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Census Records 5

1790 Worcester Co, MD (Quillen) 5

1800 Worcester Co, Boguelenorton Hundred, MD (Quillin, Quilling) 5

1800 Delaware (Quillan, Quillen, Quillin, Quallon) 5

1810 Maryland (Quilen, Quillen) 5

1810 Delaware (Qullen, Quillen, Quillin) 5

1820 Ohio (Qullalin, Quillin, Qullin) 5

1830 Ohio (Quillan, Quillin, Quillon, Quilliam) 6

1840 Ohio (Quillan, Quillian, Quillon) 6

1850 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen) 7

1850 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen) 8

1850 Meigs Co, OH (Crooks, Quillen, Quillin) 8

1850 Mason Co, VA (Capehart, Roggers) 8

1860 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillan, Quilan) 9

1860 Harrison Co, OH (Quellan, Quillan, Quillen, Quillin) 9

1860 Van Buren Co, IA (Meek, Quillen) 10

1860 Meigs County, OH (Quillen) 10

1860 Washington TWP, Marion Co, IA (Quillens) 11

1860 Cross Creek, Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen) 11

1860 Mason Co, VA (Capehart) 11

1870 Wakenda TWP, Carroll Co, MO (Quillan) 12

1870 Mason Co, WVA (Capehart, Quillin) 12

1870 Harrison Co, OH (Quellen, Quillen) 12

1870 Meigs County, OH (Quillen) 14

1870 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillen) 14

1870 Cross Creek, Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin) 15

1880 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen) 16

1880 Meigs Co, OH (Quillen) 16

1880 New Haven, Mason Co, WVA (Capehart, Quillen) 17

1880 Bowning, Schuyler Co, IL (Quillan) 17

1880 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin) 17

1880 Hocking Co, OH (Quillen) 17

1880 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin) 18

1900 Meigs Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin) 19

1900 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen) 20

1900 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen) 20

1900 Mason Co, WVA (Quillan, Quillen) 21

1910 Meigs County, OH (Quillen) 21

1920 Meigs County, OH (Quellin, Quillen, Quillin) 23

1930 Meigs County, OH (Quillen) 24

1930 Cinncinatti, Hamilton Co, OH (Wagner) 25

Land Records 26

Jefferson Co, OH Tax Records 26

Jefferson Co, OH Land Records 26

Quillin Biographies 28

James H. Quillen, grandfather 28

Quillen-Davis 28

Quillens-Dewitts Run_ 29

Uriah Quillin_ 30

Marriage Records 34

Ohio 1789-1850 (Quillan, Quillen, Quillin) 34

Meigs Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin) 34

Hocking Co., OH (Quillan, Quillen) 35

Mason Co., W.VA (Quillen, Quillin, Quillon) 35

Miscellaneous Records 36

Calendar of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records (1680-1800) 36

Kent County, Delaware Probate Records (1680-1800) 36

Meigs County, Ohio Death Records 36

On-line Queries 37

Orphans Court Records Transcripts Worcester Co, MD_ 37

Will Records 38

Clement Quillen_ 38

Joshua Quillen_ 39

Obituaries 40

Uriah Quillin (1824-1902) 40

Austin C. Quillen (1868-1960) 40

Frank A. McBride (1878-1965) 40

Charles M. Quillen (1870-1933) 41

Adam H. Quillen (1858-1931) 41

Andrew Jackson Quillen (1829-1919) 41

Amos Q. Crooks (1829-1937) 42

Lydia Mabel Crooks (1907-1910) 42

Verna M. Quillen Youell (1883 – 1960) 43

Eva M. Quillen Woods Armentrout (1892 – 1971) 43

George Armentrout (1891-1960) 43

Myrtle Frye Quillen (1891-1978) 43

Harry Quillan (1889-1955) 44

Walter W. Crooks (1885-aft. 1930) 44

Cemetery Records 45

Meigs County, OH (Capehart, Moore, Norris, Quillen, Sharpnack, Smith) 45

Jefferson County, OH (Quillin) 46

Mason County, W.VA (Capehart, Lee, Lutton, Quillen, Roush) 47

Descendants of THOMAS (Quillane) QUILLEN_ 48

Descendants of PHILIP CAPEHART_ 61



Much of the early Quillen information I possess is found on the internet site of Adam Fitch Quillen of Troy, Ohio and shared in his book "The Quillen Family and Their Kith and Kin". Every accounting I have come across seems to agree upon one focal immigrant - Teague Quillin, age 20, who sailed from "ye port of London" aboard the ship "The Thomas" to arrive in Virginia on August 21, 1635. Maryland State Archives, which I have not seen personally, are said to contain records of Teague Qullin born 1615 in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Teague's son Daniel married wife Lydia in 1661 Northampton County, Virginia and settled in the region of Sommersett County, Maryland.  According to the book "Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland", by Clayton Torrence:


Quillane. Daniel Quillane and Lydia, his wife, in Northampton County, Virginia, 1661; and by May, 1665, were in the Morumsco section.  Quillane had patents in Somerset County for lands called “The Irish Grove,” on e. side of Morumsco Creek, and “Limbrick,” on n. side of Pocomoke River, in a neck of land called Nassawaddocks (O 7, p. 536).  , Daniel and Lydia had issue: (1) Eliza, 1661/2; (2) Thomas, May 3, 1665; (3) Daniel, Jr., Nov 13, 1667; (4) Teague, March 13, 1669; (5) Judith, Jun 24, 1673; (6) Elizabeth, Mar 13, 1675 (IKL).  It appears that "the almighty God hath so disposed that...Daniel Quillane came by misadventure to his death and dyed intestate" (see deed in Somerset Court, October 24, 1681 m Thomas Quillane to Thomas Lidster).  Thomas Quillane (son of Daniel and Lydia) m., 1685, Sarah Morris; issue: (1) Daniel, 1687; (2) Thomas, 1691 (IKL).


Daniel and Lydia's son Thomas married Sarah Morris 24 July 1685 and reported the birth of two sons: Daniel, born 24 Jun 1687; and Thomas, Jr., born 14 Jul 1691. Thomas Quillen is recorded in the 1723 Somerset County, MD census. A Joseph Quillen married Elizabeth Lacham on 9 Nov 1735 in Dorchester County, MD. The exact ancestry of my own Quillen branch is vague and requires further research. My particular line picks up again from Clement (Quillon), who is first found in 1807, 1808, 1809, and 1810 census/tax records of Jefferson County, Ohio (Warren TWP). I recorded early New England Quillen families in hopes to locate Clement prior to his move to Ohio. 

At this time, the father of Clement is unknown[1] (Clement Quillen is mentioned in Sussex and Kent County, Delaware probate records).  One source I found claimed Thomas Quillane (b. 1710 Maryland) was the father of Clement[2] – guessing further, it could be that Thomas is likely a son of Daniel or Thomas, sons of Thomas and Sarah Morris.  At any rate, the only known fact is that Clement Quillen ends up in Jefferson County, Ohio by 1807.  After 1810, Clement’s likely younger brother, Daniel, shows up in the area too.  According to Delaware and Ohio census records Daniel had 3 daughters and 2 sons—based on location (Cadiz, OH) and ages, it appears that the sons of Daniel were Thomas (b. bet. 1795-1800) and John (b. bet. 1805-1810).  John remained in the area but Thomas and his family disappeared by the time of the 1840 census.  The family links I have made on Daniel’s line have not been collaborated by proof—recordings have been in my genealogy file only to maintain a documented record of some of the family branches outside of Clement Quillen’s branch.  Clement was the father of Adam, Elihu, Joshua and Amos—these sons are alluded to in the 1826 will of Clement, which was probated in September 1835.

Clement's son, Amos Quillen, was my fifth great-grandfather and was born in Maryland. He married Jane Webster of Pennsylvania on August 13, 1813 in Harrison County, Ohio.  I found Amos and Jane in Meigs County , Ohio, in the 1850 census, along with my fourth great-grandfather, Franklin Uriah, and a number of other Quillen families.  Amos Quillen died in 1855 Syracuse, Ohio - where he is buried. His wife, Jane, died in 1872 and is buried with Amos in the Quillen Cemetery at Syracuse.

Franklin Uriah Quillen married Martha Capehart in 1848 Meigs County.  Franklin and his brother, Alexander, married Capehart sisters, daughters of Henry and Mary Hogg Capehart of Mason County, West Virginia.[3]  Martha Capehart Quillen died in 1870.

Franklin Quillen's second wife, Esther Phelps, had three children from their union—one child, Franklin Jr., has published material on the Quillen family.  Esther died in 1884.  In 1888, Franklin married his third wife, Elizabeth McCoy.

By 1880, my third great-grandfather, James Henry Quillen, had moved out of the home and took up residence in Hocking County (Carbon Hill), Ohio - where he married Margaret (Maggie) Biggins.  Margaret was the daughter of George and Ellen Howard Biggins of Washington County, Ohio.

Shortly after the 1883 birth of their second child, Verna Mae, James and Maggie Quillen moved to Fayette County, West Virginia (Montgomery - Cross Creek).  James and Margaret had three children by the time of Margaret's death in 1889. Their oldest child, Josephine, is my great-great-grandmother. About 1890, James married his second wife, Vienna Webster. By 1897, James Quillen had returned to Meigs County, Ohio. 

In 1902, Franklin Uriah Quillen, Sr. died in Syracuse, Ohio. His son, James Quillen, remained in the Meigs County region until his own death at the age of 94 in Syracuse, Ohio.

In September 1900, James and Margaret Biggins Quillen oldest child, Josephine, married James William Franklin “Frank” Darlington in Fayette County, West Virginia. Frank was the son of Benjamin F. and Sarah Craig Darlington. Franklin and Josephine gave birth to a set of twins on 14 January 1901. One twin was my great-grandmother Carmen Pearl Darlington.



Family File Contributors

Sandy McBride of Warren, Ohio (wife of Frank McBride, Jr., grandson of Frances Quillen)

Susan Quillin Thompson (2nd great-granddaughter of Lemuel and Ellenor Bucy Quillin)

Martha Jo White (granddaughter of Frank and Josephine Quillen Darlington)

Joan Martin of Erie, PA (great-granddaughter of Francis Olivia Quillen McBride)

Jill Licata (4th great-granddaughter of Elihu Quillen-brother of Amos)

Susan Mincks O'brien - (many thanks for the breakthrough on "Clement")

Jo Anne Dow (Quillen researcher)


Census Records

1790 Worcester Co, MD (Quillen)

Quillen, Benjamin pg 126    males over 16 (1), males under 16 (1), females (3)

Quillen, Samuel                     pg 127    males over 16 (1), males under 16 (2), females (2)

1800 Worcester Co, Boguelenorton Hundred, MD (Quillin, Quilling)

Quillin, Joseph      pg 767 line 15        M under 10 (3), M 26-45 (1)

F under 10 (1), F 15-26 (1)

Quilling, Obed      pg 788 line 15        M 15-26 (1)

F 15-26 (1)

Quilling, Peter       pg 770 line 13        M under 10 (1), M 26-45 (1)

F under 10 (1), F 26-45 (1)

Quilling, Samuel   pg 766 line 2          M under 10 (1), M 10-16 (2), M 26-45 (1)

F under 10 (2), F 10-16 (1), F 26-45(1)

1800 Delaware (Quillan, Quillen, Quillin, Quallon)

0-9     10-15     16-25     26-44     45+

Quillan, Nathan                    pg 197    New Castle Co, Mill Creek  Males 30010          Females 00100

Quillin, Danl                          pg 33      Kent Co, Little Creek                           Males 10010          Females 21010

Quillen, James[4]                     pg 45      Kent Co, St. James                               Males 11020          Females 10010

Quallon?, Joshua                 pg 34      Kent Co, Little Creek                           Males 40001          Females 11110

1810 Maryland (Quilen, Quillen)

0-9     10-15     16-25     26-44     45+

Quillen, James       pg 609    WORC                   Males 30010          Females 20010

Quillen, James       pg 615    WORC                   Males 00110          Females 20011

Quillen, James       pg 567    WORC                   Males 10010          Females 10011

Quillen, Obed        pg 591    WORC                   Males 30010          Females 20010

Quillen, Peter        pg 569    WORC                   Males 21010          Females 11010

1810 Delaware (Qullen, Quillen, Quillin)

0-9     10-15     16-25     26-44     45+

Qullin, J. pg 107    KENT, Duck Creek                               Males 10020          Females 31100

Quillen, D.[5]            pg 119    KENT, St Jones Hundred                   Males 11001          Females 01110

Quillen, William    pg 34      KENT, Murderkill Hundred                Males 21010          Females 20010

Quillin, Nathan     pg 226    KENT, Mill Creek Hundred                Males 20001          Females 10010

Quillin, Jos            pg 324    SUSS, Broad Creek Hundred              Males 10010          Females 11000

1820 Ohio (Qullalin, Quillin, Qullin)

Males  0-9     10-15     16-18     16-25     26-44     45+                         Females  0-9     10-15     16-25     26-44     45+

Qullalin,                 John                       106A       MTY       BUT        Males 110110        Females 12010

Quillin,                   Clemont[6]                240A       JEF          WAR      Males 000001        Females 00101

Adam                     093          HRN       FRE         Males 500010        Females 00100

Joshua                   094          HRN       FRE         Males 200010        Females 10010

Amos                     240A       JEF          WAR      Males 300010        Females 00010

Elihu                       094          HRN       FRE         Males 200010        Females 12010

Daniel                     025          HRN       CAD       Males 010001        Females 00001

Thomas                  042          HRN       S C          Males 100100        Females 10100

1830 Ohio (Quillan, Quillin, Quillon, Quilliam)

under 5     5–9     10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Quillon, Clemmont               JEFF       171          Wells Twp             Males 00000000001              Females 0000100001

Quillin, Adam                        HARR    231          Freeport                 Males 21320010000              Females 0200010000

Quillin, Joshua                      HARR    230          Freeport                 Males 10100100000              Females 1001100000

Quillon, Amos                      JEFF       171          Wells Twp             Males 12310010000              Females 2000010000

Quillan, Elisha[7]                     HARR    233          Washington          Males 01100010000              Females 1202000000

Quillan, Daniel                      HARR    156          Cadiz Twp             Males 00000000010              Females 0000000010

Quillan, Thomas[8]                  HARR    156          Cadiz Twp             Males 20100101000              Females 0110010000

Quillan, John[9]                       HARR    156          Cadiz Twp             Males 00001000000              Females 0001000000

Quilliam, Thomas LORA     8              Avon                      Males 10100001000              Females 0103001000

1840 Ohio (Quillan, Quillian, Quillon)

under 5     5–9     10-14     15-19     20-29     30-39     40-49     50-59     60-69     70-79     80-89

Quillen, Adam       HARR    234          Freeport                 Males 032003001                  Females 1100201

Quillon, Joshua    HARR    234          Freeport                 Males 001010010                  Females 1210101

Quillan, Amos       WASH   263          Cedarville              Males 001240100                  Females 0020001

Quillan, Elihu        HARR    131          Washington          Males 000020100                  Females 0012001

Quillan, James[10]    HARR    131          Washington          Males 001010000                  Females 1000100

Quillan, John[11]      HARR    172          Monroe                  Males 311001000                  Females 2100100

Quilliam, Hugh      LAKE     075          Painsville               Males 110001000                  Females 1100010

1850 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen)

1 Aug - Freeport                                                                  1 Aug - Freeport

Stinson Quillen[12]  30            b. OH                                      Adam Quillen[13]     66            b. MD

Ursula                    28            b. OH                                      Mary                      52            b. OH

Hester A.               6              b. OH                                      Alexander              22            b. OH

Charlotte L.           6/12         b. OH                                      Jackson                  21            b. OH

Harriet                    3              b. OH                                      Adam                     18            b. OH

                                                                                                Griffith                    16            b. OH

Charles Quillen[14]  28            b. OH                                      Lucinda                  25            b. OH

Jane                        28            b. MD                                     Rachel                    14            b. OH

                                                                                                Harriet                    9              b. OH

Joshua Quillen[15]   66            b. DE

Rebecca                 45            b. IRE                                     9 Aug - Cadiz      

Jane                        22            b. OH                                      John Quillen[16]       39            b. DE

James B. 21            b. OH                                      Rebecca                 37            b. OH

Nancy                    16            b. OH                                      William                   19            b. OH

Mary A.                 15            b. OH                                      Mary                      18            b. OH

Margaret                13            b. OH                                      James                     15            b. OH

Joshua                   11            b. OH                                      Johnson[17]              14            b. OH

                                                                                                Thomas[18]               13            b. OH

Elihu Quillen[19]       40            b. OH                                      Martha                   12            b. OH

Elenor A.               30            b. OH                                      John                       10            b. OH

Mararet Carrothers 12         b. OH                                      Martin                    9              b. OH

                                                                                                Eliza                        8              b. OH

Jefferson Quillen  37            b. VA                                      Josiah                     7              b. OH

Rachel                    24            b. OH                                      Maria                      4              b. OH

Harrison                 1              b. OH                                      Samuel                   1              b. OH

                                                                                                George A.              1/12         b. OH


24 Sep - Washington TWP

Elihu Quillen[20]       60            b. MD                                     5 Sep - Monroe TWP

Sarah                      56            b. PA                                      William Quillen[21]  21            b. NR

Matilda                  25            b. OH

Mary J.                   22            b. OH                                      David Quillen        31[22]         b. NR

Adam                     36            b. OH                                      Jane                        24            b. OH     

                                                                                                Amanda J.             2              b. OH

James Quillen[23]     16            b. OH                                      Samuel Batten       15            b. OH

1850 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen)

Wells, pg. 425                                                                        Cross Creek

Lemuel Quillen[24]   30            b. OH                                      William Quillen[25]  30            b. OH

Ellenor                    34            b. OH                                      Lydia                      29            b. OH

Geo W.                   7              b. OH                                      Wheeler C.            1              b. OH

Ellen                       4              b. OH

Alexander              1              b. OH

1850 Meigs Co, OH (Crooks, Quillen, Quillin)

13 Sep 1850, Sutton TWP, pg. 194

Amos Quillen[26]     61            b. MD     farmer                     Joshua Quillin       32            b. OH

Jane                        54            b. PA                                      Nancy                    30            b. OH

Mary J.                   22            b. OH                                      Elanor                     7              b. OH

Alexander              20            b. OH                                      Mary Ann             1              b. OH


Uriah Quillin[27]       24            b. OH                                      Letart TWP

Martha                   18            b. OH                                      Jacob Quillin         29            b. VA

Samuel                   1              b. OH                                      Nancy                    23            b. OH

                                                                                                Mary V.                  3              b. OH

Alexander Crooks 25           b. OH                                      Dorothy A.            9/12         b. OH

Hannah[28]               24            b. OH                                      Mary Sayre           14            b. OH

Sarah C.                 1              b. OH

Hezekiah Quillin   26            b. OH

Sarah                      18            b. OH

Jane                        3/12         b. OH

1850 Mason Co, VA (Capehart, Roggers)

Henry Capehart    49            b. VA                                      Nehemiah Roggers              48            b. NY

Mary                      40            b. VA                                      Sarah                                      46            b. VA

John                       18            b. VA                                      Mary J.                                   21            b. VA

Sarah A.                 16            b. VA                                      Charles F.                              19            b. VA

Eliza M.                  14            b. VA                                      Rosana                                   17            b. VA

Mary A.                 12            b. VA                                      Sarah                                      15            b. VA

George P.               10            b. VA                                      Margaret L.                           12            b. VA

James                     8              b. VA                                      James H.                                12            b. VA

Olivia J.                  6              b. VA                                      Martha A.                              7              b. VA

William H.              4              b. VA                                      Nehemiah                              5              b. VA

Abney W.             4/12         b. VA


James Capehart    53            b. VA

Margaret A.          38            b. VA

James                     3              b. VA

John                       1              b. VA

1860 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillan, Quilan)

West Chester                                                                       Uhrichsville

David Quilan         42            b. OH                                      Johnson Quillan[29]                23            b. OH

Jane                        38            b. OH                                      enum with James (46) and Margaret A. (42) Bell

Amanda J.             12            b. OH

Stewart                   9              b. OH

Sarah A.                 6              b. OH

David Ross           3              b. OH

Mary A.                 1              b. OH

1860 Harrison Co, OH (Quellan, Quillan, Quillen, Quillin)

Stock                                                                                                     Washington

John Quillin[30]        55            b. OH                                                      Charles Quillan     42            b. OH

Deborah                 35            b. OH                                                      Sarah J.                  39            b. MD

Janette B.               2              b. OH                                                      Sophronia              10            b. OH

Amanda                 1/12         b. OH                                                      C. F. (male)            2              b. OH

                                                                                                                M. V. Batten          14            b. OH


Adam Quillin         75            b. MD                                                     Alex Quillin[31]         33            b. OH

Mary                      70            b. OH                                                      Nancy                    26            b. OH

                                                                                                                T. H. (male)            8              b. OH

Jackson Quillin     28            b. OH                                                      Jefferson                6              b. OH

Catherine               28            b. OH                                                      Jno H.                     4              b. OH

Ezra                         4              b. OH                                                      C. J. (male)             2              b. OH

Adam                     2              b. OH

                                                                                                                Elisha Quillan[32]     68            b. VA

Joshua Quillin       75            b. MD                                                     Sarah                      65            b. PA

Rebecca                 64            b. IRE

Nancy                    24            b. OH                                                      Stinson Quillan     40            b. OH

Mary A.                 20            b. OH                                                      Ursula                    37            b. MD

Joshua                   17            b. OH                                                      Hester A.               14            b. OH

                                                                                                                Harriet                    12            b. OH

Rachel Quillen      34            b. OH                                                      Charlotte J.            8              b. OH

Harrison                 11            b. OH                                                      Jno                          1              b. OH

Rebecca J.             9              b. OH

Mary                      7              b. OH                                                      Monroe

Elanor                     5              b. OH                                                      William Quillan[33]  33            b. OH

Aaron Dennis       79            b. NJ                                                       Abigail                   34            b. OH

Rebecca                 53            b. OH                                                      Elizabeth                8              b. OH

Elizabeth                38            b. OH                                                      Rebecca                 5              b. OH

                                                                                                                Mary A.                 3              b. OH

Franklin                                                                                                Johnson                 3/12         b. OH

Josiah Quellan      16            b. OH

Enum. Thomas and Permelia Green

1860 Van Buren Co, IA (Meek, Quillen)


William Meek[34]     75            b. PA

Rebecca[35]              48            b. OH

Frank Furniham    26            b. IRE

Martin Millin         19            b. OH

Elvira J.                  18            b. OH

Mariah                   13            b. OH

Samuel                   12            b. OH

George                   11            b. OH

Albert                     8              b. OH


Thos Quillin[36]       23            b. OH

Enum. in Joseph (44 b. VA) and Eliza (40 b. OH) Perkins household as laborer



John Quillin           17            b. OH

Enum in Edmund (37 b. VA) and Mary E.(23 b. VA) Henry household as laborer

1860 Meigs County, OH (Quillen)

24 Jul - Letart TWP                                                                           23 Jul - Letart TWP

Jacob Quillen        38            b. OH                                                      H. Quillan              38            b. OH

Nancy                    33            b. OH                                                      Sarah                      28            b. OH

Mary                      12            b. OH                                                      Jane                        10            b. OH

Dorothy                 10            b. OH                                                      Manchester           8              b. OH

Sarah                      7              b. OH                                                      Margaret                2              b. OH

Wm                         6              b. OH

Charles                   3              b. OH                                                      18 Jun - Syracuse pg. 561

Nathan                   2/12         b. OH                                                      Uriah Quillen         33            b. OH Carpenter

                                                                                                                Martha                   28            b. VA

Alexander Quillen                29            b. OH Carpenter                   Lemuel                   10            b. OH

Eliza                                        23            b. OH                                      James                     8              b. OH

Mary                                      5              b. OH                                      Frances (female)   6              b. OH     

Jane                                        4              b. OH                                      John                       4              b. OH

Hannah                                  2              b. OH                                      George                   2              b. OH


Syracuse, pg. 223

Jane Quillen[37]                        68            b. PA

1860 Washington TWP, Marion Co, IA (Quillens)

Washington TWP

Adam Quillens[38]                   29            b. OH

Nancy                                    29            b. OH

Wm                                         8              b. IN

Theophilus                            7              b. INI

Lovina                                    2              b. IA


Elihu Quillen[39]                       44            b. OH

Ellener A.                               42            b. OH

Margaret Carruthers            22            b. OH

1860 Cross Creek, Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen)

Lemuel Quillen      45            b. OH                                                      W. B. Quillen[40]      41            b. OH

Ellender                  43            b. OH                                                      Lydia                      42            b. OH

George                   16            b. OH                                                      Wheeler                 11            b. OH

Ellen                       15            b. OH                                                      Arthur                    9              b. OH

Alexander              10            b. OH                                                      Sarah                      7              b. OH

John                       8              b. OH

William                   5              b. OH

Thomas                  3              b. OH

Mary                      1              b. OH

1860 Mason Co, VA (Capehart)

Point Pleasant

James Capehart    63            b. VA

James                     12            b. VA

Francis                   9              b. VA

Alice                       7              b. VA

1870 Wakenda TWP, Carroll Co, MO (Quillan)

Adam Quillan        39            b. OH

Nancy                    39            b. OH

William                   18            b. IN

Theophilus T.       17            b. IN

Albert                     16            b. IN

Lovina                    12            b. IA

Lincoln                   10            b. IA

Lewis                      7              b. IA

Harriet S.                5              b. MO

1870 Mason Co, WVA (Capehart, Quillin)

Point Pleasant                                                                      New Haven

Joshua Quillin[41]    55            b. OH                                      Henry Capehart    69            b. VA      Merchant

Nancy                    53            b. PA                                      Mary A.                 60            b. VA

William J.               18            b. OH                                      Thomas                  17            b. VA

Sarah                      16            b. OH                                      Samuel J.                14            b. VA

Amos                     13            b. OH

                                                                                                William Capehart  23            b. VA

New Haven                                                                            Sarah                      23            b. VA

Alexander Quillin 40            b. OH      Carpenter               Abner                     4              b. WVA

Eliza                        33            b. VA                                      Mary A.                 11/12       b. WVA

Mary M.                                16            b. OH                                      William Gilpin       15            b. VA

Jane                        14            b. OH

Hannah                  12            b. OH                                      James Capehart    28            b. VA

Martha C.              10            b. OH                                      Orilla                       27            b. VA

Sallie N.                  7              b. OH                                      George N.              7              b. WVA

Olivia                      5              b. OH                                      Sarah F.                  5              b. WVA

Olive O.                  3              b. OH                                      Lewis F.                 3              b. WVA

Harriet                    7/12         b. WVA                                 James                     1              b. WVA


George Capehart  35            b. VA      Carpenter               Abney Capehart   21            b. VA

Ann                        35            b. VA                                      Caroline                 23            b. VA

Martha                   5              b. WVA

Armina                   2              b. WVA

1870 Harrison Co, OH (Quellen, Quillen)

Cadiz                                                                                      Freeport TWP

Thos Quillen[42]      33            b. OH                                      Joshua Quellen                     85            b. MD

Mary E.                  23            b. OH                                      Mary A.                                 29            b. OH

Chas L.                   4              b. Iowa                                   Joshua Jr.                              26            b. OH

Eli B.                       1              b. OH                                      Rachel A.                               22            b. OH

George A.              3/12         b. OH                                      Austin C.                               1              b. OH

                                                                                                Not named                             1/12         b. OH

Janetta Quillen[43]   12            b. OH

Enum. Harry (43) and Mary Caldwell (47)                        Harriet Quellen[44]                   23            b. OH

                                                                                                Tina E.                                    1              b. OH

Freeport TWP

Rachel Quellen[45]   45            b.OH                                       German

Rebecca J.             19            b. OH                                      Deborah Quillen[46]                52            b. OH

Mary E.                  17            b. OH                                     

Ellenor                    15            b. OH                                      Washington TWP

                                                                                                Marke Hogge                        67            b. PA

Stinson Quillen     52            b. OH                                      Elizabeth                                52            b. PA

Ursella                    43            b. MD                                     George W.                             22            b. OH

John M.                 11            b. OH                                      Phebe J.                                 29            b. OH

                                                                                                Hannah M.                            21            b. OH

                                                                                                Mary M.                                                17            b. OH

                                                                                                James W.                               14            b. OH

                                                                                                Dorcus E.                               11            b. OH

                                                                                                Sarah Quillen[47]                      75            b. PA

1870 Meigs County, OH (Quillen)

8 Jun  pg. 355 - Syracuse Sulton Twp

Uriah Quillen         43            b. OH  Carpenter                  9 Jun  pg. 357 - Syracuse Sulton Twp

Martha                   38            b. W.VA                                John P. Capehart  37            b. VA

Lemuel                   20            b. OH                                      Hannah                  41            b. VA

James                     18            b. OH                                      Mary                      11            b. OH

Frances                  16            b. OH                                      Thomas                  10            b. OH

John                       13            b. OH                                      John P.                   8              b. OH

George                   11            b. OH                                      William                   5              b. OH

Lilley (female)[48]     8              b. OH                                      Quillen, Mary[49]     15            b. OH

William                   5              b. OH

Samuel                   2              b. OH                                      18 Jul  pg. 10 - Letart Twp

                                                                                                Jacob Quillen        53            b. OH

18 Jul pg. 10 - Letart Twp                                 Nancy                    43            b. OH

Hezekiah Quillen  47            b. OH                                      Dorothy                 21            b. OH

Sarah                      38            b. OH                                      Sarah J.                  18            b. OH

Manchester           18            b. OH                                      William H.              16            b. OH

Margaret                12            b. OH                                      Charles   W.           13            b. OH

Barbara A.             9              b. OH                                      Nathan W.             11            b. OH

Lewis                      4              b. OH                                      Erastus E.              6              b. OH

Austin                    8/12         b. OH                                      John A.                  3              b. OH


Syracuse, Sulton Twp

Jane Quillen[50]        74            b. VA

1870 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillen)

Mill                                                                                        Perry

William Quillen     42            b. OH                                      David Quillen        50            b. OH

Abigal                    46            b. OH                                      Jane                        44            b. OH

Rebeckah               14            b. OH                                      Amanda J.             21            b. OH

Mary A.                 12            b. OH                                      Sarah A.                 15            b. OH

Johnson                 10            b. OH                                      David R. 13            b. OH

Josiah                     8              b. OH                                      Mary A.                 11            b. OH

Harriet                    6              b. OH

Emma                      1              b. OH                                      Uhrichsville

                                                                                                Johnson Quillen   34            b. OH

Uhrichsville                                                                          Lydia                      27            b. OH

Martin[51]                 29            b. OH                                      Mary E.                  11            b. OH

Albert                     18            b. OH                                      James T.                 7              b. OH

Denton D.              3              b. OH

Josiah Quillen       24            b. OH                                      Lonidia (fem)         1              b. OH

1870 Cross Creek, Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin)

Ellen Quillen          54            b. OH                                      William D Quillen 51            b. OH

Ella J.                      23            b. OH                                      Elizabeth                                35            b. OH

John                       18            b. OH                                      Arthur                                    17            b. OH

William                   15            b. OH                                      Sarah S.                                  15            b. OH

Thomas W.           12            b. OH                                      Ambrose H.                           7              b. OH

Mary E.                  10            b. OH                                      Tappan T.                              4              b. OH

Linnie E. (female) 2              b. OH

Wheeler Quillin    21            b. OH                                      Clarie M. (female) 1/12         b. OH


Maggie R. [52]          22            b. OH

Enum. John (61 OH) and Nancy Forker (60 VA)

1880 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen)

New Alexandria                                                                   Cross Creek

Ellenor Quillen                      64            b. OH                      William C. Quillen                25            b. OH

Thomas W.                           24            b. OH                      Ida M.                                    20            b. OH

                                                                                Merta G.                 5/12         b. OH

William D. Quillen                59            b. OH                      William J.               3              b. OH

Mary E.                                  45            b. OH

Sarah                                      26            b. OH                      Wheeller Quillen                  32            b. OH

Howard                                  16            b. OH

Tappen                  (son)       13            b. OH                      Arthur Quillen                      26            b. OH

Linne E.                  (dau)       12            b. OH                      Margaret J.                            28            b. OH

Clary M. (female)  10            b. OH                      Ida M.                                    4              b. OH

Orval                                      8              b. OH                      William J.                               3              b. OH

Frank W.                                6              b. OH

1880 Meigs Co, OH (Quillen)

Letart TWP                                                                                          Sulton TWP (Syracuse)

Hezekiah Quillen                  58            b. OH                                      Uriah Quillen         60            b. OH

Sarah                                      48            b. OH                                      E. Ester                   37            b. W.VA

Barbara Ann                         19            b. OH                                      William                   16            b. OH

Lewis                                      14            b. OH                                      Samuel                   12            b. OH

Augusta                                                8              b. OH                                      Loren                      4              b. OH

                                                                                                                F. Uriah                  5/12         b. OH


Henry J. Wagner                  20            b. OH      fath OH  moth WVA

Lillie E.[53]                 18            b. OH      fath OH  moth WVA


John E. Roberts                    27            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

Sarah J.[54]                                27            b. OH

Mary F.                                  3?            b. OH


Manchester Quillen             28            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                farmer

Esther A.                               25            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

Roush, Jonas (servant)       16            b. OH      fath WV moth OH                servant


Jacob Quillen                        62            b. OH      fath MD moth PA                                wagon maker

Nancy                                    53            b. OH      fath E.VA moth W.VA       

William H.                              25            b. OH

Charles W.                            23            b. OH                                      Letart TWP

Nathan W.                             20            b. OH                                      William J. Quillen 27            b. OH

Derastus E.                            15            b. OH                                      Fanny                                     26            b. OH

John A.                                  12            b. OH                                      J. William                               4              b. OH

                                                                                                                Maud                                     2              b. OH

Sutton Twp

Joshua Quillen                      62            b. OH      fath un   moth OH                farm hand

Nancy                                    62            b. PA      fath PA  moth MD

Sarah                                      23            b. OH

Amos                                     23            b. OH

Hery? George[55] (g-son)       13            b. OH

1880 New Haven, Mason Co, WVA (Capehart, Quillen)

Alexander Quillen[56]              50            b. OH                      Henry Capehart    78            b. VA      fath MD moth ENG

Eliza                                        44            b. VA                      Mary                      69            b. VA      fath Scot moth VA

Martha                                   19            b. OH                      Samuel J.                23            b. VA

Sarah                                      17            b. OH                      Ella                          19            b. OH      (dau-in-law)

Olivia                                      15            b. OH

Venia (daughter)                  12            b. OH

Hattie                                     10            b. WVA

Anne                                      7              b. WVA

Evie                                        5              b. WVA

Bird                                         1              b. WVA

1880 Bowning, Schuyler Co, IL (Quillan)

Amos Quillan[57]                     65 b. OH fath nr    moth nr

Mary                                      55 b. OH fath MD moth VA

1880 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin)


Mary A. Quillen                   45 b. OH

Milton H.                               5 b. OH                   fath OH  moth OH

enum. as boarders with Henry Malhany


Washington TWP

Mark Hoge                            78 b. PA                 fath IRE  fath PA

Elizabeth                                62 b. PA                 fath PA  moth PA

Pheba                                     39 b OH

James                                     25 b. OH

Dorcus                                   21 b. OH

Sarah Quillen[58]                      84 b. PA                 fath PA  moth PA                                boarder


Charles Quillen                     61 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                farmer

Sarah                                      58 b. OH fath OH  moth MD

Sophrina                                27 b. MD

Frank                                      22 b. OH

Green, Archilles                    11 b. OH fath OH  moth OH



Amanda Quillin                    19 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                servant

1880 Hocking Co, OH (Quillen)

15 June 1880, Ward TWP, pg. 171C

Quillen,  James[59]   28            mines coal             b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

                Maggie 28            keeping house      b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

1880 Tuscarawas Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin)


William Quillen[60]                  49 b. OH fath OH  moth OH

Abigail                                   55 b. OH fath DE   moth DE

Johnson                                 20 b. OH

Josiah                                     17 b. OH

Harriet                                    14 b. OH

Emma                                      11 b. OH

Rebecca Courtney               24 b. OH (daughter)


Thomas Quillen                    42 b. OH fath MD moth OH                Carpenter

Mary E.                                  33 b. OH fath OH  moth ENG

Charles L.                              14 b. IA

Eli B.                                       11 b. OH

George A.                              10 b. OH

John W.                                 4 b. OH

Mary E.                                  2 b. OH


Anna Quillen                        17 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                Boarder

Enum. with Samuel (age 29 b. OH and Mary Steele (age 29 b. PA)


Johnson Quillen                   45 b. OH fath MD moth OH                plasterer

Lydia A.                                 36 b. OH fath MD moth OH

Denton D.                              13 b. OH

Lumelia                                  11 b. OH

Allen P.                                  9 b. OH

Joseph G.                               5 b. OH

Narra? D.[61]                             1 b. OH

Rebecca Meeks                    68 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                (mother)

James W. Barnhill                23 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                laborer

Ella N.                                     20 b. OH fath OH  moth OH



Chas Quillen                         16 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                Servant



Salina Quillin                         12 b. OH fath OH  moth OH

Enum. with Lewis (55 b. VA) and Annie Brumley (49 b. VA)

1900 Meigs Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin)

Syracuse, Sutton TWP

Amos Quillin                         b. NR      OH                          unk         un           un                           m. 16 years

Sarah J.                                  b. Feb 1868 OH                     age 32     fath ME  moth OH                5 of 5 children living

Mollie                                     b. May 1884 OH                   age 16

Charles                                   b. Aug 1886 OH                    age 13

Raymond H.                          b. Aug 1890 OH                    age 9

Stella                                      b. Feb 1892 OH                     age 8

Roy                                         b. Mar 1897 OH                    age 3


George W. Quillin                b. Nov 1867 OH                    age 32     fath OH  moth PA                                m. 5 years

Bridget A.[62]                           b. Dec 1869 WVA                age 30     fath IRE moth OH 2 of 3 children living

Raymond D.                          b. Jan 1897 OH                      age 3

Ella C.                                     b. Feb 1899 OH                     age 1


John W. Quillin                    b. Jul 1857 OH                       age 42     fath OH  moth WVA            m. 17 years

Luetta                                     b. Sep 1865 OH                     age 34     fath OH  moth OH                4 of 6 children living

Arthur M.                              b. Feb 1884 OH                     age 16

Raymond M.                         b. Oct 1892 OH                     age 7

Gertrude L.                            b. Aug 1897 OH                    age 2

Irene                                       b. Feb 1900 OH                     age 2/12


James H. Quillin                    b. Jan 1852 OH                      age 48     fath OH  moth WVA            m. 10 years

Vienna                                    b. Oct 1869 OH                     age 30     fath OH  moth OH                4 of 4 children living

Harry                                      b. Jan 1889 WVA age 11

Ethel V.                                  b. Sep 1891 WVA age 8

Eva M.                                   b. Oct 1892 WVA age 7

James O.                                b. Apr 1894 WVA                age 6

Claud W.                               b. Mar 1897 OH                    age 3


Uriah Quillin                          b. Nov 1824 OH                    age 75     fath OH  moth un                 widow

Franklin U.                             b. Jan 1880 OH                      age 20     fath OH  moth OH

Caroline Hill                          b. Apr 1864 OH                     age 36     fath WV moth  WV              servant


George W Quillin                 b. Oct 1856 OH                     age 43     fath WV moth un                 m. 16 years

Mary J.                                   b. Jan 1854 OH                      age 36     fath OH  moth OH                2 of 4 children living

Alta M.                                  b. May 1885 KS                    age 15

Lemuel B. O.                          b. May 1889 Ark                   age 11


Samuel J. Quillin                   b. Mar 1868 OH                    age 32     fath OH  moth WV               m. 6 years

Mollie V.                                b. Jul 1877 WVA                  age 22     fath WV moth WV               3 of 3 children living

Minnie M.                             b. Nov 1893 OH                    age 6

Loreta                                     b. Jan 1895 OH                      age 5

Fred D.                                   b. Jun 1898 OH                     age 1


William H. Garton                 b. unk 1842 unk                    age unk  fath un   moth un                 m. 22 years

Mary A.                                 b. Apr 1852 OH                     age 48     fath OH  moth PA               

Sarah Quillin (s-in-law)        b. Jul 1860 OH                       age 39     fath OH  moth PA                                1 of 1 child living

Jessie (niece)                        b. Feb 1885 OH                     age 15     fath OH  moth OH


Letart TWP

Hezakiah Quillin                   b. Feb 1821 OH                     age 79     fath MA moth MA               m. 11 years

Belle                                       b. Dec 1838 WVA                age 62     fath VA  moth VA                0 of 2 children living


Manchester Quillin              b. Jan 1852 OH                      age 48     fath OH  moth OH                m. 26 years

Esther A.                               b. Jan 1855 OH                      age 45     fath WV moth OH                no children


Charles Quillin                      b. Nov 1857 OH                    age 42     fath WV moth OH                m. 17 years

Ella                                          b. Apr 1864 OH                     age 36     fath WV moth OH                2 of 2 children living

Ralph                                      b. Apr 1884 OH                     age 16

Lawrence                               b. Mar 1887 OH                    age 13


Nancy Quillen                       b. Dec 1826 OH     wd.          age 73     fath VA  moth VA                8 of 9 children living

John A. Quillen                    b. Oct 1867 OH                     age 32     fath OH  moth OH


Lebonon TWP, Portland PCT

Lewis M. Quillin                   b. Oct 1874 OH                     age 25     fath OH  moth OH                m. 8 years

Luella B.                 b. Nov 1871 OH                    age 28     fath WV moth OH



William J.Quillen                  b. Mar 1852 OH                    age 48     fath PA  moth OH                m. 26 yrs

Frances A.                             b. Oct 1853 OH                     age 46     fath PA  moth OH                4 of 4 children living

Elsie                                        b. Mar 1880 OH                    age 20

Mattie                                    b. Sep 1883 OH                     age 16

Capehart, Carl                       b. Nov 1899 OH                    age 6/12 fath WVAmoth OH              grandson


William C. Quillen                b. Nov 1875 OH                    age 24     fath OH  moth OH

Mary                                      b. Oct 1879 OH                     age 20     fath GER moth OH

1900 Jefferson Co, OH (Quillen)

Wayne TWP

Arthur M. Quillen                b. Jan 1853 OH                      age 47     fath OH  moth OH                widow

Winfield                                 b. Dec 1879 OH                     age 20     fath OH  moth OH

Charles L.                              b. Oct 1884 OH                     age 15

Effie M.                                  b. Mar 1887 OH                    age 13

Bessie J.                                 b. Apr 1890 OH                     age 10

Edna R.                                  b. Dec 1892 OH                     age 7


Tappan Quillin                      b. Nov 1865 OH                    age 34     fath OH  moth OH                m. 8 years

Blanch                                    b. Feb 1873 OH                     age 27     fath OH  moth OH                2 of 3 children living

William C.                              b. Mar 1894 OH                    age 6

Lureda                                    b. Feb 1898 OH                     age 2

Harry Stillwell                       b. Apr 1880 OH                     age 20                                                     boarder

Deyorman, Thomas             b. Jul 1835 OH                       age 64     fath VA  moth VA                widowed f-in-law


William D.Quillin  b. Sept 1819 OH                    age 80     fath OH  moth OH                m. 39 years

Elizabeth                                b. May 1835 OH                   age 65     fath OH  moth OH                6 of 7 children living

Thompson, Morris C.          b. Jul 1893 OH                       age 6       fath OH  moth OH                (Grandson)

1900 Harrison Co, OH (Quillen)

Milton H. Quillen                 b. Aug 1875 OH    age 24     fath OH  moth OH

Enum. With Wm L. and Elizabeth


Jeannetta B. Quillen             b. Jun 1856 OH     age 44     fath OH  moth OH                housekeeper

                Enum.with William Caldwell age 75 widow

Stuebenville TWP

William C. Quillen                b. Nov 1855 OH                    age 44     fath OH  moth OH                m. 20 years

Ida M.                                    b. Nov 1859 OH                    age 40     fath OH  moth OH                5 of 5 children living

Mirtie G.                 b. Jan 1879 OH                      age 21

James G.B.                             b. Jun 1884 OH                     age 15

Mary E.                                  b. Jun 1887 OH                     age 12

Walter V.                               b. Aug 1891 OH                    age 8

Effie M.                                  b. Aug 1899 OH                    age 9/12


Thomas W. Quillen              b. Jul 1857 OH                       age 42     fath OH  moth OH                m. 17 years

Annetta                                 b. Apr 1863 OH                     age 37     fath OH  moth OH                6 of 6 children living

Maude                                   b. May 1884 OH                   age 16

Blanch                                    b. Apr 1886 OH                     age 14

David                                     b. May 1889 OH                   age 11

Amelia                                    b. Sept 1892 OH                    age 7

George                                   b. Jan 1895 OH                      age 5

Millard                                   b. Aug 1898 OH                    age 1


Cross Creek

Wheeler Quillen                   b. Dec 1848 OH                     age 51     fath OH  moth OH                servant

1900 Mason Co, WVA (Quillan, Quillen)


Alexander Quillen[63]              b. Mar 1830           70            b. Oh      fath MD moth VA                m. 5 years  Carpenter

Elizabeth                                b. Nov 1834           65            b. Wales fath Wales moth Wales      immigrated 1850


Waggener District

Nathan W. Quillan               b. Mar 1860           40            b. OH      fath PA  moth OH                m. 14 years

Almira S.                                b. Mar 1863           37            b. WVA fath VA  moth WVA            2 of 2 children living

Beatrice                                  b. Oct 1887            12            b. PA

George E.                               b. Aug 1889           10            b. WVA

Clarence                                 b. May 1882          18            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

1910 Meigs County, OH (Quillen)


William J. Quillin 56             b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 34 years

Fanny                     55           b. WV     fath PA  moth OH                4 of 4 children living

Carl (grandson)    10            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH



Charles Quillin      52            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 27 years

Ella                          46            b. OH      fath WV moth OH                2 of 2 children living


Manchester           58            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 36 years

Esther E.                56            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH               


Myrtie (niece)       22            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

Enum Marion (65) and Dorothy A. Sharpnack (60)


Isabel Quillin[64]      62            b. WV     fath VA  moth VA                widow


Sutton TWP                                                                        

James Quillen        58            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 20 years

Vienna                    39            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                6 of 7 children living

James O.                16            b. WVA

Claude W.             13            b. OH

Frank S.                  6              b. OH

Ernest                     NR          b. OH


Amos Quillen        49            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 26 years

Jennie                     42            b. OH      fath ME  moth OH               

Charles                   23            b. OH

Herender?              20            b. OH

Stella                      18            b. OH

Roy                         13            b. OH

Bennie                    7              b. OH

Garnet                    1 9/12      b. OH      fath US   moth OH                grand-daughter


Sarah A. Quellen  45            b. OH      fath US   moth OH

Jessie (niece)        25            b. OH      fath Wales moth OH


George Quillen      42            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 15 years (2nd marriage)

Agnes B.               40            b. WV     fath Ire   moth OH                1st marriage, 5 of 8 children living

Dana R. (son)        13            b. OH

Celia L.                   11            b. OH

Trek B.                   9              b. OH

Edward A.             3              b. OH

Gertrude L.            1 2/12      b. OH


Joseph London    47            b. PA      fath Eng moth Eng               m. 6 years, 2nd marriage

Mollie[65]                  32            b. WV     fath WV moth WV               2nd marriage, 5 of 5 children living

Winnie Quillen     16            b. WV     fath OH  moth WV               step-daughter

Loretta                   14            b. OH                                                      step-daughter

Fred D.                   12            b. OH                                                      step-son

Annie L.                 8              b. OH                                                      step-daughter

Joseph C.               6              b. OH                                                      step-son


Portland TWP

Louis Quillen        44            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                m. 20 years

Belle                       40            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                1 of 1 child living

Gladys                    4              b. OH


Ralph                      26            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

Enum. Wm E. Finch 70        b. NJ       fath NY  moth NY                widowed servant

1920 Meigs County, OH (Quellin, Quillen, Quillin)


Lewis Quillen                        52 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Luella B.                 52 OH                     fath WV moth WVA

Gladdys                                 14 OH



Isabelle Quellin                     80 WV                    fath VA  moth VA                widow


John Quellin                          52 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Florence                                 48 PA                     fath Eng moth PA

Russell E.                               13 WV

Harold                                    8 IL

Gaches, James B. 82 Eng                    fath Eng moth Eng              

Widowed f-in-law (immigrate 1845 nat. 1852)


Manchester Quillin              68 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Esther E.                                65 OH                     fath WV moth OH


Sutton TWP, Syracuse PCT

James H. Quillen                   67 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Vienna U.                               48 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Claude W.                             23 OH

Frank U.                                 16 OH

Ernest L.                                12 OH


Amos Quillin                         65 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Sarah J.                                  52 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Roy L.                                    21 OH

Benjamin                                16 OH

Howard                                  7 OH


George W. Quillen               52 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Agnes B.                               50 WV                    fath Ire   moth OH

Edward A.                             13 OH

Gertrude L.                            11 OH


Lorenzo D.                             44 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Ethel M.                                 38 OH                     fath OH  moth OH

Dorothy M                            18 OH

Franklin U.                             16 OH

Arline L. (daughter)             12 OH

Loraine O.                              2 11/12 OH


Joseph London                    56 PA                     fath PA  moth PH

Mollie                                     46 WV                    fath WV moth WV

Fred D. Quillen[66]                   21 OH                     fath OH  moth WV               step-son


James O. Quillin                    26 WV                    fath OH  moth OH

Ruth M                                  28 WV                    fath WV moth WV

1930 Meigs County, OH (Quillen)

Claude Quillen                      33            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                23 at first marriage

Ella                                          26            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                16 at first marrige

Imogene                                 8              b. OH

Ruth                                       6              b. OH


Lorenzo Quillen                    54            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                24 at first marriage

Ethel                                       48            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                18 at first marriage

Loraine                                   13            b. OH

Juanita                                   7              b. OH

Helen M.                                5              b. OH


Amos Quillen                        72            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                widowed, 21 at first marriage

Benjamin                                25            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH


James H. Quillin                    78            b. OH      fath OH  moth WV               28 at first marriage

Vianna                                    61            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                20 at first marriage

Ernest                                     21            b. OH                                                      21 at first marriage

Virginia (d-i-law)                   19            b. OH                                                      19 at first marriage



Lewis W. Quillen                 64            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                26 at first marriage

Luella B.                 60            b. OH      fath WV moth WV               22 at first marriage


Middleport, Salisbury TWP

Jessie Ross                           43            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                26 at first marriage

Dwight                                   9              b. OH      fath OH  moth OH

Betty                                      2 11/12    b. OH

Sara Quillen                           65            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                widowed mother


Letart TWP

Manchester Quillen             78            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                22 at first marriage

Alfretta                                  54            b. OH      fath VA  moth VA                19 at first marriage


John Quillen                          62            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                36 at first marriage

Florence                                 53            b. PA      fath Eng moth PA                27 at first marriage

Russel                                    23            b. WV

Harold                                    18            b. IL


Salisbury TWP

Charles H. Quillin 42 b. OH fath OH  moth OH                27 at first marriage

Bessie                                    37 b. WV                fath OH  moth WV               22 at first marriage

Charles                                   14 b. OH

Evelyn L.                               10 b. OH

George                                   6 b. OH

Luillia                                     3 b. OH

Anna E.                                  6/12 b. OH

1930 Cinncinatti, Hamilton Co, OH (Wagner)

Walter Wineck?                   49            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                27 at first marriage

Clara                                       41            b. OH      fath OH  moth OH                25 at first marriage

Lillian                                     13            b. OH

Walter                                    8              b. OH

Wagner, Lillian[67]                  69            b. OH      fath OH  moth WVA            widowed

Veatrice                                  32            b. OH

Land Records

Jefferson Co, OH Tax Records

1807        Clement Quillen    Jefferson County, OH pg. 012, Warren Township Tax List

1808        Clement Quillen    Jefferson County, OH pg. 021, Warren Township Tax List

1809        Clement Quillen    Jefferson County, OH pg. 009, Warren Township Tax List

Jefferson Co, OH Land Records

Land Book O, page 289, Jefferson Co., OH[68]

Adam QUILLIN & others to William TODD This indenture, made the sixteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred thirty nine between Adam QUILLIN and Mary his wife, Elihu QUILLIN and Sarah his wife, and Joshua QUILLIN and Rebecca his wife of Harrison County and State of Ohio and Amos QUILLIN and Jane his wife of Jefferson County and State of Ohio of the one part and William TODD of Wellsburgh, Brook Co. and in the State of Virginia of the other party witnessed that the said Adam QUILLIN and his wife Mary, Elihu QUILLIN and Sarah his wife, Joshua QUILLIN and Rebecca his wife, and Amos and his wife Jane for and in the consideration of the sum of four thousand five hundred dollars to them in hand paid the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and forever acquit and discharge the said William TODD, his theirs, executors, and administrators, have granted, bargained, and sold and by their presents do grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the said William TODD and his heirs or assigns, all the following described tract or parcel Land with the appurtenances situate being and being in the County of Jefferson and State of Ohio aforesaid and is bounded as follows, to wit. Known and designated as part of section number twelve township number five of Range number two, Beginning forsaid land at a stone on the East boundary line of Section corner to Isaiah REEVE thence with the Section line South one hundred and forty seven perches and fourtenths to a sassafras post thence West two hundred and twenty one perches to a locust post corner to Mathias LEVEIN thence North one hundred and forty six perches to a stone, thence East to the place of beginning Containing two hundred and two acres, three of ?????, and twenty perches which section number twelve was conveyed by Isaac Greathouse as Attorney in fact for Nathaniel RANDOLPH and Peter CASEY to John SHRIMPLIN by deed dated the 6th Day of January 1805. and by John SHRIMPLIN Conveyer to Nicholas RILEY by deed dated the 15th day of March 1805 and by Nicholas RILEY and his wife Hannah sold and conveyed to Clement QUILLIN by deed bearing date November 15th 1805. and Adam QUILLIN, Elihu  QUILLIN, Joshua QUILLIN and Amos QUILLIN hold and inherited by virtue of the late will and Testament of their father Clement QUILLIN late of Jefferson County aforesaid deceased, all of which by reference to the records of Said County being had will more fully and at large appear. To have and to hold the above described tract of land and premises with the appurtenced to the said William TODD and his heirs and assigns forever and the said Adam QUILLIN and Mary his wife, Elihu QUILLIN and Sarah his wife, Joshua QUILLIN and Rebecca his wife, and Amos QUILLIN and his wife Jane for themselves and their heirs, executors, and administrators do hereby covenant and agree to and with the said William TODD and his heirs and assigns that they the said Adam QUILLIN and Mary his wife, Elihu  QUILLIN and  Sarah his wife, Joshua QUILLIN and Rebecca his wife and Amos QUILLIN and Jane his wife the above described tract of land and premises to the said William TODD and his heirs and assigns shall and will warrant and forever defend against all persons and claims whatsoever and testimony where the aforesaid Adam QUILLIN and Mary his wife, Elihu QUILLIN and Sarah his wife, Joshua QUILLIN and Rebecca his wife, and Amos QUILLIN and Jane his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. In the Presence of: Adam QUILLIN Joseph FRY Mary QUILLIN Daniel ROBINS Elihu QUILLIN Sarah QUILLIN Joshua QUILLIN Sarah QUILLIN Amos QUILLIN Jane QUILLIN


STEUBENVILLE LAND OFFICE 1815: James Madison, President of the United States of America. To all to whom these presents shall come greetings. Know Ye that Joshua Quillen of Jefferson County, Ohio having deposited in the General land office a certificate of the register of the Land Office at Steubenville whereby it appears that full payment has been made for the South East Quarter of section twenty-five of Township Twelve and Range Twelve of the Land directed to be sold at Steubenville by the act of Congress ? an act providing for the Sale of the Land of the United States in the Territory Northwest of the Ohio and above the mouth of Kentucky River and of the Act amendatory of the same There is granted by the United States unto the said Joshua Quillen the Quarter Lot or Section of Land above described To have and to hold the said Quarter lot or Section of Land with the appurtenances unto the said Joshua Quillen, his heirs and Assigns forever, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ In Testimony which I have caused then Letters to be made Patent and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto Affixed given under my hand at the City of Washington the twelvth day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifteen and of the Independants of the United States of America this ?

By the President James Madison

Josiah Meigs Commisioner of the General Land Office


Name:                                     ELIHU QUILLIN

Land Office:                            STEUBENVILLE

Document Number:                 1727

Total Acres:                            86.27

Signature:                                Yes

Canceled Document:               No

Issue Date:                              December 1, 1827

Metes and Bounds:                  No

Statutory Reference:                3 Stat. 566

Multiple Warantee Names:      No

Act or Treaty:                          April 24, 1820

Multiple Patentee Names:        No

Entry Classification:                 Sale-Cash Entries

Land Description:                     1 W½SE  OHIO RIVER SURVEY     No       12 N    7 W     32

Quillin Biographies

James H. Quillen, grandfather

The Quillin family came to Pomeroy and Syracuse in the early 1800's. My great-grandfather was Uriah Quillin. He was born November 25, 1824 in Syracuse, and died there April 3, 1902. He is interred there in a very old cemetery; I believe it to the the Quillin Cemetery. He was a carpenter by trade and built the Presbyterian Church. His wives' names were: Martha, who was born November 26, 1830 and died August 3, 1870; Elizabeth, born April 10, 1835, died November 20, 1880, and Ester, born November 25, 1824, died.

Uriah's father is believed to be Amos Quillin, also interred in the same cemetery and born in 1786, died 1858.

Uriah had a son, James H. Quillin, who was my grandfather. He was born January 7, 1852 and died April 8, 1943. He is interred in Letart Falls Cemetery, along with his second wife, Viann Webster Quillin. His first wife, who was my grandmother, was Margaret (Maggie) Biggins Quillin, who was from Watertown, Ohio. Margaret is believed to have been born in 1849 in Ohio. Her parents were George Biggins, born 1809 in Ohio, and Ellen Biggins who was born in Virginia in 1816. Margaret was the youngest of seven children. They are listed in the 1850 census in the Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids Michigan. The children are: Bravilla Biggins, age 14; Meary A. Biggins, age 12; Sarah Biggins, age 10; Deanna Biggins, age 7; George W. Biggins, age 5; Meanuery Biggins, age 2; Margaret Biggins, age 1 1/2. All of them were born in Ohio.

My father was Harry Quillin, son of James H. Quillen and Margaret Biggins Quillin. Harry had two sisters, Josie Quillin, who was first married to a Fred Darlington, and had three children; Fred Darlington, born September 16, 1902, and now lives in Texas; and twin daughters, Beulah Krantz, who lives in South Charleston, W. Va., and Carmen Grigsby, now deceased. They were born January 14, 1901. Carmen died July 1960. She had one daughter by her second husband (Roach), Margaret Roach EcElhinny and lives at Frame, W.VA. Josie was born 1871, died 1946.

Second sister to Harry was Verna Mae Quillin Youell, born ----, died July, 1960. She was married to John Youell and had one daughter, Molly McClune, who lives in Bridgeport, W.Va.

Third, Harry Quillin, born January 5, 1889, died June 30, 1955, married my mother, Myrtle Frye Quillin, at Charleston, W. Va., in 1911, and had these children: Mable Quillin Sutherland, born 1912, lives in Charleston, W.Va.; James Quillin, born in 1914, lives in West Logan, W.Va.; Robert (Bobby) Quillin, who died very young; Magaline (Toatsie) Quillin, died at age 4 or 5 years; Beulah Quillin, born February 18, 1926, lives at Blair, W.Va.; Jack Quillin, born February 12, 1930, died April 23, 1958, interred in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.; Trudy Quillin Laprade, born September 26, 1932, Chauncey, W.Va.; Phyllis Quillin Maynard, born June 15, 1935, Lyburn, W.Va.[69]


George Amos Quillen[70] was born July 27, 1923 in Middleport, Ohio.  He was the son of Charles and Bessie (Batey) Quillen.  When he was 5 years old he was playing with dynamite caps and blew 2 fingers from each hand.  This did not hamper his career as later he was known for his mechanical skill and ability to work on any year or model of cars.  He attended Pomeroy and Middleport Grade Schools.  He worked in the coal mines from the age of 16 until he was disabled by a slate fall in the mine.  He worked for Peacock Coal Mines and later operated a gas station in Middleport.  He contracted black lung and died on Sept. 29, 1985.  He is buried in Riverview Cemetery.

Myrtle Davis was born in Diablock, Kentucky on March 26, 1926.  She was the daughter of Clarence and Lucy Davis.  She was working in a laundry whe she met and married George on Oct. 11, 1943.  She still resides in Middleport.

Together they had 7 children:

Besssie – born April 22, 1945.  She resides in Middleport.  She has 4 children – David, Angie, Dewayne, and J.P. She also has 1 granddaughter, Amber.

Clarence (Buster) Born Dec. 11, 1946.  He was hit by a car and was killed on Sept. 8, 1948.

Carolyn – Born March 11, 1948.  She married Larry Janey.  She has 1 daughter, Tina and 2 grandchildren, Tony and Gwen.  She lives in Norwalk, Ohio.

June – born April 11, 1949.  She married Ted Stewart and has 1 daughter, Crystal and 2 step children, Eric and Scott.  She lives in Mt. Orab, Ohio.

George, Jr., born June 9, 1950 and died June 29, 1950.

Ronnie – born Oct. 29, 1951. He married Joyce Proffitt and has 1 son, Jason.  They live in Racine, Ohio.

Tommy – born July 25, 1954.  He is not presently married.  He lives in Middleport, Ohio and works for Indiana-Michigan Electric Co. on a riverboat.[71]

Quillens-Dewitts Run

Lewis Quillen married Luella Belle Miller.  They owned a general store on DeWitts Run.  They were the parents of one child, Gladys, better known as Gladdy.  Gladdy married Wilbur Bissell, eldest son of Hiriam and Frona Bissell.  They were the parents of five living children and on stillborn daughter.  Their oldest daughter, Kathleen (Kitty) lived with the Quillens.  Kitty married Floyd Carnahan.  He was in the U.S. Navy six years and is now retired from General Motors, while Kitty operated Carnahan’s Catering out of her home until her retirement.  They are the parents of three daughters Connie, Susan and Rebecca.  They also raised two foster sons, George and John.  Connie is a secretary at the Norwalk Courthouse and married Robert Alms.  Bob is a mechanic.  They have two children, Brian and Leann.  Susan works for the School for Mental Retardation, Norwalk, and is now married to Bernard Aaron, Jr.  She has three children from a previous marriage, Tony, Jennifer and Kevin Gahagan.  Rebecca (Becky) was a L.P.N. and married David Carpenter who is employed by U.S. Steel in Elyria, Ohio.  Becky died in August 1986 after a lingering fight with cancer.

Hayward married Kathleen (Kas) Hayman and they have three children (see Hayward and Kas Bissell Family story).

Howard L. Bissell married Magdalena Metz of Germany.  He served in the U.S. Army and now works for Ford Motor Company in Sandusky.  They have three sons: Howard W. with the U.S. Army in Germany.  He is married to Jodi Beatty.  They have one son Howard Elvis.  Hayward William is married to Sherry Brown, a factory worker.  They have one daughter, Crystal, and reside in Norwalk.  Mark is with the U.S. Army stationed in South Carolina.  Howard L. was married previously and has a daughter by that marriage, Kathy.

Virginia Bissell Light married Robert Light.  He served in the U.S. Marines for two years and is now a supervisor with Norwalk Furniture.  Virginia is a nurse’s aide.  They have two sons, John and David.  David married to Kim Hakes.  She is secretary for the Norwalk Prosecutor.  David is with the Norwalk Police Department.  John works for Norwalk Furniture and is also associated with the Norwalk police department.

Ralph Paul, the youngest, and his wife Karen, live in Norwalk, Ohio.  He works at Shelby Globe and has two children Wendy and Ralph by previous marriage.

This is the lineage of the Quillens of DeWitts Run.  Belle and Lew spent their long married life on DeWitts Run.  She died at the age of 88 and he lived to die on his 98th birthday.  Lew was noted for treating all illnesses and injuries with red mud and other home remedies, giving this advice to all who would listen.  There is a cave located on the Quillen property where he and his cronies gathered to play poker.  It was rumored that this was a selected place to avoid the wrath of his hot tempered wife, Belle.  She would call him an “old fool”, wait for him to go to sleep, then relieve him of his winnings.[72]


Uriah Quillin

SYRACUSE, O., Sept. 22, 1899.

EDITOR LEADER:—Being an interested reader of the Log Cabin Department of your paper and seeing that the fire is dying down in that corner, I will try to put on a little fuel, although I will not promise it to be a pine-knot.  It will more likely be fuel that will hold fire for some time, doing no good, except to keep up the name.

I was born in Jefferson Co., O., Nov. 25, 1824 and was the seventh of ten children. My father moved to Meigs County in ‘42, and finally settled in Syracuse, which has been my home ever since.

As the subject of log-cabins has been fully discussed in your columns before I will not dwell upon this subject but will give you a description of a flat-boating trip from Steubenville, O., to New Orleans.

It was in March, 1847, that I was requested by a man to accompany him on a trip to New Orleans. He had two large boats, each of which was loaded with 2400 barrels of flour, which was considered a very large load. The wages paid flatboatmen in those days were not very enticing, being but 30 cents a day; but, being a young man, anxious to see a little of the country, I decided to go. One of my elder brothers, William, also decided to go; so it was not lonesome for me.

My brother and I were ordered to report at the landing at Steubenville immediately, to watch the boats, while the captain attended to getting men, supplies, etc., for our trip. At that time there was a small army of “rats” there, as they were generally called, being the men who did nothing but lay around the wharf and steal for a living. The captain gave us special orders to keep these men off the boat. One day three of the biggest of them came on the boat as if they were going to take her, and as soon as my brother saw them he ordered them off. He was a very strong man at the time and afraid of nothing. He ordered them off a second time. They hesitated and quicker than a flash, he jumped at the largest fellow and knocked him clear into the river. The other two took for the shore, fearing the same medicine. In a short time the whole gang was on the bank daring us to come out. They stayed there for hours, waiting for us, but we stayed on “home territory.” After that we had no more ‘‘rats’’ bothering us.

In a few days, having secured the provisions, and the crew, which consisted of 10 men and the captain, we began the trip. The two boats were lashed together, having on each side two oars 45 feet long, .with which we might keep the boats in the channel.  This was not very hard to do this trip, as there was a good stage of water.  The boats were very heavy and having square ends in them, they were quite hard to handle.  There would be five men on a watch and sometimes it would take them two hours to straighten the boats around, when the wind would be blowing and the current running rapidly.  This would very seldom occur, and the only other work would be landing in case of storm or when we would run out of provisions.  Some days we would not have an hour’s work to do, and never more than four, so that we would have plenty of time to see the country and to take hunts.  The river front at that time put up quite a different appearance from what it does today.  It was then nothing but a solid mass of timber and underbrush, there being but few towns to change the monotony of the scenery.  Here and there you could see a house or barn peeping through the trees, which would keep you thinking that you were still within the bounds of civilization.  Now and then an eagle would fly over your head, and a deer could be seen at the water’s edge; but like a ghost, it would disappear as quickly as it came.  Sometimes we would take the small boat, row to shore, and with our guns, secure a mess of squirrels in a few minutes, but we could never get sight of the deer as we had not the time to move cautiously.  Then we would row after the boats and have a mess of fresh meat fro supper.  This would be a great treat and change from the regular bill of fare, which consisted of bread, beans, pork, potatoes and coffee.  We took a large number of chickens with us but they failed to last long.  We also had plenty of eggs when we started but these soon played out and when we got on the Mississippi and tried to buy some we were only asked 50 cents per dozen; so we did without them.

Speaking of our eating reminds me of an incident that occurred on this trip which I never will forget.  There was a bully on the boats who was always boasting that he was the best man aboard and was always making it as miserable as possible for the rest.  He, by the way, was formerly one of the “rats” before spoken of.  One day we were sitting at the table eating and I asked for the bread.  Beside his plate was a large piece of crust, the corner of a loaf of bread which was six inches high and about 18 inches square on the bottom, and which had been hollowed out by the captain at the first table.  This he picked up and pitched across the table to me.  Taking it as an insult I caught it in my hand, drew back and with all my might I let it go at him, striking him square between the eyes and knocking him backwards from the table, which was almost upset by his feet flying up.  At this the crew went wild with laughter, while he gathered himself up to “lick” me.  Seeing the odds were against him he decided to tell the captain his troubles and have me put off the boats, but I saw him first and when I told him, instead of putting me off, he joined the laugh.  The fellow could then go no farther.  After that he was as good a friend as I had on the trip.

One afternoon when just above Cincinnati, we were forced into shore by a storm and had to tie up.  We had not been there long until we heard the barking of hounds out in the hills, and we knew they were after a deer.  We listened to the chasing for some time and finally we could tell that it was on the front hill and making for the river just above us.  My chum and I jumped in a skiff, and being good barsmen, we made good head-way against the current.  We had not gone far until the deer gave a big jump ahead of us.  We immediately “put on full steam” and when we got up to it, it was in the middle of the river.  I was in the front oar-locks and when we got even with it I jumped up and hit it across the neck with one of the oars and disabled it.  We, with much effort, hauled it into the skiff, and then I cut its throat.  Just as this was done the men with the hounds appeared on the bank and claimed the deer.  They wanted the hide and we wanted some venison, so we compromised, we taking the two hams, and giving them the remainder.  This was excellent meat.  All the boys immediately became enthusiastic and wished to kill a deer.  For several days after this, whenever a snag was sighted in the river, there would be a scramble for the skiff to go to it, thinking that it might be a deer.  They were fooled this way almost a half dozen times.  They were just like a person who has been badly scared with a snake and who imagines every sound he hears is made by a snake coming after him.

We had several severe storms on the Ohio, which delayed us considerably.  One beautiful moonlight April night we were floating along on the Mississippi in the shadows of the willows and everything was wrapped in silence, save the muffled oar of the pilot.  Most all of the men were sleeping.  In fact, nature seemed to be asleep.  Presently a gentle breeze began to rock and swerve from their course.  Still the wind increased.  Nature, which but a few minutes before seemed asleep, now apparently aroused herself from her reverie, and, like a lion awakened from its lair, came forth with all her fury.  The waves now rolled over one another in their wild fury and the boats, being lashed together, beat against one another with such violence that it was apparent to all that something must be done or they would both sink.  Every man on the boat was awakened and brought to his post of duty.  I yelled for an ax with which to cut the lashing that joined the two boats.  Finally it was found and I, on my hands and knees, crawled over the deck to the lashing and separated them.  Then all of us were kept busy keeping the boats apart.  Finally, there was a lull in the wind and we were able to get to shore, but not until the boats had been so badly damaged that it took four days of hard work to repair them.  This was the hardest storm that I was ever in while out in the river.  Just a few days after this there was the hardest storm on the Mississippi that was ever known, but we luckily got landed before it began.  Hundreds of boats were sunk in this, and many lives were lost.  Wreckage filled the river for miles.  Produce boats could be seen standing on end in some places, leaning up against trees, and sticking out of wreckage.  Coal boats were sunk by the score and thousands of bushels of coal were lost.  Never before did my eyes witness such a scene of havoc.

Not long after this I took my gun, got in the skiff and rowed to shore, where there was a flock of geese, which I supposed were wild.  While I was rowing along the shore a man appeared on the scene and informed me that they were tame geese, hatched from wild goose eggs, and that they were owned by a man near by.  We had a short conversation and he asked me if he might go down the river with us for about 25 miles.  I told him it was against orders to bring any man aboard, but he said he would make it all right with the captain if I only would take him aboard, so I took him in.  We rowed down the river after the boats and I observed that there was considerable cord-wood in the river.  “Yes,” he said, “I just lost 1000 cords last night by the bank caving off.”  We talked on and he asked me where I was from, I told him Ohio.  He said: “The squirrels are so bad here that we have to have a man hired to go out every morning and shoot them and scare them away to the woods.  This man did this work.  One morning he went out to the field and was going along as usual through the corn when suddenly he heard something that sounded somewhat louder than squirrels’ noise.  He stopped and listened for a minute and then went sneaking up to it.  When he had gotten within a few rods of it he could see some big monster standing up on his hind feet with arms outstretched taking in two rows of corn at a time.  For a moment he was paralyzed with fear, then he dropped his gun and struck for the house with all his speed.  When he got to the house he fell into the door breathless. As soon as he could speak he told us what he saw and I called thirty of my dogs, (I have just sixty hounds and feed them every day just 40 gallons of mush) and started out after the monster, which, of course, was a bear.  When we got there, there was old bruin walking around the gun, just as if he owned the plantation and was guarding it.  The dogs pounced down upon him and ran him to a tree which he climbed.  I went over and shot him and soon the dogs treed another one.  This one I shot.  We went a little farther and a young cub was sighted in a tree and we got him, making three bears within an hour.  We went back to the house then, hitched up to the wagon and went after them.”  I enjoyed the conversation very much and was very glad that I had taken him in.  The story of the hounds pleased me very much, as I was then very found of sport.  He was a wealthy man and very good natured.  He was very welcome on the boats, as he entertained the whole crowd with such as the above.

No person could in those days travel the Mississippi without being struck with the wonderful clearness and lightness of the air.  There were scarcely any clearings along the banks to interrupt the sound waves, which traveled up the river like through a smooth tunnel.  This can best be told by relating an incident that occurred one morning, as we were floating along.  It was a beautiful morning, the sun shone brightly, the air seemed to be lit up with a brilliancy which added luster to the scenery. We were sitting out on the forward deck basking in the beautiful Spring sunshine.  In the distance, which we all agreed was five miles away, we could see two negroes down on the shore.

Presently we heard them quarreling and could distinguish between them talking.  One was working at a shed and the other was doing nothing.  We could hear the former say, “Come on, here nigger. If you don’t, I’ll tell massa.”  The latter never moved and said nothing.  Presently the first said, “I’ll bet you’ll move,” and he started off to tell the master.  In a few minutes back he came followed by the master.  We were then about two miles away.  We could hear every word that was said.  The master ordered the second negro to pull his shirt and the first one to tie him to one of the posts of the shed.  This was done.  The master stepped back and with his 14 feet lash cut the negro one across the back.  The lash writhed and hissed in the air and then it would crack on the poor fellow’s back like a shot-gun and simultaneously he would give a yell.  The blows were about two minutes apart.  We counted them, there were thirty.  Every lick brought the blood.  When we got even with them the negro was red with blood.  Still he continued to apply the lash.  Every yell of the poor fellow grew fainter.  Finally he fell, his life blood having ebbed almost away.  Such a revolting scene of cruelty forever set me against slavery. 

We arrived in New Orleans about the last of May.   Having lain at Steubenville for three weeks before starting, it took us just about six weeks to make the trip.  The actual number of days on which we floated was 23.  This trip was one of the fastest ever made.

We stayed on the boats at New Orleans for about three weeks and then took passage for home.  At that time there was lively competition between the old Yorktown and Champion, both running from New Orleans to Cincinnati.  The fare for deck-passage on these boats to Cincinnati was $9.  This did not include meals.  Being several of us, we got reduced rates on the Champion, costing us $7.  There was an event took place on this trip that I shall never forget.  The two boats left the wharf at about the same time.  Being of about equal speed they kept very close together only when one would be hailed in to take on freight. Just below Louisville they were running along quite near each other, but the Yorktown was ahead of us. T he river at this point was quite wide, and our pilot decided to take the inside and pass her. Full steam was turned on and we began to split the water, and it was plain to be seen that we were going to pass her. Every one aboard of each boat was excited. The Yorktown being ahead of us made swells that rolled completely over our guards.  I with many others, was in the pilot house. The pilot was so anxious that he leaned over the wheel and every muscle in his body seemed strained.  Soon we were by her side. A bend was just ahead. Our pilot saw his chance and cut across. The pilot of the Yorktown, seeing that he had lost the race, wheeled his boat around and started right for us, intending to break us in two. Everyone saw the move. Several of us jumped out of the pilot house, ran back to the stern, and watched her tear past our wheel, missing it about nine inches. The dramatic part of the scene was yet to appear. The captain of our boat ordered that she slow up and run up alongside the other. This she did. Both captains by this time had their revolvers out, on the hurricane roof and as the boats came together they stood there within three or four feet of one another, with pistols drawn. This dramatic scene lasted for several minutes, while both actors gave their gentle speeches. Finally our captain was quieted down, and the curtain dropped. This performance was witnessed by a large audience, there being 100 passengers on the Champion and 300 on the Yorktown.

From Cincinnati I came home to Syracuse on the old Messenger the fare being 50 cents.



[A good letter, for which we are certainly very grateful.  The letter is full of readable incidents and we should be pleased to have a little more fuel from the same source.—ED.][73]

Marriage Records

Ohio 1789-1850 (Quillan, Quillen, Quillin)[74]

Quillin, Joshua                      m: Bowles, Rebecca                             8 Mar 1827                             Harrison Co

Quillan, Elihu                        m: Phillips, Eleanor Ann                      7 Jan 1841                              Harrison Co

Quillan, Amos                       m: Johnston, Mary                               14 Dec 1844                           Harrison Co

Quillan, Nancy                      m: Jones, Samuel                                  9 Aug 1844                            Harrison Co

Quillan, Jane W.                   m: Willis, Amos H.                               6 Aug 1850                            Harrison Co

Quillan, Lucinda                   m: Rogers, Thomas                              11 Aug 1850                          Harrison Co

Quillan, Mary                        m: Arnold, John                                    29 Aug 1850                          Harrison Co

Quillan, Mary                        m: Brown, John                                     1 Dec 1850                             Harrison Co

Quillan, Sarah Ann              m: Edwards, Richard                            7 Mar  1850                            Harrison Co

Quillan, Thomas J.               m: Dennis, Rachel                                25 Nov 1847                          Harrison Co

Quillan, William                    m: Bell, Abby                                        15 Aug 1850                          Harrison Co

Quillen, Rachel                     m: Cochran, Rice                                  8 Jul 1835                               Harrison Co

Quillen, Adam                       m: Richards, Nancy                              5 Sep 1850                             Tuscarawas Co

Quillen, Alexander               m: Smith, Nancy                                   17 Nov 1850                          Tuscarawas Co

Quillen, Charles B.               m: Stevenson, Sarah J.                        22 Nov 1849                          Tuscarawas Co

Quillan, Rachel                     m: Frazier, William                                18 Aug 1807                          Jefferson Co

Quillen, Joshua                     m: Man, Martha                                    4 Jul 1811                               Jefferson Co

Quillin, James                        m: Clancy, Elizabeth                             7 Dec 1837                             Jefferson Co

Qullen, Lemuel                      m: Bucy, Helen                                     27 Oct 1842                            Jefferson Co

Quillen, Alexander               m: McKinley, Esther                            5 Nov 1816                            Columbiana Co

Quillin, John                          m: Morfoot, Sarah                                7 Jun 1821                              Columbiana Co

Quillan, Elizabeth m: Covert, Hiram                                   31 Dec 1846                           Montgomery Co

Quillin, Polly                         m: Yount, Samuel                 15 Apr 1819                           Montgomery Co

Quillin, Elizabeth                  m: Brown, John                                     29 Nov 1808                          Belmont Co

Quillen, Hannah M.             m: Lawson, John                                  10 Sep 1829                           Scioto Co

Quillan, Andrew M.             m: Millard, Elizabeth                            8 Oct 1839                              Hamilton Co

Quillan, Hannah                   m: McMillen, George W.                     1 May 1828                            Clermont Co

Quillen, Adam H. m: Nancy Ann Battin                           24 Jun 1851                            Harrison Co

Quillen, Elihue                      m: Sarah Cree 28                   Apr 1836                                Harrison Co

Quillen, Elihue                      m: Jean Baker                                        26 May 1806                          Jefferson Co

Quillen, David                       m: Jane Wilkins                                    13 Mar 1884                           Harrison Co

Quillen, Joshua M.               m: Rachel Steadman                             28 May 1868                          Harrison Co

Quillen, Hesekiah m: Sally Harpold                                   24 May 1849                          Meigs Co

Quillen, Jacob                       m: Sally Rouse                                      29 Jul 1846                             Meigs Co

Quillen, Stinson                    m:Urcellis Milhorn                               8 Mar 1842                             Harrison Co

Meigs Co, OH (Quillen, Quillin)

Quillin,   Dorothy A.            m: Francis M. Sharpnack                    26 Nov 1871

                Ethel (18)[75]             m: Abllean Moore (21)                        30 Sep 1908

                Sarah J.                  m: John E. Roberts                               1 May 1874

                Manchester           m: Esther A. Hayman                           18 Feb 1874

                L. W. (Lewis)        m: Luella B. Miller                                18 Dec 1891

                Jessie (26)              m: Verne C. Ross  (26)                        22 Oct 1913

                Fannie                    m: James Ammon McBride 20 Jun 1872

                George                   m: Mary Jane Wise                              24 Dec 1889

                Maud F.                 m: C. Fordyce Geyer                            25 Dec 1897

                Minnie (17)[76]         m: George Hood (22)                            4 Mar 1911

                Jennie W.              m: John S. Sayre                                   15 Mar 1877

                D.E.                         m: Bertha Sayre                                    23 Oct 1898

                Lillie E.                   m: Henry Wagner                 19 Oct 1879

                Mary M.                                m: William Pascoe                                29 Jun 1871

                Eva M. (16)            m: Walter Wood (23)                           15 Dec 1908

                Jane                        m: Michael Bentz                                  24 May 1868

Quillin,   Alta Mae (18)[77]     m: Dana McBride (25)                          1 Jun 1902

Barbara A.             m: William P. Smith                              26 May 1881

                Charles W.            m: Ella E. Lee                                         29 Apr 1883

                Mary Virginia        m: Henry Bentz                                     10 Jan 1869

                Hannah C.             m: Henry F. Bartels                              13 Nov 1876

                Hannah                  m: Alexander Crook                             22 Sept 1845

                Lemuel                   m: Anna Jenkins                                   6 Sep 1874

                Amos                     m: Jane Hilton                                       1 Feb 1884

                William J.               m: Fannie Foresinger                           11 Jul 1875

                William H.              m: Louisa L. Lawrey                             24 Sep 1883

                William C. (24)[78]    m:Mary Meier (21)                               25 Jan 1900

                Arthur U. (21)[79]     m: Bertha Snowball (18)                      3 May 1905

Hocking Co., OH (Quillan, Quillen)

Book C   Isaac Quillan                         m: Mary Frances Berry        1862        Page 121

Book D   James Quillen                       m: Maggie Biggins               1880        Page 511

Book E   John Quillen                          m: Martha Ogle                     1881        Page 52

Book E   John W. Quillen                   m: Luette Everitt                   1882        Page 148

Book E   George W. Quillen               m: Mary J. Williston            1884        Page 224

Mason Co., W.VA (Quillen, Quillin, Quillon)

Quillen,  Alexander                              m: Elizabeth Waters             20 Oct 1895

                Anna                                      m: Willie P. Roush                22 Jul 1895

                Eva G.                                     m: Ernest M. Roush             8 Dec 1895

George W.[80]                          m: Bridget Donovan            11 Sep 1894

Harriet Lura                           m: Robert Milroy Yeager     29 Mar 1893

                Hezekiah                                m: Belle B. Slack                   10 Apr 18889

                Mattie C.                                m: George R. Barton             13 Oct 1880

                Molley                                   m: Joseph London               25 Nov 1903

                Nathan Webster                   m: Almira S. Zerkle               24 Nov 1886

                Sadie N.                                 m: Willie P. Roush                20 Oct 1882

                Samuel J.                                m: Mary Hall                         30 Sep 1893

                Vinnie                                     m: Charles W. Roush           24 Dec 1893

Quillin,   Birdie Lelia                            m: Dorsey Lee Rickard        9 Aug 1899

Clarence H.                            m: Lizzie K. Johnson            17 May 1906

                George Emerson                   m: Frieda Marie Allinder     25 Mar 1911

                Mattie[81]                                  m: Carl W. Genhelmer          3 Sept 1906

                Olivia                                      m: Elmore Roush                  9 Jul 1885

                O’neal F.                                m: Lillian R. Fields                29 Aug 1914

                William Sherman                  m: Lenna Hall                        13 Mar 1893

Quillon,  Eleanor                                   m: Charles H. Selby              26 Mar 1868


Miscellaneous Records

Calendar of Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records (1680-1800)

Luker, William. Admin of, to Thomas Quillen and wife Catherine, late Catherine Lukers admr's bond dated Aug 20,       1793. arch. vol A85, pg 177


Clement Quillen witnessed the will of Parker Hudson prob. 4 Feb 1789


Griffin, Oliver will made 6 Apr 1789. Heirs sons Oliver and John Griffin; daus. Elizabeth Griffin and Rhoda Quillen (wife of Joseph) Prob. 6 Aug 1790

Kent County, Delaware Probate Records (1680-1800)

Quillen, Thomas.Admin. of, to Joseph Quillen, bro. March 23, 1799. Arch. vol. A41, page 244. Reg. of Wills, Liber N, folio 229


page 334

Quillen, Joseph.Admin. of, to Elizabeth Quillen. Dec. 11, 1781. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 230.


page 315

Quillen, Thomas.Admin. of, to Samuel Quillen. Dec. 14, 1777. Reg. of Wills, Liber L, folio 197.


page 98

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Alexander, 93

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Barbary, 42, 93

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Benjamin, 93, 217

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Clement, 204

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Elizabeth, 93, 334, 438

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), John, 273, 478, 531

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Joseph, 93, 204, 334, 531, 550

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Lydia, 93

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Martha, 225, 531

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Mary, 204, 209, 478

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Priscilla, 531

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Samuel, 315

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Sarah, 93, 273, 307

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Susanna, 141, 204

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Teague, 93

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Thomas, 93, 315, 550

Quillen (Quilling, Queling, Queilling), Thomas, Jr., 93

Meigs County, Ohio Death Records

Mary V Quillen                       Female       31 January 1977

Bessie M Quillen                   Female       02 January 1980        06 October 1892       West Virginia

George A Quillen                   Male           29 September 1985   27 July 1923              Ohio

Ernest E Quillen                     Male           21 October 1986        14 June 1908             Ohio

Raymond Eugene Quillen     Male           13 June 1995              01 April 1936             Meigs County, Ohio

George Hood                          Male           26 June 1995              08 December 1915    Meigs County, Ohio

Ella Quillin                               Female       29 September 1995   13 October 1903       Meigs County, Ohio

Thomas R Quillen                  Male           24 March 1996          26 July 1954              Meigs County, Ohio

Donald L Moore                    Male           27 January 1998        09 December 1926    Meigs County, Ohio

Charles W Moore                  Male           29 January 1998        05 January 1925        Meigs County, Ohio

Dwight Eugene Ross            Male           22 October 1998        07 January 1921        Meigs County, Ohio

Luella B. Quillen                     Female       March 12, 1958

Oneal F. Quillin                      Male           October 11, 1965

Claude W. Quillin                  Male           March 22, 1967

On-line Queries

John W. Quillen and Rebecca Lawson were married in 1814, Scott County, VA. There children were Anderson C, Martin Bird, Thomas H, James H, Henry, Polly, Ira, Nancy B and Jackson L. There is a book out on the Lawson family titled "William Lawson, A Scottish Rebel". If you desire more info contact BILL PORTER, PO BOX 1901, COEBURN, VA 24230 - PHONE 276-395-6288 - EMAIL:


I'm looking for the parentage and descendants of Charles B. Quillen b. 1822 OH, m. Sarah J. Stevenson 22 Nov 1849 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.


I am searching for info an the parents of Peter Quillen b June 14,1810 De or Md He Had a twin Brother ,Robert and their graves are in Bethal Mariners Cemetery Ocean View De. Thank you


Researching Stinson Quillan m Urcellia Milhom 8 Mar 1842 Harrison County. His son John M. Quillin b 14 Oct 1858 d 16 Sep 1938 m Mary E. b 13 Aug 1852 d 23 Jan 1937. Her father listed as Jefferson Quillin Mother Rachael Dennis. Both John M. and Mary E. buried East Avenue Cemetery, New Philadelphia, OH. Can anyone help with where Stinson came from and who his father/mother were?

Orphans Court Records Transcripts Worcester Co, MD

February 1806-August 1810

Joseph Quillen, the orphan of John Quillen, about 15 years of age bound to Joseph Tubbs. To be taught the art of a cordwainer. October Court 1786.

Samuel Quillen, his Ex.'s are Priscilla Massey and Laben Taylor. His will is not admitted to probate without further proceedings. Obed Quillen, James Quillen, John Townsend, Peter Quillen contest.

Henry Hozier and Betsy his wife, Benjamin Westlake and Ann his wife, Moses Quillen, Elizabeth Quillen, Charlotte Quillen versus Priscilla Massey and Laben Taylor adm. of Samuel Quillen.

Will Records

Clement Quillen

General Will Book File #328, Jefferson County, Ohio

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Clement QUILLEN of Jefferson County, state of Ohio, being. sick and .weak in body but sound in mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament.  That is to say; that I first resign my soul to God who gave it. I secondly allow my body to be decently interred. I next allow my executors to pay all my lawful debts, provided my estate is worth the same. I now bequest to my four sons now living the whole of my landed property on which I now reside, to be equally divided anymore than my son Amos is to have his  part off that land where he now lives. I also bequeath to my daughter Rachel at the decease of her mother,  two hundred dollars.  I also bequeath to my granddaughter Aria QUILLEN, at the decease of her grandmother, also two hundred dollars and the horse she now has named for her. Furthermore, I allow my sons above-mentioned  to make up to my daughter Rachel and my granddaughter Aria QUILLEN the above-mentioned legacies out of the land, provided my chattled  property will not amount for the same. And lastly, I bequeath the land and property that I now am in possession of, to my wife Hannah, as long as she lives, to enjoy it peaceably as she formerly has done. And, after her decease, my sons within mentioned, to inherit and divide my property as within mentioned.  In witness hereof, I have affixed my hand and seal this tenth day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and  twenty-six.

Witnesses present. his


John LEWIS                      his mark


Joshua Quillen

WILL: Will Book C, page 558, Harrison Co., OH. Will of Joshua Quillen, Deceased

I, Joshua Quillen of the County of Harrison and state of Ohio, in the name of the Benevolent Father of all do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows:

Item 1st: It is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid.

Item 2nd: I give and devise unto my sons James Quillen and Amos Quillen five dollars each.

Item 3rd: I give and devise the remainder of my estate both real and personal to be divided equally between my daughters to wit, Jane Willis, Nancy Latham, Mary A. Quillen, and my son Joshua Quillen (I.E.) that is one fourth part to each one.

Item 4th: It is my desire that my estate both personal and real be sold at my decease and divided as above directed.

Item 5th: I hereby nominate and appoint John Watt executor of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing and empowering him to execute the same by executing, acknowledging, and delivering deeds in fee simple to purchasers of my real estate.  In Testimony hereof I have set my hand and seal this fifth of October A.D. 1871. Joshua Quillen. Whereas I, Joshua Quillen, on the 5th day of October in the year 1871, made my last will and testament of that day do hereby declare the following to be a codicil to the above. Now I hereby appoint James Latham and his heirs as agents for my daughter Mary A. Quillen to take care of her person and provide for her every respect during her natural life. Also to take charge of all her moneys and effects of every description which I have set apart for her use and also all that may hereafter come to her by my said executors all moneys by me bequeathed to her and receipt for the same, and said agents are hereby authorized to control the same by converting aid moneys.[82]


Uriah Quillin (1824-1902)

Syracuse.  April 7 – Uriah Quillin was born in Jefferson county, Ohio, Nov. 24, 1824, died at Syracuse, O., April 3, 1902, aged 77 years 4 months and 9 days.  When a young man he came with his parents to Syracuse where he has since resided.  In 1848 he was married to Miss Martha Capehart and to this union were born eight children, Lemuel, of North Branch, Minn, James Quillen, Mrs. Fannie McBride, John and George Quillin, Mrs. Lillie Wagner, of Wellston, O., William and Samuel Quillin.  In 1872 he was married to Miss Esther E. Phelps, of Letart, and to this union were born two children, Loren Quillin, of Dayton, O., and Frank Quillen, of Marietta.  He was again married to Miss Elizabeth McCoy of Letart, in 1884.  While yet a boy he was converted and became a member of the M.E. church, ever since which he has endeavored to lead a true christian life.  He was a ship and house carpenter by trade.  About a year ago he had a very severe spell of sickness and his friends despaired of his recovery, but his iron constitution triumphed and he recovered but not completely.  Eleven days before his death disease again wracked his body and he put forth a heroic effort to rally but, his constitution was gone and he yielded to the inevitable.  His death was sudden, but triumphant.  He was conscious to the last and knew that life was ebbing away.  Oft’ times during the last night that he lived he repeated the Lord’s prayer, and in his last moments he said: “Jesus lover of my soul let me to thy bosom fly.”  The funeral took place Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Presbyterian church conducted by Rev. Brady after which the remains were laid to rest in the Quillin cemetery.  Pomeroy Tribune Telegraph

Austin C. Quillen (1868-1960)

Austin C. Quillen, 91, dies Monday at7:30 p.m. at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Bernice Phillips, RD 2, Port Washington, where he made his home for the past four years. He was born July 14, 1868 in Harrison Co., the son of Joshua and Rachel Steadman Quillen, but spent nearly all his life in Tuscarawas Co. He was twice married. His first wife, Icy Mitchell, died in 1906 and his second wife, Nancy Shipley died in 1937. He attended Community Chapel Church and was a retired farmer. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Mae Dunlap of Uhrichsville, and Mrs. Phillips; three sons O.B. of Uhrichsville; William and Howard of RD 1, Newcomerstown; a brother Craig of RD 1, Kimbolton; three sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Brelsford, Coschocton; Mrs. Nettie Deal of Newcomerstown, and Mrs. Olive Vecker, address uknown; 14 grandchildren and 39 great grandchildren. Two sons, two brothers and three sisters are deceased. Services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Community Chapel Church with Rev. Norman J. Nightingale and Rev. Roy Maneely officiating. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. today and Wednesday at the Ourant Funeral Home in Newcomerstown. The body will be removed to the church an hour before services.[83]

Frank A. McBride (1878-1965)

KINSMAN – Frank A. McBride, Sr., 86, Kinsman, well-known outdoorsman, died at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at his home, following a year’s illness.

He had made a hobby of training and taming fox pups.  Until a few years ago, he had been tramping the woodlands in the Kinsman area with binoculars, movie and still cameras studying and recording fox-lore facts for about 15 years.

McBride had been associated with the Fox and Fox Hound Protective Assn. for many years and had been one of the six national directors of the association for a long time.

Born Oct. 13, 1878 in Syracuse, Ohio, he was the son of James Amon and Frances Quillen McBride.  On June 2, 1915 he married Hazel Johnson, who survives.

A resident here 42 years, he was a self-employed interior and exterior decorator, retiring in 1945.

He was a member of the First Methodist Church.

Besides his wife, he leaves two daughters, Mrs. Kathryn George of Rochester, N.Y., Mrs. Mabel Davis of Evans City, Pa.; two sons, Frank Jr. and Stanley E. of Kinsman; a brother, Donald McBride of Huston, Pa.; nine grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.  A sister preceded him in death.

Services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the McCurdy Funeral Home.  Burial will be in Kinsman Cemetery.

Friends may call at the funeral home any time after 3 p.m. today.

Arrangements are being made by the Baumgardner Funeral Homer.

Charles M. Quillen (1870-1933)

C.M. QUILLEN DIES FRIDAY. Rites for Prominant Farmer Sunday. Charles M. Quillen, 62, prominent farmer who resided eight miles south of Newcomerstown, died at his home at 2:30 p.m. yesterday of a complication of diseases. He was born May 6, 1870, the son of the late Joshua and Rachel Quillen, and was a member of the Wesley Chapel church.

Surviving are his widow, Rachel; one daughter, Mrs. Howard Wheeler, Newcomerstown, and one granddaughter; three brothers, Craig, residing south of Newcomerstown, Austin, and Frank, also residing south of Newcomerstown, and five sisters, Mrs. Erwin Brewer, Wesley Chapel vicinity; Mrs. Nettie Beal and Mrs. Ormond King, both of Newcomerstown; Mrs. Ollie Hunter and Mrs. Elizabeth Bradford, both of Cochocton. Funeral services will be held at the Wesley Chapel church at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. Burial will be made in the Chapel Cemetery.[84]

Adam H. Quillen (1858-1931)

Adam Quillen Veteran N.O.P. Death Hastened by Gangrene Prominant Here Ran For Sheriff Several Times. Adam H. Quillen, 73, prominent retired Northern Ohio Power & LIght Company motorman, died at 8:45 a.m. today at the family residence at 222 Second Street, SW., this city of gangrene of the right leg caused by hardening of the arteries. Mr. Quillen became ill seven weeks ago. A clot of blood that lodged in the main artery of his leg back of his knee two weeks ago, shut off the circulation of the limb.

Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Sarah J. Quillen, one son Eugene J, Quillen, this city; a daughter , Mrs. Jerry Shryock, West Layfayette, and a brother, Oscar Quillen, Newcomerstown.

Mr. Quillen was born June 28 1858 in Harrison Co.. He was a member of Equity Lodge No.73, Knights of Pythias, this city, and the N.O.P. & L. Pioneers, comprised of trainmen that were employed by that company. Mr. Quillen also was a member of the First Presbyterian Church, this city.

He had been a resident of this city for thirty-seven years.

Mr Quillen worked for the traction company twenty years and was retired on pension, August 31, 1923. He was also active in Republican politics, having been a candidate for sheriff several times.

Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m., Friday at the residence. Rev. Paul H. McKeeswill officiate. Burial will be made in East Avenue Cemetery, this city, by the Linn-Hert Company.[85]

Andrew Jackson Quillen (1829-1919)

Jackson Quillen, 69, retired railroad foreman and a resident of Uhrichasville for forty-seven years, died at his home in East First Street, that city, at 11:30 a.m. today of a complication of diseases.

He was a member of the Jr. O.U.A.M. and of the Methodist Church. Surviving are his widow and two daughters, Mrs. F.W. McClelland and Mrs. A. T. Patterson, both of Uhrichsville.

Funeral arrangements, in charge of R. K. Lindsay, Dennison mortician, have not been made.



One of the oldest citizens of this vicinity, Andrew Jackson Quillen died suddenly Monday, May 19, while sitting in his favorite chair at the home of his son O. A. Quillen of Booth. He had always enjoyed good health and his sudden demise came as a surprise to all who know him. Just a few minutes before his death, he had been walking about apparently in his usual good health.

Andrew Jackson Quillen was born July 19th, 1829, near Freeport, and had reached the advanced age of 89 years and 10 months. He was married in 1852to Catherine Anne Williams, who bore him three sons and on daughter, A.H. Quillen of New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., OH, O.A. Quillen of Booth, Rev. Ezra C. Clinton (deceased) and Mrs. Mary C. Wilson of Uhrichsville. He is survived by 18 grandchildren.

The wife died about 11 years ago, since which time the aged man has made his home with his son, O.A. Quillen, except the last four years when he spent part of his time at his daughter's home in Uhrichsville.

He is the last of a family of 15 children, ten of whom has passed away before the aged mother was called. Funeral services will be held today, Wednesday at2:30 p.m. at People's Church, conducted by W.H. Suddeth.[86]

Amos Q. Crooks (1829-1937)


Amos Q. Crooks, 81 years of age former resident of Syracuse, died January 22nd, from a cerebral hemorrhage at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Irene McGrew of New Haven, W.VA.

The deceased was widely known by miners and orchardists of Meigs county. He leaves to mourn his death one daughter Irene, two grandchildren, one brother Alex of Syracuse, and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were in charge of the Foglesong Funeral Home of Mason City and interment was made at Graham Station, W.VA.

Lydia Mabel Crooks (1907-1910)

Syracuse Correspondent.—

Lydia Mabel Crooks, the youngest daughter of Alexander and Jennie Crooks, was born at Syracuse, Ohio, August 8, 1907, and was called from this world of suffering and sorrow to join him who gave her, together with a brother, Wednesday, November 9, 1910, after a short illness of one week and one day, aged 3 years, 3 months and 1 day.  She leaves father, mother, brother, and five sisters to mourn the loss of a darling.  Little Lydia was a great favorite at home and with every one that saw her.  None knew her but to love her.  She was idolized by her parents, brother and sisters, who will sadly miss her, and ‘tis so hard to realize that a light and life from their home has fled.  Her sweet presence has gone from earth forever.  The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the residence, conducted by Rev. Chandler after which the remains were laid to rest in the Crooks cemetery.  The pall bearers were Misses Emma McDaniel, Lucille Karr, Jessie Turley and Helen Thomas.

This lovely bud so young and fair,

Called hence by early doom,

Just came to show how sweet a flower,

In Paradise would bloom.

Ere sin could harm or sorrow fade,

Death came with friendly care,

The opening bud to heaven conveyed,

And bade it blossom there.

Verna M. Quillen Youell (1883 – 1960)

Youell, Mrs. Mae Quillin – 76, of Kincaid, died Tuesday of injuries she received in an automobile accident at Fernandina Beach, Fla. A native of Ohio, Mrs. Youell had lived in Kincaid for the past 50 years and was a member of Beards Fork Methodist Church.  Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Molly McClung of Bridgeport; a half siter, Mrs. Eva Amrentrout of Raymond City; a half brother, Claude Quillin of Syracuse, Ohio, and a grandson, David McClung of Bridgeport.  Service will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Sunday in B.C. Hooper Funeral Home chapel at Montgomery by Rev. Charles D. Walker.  Burial will be in Montgomery Memorial Park at London.  The body is at the funeral home. 7-31-60


Wreck Kills State Woman In Florida

CALLAHAN, Fla. – A second victim of a one-car crash near here Monday died yesterday afternoon.  She was Mrs. May Youell, 75, of Kincaid, Fayette County, West Virginia.

Two other occupants of the car, including a South Charleston woman, were in “very serious” condition after the wreck but today were reported “a little better.”

The South Charleston woman is Mrs. Beulah Krantz, of 4820 Kanawha Turnpike.  Her twin sister, Mrs. Carmen Grigsby, 59, of Canfield, Ohio, died in the car crash.

The fourth occupant of the car, now in Humphrey’s Memorial Hospital at Fernandina Beach, Fla., with Mrs. Krantz, is Mrs. Susan Hungel, 59, of Youngstown, Ohio.

Mrs. Krantz was driving the car that left U.S. 301 near here Monday night during a heavy rain, went over a 280-foot embankment and struck two trees.

Mrs. Youell was the aunt of the twin sisters.


Eva M. Quillen Woods Armentrout (1892 – 1971)

Mrs. Eva May Armentrout, 78, of Poca Rt. 1, a member of the Raymond City Community church, died Thursday at Thomas Memorial Hospital after a long illness.

Survivors: sons, Virgil Woods of Raymond City, Raymond Woods of Hampton, Va., Walter Woods of Hometown, Bruce Armentrout of Raymond City; daughters, Mrs. Juanita L?? and Mrs. Cecilia Shaffeur of Raymond City; brother, Ernest Quillen fo Syracuse, Ohio.

The Gatens Funeral Home are in charge of the arrangements.

George Armentrout (1891-1960)

George W. Armentrout, 69, of Poca, a retired miner, died last night in a Charleston Hospital after a long illness. The body is at Gatens Funeral Home.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Eva Armstrong; two sons, George E. of Portsmouth, Va, and Bruce of Poca; three stepsons, Virgil Woods of Poca, Walter Woods of Hometown and Raymond Woods of Newport News, Va; two stepdaughters, Mrs. Juanita Lewis and Mrs. Cecelia Lacy of Poca; a sister, Mrs. J. D. Thurbon of Oak Hill, 16 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Myrtle Frye Quillen (1891-1978)

BLAIR - Mrs. Myrtle Frye Quillin, 86, of Blair, Logan County died Sunday in Logan General Hospital.

Surviving: son, James Quillen, of West Logan; daughters, Mrs. Trudy Laprave of Chauncey, Mrs. Phyllis Maynard of Lyburn, Mrs. Mable Sutherland of Charleston, Miss Beulah Quillin of Blair.

Service will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Blair Baptist Church with Rev. L. A. Laprave officiating. Burial will be in Boone Memorial Park, Madison.

Friends may call at the home of Ezra Browning of Blair after 4 p.m. today. Hunter and Hunter Funeral Home of Madison is in charge of arrangements.

Harry Quillan (1889-1955)

Service for Mr. Quillan, 66, of Blair, Logan County, who died Thursday at his home after a two-year illness, will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Blair Baptist Church. Burial will be in Madison Memorial Park under the direction of Hunter and Hunter Mortuary of Madison. The body will be taken from the Mortuary to the residence at 5 p.m. today.

Surviving are his wife, Myrtle; two sons, James of Blair and Jack of Arlington, Va; five daughters, Mrs. Mable Sutherland of Huntington, Mrs. Ellen Burgess of Blair, Mrs. Trudy Lee of Man, and Mrs. Phyllis Burgess and Miss Eula Quillan, both of Stollings; a sister, Mrs. Mae Youell of Spring Hill and 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Mr. Quillan was a retired miner and a member of UMWA.

Walter W. Crooks (1885-aft. 1930)

PT. PLEASANT—Walter William Crooks, since 1905 bridge foreman for the New York Central railroad died suddenly of a heart attack while at his employment at Somerville, W.Va., yesterday.  Mr. Crooks was a widely known resident of Mason county and was born at Greer in 1884.

He is survived by his widow, Ada Carson Crooks, a son, Walter R. Crooks, of Middleport, and two daughters, Mrs. D.W. Rothgeb, Pt. Pleasant, and Mrs. J. Oral Eads, Hendersonville, Pa. Also surviving are a brother, John Crooks, local, and two sisters, Mrs. Homer H. Smith, local, and Mrs. D.D. Foreman, Bucyrus.

Funeral services will be held at two o’clock Friday at the Heights E.U.B. church with burial in the Suncrest cemetery.

Cemetery Records

Meigs County, OH (Capehart, Moore, Norris, Quillen, Sharpnack, Smith)

Beech Grove Cemetery

Sec 42 Lot 15 O. L. Quillen (no dates)

Ella C. Wolf Quillen (mother of R. Quillen)

Sec 46 Lot 46 Fannie Quillen      1853-1938

                                        Elsie Quillen          1880-1965


Plants Cemetery, Letart TWP

Quillin, Sarah: 5/1/1832 - 5/5/1888 wife of Hezekiah

Hezekiah: 2/17/1821 - 9/9/1908

Augusta: 9/31/1871 - 8/17/1888 


Sand Hill Cemetery

Quillen, L. Belle:           1869 - 1958

Lewis W:                       1865 - 1963


Letart Falls Cemetery

Harry Hershel Smith Jan 8, 1895-Aug 4,1921

Claude W. Quillen 1897-1967

N.W. Quillen                 no dates

Lillie L. (wife of N.W.) 1861-1886

Ella S. (wife of N.W.)                   1863-1905

Harry H. Smith                              1895-1921

Quillen, Jacob: 1818-1889            Nancy (wife of Jacob): 1826-1902

Bentz, Henry: 1847-1911              Mary V. Quillin: 1847-19(blank)

James Henry Quillen 1852-1946 Vienna Webster Quillen 1869-1943

W.P. Smith    1859-1943               Barbara (wife of W.P.)         1861-19(blank)

Ralph D. Quillen           1884-1941               Quillin, Lizzie Bell: 1861-1886 (wife of N.W.)

Ella E. Lee Quillin  1864 - 1929    Chas. W. Quillin  1857 - 1929

Quillin, Manchester     1852-1925               Esther Hayman Quillin        1855-1924


Sharpnack, Francis Marion: 1849-1921

Dorothy Ann Quillen: 1849-1923

Quillen, John A: 1867/1948

Norris, Myrtie Quillen: 1884/1948[87]

Redmond Norris: 1885/1961


Crooks Cemetery – Syracuse Village[88]

Alex Crooks (baby)

Mola Quillen (wife of George)

Baby Quillen

Amos Quillen (baby)

Margett Haymon


Lida Crooks

Elner Crooks

William Crooks             d. July 26, 1870     aged 81 yrs 6 mo 5 days (grandfather)

Elner Crooks                 d. Feb 15, 1877      aged 82 yrs 10 mo 27 days (grandmother)

Nancy Quillen

Josh Quillen

George Quillen (baby)

? Crooks                        d. Apr 13, 1883      aged 20 yrs 6 mo

Mary Boyd                    d. Jun 7, 1874        aged 29/9/20

Alex Boyd                     d. 1870

Alexander Crooks        d. May 8, 1870      aged 46 yrs 3 mo 5 days (father)

Hannah Crooks            d. Apr 15 1875       aged 49 (mother)

Lyda Crooks                 d. Dec 24, 1871      aged 22 yrs 1 mo 1 day

Lyda Bucy                     d. June 14, 1874    aged 21 yrs 11 mo 9 days

Ella McDaniel

? Crooks                        d. 1904

Lydia M. Crooks




Riverview Cemetery

Quillen, George A: 1923/1985

Myrtle Davis Quillen: 1926 -

Clarence: 1946/1948

George Jr: 6/9/1950 - 6/29/1950

Joseph Jr: 1913/1968

Thomas R: 7/26/1954 - 3/24/1960[89]


Quillen Cemetery - Syracuse Village

Quillen, Amos               d. 1858[90] aged 72-8-11

Jane Quillen                 d. 5-21-1872           aged 75-11-6

Quillin, N. W:[91] (no dates)

Lizzie L: 1861/1886

Ella S: 1863/1905

Kelsie Quillen               10-7-1891-12-7-1891, dau of J.W. and L.E. Quillen

Quillen, Uriah: 11/25/1824 - 4/3/1902                         Martha: 11/26/1830 - 8/3/1870

Esther: 11/25/1842 - 11/25/1884                  Elizabeth: 4/10/1835 - 11/20/1897


Syracuse Hill (Snowball Hill)

Annetta Carrell Moore                b. 7/21/1920           d. 7/30/1920

Arthur Lawrence Hood               b. 8/14/1921           d. 6/19/1921

Gerald Maxwell Moore                b. 12/5/1909           d. 5/15/1921

William W. Capehart                   d. Apr 26, 1894      aged 28 yrs 10 mo 6 days

Hannah M. Capehart   1841-1937               John P. Capehart                  1832-1903

Absalene Moore                          b. Sep 16, 1887      d. Feb 23, 1966

Ethel D. Moore[92]                          b. Sep 7, 1890        d. Feb 18, 1946

Lorenzo D. Quillin        1875-1934               Ethel M. Quillen   1881-1958

Franklin U. Quillin[93]                     1903-1942

Jefferson County, OH (Quillin)

New Alexandria Cemetery

Quillin, Lemuel: d. 4/5/1866

Ellen Bucy Quillin: d. 8/7/1886

Mason County, W.VA (Capehart, Lee, Lutton, Quillen, Roush)

Graham Baptist Cemetery – New Haven

Alexander Quillen        1830-1923

Elizabeth (his wife)       1835-1922

Wilbur Roush[94]            1870-1948

Vena Quillin Roush      1867-1936

Anna L. Roush             1872-1954

W.P. Roush                   1860-1936

James O. Quillen           d. Sept 17, 1929     Ohio Corp 16 INF 1 Div. WWI

Bert E. Capehart           d. Sept 21, 1937     Mich PVT L. Cl. 116 INF 29 Div

Eliza (his wife)               d. 1894    aged 57-8-28


Suncrest Cemetery

Elizabeth Katherine Quillen        Mar 4, 1887-Jun 21, 1983

Sarah Jane (Booth) Johnson      d. Oct 22, 1948

Franklin W. Quillen[95]                   Oct 23, 1908-Mar 14, 1988


Welsh Cemetery

Oneal F. Quillen                            1894-1965

Lillian Russell Quillen[96]               Feb 6, 1894-Mar 12, 1954

Wm S. Quillen                               Sept 6, 1865-May 29, 1957 (son of Uriah)


Capehart Cemetery – New Haven

George P. Capehart      d. 1886 age 46-6-17 (son of Henry and Mary Hogg Capehart)

Martha A. his wf.         Oct. 28, 1840-Jan 3, 1914     (dau. Samuel Jamison and Mary Chamberlain Somerville)

Capehart, Martha June                1841-1864               (1st wf of G.P. Capehart)

Lee, Mary A.                 Aug 30, 1868-Mar. 18, 1938 (dau. of G. P. and Martha Ann Capehart)

Lee, Ellsworth               Oct. 31, 1867-Aug. 9, 1938

Lee, Norman Ellsworth (son) June 3, 1894-Oct. 4, 1918 CO. D. 72nd Regt

Capehart, Mary Lou (stillborn – Feb 1, 1931) dau. of Lawrence and Thelma Smith Capehart

Henry Capehart            1800-Oct. 10, 1881 (son of Philip and Jane Windon Capehart)

Capehart, Mary M., wf of Henry, Aug 20, 1811-Mr. 9, 1890

Capehart, James Henry               Feb 24, 1842-Aug. 29, 1880 (son of Henry and Mary)

Orilla, wf of James H, dau. of Noah Zerkle               Aug. 31, 1842-Sept. 19, 1924

Capehart, Sarah F.        Aug. 7, 1865-Jun 7, 1897 (dau. of James H.)

Capehart, Belle Marie b. & d. 1893 dau. Lewis T. & Victoria Graham Capehart

Capehart, James Robert              Aug. 21, 1869-Nov 9, 1939 (son of James H.)

Sarah              1865-1897 wf of James R.

Capehart, John T.         Oct. 17, 1871-Nov. 11, 1919 (son of James H.)

Capehart, Charles C.    June 27, 1874-Oct. 30, 1929 (son of James H.)

Vetia (Vevia) wf. of C. C. 1878-1923

Roggers, Rozetta          Dec. 19, 1854, age 21 yrs (dau. of Nehemiah and Sarah)

Roggers, Margaret       June 14, 1854, age 16 yrs (dau. of Nehemiah and Sarah)

Roggers, Sarah             1804-Dec. 12, 1854 (dau. of Philip & Jane W. Capehart)

Capehart, Thomas G.   1853-1931               (son of Henry and Mary Hogg Capehart)

Capehart, Margaret M.                1860-1944 (wife of Thomas G.)

Capehart, Percy M., dau. of Margaret and Thomas               b. July 27, 1877     d. Feb. 19, 1887

Quillen, Elizabeth Waters           1835-1922 dau. of Thomas Jones; b. England


Loan Oak

Ella Jane Lutton[97]         1873-1946               Samuel Lutton      1869-1919

Descendants of THOMAS (Quillane) QUILLEN

Generation No. 1





2.                i.    CLEMENT2 QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1745, MARYLAND; d. 1835, JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wells TWP).

3.               ii.    DANIEL QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1756 - 1760; d. Bet. 1830 - 1840, res. HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).



Generation No. 2


2.  CLEMENT2 QUILLEN (THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Abt. 1745 in MARYLAND, and died 1835 in JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wells TWP).  He married HANNAH QUILLEN*.  She was born Abt. 1755, and died Aft. 1830 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wells TWP).



4.                i.    ADAM3 QUILLEN, b. 3 Oct 1782, MARYLAND; d. 31 Mar 1864, HARRISON CO, OH.

5.               ii.    JOSHUA QUILLEN, b. 1784, DELAWARE; d. Aft. 1871, res. HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport).

6.              iii.    AMOS QUILLEN, b. 1786, MARYLAND; d. 29 Nov 1855, MEIGS CO, OH (Sutton TWP).

7.              iv.    ELIHU I. QUILLEN, b. 1790, MARYLAND; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, HARRISON CO, OH.

8.               v.    RACHEL QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1795 - 1804.



3.  DANIEL2 QUILLEN (THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Bet. 1756 - 1760, and died Bet. 1830 - 1840 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).  He married WIFE OF DANIEL QUILLEN Abt. 1784 in DELAWARE.  She was born Bet. 1766 - 1770, and died Bet. 1830 - 1840 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).



                   i.    DAUGHTER 13 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1785 - 1790.

                  ii.    DAUGHTER 2 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1791 - 1800.

                 iii.    DAUGHTER 3 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1795 - 1800.

9.              iv.    THOMAS QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1795 - 1800, KENT CO, DE.

10.             v.    JOHN QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, KENT CO, DE; d. Aft. 1850, res. HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).



Generation No. 3


4.  ADAM3 QUILLEN (CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 3 Oct 1782 in MARYLAND, and died 31 Mar 1864 in HARRISON CO, OH.  He married MARY HARPER 25 Jul 1811 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She was born 1790 in OHIO, and died 26 Jan 1876 in HARRISON CO, OH.


Children of ADAM QUILLEN and MARY HARPER are:

11.              i.    THOMAS JEFFERSON4 QUILLEN, b. 1813, VIRGINIA; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, HARRISON CO, OH.

12.             ii.    STINSON QUILLEN, b. 18 Dec 1819, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 26 Oct 1886, GUERNSEY CO, OH.

13.            iii.    CHARLES B. QUILLEN, b. 1822, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iv.    LUCINDA QUILLEN, b. 1825, JEFFERSON CO, OH; m. THOMAS ROGERS, 11 Aug 1850, HARRISON CO, OH.

14.             v.    ALEXANDER QUILLEN, b. 1828, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1860, res. HARRISON CO, OH.

15.            vi.    ANDREW JACKSON QUILLEN, b. 19 Jul 1829, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 19 May 1919, GUERNSEY CO, OH.

16.           vii.    ADAM H. QUILLEN, b. 1 Jun 1831, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 14 Mar 1873, CARROLL CO, MO (Bogard).

               viii.    GRIFFITH QUILLEN, b. 1834, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ix.    RACHEL QUILLEN, b. 1836, HARRISON CO, OH.

                   x.    HARRIET QUILLEN, b. 1841, HARRISON CO, OH.



5.  JOSHUA3 QUILLEN (CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1784 in DELAWARE, and died Aft. 1871 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport).  He married REBECCA BOWLES 8 Mar 1827 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1805 in IRELAND, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport).



                   i.    JANE W.4 QUILLEN, b. 1828, HARRISON CO, OH; m. AMOS H. WILLIS, 6 Aug 1850, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ii.    JAMES B. QUILLEN, b. 1829, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iii.    AMOS QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1831, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iv.    NANCY QUILLEN, b. 1833, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 1921; m. JAMES M. LATHAM, 21 Jan 1862, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 5 Nov 1903.

                  v.    MARY A. QUILLEN, b. 4 Sep 1834, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 26 Aug 1899, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 vi.    MARGARET E. QUILLEN, b. 1837, HARRISON CO, OH; d. Mar 1866, HARRISON CO, OH.

17.           vii.    JOSHUA M. QUILLEN, b. 3 Mar 1843, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 7 May 1925, GUERNSEY CO, OH (Monroe TWP).



6.  AMOS3 QUILLEN (CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1786 in MARYLAND, and died 29 Nov 1855 in MEIGS CO, OH (Sutton TWP).  He married JANE WEBSTER 26 Aug 1813 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She was born 15 Jun 1796 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. 1870 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).


Children of AMOS QUILLEN and JANE WEBSTER are:

18.              i.    JACOB4 QUILLEN, b. Sep 1818, OHIO; d. 13 Aug 1899, MEIGS CO, OH.

19.             ii.    JOSHUA QUILLEN, b. 1818, OHIO; d. 17 Feb 1897, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).

20.            iii.    WILLIAM DAVIS QUILLEN, b. 16 Sep 1819, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 11 Feb 1910, JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wayne TWP).

21.            iv.    LEMUEL QUILLEN, b. 1820, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 1866, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

22.             v.    HEZAKIAH QUILLEN, b. 17 Feb 1821, OHIO; d. 9 Sep 1908, MEIGS CO, OH.

23.            vi.    FRANKLIN URIAH QUILLEN, b. 25 Nov 1824, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 3 Apr 1902, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).

24.           vii.    HANNAH QUILLEN, b. 1826, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1850, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

25.          viii.    MARY JANE QUILLEN, b. 1828, OHIO.

26.             ix.    ALEXANDER JOHN QUILLEN, b. 1830, OHIO; d. Aft. 1880, res. MASON CO, WV (New Haven).



7.  ELIHU I.3 QUILLEN (CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1790 in MARYLAND, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in HARRISON CO, OH.  He married (1) ELIZA ANN QUILLEN*.  She was born 1792 in NEW JERSEY.  He married (2) JEAN BAKER 26 May 1806 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She died Bef. Sep 1850 in HARRISON CO, OH.  He married (3) SARAH RICE 28 Apr 1836 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 27 Mar 1796 in WASHINGTON CO, PA, and died 5 Feb 1883 in HARRISON CO, OH.


Children of ELIHU QUILLEN and JEAN BAKER are:

27.              i.    ELIHU4 QUILLEN, b. 1810, HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport TWP); d. Bef. 1880, res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    ADAM QUILLEN, b. 1814, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    JAMES ADAM QUILLEN, b. 6 Oct 1816, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 7 Aug 1906, HOLMES CO, OH.

28.            iv.    DAVID QUILLEN, b. 1819, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 1875.

                  v.    MATILDA QUILLEN, b. 1825, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 vi.    MARY J. QUILLEN, b. 1827, HARRISON CO, OH.

                vii.    ISACC QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1829.



8.  RACHEL3 QUILLEN (CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Bet. 1795 - 1804.  She married (1) WILLIAM FRAZIER 18 Aug 1807 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.    She married (2) RICE COCHRAN 8 Jul 1835 in HARRISON CO, OH. 



                   i.    ARIA4 QUILLEN.



9.  THOMAS3 QUILLEN (DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Bet. 1795 - 1800 in KENT CO, DE.  He married WIFE OF THOMAS QUILLEN Abt. 1816.  She was born Bet. 1795 - 1800.



                   i.    DAUGHTER 14 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1816 - 1820.

                  ii.    SON 1 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1816 - 1820.

                 iii.    DAUGHTER 2 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1821 - 1825.

                 iv.    SON 2 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1826 - 1830.

                  v.    SON 3 QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1826 - 1830.



10.  JOHN3 QUILLEN (DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Bet. 1805 - 1810 in KENT CO, DE, and died Aft. 1850 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).  He married (1) REBECCA JOHNSTON 7 Oct 1829 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1812 in OHIO, and died 27 Aug 1880 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married (2) DEBORAH BALDERSON 5 Dec 1857. 



29.              i.    WILLIAM4 QUILLEN, b. 1828, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP); d. 14 Sep 1904, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  ii.    MARY QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1832, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                 iii.    JAMES QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1835, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                 iv.    JOHNSON QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1836, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP); m. LYDIA ANN BELL, 16 Aug 1860, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  v.    DAUGHTER QUILLEN, b. Bet. 1836 - 1840, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

30.            vi.    THOMAS H. QUILLEN, b. Jan 1837, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP); d. Oct 1912, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                vii.    MARTHA M. QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1838, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP); m. GEORGE W. SHULL, 23 Oct 1856, HARRISON CO, OH.

               viii.    JOHN QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1840, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                  ix.    MARTIN QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1841, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                   x.    ELIZA J. QUILLEN, b. 1842, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                  xi.    JOSIAH QUILLEN, b. 20 Jul 1843, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP); d. 11 Aug 1920, ASTABULA CO, OH; m. (1) ELIZABETH MARGARET FERRELL, 6 Oct 1864, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; m. (2) HARRIET EMMA HARRIS, 9 Jul 1871, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                 xii.    MARIA QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1846, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

31.           xiii.    SAMUEL QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1849, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

32.           xiv.    GEORGE A. QUILLEN, b. 1850, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                 xv.    ALBERT QUILLEN, b. 1852, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).



Generation No. 4


11.  THOMAS JEFFERSON4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1813 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in HARRISON CO, OH.  He married RACHEL DENNIS 25 Nov 1847 in OHIO.  She was born 1825 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1870 in res. HARRISON CO, OH.



                   i.    HARRISON5 QUILLEN, b. 1849, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ii.    REBECCA J. QUILLEN, b. 1851, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iii.    MARY QUILLEN, b. 1853, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iv.    ELEANOR QUILLEN, b. 1855, HARRISON CO, OH.



12.  STINSON4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 18 Dec 1819 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 26 Oct 1886 in GUERNSEY CO, OH.  He married URSULA MELBURN 3 Mar 1842 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1822 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1870 in res. HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport TWP).



                   i.    HESTER A.5 QUILLEN, b. 1844, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ii.    HARRIET QUILLEN, b. 1847, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iii.    CHARLOTTE L. QUILLEN, b. 1850, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iv.    CHARLOTTE J. QUILLEN, b. 1852, HARRISON CO, OH.

33.             v.    JOHN M. QUILLEN, b. 14 Oct 1858, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 16 Sep 1938, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



13.  CHARLES B.4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1822 in HARRISON CO, OH.  He married SARAH JANE STEVENSON 22 Nov 1849 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She was born 1822 in MARYLAND.



                   i.    SOPHRONIA5 QUILLEN, b. 1850, OHI.

                  ii.    C. F. QUILLEN, b. 1858, OHIO.



14.  ALEXANDER4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1828 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died Aft. 1860 in res. HARRISON CO, OH.  He married NANCY SMITH 17 Nov 1850 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She was born 1834 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1860 in res. HARRISON CO, OH.



                   i.    T. H.5 QUILLEN, b. 1852, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ii.    JEFFERSON QUILLEN, b. 1854, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iii.    JONATHAN H. QUILLEN, b. 1856, HARRISON CO, OH.

                 iv.    C. J. QUILLEN, b. 1858, HARRISON CO, OH.



15.  ANDREW JACKSON4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 19 Jul 1829 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 19 May 1919 in GUERNSEY CO, OH.  He married CATHARINE ANN WILLIAMS, SMITH 25 Jul 1852 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She was born Dec 1826 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH, and died 16 Apr 1908 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



34.              i.    EZRA CLINTON5 QUILLEN, REV, b. 4 May 1856, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 25 Feb 1911, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

35.             ii.    ADAM HARPER QUILLEN, b. 28 Jun 1858, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 17 Jun 1931, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

36.            iii.    OSCAR A. QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1861, OHIO; d. 21 Sep 1951.

                 iv.    MARY B. QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1864, OHIO.

                  v.    MARY C. QUILLEN, b. 1876, GUERNSEY CO, OH; d. 10 Mar 1922, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; m. JESS WILSON.



16.  ADAM H.4 QUILLEN (ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1 Jun 1831 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 14 Mar 1873 in CARROLL CO, MO (Bogard).  He married NANCY RICHARDS 5 Sep 1850 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She was born 18 Apr 1831 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died Aft. 1870 in res. CARROLL CO, MO.



                   i.    WILLIAM5 QUILLEN, b. 1852, INDIANA.

                  ii.    THEOPHILUS (THEODORE) QUILLEN, b. 1853, INDIANA.

                 iii.    TOLBERT QUILLEN, b. 24 Sep 1854, INDIANA; d. 8 Jul 1923.

                 iv.    LAVINA QUILLEN, b. 1858, MARION CO, IA; m. WILLIAM L. PATTIE, 24 Dec 1876, CARROLL CO, MO.

                  v.    LINCOLN QUILLEN, b. 1860, IOWA.

                 vi.    LEWIS QUILLEN, b. 10 May 1862, MARION CO, IA (Columbia); d. 6 Aug 1950, JOHNSON CO, MO; m. LAURA J. DUNSTON, 15 Oct 1884, CARROLL CO, MO; b. 22 Aug 1864, CHRISTIAN CO, IL; d. 18 Mar 1947, JOHNSON CO, MO.

                vii.    HARRIET S. QUILLEN, b. 12 Mar 1866, CARROLL CO, MO; d. 3 Mar 1899, CARROLL CO, MO; m. GEORGE RILEY DUNSTON, 12 Aug 1885, CARROLL CO, MO; b. 1861, ILLINOIS.



17.  JOSHUA M.4 QUILLEN (JOSHUA3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 3 Mar 1843 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 7 May 1925 in GUERNSEY CO, OH (Monroe TWP).  He married RACHEL ANN STEADMAN 28 May 1868 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 22 Feb 1848 in OHIO.



                   i.    AUSTIN CLARK5 QUILLEN, b. 14 Jul 1868, HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport TWP); d. 25 Jan 1960, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; m. (1) ICY MITCHELL; d. 1906, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; m. (2) NANCY SHIPLEY; d. 1937, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  ii.    CHARLES M. QUILLEN, b. 6 May 1870, HARRISON CO, OH; d. 21 Apr 1933, GUERNSEY CO, OH (Monroe TWP); m. RACHEL STOFER; b. 25 Dec 1874, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1933, res. GUERNSEY CO, OH.

                 iii.    CRAIG QUILLEN.

                 iv.    FRANK QUILLEN.



18.  JACOB4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Sep 1818 in OHIO, and died 13 Aug 1899 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married NANCY ROUSH 29 Jul 1846 in MEIGS CO, OH, daughter of MICHAEL ROUSH and MARY WEAVER.  She was born 24 Dec 1826 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 25 Dec 1902 in MEIGS CO, OH.


Children of JACOB QUILLEN and NANCY ROUSH are:

                   i.    MARY V.5 QUILLEN, b. 16 Sep 1847, MEIGS CO, OH; m. HENRY BENTZ, 10 Jan 1869, MEIGS CO, OH; b. 6 Feb 1847.

                  ii.    DOROTHY A. QUILLEN, b. 23 Oct 1849, OHIO; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH (Letart TWP); m. MARION SHARPNACK; b. 1845; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH (Letart TWP).

                 iii.    SARAH JANE QUILLEN, b. 12 Jun 1852, OHIO.

                 iv.    WILLIAM HENRY QUILLEN, b. 23 Nov 1854, OHIO; m. LOUISA LETITIA LOWERY, 24 Sep 1883, MEIGS CO, OH.

37.             v.    CHARLES W. QUILLEN, b. 8 Nov 1856, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH (Letart TWP).

                 vi.    NATHAN WEBSTER QUILLEN, b. 12 Mar 1859, MEIGS CO, OH; m. (1) ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) BELL, 12 Jan 1881; b. 1861; d. 1886; m. (2) ELLA S. QUILLEN*, Aft. 1886; b. 1863; d. 1905.

                vii.    EMMA QUILLEN, b. Oct 1863, MEIGS CO, OH.

               viii.    DERASTUS E. QUILLEN, b. 27 May 1865, MEIGS CO, OH.

38.             ix.    JOHN A. QUILLEN, b. 11 Oct 1867, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1920, res. MEIGS CO, OH.



19.  JOSHUA4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1818 in OHIO, and died 17 Feb 1897 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).  He married NANCY CROOKS 26 Jul 1842 in MEIGS CO, OH.  She was born 3 Nov 1817 in WASHINGTON CO, OH, and died 3 Nov 1891 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).



                   i.    JOSHUA5 QUILLEN.

                  ii.    ELEANOR J. QUILLEN, b. 1843, OHIO.

                 iii.    MARY ANN QUILLEN, b. 1849, OHIO.

39.            iv.    WILLIAM J. QUILLEN, b. Mar 1852, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy).

40.             v.    AMOS QUILLEN, b. 1857, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1930, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                 vi.    SARAH QUILLEN, b. 1854, MEIGS CO, OH.



20.  WILLIAM DAVIS4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 16 Sep 1819 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 11 Feb 1910 in JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wayne TWP).  He married (1) LYDIA QUILLEN* Abt. 1848 in OHIO.  She was born 1821 in OHIO, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in OHIO.  He married (2) MARY ELIZABETH HANLIN 25 Aug 1863 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She was born May 1835 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1900 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH (Wayne TWP).



                   i.    WHEELER5 QUILLEN, b. Dec 1848, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1920, res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.

41.             ii.    ARTHUR M. QUILLEN, b. Jan 1853, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1920, res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    SARAH QUILLEN, b. 1854, JEFFERSON CO, OH.




                 iv.    AMBROSE HOWARD5 QUILLEN, b. 1863, OHIO.

42.             v.    TAPPEN THEODORE QUILLEN, b. Nov 1865, OHIO; d. 16 Jan 1927, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 vi.    LINNE E. QUILLEN, b. 1868, OHIO; m. FRANK MCGREW.

                vii.    CLARA M. QUILLEN, b. 1870, OHIO; m. CHILDS.

               viii.    ORVAL P. QUILLEN, b. 1872, OHIO.

                  ix.    FRANK W. QUILLEN, b. 29 Sep 1874, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 28 Apr 1944, CUYAHOGA CO, OH; m. KATHERINE COLE, 25 Dec 1899, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; b. 25 Jan 1876, HARRISON CO, OH.



21.  LEMUEL4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1820 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 1866 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married ELLENOR (HELEN) BUCY 27 Oct 1842 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She was born 1816 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1870 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH (Cross Creek).



                   i.    GEORGE W.5 QUILLEN, b. 1843, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    ELLEN J. QUILLEN, b. 1845, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    ALEXANDER QUILLEN, b. 1849, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iv.    JOHN QUILLEN, b. 1852, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

43.             v.    WILLIAM C. QUILLEN, b. Nov 1855, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 1922.

44.            vi.    THOMAS W. QUILLEN, b. Jul 1857, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. Aft. 1900, res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                vii.    MARY E. QUILLEN, b. 1859, JEFFERSON CO, OH.



22.  HEZAKIAH4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 17 Feb 1821 in OHIO, and died 9 Sep 1908 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married (1) SARAH (SALLY) HARPOLD 24 May 1849 in MEIGS CO, OH, daughter of ADAM HARPOLD and DOROTHY ROUSH.  She was born 1 May 1832 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Bet. 1880 - 1889 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married (2) ISABELLE (BELLE) QUILLEN* 1889 in OHIO.  She was born Dec 1838 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1920 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    JANE5 QUILLEN, b. May 1850, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 1930.

                  ii.    MANCHESTER QUILLEN, b. 18 Jan 1852, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 1 May 1935, MEIGS CO, OH; m. (1) ALFRETTA QUILLEN*; b. 1876, OHIO; m. (2) ESTHER A. HAYMAN, 18 Feb 1874, MEIGS CO, OH; b. 29 Jan 1855, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 1924.

                 iii.    EMILY QUILLEN, b. 29 Aug 1854, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    MARGARET QUILLEN, b. 1858, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  v.    BARBARA ANN QUILLEN, b. 1861, MEIGS CO, OH.

45.            vi.    LEWIS W. QUILLEN, b. Oct 1866, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1930, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                vii.    AUSTIN QUILLEN, b. 23 Jan 1870, MEIGS CO, OH.

               viii.    AUGUSTA QUILLEN, b. 3 Sep 1871, MEIGS CO, OH.



23.  FRANKLIN URIAH4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 25 Nov 1824 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse), and died 3 Apr 1902 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).  He married (1) MARTHA CAPEHART 16 Jun 1848 in MEIGS CO, OH, daughter of HENRY CAPEHART and MARY HOGG.  She was born 26 Nov 1830 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 3 Aug 1870 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).  He married (2) ESTHER (HESTER) PHELPS 22 Feb 1872.  She was born 25 Nov 1842 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 25 Nov 1884.  He married (3) ELIZABETH MCCOY 17 Aug 1888.  She was born 10 Apr 1835, and died 20 Nov 1897.



46.              i.    LEMUEL ABNER5 QUILLEN, b. 12 Jun 1849, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 30 Mar 1925, ST. PAUL, MN.

47.             ii.    JAMES HENRY QUILLEN, b. 17 Jan 1852, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 8 Apr 1946, MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy).

48.            iii.    FRANCES (FAY) OLIVIA QUILLEN, b. 27 Feb 1853, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 5 Apr 1944, WASHINGTON CO, PA.

49.            iv.    JOHN W. QUILLEN, b. Jul 1857, MEIGS CO, OH.

50.             v.    GEORGE W. QUILLEN, b. Oct 1856, MEIGS CO, OH.

51.            vi.    LILLIAN E. QUILLEN, b. 1862, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 27 Sep 1944, HAMILTON CO, OH.

52.           vii.    WILLIAM S. QUILLEN, b. Sep 1865, MEIGS CO, OH.

53.          viii.    SAMUEL J. QUILLEN, b. Mar 1868, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Bef. 1904, res. MEIGS CO, OH.




                  ix.    ANNA LEE5 QUILLEN.

54.              x.    LORENZO QUILLEN, b. 1876, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. Aft. 1920, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                  xi.    FRANKLIN (FRANCIS) U. QUILLEN, JR, b. 10 Jan 1880, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 3 Oct 1943, OHIO.



24.  HANNAH4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1826 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1850 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  She married ALEXANDER CROOKS 22 Sep 1845 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He was born 1825 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1850 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    MARY J.5 CROOKS, b. 1847, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    SARAH CATHERINE CROOKS, b. 1849, MEIGS CO, OH.



25.  MARY JANE4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1828 in OHIO.  She married CHARLES BUCY. 


Children of MARY QUILLEN and CHARLES BUCY are:

                   i.    ALEXANDER5 BUCY.

                  ii.    JANE BUCY.



26.  ALEXANDER JOHN4 QUILLEN (AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1830 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1880 in res. MASON CO, WV (New Haven).  He married ELIZA M. CAPEHART 10 Nov 1853 in MEIGS CO, OH, daughter of HENRY CAPEHART and MARY HOGG.  She was born 1837 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 4 Aug 1894.



                   i.    MARY5 QUILLEN, b. 1855, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    JANE QUILLEN, b. 26 Oct 1855, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 28 Oct 1930; m. JOHN SAYRE, 15 Mar 1877, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    HANNAH QUILLEN, b. 1858, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    MARTHA QUILLEN, b. 1861, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  v.    SARAH QUILLEN, b. 1863, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 vi.    OLIVIA QUILLEN, b. 1865, MEIGS CO, OH.

                vii.    VENIA QUILLEN, b. 1868, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).

               viii.    HATTIE QUILLEN, b. 1870, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).

                  ix.    ANNA LEE QUILLEN, b. 15 Dec 1872, MEIGS CO, OH.

                   x.    EVA QUILLEN, b. 2 Oct 1874.

                  xi.    BIRD QUILLEN, b. 1879, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).



27.  ELIHU4 QUILLEN (ELIHU I.3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1810 in HARRISON CO, OH (Freeport TWP), and died Bef. 1880 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married ELEANOR ANN PHILLIPS 7 Jan 1841 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1820 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1880 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.



                   i.    ISACC5 QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1836.



28.  DAVID4 QUILLEN (ELIHU I.3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1819 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 1875.  He married JANE WILKINS 13 Mar 1844 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1826 in OHIO.



                   i.    AMANDA J.5 QUILLEN, b. 1848, HARRISON CO, OH.



29.  WILLIAM4 QUILLEN (JOHN3, DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1828 in HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP), and died 14 Sep 1904 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married ABIGAIL BELLE 15 Aug 1850 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 17 May 1825 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 9 Oct 1901 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



                   i.    ELIZABETH5 QUILLEN, b. 1852, HARRISON CO, OH.

                  ii.    REBECCA QUILLEN, b. 1855, HARRISON CO, OH; m. COURTNEY.

                 iii.    JOHNSON QUILLEN, b. 24 May 1860, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; d. 7 Jun 1929, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                 iv.    JOSIAH QUILLEN, b. 1863, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  v.    HARRIET QUILLEN, b. 1866, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                 vi.    EMMA QUILLEN, b. 1 Jun 1869, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; m. THOMPSON JONES, 14 Feb 1887, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



30.  THOMAS H.4 QUILLEN (JOHN3, DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Jan 1837 in HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP), and died Oct 1912 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married MARY ELIZABETH HILL 14 Apr 1864 in HARRISON CO, OH.  She was born 1847 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1880 in res. TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.


Children of THOMAS QUILLEN and MARY HILL are:

                   i.    CHARLES L.5 QUILLEN, b. 1866, IOWA.

                  ii.    ELI B. QUILLEN, b. 1869, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                 iii.    GEORGE A. QUILLEN, b. 1870, HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).

                 iv.    JOHN W. QUILLEN, b. 1876, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  v.    MARY E. QUILLEN, b. 1878, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



31.  SAMUEL4 QUILLEN (JOHN3, DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Abt. 1849 in HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).  He married ANNA MATILDA ABLE 10 Nov 1870 in BELMONT CO, OH. 


Children of SAMUEL QUILLEN and ANNA ABLE are:

                   i.    MARY E.5 QUILLEN, b. 13 Jan 1872, BELMONT CO, OH.

                  ii.    SAMUEL D. QUILLEN, b. 10 Aug 1877, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



32.  GEORGE A.4 QUILLEN (JOHN3, DANIEL2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1850 in HARRISON CO, OH (Cadiz TWP).  He married MELISSA SHUTS 18 Dec 1871. 



                   i.    ALBERT A.5 QUILLEN, b. 13 Nov 1872, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  ii.    CAROLINE M. QUILLEN, b. 7 Jan 1875, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



Generation No. 5


33.  JOHN M.5 QUILLEN (STINSON4, ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 14 Oct 1858 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 16 Sep 1938 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married MARY ELIZABETH DENNIS, daughter of JEFFERSON DENNIS and RACHEL DENNIS*.  She was born 13 Aug 1852 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 24 Jan 1937 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



                   i.    BERT R.6 QUILLEN, b. 30 Nov 1881, GUERNSEY CO, OH; d. May 1969; m. BLANCHE V. FICKES, 23 Nov 1904, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; b. 9 Sep 1881, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH; d. 19 Jan 1947, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



34.  EZRA CLINTON5 QUILLEN, REV (ANDREW JACKSON4, ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 4 May 1856 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 25 Feb 1911 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married NANCY MARIE SMITH.  She was born 6 Mar 1857 in OHIO, and died 28 Jul 1896.



55.              i.    BLANCHE OPAL6 QUILLEN, b. 14 May 1893, SMITHFIELD, OH; d. 21 Sep 1960, HAMILTON, OH.



35.  ADAM HARPER5 QUILLEN (ANDREW JACKSON4, ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 28 Jun 1858 in HARRISON CO, OH, and died 17 Jun 1931 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  He married SARAH J. HARDING 25 Dec 1884 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She died Aft. 1931 in res. TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



                   i.    LILLIAN L.6 QUILLEN, b. Oct 1885, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.

                  ii.    JESSIE W. QUILLEN, b. May 1899, OHIO.

                 iii.    EUGENE J. QUILLEN, b. 1900, OHIO.



36.  OSCAR A.5 QUILLEN (ANDREW JACKSON4, ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Abt. 1861 in OHIO, and died 21 Sep 1951.  He married MARY JANE HALL 5 Nov 1885 in TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.  She was born 19 Jun 1862 in OHIO.



                   i.    JESSIE6 QUILLEN, b. 21 Aug 1890, GUERNSEY CO, OH; m. JOHN CRUMRINE, 24 Apr 1908, TUSCARAWAS CO, OH.



37.  CHARLES W.5 QUILLEN (JACOB4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 8 Nov 1856 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1910 in res. MEIGS CO, OH (Letart TWP).  He married ELLA E. LEE 29 Apr 1883 in MEIGS CO, OH.  She was born Apr 1864 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1910 in res. MEIGS CO, OH (Letart TWP).


Children of CHARLES QUILLEN and ELLA LEE are:

                   i.    RALPH6 QUILLEN, b. Apr 1884, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    LAWRENCE QUILLEN, b. Mar 1887, MEIGS CO, OH.



38.  JOHN A.5 QUILLEN (JACOB4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 11 Oct 1867 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1920 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married FLORENCE GACHES 1904 in MEIGS CO, OH, daughter of JAMES B. GACHES.  She was born 1872 in PENNSYLVANIA, and died Aft. 1920 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    RUSSELL E.6 QUILLEN, b. 28 May 1906, WEST VIRGINIA.

                  ii.    HAROLD QUILLEN, b. 1912, ILLINOIS.



39.  WILLIAM J.5 QUILLEN (JOSHUA4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Mar 1852 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1910 in res. MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy).  He married FRANCES A. FORESINGER 11 Jul 1875 in MEIGS CO, OH.  She was born Oct 1853 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1910 in res. MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy).



                   i.    WILLIAM J.6 QUILLEN, JR., b. 1876, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    MAUDE QUILLEN, b. 1878, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    ELSIE QUILLEN, b. Mar 1880, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    MATTIE QUILLEN, b. Sep 1883, MEIGS CO, OH.



40.  AMOS5 QUILLEN (JOSHUA4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1857 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1930 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married SARAH JANE (JENNIE) HILTON 1 Feb 1884 in MEIGS CO, OH.  She was born Feb 1868 in OHIO, and died Bet. 1920 - 1930 in MEIGS CO, OH.


Children of AMOS QUILLEN and SARAH HILTON are:

                   i.    MOLLIE6 QUILLEN, b. May 1884, OHIO.

56.             ii.    CHARLES H. QUILLEN, b. Aug 1886, OHIO; d. Aft. 1930, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    RAYMOND HERENDER QUILLEN, b. Aug 1890, OHIO; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    STELLA QUILLEN, b. Feb 1892, OHIO.

                  v.    ROY L. QUILLEN, b. Mar 1897, OHIO.

                 vi.    BENJAMIN (BENNIE) QUILLEN, b. 1903, MEIGS CO, OH.

                vii.    HOWARD QUILLEN, b. 1913, MEIGS CO, OH.



41.  ARTHUR M.5 QUILLEN (WILLIAM DAVIS4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Jan 1853 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died Aft. 1920 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married MARGARET J. QUILLEN* Abt. 1875 in OHIO.  She was born 1852 in OHIO, and died Bef. 1900.



                   i.    IDA M.6 QUILLEN, b. 1876, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    WILLIAM J. QUILLEN, b. 1877, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    WINFIELD QUILLEN, b. Dec 1879, OHIO.

                 iv.    CHARLES L. QUILLEN, b. Oct 1884, OHIO; m. MARY QUILLEN*; b. 1888, OHIO.

                  v.    EFFIE M. QUILLEN, b. Mar 1887, OHIO.

                 vi.    BESSIE J. QUILLEN, b. Apr 1890, OHIO.

                vii.    EDNA R. QUILLEN, b. Dec 1892, OHIO.



42.  TAPPEN THEODORE5 QUILLEN (WILLIAM DAVIS4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Nov 1865 in OHIO, and died 16 Jan 1927 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married BLANCH DEYORMAN 1892 in OHIO, daughter of THOMAS DEYORMAN.  She was born Feb 1873 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1900 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.



                   i.    WILLIAM C.6 QUILLEN, b. Mar 1894, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    LUREDA QUILLEN, b. Feb 1898, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    DALE QUILLEN, b. 14 Feb 1903.

                 iv.    RAYMOND QUILLEN, b. 31 Aug 1906; d. 1 Sep 1983, CLARK CO, OH.

                  v.    WILBUR QUILLEN, b. 1917.



43.  WILLIAM C.5 QUILLEN (LEMUEL4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Nov 1855 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 1922.  He married IDA MAE BUCHANAN 25 Sep 1879 in JEFFERSON CO, OH.  She was born Nov 1859 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1900 in res. HARRISON CO, OH.



                   i.    MERTIE G.6 QUILLEN, b. Jan 1879, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    JAMES G. BLAINE QUILLEN, b. Jun 1884, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    MARY ELLEN QUILLEN, b. Jun 1887, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

57.            iv.    WALTER VINCENT QUILLEN, b. Aug 1891, JEFFERSON CO, OH; d. 1968.

                  v.    EFFIE MAY QUILLEN, b. Aug 1899, JEFFERSON CO, OH.



44.  THOMAS W.5 QUILLEN (LEMUEL4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Jul 1857 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died Aft. 1900 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.  He married ANNETTA QUILLEN* 1883 in OHIO.  She was born Apr 1863 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1900 in res. JEFFERSON CO, OH.



                   i.    MAUDE6 QUILLEN, b. May 1884, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  ii.    BLANCH QUILLEN, b. Apr 1886, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iii.    DAVID QUILLEN, b. May 1889, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 iv.    AMELIA QUILLEN, b. Sep 1892, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                  v.    GEORGE QUILLEN, b. Jan 1895, JEFFERSON CO, OH.

                 vi.    MILLARD QUILLEN, b. Aug 1898, JEFFERSON CO, OH.



45.  LEWIS W.5 QUILLEN (HEZAKIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Oct 1866 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Aft. 1930 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married LUELLA BELLE MILLER Abt. 1899 in OHIO, daughter of JACOB MILLER and ELIZABETH MILLER*.  She was born Nov 1869 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 12 Mar 1858 in MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    GLADLYS6 QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1906, MEIGS CO, OH.



46.  LEMUEL ABNER5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 12 Jun 1849 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 30 Mar 1925 in ST. PAUL, MN.  He married ANNA JENKINS 9 Jun 1874.  She was born 8 Apr 1855.



                   i.    LEON ABNER6 QUILLEN, b. 5 May 1882, NORTH BRANCH, MN; d. 14 Mar 1965, ST. PAUL, MN; m. MARY H. MULLINER.



47.  JAMES HENRY5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 17 Jan 1852 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse), and died 8 Apr 1946 in MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy).  He married (1) MARGARET (MAGGIE) BIGGINS 22 Jan 1880 in HOCKING CO, OH, daughter of GEORGE BIGGINS and ELEANOR HOWARD.  She was born 1850 in WASHINGTON CO, OH (Marietta), and died Jul 1889 in FAYETTE CO, OH (Montgomery).  He married (2) VIENNA B. WEBSTER 1890.  She was born Oct 1869 in OHIO, and died 22 Nov 1943 in OHIO.



58.              i.    JOSEPHINE STARK6 QUILLEN, b. 13 Mar 1882, HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill); d. 8 Jan 1946, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

59.             ii.    VERNA MAE QUILLEN, b. 4 May 1883, HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill); d. 26 Jul 1960, NASSAU CO, FL (Callahan).

60.            iii.    HARRY QUILLEN, b. 5 Jan 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Montgomery); d. 30 Jun 1955.




61.            iv.    ETHEL DOUGLAS6 QUILLEN, b. Sep 1891, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 8 Apr 1946.

62.             v.    EVA MAE QUILLEN, b. Oct 1892, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 11 Feb 1971, CHARLESTON, W. VA.

                 vi.    JAMES O. QUILLEN, b. Apr 1894, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 17 Sep 1929; m. RUTH MAY TRIPP; b. 1892, WEST VIRGINIA.

63.           vii.    CLAUDE WILLIAM QUILLEN, b. 21 Mar 1897, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 22 Mar 1967, MEIGS CO, OH.

               viii.    FRANK M. QUILLEN, b. 29 Oct 1903, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 3 Oct 1943.

                  ix.    ERNEST E. QUILLEN, b. 14 Jun 1908, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 21 Oct 1986, MEIGS CO, OH; m. MARY VIRGINIA TAYLOR, 1930, OHIO; b. 20 Sep 1910, OHIO; d. 31 Jan 1977.



48.  FRANCES (FAY) OLIVIA5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 27 Feb 1853 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 5 Apr 1944 in WASHINGTON CO, PA.  She married JAMES AMMON MCBRIDE 20 Jun 1872 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He was born Feb 1847 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1900 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    LULU FRANCIS6 MCBRIDE, b. Oct 1872, MEIGS CO, OH; m. WELLER.

                  ii.    DONALD MCBRIDE, b. Sep 1876, MEIGS CO, OH.

64.            iii.    FRANK ARTHUR MCBRIDE, b. 13 Oct 1878, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Jan 1965, TRUMBULL CO, OH (Kinsman).



49.  JOHN W.5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Jul 1857 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married LUETHA QUILLEN* 1883.  She was born Sep 1865 in OHIO.



                   i.    ARTHUR M.6 QUILLEN, b. Feb 1884, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    RAYMOND M. QUILLEN, b. Oct 1892, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    GERTRUDE L. QUILLEN, b. Aug 1897, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    IRENE QUILLEN, b. Feb 1900, MEIGS CO, OH.



50.  GEORGE W.5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Oct 1856 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married MARY JANE WISE 24 Dec 1889.  She was born Jan 1854 in OHIO.


Children of GEORGE QUILLEN and MARY WISE are:

                   i.    ALTA M.6 QUILLEN, b. May 1885, KANSAS.

                  ii.    LEMUEL B. O. QUILLEN, b. May 1889, ARKANSAS.



51.  LILLIAN E.5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1862 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 27 Sep 1944 in HAMILTON CO, OH.  She married HENRY J. WAGNER Abt. 1870 in OHIO.  He was born 1860 in OHIO.



65.              i.    CLARA6 WAGNER, b. Abt. 1889, OHIO.

                  ii.    VEATRICE WAGNER, b. 23 Feb 1898, OHIO; d. 19 Jul 1979, HAMILTON CO, OH; m. SUTER.



52.  WILLIAM S.5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Sep 1865 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married LENA M. QUILLEN*.  She was born Aug 1875 in WEST VIRGINIA.



                   i.    ONEIOL F.6 QUILLEN, b. Mar 1894, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    CLARA F. QUILLEN, b. Nov 1899, MEIGS CO, OH.



53.  SAMUEL J.5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Mar 1868 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Bef. 1904 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married MOLLIE V. HALL Abt. 1893 in OHIO.  She was born Jul 1877 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1910 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    MINNIE (WINNIE) M.6 QUILLEN, b. Nov 1893, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    LORETA QUILLEN, b. 9 Jan 1896, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    FRED D. QUILLEN, b. Jun 1898, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    ANNIE LAURA QUILLEN, b. 30 Apr 1901.

                  v.    JOSEPH C. QUILLEN, b. 1904, MEIGS CO, OH.



54.  LORENZO5 QUILLEN (FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 1876 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse), and died Aft. 1920 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married ETHEL M. QUILLEN* 1900 in OHIO.  She was born 1882 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1920 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.



                   i.    DOROTHY M.6 QUILLEN, b. 1902, OHIO.

                  ii.    FRANKLIN U. QUILLEN, b. 1904, OHIO.

                 iii.    ARLINE L. QUILLEN, b. 1908, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    LORAINE O. QUILLEN, b. 1917, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  v.    JUANITA QUILLEN, b. 1923, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 vi.    HELEN M. QUILLEN, b. 1925, MEIGS CO, OH.



Generation No. 6


55.  BLANCHE OPAL6 QUILLEN (EZRA CLINTON5, ANDREW JACKSON4, ADAM3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 14 May 1893 in SMITHFIELD, OH, and died 21 Sep 1960 in HAMILTON, OH.  She married GEORGE HENRY BAIN 29 Jan 1913 in ZANEVILLE, OH.  He was born 26 Dec 1874 in McCONNELSVILLE, OH, and died 7 Jun 1945 in COLUMBUS, OH.



                   i.    FRANCES WILBERT7 BAIN, b. 25 Feb 1919, COLUMBUS, OH; d. 12 Jul 1987, CHARLESTON, W.VA; m. GEORGETTE ANN GERING, 14 Feb 1914, HAMILTON CO, OH; b. 9 Sep 1919, HAMILTON CO, OH (Cincinatti); d. 25 Dec 1964, DUNBAR, W.VA.



56.  CHARLES H.6 QUILLEN (AMOS5, JOSHUA4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Aug 1886 in OHIO, and died Aft. 1930 in res. MEIGS CO, OH.  He married BESSIE BATEY, YOUNG 1913.  She was born 6 Oct 1891 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died Jan 1980.



                   i.    CHARLES7 QUILLEN, b. 1916, OHIO.

                  ii.    EVELYN L. QUILLEN, b. 1920, OHIO.

                 iii.    GEORGE AMOS QUILLEN, b. 27 Jul 1923, OHIO; d. 29 Sep 1985; m. MYRTLE DAVIS, 11 Oct 1943; b. 26 Mar 1926, DIABLOCK, KY.

                 iv.    LUILLIA QUILLEN, b. 1927, OHIO.

                  v.    ANNA E. QUILLEN, b. 1930, OHIO.






                   i.    RUTH MAE7 QUILLEN.

                  ii.    DELLA MARIE QUILLEN.

                 iii.    WALTER LEMUEL QUILLEN, b. 1924; d. 1973.



58.  JOSEPHINE STARK6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 13 Mar 1882 in HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill), and died 8 Jan 1946 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She married (1) JAS WM FRANKLIN DARLINGTON 4 Sep 1900 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA, son of BENJAMIN DARLINGTON and SARAH CRAIG.  He was born 28 Dec 1873 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Columbia), and died 7 Mar 1917 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She married (2) LEW ROACH Aft. 1916.  He died Bef. 1946.



                   i.    CARMEN PEARL7 DARLINGTON, b. 14 Jan 1901, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 25 Jul 1960, NASSAU CO, FL (Callahan); m. FORREST LEONARD GRIGSBY, 3 Oct 1917, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; b. 6 Jun 1898, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 29 Apr 1953, RALEIGH CO, W.VA.

                  ii.    BEULAH FRANCES DARLINGTON, b. 14 Jan 1901, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 9 Apr 1984, KANAWHA CO, W.VA; m. (1) WILBUR STONE, 1917; b. 1899, WEST VIRGINIA; d. 1 Apr 1977; m. (2) LAWRENCE STANLEY, 8 Dec 1939; b. Abt. Nov 1911; d. 8 Apr 1966; m. (3) ARTHUR (ARTIE) LEWIS KRANTZ, 9 Aug 1955; b. 22 Sep 1890; d. 25 Apr 1957, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                 iii.    BENJAMIN FREDERICK DARLINGTON, b. 16 Sep 1902, FAYETTE CO, W.VA; d. 2 Sep 1990, HARRIS CO, TX (Baytown); m. (1) MARGARET POWERS; m. (2) MARGARET SJOLANDER.

                 iv.    MARGARET LILLIAN DARLINGTON, b. 9 Oct 1915, FAYETTE CO, VA; d. 24 Nov 1994, KANAWHA, W.VA (Elkview)_; m. (1) HANDLEY RALPH WHITE, 14 Feb 1933; b. 5 May 1912; d. 1 May 1938; m. (2) LAWRENCE REED MCELHINNY, 29 Jun 1941; b. 16 Sep 1916.



59.  VERNA MAE6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 4 May 1883 in HOCKING CO, OH (Carbon Hill), and died 26 Jul 1960 in NASSAU CO, FL (Callahan).  She married JOHN NATROSS YOUELL.  He was born 27 Feb 1875 in MASON CO, W.VA (Mason), and died 1953.



                   i.    MOLLIE HESS7 YOUELL, b. 19 Nov 1912, LONGACRE, W.VA; m. BERLIE SCOTT MCCLUNG, 9 Nov 1935, IRONTON, OH; b. 8 Jan 1907; d. 5 Sep 1966, BRIDGEPORT, W.VA.



60.  HARRY6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 5 Jan 1889 in FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Montgomery), and died 30 Jun 1955.  He married MYRTLE FRYE 17 Sep 1910 in KANAWHA CO, W.VA.  She was born 23 Sep 1891, and died 23 Jul 1978.


Children of HARRY QUILLEN and MYRTLE FRYE are:

                   i.    MABEL7 QUILLEN, b. 13 Jan 1912; m. MILES SUTHERLAND, 30 Apr 1930.

                  ii.    JAMES FRANKLIN QUILLEN, b. 31 Mar 1914; m. VIRGINIA HAMMACK, 14 Sep 1936.

                 iii.    ROBERT QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1916.

                 iv.    MARY ELLEN QUILLEN, b. 30 Dec 1918; d. 17 Dec 1968; m. ROY BURGESS.

                  v.    DONALD QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1920.

                 vi.    MAGALINE (TOATSIE) QUILLEN, b. Abt. 1922; d. Abt. 1927, KANAWHA CO, W.VA.

                vii.    BEULAH QUILLEN, b. 18 Feb 1926.

               viii.    JACK QUILLEN, b. 2 Dec 1930; d. 23 Apr 1958; m. SEENA KING, 23 Nov 1955.

                  ix.    TRUDY QUILLEN, b. 26 Sep 1932, CHAUNCEY, W.VA; m. EDGAR LAPGRADE.

                   x.    PHYLLIS QUILLEN, b. 15 Jun 1935, LYBURN, W.VA; m. EVERETT MAYNARD, 17 Jun 1955.



61.  ETHEL DOUGLAS6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Sep 1891 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 8 Apr 1946.  She married ABALENE (LEON) MOORE 1908.  He was born 16 Sep 1887 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 1966.



                   i.    CARL7 MOORE, b. 1912, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    MORRIS MOORE, b. 1914, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    LLOYD MOORE, b. 1916, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    MARJORIE MOORE, b. 1922, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  v.    CHARLES MOORE, b. 5 Jan 1925, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 29 Jan 1998, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 vi.    DONALD MOORE, b. 9 Dec 1926, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 27 Jan 1998, MEIGS CO, OH.

                vii.    BOBBY R. MOORE, b. 1929, MEIGS CO, OH.



62.  EVA MAE6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Oct 1892 in WEST VIRGINIA, and died 11 Feb 1971 in CHARLESTON, W. VA.  She married (1) WALTER WOODS Abt. 1912.  He was born 19 Jan 1884, and died 15 Sep 1971.  She married (2) GEORGE ARMENTROUT Aft. 1912 in WEST VIRGINIA.  He died 30 Mar 1960.


Children of EVA QUILLEN and WALTER WOODS are:

                   i.    VIRGIL7 WOODS, b. 2 Aug 1913, WEST VIRGINIA; d. Feb 1987, res. KANAWHA CO, W. VA.

                  ii.    CECELIA WOODS, m. SHAFFEUR.

                 iii.    RAYMOND WOODS, d. 26 Sep 1981.

                 iv.    WALTER WOODS, JR.

                  v.    JUANITA WOODS.




                 vi.    BRUCE7 ARMENTROUT, b. 8 Oct 1933; d. 12 Nov 2001.



63.  CLAUDE WILLIAM6 QUILLEN (JAMES HENRY5, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 21 Mar 1897 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 22 Mar 1967 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married ELLA ADAMS 1920 in OHIO.  She was born 13 Oct 1903 in OHIO, and died 29 Sep 1995 in MEIGS CO, OH.


Children of CLAUDE QUILLEN and ELLA ADAMS are:

                   i.    IMOGENE7 QUILLEN, b. 1922, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    RUTH QUILLEN, b. 1924, MEIGS CO, OH.



64.  FRANK ARTHUR6 MCBRIDE (FRANCES (FAY) OLIVIA5 QUILLEN, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born 13 Oct 1878 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died Jan 1965 in TRUMBULL CO, OH (Kinsman).  He married HAZEL JOHNSON 2 Jun 1915.  She died Aft. Jan 1965.



                   i.    FRANK A.7 MCBRIDE, JR, m. SANDY MCBRIDE*.

                  ii.    KATHRYN MCBRIDE, m. MR. GEORGE.

                 iii.    MABEL MCBRIDE, m. DAVIS.

                 iv.    STANLEY E. MCBRIDE.



65.  CLARA6 WAGNER (LILLIAN E.5 QUILLEN, FRANKLIN URIAH4, AMOS3, CLEMENT2, THOMAS (QUILLANE)1) was born Abt. 1889 in OHIO.  She married WINECK?.  He was born 1881 in OHIO.


Children of CLARA WAGNER and WINECK? are:

                   i.    LILLIAN7 WINECK?, b. 1917, OHIO.

                  ii.    WALTER WINECK?, b. 1922, HAMILTON CO, OH.

Descendants of PHILIP CAPEHART

Generation No. 1


1.  PHILIP1 CAPEHART was born 1772 in GEORGETOWN, HUNDRED, MD, and died 1832.  He married JANE WINDON 14 Jul 1796, daughter of JAMES WINDON and JANE WINDON*.  She was born 1780 in BATH CO, VA, and died 1830.



2.                i.    JAMES2 CAPEHART, b. 1797, VIRGINIA; d. Aft. 1860, res. MASON CO, W.VA (Point Pleasant).

3.               ii.    HENRY CAPEHART, b. 1801, BOTETOURT CO, VA; d. 10 Oct 1881, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).

4.              iii.    SARAH CAPEHART, b. 1804, VIRGINIA; d. 12 Dec 1854, MASON CO, VA.



Generation No. 2


2.  JAMES2 CAPEHART (PHILIP1) was born 1797 in VIRGINIA, and died Aft. 1860 in res. MASON CO, W.VA (Point Pleasant).  He married MARGARET A. CAPEHART*.  She was born 1812 in VIRGINIA, and died Bet. 1853 - 1860 in res. MASON CO, W.VA (Point Pleasant).



                   i.    MARGARET3 CAPEHART, b. 1845, MASON CO, VA.

                  ii.    JAMES CAPEHART, b. 1847, MASON CO, VA.

                 iii.    JOHN CAPEHART, b. 1849, MASON CO, VA.

                 iv.    FRANCIS CAPEHART, b. 1851, MASON CO, VA (Point Pleasant).

                  v.    ALICE CAPEHART, b. 1853, MASON CO, VA (Point Pleasant).



3.  HENRY2 CAPEHART (PHILIP1) was born 1801 in BOTETOURT CO, VA, and died 10 Oct 1881 in MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).  He married MARY MARIE HOGG Abt. 1830 in MASON CO, VA, daughter of PETER HOGG and MARTHA ABNEY.  She was born 20 Aug 1811 in BATH CO, VA, and died 9 Mar 1890 in MASON CO, WVA (New Haven).


Children of HENRY CAPEHART and MARY HOGG are:

5.                i.    MARTHA J.3 CAPEHART, b. 26 Nov 1830, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 3 Aug 1870, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).

6.               ii.    JOHN P. CAPEHART, b. 1832, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 1903, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    SARAH A. CAPEHART, b. 1834, MASON CO, VA (New Haven).

7.              iv.    ELIZA M. CAPEHART, b. 7 Nov 1836, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 4 Aug 1894, MASON CO, W.VA.

8.               v.    MARY ANN CAPEHART, b. 9 May 1838, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven); d. 22 Feb 1922.

9.              vi.    GEORGE P. CAPEHART, b. 1840, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 1886.

10.           vii.    JAMES HENRY CAPEHART, b. 24 Feb 1842, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 29 Aug 1880.

               viii.    OLIVIA J. CAPEHART, b. 23 Feb 1844, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 29 Oct 1923, PHILLIPS CO, KS; m. JEFFERSON SEIGRIST.

11.             ix.    WILLIAM H. CAPEHART, b. 1846, MASON CO, VA (New Haven).

12.              x.    ABNEY W. CAPEHART, b. 9 Oct 1849, MASON CO, VA (New Haven).

13.             xi.    THOMAS G. CAPEHART, b. 1853, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); d. 1931.

                 xii.    SAMUEL J. CAPEHART, b. 1856, MASON CO, VA (New Haven); m. ELLA SHIPLEY, 1880.



4.  SARAH2 CAPEHART (PHILIP1) was born 1804 in VIRGINIA, and died 12 Dec 1854 in MASON CO, VA.  She married NEHEMIAH ROGGERS.  He was born 1802 in NEW YORK.



                   i.    ROZETTA3 ROGGERS, b. 1823, VIRGINIA; d. 12 Dec 1854.

                  ii.    MARY J. ROGGERS, b. 1829, VIRGINIA.

                 iii.    CHARLES F. ROGGERS, b. 1831, VIRGINIA.

                 iv.    ROSANA ROGGERS, b. 1833, VIRGINIA.

                  v.    SARAH ROGGERS, b. 1835, VIRGINIA.

                 vi.    JAMES H. ROGGERS, b. 1838, VIRGINIA.

                vii.    MARGARET L. ROGGERS, b. 1838, VIRGINIA; d. 14 Jun 1854.

               viii.    MARTHA A. ROGGERS, b. 1843, VIRGINIA.

                  ix.    NEHEMIAH ROGGERS, b. 1845, MASON CO, VA.



Generation No. 3


5.  MARTHA J.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 26 Nov 1830 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 3 Aug 1870 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).  She married FRANKLIN URIAH QUILLIN 16 Jun 1848 in MEIGS CO, OH, son of AMOS QUILLEN and JANE WEBSTER.  He was born 25 Nov 1824 in JEFFERSON CO, OH, and died 3 Apr 1902 in MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse).



                   i.    LEMUEL ABNER4 QUILLEN, b. 12 Jun 1849, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 30 Mar 1925, ST. PAUL, MN; m. ANNA JENKINS, 9 Jun 1874, MEIGS CO, OH; b. 8 Apr 1855.

                  ii.    JAMES HENRY QUILLEN, b. 17 Jan 1852, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 8 Apr 1946, MEIGS CO, OH (Pomeroy); m. (1) MARGARET (MAGGIE) BIGGINS, 22 Jan 1880, HOCKING CO, OH; b. 1850, WASHINGTON CO, OH (Marietta); d. Jul 1889, FAYETTE CO, W.VA (Montgomery); m. (2) VIENNA B. WEBSTER, 1890; b. Oct 1869, OHIO; d. 22 Nov 1943, OHIO.

                 iii.    FRANCES (FAY) OLIVIA QUILLEN, b. 27 Feb 1853, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 5 Apr 1944, WASHINGTON CO, PA; m. JAMES AMMON MCBRIDE, 20 Jun 1872, MEIGS CO, OH; b. Feb 1847, OHIO; d. Aft. 1900, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    GEORGE W. QUILLEN, b. Oct 1856, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Aft. 1900, res. MEIGS CO, OH; m. MARY JANE WISE, 24 Dec 1889, MEIGS CO, OH; b. Jan 1854, OHIO; d. Aft. 1900, res. MEIGS CO, OH.

                  v.    JOHN W. QUILLEN, b. Jul 1857, MEIGS CO, OH; m. LUETHA E. QUILLEN*, 1883; b. Sep 1865, OHIO.

                 vi.    LILLIAN E. QUILLEN, b. 1862, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 27 Sep 1944, HAMILTON CO, OH; m. HENRY J. WAGNER, 19 Oct 1879, MEIGS CO, OH; b. 1860, OHIO.

                vii.    WILLIAM SHERMAN QUILLEN, b. 6 Sep 1864, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 29 May 1957, res. MASON CO, W.VA; m. HELENA (LENA) MAY HALL, 13 Mar 1893, MASON CO, W.VA; b. Aug 1875, MASON CO, W.VA; d. Bet. 1910 - 1920, res. MASON CO, W.VA.

               viii.    SAMUEL J. QUILLEN, b. Mar 1868, MEIGS CO, OH; d. Bef. 1904, res. MEIGS CO, OH; m. MARY (MOLLIE) V. HALL, 30 Sep 1893, MASON CO, W.VA; b. Jul 1877, WEST VIRGINIA; d. Aft. 1910, res. MEIGS CO, OH.



6.  JOHN P.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 1832 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 1903 in MEIGS CO, OH.  He married HANNAH M. SIEGRIST 9 Jan 1858 in MASON CO, OH.  She was born 11 Dec 1838 in VIRGINIA, and died 1937.



                   i.    WILLIAM W.4 CAPEHART, b. 20 Jun 1865; d. 26 Apr 1894.



7.  ELIZA M.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 7 Nov 1836 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 4 Aug 1894 in MASON CO, W.VA.  She married ALEXANDER JOHN QUILLIN 10 Nov 1853 in MEIGS CO, OH, son of AMOS QUILLEN and JANE WEBSTER.  He was born 8 Mar 1830 in MEIGS CO, OH, and died 15 May 1928 in MASON CO, W.VA.



                   i.    MARY M.4 QUILLIN, b. 24 Jun 1854, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); m. WILLIAM (JOHNNY) PASCOE, 29 Jun 1871, MEIGS CO, OH.

                  ii.    JANE (JENNIE) WEBSTER QUILLIN, b. 26 Oct 1855, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 28 Oct 1930; m. JOHN S. SAYRE, 15 Mar 1877, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iii.    HANNAH C. QUILLIN, b. 29 Jan 1857, MEIGS CO, OH (Syracuse); d. 30 May 1927, HUNTINGTON, W.VA; m. (1) LEWIS "SHORTY" TALIAFERRO; m. (2) HENRY F. BARTELS, 13 Nov 1876, MEIGS CO, OH.

                 iv.    MARTHA (MATTIE/PATSY) C. QUILLIN, b. 31 Jul 1861, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 14 Feb 1917; m. GEORGE R. BARTON, 13 Oct 1880, MASON CO, W.VA.

                  v.    SARAH (SADIE) LILAH QUILLIN, b. 26 Mar 1863, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 5 Jun 1894; m. WILLIE P. ROUSH, 20 Oct 1882, MASON CO, W.VA; b. 1860; d. 1936.

                 vi.    OLIVIA ELIZABETH (BETT) QUILLIN, b. 20 Dec 1864, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven); d. 23 Jun 1923; m. ELMORE ROUSH, 9 Jul 1885, MASON CO, W.VA.

                vii.    LEVENA (VINNIE) QUILLIN, b. 30 Aug 1867, MEIGS CO, OH; m. CHARLES WILBUR ROUSH, 24 Dec 1893, MASON CO, W.VA; b. 1870; d. 1948.

               viii.    HARRIET (HATTIE) LURA QUILLIN, b. 1870, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven); m. ROBERT MILROY YEAGER, 29 Mar 1893, MASON CO, W.VA.

                  ix.    ANNA LEE QUILLIN, b. 15 Dec 1872, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 23 Aug 1954; m. WILLIE P. ROUSH, 22 Jul 1895, MASON CO, W.VA; b. 1860; d. 1936.

                   x.    EVA GRET QUILLIN, b. 2 Oct 1874, MEIGS CO, OH; d. 8 Sep 1943; m. ERNEST MIRTEN ROUSH, 8 Dec 1895, MASON CO, W.VA.

                  xi.    BIRDIE LELIA QUILLIN, b. 1879, MASON CO, WVA (New Haven); m. DORSEY LEE RICKARD, 9 Aug 1899, MASON CO, W.VA.



8.  MARY ANN3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 9 May 1838 in MASON CO, WVA (New Haven), and died 22 Feb 1922.  She married SETH BUMGARNER. 



                   i.    JOHN J. CRITTEMDEN4 BUMGARNER, b. 19 Mar 1858.

                  ii.    CHARLES S. BUMGARNER, b. 11 Apr 1860.

                 iii.    OLIVIA BUMGARNER, b. 1868; m. WILLIAM A. POWELL.

                 iv.    LILY B. BUMGARNER, b. 1869.

                  v.    J. T. BUMGARNER, b. 1873.

                 vi.    C. B. BUMGARNER, b. 1879.



9.  GEORGE P.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 1840 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 1886.  He married (1) MARTHA JUNE BUMGARDNER Bef. 1862, daughter of LEWIS BUMGARDNER and MARY BUMGARDNER*.  She was born 1841, and died 1862.  He married (2) MARTHA ANN SOMERVILLE Abt. 1864, daughter of SAMUEL SOMERVILLE and MARY CHAMBERLAIN.  She was born 28 Oct 1840, and died 3 Jan 1914.



                   i.    MARTHA4 CAPEHART, b. 1865.

                  ii.    MARY A. (MINNIE) CAPEHART, b. 30 Aug 1868; d. 18 Mar 1938; m. ELLSWORTH LEE; b. 31 Oct 1867; d. 9 Aug 1938.

                 iii.    EDGAR CAPEHART, b. 21 Feb 1871.

                 iv.    M. P. CAPEHART, b. Nov 1873.

                  v.    MARGARET (MAGGIE) CAPEHART, m. ALLEN LAYNE.

                 vi.    GEORGE CAPEHART, JR., m. VICTORIA ROUSH.



10.  JAMES HENRY3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 24 Feb 1842 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 29 Aug 1880.  He married ORILLA ZERKLE, daughter of NOAH ZERKLE.  She was born 31 Aug 1842, and died 19 Sep 1924.



                   i.    GEORGE N.4 CAPEHART, b. 1864; m. DORA BUSH; b. 1864.

                  ii.    SARAH F. CAPEHART, b. 7 Aug 1865; d. 7 Jun 1897.

                 iii.    IRA CAPEHART, b. 1879.

                 iv.    LEWIS T. (NIM) CAPEHART, b. 17 Feb 1867; m. VICTORIA GRAHAM; b. 1866.

                  v.    JAMES ROBERT CAPEHART, b. 21 Aug 1869; d. 9 Nov 1939; m. SARAH CAPEHART*; b. 1865; d. 1897.

                 vi.    JOHN T. CAPEHART, b. 17 Oct 1871; d. 11 Nov 1919.

                vii.    CHARLES C. CAPEHART, b. 27 Jun 1874; d. 30 Oct 1929; m. VEVTIA (VEVIA) TUCKER; b. 1878; d. 1923.



11.  WILLIAM H.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 1846 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven).  He married SARAH JANE GILPIN. 



                   i.    ABNER4 CAPEHART, b. 16 May 1867.

                  ii.    MARY A. CAPEHART, b. Sep 1869.



12.  ABNEY W.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 9 Oct 1849 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven).  He married CARILINE SEGRIST.  She was born 29 Dec 1849.



                   i.    JAMES4 CAPEHART.

                  ii.    HATTIE CAPEHART.



13.  THOMAS G.3 CAPEHART (HENRY2, PHILIP1) was born 1853 in MASON CO, VA (New Haven), and died 1931.  He married MARGARET MARTHA BOLIN.  She was born 1860, and died 1944.



                   i.    PERCY M.4 CAPEHART, b. 27 Jul 1877; d. 19 Feb 1887.

                  ii.    THOMAS CAPEHART, b. 1884; m. ELLA ORD.

                 iii.    FLORENCE CAPEHART, b. 3 Apr 1888.

                 iv.    HARRY CAPEHART, b. 1890; d. 1967; m. KATHLEEN NEASE.

                  v.    JOSEPH CAPEHART, b. Jun 1893.

                 vi.    FRANK HOWARD CAPEHART, b. 1896; d. 1954; m. ANNE ZERKLE; b. 1885; d. 1960.



[1] Numerous online sources assert that Thomas Quillaine is the father of Clement.

[2] Lonnie Joseph Smith-Neal –

[3] Mason County, West Virginia Quillen (Alexander) and Capehart (Henry) family information available at the New Haven Libray, Quillen Memorial Park.  Data has been compiled into documentation titled: “Founding & Development of New Haven, W.VA” by Weaver, Gibbs, Bumgarner, Ball.

[4] If Clemont Quillen is in Kent County – he may be the one extra 26-44 year old male in this household.

[5] This is likely Daniel Quillen who is found in Harrison County, Ohio (Cadiz) by the time of the 1820 census.

[6] Clemont and his 4 sons, Adam, Joshua, Amos and Elihu – this leaves Daniel and son Thomas (Daniel stills shows a younger son, born between 1805-1810, living in his household – son likely to be John).

[7] This would be Elihu, son of Clemont.

[8] Thomas, likely son of Daniel – age from previous census records matches up to the male 30-39 in the household but there is a male 50-59 I cannot account for (usually the named head of household, Thomas in this case, is the oldest male in the family –could be a census error since no other census reports a Thomas of this age bracket.

[9] John Quillen born bet 1801-1810 matches up to previous census as a son of Daniel.

[10] James Adam Quillen, son of Elihu.

[11] John by himself – no sign of families of Daniel and likely older son, Thomas.

[12] Stinson Quillen, son of Adam.

[13] Adam Quillen oldest known son of Clement Quillen.

[14] Believe Charles and Jefferson Quillen to be the sons of Adam and Mary Harper Quillen – not verified.

[15] Joshua Quillen, second oldest son of Clement Quillen.

[16] John and Rebecca Johnston Quillen, married 7 Oct 1829.  Susan Mincks Obrien reports that John is the son of Thomas.  All of John and Rebecca’s family moved away by 1860 (many found in Tuscarawas County, OH) – several of Adam and Mary Harper Quillen’s children also moved to Tuscarawas, County.  There is a John Quillen in the 1860 Harrison County census who married Deborah Balderson 5 Dec 1857 – he may have stayed – and even continued to have more children.

[17] Johnson married Lydia Ann Bell 16 Aug 1860 in Tuscarawas County, OH.  Many of Johnson’s siblings ended up in Tuscarawas County.

[18] Thomas H. Quillen (b. Jan 1837 OH – d. Oct 1912) married Mary Elizabeth Hill 14 Apr 1864 in Harrison Co.

[19] Elihu Quillen, son of Elihu.  He moved away to Marion County, Iowa by 1860.

[20] Elihu, Sr. and Sarah Rice Quillen.  Elihu is the 4th son of Clement Quillen.

[21] Believe this to be the same William that is seen in the John and Rebecca Quillen household of this census (reported twice) – he later moves to Tuscarawas Co, OH with numerous other siblings.

[22] Believe David, William, and James to be the sons of Elihu Quillen.  No sign of David in later census records but there is a Charles with Sarah J. in 1860.  Charles B. Quillen married Sarah Jane Stevenson, 22 Nov 1849, in Tuscarawas County, OH – could this actually be Charles David?

[23] Enumerated with John Carnahan.

[24] Lemuel Quillen, son of Amos and Jane Webster Quillen.

[25] William D. Quillen, son of Amos and Jane Webster Quillen, with his first wife Lydia.

[26] Amos Quillen, 3rd son of Clement Quillen.  Many of Amos’ kids and descendents remained in Meigs County, OH – his son, Franklin Uriah Quillen was my 4th great-grandfather.

[27] Franklin Uriah Quillen married Martha Capehart, daughter of Henry and Mary Hogg Capehart.  In 1853, Franklin’s brother, Alexander, marries his wife’s sister, Eliza Capehart.

[28] Hannah Quillen Crooks, daughter of Amos and Jane Webster Quillen.

[29] Johnson later marries James and Margaret daughter, Lydia A. Bell in 1860.

[30] John Quillen – possibly same John that was found in the 1850 census with wife, Rebecca and many children.  Many of John’s children went to Tuscarawas County, Ohio making it likely he is a son or brother of Adam.

[31] Alexander, son of Adam and Mary Harper Quillen.

[32] This is Elihu Quillen, 4th son of Clement.

[33] William and his wife (Abby Bell - married 15 Aug 1850) later live in Tuscarawas County, Ohio – where many other of the children of Adam and Mary  Harper Quillen end up.  His birthday of July 1829 matched up with that of Andrew Jackson Quillen, son of Adam (maybe they were twins).

[34] William Meek lived in Farmington in 1850 – living with previous wife, Elizabeth.  William died in 1863.

[35] Rebecca Johnson Quillen Meek – living in IA.  Circumstances of her marriage with John Quillen unknown at this time.  She returned to Ohio by the time of the 1870 census report.  Her children’s last name spelled wrong.

[36] Thomas and John Quillen, sons of John and Rebecca Johnson Quillen.

[37] According to Susan Mincks Obrien, Jane Webster Quillen, wife of Amos died in 1852 – but this appears to be her.

[38] Adam Quillen is the son of Adam and Mary Harper Quillen of Harrison Co, OH.  The family later moved to Carroll County, MO by the time of the 1870 census.

[39] Elihu and Eleanor Ann Phillips Quillen.  Elihu is the son of Elihu (b. 1790) Quillen of Harrison County, OH.

[40] This actually W. D. Quillen (William Davis), son of Lemuel, in last census with his family from his first wife.

[41] Joshua, son of Amos and Jane Webster, still needs to be found in 1860.

[42] Thomas matches with the son of John and Rebecca Quillen of Harrison County that is listed in 1850 census.

[43] Janetta is the daughter of John and Deborah Quillen of 1860 census.

[44] Harriet’s husband name unknown at this time.

[45] Widow of Jefferson Quillen.

[46] Widow of John Quillen.

[47] Sarah Rice Cree, widow of George Cree and Elihu Quillen – living in household of her daughter, Elizabeth Cree Hogge.

[48] Lillie E. Quillen married Henry J. Wagner by the 1880 census.

[49] Mary, daughter of Alexander and Eliza Capehart Quillen – living in the household of her uncle John.

[50] Jane Webster Quillen, widow of Amos – Jane died in 1872 Syracuse and is buried in the Quillin Cemetery.

[51] Martin and Albert Quillen, brothers, enumerated with Rebecca Meek (age 57 b. OH)-remarried mother.

[52] I need to find a family for this Maggie Quillen.

[53] Lillian E. Quillen Wagner, daughter of Uriah Quillin.

[54] Sarah Jane Quillen Roberts, daughter of Jacob and Nancy Roush Quillen.

[55] I have not determined what child of Joshua and Nancy had this son.  I believe this to be the same George W. Quillen (b. Nov 1867) that shows up in future census records married to Bridget Agnes Donovan Quillen.

[56] Alexander, the youngest son of Amos and Jane Webster Quillen.  Living in the hometown of Eliza Capehart.

[57] Joshua Quillen reported in his 1871 will that he had a son Amos.  The only proof I can find at this time starts with Amos Quillen who married Mary Johnston on 14 Dec 1844 – this Amos is the closest I have found.

[58] Sarah matches up with Sarah Rice widow of Elihu I. Quillen.

[59] First census that I find James Henry Quillen and his wife, Margaret Biggins.

[60] William, Johnson, and Thomas are sons of John and Rebecca Quillen-link to family not determined yet.  I have not ruled out that John is a son of Elihu (son of Clemont) based on the circumstantial link that at least one son of Elihu (Elihu Jr.) went west to Iowa – where one of Thomas’ sons was born.

[61] Narra showing with an “F” for female in the census but written on the same line as a “son”.

[62] Bridget A. (Agnes) Donovan married George W. Quillen September 11, 1894 in Mason County, W.VA.  I still have not determined which family George comes from.

[63] Alexander Quillin, youngest son of Amos Quillen, with second wife – they did not have children.

[64] Believe this to be the widow of Hezakiah Quillen but her age should be 72 not 62.

[65] Mary (Mollie) V. Hall – widow of Samuel J. Quillen married Joseph London in 1903, Mason County, W.VA.

[66] Fred is son of Samuel J. Quillen and grandson of Uriah Quillen.

[67] Lillian Quillen Wagner, widow of Henry J. Wagner and daughter of Uriah Franklin Quillen – living in the household of her daughter Clara Wagner and her husband Walter.  Clara’s sister, Veatrice, later marries to a Mr. Suter (first name not known yet).

[68] This land record connects the sons of Clement Quillen to their father.

[69] A biography on the Quillin family, published in "Meigs County Family History", was submitted by Beulah Quillin, granddaughter of James.

[70] George Amos Quillen, son of Charles, grandson of Amos, great-grandson of Joshua Quillen.

[71] Published in "Meigs County Family History", was submitted by Joyce Quillen.

[72] Published in "Meigs County Family History", was submitted by Kas Bissell.

[73] Special thanks to Joyce Grigsby for discovering this article in The Leader of Pomeroy, Ohio.

[74] One information source that has provided a lot of Quillen data comes from Family Tree Maker's "Marriage Index: Ohio  1789 - 1850".

[75] Abblean reported parents William and Ann Gibbs Moore and Ethel parents James and Viana Quillen.

[76] Minnie reported parents as Samuel and Mary Hall Quillen;  George’s parents were Grant and Mollie Baringer Hood.

[77] Dana reported parents as Lawrence and Sarah Ann Borham McBride and Alta Mae’s parents were George W. and Mary Jane Wilson (error) Quillen.

[78] William C. parents William J. and Fannie Forsinger Quillen; Mary’s parents George and Elizabeth Sauer Meier.

[79] Arthur U. family unknown – his residence reported as Bloomingville, Ohio – birth location Crooksville, Ohio.

[80] I have not been able to make a family connection to George yet – but he lived in Syracuse.

[81] I have not been able to make a family connection yet on Mattie.

[82]  Joshua Quillen was in 1st Reg. Brig. Ohio Militia, was 87years old when he applied for his pension Sept. 28, 1871, resident of Freeport, Harrison Co., Ohio, he received a bounty of land for his services.

[83] OBITUARY: "The Daily Times," New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, January 26, 1960, page 14.

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[87] Myrtie F. Quillen Norris – I do not have her connection in my family file.  If she is linked to John A. Quillen the best match I can make is that she may be a daughter of John’s brother, William Henry Quillen.

[88] Crooks grave yard cemetery record extracted from July 4, 1906 school assignment done by Alex Crooks.  Cemetery located behind (present day) Lawrence (Butch) Lisle’s property.

[89] Cemetery records found in "Cemeteries of Meigs (Sutton Twp) Co. Ohio", Genealogical Society Inc. 1990 and on a CD ", Meigs County, Ohio Genealogy - Picture CD - Hunter's H.E.L.P. Jan 2002 and from Susan Quillen Thompson's Website.

[90] This year likely miss-transcribed – Amos Quillen’s reported death date is 29 Nov 1855.

[91] Nathan Webster Quillen reportedly buried in Ragland, Alabama with third wife.

[92] Ethel Douglas Quillen Moore, daughter of James Henry and Vienna Webster Quillen.

[93] Franklin U. Quillen, son of Lorenzo and Ethel M. Quillen and grandson of Franklin Uriah Quillen.

[94] Charles Wilbur Roush married Lavena Quillen in 1893 – “Vinnie” the daughter of Alexander Quillen.

[95] Franklin W. Quillen, son of Charence H. and Elizabeth K. (Johnson) Quillen and husband of Nellie B. Kapp.

[96]  Lillian Fields Quillen was daughter of Charles and Mary (Rings) Fields.

[97] Ella Selby Lutton, daughter of Ella Quillin and Charles Selby.