and Pereman.

Murder Committed by Samuel Pierce

(great-grandson of Josiah Puckett Pierce)


An extensive article, titled  "Trapping the Pious Butcher", found in DETECTIVE FICTION written by Seymour E. Francis, relates a story of the infamous actions of one Pierce descendant (Samuel). Samuel committed a violent murder, in Lawrence County, IN, and ended up confessing to the crime when he was confronted with a lie detector test - fear of the "devil's machine" forced the truth from his lying lips.  Sam was sentenced to prison for his gruesome crime, but because of a terminal illness, he was released and allowed to go home, where he died November 8, 1946.



November 14, 1995

The following is text from DETECTIVE FICTION titled Trapping the

Pious Butcher, date unknown, but probably 1939 or 1940, written by

Seymour E. Francis.

Earl Roach's slayer lied from one side of his mouth

and quoted the Bible from the other-until crazy

with fear of the "Devil's Machine"

grooved his tongue on dead center


"Why didn't you call us sooner?" Deputy Sheriff Lester Hayes of Lawrence County, Indiana asked the question gently of Mrs. Earl Roach.


"I thought Earl had gone down to his brother's," Mrs. Roach told him. Her eyes were red-rimed and her hands twisted nervously in her lap.


The two were talking in the lamp-lit front room of the modest Roach home some seven miles northwest of Bedford, Indiana where Hayes had been called by William Haupt late on February 13, 1939.


"Earl went over to the other place yesterday morning to sow some clover seed," Mrs. Roach continued. "He usually worked around the place on Sundays. He expected to be gone all day, so I fixed up some sandwiches for him to eat at noon.


"I didn't worry much when he didn't show up last night, because I thought he might have got a ride to Odon to see his brother and would come home on the morning train. But when he didn't show up this morning I began to wonder if something was wrong; and when he didn't appear all day I thought I better call you. It isn't like Earl to stay away like this'"


She turned toward the window and strained her eyes into the darkness, which covered the countryside like a blanket, as though she could make her husband materialize from the shadows.


"Did be plan to do anything else over there?" Hayes asked.


"Yes. He didn't think sowing the seed would take all day, so he planned to cut some brush and look after the fences. But nothing dangerous."


It seemed she had read the deputy's mind for be mused: "There's a chance he cut his foot, hurt himself some other way, and needs help."


He glanced at Haupt who had offered his assistance.


"William, we better start hunting. Round up some of the neighbors; tell 'em to bring lights and we'll trace his tracks."


The posse was assembled quickly and had little trouble following Roach's tracks to the road. But there the footsteps had turned toward the field a mile away and were lost in the soggy lane.


A check of the nearby WPA project, where Roach worked during the week, revealed nothing, and the men turned toward the tract Roach had planned. to sow in clover. Once there, they spread out in a straight line with ten or twelve feet separating each man. Slowly the line marched across the field, making an especially close search along the fence. Their light cast long legged nervous shadows across the uneven ground. But the search was futile and Hayes was frankly worried as he called Haupt to his side.


"Looks like something Billy,"


Haupt nodded grimly. "I'm afraid so Lester. If he'd been here we'd have found him.


"It' too late to do much more hunting now," Hayes said, "and its pretty cold."


He pulled his watch from his pocket and inspected it under the powerful beam from his flashlight.


"It's almost one-thirty. We'll call it off, go back to Roach's house and start again in the morning, on the way we'll check the neighbors to see if they have heard anything."


Haupt relayed the instructions to the posse and the men started down the muddy lane toward Roach's home, stopping at the darkened farmhouse of Sam Pierce on the way back to ask if Pierce had seen the missing farmer. Pierce had property adjoining-that of Roach and would have been the lost likely person to have seen him.


The deputy got no answer to his hail and stepped through the gate to mount the porch. He heard activity in the house and called again-to be answered this time by a voice from the inside:


'What d'ya want?"


"This is Lester Hayes, the deputy. Have you seen Earl Roach the last day or so?"


There was a rattled interruption as the door was unlocked, and Sam's boy, Ray, his hair disheveled and his clothes evidently pulled on hastily, stepped onto the porch.


"Roach? No, I haven't seen him for two or three weeks."


"Your did seen him?"


"No. Leastways he didn't mention it. Dad's asleep now and I don't want to wake him up.


"Will you ask him in the morning? Earl hasn't been home since Sunday morning and here it is early Tuesday."


The posse straggled off down the path, with the barking of Dewey Poore's terrier adding to the undercurrent of worry. Poore quieted the dog with a word.


Like Ray Pierce, none of the rest of the neighbors had seen Roach. It was two o,clock before Hayes and Haupt returned to the farmer's home. Mrs. Roach was still awake. Tbe three children had been in bed for hours by now, and she had been keeping a lonely vigil in the front room.


Her face dropped as the two men entered without her husband, and tears welled to the surface.


"No luck," Hayes answered the unspoken question in her eyes. Then as the two men rubbed their heads to warm them, he added, "I'll call Earl's brother at Odon."


But Earl had not been near Odon during the weekend. The deputy already had ruled out voluntary disappearance, for the 41 year old farmer's reputation was good. He had worked in one of the numerous limestone quarries that scar the hills around Bedford, but had lost his job with the depression. Then he went on WPA, and, in addition, operated two tracts of land totaling 150 acres.


Tired, discouraged and much worried, Hayes and Haupt returned to their homes for a few hours sleep before starting the hunt again.


With morning there was plenty of help. The 117 men who worked with Roach on the WPA project dropped their tools to join the search, and thirty other residents of the neighborhood joined the crowd as Hayes outlined the instructions.


"We'll center first along this road up to the clover field-it was so dark last night we could have missed him. We'll make a long line and advance together. Go slow and give the ditches and gullies a thorough search. If anyone finds anything, yell."


The search bore fruit almost immediately. A shout went up from the farthest end of the line. Hayes hurried to the spot.


"There be is!" The posseman pointed ahead. And, as Hayes looked be knew the riddle was greater than before.

Roach's body was lying under a pile of brush across which lay a six foot sapling.


Hayes forced himself through the undergrowth, and his eyes widened in horror, as he saw two deep gashes on Roach's throat.


"Murder!" he muttered. He Struggled back to the posse, warned the men not to disturb anything, and dashed to a nearby farm where a rural phone line connected to Bedford.


"It's murder alright," he told Sheriff Lincoln Dunbar. "You'd better hurry out here-and bring Doc Wynne with you.


Dr. Roland E. Wynne, coroner of Lawrence County, was deeply interested in scientific investigation. He used every modern method to learn the truth of various cases on which he was called, and had been instrumental in solving several mysteries in the county.


Roach's body was almost invisible from the path. Hayes inspected the site thoughtfully, then called Haupt.


"Isn't this about the place where Dewey Poore's dog went on that barkin' spree?"


Haupt estimated the distance from the Pierce home and nodded. "Looks like we were within ten feet of finding

him and got beat by the dark." he said ruefully.


"It's funny Roach should have died here, because it's along here that that fence line runs that he and Sam argued about."


Hayes asked quickly: "Bad argument?"


"It had been going on for several months," Haupt said, 'but I don't think it was bad enough to kill anyone about."


Dunbar and Wynne arrived at the site as Hayes was making a minute search of the area, Some 500 feet down the lane was a heavily stuffed sack of clover seed, with an empty, blood stained sack nearby.’ The ground showed evidence of a heavy struggle.


A great pool of blood had coagulated on the ground and a thin trickle had stained leaves from that point to where the body had been hidden. The killer had attempted to cover the track with other leaves, but the attempt had been casual at best.


A few feet from the pool of blood was a four-foot poplar club, an inch and a half in diameter. It, too, was bloodstained and one end was imprinted with a hand. Roach's cap, blood flecked, and a flat file, which had been his, were close by.


But it was from Roach's body that the officers learned the real savagery of the killer. Even Dr. Wynne, hardened to sudden death by long years of practice, shuddered as he inspected it.


Arteries on both sides of the throat had been severed and blood had poured from the deep gashes.


"Just like you'd slaughter a hog," Wynne exclaimed. 'This man didn't have a chance.


He called Dunbar's attention to the victims skull.


"He was beaten unmercifully," he said pointing to the split scalp "and then when he wouldn't die, the killer slit his throat and watched him bleed to death before dragging him here.


Be inspected the wounds more carefully, and added: "The knife was dull too. It wouldn't cut the first time on the left side when it struck that main muscle and the killer had to slash him again, It's the most vicious thing I've ever seen."


"How long do you figure he's been dead, Doc?" Dunbar asked.


The doctor paused a moment, then "About forty-eight hours. Probably killed sometime Sunday morning, Looks to he like he was ambushed."


He inspected Roach's pockets. "Here's the lunch he was going to eat."


Dunbar showed the hand print on the poplar club, and said: "This may help."


Wynne agreed. "Those fingerprints aren't going to be much help, but the hand may be. Looks as though part of a finger was missing."


"What do you suggest," the sheriff asked. "Questioning the neighbors seems to be about the best idea. There's Sam Pierce and his son, Ray, on the next farm; they may have seen or heard something. And Sam's brother owns this place where we found the body."


"Get 'em all into town for the inquest and autopsy," Wynne ordered. "The Pierce's, Mrs. Roach, the deputies and the fellows who found the body. I'11 have an autopsy made at once. We stand a better chance of solving this if we work fast while it's hot."


As the sheriff moved away, Dr, Wynne ordered photographs of the body, the bloodstained ground and leaves. The sheriff collected the bloody club, sack of seed and file as evidence.


Sheriff Dunbar found Pierce cutting brush in a field three quarters of a mile from home and encountered Ray on them muddy lane which passed the thicket where Roach's body bad been found.


Sam was sixty-nine, tall, stooped and angular. He was trustee at the Mount Carmel Church near where be lived, and led services when the ??????? was present. He quoted long passages of scripture and knew where to find justification in the Bible for everything he did.


He loved to sing and was particularly fond of hymns. He was born within a short distance of the farm, had grown to manhood, married and sired thirteen children there, and had been away from the area only once or twice in his life.


He was silent on the way to the house and offered no objections when the sheriff, as a precautionary measure, asked if he might look around the place.


His search uncovered a ten-gauge shotgun and two pairs of bloody overalls, one of which was heavily saturated. So far as the sheriff could tell by superfluous examination, the gun hadn't been fired for some time. But the blood on the overalls was comparatively recent.


Sam's gray-haired, stocky wife was quick to explain:- "Ray slaughtered a hog last week." And then reported that he had dehorned a calf while wearing the second pair.


Dunbar, versed in farm operation knew the stories were logical. And too, they could be merely an excuse. Was the blood really that of a hog or was it that of Earl Roach? Thoughtfully, be rolled up the garments together to send to the State Police Laboratory in Indianapolis for analysis.


As Dunbar and the Pierces drove into Bedford, the sheriffs questioning added no light to the mystery. Ray said he had risen early Sunday morning, fed the stock and finished his chores and returned to the house about nine- o'clock.


His father confirmed the story and declared that he himself had slept late that day.


"You and Roach weren't very friendly, were you?" Dunbar asked Sam.


"Not very," the sunken-cheeked farmer admitted readily. "We'd had some trouble over that road between his land and mine, but it wasn't killin' trouble sheriff."


Once in Bedford, Wynne, Hayes, and Prosecutor David F. Long joined the questioning while two other doctors made an autopsy and prepared their report for the inquest. While the two Pierces were repeating their assertions that they had not seen Roach on Sunday, the autopsy revealed that he had been shot-probably before he was clubbed

and slashed.


"Don't say anything about this now," Wynne cautioned. "I'm going to use it at the inquest."


"Here's something else you light use," Dunbar said. "There's been trouble between Sam and Roach. I've checked my records, and it was only two or three weeks ago that Roach came to me and asked me to settle a long time dispute he's been having with Pierce over a fence line. And it was about eighteen months ago, Roach told me, that he and Sam bad a terrific fight. Roach says he took a gun away from Sam."


"That fence dispute got pretty bitter," Hayes said. "Sam swore out a peace warrant against Roach, but lost the case and it cost him $7.50 in court costs. That made him mad, and then they'd had some trouble over some trees Roach felled that dropped across Pierce's fence.


"He may say something at the inquest," Wynne said, "and we'll plant two or three ideas with him. He's superstitious and this scientific investigation may convince him he right as well confess because we know all about it. That is, if be really did it."


Ray preceded his father on the stand at the inquest. He proved an unwilling witness as the coroner skillfully led him into relating circumstances of the weekend.


"Did you tell your father that night of the search, what the posse wanted?'


"No, he was in bed that night. I told him the first thing this morning."


"Who do you think killed Roach?"


Ray shifted nervously, "I can't say."


"If you killed him, would you say so?"


Ray hesitated a moment, then: "Yes. But I'm innocent. And I'm not going to say anything until I see a lawyer."


Wynne ignored his comment.


"Did you fire a gun Sunday or hear one?"




"When was the last tile you fired a gun?"


"It's been some time ago."


"Ray," the coroner leaned forward to emphasize his words. "I've got my suspicions about who killed roach and I'm going to get to the bottom of this thing if it's the last thing I do. If you're innocent, tell us the truth about this affair and what you think. I'11 help you if you're really innocent."


"I am innocent," Ray replied fiercely, "And you can't do a thing to me."


"I can test your hands for nitrate residue," the coroner intoned him bluntly. Roach was shot before be was stabbed and I can find out whether you fired a gun."


"I don't think the test will do you much good," Ray said slowly. "I fired a revolver last week to kill a hog."


The coroner looked at him silently, then ordered, "Put him back in jail. Maybe a little more time will help his memory."


Ray stepped down to be replaced by his father, who proved to be a garrulous, wandering witness. He went into great detail of the argument he had with Roach over the moving of a fence line to build a road and declared at one time that Roach had threatened to kill him.


Wynne listened patiently as the old man ran on, then began interposing questions.


"When did you shoot that gun last? That gun the sheriff found out there at your place?"


The farmer figured to himself and said: "I haven't shot it since last rabbit season. That'd be the middle of last month."


Wynne let the answer go without pressing the witness, and demanded: "Let me see your hands.

Puzzled, Sam spread his hands before him and the coroner saw that the left index finger had one joint missing.  Was that the hand that crashed the heavy club against Roach's skull?


The coroner shifted his attack. Pointing to a scratch on the farmer's chin, he asked: "Where did you get that?"


Pierce lifted his band to feel the spot. "Well, I was working in the grape arbor this morning and may have got it then."


"It looks older to than that to me." Wynne commented. "Sure you didn't get it in the underbrush Sunday morning?"


The farmer looked up startled. "No."


"When did you hear about Roach being dead?"


"This morning when the sheriff came after me."


"You didn't hear Hayes yelling last night?"


"No, me and my wife was in bed."


"Didn't Ray tell you Roach was missing?"


"No. He didn't say anything about it. I'm pretty nervous and my wife is too, and if my son had told me it might have made me nervous. Say doc, what d'ya do if you're awfully nervous? I've bought a lot of medicine by mail and even went to that divine healer up in Martinsville, but I can't get no relief."


"I'd have to examine you, Pierce. But a divine healer won't help you."


"Yes he would. The Book says 'Ye that----"


"Let's get back to this," Wynne interrupted. "If you killed Roach, would you say so?"


"Why yes. I wouldn't want to lie. The Bible says---"


Wynne cut him short again. "What did you do Sunday morning?"


"Well, now, let's see. I stayed in bed late. My boy got up about eight o'clock and had breakfast and milked.


He went over to the other place til almost nine. I was home when he came back. I saw the clock and he was back before ten o'clock."


"What happened at ten o'clock?"


"I guess I was listening to the radio."


"What station were you listening to?"


"I don't know. We turned it on to get the worship service."


"Did you hear a gun Sunday?"


"No sir. They used a knife on Roach didn't they?"


"Yes, and it was pretty dull, too. It slipped out of Roach's neck before the vein was cut."


Sam shook his head in wonder.


"And," Wynne continued, "Roach's skull was broken in twelve places. Say, how'd you cut your hand?"


Sam looked at his hand and said, "I don't know. I cut it working around the place I guess."


"Sam, Ray says he told you early this morning what the posse wanted last night. Didn't he ask you, Dad, have you seen Mr. Roach?'"


Pierce shook his head. "If he did, I didn't hear him. I didn't answer him."


"Do you mean he's a liar?"


"I don't know.


"Sam, do you believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?"


"Why, yes. That's in the Bible."


Wynne turned on the old man suddenly. "Sam," he said harshly, "you've been lying. This is what really happened:


"You killed Roach out there!"


"No. I didn't! I Didn't!" Sam's cry interrupted the tense moment.


Relentlessly, Wynne continued: "You shot Roach and that sack of clover seed stopped most of the shot, so when he wouldn't die you beat him, and when he still wouldn't die, you held his head in one hand and cut his throat with the other. When the knife slipped out, it cut your hand. That's how you got that cut."


Cold Sweat popped out on Pierce's forehead, and the veins in his hands stood in bold relief.

He leaned forward to stare wildly into the coroner's eyes. "No-No-I didn't kill him. I didn't--"


Wynne turned to Sheriff Dunbar. "Sheriff," he said deliberately,” the man who killed Roach has the mind of a fifteen-year old child. He ambushed Roach and clubbed him and then the dirty coward took a knife and slit his throat. The man who did this--" and here Wynne looked contemptuously at Pierce as he emphasized his--- "was a dirty coward. Take him back to jail."

Pierce was led trembling to his cell, where he immediately asked for his Bible. But his study was interrupted within a few minutes as Wynne entered to apply paraffin for a nitrate test and get parings from under Sam's fingernails.


"What's this for?" Sam asked.


"I can tell where you've been, what you've been handling by the dirt in your nails, and the paraffin is to tell me if you fired a gun recently. I think you did this killing Sar, and I'm going to use every scientific device I can to learn the trutb--the powder test, a gun test and even a lie detector.


Sam looked startled. "A lie detector? What's that?"


"It's,thing that can tell whether you're lying."


Fear and cunning showed in the old man's eyes. "That ain't right," he said. "There can't be a machine like that--It's the work of the devil and the Lord wouldn't allow it."


"It may be the work of the devil," Wynne said, "but it works. And we're going to take you to Indianapolis tomorrow to see whether you've been telling the truth."


Sam turned again to his Bible for comfort as the coroner left. He was sure he'd find proof that such a thing as a lie detector couldn't exist. Nervously be shook his shoulders as though to cast off an evil spirit.


A thing to tell if you're lying? Sam's mind, unversed in modern science and bewildered by the deductions the officers already had drawn, conjured up a nightmare animal, ready to spring at him should he fail to tell the truth.


The sheriff led him up the wide walk toward the front basement entrance. "The lie detector's in the basement," he said.


Instantly, the farmer's fear of the machine showed in his wild stare. He hung back slightly, then braced his shoulders and walked up the cement as though tramping to his death.


He trembled as the sheriff opened the door. Once inside and down the short flight of steps, he glanced about the hall, then turned suddenly to tbe sheriff:


"I killed him, sheriff."


The words almost tumbled over--each other as they spewed from Sam's nervous face.


"I killed him. Don't put that lie detector on me."


Surprised by the sudden confession, Dunbar glanced meaningfully at Thompson and Bennett.


"We won't need the lie detector now, Sam," he said.


Willingly now, as though a great load were off his mind, Sam nodded gratefully and the quartet went to Lieutenant Hinkle's office in State Police Headquarters.


There, without any prompting, Sam gave the details of the killing--one of the most cold--blooded stories the officers had ever heard.


"I just shot him," Sam said, as the stenographer's racing fingers took down his words, "and he fell to the ground. I got me a club and knocked him in the head. I couldn't kill him by knocking him in the head, so I had to cut the blood veins in his throat and bleed him to death the way you kill a calf. I waylaid him and after killing him I threw him in the bushes. He was too heavy for me to carry very far. He never said a word.


"I've told you about it and I don't want to hear anymore questions. I don't even want to discuss the case.


Sheriff Dunbar immediately called Deputy Hayes and ordered that Ray Pierce be released. He was, of course, absolutely innocent of any connection with the affair, and subsequent analysis of the bloody overalls found at the Pierce home proved that the blood was not human.


Sam was put in the Monroe county jail at Bloomington after Hayes warned that feeling was running high in the neighborhood where the Roaches lived.


It was while Sam was reenacting the crime for Sheriff Dunbar the following Sunday that he revealed a second motive in addition to the fight he bad had with Roach.


"Roach's uncle killed my brother Bill forty years ago and the law let him off." he said.


During the reenactment, the sheriff allowed the old man to enter the Hount Pleasant Church where he had been a pillar for so long. There Sam took a book of hymns from a shelf behind the organ and in a baritone that had become slightly husky, sang his farewell to the hills and fields he had known so well.


Ten days later Sam pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in the Indiana State Prison at Michigan City.


Note: Sam spent a few years in prison, but because of a terminal illness, he was released and allowed to go home, where he died November 8, 1946.



Leroy J. Pierce (1830 – 1898)

In Memorium: L. J. Pierce was born in Iredell Co. N.C. June 11, 1830.  Moved with his parents to this county in 1831.  He m. Sarah Cobb in 1852.  To their union was born 6 children – four boys and two girls.  He m. Jane F. Douglas in 1868 his 1st wife being dead.  To their union was born nine children – 6 boys and 3 girls.  12 of his children survive him.  He had a stroke of paralysis on Dec. 12 and died three days later.  He was 68 yrs old.  Leaves wife, 2 brothers, one sister and thirty-three grandchildren.  Laid to rest in the Pierce Cemetery.

Nancy Pierce Stanley (1864 – 1942)

Mrs. Will Stanley

Mrs. Will Stanley, 78, one of Culver's oldest residents died Saturday at 10:30 o'clock after a long illness.

Mrs. Stanley, born November 7, 1864 is survived by her husband, four sons, John of Bennington, Ray of Minneapolis and Archie and Louis of Culver, three sisters, Miss Mary Pierce of Burlington, Mrs. Maranda Kannarr of Garden City and Mrs. Eliza Bremerman of Minneapolis and one brother; William Pierce of Greenville, Ill.

Funeral services were held at Culver Tuesday.

Minneapolis Messenger

Mary E. Pierce (1875 – 1961)

Mary Elizabeth Pierce

Mary Elizabeth Pierce, daughter of Jonathan J. and Elizabeth Pierce, was born November 12, 1875 on a farm four miles north and two miles west of Culver, and departed this life at her home in Culver on Monday evening, April 17 at the age of 85 years, 5 months, and 5 days.

She was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church, and attended quite regularly as her health would permit.

She lived with her parents on the farm which they homesteaded, until her father's death in 1920, at which time Mary and her mother moved to Culver. She lived there the remainder of her lifetime.

She was preceded in death by her father, mother, three brothers and four sisters. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Charles Bremerman of Tescott, many nieces and nephews, and a host of other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at the Culver Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Ira Dent officiating. The songs, "In the Garden" and "The Old Rugged Cross" were sung by Mrs. Larry Know and Mrs. Joseph Armstrong, accompanied by Mrs. Paul Reed. Pallbearers were Carl Baker, Ira Dent, Lawrence Frain, Jesse Morrical, Harvey Morrical, and Homer Baker. Burial was in the Culver Union cemetery. Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Fouts-Haley Funeral Home.

Minneapolis Messenger

Ida Skeen Pierce (1875 – 1951)

Ida E. Pierce

Rites conducted Monday Nov, 26th 1951

Funeral service for Ida Ellen Pierce of route 2. Bedford Indiana who died Friday evening, were conducted at 10.30 am.  Monday at the Fayetteville Baptist Church by Rev. Albert Bridwell and Rev. Girod Gole.

Mr. and Henry Roberts, Forrest J. Babb and Noble Adamson san “It is well within my Soul,”Precious Memories, and “Precious Lord Take My Hand.”  Mrs. Ruby Jones, pianist played selections other than the singings.

In charge of the flowers were Maggie Fields, Susie McDonald, Wanda Pierce, Ida F. Hedge, Alta Fields, Mary Violet Webb, Louise Webb, Melba Pierce and Charolotte Pierce.

Thomas L. Forest, Robert, Donald E. and Gleen Pierce Oscar Webb, Lloyd and Leonard Turner and Carl Fields served as pallbearers.

Interment was in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery at Maulridge.  Day and Carter Mortuary directed the service.

Eliza Pierce Hackler (1875 – 1949)

Illness Fatal to Eliza Hackler

Mrs. Eliza Hackler died at 11:15 am. Yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Leo Smithers, Springville Route 2, near Avoca.  She had been failing in health for the past six years and her final illness lasted seven weeks.

She was born September 29, 1875, in Lawrence county, the daughter of Leroy and Jane Hardwick Pierce.  She married Bluphord Hackler April 4, 1894 in Lawrence county.  He preceeded her in death January 10, 1931.  She was a member of the Mount Carmel Methodist Church and she spent her entire life in the community where she was born.

The remains were returned to the home of her daughter Mrs. Leo Smithers, this morning, to lie in state until the hour of service.  The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Springville Methodist Church with Rev. Elmer Patton officiating.  Burial will be at Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

She is survived by one son, James Roy Hackler of Avoca; four daughters Mrs. Leo Smithers of Avoca, Mrs. Jones (Elsie) Denny of Indianapolis, Mrs. Orland (Ida) Miller of Springville Route 2, and Mrs. Adolphus (Lorena) Baker of Bedford Route 2; one brother Walter Pierce of Bedford Route 2; one sister, Mrs. Hester Vorhies of Springville Route 2; 17 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and several cousins, nieces, and nephews.  Three sons and one daughter have preceeded her in death.

Hester Pierce Voorhies (1882 – 1950)

Hester Voorhies Claimed by Death Friday Oct, 20th, 1950

Hester Annie Voorhies, R.R.2, Springville, passed away at 2:20 yesterday afternoon at the home of her son, John Voorhies, of Springville.  She had been ill for three weeks.

Mrs. Voorhies was born in Lawrence county on June 10, 1883, daughter of Leroy and Jane (Hardwick) Pierce.  In 1900, she married Earl Voorhies who preceded her in death on November 1, 1941.

Survivers include four sons, John, Ernie, Arnold, and Rutho, all of Springville, one daughter, Mrs. Pearl Baker, R.R.2, Bedford, twenty two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Two sons, one daughter and one grandchild preceded her in death.

The deceased was a member of the The Fayetteville Baptist Church.

Funeral service under the direction of the Day and Carter Morturary, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 oclock at the Springville Methodist Church.  The body was taken to the home of the son, John, R.R.2, Springville at 10:30 this morning and will lie in state there until the funeral hour.

Interment will be at Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Silverville.

August N. Pierce (1911 – 1964)

August Newton Pierce, born Jan. 10, 1911, passed away after a lengthy illness, Nov. 12, 1964, at the home in Princeton, Kansas. He was 53-years-old.

Services were held in the Lamb Funeral Home at Ottawa, Kansas, the Reverand Wesley Keltcher officiating.

Mr. Pierce was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pierce, former residents of Minneapolis for many years. August was a graduate of Minneapolis High School, class of 1933.

Surviving are his wife, Lola, of the home; two sisters, Mrs. Lauretta Schott, of 1502 E. Glenn, Lawrence, Kansas, and Mrs. Ruth Kaull of 105 N. 8th St., Lawrence; and three nieces.

Minneapolis Messenger

Ivan L. Pierce (1895 – 1966)

Ivan L. Pierce

Ivan Lansing Pierce, 71, died Saturday, December 10, 1966 at the Ottawa County hospital in Minneapolis.

He was born June 13, 1895 on a farm northwest of Culver a son of William and Addalaid Pierce.

In 1905 the family moved southeast of Salina. He also lived a long time around Brookville and Garnett before he moved to Minneapolis in 1956 where he resided until his death.

One brother, Albert Pierce preceded him in death November 3, 1966.

Survivors include two half brothers, John Pierce of Tacoma Washington, and four half-sisters, Mrs. Roy Smith and Mrs. Arthur Hughes of Salina, Mrs. Tom Redding of Kingman and Mrs. Leslie Smith of Olathe.

Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Haley Funeral Home with the Rev. L. Fred Houston officiating.

Pallbearers were Bov Rongish, Randall Gawith, Burnham Bennett, Leo Welch, Jack Haley and Frank Ewart, Internment was in the Culver Union Cemetery.

Minneapolis Messenger

Harry S. Pierce (1900 – 1971)

Harry Pierce[16]

Harry Seymour Pierce was born on a farm southwest of Tescott, Kansas in Ottawa county, November 17, 1900, the oldest child and first son of Henrietta Mae and William Franklin Pierce. He died Tuesday, February 23rd in St. John's hospital at the age of 70 years, 3 months and 6 days. He had suffered with pulmonary emphysema and congestive heart failure for several years. His entire life was spent in and around Tescott and approximately twenty years of it working at the cheese factory. He was married to Alta Mae Towne in 1920 and to this union were born three daughters, Mrs. Letha Kunkle and Mrs. Helen Teach both of Lincoln and Mrs. Shirley King, 623 E. Leslie Salina. His wife preceded him in death in July of 1968. His survivors include three daughters, nine grandchildren, Mrs. Carma Mason and Mrs. Carol Maze both of Lincoln, Gregg and Peggy Sue Teach both of Emporia, Mrs. Deanna Johnson, Debra and Darla Hart, Tamara and Theresa King all of Salina, five great grandchildren Bob Rich and Lenita Maze and Steve and Jeff Mason all of Lincoln, a sister, Mrs. Blanche Strait of Tescott and a brother, Rolan of Oklahoma City and his wife, Hilda. Also many nieces and nephews.

Services were conducted by Elder Alex. J. Robinson of St. John, Kan. on Saturday, February 27th at the Methodist Church in Tescott. Internment was in the Franklin cemetery south of Tescott.

Minneapolis Messenger

Probate Records

Will of Henry Toller Pierce (1816 – 1876)

In the name of God amen.  I Henry T. Pierce of the town of Orion in the County of Fulton and sate of Illinois being of the age of fifty nine years old and of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this frail transitory life do therefore make ordain publish and declare this to be my last will and testament that is to say first after all my lawful debts are payed and discharged the residue of my estate real and personal I give bequeath and dispose of as follows to wit  to my beloved wife Margret C. Pierce the prosedes of my farm and the rents and profits of said farm and stock during her natural life or as long as she remains my wider if she mary again the farm is to go to my children shere and shere alike asto those that be single has a horse and bead or the worth of them in money them.  Equal division between all of my heirs alike likewise I make constitute and apoint my beloved wife Margret C. Pierce and my beloved son Henry T. Pierce to be Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made  In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 10th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy six.

                                                                                        Henry T. Pierce (seal)

The above written instrument was subscribed by the said Henry T. Pierce in our presence and acknoleged by him to each of us and he at the same time published and declare the above instrument so subscribed to be his last will and testament and we at the testators request and his presence have signed our names as witnesses hereto and written opposite our names our respective places of residence

                                                                                        Josiah Pierce         Fulton Co, Ills

                                                                                        John W. Tindall    Fulton Co, Ills


Cemetery Records

Indian Creek, Maul Ridge, Lawrence Co, IN

Adia Pierce                                                                                                            (married Mathew Eggers)

Amanda Pierce                                                                                                     (married Martin Canada)

Ann Pierce                            d. Apr 7, 1884 Daughter of J. & T.

Annalysa Pierce                                                                                                   (married John Brock)

Ben (Bennie) C. Pierce         b. 8 Jan 1886          d. 21 Dec 1927

Bluphord Hackler

Daniel B. Pierce                    b. Nov 25, 18(13) Son of J. & T.

Dessie Pierce                                                                                                        (married Kenneth Brewington)

Edzira E. Brock                                                                                                      (dau of John and Annalysa Brock)

Eliza Pierce           

Ellen Cleon Eggers

Emily Pierce                           d. 28 May 1888 Wife of J. Pierce

Francis M. Pierce                 b. Jan 25, 1818  Son of J. & T.

Herod Pierce                         21 Oct 1829 – 24 Jan 1883

Herschel Pierce                     28 Dec 1894 – 25 Jan 1895 Son of Samuel and Ida Pierce

Ida E. Pierce                          1 Oct 1875 – 3 Nov 1951                                      (wife of Samuel Pierce)

Infant Pierce                          16 Jun 1875 – 16 Jun 1875

James Pierce                          b. 20 Jan 1811                                                        (married Tabitha Hert)

James W. Pierce                   31 Mar 1856 – 4 Apr 1856 Son of L. J. and S. Pierce

Jane F. Pierce                        6 Oct 1842 – 2 Oct 1911 Wife of L. J. Pierce

John Brock                                                                                                            (husband of Annalysa Pierce)

John N. Pierce                       19 Dec 1845 – 10 Apr 1907

Jones William Denny                                                                                          (husband of Elsie Hackler)

Josiah Pierce                         13 May 1779 – 19 Nov 1856

Kenneth H. Brewington                                                                                      (husband of Dessie Pierce)

Leroy J. Pierce                      11 Jun 1830 – 15 Dec 1898

Lettice Pierce                        d. 15 Aug 1856 Wife of J. Pierce

Lottie K. Pierce                     31 Jan 1917 – 12 Jun 1919 Dau of S. & I. E. Pierce

Martin Canada                                                                                                      (husband of Amanda Jane Pierce)

Mary J. Pierce                       28 Sep 1856 – 19 Sep 1937

Mathew Eggers                   

Nella Pierce                                                                                                           (married Carl Spray)

Newton Pierce                      10 Dec 1806 – 4 Mar 1878

Ralph Pierce                          28 Jun 1899 – 19 Oct 1899

Samuel Pierce                        8 Aug 1869 – 8 Nov 1946

Sarah Pierce                          21 May 1811 – 31 Aug 1870 Wife of Newton Pierce

Sarah Pierce                          19 Dec 1830 – 1 May 1866 Wife of Leroy J. Pierce

Tabitha (Tabby) Hert          d. 31 Jan 1874 Wife of J. Pierce

William H. Pierce  12 Apr 1873 – 15 Oct 1897

W. W. Pierce                         6 Sep 1882 – 5 Oct 1882                                       (son of John and Mary Pinkston Pierce)

Highland, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

Pierce , Wilber      __ 07/29/1889  to 05/14/1953
Pierce , Charles     __ 1875/  to 10/30/1938
Pierce , Henreita   __ 11/30/1854  to 04/27/1927
Pierce , Ida             __ 1876  to 1920
Pierce , R. C           __ 04/04/1851  to 12/19/1929
Pierce , E.               __
07/28/1903  to 10/09/1935
Pierce , Edith         __
08/13/1872  to 10/07/1936 11
Pierce , Francis     __
08/05/1874  to 08/13/1959
Pierce , Frances    __ 02/26/1906  to 09/25/1997

Pierce , Jean          __ 07/12/1903  to 05/20/1986
Pierce , Joe            __ 08/07/1906 to 06/20/1909
Pierce , Thelma     __ 11/14/1902  to 10/20/1914
Pierce , Charlotte  __ 04/13/1829  to 05/10/1910
Pierce , Cora          __ 03/28/1874  to 05/24/1942
Pierce , Frank        __ 08/23/1870  to 08/08/1951
Pierce , Irene         __ 03/31/1883  to 09/27/1912
Pierce , L. A.          __
01/28/1825  to 12/27/1904
Pierce , William     __
10/05/1873  to 04/01/1954
Pierce , Anna        __
07/11/1905  to 07/29/1986

Culver Union, Culver, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce)

(3 miles west of Culver)

Cora M. Pierce (mother)                                      Jonathan J. Pierce                                                Peraman W. Pierce

Feb 17, 1880 - June 13, 1920                                7 Jul 1841 - Feb 28, 1920                      d. 29 Nov 1886

                                                                                                                                                aged 37yrs  4m 28d

Ivan L. Pierce                                                        Elizabeth (his wife)

June 13, 1895 - Dec 10, 1966                               Mar 4, 1843 - Apr 8, 1925                    Philemon Pierce GRIFFIN

                                                                                                                                                d. 27 Mar 1907

Frank M. Pierce                                                    Cyrus N. Pierce                                     age 76 y  1m  14d

22 Jun, 1893 - Aug 5, 1914                  d. Sept 5, 1887

                                                                                aged 16y  9mo.  14days                       Little Charley

Mary E. Pierce                                                                                                                      d. 1 Jan 1898

1875 - 1961                                                             Clarissa A. Pierce                                 age 7 y  11m  15d

                                                                                d. Apr 30, 1887

Newton Pierce                                                      aged 5 yrs  ? days                                                William H. Pierce

Aug 24, 1839                                                                                                                         25 Mar, 1862[17]

                                                                                Thos N. Pierce

Charlotty Pierce                                                                                                                    Harmon E. Pierce

26 May 1842 - Dec 6 1909                                   Addalaid A. Pierce               26 Sep 1889 - 23 Nov 1890

                                                                                8 Dec 1866 - 20 Feb 1901

Descendants of Joseph Pace

Generation No. 1


1.  JOSEPH1 PACE was born Abt. 1684 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA.


Child of JOSEPH PACE is:

2.                i.    JOSIAH2 PACE, b. 1710, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. MECKLENBURG CO, VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOSIAH2 PACE (JOSEPH1) was born 1710 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died in MECKLENBURG CO, VA.  He married ELIZABETH BRITT 7 Mar 1759 in GOOCHLAND CO, VA.  She was born 1714 in GOOCHLAND CO, VA.



3.                i.    STEPHEN (PACE)3 PIERCE, b. 1745, VIRGINIA; d. 1807, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.

                  ii.    NEWSOME PACE, b. 1755, GOOCHLAND CO, VA; d. 1 Apr 1820, NOTTOWAY, VA.

                 iii.    SUSANNAH PACE, b. 7 Mar 1759, GOOCHLAND CO, VA.

4.              iv.    JOSIAH PACE, b. Abt. 1761.



Generation No. 3


3.  STEPHEN (PACE)3 PIERCE (JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1745 in VIRGINIA, and died 1807 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA.  He married LAVINIA GEERS Abt. 1777 in VIRGINIA.  She was born 1750 in VIRGINIA, and died 15 Aug 1856 in INDIANA.



5.                i.    JOSIAH PUCKETT4 PIERCE, b. 13 May 1779, RICHMOND CO, VA (Richmond); d. 19 Nov 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    JAMES PIERCE, b. 1781, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.


6.              iv.    NANCY PIERCE, b. 1788, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. HENRY CO, TN.

7.               v.    JOHN PIERCE, b. 1792, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 1880, HENRY CO, TN.

                 vi.    HEROD PIERCE, b. 1795, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. IREDELL CO, NC.

                vii.    AUGUSTUS PIERCE, b. 16 Aug 1798, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; m. (1) MARY D. PUCKETT, Bef. 1856; m. (2) MIDDY THOMPSON, 25 Feb 1856.



4.  JOSIAH3 PACE (JOSIAH2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1761.  JOSIAH married LUCINDA STROUD. 



                   i.    MELINDA4 PACE, b. 1784, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.

                  ii.    JOHN PACE, b. 1786, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.

                 iii.    LUCY PACE, b. 1788, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.

                 iv.    WILLIAM PACE, b. 1791, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.



Generation No. 4


5.  JOSIAH PUCKETT4 PIERCE (STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 13 May 1779 in RICHMOND CO, VA (Richmond), and died 19 Nov 1856 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married LETTICE WILKINS Abt. 1805 in MECKLENBURG, VA, daughter of JAMES WILKINS and LETITIA NEWTON.  She was born 15 Oct 1780 in VIRGINIA, and died 15 Aug 1856 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



8.                i.    NEWTON5 PIERCE, b. 10 Dec 1806, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 4 Mar 1878, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH B. PIERCE, b. 8 Dec 1808, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 8 Oct 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. ZACKARIAH LOVELL, 11 Feb 1836, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 28 Jul 1811, PULASKI CO, KY.

9.              iii.    JAMES PIERCE, b. 20 Jan 1811, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. Aft. Jun 1880, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

10.            iv.    HENRY TOLLER PIERCE, b. 11 Oct 1816, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 5 Aug 1876, FULTON CO, IL.

11.             v.    JOSIAH (JOSEPH) P. PIERCE, JR, b. 13 Mar 1819, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 25 May 1901, FULTON CO, ILL.

12.            vi.    PERRYMAN W. PIERCE, b. 17 Aug 1824, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 8 Nov 1908.

                vii.    LAVINIA G. PIERCE, b. 1821, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. ARKANSAS; m. (1) PETER A. HOSKINS, 20 Apr 1848, VIGO CO, IN; m. (2) MATTHEW EGGERS, 10 Nov 1887, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 20 Aug 1815; d. 8 Aug 1899.

13.          viii.    ANNALYZA ELIZABETH PIERCE, b. 8 Dec 1827, NORTH CAROLINA; d. 22 Apr 1894, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

14.             ix.    HEROD PIERCE, b. 21 Oct 1829, IREDELL CO, NC; d. 24 Jan 1883, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                   x.    JOHN PIERCE, b. Abt. 1831, on the road to INDIANA; d. Abt. 1831, on the road to INDIANA.



6.  NANCY4 PIERCE (STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1788 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died in HENRY CO, TN.  She married WILLIAM VAUGHN 12 Nov 1812.  He was born Abt. 1789 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA.



                   i.    STEPHEN F.5 VAUGHN, b. 11 Feb 1814, MECKLENBURG CO, VA.

                  ii.    WILLIAM VAUGHN.

                 iii.    RICHARD VAUGHN.

                 iv.    WILLIAM A. VAUGHN.

                  v.    NATHANIEL VAUGHN.

                 vi.    JOHN VAUGHN.

                vii.    LAVINA VAUGHN.

               viii.    EBENEEZER VAUGHN.



7.  JOHN4 PIERCE (STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1792 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 1880 in HENRY CO, TN.  He married MARGARET PIERCE*.  She was born 1796.



                   i.    WILLIAM BEDFORD5 PIERCE.

                  ii.    JOHN WORREL PIERCE.

                 iii.    ROBERT PIERCE.

                 iv.    REUBEN PIERCE.

                  v.    STEPHEN PIERCE.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH PIERCE.

                vii.    NANCY L. PIERCE.

               viii.    RICHARD NOAH PIERCE.

                  ix.    MARTHA ANN PIERCE.



Generation No. 5


8.  NEWTON5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 10 Dec 1806 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 4 Mar 1878 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married SARAH P. PARKER 4 Aug 1829 in SURRY CO, NC.  She was born 21 May 1811 in SURRY CO, NC, and died 30 Aug 1870 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



15.              i.    LEROY JACKSON6 PIERCE, b. 11 Jun 1830, IREDELL CO, NC; d. 15 Dec 1898, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH J. PIERCE, b. 1 Jan 1833, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 26 Oct 1871.

16.            iii.    SARAH MICKEY PIERCE, b. 18 Oct 1838, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Jan 1905, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

17.            iv.    JOHN NEWTON PIERCE, b. 19 Dec 1845, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 10 Apr 1907.

18.             v.    HENRY JASPER PIERCE, b. 27 Jun 1848, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 11 May 1901.



9.  JAMES5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 20 Jan 1811 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died Aft. Jun 1880 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (1) TABITHA HERT 31 Jul 1834 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 1812 in KENTUCKY, and died 31 Jan 1874 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (2) EMILY PIERCE* Aft. 1874.  She was born 1816 in OHIO, and died 28 May 1888 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of JAMES PIERCE and TABITHA HERT are:

                   i.    LETTICE W.6 PIERCE, b. 1837, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. JOHN B. ROACH, 23 May 1858, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    MARINDA PIERCE, b. 1839, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    DANIEL B. PIERCE, b. 25 Nov 1843, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 17 Sep 1855, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    LAVINIA PIERCE, b. 1845, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. HENRY HARDWICK, 1867, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1849.

                  v.    FRANCIS MARION PIERCE, b. 25 Jan 1848, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 27 Sep 1855, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 vi.    ELIZA PIERCE, b. 1851, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                vii.    ANNIE PIERCE, b. 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 7 Apr 1884, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



10.  HENRY TOLLER5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 11 Oct 1816 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 5 Aug 1876 in FULTON CO, IL.  He married MARGARET H. LOVEALL Abt. 1838, daughter of ZACHARIAH LOVEALL and ELIZABETH KELSEY.  She was born 13 Sep 1819 in KENTUCKY, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FULTON CO, IL.



19.              i.    NEWTON6 PIERCE, b. 24 Aug 1839, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 12 Mar 1904, OTTAWA CO, KS.

20.             ii.    JONATHAN JASPER PIERCE, b. 7 Jul 1841, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 28 Feb 1920, OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).

21.            iii.    JOSIAH PIERCE, b. 1 Oct 1843, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 8 Aug 1924.

                 iv.    NANCY PIERCE, b. 1845, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 26 Jun 1927.

22.             v.    PERRYMAN W. PIERCE, b. Abt. 1 Jul 1849, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 29 Nov 1886, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 vi.    LETTICE PIERCE, b. 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

23.           vii.    HENRY T. PIERCE, JR., b. 1854, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

               viii.    REBECCA PIERCE, b. 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. JAMES H. HUNT, 13 Nov 1879, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ix.    HEROD PIERCE, b. Oct 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. EMMA E. BROOKS, 25 Sep 1879, FULTON CO, IL.

                   x.    MARY PIERCE, b. Abt. 1861.



11.  JOSIAH (JOSEPH) P.5 PIERCE, JR (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 13 Mar 1819 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 25 May 1901 in FULTON CO, ILL.  He married EVALINE PARKER 8 Jan 1842 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 17 Sep 1827 in SURRY CO, NC, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FULTON CO, IL.



24.              i.    MARTHA6 PIERCE, b. 6 Oct 1843, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 7 Dec 1934, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                  ii.    HENRY F. PIERCE, b. 1845, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1945; m. MARGARET WALLACE, 16 Jul 1872, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

25.            iii.    JAMES N. PIERCE, b. 1846, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Aft. 1880, res. FULTON CO, IL.

                 iv.    RANEY PIERCE, b. 1848, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  v.    STEPHEN PIERCE, b. 1850, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

26.            vi.    ZACHARIAH PIERCE, b. 1851, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

27.           vii.    JANE PIERCE, b. 1853, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

               viii.    JOHANNA PIERCE, b. 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. JAMES A. MCCOY, 19 Oct 1876, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ix.    JOSEPHINE PIERCE, b. 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. SPENCER MCDANIEL, 30 Aug 1876, FULTON CO, IL.

                   x.    JINA? PIERCE, b. 1864, FULTON CO, IL.

                  xi.    MARY PIERCE, b. 1866, FULTON CO, IL.

                 xii.    SARAH PIERCE, b. 1872, FULTON CO, IL.



12.  PERRYMAN W.5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 17 Aug 1824 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 8 Nov 1908.  He married ELIZABETH MELVINA HOLDERNESS 12 Dec 1848 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 2 Oct 1831 in INDIANA, and died 10 Apr 1917.



                   i.    JOHN W.6 PIERCE, b. 1849, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Bef. 1860, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH JANE PIERCE, b. 1857, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    MARTHA PIERCE, b. 1858, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    PERRYMAN PIERCE, b. Mar 1860, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Bef. Jun 1870, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  v.    LAURA B. PIERCE, b. 1862, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 vi.    LAVINIA PIERCE, b. 9 Aug 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1904; m. JACOB HACKLER.

                vii.    EMMA PIERCE, b. 1875, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



13.  ANNALYZA ELIZABETH5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 8 Dec 1827 in NORTH CAROLINA, and died 22 Apr 1894 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married JOHN BROCK, REV. 4 Jan 1851 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, son of ALLEN BROCK and ELIZABETH BIRD.  He was born 22 Jun 1831 in INDIANA, and died 12 Nov 1906 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



                   i.    EDZIRA E.6 BROCK, b. 15 Jul 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Sep 1864, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

28.             ii.    VINA J. BROCK, b. 1860, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    HESTER ANN BROCK, b. 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. BENJAMIN F. MILLER, 5 Oct 1884, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1862, KENTUCKY.



14.  HEROD5 PIERCE (JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 21 Oct 1829 in IREDELL CO, NC, and died 24 Jan 1883 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married HESTER ANN DARNELL 1 Sep 1857 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 30 Apr 1836 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



                   i.    JOHN H.6 PIERCE, b. 1858, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. SARAH E. DOUGLAS, 22 Feb 1885, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 29 Nov 1864, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    WILLIAM L. PIERCE, b. 1863, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    HENRY FRANK PIERCE, b. 24 May 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 2 Apr 1945, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. MARTHA (MATTIE) J. MILLER, 12 Oct 1890, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 3 Sep 1871, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 23 Feb 1936, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    ELLA MAY PIERCE, b. Abt. Apr 1870, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



Generation No. 6


15.  LEROY JACKSON6 PIERCE (NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 11 Jun 1830 in IREDELL CO, NC, and died 15 Dec 1898 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (1) SARAH COBB 16 Nov 1852 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, daughter of JOHN COBB and AVA COBB*.  She was born 19 Dec 1830 in INDIANA, and died 1 May 1866 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (2) JANE FRANCES HARDWICK, DOUGLAS 1 Jul 1868 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 6 Oct 1842 in KENTUCKY, and died 12 Oct 1911 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of LEROY PIERCE and SARAH COBB are:

                   i.    THOMAS NEWTON7 PIERCE, b. 25 Aug 1853, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. ANGEY D. NICKOLAS, 25 Aug 1875, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    JAMES WILLIAM PIERCE, b. 31 Mar 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 4 Apr 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

29.            iii.    AMANDA JANE PIERCE, b. 30 Mar 1857, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 19 May 1935, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    JOHN JACKSON PIERCE, b. 16 Mar 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 11 Dec 1905.

                  v.    DAVID NATHANIEL PIERCE, b. 18 Apr 1861, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1941; m. FLORENCE PIERCE*; b. 19 Jan 1895; d. 24 Jun 1865.

                 vi.    MARY CAROLINE PIERCE, b. 20 Feb 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. GEORGE R. COLVIN, 28 Nov 1880, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 11 Jun 1862; d. 29 Jun 1901.

                vii.    SARAH PIERCE, b. 20 Feb 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN.




               viii.    SARAH E.7 DOUGLAS, b. 29 Nov 1864, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. JOHN H. PIERCE, 22 Feb 1885, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1858, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

30.             ix.    SAMUEL PIERCE, b. 8 Aug 1869, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 8 Nov 1946, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

31.              x.    ADALINE H. PIERCE, b. 18 Apr 1871, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Feb 1892.

                  xi.    WILLIAM H. PIERCE, b. 12 Apr 1873, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Oct 1897, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

32.            xii.    ELIZA PERKIN PIERCE, b. 29 Sep 1875, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1949, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                xiii.    JOSEPH ELVERT PIERCE, b. 1 Apr 1877, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. ARLEY N. VEACH; b. 1877.

                xiv.    HOMER HAMILTON PIERCE, b. 2 May 1879, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. MARY GERTRUDE TURNEY.

33.            xv.    WALTER W. PIERCE, b. 2 May 1879, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

34.           xvi.    HESTER ANN PIERCE, b. 10 Jun 1883, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 20 Oct 1950, SPRINGVILLE, IN.

               xvii.    EDWARD PIERCE, b. 29 Jul 1886, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. SARAH CATHERINE BURKE.



16.  SARAH MICKEY6 PIERCE (NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 18 Oct 1838 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 15 Jan 1905 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married (1) WILLIAM A. HARDWICK 3 Oct 1857 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He was born Jul 1830 in INDIANA, and died 5 Nov 1859 in INDIANA.  She married (2) WILLIAM CLINTER STALLINGS 15 Oct 1861.  He was born 1834, and died 1924.  She married (3) ALEXANDER WAGGONER 14 May 1885 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He was born 10 Aug 1819 in ORANGE CO, IN, and died 29 Mar 1904 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



35.              i.    SARAH ELIZABETH7 HARDWICK, b. 4 Aug 1858, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 29 Nov 1938, LAWRENCE CO, IN (Bedford).



17.  JOHN NEWTON6 PIERCE (NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 19 Dec 1845 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 10 Apr 1907.  He married MARY JOSEPHINE PINKSTON 13 Dec 1874 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 28 Sep 1856 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 19 Sep 1937.


Children of JOHN PIERCE and MARY PINKSTON are:

                   i.    "INFANT"7 PIERCE, b. 16 Jun 1875, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

36.             ii.    ADA PIERCE, b. 8 Jun 1876, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 12 Sep 1913, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    LOU AMY PIERCE, b. 8 Sep 1878, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 6 May 1912; m. (1) CHARLES JOHNSON, 4 Mar 1897; m. (2) GRANT MOSHIER, Aft. 1897.

                 iv.    WESLEY W. PIERCE, b. 6 Sep 1882, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 5 Oct 1882, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  v.    BERTHA PIERCE, b. 31 Oct 1883, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Dec 1964; m. WOOD.

                 vi.    BENJAMIN C. PIERCE, b. 8 Jan 1886, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 21 Dec 1927, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. DELLA FIELDS.

37.           vii.    JESSE N. PIERCE, b. 9 Apr 1892, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 21 Apr 1971, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

38.          viii.    ROY NEWTON PIERCE, b. 18 Dec 1893, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Nov 1963, SEATTLE, WA.

                  ix.    RALPH PIERCE, b. 28 Jun 1899, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 19 Oct 1899, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



18.  HENRY JASPER6 PIERCE (NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 27 Jun 1848 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 11 May 1901.  He married HARRIETT ANN VOSS Abt. 1868.  She was born 12 Feb 1849 in INDIANA.



                   i.    "UNKNOWN"7 PIERCE, b. 6 Sep 1869, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    CLARA M. PIERCE, b. 24 May 1871, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    NEWTON GILBERT PIERCE, b. 4 Mar 1875, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    HUGH IVAL PIERCE, b. 17 May 1884, MARTIN CO, IN.

                  v.    FLORA E. PIERCE, b. 11 Mar 1887, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 vi.    PERLIE ETHEL PIERCE, b. 15 Aug 1889, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



19.  NEWTON6 PIERCE (HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 24 Aug 1839 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 12 Mar 1904 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married CHARLOTTE (POLLY) WAGGONER 6 Jan 1859 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 26 May 1842 in INDIANA, and died 6 Dec 1909 in OTTAWA CO, KS.



                   i.    EPSA REBEKA7 PIERCE.

                  ii.    JONATHAN PIERCE.

                 iii.    JOSIAH PIERCE.

                 iv.    LETTY PIERCE.

                  v.    MARY E. PIERCE, b. Nov 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

39.            vi.    WILLIAM HENRY PIERCE, b. 25 Mar 1862, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Aft. 1910.

                vii.    LEVINIA PIERCE, b. 1866, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

               viii.    PHEBE ANN PIERCE, b. 1871, ILLINOIS.

                  ix.    BESSIE V. PIERCE, b. 1875, ILLINOIS.

                   x.    RHESA PIERCE, b. 1875, ILLINOIS; m. CHARLES EBERLY.

                  xi.    EMMASIA N. PIERCE, b. Jun 1877, ILLINOIS; m. ALTA L. SMITH, 1899, KANSAS; b. Jun 1883, KANSAS.

                 xii.    JOHN PEREMAN PIERCE, b. Dec 1882, OTTAWA CO, KS; m. BERTHA BAKER.

40.           xiii.    THOMAS EDWIN PIERCE, b. Feb 1884, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                xiv.    WILBER ASA PIERCE, b. Jul 1889, OTTAWA CO, KS.



20.  JONATHAN JASPER6 PIERCE (HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 7 Jul 1841 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 28 Feb 1920 in OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).  He married ELIZABETH (BETSY) ROY 6 Aug 1863 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, daughter of WILLIAM ROY and NANCY RAINWATER.  She was born 4 Mar 1843 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 8 Apr 1925 in OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).



41.              i.    NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE, b. 7 Nov 1864, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 4 Apr 1942, OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).

                  ii.    MARANDA J. PIERCE, b. 1869, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Aft. 1942, res. GARDEN CITY, KS; m. J. M. KANARR.

                 iii.    CYRUS N. PIERCE, b. Dec 1870, ILLINOIS; d. 5 Sep 1887, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 iv.    WILLIAM H. PIERCE, b. Nov 1872, ILLINOIS; d. Aft. 1942, res. GREENVILLE, IL.

                  v.    MARY E. PIERCE, b. 12 Nov 1875, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 17 Apr 1961, OTTAWA CO, KS.

42.            vi.    ELIZA A. PIERCE, b. 18 Jan 1880, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 15 Aug 1963, SALINA CO, KS.

                vii.    CLARISSA ADDIE PIERCE, b. 1882, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 30 Apr 1887, OTTAWA CO, KS.

               viii.    THOMAS N. PIERCE, b. 14 Jun 1885, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 28 Aug 1885, OTTAWA CO, KS.



21.  JOSIAH6 PIERCE (HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1 Oct 1843 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 8 Aug 1924.  He married CAROLINE COBB 28 Feb 1865 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, daughter of THOMAS COBBS and JUDAS COBB*.  She was born 10 Sep 1843 in INDIANA, and died 11 Aug 1927.



                   i.    JUDA M.7 PIERCE, b. 1866, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    SENORA PIERCE, b. 1868, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    MINNIE PIERCE, b. 2 Jan 1870, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 10 Aug 1927, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iv.    THOMAS H. PIERCE, b. 1872, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1950, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  v.    JENNETTIE PIERCE, b. 1877, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



22.  PERRYMAN W.6 PIERCE (HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1 Jul 1849 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 29 Nov 1886 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married ARMINA ELIZABETH PIERCE* Bef. 1880.  She was born Jan 1855 in INDIANA, and died Aft. Jun 1900.



                   i.    DANIEL(MANUEL) N.7 PIERCE, b. Jul 1880, OTTAWA CO, KS; m. EMMA E. PIERCE*, 1899, KANSAS; b. Aug 1878, KANSAS.

                  ii.    LETTICE (LILLIE) M. PIERCE, b. Feb 1882, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 iii.    JONATHAN J. PIERCE, b. Feb 1884, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 iv.    MARTHA E. PIERCE, b. Jun 1885, OTTAWA CO, KS.






                   i.    MARY7 PIERCE, b. 1874, ILLINOIS.

                  ii.    MARTHA PIERCE, b. 1876, ILLINOIS.

                 iii.    FREDERICK PIERCE, b. 1879, OTTAWA CO, KS.



24.  MARTHA6 PIERCE (JOSIAH (JOSEPH) P.5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 6 Oct 1843 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 7 Dec 1934 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  She married THOMAS J. ROY 18 Sep 1860 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, son of WILLIAM ROY and NANCY RAINWATER.  He was born 1841 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died Abt. 1879 in OTTAWA CO, KS.


Children of MARTHA PIERCE and THOMAS ROY are:

                   i.    SAMANTHA LUENTIA?7 ROY, b. 1862, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ii.    JOHN E. ROY, b. 1864, FULTON CO, IL.

                 iii.    EMMELDA ANNIE ROY, b. 1865, FULTON CO, IL.

                 iv.    NANCY JENNIE ROY, b. 1869, FULTON CO, IL.

                  v.    LENORA ROY, b. 1872, ILLINOIS.

                 vi.    LEUELLA ROY, b. 1877, ILLINOIS.

                vii.    CHRISTIE ROY, b. 1879, ILLINOIS.



25.  JAMES N.6 PIERCE (JOSIAH (JOSEPH) P.5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1846 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FULTON CO, IL.  He married ANGELINA GOFORTH 16 Dec 1869 in FULTON CO, IL.  She was born 1849 in ILLINOIS, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FULTON CO, IL.



                   i.    JOSIAH7 PIERCE, b. 1871, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ii.    IDA PIERCE, b. 1872, FULTON CO, IL.

                 iii.    JOSEPHINE PIERCE, b. 1876, FULTON CO, IL.

                 iv.    JAMES PIERCE, b. 1878, FULTON CO, IL.






                   i.    INA7 PIERCE, b. 1873, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ii.    MINNIE PIERCE, b. 1876, FULTON CO, IL.

                 iii.    V? EVALINE PIERCE, b. Feb 1880, FULTON CO, IL.





Children of JANE PIERCE and ROBERT DUNBAR are:

                   i.    ANDREW7 DUNBAR, b. Abt. 1876, ILLINOIS.

                  ii.    ZACHARIAH DUNBAR, b. Abt. 1877, ILLINOIS.



28.  VINA J.6 BROCK (ANNALYZA ELIZABETH5 PIERCE, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 1860 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married WILLIAM MORTON RAINS.  He was born 10 Mar 1851, and died 7 Feb 1934 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of VINA BROCK and WILLIAM RAINS are:

                   i.    ROY7 RAINS, b. 1877.

43.             ii.    ELSIRA RAINS, b. 8 Jan 1879, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 31 May 1957, INDIANAPOLIS, IN.



Generation No. 7


29.  AMANDA JANE7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 30 Mar 1857 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 19 May 1935 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married MARTIN CANADA.  He was born Aug 1853, and died 13 Jun 1921 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



                   i.    ETTIE8 CANADA, b. 1877; d. 1909; m. HORACE CASADA.

                  ii.    MARY CANADA, b. 17 Sep 1879; d. Sep 1896.

                 iii.    JOHN CANADA, b. 13 Jan 1884; d. 30 Dec 1888.

                 iv.    DAVID CANADA, b. 1887; d. 1953; m. SUSAN COLVIN; b. 1891; d. 1928.

                  v.    SARAH ALICE CANADA, b. 21 Apr 1893; d. 29 Jul 1976; m. JAMES HERSCHEL LAKE, 1 Jul 1910, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 22 Feb 1891, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 21 Jun 1967.

                 vi.    LODA F. CANADA, b. 1895; d. 1946; m. ERMIL A. CRAIG; d. 1964.

                vii.    SAMUEL CANADA, b. 21 Mar 1898; d. 15 Mar 1980; m. OLEVIA CANADA*; b. 25 Feb 1895, INDIANA; d. Oct 1984, INDIANA.



30.  SAMUEL7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 8 Aug 1869 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 8 Nov 1946 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married IDA ELLEN SKEEN.  She was born 1 Oct 1875 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 23 Nov 1951 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of SAMUEL PIERCE and IDA SKEEN are:

44.              i.    CHARLES8 PIERCE, b. 31 Oct 1892, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 13 Apr 1957, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                  ii.    ORA SKEEN PIERCE, b. 26 Jun 1893, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Oct 1968; m. ROSCOE DUNCAN; b. 29 Jun 1891; d. 2 Aug 1985.

                 iii.    HERSHEL PIERCE, b. 28 Dec 1894, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 25 Jan 1895, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

45.            iv.    OBA DALE PIERCE, b. 18 Jun 1896, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 14 Apr 1933.

46.             v.    EVA PIERCE, b. 6 Jan 1898, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Sep 1968.

                 vi.    STELLA PIERCE, b. 23 Dec 1899; d. 1988; m. ROSCOE DUNCAN; b. 29 Jun 1891; d. 2 Aug 1985.

47.           vii.    THOMAS PIERCE, b. 25 Sep 1901; d. 1984.

               viii.    NELLA PIERCE, b. 6 Nov 1903, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 26 May 1925, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. CARL SPRAY.

                  ix.    HATTIE PIERCE, b. 13 Aug 1906; d. 1986; m. HERSCEL TURNER.

                   x.    VIOLET PIERCE, b. 15 Apr 1908, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 6 Dec 1985; m. CHARLES FIELDS.

48.             xi.    MORGAN PIERCE, b. 23 Nov 1909, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 18 May 1991.

49.            xii.    E. RAY PIERCE, b. 17 Oct 1911.

                xiii.    LAURA PIERCE, b. 25 Oct 1913, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 27 May 1979; m. ARKANSAS (ARKIE) WAGNER; b. 17 Oct 1909; d. 10 Feb 1996.

                xiv.    LOTTIE KATHERINE PIERCE, b. 31 Jan 1917, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 12 Jun 1919, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



31.  ADALINE H.7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 18 Apr 1871 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 15 Feb 1892.  She married JOSEPH WILL TURPIN 25 Sep 1887 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He was born 24 Oct 1867 in PULASKI CO, KY, and died 7 Oct 1947 in INDIANA.



                   i.    LULA8 TURPIN.



32.  ELIZA PERKIN7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 29 Sep 1875 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 1949 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married BLUPHORD HACKLER 4 Apr 1894 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He was born 11 Mar 1870 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 10 Jan 1931 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



                   i.    IVEY NOLEY8 HACKLER, b. 18 Mar 1892; d. 29 Oct 1922.

                  ii.    EDWARD HACKLER, b. 14 Apr 1895; d. 14 Apr 1895.

                 iii.    DAVID HACKLER, b. 17 Feb 1896; d. 14 Mar 1896.

                 iv.    ELSIE HACKLER, b. 1902; d. 26 Apr 1997; m. WILLIAM (JONES) DENNY; b. 21 Aug 1899; d. 17 Aug 1965.

                  v.    CARL HACKLER, b. 22 Mar 1906; d. 15 Jan 1907.

50.            vi.    IDA FLORENCE HACKLER, b. 25 Nov 1907, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 2 Sep 1997, MONROE CO, IN.

                vii.    JAMES ROY HACKLER.

               viii.    LORENA HACKLER, m. ADOLPHUS BAKER.

                  ix.    "DAUGHTER" HACKLER, m. LEO SMITHERS.



33.  WALTER W.7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 2 May 1879 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married MARY CLEMENTINE HACKLER.  She was born 1888, and died 1938.



                   i.    ELSTON RAY8 PIERCE, b. 13 Mar 1905; d. 1978; m. CHARLOTTE E. ALLEN, 17 Sep 1927.

                  ii.    JOHN PIERCE.

                 iii.    MARIE PIERCE, m. (1) HARRY RIGGLE; m. (2) NOBLE W. FIELDS.

                 iv.    OLGA JANE PIERCE, m. LEWIS GOODMAN.

                  v.    DESSIE PIERCE, b. 12 Jan 1907; d. 1 Jul 1977; m. (1) WILLIAM ANDERSON; b. 15 Dec 1902; d. 11 Dec 1970; m. (2) KENNETH H. BREWINGTON; b. 3 Oct 1902; d. 2 Jan 1962.



34.  HESTER ANN7 PIERCE (LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 10 Jun 1883 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 20 Oct 1950 in SPRINGVILLE, IN.  She married WILLIAM EARL VOORHIES 1900.  He was born 28 Aug 1878, and died 1 Nov 1941.



                   i.    JOHN8 VOORHIES.

                  ii.    ERNIE VOORHIES.

                 iii.    ARNOLD VOORHIES.

                 iv.    RUTHO VOORHIES.

                  v.    PEARL VOORHIES, m. BAKER.



35.  SARAH ELIZABETH7 HARDWICK (SARAH MICKEY6 PIERCE, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 4 Aug 1858 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 29 Nov 1938 in LAWRENCE CO, IN (Bedford).  She married JOHN THOMAS LAKE 12 Apr 1874 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He was born 1 Aug 1853 in MERCER CO, KY, and died 1 Aug 1935 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of SARAH HARDWICK and JOHN LAKE are:

                   i.    FLORA8 LAKE, b. MARTIN CO, IN; m. THOMAS ALEX LUTTRELL, 23 Jun 1909, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1877, MARTIN CO, IN; d. 1965.

                  ii.    MARY MAGDELINE CLEMINTINE LAKE, d. 1964; m. BRUCE FLYNN.

                 iii.    MICKEY FRANCES LAKE, b. 1876, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 1 Oct 1937, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. ANDREW JACKSON EGGERS, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 3 May 1871, FULTON CO, IL; d. 1949.

                 iv.    H. ANNA LAKE, b. 13 Nov 1877, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. Oct 1972, FORT SMITH, AR; m. FRANCIS M. MAYSE, 29 Jan 1893, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1867; d. 1946.

                  v.    JOHN NEWTON LAKE, b. 5 Jan 1881, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 17 Apr 1967, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. GOLDIE MAY JACKSON, 22 Oct 1908, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 20 Jan 1892, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 13 Jun 1974, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 vi.    NETTIE MAY LAKE, b. 1883; d. 1956; m. (1) GEORGE L. CLAYTON, 3 Jul 1900, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. (2) JOHN G. LUTTRELL, 23 Jan 1917, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1884.

                vii.    JAMES HERSCHEL LAKE, b. 22 Feb 1891, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 21 Jun 1967; m. SARAH ALICE CANADA, 1 Jul 1910, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 21 Apr 1893; d. 29 Jul 1976.

               viii.    LEONA (SALLY) LAKE, b. 23 Aug 1894; d. 11 Oct 1960; m. ROY BEAVERS.

51.             ix.    JOSEPH E. LAKE, b. 6 Aug 1896, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 13 Mar 1975, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                   x.    REUBEN OLIVER LAKE, b. 21 Mar 1898; d. 15 Mar 1980; m. (1) DANO LOREAN BOYD, 24 Apr 1926, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1905; d. 2 Jun 1930; m. (2) OLIVE LORENE KERN, 13 Sep 1933; b. 30 May 1895; d. 21 Jul 1968.



36.  ADA7 PIERCE (JOHN NEWTON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 8 Jun 1876 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 12 Sep 1913 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She married MATHEW EGGERS.  He was born 5 Oct 1868, and died 1968 in JOHNSON CO, IN (Franklin).


Children of ADA PIERCE and MATHEW EGGERS are:

                   i.    JOHN MATT8 EGGERS, d. 1982.

                  ii.    NANCY EGGERS.



37.  JESSE N.7 PIERCE (JOHN NEWTON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 9 Apr 1892 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 21 Apr 1971 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (1) IVA J. PIERCE*.    He married (2) MAUDE TATSPAW.    He married (3) ANNA ELMORE.    He married (4) JULIE QUACKENBUSH 8 Jul 1911.  She was born Jan 1890, and died 7 Jun 1986 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.



                   i.    ALMA JANE8 PIERCE, b. 6 Jun 1924, BLOOMINGTON, IN; d. 28 Jan 1991, SIERRA VISTS, AZ.




52.             ii.    MARY A.8 PIERCE, b. 22 Jul 1912, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 15 Sep 1996, VINCENNES, IN.

                 iii.    BERTHA H. PIERCE, b. 27 Oct 1914, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 29 Apr 1994, BEDFORD, IN; m. CARL J. GRAF, 27 Oct 1944, BEDFORD, IN; b. 1900, INDIANAPOLIS, IN; d. 26 May 1979, BEDFORD, IN.

                 iv.    ANNA M. PIERCE, b. 12 Aug 1919, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 20 Dec 1987, INDIANAPOLIS, IN; m. WILIAM G. MCCOY, 1943, SHREVEPORT, LA; b. 21 Mar 1917, INDIANAPOLIS, IN.





Child of ROY PIERCE and OLGA SMITH is:

                   i.    GEORGE NEWTON8 PIERCE, b. 27 Jun 1918, LAWRENCE CO, IN.



39.  WILLIAM HENRY7 PIERCE (NEWTON6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 25 Mar 1862 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died Aft. 1910.  He married (1) ADDALAID A. PIERCE* 1883 in KANSAS.  She was born 8 Dec 1866 in IOWA, and died 20 Feb 1901 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married (2) CORA M. BREMMERMAN Abt. 1902.  She was born 17 Feb 1880 in KANSAS, and died 13 Jun 1929 in OTTAWA CO, KS.



                   i.    HARMON E.8 PIERCE, b. 26 Sep 1889, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 23 Nov 1890, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                  ii.    ALBERT L. PIERCE, b. Feb 1891, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 3 Nov 1966.

                 iii.    FRANK M. PIERCE, b. 22 Jun 1893, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 5 Aug 1914, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 iv.    IVAN LANSING PIERCE, b. 13 Jun 1894, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 10 Dec 1966, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                  v.    ANNIE M. PIERCE, b. Jul 1897, OTTAWA CO, KS.




                 vi.    PEARL R.8 PIERCE, b. 1904, KANSAS.

                vii.    MAUD E. PIERCE, b. 1905, KANSAS.

               viii.    MABLE A. PIERCE, b. 1907, KANSAS.

                  ix.    JONATHAN J. PIERCE, b. 1908, KANSAS; d. Aft. 1966, res. SALINE CO, KS.

                   x.    "UNNAMED" PIERCE, b. 1910.

                  xi.    EARNEST PIERCE, d. Aft. 1966, res. PIERCE CO, WA (Tacoma).






                   i.    AUGUST NEWTON8 PIERCE, b. 10 Jan 1911; d. 12 Nov 1964, PRINCETON, KS; m. LOLA SCHOTT.

                  ii.    RUTH PIERCE, d. Aft. 1964, res. LAWRENCE, KS; m. GEORGE KAULL.

                 iii.    LAURETTA ANNA PIERCE, d. Aft. 1964, res. LAWRENCE, KS; m. RAYMOND SCHOTT.



41.  NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE (JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 7 Nov 1864 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 4 Apr 1942 in OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).  She married WILLIAM MILTON STANLEY 17 Aug 1882 in OTTAWA CO, KS, son of ROBERT STANLEY and ANN CORNELIUS.  He was born 23 Feb 1859 in MARSHALL CO, IN, and died 21 Apr 1945 in SALINE CO, KS (Salina).



53.              i.    HENRY LEE8 STANLEY, b. 18 Jun 1883, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 20 Jan 1939, OTTAWA CO, KS.

54.             ii.    JOHNATHAN ROBERT STANLEY, b. Aug 1885, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. Aft. 1942, res. OTTAWA CO, KS.

55.            iii.    GRACE ALICE STANLEY, b. 30 Sep 1887, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 23 Sep 1926, ELLIS CO, KS (Hays).

56.            iv.    WILLIAM RAY STANLEY, b. Jun 1890, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 1948, OTTAWA CO, KS.

57.             v.    ARCHIE J.F. STANLEY, b. 29 Aug 1893, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 11 Apr 1954, OTTAWA CO, KS.

58.            vi.    OLIVER WARD STANLEY, b. 28 Dec 1895, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 10 Apr 1923, SHAWNEE CO, KS.

59.           vii.    LOUIS REED STANLEY, b. 8 Mar 1899, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 1 May 1964, SALINE CO, KS (Salina).



42.  ELIZA A.7 PIERCE (JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 18 Jan 1880 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 15 Aug 1963 in SALINA CO, KS.  She married CHARLEY AUGUSTA BREMMERMAN 27 Dec 1903 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He was born 27 Sep 1876 in PREBLE CO, OH, and died 21 Jun 1970 in SALINA CO, KS.



                   i.    ROY SIMON8 BREMMERMAN, b. 6 Dec 1904, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                  ii.    DORA MAE BREMMERMAN, b. 3 Oct 1911, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 18 May 1992, TESCOTT, KS.



43.  ELSIRA7 RAINS (VINA J.6 BROCK, ANNALYZA ELIZABETH5 PIERCE, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 8 Jan 1879 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 31 May 1957 in INDIANAPOLIS, IN.  She married (1) WILLIAM LOVINS.    She married (2) FRANK PELFREY.    She married (3) AUGUST DAVIS. 



60.              i.    WILLIAM WESLEY8 LOVINS, b. 6 Nov 1905, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 20 Jul 1975, INDIANAPOLIS, IN.

                  ii.    LUCILLE LOVINS, b. 20 Aug 1908, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 16 Feb 1987, INDIANAPOLIS, IN; m. NATHAN SPANGLER; b. 12 Aug 1909, WASHINGTON CO, IN.



Generation No. 8


44.  CHARLES8 PIERCE (SAMUEL7, LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 31 Oct 1892 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 13 Apr 1957 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married GLADYS EAGAN.  She was born 30 Jan 1897, and died 21 Mar 1992 in INDIANA.



                   i.    DALE9 PIERCE.

                  ii.    WAYNE PIERCE.

                 iii.    IDA FRANCES PIERCE.

                 iv.    FORREST PIERCE.

                  v.    KELSIE PIERCE.

                 vi.    RONALD PIERCE.

                vii.    SHIRLEY PIERCE.

               viii.    HAROLD C. PIERCE, b. 24 Aug 1920; d. 21 Dec 1991, INDIANA.



45.  OBA DALE8 PIERCE (SAMUEL7, LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 18 Jun 1896 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 14 Apr 1933.  He married RUBY RAINEY.  He was born 1 Aug 1902 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 14 Feb 1989.


Children of OBA PIERCE and RUBY RAINEY are:

                   i.    JANE9 PIERCE, m. EMBOCK.

                  ii.    KATHERINE PIERCE, m. RAY.

                 iii.    NORMA SUE PIERCE, m. DOTY.

                 iv.    VON (VAUGHN) E. PIERCE, b. 30 Oct 1923, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 24 Mar 1998, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. (1) MARY FRANCIS RUSSEL, 23 Jul 1943; m. (2) MARY FRANCES GIPSON, 11 Feb 1946.

                  v.    ALICE MARIE PIERCE, b. 1926; m. WILLIAM JASON GREEN; b. 1825.

                 vi.    LESTER O'NEIL PIERCE, b. 10 Jan 1928; d. 20 Nov 1977.

                vii.    ROBERT LEE PIERCE, b. 1929.

               viii.    OPAL LUTHER PIERCE, b. 1931.



46.  EVA8 PIERCE (SAMUEL7, LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 6 Jan 1898 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 15 Sep 1968.  She married LESLIE ALLISON WEBB 13 Dec 1919.  He was born 21 Jul 1896, and died 14 May 1981.


Children of EVA PIERCE and LESLIE WEBB are:

                   i.    SAMUEL A.9 WEBB, b. 18 Mar 1923; m. E. LOUISE WAGONER; b. 29 Jun 1927.

                  ii.    WILBUR R. WEBB, b. 25 Mar 1926; m. MARY V. WAGONER; b. 18 Apr 1929.

                 iii.    OSCAR L. WEBB, b. 5 May 1929; m. PAULINE HILLENBURG.





Children of THOMAS PIERCE and CARRIE POE are:

                   i.    KATHERINE9 PIERCE.

                  ii.    THOMAS LEROY PIERCE.



48.  MORGAN8 PIERCE (SAMUEL7, LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 23 Nov 1909 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 18 May 1991.  He married (1) VIOLET EADS.  She was born 10 Aug 1911, and died 29 Dec 1977.  He married (2) HELEN SHROUT.  She was born 31 Jul 1913 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 15 Sep 1997 in MONROE CO, IN.


Children of MORGAN PIERCE and VIOLET EADS are:

                   i.    DONALD E.9 PIERCE, b. 1933; d. 1981; m. MARY LOU PIERCE*; b. 1934; d. 1991.

                  ii.    WANDA PIERCE, m. LINTZ.

                 iii.    JIMMIE PIERCE.

                 iv.    GLENN PIERCE.

                  v.    ROGER D. PIERCE, b. 20 Aug 1938; d. 1 Jan 1991.





Children of E. PIERCE and MARY TURNER are:

                   i.    LARRY9 LAKE.

                  ii.    DANNY PIERCE.

                 iii.    CAROLYN PIERCE.

                 iv.    VICTOR PIERCE.



50.  IDA FLORENCE8 HACKLER (ELIZA PERKIN7 PIERCE, LEROY JACKSON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 25 Nov 1907 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 2 Sep 1997 in MONROE CO, IN.  She married JAMES ORLAND MILLER 2 Sep 1931.  He died 27 Aug 1975.


Children of IDA HACKLER and JAMES MILLER are:

                   i.    OTIS L.9 MILLER.

                  ii.    CLYDE O. MILLER.

                 iii.    LARRY S. MILLER, d. Sep 1997.



51.  JOSEPH E.8 LAKE (SARAH ELIZABETH7 HARDWICK, SARAH MICKEY6 PIERCE, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 6 Aug 1896 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 13 Mar 1975 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  He married (1) THORA LAKE* 24 Dec 1919 in INDIANA.  She was born 7 Feb 1906.  He married (2) LULA PACE 6 Aug 1933 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.  She was born 6 Oct 1903 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 27 Apr 1997 in LAWRENCE CO, IN.


Children of JOSEPH LAKE and LULA PACE are:

                   i.    REBEKAH ROSE9 LAKE, b. 16 Oct 1934, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. ORVIL RICHARD HOSKINS, 24 Dec 1953, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 22 Dec 1934, KAY CO, OK.

                  ii.    EDITH NAOMI LAKE, b. 27 Nov 1936, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 16 Jan 1985, LITTLE ROCK, AR; m. (1) GERALD EDWARD (MAC) MANION; b. 1919; m. (2) BOBBIE DEAN TURPEN, 24 Dec 1953, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 22 Oct 1935, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                 iii.    JOSEPH EDGAR LAKE, b. 13 Jul 1940, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 19 Jan 1973, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. (1) CAROLE JANET SOWDERS, 20 Dec 1963, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 16 Feb 1946, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. (2) PAT HENDERSEN, Abt. 1970.



52.  MARY A.8 PIERCE (JESSE N.7, JOHN NEWTON6, NEWTON5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 22 Jul 1912 in LAWRENCE CO, IN, and died 15 Sep 1996 in VINCENNES, IN.  She married (1) LEONARD M. PORTER 18 Apr 1929 in JEFFERSONVILLE, IN.  He was born 8 Sep 1910, and died 1 Apr 1991 in VICTORVILLE, CA.  She married (2) HARRY JOHNSTON 14 Sep 1946 in SEYMOUR, IN.  He was born 1894, and died 1970 in WASHINGTON, IN.



                   i.    JESSE L.9 PORTER, b. 2 Sep 1929, BEDFORD, IN; m. DOLORES B. GRETHER, 4 Nov 1949, BEDFORD, IN; b. 22 Dec 1930, SIMCOE, ONTARIO, CAN.



53.  HENRY LEE8 STANLEY (NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE, JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 18 Jun 1883 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 20 Jan 1939 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married HATTIE ADATHA BAKER 11 Nov 1903.  She was born 29 Jan 1888 in ADA, KS, and died 25 Nov 1970 in OTTAWA CO, KS.



                   i.    ERNEST9 STANLEY.

                  ii.    EDITH STANLEY, m. KIFER.

                 iii.    BESSIE STANLEY, m. KEAN.

                 iv.    VERNA STANLEY, m. MILLER.

                  v.    INEZ STANLEY, m. LIBBY.

                 vi.    HENRY ALBERT STANLEY, b. 19 Sep 1911, CULVER, KS; d. 1 Oct 1989, SALINA, KS; m. MILDRED E. REH, 29 Jan 1933, BENNINGTON, KS.






                   i.    ROBERT G.9 STANLEY, b. 10 Jun 1916, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 9 Mar 1990, BELLEVILLE, ILL; m. ELIZABETH RICHARD, 5 Sep 1948, PARTRIDGE, KS.

                  ii.    EVELYN STANLEY.

                 iii.    MARJORIE STANLEY.



55.  GRACE ALICE8 STANLEY (NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE, JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 30 Sep 1887 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 23 Sep 1926 in ELLIS CO, KS (Hays).  She married ELZY RAY DAVIS 29 Jun 1904 in OTTAWA CO, KS, son of JOSEPH DAVIS and IONA CROSBY.  He was born 15 Sep 1887 in OTTAWA CO, KS (Milo), and died 26 Apr 1970 in JACKSON CO, OR.


Children of GRACE STANLEY and ELZY DAVIS are:

                   i.    HARRIET ESTER9 DAVIS, b. 3 Apr 1905, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. Jun 1984, SHAWNEE CO, KS (Topeka); m. ARTHUR DISNEY; b. 17 Apr 1892; d. Jan 1984.

                  ii.    LEONA MAY DAVIS, b. 20 May 1907, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. Aft. 1970, res. SHAWNEE CO, KS (Topeka); m. (1) VAN WEE; m. (2) CARL PASLEY; d. Abt. 1978; m. (3) METZ.

                 iii.    THELMA MAE DAVIS, b. 16 Jun 1911, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 19 Apr 1915, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                 iv.    WILLIAM EDMUND DAVIS, b. 16 Apr 1914, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 1979, JACKSON CO, OR (Medford); m. HILDA DAVIS*; d. Abt. 1982, JACKSON CO, OR (Medford).

                  v.    ONITA RUTH DAVIS, b. 15 Apr 1916, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 1963; m. HUTCHINGS.

                 vi.    KENNETH DODE DAVIS, b. 20 Feb 1919, ELLIS CO, KS (Hays); d. 10 Nov 1980, JACKSON CO, OR; m. (1) RUTH NYLENE GRABOW, 16 Sep 1937, SHAWNEE CO, KS; b. 13 Feb 1921, KINGFISHER CO, OK; m. (2) ELIZABETH ANN SUMNERS, 1960, JACKSON CO, OR; b. 13 May 1917, POTTAWATOMIE CO, KS; d. 26 May 1990, POTTAWATOMIE CO, KS.

                vii.    DWIGHT LYLE DAVIS, b. 20 Jun 1921, ELLIS CO, KS (Hays); d. 13 Jan 1976, JACKSON CO, OR; m. ALICE ENOLA DAVIS*; b. 17 Nov 1910; d. 14 Jul 1985.

               viii.    ELZY RAY DAVIS, JR., b. 20 Sep 1926, ELLIS CO, KS (Hays); m. GLADYS DAVIS*.



56.  WILLIAM RAY8 STANLEY (NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE, JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born Jun 1890 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 1948 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married GRACE MAY PIERCE 26 Dec 1909 in OTTAWA CO, KS, daughter of R. PIERCE and HENRIETA PIERCE*.  She was born 22 May 1890 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 8 Jun 1977 in OTTAWA CO, KS.



                   i.    DOLORES9 STANLEY, m. GAWITH.

                  ii.    DORIS STANLEY, m. CARTER.

                 iii.    DOROTHY STANLEY, m. BURROUGHS.

                 iv.    RALPH STANLEY.

                  v.    JOHN MILTON STANLEY, b. 8 Jun 1913, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 17 Dec 1985, OTTAWA CO, KS; m. WILMA W. GRAY, 1 Jul 1933, OTTAWA CO, KS; b. 3 Apr 1916, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 26 Jun 1986, SALINE CO, KS.

                 vi.    GLENN (SHORTY) RAYMOND STANLEY, b. 1 Apr 1917, KANSAS; d. 28 Apr 1994, OTTAWA CO, KS.



57.  ARCHIE J.F.8 STANLEY (NANCY MARGARET7 PIERCE, JONATHAN JASPER6, HENRY TOLLER5, JOSIAH PUCKETT4, STEPHEN (PACE)3, JOSIAH2 PACE, JOSEPH1) was born 29 Aug 1893 in OTTAWA CO, KS, and died 11 Apr 1954 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  He married MINNIE JOSEPHINE GARY 23 Feb 1913 in OTTAWA CO, KS.  She was born 27 Mar 1895 in TALMAGE, KS, and died 14 Jun 1972 in WITCHITA, KS.



                   i.    RUTH ALLEN9 STANLEY.

                  ii.    FRANCIS DALE STANLEY.

                 iii.    EVERETT KEITH STANLEY.

                 iv.    GARY EUGENE STANLEY.

                  v.    MARGUERITE STANLEY, b. 22 Apr 1915, OTTAWA CO, KS; d. 23 Apr 1915, OTTAWA CO, KS.






                   i.    ROBERT EUGENE9 STANLEY.






                   i.    CAROL LOUISE9 STANLEY.

                  ii.    RICHARD LEE STANLEY.

                 iii.    BETTY STANLEY, m. BUCHNEAU.

                 iv.    MARY ANN STANLEY, m. BRADBURY.

                  v.    ROBERT E. STANLEY.

                 vi.    LARRY D. STANLEY.






                   i.    ELLA MAE9 LOVINS, b. 8 Mar 1941.

                  ii.    WILLIAM LOVINS, b. 8 Dec 1942.

                 iii.    STANLEY LOVINS, b. 26 Sep 1944.

                 iv.    MICHAEL DOUGLAS LOVINS, b. 7 Feb 1946.

                  v.    KENNETH ROGER LOVINS, b. 18 Oct 1949.

                 vi.    BETTY JO LOVINS, b. 22 Jun 1952.

                vii.    SHIRLEY ANNE LOVINS, b. 10 Jan 1955.

               viii.    DANIEL LOVINS, b. 20 Nov 1959.

                  ix.    BRIAN SCOTT LOVINS, b. 25 Apr 1962.


Descendants of Zachariah (Lovell) Loveall

Generation No. 1





                   i.    JOHN K.2 LOVELL, b. 30 Sep 1803.

                  ii.    VIANNY LOVELL, b. 23 Sep 1805; m. ALEX MOORE.

                 iii.    JOHNATHAN LOVELL, b. 10 May 1807; d. 5 Nov 1875; m. MALINDA TUGGLE.

2.              iv.    MARY LOVELL, b. 22 May 1809.

                  v.    ZACKARIAH LOVELL, b. 28 Jul 1811, PULASKI CO, KY; m. (1) ELIZABETH B. PIERCE, 11 Feb 1836, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 8 Dec 1808, MECKLENBURG CO, VA; d. 8 Oct 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. (2) ELIZABETH W. RAINWATER, Aft. 1852; b. 1 Oct 1821, PULASKI CO, KY; d. 6 Jan 1896, FAIRBAULT CO, MN.

3.              vi.    JAMES M. LOVELL, b. 18 Aug 1813.

                vii.    JOSEPH T. LOVELL, b. 19 Jul 1815.

               viii.    NANCY H. LOVELL, b. 26 May 1817; m. ALFRED MILLER.

4.               ix.    MARGARET H. LOVEALL, b. 13 Sep 1819, KENTUCKY; d. Aft. 1880, res. FULTON CO, IL.

                   x.    ELIZABETH G. LOVELL, b. 1 Nov 1821; m. JOHN STEVENS.

                  xi.    SARAH H. LOVELL, b. 15 Sep 1823; m. RUSSELL MITCHELL.

                 xii.    ALEXANDER LOVELL, b. 28 Aug 1825.

                xiii.    WILLIAM LOVELL, b. 28 Oct 1827.

                xiv.    ISAIAH F. LOVELL, b. 3 Dec 1832; m. MAY MARY WAGGONER, 7 Dec 1854.



Generation No. 2


2.  MARY2 LOVELL (ZACHARIAH (LOVELL)1 LOVEALL) was born 22 May 1809.  She married ISAIAH FIELDS.  He was born 12 Jun 1805 in SOMERSET CO, KY, and died Nov 1883.



                   i.    JOHN KELSIE3 FIELDS, b. 12 Oct 1835, MARTIN CO, IN; d. 13 May 1914, GREEN CO.



3.  JAMES M.2 LOVELL (ZACHARIAH (LOVELL)1 LOVEALL) was born 18 Aug 1813.  He married MARY ANN COLE Abt. 1850.  She was born 1832.


Children of JAMES LOVELL and MARY COLE are:

                   i.    MARY J.3 LOVELL, b. 1852.

                  ii.    JAMES LOVELL, b. 1854.

                 iii.    STEPHEN LOVELL, b. 1856.

                 iv.    SAMUEL LOVELL, b. 1858.

                  v.    CHARLES LOVELL, b. 1860.

                 vi.    FRANK LOVELL, b. 1866.

                vii.    ALTEY LOVELL, b. 1868.



4.  MARGARET H.2 LOVEALL (ZACHARIAH (LOVELL)1) was born 13 Sep 1819 in KENTUCKY, and died Aft. 1880 in res. FULTON CO, IL.  She married HENRY TOLLER PIERCE Abt. 1838, son of JOSIAH PIERCE and LETTICE WILKINS.  He was born 11 Oct 1816 in MECKLENBURG CO, VA, and died 5 Aug 1876 in FULTON CO, IL.



                   i.    NEWTON3 PIERCE, b. 24 Aug 1839, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 12 Mar 1904, OTTAWA CO, KS; m. CHARLOTTE (POLLY) WAGGONER, 6 Jan 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 26 May 1842, INDIANA; d. 6 Dec 1909, OTTAWA CO, KS.

                  ii.    JONATHAN JASPER PIERCE, b. 7 Jul 1841, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 28 Feb 1920, OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver); m. ELIZABETH (BETSY) ROY, 6 Aug 1863, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 4 Mar 1843, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 8 Apr 1925, OTTAWA CO, KS (Culver).

                 iii.    JOSIAH PIERCE, b. 1 Oct 1843, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 8 Aug 1924; m. CAROLINE COBB, 28 Feb 1865, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 10 Sep 1843, INDIANA; d. 11 Aug 1927.

                 iv.    NANCY PIERCE, b. 1845, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 26 Jun 1927.

                  v.    PERRYMAN W. PIERCE, b. Abt. 1 Jul 1849, LAWRENCE CO, IN; d. 29 Nov 1886, OTTAWA CO, KS; m. ARMINA ELIZABETH PIERCE*, Bef. 1880; b. Jan 1855, INDIANA; d. Aft. Jun 1900.

                 vi.    LETTICE PIERCE, b. 1852, LAWRENCE CO, IN.

                vii.    HENRY T. PIERCE, JR., b. 1854, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. MARGARET WALLACE, 16 Jul 1872, LAWRENCE CO, IN; b. 1855, INDIANA.

               viii.    REBECCA PIERCE, b. 1856, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. JAMES H. HUNT, 13 Nov 1879, FULTON CO, IL.

                  ix.    HEROD PIERCE, b. Oct 1859, LAWRENCE CO, IN; m. EMMA E. BROOKS, 25 Sep 1879, FULTON CO, IL.

                   x.    MARY PIERCE, b. Abt. 1861.

[1] Based on information in the 1850 census report the Pierce family moved from Virginia and lived in North Carolina for a while - roughly from 1826 to 1832. Josiah Puckett Pierce’s oldest son, Newton, was married in 1829 Surry County, North Carolina - giving me my best clue where in North CCaroline the Pierce family lived.

[2] Newton Pierce Jr. - actually son of Henry (not Newton Pierce, Sr.)

[3] Samuel commits murder in 1939 and is sent to prison – he is released shortly before his death in 1946.

[4] James Lovell living in Pleasant TWP, Fulton County, IL brother to Margaret (Lovall) Pierce, wife of Henry Toller Pierce

[5] Came across these Lovell’s while doing research on another family line – birth locations are similar to the Lovell’s of my research but an actual family connection is not made, at this time.

[6] Jonathan Jasper Pierce married Elizabeth Roy 6 Aug 1863 in Lawrence County, Indiana. They were still in Lawrence County when my great-great-grandmother, Nancy Margaret Pierce, was born in 1864, they were in Fulton County, IL in 1872 when son William was born, and in Ottawa County, KS in 1872 for Mary's birth.

[7] Jane Pierce married Robert Dunbar 10 Sep 1874.

[8] Widow of Henry Toller Pierce.

[9] Herrod Pierce married Emma E. Brooks 25 Sep 1879 in Knox Co, IL.

[10] At least four sons of Henry Toller Pierce, Sr. ended up in Ottawa County, Kansas - but all arriving at different time frames based on the birth locations of their children.

[11] Reported having  9 children with 5 living at the time of the census.

[12] Reported having 13 children with 6 living at the time of the census.

[13] According to the 1920 Ottawa County, Kansas census Jonathan and Elizabeth Pierce, and their daughter Mary E., were still living together in Culver - where the elder Pierce's remained until their death. They are buried in the Culver Union Cemetery in Ottawa County, Kansas. Their oldest daughter, Nancy Margaret Pierce, married William Milton Stanley in 1882 Ottawa County. William Milton Stanley was the son of Robert and Anna Cornelius Stanley of Ottawa County. William Milton and Nancy Pierce Stanley were the parents of my great-grandmother Grace Alice Stanley. Grace married Elzy Ray Davis in 1904 Ottawa County, KS - they had eight children before Grace's untimely 1926 death, shortly after childbirth, Ellis County, Kansas.

[14] License only – did not return to report wedding.

[15] This is inaccurate.  Henry Toller Pierce, Sr. and wife, Margaret, never left Fulton County, Illinois – Henry died in 1876.

[16] A connection to the Pierce families of this research not made.

[17] No death date showing for William H. Pierce