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Bible Records 3

Leonard and Anna Musick Roy_ 3

William and Patsey Hodge Rainwater 3

William Howard and Minerva Rayeborn Rainwater 3

Census Records 4

1800 Surry Co, NC (Rainwater) 4

1810 Surry Co, NC (Rainwater) 4

1820 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater) 4

1830 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater) 4

1840 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater) 4

1850 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater, Roy) 5

1850 Lawrence Co, IN (Rainwater, Roy, Phipps) 5

1860 Lawrence Co, IN (Lovell, Phipps, Rainwater, Roy) 7

1870 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Roy) 8

1870 Fulton Co, IL (Roy) 8

1870 Miller TWP, Gentry Co, MO (Roy) 8

1875 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy) 9

1880 Timber, Peoria Co, IL (Carlin) 10

1880 Switz City, Greene Co, IN (Rainwater) 10

1880, Fulton Co, IL (Oaks, Roy) 10

1880 Sac, Dade Co, MO (Roy) 10

1880 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy) 10

1885 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy) 11

1910 Curry Co, NM (Roy) 12

1920 Curry Co, NM (Davidson, Roy) 12

1930 Clovis, Curry Co, NM (Davidson, Roy) 12

Marriage Records 13

Pulaski Co, Kentucky (Rainwater, Roy) 13

Lawrence County, Indiana (Rainwater, Roy, Phipps) 18

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900 (Rainwater, Roy) 19

Obituary and Death Records 24

Elizabeth Roy Pierce (1843 – 1925) 24

Fulton Co, IL Obituary Extracts (Orendorff, Roy) 24

Melinda Roy (1850 - 1937) 24

Pulaski Co, KY Death Index (Rainwater) 24

Probate and Will Records 26

Thomas Fussell (1676 - 1735) 26

John Rainwater (ca 1705 - 1777) 26

William Rainwater (ca. 1774 - 1825) 27

Enos Roy (1780 – abt. 1850) 27

James Rainwater (1806 - 1862) 27

William M. Roy (1814 – 1889) 28

Miles Rainwater (1818 - 1884) 30

Cemetery Records 31

Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater) 31

Higland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS (Roy) 33

Culver Union Cemetery, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy, Stanley) 33

Red School Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Orion TWP, Fulton Co, IL (Roy) 33

Descendants of Hugh Roy 33

Descendants of John Rainwater 33


The first break I received on the Roy side of my family came from information in the ancestral files of the LDS Church- I have since been able to verify much of it from census and marriage records.  Around the early 1700's LDS records have the Roy line in England.  At some time between 1735 and 1771, Thomas and Margaret Mead Roy settled in Virginia. My Roy ancestry follows from Thomas and Margaret to Leonard and Anna Musick Roy[1] to Thomas and Mary Phipps Roy. Thomas and Mary both were born in Virginia but had lived in North Carolina for a short time, moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky by the early 1800's, ending up in Lawrence County, Indiana by 1850.  The Roy and Rainwater families come together when on February 22, 1834, Thomas and Mary’s son, William Merritt Roy, marries Nancy Rainwater in Pulaski County, Kentucky.



The majority of my Rainwater family file comes via 4th cousins, R. Steven Rainwater and his wife, Susan Chance-Rainwater;, their diligence in Rainwater research and willingness to share has provided tons of data.  I think it would be safe to say that Steven and Susan are the foremost experts on Rainwater research and are a remarkable focal point of information.

My Rainwater line is tracked from 7th great-grandfather, John Rainwater, of Pittsville County, Virginia. John married Mary Fussell in 1735 Surry County, North Carolina - Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Frances Fussell of North Carolina. The will of Thomas Fussell is a good source for genealogy data.

John and Mary’s son, James Rainwater, was born in 1736 Surry County, NC. James married Catherine Anne Reagan (Catherine’s maiden name not proven at this point) – my documentation begins with their son, William Rainwater. William Rainwater was born in 1774 Surry County. In 1800, William married Martha (Patsy) Hodge, daughter of Bartholomew and Elizabeth Hodge. I am fortunate to possess the last wishes of William Rainwater, and the last will and testament of his grandfather, John Rainwater. 

Some time between 1810 and 1813, the family of William Rainwater and at least one sister (Elizabeth), made the move to Pulaski County, Kentucky. The 1850 Pulaski County census; Pulaski County marriage records; will records of William and Patsy sons, James and Miles; and William and Patsy Rainwater bible records, and numerous other sources fill in a lot of Rainwater information.


Bible Records

Leonard and Anna Musick Roy

Transcripted Records courtesy of Susan Chance-Rainwater

Leonard Roy                                 b. Sept (rest unreadable)

Anna Musick                                b. May 22, 1774 (married in 1792)

Thomas Roy                                 b. July 4, 1793

Sary (Sarah) Right Roy               b. Nov. 4, 1795

Leonard Roy, Jr.                           b. July 4, 1798

John Parsonette Roy                   b. Feb. 12, 1801

Jane Roy                                        b. June 28 (appeared to have been 1804)

Joseph Shuffey Roy                    b. Oct. 6, 1806

Anny (Anna) Roy                        b. Nov. 26, 1808

Zachariah Roy                              b. May 12 (appeared to have been 1811)

Lucinda Roy                                 (no date visible)

Virginia (Ginny) Roy                    (date unreadable)


Leonard Roy oath of allegiance to the Colonies

I do hereby certify that Dennis Right hath taken and subscribed the oath  or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity, as directed by an Act of the General Assembly instituted an Act to oblidge the free male inhabitants of this state above a certain age to give assurance of allegiance to the same, and for other purposes. Witness my hand and seal this 16th day of August 1777.

Wm. Mills (seal)

( Dennis Right found in Spotsylvania County, Virginia as Dennis Wright when he bought land of Francis Irvin in 1782.)


Military muster request to Joseph S. Roy

Mr. Joseph S. Roy, Sir: Pleas attend the following muster, viz: Battalion  9 May Regimental the 5th of October Court of Assessment the 1st Monday in  Nov. All in Somerset Company muster at Halcomb Robertson's on the 5th  Saturday in April. This March 16th day, 1848. --- Daniel M. Rainwater, 1st. Sgt.

William and Patsey Hodge Rainwater

                        Transcribed from the actual bible record:

Lydia Rainwater daughter of William Rainwater his wife was bornd May the 8D 1802

Bartholomew Rainwater son of Ditto was bornd the 20th of January 1804

James Rainwater son of Ditto was bornd the 8th of February 1806

Abraham Rainwater son of Ditto was bornd the 3rd of April 1808

John Rainwater and Nancy Rainwater son and daughter of Ditto was bornd March the 5th 1810

William Howard Rainwater son of Dito was borned June the 17th 1813

Susannah Rainwater daughter bornd Septembr the 28th 1815

Miles Rainwater son of Dito May the 15th Day 1818

Elizabeth Rainwater was born October the 1(rest presumed to be 821)

Patsey Rainwater daughter of ditto was born March 15th 1823

William Howard and Minerva Rayeborn Rainwater

James B. Rainwater,                     born 21 June 1832

Martha Rainwater,                       born 12 May 1839

John R. Rainwater,                       born 5 April 1841

Miles Rainwater,                          born 21 October 1843

Mary Rainwater,                           born 11 September 1845

Sarah Rainwater,                          born 25 October 1847

William H. Rainwater, born 5 May 1850

Matthew Rainwater,                    born 21 April 1852

Mark Rainwater,                           born 9 Jan 1855

Luke Rainwater,                            born 7 May 1858

George Washington Rainwater, born 20 September 1863

Census Records

1800 Surry Co, NC (Rainwater)

                                                under 10                   10-16       16-26       26-45       45+


James Rainwater                   pg. 687                   Males     01101      Females  00011

1810 Surry Co, NC (Rainwater)

                                                under 10                   10-16       16-26       26-45       45+


William Rainwater                pg. 163                   Males     40010      Females  00100

1820 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater)

                                                under 10                   10-16       16-26       26-45       45+


Abraham Rainwater             pg. 58                    Males 410010        Females 10010

William Rainwaters              pg. 66                     Males 240001        Females 22015

1830 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater)

under 5     5-10         10-15       15-20       20-30       30-40       40-50       50-60       60-70       70-80       80-90       90-100     100+


Abraham Rainwater             pg --, line 22          Males 10001          Females 00001

Bartholomew Rainwater      pg 22                      Males 10001          Females 30001

James Rainwater                   pg 22                      Males 00001          Females 10001

Patsy Rainwater                  pg 22                      Males 0012            Females 02111

1840 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater)

under 5     5-10         10-15       15-20       20-30       30-40       40-50       50-60       60-70       70-80       80-90       90-100     100+


Abraham Rainwater             pg 332                    Males 210001        Females 21001

Bartholomew Rainwater      pg 333                    Males 110001        Females 212201, 1 person engaged in agriculture

James Rainwater                  pg 320                    Males 210001        Females 12011

John Rainwater                    pg 332                    Males 000001        Females 10001

Patsy Rainwater                  pg 332                    Males 00001          Females 00021001

1850 Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater, Roy)

Meadows Roy      38            b. KY                                      Zackariah Roy      40            b. NC

Nancy                    32            b. KY                                      Elizabeth                39            b. KY     

Barthena                11            b. KY                                      Israel                      20            b. KY

Lewis                      7              b. KY                                      Nancy                    18            b. KY

Malissa                  4              b. KY                                      Lucinda                  16            b. KY

Mary                      1              b. KY                                      Elizabeth                14            b. KY     

                                                                                                Columbus              13            b. KY     

Washington Roy 38            b. KY                                      Rosanna                                11            b. KY

Fanny                     45            b. KY                                      Martha                   9              b. KY

John                       19            b. KY                                      Mary                      8              b. KY

Enos                       17            b. KY                                      Zachariah              3              b. KY

James                     14            b. KY                                      Phoebe                   2              b. KY     

Nancy                    12            b. KY                                      Lafayette               1              b. KY

Malinda                 9              b. KY

William                   7              b. KY                                      Joseph S. Roy       43            b. KY

Fliny (male)           5              b. KY                                      Martha                   44            b. NC

                                                                                                Lucy                       19            b. KY

Agnes Roy            62            b. VA                                      Isaac                       17            b. KY

Elizabeth                37            b. KY                                      Sarah                      15            b. KY

Richard                  19            b. KY                                      William                   12            b. KY

Lucy                       17            b. KY                                      Tabitha                  10            b. KY

Cyntha                   13            b. KY                                      Martha                   7              b. KY


Elizabeth Rainwater             87?          b. NC                      Abraham Rainwater             42            b. NC

Susannah                              33            b. NC                      Anna                                      40            b. NC

                                                                                                Stanton                                  19            b. KY

Miles Rainwater                   32            b. KY                      Joesa? (female)                     18            b. KY

Frances                                  27            b. KY                      Ephraim                                  15            b. KY

Silas                                        6              b. KY                      Hardin                                    13            b. KY

Terrels?                                  4              b. KY                      Sarah                                      9              b. KY

David                                     3              b. KY                      Abram                                    5              b. KY

                                                                                                Nancy                                    3              b. KY

James Rainwater                   44            b. NC                      Susan                                     9/12         b. KY

Mary                                      40            b. KY

William                                   19            b. KY                      Bartholemew Rainwater      47            b. KY

Martha                                   17            b. KY                      Nancy                                    43            b. KY

Enock                                     15            b. KY                      Samantha                               20            b. KY

John                                       13            b. KY                      Mary                                      16            b. KY

Mary                                      11            b. KY                      Susan                                     14            b. KY

Sarah                                      9              b. KY                      John                                       12            b. KY

Amanda                                 6              b. KY                      Abraham                                10            b. KY

Samantha                               4              b. KY                      Martin                                    8              b. KY

Alatha                                    1              b. KY                      Jane                                        7              b. KY

                                                                                                Jemima                                   6              b. KY

Daniel Rainwater                  22            b. KY

Ann                                        21            b. KY

Milford E.                              1              b. KY

1850 Lawrence Co, IN (Rainwater, Roy, Phipps)

Spruce Valley Twp                                                                              Shawswick Twp - 21 Nov                   

William Roy                          40            b. NC                                      Lewis Phipps                        67            b. VA

Elizabeth                                44            b. KY                                      Margaret                                57            b. VA

Maria C.                                 16            b. KY                                      Joseph                                   23            b. IN

Joseph                                   19            b. IN                                       Elizabeth                                20            b. IN

John                                       16            b. IN                                       Polly                                       18            b. IN

Jackson Culbertson?           15            b. IN                                       Julius                                      16            b. IN

James Roy                             13            b. IN                                                                      

Nancy                                    11            b. IN                                       Shawswick Twp - 21 Nov   

William                                   9              b. IN                                       Berry Phipps                         50            b. NC     

Susan                                     5              b. IN                                       Sarah A.                                 37            b. KY     

Alfred                                     3              b. IN                                       Francis J.                               22            b. KY     

Elizabeth Culbertson?         12            b. IN                                       Martha A.                              20            b. KY     

Williamson    "    "                10            b. IN                                       Milford C.                              11            b. KY     

Matilda E.                              6              b. IN      

Perry Twp - 5 Nov, pg. 458                                                                                Nancy                                    4              b. IN      

Leonard Roy                         52            b. NC                                     

Frances                                  52            b. NC                                      Perry Twp - 5 Nov

Mary A.                                 22            b. KY                                      Thomas Roy[2]                        57            b. NC

                                                                                                                Mary                                      65            b. NC

Perry Twp - 5 Nov                                                                                 Sarah                                      32            b. NC

William Roy[3]                         36            b. NC                                      George W. Douglas             12            b. IN

Nancy                                    38            b. KY                                      Francis M. (male)                 12            b. IN

Melissa                                  15            b. KY

Clarissa                                  13            b. IN                                       James Ray                             49            b. NC

Martha                                   11            b. IN                                       Mary                                      49            b. NC

Thomas                                  9              b. IN                                       John                                       20            b. NC

Betsy                                      7              b. IN                                       Elizabeth J.                            16            b. IN

John                                       5              b. IN                                       Susan M.                               11            b. IN

Ralph N.                 3              b. IN                                       Mary J?                                  2              b. IN

Nancy J.                                 8/12         b. IN


Perry Twp - 5 Nov, pg. 458                                                                                Perry TWP – 5 Nov pg. 458

Gideon Roy                           25            b. KY                                      John W. Phipps                    36            b. VA

Sarah?                                    29            b. KY                                      Ann                                        30            b. KY

John Sellars                           11            b. IN                                       Martha F.                               13            b. IN

                                                                                                                Horace V.                               10            b. IN

Perry TWP – 5 Nov, pg. 458                                                             Mary A.                                 5              b. IN

Elizabeth Roberts                 35            b. KY                                      Sarah A.                                 2              b. IN

William H.                              6              b. IN                                       Susan McDowell[4]                                65            b. VA

Abraham                                4              b. IN

Drury W. (fem)                     2              b. IN

Lydia Rainwater                   55            b. NC

1860 Lawrence Co, IN (Lovell, Phipps, Rainwater, Roy)

Joseph Ray                           57            b. IN                                       Mary Roy                              55            b. NC

Mary                                      47            b. NC                                      Elizabeth                                60            b. NC

Martha                                   23            b. IN                                       Sarah                                      40            b. NC

John                                       21            b. IN                                                                      

George W.                             15            b. IN                                       Thomas Roy                         17            b. IN

William D.                              9              b. IN                                       Squire Roy                            4              b. IN

                                                                                                                James Helton?                      22            b. IN

James Ray                             23            b. IN                                                                      

Rebecca                                 20            b. IN                                       James Ray                             57            b. NC

                                                                                                                Mary                                      57            b. NC

14 Aug 1860                                                                                          Elizabeth J.                            26            b. IN

Joseph Ray, Jr                      26            b. IN                                       Susan M.                               22            b. IN

Nancy                                    20            b. IN                                       Mary J.                                   12            b. IN

Sarah E.                                  1/9?         b. IN

                                                                                                                David Johnson                     31            b. IN

William Roy                          53            b. NC                                      Emily                                      26            b. IN

Elizabeth                                56            b. TN                                      Johnathan Roy                     6              b. IN

W. Roy                                  20            b. IN

Alfred                                     13            b. IN                                       Caswell Donica                     56            b. TN

Albert                                     11            b. IN                                       Henrietta                                53            b. KY

Nancy Holt                            26            b. IN                                       Racheal Roy                          15            b. IN


Leonard Roy                         61            b. NC                                      Marshall TWP - 15 Jun 1860 p. 919

Frances                                  65            b. NC                                      W. M. Roy                            46            b. NC

                                                                                                                Nancy                                    50            b. NC

Abram Rainwater                 53            b. KY                                      J. Roy (male)                         19            b. NC

Annie                                     48            b. KY                                      Elizabeth                                17            b. IN

Jancey?                                  20            b. KY                                      John                                       15            b. IN

Abram                                    16            b. KY                                      R. S.  (male)                           12            b. IN

Elizabeth                                12            b. KY                                      N. J.  (female)                        10            b. IN

                                                                                                                ?  (male)                                 7              b. IN

Lydia Rainwater                   57            b. NC                                      ?  (female)                              5              b IN

Zac Lovell                             48            b. KY                                      Maranda                                                5              b. IN

Eliz.[5]                                        39            b. KY

                                                                                                                Berry Phipps                         70            b. NC

Gideon Roy                           35            b. NC                                      Sally                                       52            b. KY

Jariah                                      39            b. NC                                      Matilda                                  16            b. IN

C. H. (male)                            9              b. IN                                       Nancy M.                              15            b. IN

                                                                                                                Sarah R.                                 9              b. IN


1870 Indian Creek TWP, Lawrence Co, IN (Roy)

9 Jul 1870

Leonard Roy         71            b. NC                                      Jeriah Roy (female)              49            b. NC

Frances                  77            b. NC                                      Hamegan (male)                    18            b. IN

Perkins, Sarah       17            b. IN

1870 Fulton Co, IL (Roy)

Orion TWP, 25 Jul 1870, pg. 190

Roy, William M.[6]  56            b. NC      Farmer                                    Roy, Thomas        29            b. IN

Nancy                    60            b. NC                                                      Martha                   27            b. IN

William                   18            b. IN                                                       Luenia? (female)   8              b. IN

Miranda                 15            b. IN                                                       John                       6              b. IL

Arminda                 15            b. IN                                                       Annie                     5              b. IL

Melissa                  10            b. IN                                                       Nancy                    1              b. IL

Martha Oaks[7]        31                           


Roy, John              25            b. IN

Nancy                    22            b. IN

Thomas                  4              b. IL

James                     2              b. IL


Plesant TWP                                                                                        Canton TWP - pg. 364

Hugh Roy or Ray 33            b. NC                                                      Ralph Roy                             23            b. IN

Isabel                     34            b. IL                                                        Nancy                                    25            b. VA

William                   11            b. IL                                                        William                                   2              b. IL

Mary                      8              b. IL

Edna                       6              b. IL                                                        Michael Roy                         22            b. OH

Annie                     4              b. IL                                                        Carrie                                      24            b. Penn

Sarah                      4/12         b. IL                                                        Henry                                     5              b. OH

                                                                                                                Alice                                       1              b. IL

Liverpool TWP

George W. Roy                     46            b. NC                                      Jacob Roy                             28            b. OH

Annie                                     44            b. KY                                      Malinda                                 29            b. PA

Mary B.                                  1              b. IL                                        David                                     4              b. OH

                                                                                                                Louisa                                    1              b. IL

John Roy                               25            b. NC                                      Bolinger, Elizabeth               10            b. OH

Prudence                               19            b. IL                                        George Roy                           20            b. OH

Frank                                      1              b. IL


Lewiston TWP

Roy, D. S.                              51            b. NC

Arminda?                               43            b. OH

Peter A.                                  20            b. IL

Alice                                       16            b. IL

D. S.                                        9              b. IL

Eliza                                        5              b. IL

Flora                                       4/12         b. IL

1870 Miller TWP, Gentry Co, MO (Roy)

Leonard Roy[8]        55            KY

Frances                  48            KY

Emirine                   23            MO

Allen                      17            MO

Alla A.                   15            MO

Thomas                  13            MO

Virginia                  10            MO

Martha J.               8              MO

Lucy A.                  6              MO

1875 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy)

John Roy               29            b. IN  via IL                                           Thomas Roy         33            b. IN via IL

N. E. (female)         26            b. IN                                                       Martha                   31            b. IN

T. E. (male)            9              b. IN                                                       S.C. (female)          13            b. IL

J. H. (male)             7              b. IL                                                        J.E. (male)              10            b. IL

I. A. (female)         4              b. IL                                                        E.A. (female)         8              b. IL

                                                                                                                N.J. (female)          6              b. IL

J. J. Pierce[9]             33            b. IN  via IL)                                          L. (female)              2              b. IL

E. (wife)                  32            b. IN

N. M. (female)       10            b. IL

M. J. (female)        6              b. IL

C. L. (male)            4              b. IL

W. H. (male)          2              b. IL

1880 Timber, Peoria Co, IL (Carlin)

William Carlin       30            b. IN       fath IN    moth KY

Miranda                 25            b. IN       fath NC  moth KY

Alsa S. (male)        3              b. IL       

Jackson M.            1              b. IL

1880 Switz City, Greene Co, IN (Rainwater)

Ephraim Rainwater               45            b. KY      fath NC  moth KY

Alonzo                                   21            b. IN       fath KY  moth KY

Luther                                    19            b. IN

Melissa                                  17            b. IN

Nancy A.                               14            b. IN

Ephraim B.                             10            b. IN

Mattie                                    8              b. IN

Margaret Rainwater [10]         18            b. IN       fath IN    moth IN

1880, Fulton Co, IL (Oaks, Roy)

Orion TWP

William M. Roy[11]  66            Retired Farmer      b. NC      fath NC  moth NC

Nancy                                    70                                            b. NC      fath NC  moth NC

William L. Long                    24            Boarder                  b. IL       

Elizabeth Buzzard                 12            Servant                                  b. IL


H. Bailey Oaks                      48                                            b. IN       fath KY  moth KY

Claressa Oaks                       43                                            b. IN       fath NC  moth NC

L. Ann                                    15                                            b. IN

Elizabeth                                13                                            b. IL

Mandy E.                               11                                            b. IL

Lemmeal K.                            9                                              b. IL

Thomas N.                             6                                              b. IL

Allen B.                                  4                                              b. IL


Banner, pg. 35D

John W. Orendorff               49            IL            fath GA?                moth NC

Amanda                                 25            IN            fath KY                  moth NC

Mary                                      19            IL            fath IL                    moth O.

Caroline                                 2              IL            fath IL                    moth IN

Joseph Davis                        19            IL            fath IN                    moth O.

1880 Sac, Dade Co, MO (Roy)

Page 227B

Zacarias L. Roy[12]                  34                            b. KY      fath NC  moth KY

Malinda                                                 32                            b. KY     

William H.                              8                              b. KY

Sarah L.                                  5                              b. KY

Nevada C.                              11/12 June.            b. MO

Zacariah Roy                        67                            b. NC      fath VA  moth NJ

1880 Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy)

Jun 1880, Henry TWP

Ralph N. Roy        32            b. IN       fath NC  moth NC

Nancy                    3?            b. VA      fath VA  moth VA

William H.              11            b. IL

Mary C.                  5              b. IL

Nancy                    11/12       b. KS


Culver TWP

John Roy[13]            35            b. IN       fath  SC  moth KY

Nancy E.                32            b. IN

Thomas E.             14            b. IL

James H.                12            b. IL

Ida H.                     7              b. IL

Jessimine               4              b. KS


Jonathan Pierce    38            b. IN       fath b. VA              moth b. KY

Elizabeth                37            b. IN       fath b. NC              moth b. OH

Nancy M.              15            b. IN

Maranda J.            11            b. IN

Cyrus L.                 9              b. IN

William H.              7              b. IL

Mary E.                  5              b. KS

Eliza A.                   4/10         b. KS (Feb)

1885 Culver TWP, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy)

Martha Roy           42            b. IN                                       Martha Roy           37            b. IN       fath VA  moth NC

John                       20            b. IL                                        Samantha A.         18            b. IN       fath IN    moth IN

Jennie                     15            b. IL                                        John E.                   15            b. IL

Nora                       12            b. IL                                        Emma Ida               13            b. IL

Lavella                   7              b. IL                                        Nancy J.                 10            b. IL

Christie                  5              b. IL                                        Lenord                   8              b. IL

                                                                                                Leuella                   3              b. KS

                                                                                                Christie                  6/12         b. KS (Dec)

J. J. Pierce[14]           43            b. IN

Elizabeth                42            b. IN

Mary A.                 15            b. IL

Cyrus                     14            b. IL

William                   12            b. IL

Mary                      9              b. KS

Eliza                        5              b. KS

Addie                     2              b. KS

1910 Curry Co, NM (Roy)

St. Vrain

Zachriah L. Roy    63            b. KY      fath NC  moth KY                married 39 years

Malinda                 60            b. KY      fath KY  moth KY

James B. 27            b. MO

Lillian B. 22            b. MO

1920 Curry Co, NM (Davidson, Roy)

Clovis, page 26A

William A. Davidson           50            b. KY      fath TN  moth KY

Lillian[15]                                   32            b. MO     fath KY  moth KY

Zack L. Roy                           73            b. KY      fath OH  moth OH

Melinda                                 71            b. KY      fath KY  moth KY


James B. Roy                        37            b. MO

Mayme L.                              31            b. TN

Claude E.                               9              b. NM

Charles T.                              4              b. NM

1930 Clovis, Curry Co, NM (Davidson, Roy)

page 23A

Wm. A. Davidson                61            b. IL        fath KY  moth KY                age at first marriage 43

Lillian                                     42            b. MO     fath KY  moth KY                age at first marriage 24

Melinda Roy (mother)         80 wd.     b. KY      fath KY  moth KY                age at first marriage 21

Marriage Records

Pulaski Co, Kentucky (Rainwater, Roy)

The following Pulaski County, KY Rainwater marriage abstracts courtesy of R. Steven Rainwater and Susan Chance-Rainwater

James Rainwater m. Polly McDaniel, 29 Apr 1826. Consenting: Marty Rainwater (kinship not stated) and William McDaniel, bride's father. Surety: Spencer Weddle

Nancy Rainwater m. William Roy, 22 Feb 1834. Surety: Jacob Meece and John Rainwater

John Rainwater m. Elizabeth Lawless, 2 Dec 1837. Consenting: James and Franky Lawless (kinship not stated). Surety: George W. Carter

William H. Rainwater m. Mary Ann Rayburn, 4 May 1838. Consenting: John and Margaret Rayburn, bride's parents. Surety: George C. Carter

Patsey Rainwater m. Tilman Davenport, 14 Dec 1841. Consenting: Martha Rainwater, bride's mother. Surety: Abraham Rainwater. Witnesses: Abraham and William Rainwater

Elizabeth Rainwater m. Isaac Roberts, 24 Nov 1843. Consenting: Patsy Rainwater, bride's mother. Surety: Abraham Rainwater

Miles Rainwater m. Frances Cheney, 29 Jul 1843. Consenting: Hiram Cheney, bride's father. Surety: J. W. Hammonds

Emily Rainwater m. Alexandria Eastham, 10 Aug 1844. Surety: Bartholomew Rainwater

Elizabeth W. Rainwater m. William N. Cooper, 19 Aug 1844. Consenting and Surety: James Rainwater, bride's father

Anne Rainwater m. Daniel Weddle, 25 Jul 1846. Surety: Bartholomew Rainwater

Sally Rainwater m. Galen M. Weddle, 6 Jul 1847. Consenting: Polly Weddle, groom's mother, and Bartholomew Rainwater, bride's father. Surety: Bartholomew Rainwater

McDaniel Rainwater m. Ann Whitaker, 14 Dec 1848. Consenting: Bartholomew Rainwater, groom's father, and Anderson Compton, brother-in-law of the bride. Surety: George W. Duck

Mary Rainwater m. Joshua B. Cooper, 9 Oct 1851. Consenting: Levi Cooper, groom's father

William H. Rainwater m. Nancy Jane Russell, 29 Oct 1851. Surety: William H. Rainwater

Enoch Rainwater m. Martha Ann Compton, 22 Dec 1852. Consenting: James Rainwater, groom's father, and Micajah Compton, bride's father. Surety: Enoch Rainwater.

Susannah Rainwater, age 40, m. J. J. Luster, age 50, 6 Sept 1855. Witness: Daniel Rainwater.

Susannah Rainwater m. Thomas D. Hainey, 14 Jan 1856. Consenting: Bartholomew Rainwater, bride's father and Martha Hainey, groom's mother. Surety: Thomas D. Hainey and Vandalia Weddle

Martha Rainwater, age 17, m. William Dove, age 18, 18 Feb 1856. Consenting: Willie Rainwater, bride's father. Wedding at the residence of William Rainwater, Rev. William Weddle presiding. Witnesses: John Rainwater, William Henry Meece.

John Rainwater, age 19, m. Elizabeth S. Porter, age 15, born Pike Co., 2 Dec 1857. Wedding at the residence of W. L. Porter, Rev. J. W. Hammonds presiding. Witnesses: Miles Rainwater, S. Williams

Sciota Rainwater, age 19, m. John L. Elder, age 21, 24 Feb 1859. Consenting: Bartholomew Rainwater, bride's father. Wedding at the Rainwater residence, Rev. J. W. Hammonds presiding. Witnesses: D. M. Rainwater, M. Rainwater

Nancy Rainwater, age 20, m. Milton Emmerson, age 19, 26 July 1860. Consenting: John Emmerson, groom's father.

Sarah Rainwater, age 17, m. Harrison A. Compton, age 21, 1 Sep 1860. Consenting: James Rainwater, bride's father. Wedding at the residence of James Rainwater, Rev. William S. Porter presiding. Witness: Enoch Compton.

Welcome Giles Rainwater, age 20, m. Sarah Emmerson, age 16, 19 Sep 1861. Consenting: John Rainwater, groom's father and John Emmerson, bride's father. Wedding at Emmerson residence, Rev. W. L. Porter presiding.

Josiah W. Rainwater, age 23, m. Elizabeth Jane Weddle, age 18, both born Pulaski Co., 11 Jan 1866. At the home of Solomon Weddle.

Alathea Rainwater, age 16, m. John Dick, age 23, both born Pulaski Co., 28 Jan 1866. At the home of Polly Rainwater.

Amanda Rainwater, age 20, born m. Marshall Dick, age 21, both born Pulaski Co., 8 Mar 1866. At the home of Polly Rainwater.

Miles Rainwater, age 23, born Pulaski Co., m. Permelia Emily Cain, age 20, born Pulaski Co., 18 Oct 1866. At the home of W.R. Cain.

George A. Rainwater, age 20, born Pulaski Co., m. Pamela (Permelia) S. Garner, age 20, born Pulaski Co., 6 Mar 1867. At the home of G.W. Garner.

Milford E. Rainwater, age 19, m. Permelia Ellen Garner, age 18, both born Pulaski Co., 24 Oct 1867. At the home of W.S. Garner.

David Rainwater, age 21, born m. Ann Mariah Garner, age 20, both born Pulaski Co., 21 Feb 1869.

Polly Jane Rainwater, age 19, Pulaski Co., m. Leon (Sion?) Woodridge, age 29, born Russell Co., 4 Dec 1870. At the home of D. M. Rainwater.

 Mary Elizabeth Rainwater, age 19, m. Robert Tilman Gossett, age 21, both Pulaski Co., Nov 1871. At the home of Miles Rainwater.

Perry Milton Rainwater, age 21, m. Polly Ann Stewart, age 27, both born Pulaski Co., 10 May 1874. At the home of S.B. Gossett.

Sarah E. Rainwater, age 20, born Pulaski Co., m. Alex Hunley, age 21, born Whitley Co., KY, 10 Aug 1876. At the home of Jane Rainwater.

Annie M. Rainwater, age 27, born Pulaski Co., m. Elliot B. Watson, age 29, born Adair Co., 30 Oct 1876. At the home of George Garner.

William H. Rainwater, age 17, m. Martha Redmond, age 16, both born Pulaski Co., 19 Dec 1880. At the home of William Redmond.

Coatney E. Rainwater, age 21, m. John R. Hainey, age 28, both born Pulaski Co., 6 Feb 1881. At the home of Miles Rainwater.

Anderson Rainwater, age 19, born Pulaski Co., m. Mary J. Morris, age 19., born Wayne Co., 10 Oct 1881.

Montaree Rainwater, age 14, born Pulaski Co., m. Thomas Harrison, age 22, born Barren Co., KY, 30 Dec 1882. At the home of Samantha Rainwater.

Adaliza Rainwater, age 21, m. J. R. Ware, age 19, both born Pulaski Co., 31 Dec 1882. At the home of E. Rainwater.

O.W. Rainwater, age 28, born Green Co., KY, m. Margaret E. Lefavers, age 24, born TN, 7 Oct 1883. At the home of F. LeFavers.

Caladonia Rainwater, age 16, born Pulaski Co., m. C. C. Tate, age 17, born Casey Co., 26 Nov 1884. At the home of E. Rainwater.

Bartholomew Rainwater, age 20, m. Elizabeth Daus (Daws), age 23, both born Pulaski Co., 30 Apr 1885.

Leonidas B. Rainwater, age 19, farmer, born Pulaski Co., m. Rosetta Harber, age 19, born Virginia, 2 Jan 1887.

Francis M. Rainwater, age 20, farmer, m. Amanda Rainwater, age 26, both born Pulaski Co., 27 Nov 1887. At the home of E. Rainwter.

Joseph D. Rainwater, age 19, farmer, m. Doretta E. Wood, age 19, both born Pulaski Co., 6 May 1888.

Fountain Rainwater, age 36, farmer, m. Paralee Rainwater, age 36, both born Pulaski Co., 19 Nov 1889. At the home of E. Rainwater

Sarah H. Rainwater, age 26, m. B. F. Daws, age 27, farmer, both born Pulaski Co., 5 Aug 1890. At the home of Frances Rainwater.

James Rainwater, age 26, farmer, m. Martha McQueary, age 21, both born Pulaski Co., 6 Nov 1890.

R. F. Rainwater, age 22, farmer, m. Martha J. Sharp, age 18, both born Pulaski Co., 27 Dec 1891

Perry M. Rainwater, age 28, farmer, born Pulaski Co., 2nd marriage, m. Matilda Foster, age 34, born Wayne Co., 1 May 1892

Samantha Rainwater, age 44, born Pulaski Co., m. John Sawyer, age 64, farmer, born Wayne Co., 2nd marriage, 28 Aug 1892

Virgil M. Rainwater, age 17, farmer, m. Dora E. Cooper, age 20, both born Pulaski Co., 18 Jan 1893

Mary E. Rainwater, age 25, m. Silas Campbell, age 25, farmer, both born Pulaski Co., 22 Mar 1893

Elzaria Rainwater, age 22, born Pulaski Co., m. Wesley R. Huff, age 22, farmer, born Wayne Co., 14 Oct 1894. At home of D. M. Rainwater.

Terressa Rainwater, age 23, m. William L. Porter, age 25, farmer, both born Pulaski Co., 16 Dec 1894. At home of E. Rainwater.

Lubantees Rainwater, age 29, farmer, m. Nannie Morris, age 22, both born Pulaski Co., 23 Jan 1896

Palmyria Rainwater, age 26, born Pulaski Co., m. James F. Anderson, age 26, farmer, born TN, 14 Jan 1897

J. M. Rainwater, age 27, farmer, m. Burthetta Sharp, age 19, both born Pulaski Co., 21 Nov 1897

Mary F. Rainwater, age 21, born Pulaski Co., m. Gideon W. Jasper, age 24, farmer, born Casey Co., 26 Feb 1899. At home of G. A. Rainwater.

Nancy J. Rainwater, age 30, 2nd marriage, m. Robert R. Foster, age 28, farmer, both born Pulaski Co., 30 Mar 1899.

Sarah E. Rainwater, age 46, m. Eli Barnes, age 53, blacksmith, 3rd marriage, both born Pulaski Co., 23 Jul 1899. At the home of D. M. Rainwater.

Enoch D. Rainwater, age 35, m. Laura Land, age 40, both born Pulaski Co., 21 Aug 1902. At the home of R. F. Rainwater.

George M. Rainwater, age 23, born Casey Co., m. Sarah J. Weddle, age 17, born Pulaski Co., 4 Jan 1903.

Enoch Rainwater, age 65, born Pulaski Co., m. Mary E. Roy, age 35, born Russell Co., 27 Oct 1903. 2nd marriage for both parties.

Herbert Rainwater, age 22, born Casey Co., m. Idella Gosser, age 19, born Russell Co., 7 Dec 1904.

Hoy E. Rainwater, age 24, born Pulaski Co., m. Maude Vickery, age 20, born Wayne Co., 2 Jan 1907. At the home of Oscar Rainwater.

Oscar Rainwater, age 20, m. Ada Cooper, age 17, both born Pulaski Co., 15 Jan 1907. At home of W. H. Rainwater.

Silas M. Rainwater, age 42, m. Mary Schoolcraft, age 27, both born Pulaski Co., both 2nd marriage, 13 Dec 1908.

Carl B. Rainwater, age 28, born Pulaski Co., m. Ethie D. Poppelwell, age 23, born Russell Co., 27 Mar 1910. At the home of F. Rainwater.


1911-1937 marriages were abstracted and contributed by Jim Garner

Charles [corrected to 'Charley' in Order Book 33] S. McLin, 22, 1st, residence/he/parents born Pulaski Co., to Myrtie Rainwater, 24 [corrected to '26' in Order Book 33], 1st, residence/she/parents b. Pulaski Co., bond date 18 June 1910, mar. date 19 June 1910 by Levi Green at his residence. No surety for bond. MB 40, pp. 324-325.

Harrison Cook, 19, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to Dona Rainwater, 18, 1st, residence/she/father b. Pulaski Co., mother b. Russell Co., bond date 28 April 1911, mar. 'To be married at G.W. Rainwater's on April 30, 1911'; certificate gives 30 August [sic] 1911 at Willis Rainwater's. Surety: J.E. Thomas. MB 41, pp. 262-263.

George Cain, 21 [as of] Feb. 6, 1911, 1st, residence Pulaski Co., b. Russell Co., parents b. Wayne Co., to Fannie Rainwater, 21 [as of] Jan. 1911 [day not given], 1st, bond date 22 Dec. 1911, mar. date 25 Dec. 1911 at Brack Rainwater's in Pulaski Co. Surety: Wm. F. Burkett. MB 42, pp. 56- 57.

B. H. Whittle [marriage certificate give B. H. White], 22, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Russell Co., to Louisa Rainwater, 18, 1st, residence/born Pulaski Co., father b. IN, mother b. TN, bond date 17 July 1912, mar. date 18 July 1912 in Pulaski Co. 'General R. Stephens sworn as to the signature of Oliver W. Rainwater & wife.' Surety: G.R. Stephens. MB 42, pp.448-449.

Lewis Rainwater, 21, [as of] Nov. 27, 1912, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to Gracie Wilson, 15, 1st, residence/she/parents b. Pulaski Co., bond date 31 Jan. 1913, mar. date 2 Feb. 1913 at Fount Wilson's in Pulaski Co. No surety on bond. MB 43, pp. 194-195.

Herbert Rainwater, 23, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to Florence Maupin, 22, 1st, residence/she/parents b. Pulaski Co., bond date 17 May 1913, mar. date 18 May 1913 at Martha Rainwater's in Pulaski Co. Surety: Oscar Rainwater. MB 43, pp. 368-369.

Arling Jasper, 18, 1st, residence Ohio, he/parents born Casey Co., to Mollie Rainwater, 20, 1st, residence/she/parents born Pulaski Co., bond date 31 May 1913, mar. date 1 June 1913 in Pulaski Co. Surety: W.R. Huff. MB 43, pp. 388-389.

James Rainwater, 48, 2nd, residence/he/parents born Pulaski Co., to Amanda Wheat, 1st, residence Russell Co., birthplace not given for her or parents, bond date 16 June 1913, mar. cert not filled out, this note: "To be married at residence of Levi Wheat, Russell County KY on the 18th day of June 1913." Surety: Geo. McKinley. MB 43, pp. 404-405.

George M. Rainwater, 35, 2nd, residence/born Casey Co., parents b. Pulaski Co., to Eva Roy, 21 [as of] Sept. 16, 1913, 1st, residence/she/parents born Pulaski Co., bond date 2 July 1914, mar. date 5 July 1914 at J.N. Roy's in Pulaski Co. Surety: K.G. Weddle. MB 44, pp. 468-469.

Samuel Rainwater, 18, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to Ollie Gaines, residence/she/parents b. Pulaski Co., bond date 2 Sept. 1914, mar. date 3 Sept. 1914 at Rev. Wm. Collins' in Pulaski Co. Surety: J.M. Tarter. MB 44, pp. 550-551.

Jas. H. Hunley, 25, 2nd, residence/he/mother born Pulaski Co., father b. TN, to Myrtle Rainwater, 25, 1st, residence/she/parents born Pulaski Co., bond date 14 Oct. 1914, mar. date 15 Oct. 1914, cert. says married at J.D. Wilson's by F. Rainwater; elsewhere says to be married at Rev. Fountain Rainwater's. No surety for bond. MB 44, pp. 620-621.

Bart Rainwater, 50, 2nd, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to America Dye, residence/she/parents b. Casey Co., bond date 22 April 1915, mar. date 25 April 1915 at Rev. C.L. Bradley's in Pulaski Co. No surety on bond. MB 45, pp. 280-281.

Fred Rainwater, 28, 1st, residence/he/parents b. Pulaski Co., to Lottie M. Garner, 25, 1st, residence Mart TX, b. TX, father b. Pulaski Co., mother b. Canada, bond date 18 Sept. 1915, mar. date 19 Sept. 1915 at Rev. C.L. Bradley's in Pulaski Co. No surety on bond. MB 45, pp. 476-477.

Green Fitzgerald, 67, widower, to Matilda Rainwater, 58, widow, born Whitley Co., dau. of Wm. & Polly Foster. Bond & mar. date 31 July 1916. MB 46, p.165.

Herbert Campbell, 21, single, born/residence Pulaski Co., son of H.N. Campbell & Ella Campell [sic], to Bertha Rainwater, 18, single, born/residence/ Pulaski Co., dau. of Durham & Hattie Rainwater, bond date 2 May 1919, marriage date 4 May 1919, Pulaski Co. Surety: William F. Pittman. MB 51, p. 29

Thomas Rainwater, 24, single, born/residence Pulaski Co., son of Bart & Elizabeth Rainwater, to Ella E. Burge, 18, single, born/residence Pulaski Co., dau. of Wm. R. & Amanda Burge, bond & marriage date 9 May 1919 at Somerset KY. by R.C. Tartar. (Thomas' occupation was given as 'farmer and US soldier'.) Sureties: Herbert Daws & V. (or 'U.') M. Rainwater. MB 51, p. 34.

George T. Morris, 37, widowed, b. Pulaski Co., residence Pointer PO, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Morris, to Amanda Rainwater, 27, widowed, b. Russell Co., residence Ingle, dau. of Levi & Sarah Wheat, bond date 25 Nov. 1919, mar. date 26 Nov. 1919 Pulaski Co. Surety: John Meadors. MB 52, p. 71.

Herschel M. Rainwater, 24, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence 'Pointer PO KY', son of Wm. H. & Martha A. Rainwater, to Lola B. Cooper, 24, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence 'Pointer PO KY', dau. of Isaac E. & Lizzie Cooper, bond date 20 Jan. 1920, mar. date 22 Jan. 1920 at Isaac Cooper's. Surety: V.M. Rainwater. MB 53, pg. 20.

Thomas E. Rainwater, 28, widower, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Faubush PO KY, son of Barth- ---- & Elizabeth Rainwater, to Sarah MMargaret Bray, 22, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Ingle PO, *, bond date 21 July 1923, mar. date 23 July 1923 @ courthouse, Somerset, KY by R.C. Tartar. Surety: E.H. Weddle. MB 62, p. 55.

Vincent Wilson, 21, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Pointer, son of J.R. & Miranda B. Wilson, to Zella Rainwater, 16, single, b. TX, residence Pointer, dau. of Oscar & Ada Rainwater, bond date 15 Feb. 1924, mar. date 17 Feb. 1924 at Oscar Rainwater's, Poynter [sic] KY. Surety: Alonzo H. Dick. MB 64, p.19.

Oliver L. Rainwater, 28, divorced, b. Pulaski Co., residence Rt. 2 Somerset, son of G.W. & Alvira Rainwater, to Bertie B. Hudson, 20, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Rt. 2 Somerset, dau. of Richard & Bannie Hudson (latter 'dec'd'), bond date 21 March 1924, mar. date 22 March 1924 at Richard Hudson's. Surety: J.M. Meece. MB 64. p. 44.

William L. Rainwater, 25, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Somerset, son of M. (or 'Mc.') Henry (or McHenry) & Ruth Wilson [sic], to Flonnie M., Wilson, 20, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Nancy, dau. of Rufus F. & Martha J. Rainwater [sic], bond date 15 Sept. 1925, mar. date 20 Sept. 1925 at Nancy KY. No surety for bond. MB. 67, p. 109.

Walter B. Dixon, 41, widowed, b. Pulaski Co., residence Oil Center, son of John P. & Amelia Dixon, to Bertie Rainwater, 21, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Oil Center, dau. of W.H. & Martha Rainwater, bond & mar. date 26 Feb. 1927 at Somerset Courthouse. Surety; Bertie Rainwater [sic]. MB 71, p.57.

Francis Pierce Rainwater, 22 [as of] Jan. 23rd, 1928, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Ingle PO, son of Oliver W. & Margaret ?L. Rainwater, to Zella M. Huff, 21 [as of] Nov. 4, 1927, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Ingle PO, dau. of Jerome Huff and Arizona Rainwater [sic], bond date 14 May 1928, mar. date 15 May 1928 at Dorena KY. Surety: Robert Huff. MB 74, p.15.

Velber Rainwater, 19, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Pointer KY, son of Oscar & Ada Rainwater, to Alma Tarter, 19, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Cains Store, dau. of L.M. & Loretta Tarter, bond date 7 Dec. 1928, mar. date 8 Dec. 1928 at Somerset. Surety: Herschel Rainwater. MB 75, p.31.

Virgil Rainwater, 25, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Somerset,, son of George Willis & Elvira Rainwater, to Gertie Leffew, 21 [as of] Nov. 1928 [day not given], single, b. TN, residence near Somerset, dau. of Stephen & [first name not given] Leffew, bond & mar. date 8 Dec. 1928 at Hislope KY. Surety: John A. Mincey. MB 75, p. 32.

Cecil Allen, 21 [as of] Nov. 21, 1928, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Pointer PO, son of David & Nettie Allen, to Dortha B. Rainwater, 15 [as of] April 11, 1928, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence near Ingle, dau. of 'James Rainwater & Amanda Wheat Morris', bond & mar. date 24 Dec. 1928 at Nancy KY. Surety: Sidney W. Sumner. MB 75, p. 43.

Robert Rainwater, 21, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Somerset KY, son of R.F. & M.J. or M.Y. Rainwater, to Zella Wilson, 20, b. Pulaski Co., residence Somerset, KY, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. M.H. Wilson, written permission for bride dated 19 May 1930, bond date 31 May 1930, MB 78, p. 84.

Clarence Rainwater, 26, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Nancy, KY, son of A.W. or A.N. & Mary Rainwater, to Edithe Dye, 17, single, born Pulaski Co., residence Pointer, KY, dau. of Walter & Bannie Dye, bond date 3 Sept 1930, marriage date 4 Sep 1930, MB. 79, p. 38.

Schulyer Burton, 20, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Nancy KY, son of V.O. & Florence Burton, to Stella Rainwater, 16, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Nancy KY, dau. of H.E. & Florence Rainwater, bond & marriage date 22 Oct. 1932 at Somerset. Surety: Florence Rainwater. MB 84, p. 111.

Clyde K. Rainwater, 22, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Pointer KY, son of Oscar & Ada Rainwater, to Zella Tarter, 21, b. Pulaski Co., residence Cains Store, dau. of Lewis & Loretta Tarter, bond date 16 March 1934, mar. date 17 March 1934 at Fonthill [Russell County] KY. Surety: Hoy Dick. MB 88, p. 116.

Brent W. Gosser, 20, single, born Pulaski Co., residence Dorena, son of ?J.?N. & Agnes Gosser, to Sary F. Rainwater, 19, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Ingle, dau. of ?__ennie Rainwaters [sic] & Mandy Rainwater Morris. Bond & mar. date 27 May 1936 at Ingle KY by E.G. Rainwater. Surety: E.G. Wilson. MB 92, p.39.

Ed Rainwater, 34, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Rt. 2, Somerset, son of G.W. & Elvira Rainwater, to Beatrice Burton, 21, single, b. Pulaski Co., res. Delmer, KY, dau. of Everett & Beulah Burton, bond date 28 June 1935, mar. date 29 June 1935 at Delmer KY. Surety Oliver Rainwater. MB 92, p. 76.

Ruric Rainwater, 20, single, born Pulaski Co., residence Cains Store, son of Fred & Lottie Rainwater, to Andria [or Audria] Adkins, 18, single, b. Pulaski Co., residence Ingle KY, dau. of Starlin & Demona Adkins, bond date 26 Sept. 1936, mar. date 27 Sept. 1936 at Catherine KY. Surety; John Gossett. (One of the witnesses was Ruric's mother, Lottie Garner Rainwater.) MB 93, p. 15.

Cosby C. Grider, 37, 'divorced in ______ [word illegible]', b. Russell Co., residence Cains Store, son of C.W. & Eva Grider, to Marie Rainwater, 21, single, b. Casey Co., residence Cains Store, dau. of G.M. & Eva Rainwater, bond & mar. date 28 Nov. 1936. 'Register of Marriage' indicates marriage was to take place in Russell Springs (Russell Co.). Surety: Marie Rainwater [sic]. MB 93, p. 74.

U.G. Wilson, 54, widowed, b. Russell Co., residence W. Somerset, son of W.W. & Millie Wilson (both 'dec'd'), to Florence Rainwater, 34, single, b. Pulaski Co. residence W. Somerset, dau. of Bart & Lou Ella Rainwater (both 'dec'd'), bond & marriage date 20 Jan. 1937 at Somerset. Surety: Florence Rainwater. MB 93, p. 145.


Elizabeth W. Rainwater               m: William N. Cooper           19 Aug 1844

Patsey Rainwater                         m: Tilman Davenport           14 Dec 1841

Emily Rainwater                            m: Alexandria Eastham        30 Aug 1844

Daniel M. Rainwater                    m: Ann Whitaker                  14 Dec 1848

James Rainwater                           m: Polly McDaniel                29 Apr 1826

John Rainwater                             m: Elizabeth Lawless            2 Dec 1837

William H. Rainwater                   m: Mary Ann Rabern           4 May 1838

Miles Rainwater                           m: Frances Cheyne              29 Jul 1843

Elizabeth Rainwater                     m: Isaac Roberts                   24 Nov 1843

Ann Rainwater                             m: Daniel Weddle 25 Jul 1846

Sally Rainwater                             m: Galen M. Weddle            6 Jul 1847


Patsy Roy                                      m: William Able                    8 Jan 1845

Jemima Roy                                   m: Robert Anderson            4 Nov 1812

Jane Roy                                        m: Levi Bledsoe                    6 Mar 1824

Rebecca Roy                                 m: James Dick                         9 Mar 1843

Phariba Roy                                  m: John W. Hammonds       5 Nov 1827

Anna Roy                                      m: Christopher Harnis         1 Oct 1832

Elizabeth Roy                                m: James Hyden                   18 Oct 1831

Joannah Roy                                 m: John Jones                       21 Feb 1835

Pheby Roy                                    m: Andrew McGowan         28 Mar 1832

Lewis W. Ray                               m: Sarah G. Goff                    28 Jun 1848

Amy Roy                                       m: Richard Richardson        9 Feb 1825

Andrew Roy                                 m: Ginny Smith                     19 Oct 1802

Asa Roy                                        m: Susanah Hall                    6 May 1809

Cabell Roy                                     m: Elizabeth Barclay             9 Mar 1848

David Roy                                     m: Elizabeth Jones                17 Feb 1844

James D. Roy                                m: Nancy Yates                    26 Aug 1847

John Roy                                       m: Nancy Dockery               3 Feb 1845

Joseph Roy                                   m: Lucy Hainey                    14 Sep 1831

Joshua Roy                                   m: Sarah Hall                         2 Apr 1823

Susannah Roy                              m: Samuel Surber  10 Nov 1823

Sally Roy                                       m: Alex Wilson                     15 Nov 1833

Lawrence County, Indiana (Rainwater, Roy, Phipps)

Elizabeth Ray[16]             m: Jonathan J. Pierce           6 Aug 1863

Joseph Ray                   m: N. Myers

John Ray                       m: S. A. Mills

John Roy                       m: A. Wagner

John John Roy             m: Jane Bames

Alexander Ray              m: D. Humphrey

James Ray                     m: Rebecca Chapman

Thomas Roy                 m: Martha Pierce                  18 Sept 1860

John Ray                       m: Prudence C. Gaither        7 Nov 1861

Thomas Roy                 m: Susan E. Kim

William Roy                  m: Irena Stover

Geo. W. Roy                 m: Mary Gaither

Albert Roy                    m: Euphema E. Doan                            2 Mar 1869

Joseph Roy                   m: Angeline Bowden

Wm D. Ray                    m: Mary F. Da(rest unreadable)

Joseph Ray                   m: Rebecca (last name unreadable)

Cicero H. Roy               m: Susan E. Boyd                 26 Jan 1871

Albert Roy                    m: Sarah Ertes

Albert Ray                     m: Mary E. Fuller

Squire Roy                    m: Rhoda Mize                                      2 Jan 1876

Gideon Roy                   m: Iriah Potter

Squire Ray                     m: Sarah Ann Woolery                       30 Sep 1840

Wm Ray                         m: Elizabeth Coleman                           25 Mar 1843


Benj Phipps                   m: Polly Phipps                                     9 Jul 1841

Berry Phipps                 m: Sally Perry                                        1 Dec 1862

Benj P. Phipps              m: Desty Herron                                   21 Sep 1863

John W. Phipps            m: Anne McDowell                              2 Nov 1863

Bartholomew Phillips   m: Elizabeth D. Alexander                   22 Jun 1863

Lawrence Co.


Rainwater contributed by Diana Flynn

Ephriam R. Rainwater m. Melissa Roy, 15 Feb 1857, Book C pg 555

Ira H. Rainwater                            m. Caroline Raisor, 9 Sep 1869, Book E pg 246

Joycia Rainwater                          m. Louis R. Lemon, 8 Aug 1867, Book E pg 57

Sally Ann Rainwater                    m. Moses S. Cunningham, 25 Mar 1860, Book D pg 17

Nettie Rainwater, age 26,            m. Thomas Owens, age 30, stonemason, 12 Sep 1900, Book K pg 439. Bride and groom born Indiana. Bride's parents: Ephriam and Melissa Rainwater. Groom's parents: Preston and Sarah Owens

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900[17] (Rainwater, Roy)

MARTIN, ALBERT L                      ROY, ADEL (MISS)             KANKAKEE                         11/17/1875

LEPAGE, LOUIS                               ROY, ADELAIDE ST. CLAIR                             11/03/1829

GAUTHIER, JOSEPH                      ROY, ADELENIA KANKAKEE                         12/23/1860

LETOURNEAU, ALBERT R           ROY, ALBIA J                      KANKAKEE                         06/15/1898

BEALE, MARION                            ROY, ALICE C                      DE WITT                               03/05/1874

HAMILTON, JOHN W                   ROY, ALLIE J                       COLES                                   07/28/1889

ORENDORFF, JOHN W  ROY, AMANDA                  FULTON                                01/14/1874

COOK, WILLIAM R                        ROY, AMANDA M             VERMILION                         03/02/1871

CARR, WILLIAM                            ROY, AMEZILIA ST. CLAIR                             09/28/1871

FEARNSIDE, THOMAS ROY, ANN E                         WHITESIDE                         01/02/1849

RANDOLPH, CHARLES ROY, ANNE                          WABASH                             10/26/1893

MAYER, ALBERT                           ROY, ANNIE                         COOK                                    06/23/1892

ROACH, JOHN                 ROY, ANNIE (MRS)            COOK                                    09/17/1892

MAHER, JOHN                                ROY, BARBARA COOK                                    12/27/1893

PARKER, S J                                     ROY, BELL                            PERRY                                   01/07/1894

WALLIS, CHARLES E                    ROY, BELLE                          ST. CLAIR                             08/28/1888

MCDERMOTT, TERENCE             ROY, BELLE                          COOK                                    06/18/1878

LOUVIERE, EUGENE                       ROY, CELESTINE                RANDOLPH                         02/04/1844

SEGUIN, EUGENE                            ROY, CELESTINE                RANDOLPH                         02/04/1844

LUNDON, SHERMAN                    ROY, CELILA E.   EDGAR                                  12/09/1885

VAYETTE, GEORGE                        ROY, CELINA                       KANKAKEE                         11/15/1892

ZILLER, JOSEPH                              ROY, CHRISTINE                COOK                                    10/06/1887

TUPENOT, AUGUSTUS S             ROY, CLEMENTINE A       ST. CLAIR                             06/01/1874

DAVIS, JAMES                                ROY, CLORINDA B             DE WITT                               09/28/1865

MELORD, DOSITHIE                      ROY, EDOURDANA           COOK                                    02/11/1872

SECOR, ORIL                                    ROY, ELDA                           COOK                                    10/13/1883

MCMANN, JAMES J                      ROY/RAY, ELIZA J             UNION                                   06/17/1877

ROY, JOSEPH G                               ROY, ELLA                           ST. CLAIR                             01/10/1900

KIEFER, ANTHONY                       ROY, ELLEN                         ST. CLAIR                             12/10/1878

LEWICK, MICHAEL                       ROY, ELLEN                         CLARK                                  04/23/1866

DUCHARME, DAVID                     ROY, ELVINA (MISS)         KANKAKEE                         11/07/1887

WARE, JOSEPH                               ROY, EMMA                        WHITESIDE                         07/22/1858

WARE, JOSEPH                               ROY, EMMA                        COOK                                    07/29/1858

MCKINLEY, C.L.                              ROY, ESTALINE  DE WITT                               02/20/1878

STURGEON, WILLIAM S              ROY, FLORA B                    CHRISTIAN                          03/07/1889

BEAUPRE, ALFRED                       ROY, GELLE (MISS)            KANKAKEE                         03/29/1891

BROOKS, THOMPSON  ROY, HARRIET E                WARREN                              05/18/1842

COX, FERRY R                 ROY, HARRIETT F              CHAMPAIGN                      03/19/1900

TROTIER, WILLIAM                      ROY, HELEN                         ST. CLAIR                             04/04/1815

GARDNER, SAMUEL                     ROY, HENRIETTA              DE WITT                               01/04/1872

CYRIER, LUDGER                            ROY, HERMINEGILDE       KANKAKEE                         10/06/1874

HEHLER, WILLIAM                       ROY, IDA                              COOK                                    05/03/1890

ALDEN, HORACE F                        ROY, ISABELLE R               KENDALL                             05/15/1879

MARTIN, JOHN                              ROY, JANE                           PEORIA                 09/30/1851

ZONDEY, VINCENT                        ROY, JENNY                         ST. CLAIR                             11/03/1864

OGLE, PETER                                   ROY, JULIA                          ST. CLAIR                             02/11/1902

BEQUET, ANDRE                            ROY, JULIE                           ST. CLAIR                             08/12/1792

PLOUDRE, LOUIS                           ROY, JULIE                           ST. CLAIR                             05/27/1865

SMRCINA, WILLIAM L                ROY, JUSTINA                    MADISON                            06/03/1873

SMRCINA, WILLIAM L                ROY, JUSTINA                    MADISON                            06/03/1873

STEVENS, FRANK V                      ROY, KATHERINE M         COOK                                    09/18/1888

BOALS, WILLIAM H                     ROY, KATIE E                      WHITESIDE                         11/02/1877

REAGAN, JOHN F                           ROY, LORENA                     SANGAMON                       11/22/1886

SAUER, EDWARD                          ROY, LORETTA                   MADISON                            04/18/1894

MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM           ROY, LUCINDA                   HANCOCK                           11/15/1849

MAY, ALEXANDER                       ROY, LUCY                           COOK                                    02/19/1889

ROY, WILLIAM J.                           ROY, LUELLA (MISS)        CHAMPAIGN                      09/01/1886

TREAT, THOMAS R                      ROY, LYDIA M                    DEKALB                               09/25/1870

LUCAS, JOHN H                              ROY, MAGGIE                     ADAMS                                08/26/1876

FRAZIER, ROBERT                         ROY, MAGGIE                     PULASKI                              12/27/1900

INGOLD, GUY V                               ROY, MARGARET              WILL                                      10/17/1899

JONES, JOHN                                   ROY, MARGARET ANN    FULTON                                04/16/1863

PLOUFF, FRANCOIS                      ROY, MARGUERITE           ST. CLAIR                             07/06/1830

TURFERMANT, EUSEBE              ROY, MARIE E                     KANKAKEE                         07/20/1867

BOYD, ROBERT                               ROY, MARTHA                   RANDOLPH                         11/13/1852

MCFARLAND, JAMES  ROY, MARTHA C               FULTON                                05/06/1866

VERNER, NICKOLAS                     ROY, MARY                         ST. CLAIR                             11/03/1862

ROY, SIMON                                    ROY, MARY                         ST. CLAIR                             08/09/1824

SHORES, H L                                    ROY, MARY                         COLES                                   07/20/1879

BENJAMIN, PIERRE/PETER         ROY, MARY (1591)             IROQUOIS                            09/05/1875

DURSTEIN, HENRY G                    ROY, MARY ALICE            COOK                                    08/21/1890

DURSTEIN, HENRY G                    ROY, MARY ALICE            COOK                                    08/21/1890

GATHERS, RICHARD                    ROY, MARY ANN               SANGAMON                       10/31/1868

KELLEY, FRANCIS M                    ROY, MARY C                     SCHUYLER                           08/23/1868

BURKE, THADDEUS T  ROY, MARY E                      ADAMS                                03/21/1889

WISE, JAMES A                              ROY, MARY F                      SANGAMON                       02/12/1880

NEWMAN, ALLISON                    ROY, MARY J                      COLES                                   01/12/1882

SHEARER, LEWIS                           ROY, MARY JANE              PIATT                                    03/31/1880

BOUTLLET, JOSEPH                      ROY, MARY JANE              RANDOLPH                         02/13/1844

ROACH, WILLIAM                        ROY, MARY MRS               FULTON                                01/17/1843

GARLAND, ROBERT E  ROY, MELINA A COOK                                    12/13/1893

MARSOLEN, ALFRED                   ROY, MILLIE                        CRAWFORD                        11/04/1876

HOLLAND, JOHN B                        ROY, MINERVA P               VERMILION                         03/15/1879

CARLON, WILLIAM                      ROY, MIRANDA FULTON                                08/26/1875

SOUTH, JAMES C                           ROY, MOLLIE W CUMBERLAND                   10/24/1886

SPRATT, WILLIAM R                   ROY, NANCY                       DE WITT                               12/31/1871

LYONS, JOHN H                              ROY, NANCY ANN             CLAY                                     09/10/1875

JORDAN, WILLIAM COSMO      ROY, NELLIE                        COOK                                    10/18/1881

JOHNSON, THOMAS                     ROY, OCDEVIAH                DE WITT                               10/24/1867

SHOEMAKER, CYSTER R             ROY, OLIVE N                      FULTON                                01/01/1896

SHOEMAKER, SYESTER R           ROY, OLIVE N                      FULTON                                01/01/1896

JARVAIS, DOSITHE                       ROY, OLIVINE                      KANKAKEE                         11/18/1879

JOHNSON, JOHN                            ROY, PHEBE                         DE WITT                               04/03/1870

MOORE, SAMUEL                          ROY, REBECCA   SANGAMON                       09/07/1882

LOWENLEITER, GEORGE              ROY, ROSALIE                    COOK                                    06/10/1884

MOORE, WILLIAM E                     ROY, SADIE                         SANGAMON                       08/06/1884

GREMON, JOHN B                          ROY, THERESA                   ST. CLAIR                             10/10/1853

LAFRAMBOISE, BAPTIST           ROY, THERESE                    ST. CLAIR                             01/23/1815

LAFRAMBOISE, JEAN  ROY, THERESE                    ST. CLAIR                             01/23/1815

CYRIER, PHILIP                               ROY, UNKNOWN               KANKAKEE                         10/28/1891

DUFRENE, AUGUSTIN  ROY, VICTOIRE   ST. CLAIR                             12/27/1839

PARADIS, LEVI                               ROY, VITALINE   KANKAKEE                         11/04/1877

FLOOD, FREDERICK                      ROY, ZELIE A                      ST. CLAIR                             01/31/1860

JOLLY, AUGUSTUS                        ROY, ZELLIA                       MADISON                            04/26/1893


ROY (RAY), WILLIAM  GARRISON, MARY E. (MRS)           EDGAR                                  09/16/1884

ROY(MISSING), JAMES B             WEAVER, CHARLOTT                      JOHNSON                             02/08/1847

ROY, (UNKNOWN)                         DEGRUSSE, JULIA                              RANDOLPH                         02/09/1864

ROY, ADOLPH                 ROMAIN, ROSALIE                           RANDOLPH                         04/10/1860

ROY, ALBERT                  ABNEY, BERTIE                  SALINE                                 02/20/1896

ROY, ALFRED                  PARENT, LIDA (MISS)                      KANKAKEE                         12/25/1872

ROY, ALFRED J                               BRADY, MARY E                                MENARD                              01/20/1892

ROY, ANDREW                               BELCHA, MARTHA                           CALHOUN                            07/23/1838

ROY, ANTHONY                             ROCHE, MARY                                    ST. CLAIR                             01/08/1860

ROY, ANTOINE                               GODAIR, MARY LOUISA RANDOLPH                         11/17/1851

ROY, ARCHIE BERTRAND           WOLLAVER, JENNIE ELLA              KANE                                    10/25/1904

ROY, ARTHUR O                            NELSON, EVANGELINE E COOK                                    09/20/1890

ROY, CHARLES A                           LATHE, FRANCES E                          WHITESIDE                         11/30/1865

ROY, CHARLES E                            FIGH, MINNIE                                      WHITE                                  09/14/1893

ROY, CLOVIS L                                CRESSON, ODILE                                COOK                                    05/03/1891

ROY, COLUMBUS F                       BELL, MARGARET                             EDGAR                                  08/18/1861

ROY, DAVID                                    LYONS, ETTA                                      BROWN                                09/03/1886

ROY, DAVID                                    LEPAGE, SUSAN                 ST. CLAIR                             11/15/1842

ROY, EDWIN                                    HASKINS, RACHEL ALICE              VERMILION                         08/31/1892

ROY, ELOY A                                   GILBERT, MARY                 MONROE                              04/16/1855

ROY, EUSIBE                                    DROLLET, ANNA                               KANKAKEE                         10/12/1867

ROY, FRANCIS                                LACOSTA, HELENNE (LECOSTE)   ST. CLAIR             04/04/1807

ROY, FRANK                                   DEROUSSE, JULIA                             RANDOLPH                         02/09/1864

ROY, FRANZ                                    ZIMMERMAN, HELEN                      COOK                                    12/02/1890

ROY, GEORGE                  REAVIS, THURSEY                             FULTON                                08/27/1857

ROY, GEORGE                  SHEALLEY, ISABELL                         MC DONOUGH                    04/19/1855

ROY, GEORGE                  WALKER, ANNA                               CHAMPAIGN                      11/04/1878

ROY, GEORGE                  BRAY, MARY E                                   KANKAKEE                         06/25/1895

ROY, GEORGE W                             TURLEY, LAURA C                            SANGAMON                       07/26/1879

ROY, GEORGE W                             TUTTLE, MAGGIE MISS   CHAMPAIGN                      08/21/1889

ROY, GULE                                       JODERN, JULIE                                    RANDOLPH                         06/06/1861

ROY, HANSEN                 SIMMONS, SARAH                           COOK                                    12/15/1881

ROY, HENRY                                    AYERS, NANCY A                              CLAY                                     08/16/1869

ROY, HENRY                                    MANNIE, AREILIA                            KANKAKEE                         01/12/1891

ROY, HERMAN L.                           PARAMORE, MANIE E.                    IROQUOIS                            01/04/1892

ROY, HIACINTHE                           REVOIR, SOPHIAH                             KANKAKEE                         01/01/1866

ROY, HOMER                                   SAVIOR, MATHILDA                        KANKAKEE                         04/23/1879

ROY, HOMER V                               BERGEN, JESSE V                                RICHLAND                           11/24/1913

ROY, HUGH W.                                BARNHART, JULIA A. (MISS)        CHAMPAIGN                      06/27/1888

ROY, ISAAC                                     SHARKEY, JOSEPHINE                     KANKAKEE                         11/25/1877

ROY, ISAAC P                 MUSTAIN, MAGGIE                          MC DONOUGH                    03/07/1872

ROY, ISRAEL C                                JONES, HARRIET E                                            EDGAR                  02/03/1852

ROY, J W                                           GAUNT, M M                                                      PULASKI              06/23/1880

ROY, JAMES                                    WAMMACK, NANCY J                                    CLAY                     02/22/1861

ROY, JAMES F                 MURPHY, JULIA E                                             GRUNDY               07/05/1869

ROY, JAMES F                 ANDERSON, NORA                                           COLES                   12/22/1881

ROY, JAMES M                               CLARK, MARGARET                                        SHELBY 02/01/1887

ROY, JAMES M                               FUNKHOUSER, ALICE G                   WHITE                  08/12/1877

ROY, JAMES W                               HUNTINGTON, ADA                                         COOK                    07/01/1879

ROY, JEAN BAPTISTA  DELARMO, MARIA                                           HANCOCK           06/13/1852

ROY, JEAN PIERRE                         LEFEBURE, MARGUERITE                               ST. CLAIR             01/16/1785

ROY, JEAN PIERRE, MRS.             LALANDE, MARGUERITE LEFEVRE            ST. CLAIR             01/16/1785

ROY, JOE A                                      AUSMUS, BLANCHE                                         ADAMS                07/14/1892

ROY, JOHN                                       CRAIG, SARAH                                                   RANDOLPH         06/20/1855

ROY, JOHN                                       GERADINE, AGA                                                ST. CLAIR             07/31/1841

ROY, JOHN                                       PIERCE, NANCY L                                              FULTON                03/19/1865

ROY, JOHN B                                   PENSONEAU, JULIE                                           ST. CLAIR             04/18/1876

ROY, JOHN H                                   BULMER, HATTIE V                                          COOK                    10/10/1886

ROY, JOHN J                                    WILLIAMS, SARAH                                          SANGAMON       02/07/1867

ROY, JOHN W                  CROWELL, ELLEN                                              ST. CLAIR             11/16/1881

ROY, JOSEPH                                   GAVALLE, MARY                                              ST. CLAIR             10/15/1866

ROY, JOSEPH                                   GAMACHE, ADELIA                                         ST. CLAIR             06/30/1887

ROY, JOSEPH                                   MARTIN, THERESE                                           ST. CLAIR             06/05/1837

ROY, JOSEPH                                   LAFROMBOISE, MARIE                                   ST. CLAIR             08/23/1847

ROY, JOSEPH                                   CHATILLON, SALLY                                         ST. CLAIR             05/27/1862

ROY, JOSEPH                                   BRAULT, FLORENCE                                         KANKAKEE         05/22/1871

ROY, JOSEPH                                   BELANGER, ELLEN                                            KANKAKEE         07/01/1883

ROY, JOSEPH                                   PELLETIER, EVA                                 KANKAKEE         05/09/1895

ROY, JOSEPH E                                HATCH, EMILY S                                               FULTON                06/21/1853

ROY, JOSEPH G                               BAILEY, JENNIE E                                              ST. CLAIR             09/17/1888

ROY, JOSEPH G                               ROY, ELLA                                                           ST. CLAIR             01/10/1900

ROY, JOSEPH H                               MCHUGH, KITTIE                                              COOK                    09/16/1891

ROY, JOSEPH HERCULE                GELINO, MARIE BERTHE                 KANKAKEE         01/15/1894

ROY, JULE                                        JARVAIS, MARY U                                            ST. CLAIR            01/20/1874

ROY, LEMUEL W                            BRITTIN, BERTHA B                                         DE WITT               12/15/1892

ROY, LOUIS                                      BENOIT, ROSE                                     KANKAKEE                         10/28/1867

ROY, LUTHER RICE                        ELLIOTT, MARGARET A ADAMS                                10/19/1865

ROY, MARK                                     CLOGGETT, ANNIE F                         MC LEAN                             10/31/1895

ROY, MERIDY F                              VICK, SUSAN                                      WILLIAMSON                     03/24/1872

ROY, MILTON                 TAYLOR, LUCRETIA                         ST. CLAIR                             10/25/1879

ROY, MOISE                                     DUTOUR, CELINE                               IROQUOIS                            10/24/1864

ROY, MOSES                                    CHALIFOUX, REBECCA   COOK                                    05/01/1889

ROY, MOSES A                               CHALIFOUX, EMMA                        COOK                                    09/10/1892

ROY, MOSES W                              FRANKLIN, RHODA J                       SHELBY                 07/10/1862

ROY, NAPOLEON                           DONDERAND, MARY                       KANKAKEE                         10/01/1876

ROY, NAPOLEON                           CYRIER, ADELE                  COOK                                    09/05/1891

ROY, NARCISSE                              BUNKER, ADDA (MRS BONKER)  IROQUOIS            09/11/1867

ROY, NARCISSE                              BUNKER, MATTIE                                             IROQUOIS            10/11/1867

ROY, NARCISSE                              MELANCON, MELANIE                                    IROQUOIS            01/28/1868

ROY, NORTON J                              HENRY, NELLIE                                   COOK                    05/07/1884

ROY, PHILIP L.                 CAISSE, ROSE                                                     IROQUOIS            11/07/1882

ROY, PIERRE JR                               KOEPPEN, ANNA                                               COOK                    10/26/1893

ROY, R B                                           BRONSON, AMELIA                                          WINNEBAGO      12/11/1886

ROY, RALPH N                                SCYBERT, NANCY E                                          FULTON                08/20/1868

ROY, REUBEN B                              HORRACE, SARAH ANN                 VERMILION         01/09/1853

ROY, RICHARD                               TROWER, SARAH ANN                                   MC DONOUGH    01/21/1858

ROY, ROBERT                  BLACK, CHRISTINA                                          COOK                    04/26/1886

ROY, ROBERT J                               ARBOGAST, MISSOURI ANN                         DE WITT               02/25/1869

ROY, ROBT L.                  KELLER, MRS. ELIZABETH V.                         LA SALLE             02/02/1899

ROY, SIMON                                    ROY, MARY                                                         ST. CLAIR             08/09/1824

ROY, SOLOMON E                          KIMBERLIN, ELBERTHA MAY                       VERMILION         02/25/1896

ROY, THOMAS                               POLLOCK, AGNES                                              KENDALL             10/29/1887

ROY, THOMAS H                           MILLER, TREACY                                               PULASKI              04/25/1896

ROY, THOMAS J                             LOWE, MARTHA                                               CHRISTIAN          06/02/1894

ROY, VICTOR                   CHALIFOUX, LEOCADE                   COOK                    04/15/1894

ROY, WEBSTER E                           TAYLOR, MILLIE A                                           JEFFERSON          02/10/1895

ROY, WILLIAM                               SATTERFIELD, MARGARET                           WHITE                  09/14/1868

ROY, WILLIAM                               LECOUR, ALEXINE C                                         KANKAKEE         08/02/1894

ROY, WILLIAM G.                          SHIELDS, EMMA DELLA (MRS)                     EDGAR                  03/01/1892

ROY, WILLIAM GUY                     WEBER, AUGUSTA                           MONTGOMERY  06/21/1890

ROY, WILLIAM H           GREEN, SARAH M                                                             FULTON                06/19/1894

ROY, WILLIAM H JR                     MYLES, SADIE                                                    COOK                    07/20/1893

ROY, WILLIAM H JR                     MYLES, SADIE                                                    COOK                    07/20/1893

ROY, WILLIAM HENRY                WILSON, ALICE                                  DE WITT               02/17/1897

ROY, WILLIAM J.                           ROY, LUELLA (MISS)                                        CHAMPAIGN      09/01/1886

ROY, WILLIAM L                           LEE, LYRTLE A                                                    CHAMPAIGN      02/16/1891

ROY, WILLIAM M                          BRANT, ELLENORE                                           COLES                   10/05/1885

ROY, WILLIAM T                           VARNER, ELLA                                                   ADAMS                12/29/1892


RAINWATER, CHARLES E          FRASIER, MINNIE BELL                   JEFFERSON          06/10/1900

RAINWATER, E J                           FOOT, MARY ANN                                            PIKE                       11/13/1883

RAINWATER, EPHRAIM             HAMMOND, ELLA                                            KNOX                    08/24/1896

RAINWATER, JACOB                   GIBBS, ELIZABETH                                            ADAMS                03/31/1867

RAINWATER, JAMES H               CREWS, SARAH E                                              ADAMS                07/09/1884

RAINWATER, PASCHAL P          POWERS, JOSEPHINE                                        WARREN              09/06/1868

RAINWATER, S                              HILL, MOURNING                                              JOHNSON             06/03/1847

RAINWATER, SESSOM                HARD, ELIZABETH                                           JOHNSON             11/20/1850


ROSE, JAMES H                              RAINWATER, ALMAH S                 MASSAC              08/04/1900

BIRCH, WILLIAM                           RAINWATER, AMANDA J                              HANCOCK           04/10/1864

WRIGHT, BARREL H                     RAINWATER, ANNA                                        JOHNSON             10/10/1849

MILLER, CHARLES P                     RAINWATER, FLORA M                  HANCOCK           08/04/1898

CLARK, ROBERT E                         RAINWATER, LIZZIE                                        MORGAN             02/11/1880

WILLIAMS, A G                              RAINWATER, ROSA                                         JEFFERSON          07/02/1891

Obituary and Death Records

Elizabeth Roy Pierce (1843 – 1925)

Elizabeth Roy was born in Lawrence County, Indiana March 4, 1843 and passed away at her home April 8, 1925, at the age of 82 years, 1 month, 4 days.

August 6, 1863, she was united in marriage to Jonathan Jasper Pierce and in the same year professed a hope in Christ. Later she moved to Illinois and united with the Primitive Baptist church, of which she remained a member until death. In 1873 she moved to Kansas, with her family, and settled on a homestead near Culver, Kansas, which has been the family home until 1920, when her husband passed away, she then moved to Culver.

To this union was born nine children of whom the following survive: Mrs. W.M. Stanley[18], Minneapolis, Mrs. J.M. Kanarr, Kansas City, Mr. Wm. H. Pierce of Greenville, Illinois, Mrs. Eliza Bremerman, Minneapolis, Kansas, and Mary E. Pierce at home. She is also survived by one sister, two brothers, fifteen grandchildren, thirty-one great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren and a host of friends.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Guy Smith, at the home, Friday at 2 p.m. Burial in Culver Union Cemetery.

Minneapolis Messenger

Fulton Co, IL Obituary Extracts (Orendorff, Roy)

Roy, Nancy w/o Raphiel Norval Roy b. 14 Feb 1844 VA d. Feb 14, 1899 at 41 N. 8th Ave, Canton IL age 55 bur 16 Feb 1899 Fountain Church Cemetery Peoria Co, IL fath John Scibert b. VA moth Martha Scibert b. VA


Roy, Ralph h/o Nancy dec. b. 19 Sep 1848 IN d. 26 Apr 1907 at P. & 0. factory Canton, IL bur. 28 Apr 1907 Red School House Cem. Fath William Roy b. KY moth N.S? Roy Res. Here 17 yrs


Amanda (Roy) Orendorff b. Bedford, IN 11 Dec 1854 d. 8 Oct 1943 88y 9m 28d. w/o John Wesley Orendorff Fath Wm M. Roy b. NC moth Nancy Rainwater b. KY 


John W. Orendorff died 21 Apr 1883 53 yrs old. Wife Amanda Roy. Children: Alice Orendorff d. 21 May 1877 1 yr; Caroline Amanda b. Banner TWP, IL 9 Jul 1878 d. 3 Aug 1961 wife of Hallandsworth; Grace Avaline Orendorff b. F. Co, IL 13 Jan 1881 d. 7 Nov 1962

Melinda Roy (1850 - 1937)

Mrs. Melinda Roy, 87, for 31 years a resident of Clovis and vicinity, died yesterday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. A. Davidson, 808 Prince street, after a lengthy illness.

Funeral services were held this morning at Johnson Bros. chapel with the Rev. J. F. Nix, pastor of the First Baptist church, in charge.  Burial was in Clovis Cemetery.

Mrs. Roy, a well-known resident of this section, leaves three daughters, Mrs. W. A. Davidson and Mrs. W. H. Roy of Clovis and Mrs. Jim Todd of Oklahoma.

Pulaski Co, KY Death Index (Rainwater)

Ada C. Rainwater,                                        Feb 15 1968,          78

Anderson W. Rainwater,                            13 Nov 1938,         76

Archie Rainwater,                                        7 May 1916,           26

Bartholomew Rainwater,                             9 Dec 1923,            58

Infant of Bartholomew Rainwaters,           9 Mar 1914,            U/1

Beecher F. Rainwater,                  28 Jan 1987,           66

Boyd Rainwater,                                           16 Apr 1978,          43

Carl B. Rainwater,                                         13 Dec 1962,          81

Carthel S. Rainwater,                                   16 Jun 1967,           76

Charlie Rainwater,                                        16 May 1986,         86

Clarence E. Rainwater,                                 2 Nov 1982,           78

Clifford Rainwater,                                       23 May 1998,         47

Dora Rainwater,                                            26 Sep 1915,          42

Dora D. Rainwater,                                       3 Jan 1976,             75, died in Florida

Ed Rainwater,                                                30 Sep 1973, 72

Ella Rainwater,                                              3 Feb 1923, 21

Elwood Rainwater,                                       10 Sep 1976, 88

Emasy Rainwater,                                         5 Sep 1912,            01

Ethie P. Rainwater,                                       16 Feb 1968,          81, Russell

Frankie Rainwaters,                                     26 Dec 1911,          88

Fountain Rainwater,                                    20 Dec 1944,          90

George E. Rainwater,                                   22 Mar 1930,          U/1

George A. Rainwater,                  13 Jul 1924,            78

George M. Rainwater,                  22 Jul 1959,            80

Girtie L. Rainwater,                                       28 Dec 1988,          79

Glenda K. Rainwater,                                   13 Aug 1996,         54

Herchel M. Rainwaters,                               27 Jan 1943,           47

James Rainwater,                                          26 Oct 1917,           52

Infant of Johnny Rainwaters,                     29 Dec 1913,          U/1

Laura Rainwater,                                          24 Jul 1946,            88

Lola C. Rainwater,                                        3 Sep 1972,            77

Lottie M. Rainwater,                                    28 Jan 1965,           74

Lou E. Rainwaters,                                       9 Mar 1914,            36

Margaret E. Rainwater,                                29 Sep 1917,          58

Martha A. Rainwaters,                                14 Jun 1919,           54

Mary Rainwater,                                           5 Oct 1941,             85

Maryjane M. Rainwater,                             12 Jun 1962,           96

Matilda M. Rainwater,                                 30 Mar 1963,          88

Mattie Rainwaters,                                       2 Nov 1911,           42

Milton J. Rainwater,                                     12 Aug 1944,         70

Oliver W. Rainwater,                                   9 May 1924,           69

Oscar Rainwater,                                          12 Jan 1945,           58

Paralee Rainwater,                                        11 Jul 1937,            83

Perry M. Rainvatz (misspelled in official records), 11 Jun 1913,           60

Polly Rainwater,                                           1 Aug 1918,           78

Roscoe Rainwater,                                       6 May 1917,           21

Roscoe C. Rainwaters,                                18 Jun 1925,           U/1

Infant of Roy Ramwater (misspelled in official records), 7 Sep 1929, U/1

Infant of Rufus F. Raniwater (misspelled in official records), 15 Jan 1939,         70

Sarah J. Rainwater,                                       29 May 1913,         28

Virgil Rainwater,                                           12 Dec 1952,          49

Virgil M. Rainwater,                                     28 Mar 1959,          83

William L. Rainwater,                   26 May 1949,         48

Probate and Will Records

Thomas Fussell (1676 - 1735)

4 Jun 1735, Bertie Parish, North Carolina

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Fussell of the parish of Bertie in North Carolina being somewhat sick in body but of a sound, perfect, disposing mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertain state of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, do make and order in this my last will and testament in the manner following:

First of all, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping through the merits of my only Savior Jesus Christ to have full remission of all my sins and to inherit eternal life, and as to my body I commit to the earth from whence it came to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor named, and as for my temporal estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give and dispose of in the manner following, viz, in the first place, I do give                        or bequeath to my eldest daughter Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Weaver, six hogs. Likewise to my daughter Mary the wife of John Rainwater, six hogs. Also to my daughter Martha the wife of John Arnal other six hogs more, and to my daughter Ann I do bequeath ten hogs. Likewise to my daughter Sarah, other ten hogs more. Likewise to my daughter Ann, I bequeath the gray horse called Shaver and the gray horse called Squirrel to my daughter Sarah. Also to my daughter Ann, I give the wooling wheel, two cows, two yearlings, one dish, one basin, one blanket, five hundred slay. Likewise to my daughter Sarah, I give two cows, two yearlings, one dish, the pot and cotton cards, the bed and two blankets belonging to the house. Likewise to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Weaver, I give the linen wheel and the four hundred slay. As for my son, Aaron Fussell, I make him my fully and wholly Executor of all the rest of my personal estate, as witness my hand this fourth day of June in the year of our Lord God 1735.

                        Thomas (X) Fussell

                        William (X) Weaver, Jurat

                        Richard (X) Head, Jurat

                        John (X) Cook

John Rainwater (ca 1705 - 1777)

4 November 1771 Surry County, North Carolina

I , John Rainwater of Surry County, North Carolina, being now in perfect sense and memory, thanks be to God, but yet considering that life and sense is uncertain, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. My soul I recommend unto the hands of God. My body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christian manner, and as to my worldly estate, I give, devise, bequest and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

First, I give to my daughters, Mary, Sarah, Betty, Winney, Milley and Molley, to each Five Shillings Prov., money to them and raised out of my estate the same is in full and a bar from their obtaining any more. I give to my son, John, Five Shillings Prov., money to be raised aforesaid, the same is in full and a bar from his obtaining any more unless he should succeed his brother James as Trustee in the management of that part of the estate which I give for support of my wife and son William. I give my plantation and all my land, my negro man Jack and all other of my estate of what kind soever to the whole and sole use, support and maintenance of my wife and son William during their lives, and do hereby will and subject the same into their hands, care and management of my son James, whom I hereby constitute and                       make Trustee to appropriate the said estate to their sole use, support and maintenance as aforesaid, to them either jointly or single in such way and manner as he the said James shall judge and think the most to their profit and best for their support and comfort. And if any part of the said estate should remain after their decease, my will and intent is that he, the said  James, his heirs and assigns, enjoy the same forever. If my son, James, decease before my wife and son William, I will that my son John succeed my said son James in every point as Trustee.

Lastly, I appoint my wife, Mary, Executrix and my sons, John and James, Executors of this my last will to see that all things be performed according to their true intent and meaning thereof. And I hereby disannul and revoke every former will and ratify and confirm this and no Other one to be my last will and testament. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 4th day of November 1771.

                        John (X) Rainwater

                        Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared in the presence of us.

                        Jesse Brimp

                        John (X) Pain


North Carolina, Surry County Court, May 1777

Jesse Brimp, one of the subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of John Rainwater made oath that he saw the said John Rainwater publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament; that he was of sound and disposing mind and memory and that at the same time, he saw John Pain sign the same as a witness and on motion it was ordered to be recorded.

                        Recorded accordingly

                        Jo Williams, County Clerk

William Rainwater (ca. 1774 - 1825)

6 January 1825 Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky (Book 2 Page 192)

We, the undersigned, being called upon by William Rainwater dec'd in his last sickness to hear what disposition he wished made of all his goods and chattels, do declare that the said Decedent wished and desired all his goods and chattels, both real and personal, remain in the possession of his wife, Patsy, during her life or widowhood, to support herself and raise and educate his infant children. He made no further distribution.

                        Distribution, January 6, 1825

                        Thomas Whitely

                        Abraham Rainwater

At a County Court held for Pulaski County at the courthouse thereof in the town of Somerset, on Monday this 7th day of February A.D. 1825, this instrument of writing was exhibited to the court as the Noncupative Will of William Rainwater dec'd, and proven by oaths of Thomas Whitley and Abraham Rainwater, and ordered to be recorded and the same is done accordingly.

                        Attest: Will Fox Clk

Enos Roy (1780 – abt. 1850)

In the name of God Amen.          I Enos Roy of the County of Pulaski and state of Kentucky, being of sound mind, do make this my last will and testament. After all my just debts and demands are paid, I first give all the track of land I now live on,  know by Drury Lees Old Track, to my two sons  Medos Roy and David Dodson Roy; the new entry adjoining  the same to be equally divided between the before named Medow and David D. Roy reserving to my beloved wife during her widowhood, and my daughter Amy while she is single all the before mentioned land and premises, and in case my daughter Amy marries, she is to have one young horse beast, one bed and one cow beast.

All the debts that is coming to me, and all my goods and chattles, of whatever kind, I want disposed of in such a manner as will best comfort th the interest and maintenance of my beloved wife and daughter while single. It is also my wish that at the death of my wife all the property now on hand and not otherwise disposed of, shall be equally disposed of amongst all the children.

I also appoint and will that my wife, Agnes Roy, and Henry Farmer be the executors, to put this my last Will and Testament into effect.  In testimony whereof I have set to my hand and seal this 27th day of October 1833.

Witness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Enos Roy (his mark)

John Silvers

Erekiar Haines

Ebenezer Thompson   

At a County court held for Pulaski County at the ??? thereof in the Town of Somerset on Monday the 18th day November A.D. 1833.

                                                        This instrument of writing was ?? to the court, as the last will and testament of Enos Roy proven by the oath of John Silvers and Ebenezer Thompson, the subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the act and deed of the said Enos Roy Dec'd and ordered to be recorded and the _____ is done accordingly.                                     Att. Will Fox  Clk

James Rainwater (1806 - 1862)

Filed in County Court in 1862, Pulaski Co., KY (Book 6 Page 115)

I, James Rainwater of the County of Pulaski and State of Kentucky do make this my last will and testament. I give to my beloved wife, Mary, all my household and kitchen furniture, and all my stock of every description which I may own at the time of my death. Also the use and occupation of my farm during the time she remains my widow, but if my said wife should  marry after my death, she is only to have what the statute law of Kentucky provides for widows. I also freely empower my wife to sell any of my stocks she may think to be a surplus, either privately or publically, and loan out the proceeds thereof and the occurring interest thereon she may use for the maintenance of her and my infant children. Likewise, if she should use any of the principal in case of necessity, she is not to be accountable thereafter. I also request my wife to collect all my bonds and notes in hand, and dispose of the money in the same manner that of the proceeds of the sale.

I likewise request my wife to give to each of my five infant children: Mary, Sarah, Amanda, Samantha and Alethia whenever they may have come of age: one feather bed and bed stead, one colt, one cow, two head of sheep and one cow to be as near of equal value as possible. And at the death of my wife, I wish my executors to make sale and conveyance of my land and to expose to sale to the highest bidder all my property, to collect all my debts and distribute the proceeds equally among my children who may survive me, and to the children or heirs of such of my children as may not survive me, to be paid to the [unreadable] the same amounts and proportions that their parents would have been entitled to receive had they or either of them been living at the time of said distribution.

And lastly I appoint my sons, William H. Rainwater and Enoch Rainwater, executors of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 8th day of  March 1859.

                        James Rainwater

                        Attested: E.J. Seivers, Isaac Isabell

William M. Roy (1814 – 1889)

William Merrit Roy died intestate – the following is a transcription of his living heirs at the time his death, as reported by his son, Ralph N. Roy – the paperwork was filed on November 10, 1890.


Living heirs   Clarisa Oaks                          (grandchildren)     Luther Rainwater

(children)       Elizabeth Pierce                                                    Malissa Rainwater (Bedwell)

                        Ralph N. Roy                                                        Nancy M. Tannahill

                        Nancy Jane Bowers                                             Ephraim Rainwater, Sr.

                        William P. Roy                                                      Martha Bell Rainwater (Hawk)

                        Amanda Orendorff                                               Nettie Rainwater

                        Miranda Carlon                                                    Samantha E. Mayo

                                                                                                        John E. Roy

                                                                                                        Emma A. (Adalina) Swartz

                                                                                                        Nancy J. Roy

                                                                                                        Leonard Roy

                                                                                                        Luella M. Roy

                                                                                                        Mary C. Roy

                                                                        (great-grandchild)  One whose name not known


Locating William Merritt Roy Heirs

Listed oldest to youngest:

1.        Melissa Roy Rainwater – died prior to the 1880 census - her husband, Ephraim Rainwater, son of Abraham and Ann Rainwater, age 45 b. KY occupation: carpenter is living in Switz City, Green County, IN pg. 107A. The first six William Merritt Roy grandchildren listed are the children of Ephraim and Melissa Roy Rainwater.  One grandchild missing, Alonzo Rainwater, may have died prior to Williams death and could possibly be the father of the unnamed great-grandchild.

2.        Clarisa Roy Oaks – lived in Orion TWP, Fulton County, IL at the time of the 1880 census with husband H. Bailey Oaks and 6 kids.

3.        Martha Roy – not mentioned in heirs list, presumed deceased with no living heirs.

4.        Thomas J. Roy – died in 1879 leaving wife, Martha Pierce Roy, daughter of Joseph and Evaline Parker Pierce, and 7 surviving children that are listed in the grandchildren list (starting with the oldest, Samantha Roy Mayo).

5.        Elizabeth Roy – married Jonathan J. Pierce and is found living in Ottawa Co, KS in the 1880 census – where she remained until her death in 1925.

6.        John Roy – married Nancy Pierce in 1875 Fulton County, IL.  John was omitted from the heirs list for some unknown reason.  His last known location was 1880 Ottawa County, KS (neighboring siblings Ralph N. and Elizabeth Pierce), with wife and 4 of their children.  John’s location after 1880 is unknown.

7.        Raphiel (Ralph) N. Roy – found in the 1880 Ottawa County, KS census neighbor his sister Elizabeth and brother John.  Ralph and family returned to Fulton County, IL - Ralph remained there until his 1907 death.

8.        Nancy Jane Roy – last seen in the 1860 Lawrence County, IN census with her parents, when she was 10 years old.  According to William’s estate her married name was Bowers – her marriage information and location in later years is unknown.

9.        William P. Roy – unable to find William in 1880 but may have a lead on him in 1920 Shoal Creek, Newton County, Mo pg. 2A.  According to the 1920 census, William P. Roy, 67 b. IN with both parents born in NC, married to Charity J. Roy 66 b. IL fath OH moth CT.  In 1930 Jasper Co, MO (neighboring Newton County), Charity is widowed, age reported as 67, age at first marriage 23, b. IL fath OH moth CT.  According to the Jasper County, MO GenWeb site on the internet, Charity Jones Roy (1853 – 1939) and William P. Roy (1852 – 1926) are buried in Fairview Cemetery.  Another Roy, Nannie (1881 – 1918) is also buried in the cemetery.  Additional internet information has William P. Roy b. Jul 1855 m: Charity Jones b. 13 Sept 1853 the daughter of Hugh Jones b. 1806 Allegheny Co, PA and Ester W. Breed b. 3 Nov 1818 New London Co, CT d. 1895 Joplin, MO (Jasper County).  The entry by stated that Charity’s father was a Judge for many years in Peoria County, IL (neighboring Fulton County).  Also, living in Joplin, MO in 1930 is William W. Roy 48 b. KS fath IN moth IL with wife Zelpha A. Roy – this is possibly a lead to the location of William P. Roy around 1880.

10.     Amanda Roy – married John Wesley Orendorff in 1874 Fulton County, IL and are located in Fulton County in the 1880 census with a daughter from John’s previous marriage and a daughter of their own.  Amanda’s parents lived in her household in their later years.

11.     Miranda Roy – married William Carlin in 1875 Fulton County, IL.  They are found in the 1880 census living in Peoria County, IL with two children. 

Miles Rainwater (1818 - 1884)

14 May 1883, Pulaski Co., KY (Book 7 Page 101)

I, Miles Rainwater of Pulaski County, Kentucky do hereby make my last will and testament in the manner and form following, that is to say:

1st, I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease, except one mare and one cow, all the sheep and hogs on hand, one wagon, all the farming tools of every description, all the gearing, all the household and kitchen furniture of every description, all the meat and corn on hand, which I give to my wife, Frances Rainwater, during  her lifetime. After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses out of the proceeds of my                       perishable property not excepted, I give to my two sons Terrell Rainwater and Erasmus M. Rainwater, and my grandson John Silas Rainwater, two hundred dollars each provided the property brings that amount, should there be more, the remainder to be equally divided among  my children. I give to my two sons, Fountain Rainwater and James Rainwater my home lands consisting of four tracts containing [about] three hundred acres, at the decease of my wife, Frances Rainwater. At my decease Fountain and James Rainwater to have the use and  proceeds of the above mentioned lands by them maintaining my wife, Frances Rainwater, during her life, and my daughter Sarah Rainwater, so long as she remains single.

2nd, I give to my daughter, Mary E. Gossett, my farm known as the William Rainwater farm and 3rd, I give to my daughter, Frances J. Tarter, my farm known as the Thornton Bernard farm. 4th I give to my daughter, Courtney E. Hainey, my farm known as the Giles Hendricks place. 5th, I give to my daughter, Sarah A. Rainwater, my farm known as the Irvine place, and lastly do I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, Fountain and James Rainwater,                        executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other former wills or testaments by me heretofore made. I desire that my executors be not required to give security.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th day May 1883.

                        Miles Rainwater

                        Attest: E.T. Barker, Enoch Rainwater


                        State of Kentucky, County of Pulaski, Sct.

I, John S. May, Clerk Pulaski County Court, do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Miles Rainwater, dead, was at the February Term 1884 of court aforesaid produced in open court and proven by the oath of E.T. Barker, one of the two subscribing witnesses thereunto to be the last will and testament of Miles Rainwater, dead, and by said court ordered to be recorded as such. Wherefore the same and this certificate hath been duly recorded in my office. Given unto my hand this 5th day of March 1884.

                        Attest: John S. May, clerk



Cemetery Records

Pulaski Co, KY (Rainwater)[19]

Bradley's Pleasure Cm., Hwy 80

Durham Rainwater, 18 Jul 1874 - 12 Aug 1944

Hattie Rainwater, 13 Jan 1884 - 7 Feb 1956

Bethelridge Cm.

Beecher F. Rainwater, 31 Jan 1920 - 28 Jan 1987

Caintown Cm.

 Zella Mae Rainwater, 4 Nov 1906 - 11 Sep 1985

Cedar Point Cm., Combest Lane off Hwy 80, Faubush

E(lizabeth) Rainwater, died Aug 1860,

Fred Rainwater, son of George A. & Susan, 6 Jul 1887 - 26 Apr 1969,

George A. Rainwater, 1846 – 1924

George Vincent Rainwater, 3 Jun 1871 - 10 Oct 1933,

L. F. Rainwater, May 1875 - 23 Jun 1880

Maggie I. Rainwater, 9 Dec 1879 - 17 Apr 1903

Millie Catherine Rainwater Emerson, wife of John P., 9 Jan 1884 - 20 Nov 1966

Lottie Margaret Rainwater, wife of Fred, daughter of Joseph & Margaret Garner, 28 May

1890 - 28 Jan 1956,

Susan Garner Rainwater, wife of George A., 1846 – 1929

W. H. Rainwater, died Jan 18—

Chesterview Cm., Hwy 80, west of Somerset

Herschel M. Rainwater, 22 Jan 1896 - 27 Jan 1943, married 22 Jan 1920

Lola O. Cooper Rainwater, wife of Herschel, 26 Jun 1895 - 3 Sep 1972

Velber Rainwater, husband of Alma, 8 Dec 1909 - 28 Aug 1967, married 8 Dec 1928

Cundiff Cm., north of Somerset

Archie Rainwater, 25 Nov 1889 - 7 May 1916, unmarked

Hopeful Baptist Church Cm., Oil Center Road

Clyde R. Rainwater, 3 Oct 1911 - 19 Feb 1970,

Enoch Rainwater, 9 Mar 1866 - 1918,

Laura Rainwater, 10 Dec 1858 - Aug 25 1946,

Nancy J. Rainwater, 22 Jul 1834 - 10 Jun 1897,

Roy Rainwater, born & died 7 Sep 1930

W. H. Rainwater, 11 May 1831 - 2 Aug 1871

Zella E. Rainwater, 24 Aug 1914 - (no date)

Oscar Rainwater, 5 Oct 1886 - 12 Jan 1945,

Ada Rainwater, 25 Apr 1889 - 15 Feb 1968,

Lakeside Memorial Gardens, Delmer

Charlie Rainwater, 15 Oct 1899 - 16 May 1986

Dora Delk Rainwater, 20 Feb 1900 - 7 Jan 1976

Howard Rainwater, 22 Sep 1904 - 29 Aug 1976

Leeta Rainwater, 22 May 1910 - 29 Aug 1976

New Hope Church Cm., West Hwy 80

Sarah E. Rainwater Barnes, wife of Eli, 27 Aug 1853 - 16 Dec 1919

Sarah Ann Rainwater Daws, wife of B. F., 10 Jan 1862 - 8 Dec 1949

Loretta Rainwater Doss, wife of Edward, daughter of Warren & Mary, 22 Aug 1890 - 6 Jan 1976

Wilmurth Rainwater Foster, wife of L. G., daughter of Warren & Mary, 1 Nov 1882 - 12 Mar 1915

Sarah E. Rainwater Hunley, wife of Elic, daughter of William, 2 Dec 1853 - 31 Jul 1931,

Anna Rainwater, wife of D. M., 22 Mar 1829 - 28 Aug 1989

Carl Rainwater, son of Enoch & Martha, 7 Apr 1888 - 13 Dec 1962

Carthel Spurgeon Rainwater, son of Fountain & Paralee, 9 Sep 1890 - 16 Jun 1967

Clarence Rainwater, 12 Feb 1904 - 2 Nov 1982

Clifford Cecil Rainwater, 12 May 1916 - 14 Apr 1992

D(aniel) M. Rainwater, no dates

Dora Rainwater, wife of Virgil, daughter of Isacc Cooper, 1873 – 1915

Elwood Rainwater, son of Brack & Rosetta, 15 Nov 1887 - 10 Sep 1971 alt terminal date 10 Sep 1976

Enoch Rainwater, son of James & Polly, 25 May 1936 - 12 Jun 1906

Ethie Rainwater, wife of Carl, daughter of Milton & Lucy Poppelwell, 28 Mar 1886 - 16 Feb 1968

Rev. Fountain Rainwater, 12 Jan 1854 - 20 Dec 1944

Hoy E. Rainwater, husband of Maude, son of William H. & Martha, 9 Jan 1882 - 22 Nov 1910

James Rainwater, 17 Jun 1865 - 25 Oct 1917

Leonidas E. "Brack" Rainwater, son of William, 15 Jun 1859 - 10 Sep 1910

Martha E. Redman Rainwater, wife of William H., 20 Apr 1865 - 14 Jun 1919

Martha J. Rainwater, wife of James, 27 Mar 1869 - 3 Nov 1911

Martha E. Compton Rainwater, wife of Enoch, 7 Jun 1836 - 16 Aug 1898

Mary E. Rainwater, daughter of Martha & Enoch, 2 Not 1855 - 4 Oct 1941

Mary J. Morris Rainwater, wife of Warren, 9 Jul 1865 - 12 Jun 1962

Paralee Rainwater, wife of Fountain, daughter of Enoch & Martha, 5 Jan 1854 - 10 Jul 1937

Orval Rainwater, son of Virgil & Dora, 1894 – 1897

Polly Rainwater, daughter of James, 14 Feb 1842 - >2 Aug 1918

Roscoe R. Rainwater, son of Bartholomew & Elizabeth, 20 Aug 1896 - 25 Sep 1913

Rosetta Harber Rainwater, wife of L. E., 30 Oct 1867 - 18 Mar 1908

Silas Monroe Rainwater, husband of Mary, son of Enoch & Martha, 31 Jan 1866 - 18 Apr 1934

Virgil M. Rainwater, son of Enoch & Martha, 1875 – 1959

William Harrison Rainwater, son of Enoch & Martha, 29 Nov 1863 - 29 Jan 1909

Warren Rainwater, son of Daniel & Annie, 7 Jul 1863 - 13 Nov 1939

Mary E. Burton Rainwater, wife of Monroe, 1 Mar 1881 - 12 Jan 1960

Ada Rainwater Simpson, wife of Simeon, daughter of Enoch & Martha, 2 Mar 1873 - 25 Jan 1961

Adliza Rainwater Ware, wife of James, daughter of Enoch & Martha, 1861 – 1906

Old Caintown Cm.

Francis Pierce Rainwater, 23 Jan 1906 - 12 Jul 2000, son of Oliver Rainwater & Margaret Lefavers

Piney Grove Cm. #2, West Hwy 80

Glenda Kaye Rainwater, 25 Jul 1942 - 13 Aug 1996, wife of Paul, daughter of Bill Burton & Bonnie Meece

Rainwater Cm., Faubush, on private land

Coatney E. Rainwater Haney, wife of John R., 10 Sep 1859 - 12 Sep 1888

B(artholomew) Rainwater, 20 Jan 1804 - 28 Jan 1889

David Rainwater, 30 Nov 1847 - 25 May 1871

Frances Rainwater, wife of Miles, 27 Mar 1823 - 26 Dec 1911,

Miles Rainwater, 15 May 1818 - 9 Jan 1884,

Nancy Rainwater, 20 Aug 1807 - 20 Jan 1883

Slate Branch Cm., Slate Branch Road

Bertie Rainwater, 6 Nov 1903 - 19 Jan 1947,

Boyd Rainwater, 19 May 1934 - 16 Apr 1978, son of Virgil & Gertie

Chester Rainwater, 10 Aug 1945 - Apr 28 1948,

Clifford Rainwater, 5 Dec 1951 - 23 May 1999, son of Virgil & Gertie, husband of Patty McBee

Ed Rainwater, husband of Beatrice, 18 Apr 1901 - 30 Sep 1973,

Elvira Rainwater, wife of George W., 8 Apr 1870 - 17 Apr 1952,

George W. Rainwater, 1 Jun 1862 - 22 Jan 1936

Gertie Lessew Rainwater, 7 Aug 1909 - 28 Dec 1988, wife of Virgil, daughter of Steve Lessaw & Mary Redman

Virgil Rainwater, husband of Gertie, 10 Apr 1903 - 12 Dec 1952,

Tarter Hudson Cm., Faubush

D. A. Rainwater, 29 Sep 1845 - 1 Dec 1891,

P(erry) M. Rainwater, son of Stanton & Eva, 1 May 1853 - 11 Jun 1913,

Tilmon Tarter Cm.,Faubush

Sarah Rainwater, 20 Oct 1835 - 29 May 1913

West Somerset Cm., Somerset

Martha J. Rainwater, 18 Jul 1874 - 30 Mar 1963

Robert R. Rainwater, 19 Dec 1908 - 23 Dec 1958

Rufus F. Rainwater, 1 Apr 1869 - 15 Jan 1939

William L. Rainwater, 7 Jul 1900 - 26 May 1949

Zella Beatrice Rainwater, 25 Jan 1910 - 26 Jan 1998, wife of Robert, daughter of McHenry & Ruth Ellen (Wilson) Wilson

Higland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Ottawa Co, KS (Roy)

Roy , Celesta                unknown to ?

Roy , Lorrona                06/01/1872 to 03/06/1891

Roy , Mrs. Thomas        1843 to 12/17/1923

Roy , Thomas                01/31/1842 to 09/04/1879

Roy , inf. 5 mo.             unknown to ?

Roy , Anthony               08/25/1970 to 09/10/1992

Roy , David                   02/02/1916 to 03/16/1997

Roy , Vera                    06/26/1920 to 01/11/1990

Culver Union Cemetery, Ottawa Co, KS (Pierce, Roy, Stanley)

Roy, Hugh                    1867 to 1947

Roy, Lulu                     1877 to 1929

Roy, Archie                  1906 to 1923

Roy, Ira                        ? to 01/13/1921

Roy, Alice                    1875 to 1896

Roy, Henry                   1862 to 1944

Roy, Thomas                age 52 yr to 02/27/1884

Roy, Mary                    1839 to 1888

Roy, David                   1860 to 1916

Roy, Clara                    1860 to 1958

Stanley, Nancy 1864 to 1942

Stanley, William            1859 to 1945

Pierce, Jonathan           07/07/1841 to 02/28/1920

Pierce, Elizabeth           03/04/1843 to 04/08/1925

Red School Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Orion TWP, Fulton Co, IL (Roy)

William H. Roy             b. Orion TWP, IL 23 Sept 1868  d. 15 Mar 1930 aged 61yr 5 mo 22 days

            Wife Sarah M. Green    father R.M.Roy b. IN    mother Nancy Scybert b. IN


Sadie Margaret Roy      b. Glasford, IL 24 Jan 1873        d. 10 Dec 1933 wife of William Roy

            Father Joel Green b. OH                        mother Sarah Shepard b. OH


Margaret Elizabeth Roy b. Canton, IL 2 Mar 1919           d. 18 Nov 1919

            Father William b. IL      mother Sarah Green b. IL



Descendants of Hugh Roy



Descendants of John Rainwater

[1] The family bible of Leonard Roy and Anna Musick Roy was helpful in providing information in the birth dates of their children and also contained additional documents of interest.


[2] This is the last known record I have of Thomas and Mary Phipps Roy, parents of William Merritt Roy.  I included the Phipps families I ran across in Lawrence Co, Indiana due to the Roy and Phipps connections.  Thomas Roy’s brother, Leonard, also married a Phipps, Frances Phipps.  On 9 October 1852, George Phipps, became the guardian to John and Cyntha Phipps, minor heirs to Louisa Phipps.  I do not know where this fits in to the Phipps of my research or any of the Phipps family relationships, at this time.

[3]  In 1834, William Merritt Roy (son of Thomas and Mary Phipps Roy) married Nancy Rainwater. Nancy was the daughter of William and Martha (Patsy) Hodge Rainwater of Pulaski County. Between 1835 and 1837 William and Nancy Rainwater Roy moved to Lawrence County, Indiana.  I searched for Roy (spelling sometimes looked like "Ray") families in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Lawrence County census reports.

[4] Ann McDowell married John W. Phipps in 1863 – highly likely that Susan is Ann’s mother.

[5] Elizabeth Rainwater, sister of Lydia – married Isaac Roberts in 1843 then married Zachariah Lovel (son of Zachariah and Elizabeth Kelsey Loveall) around 1852.

[6]  Jonathan and Elizabeth Roy Pierce left Lawrence County between 1869 and 1871. It is possible Jonathan and Elizabeth were missed by the census takers, in 1870, since I was able to locate both of their parents in Fulton County, IL in the 1870 census. The third and fourth children of Jonathan and Elizabeth Roy Pierce were born in Illinois but by the time their daughter Mary was born in November 1875 they were living in Culver, Kansas - Ottawa County.  Three of Elizabeth’s brothers, Thomas, John, and Ralph, moved to Ottawa Co, KS as well.

[7] Reported in census as “housekeeper”.

[8] Ran across this Leonard Roy family while doing research on another family line in Gentry County, MO.

[9] Jonathan Jasper Pierce married Elizabeth Roy 6 Aug 1863 in Lawrence County, Indiana. They were still in Lawrence County when my great-great-grandmother, Nancy Margaret Pierce, was born in 1864, they were in Fulton County, IL in 1872 when son William was born, and in Ottawa County, KS in 1872 for Mary's birth.

[10] Magarett Rainwater reported in census as daughter-in-law – Alonzo reported as the married son.

[11] This is the last census record I have on William and Nancy Rainwater Roy.  William died 27 Aug 1889 in Fulton Co, IL and Nancy died 10 Aug 1891.

[12] Zachariah Roy, grandson of Leonard and Anna Musick Roy, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth Hopper Roy, tracked in this documentation because he actually ended up in Curry County, NM – home of the author of this text, Terry Davis.  His father, Zacariah, was a “book canvasser” and widowed at the time of this census.

[13] John Roy (parent birth locations not correct in census), son of William Merritt Roy and brother to Ralph N. and Elizabeth Roy Pierce of this census.  When his father William died in 1889, John and his family were not even mentioned as heirs – have not been able to locate John Roy and his family since the 1880 KS census.

[14] Jonathan Jasper Pierce died in 1920 Ottawa County and Elizabeth died in 1925. Elizabeth Roy Pierce's death certificate was an informative record for her parentage - it specifically stated father as "William Merrit Roy" and mother as "Nancy Rainwater". Elizabeth’s obituary also helped fill in family information.

[15] Lillian B. Roy Davidson, daughter of Zachariah and Melinda Conover Roy

[16] William Roy's daughter Elizabeth married Jonathan Jasper Pierce 6 Aug 1863 in Lawrence County, Indiana. Jonathan Pierce was the son of Henry and Margaret Loveall Pierce of Lawrence County. I have a few unconnected Roy marriages (some appear to look like Ray) that took place in Lawrence County around this same time period - showing that there are Roy families in the area not accounted for, yet.

[17] Illinois online marriage record index,

[18] Nancy Margaret Pierce, first born of Jonathan and Elizabeth Roy Pierce, married William Milton Stanley in 1882 Ottawa County, Kansas. William M. Stanley was the son of Robert and Anna Maria Cornelius Stanley of Ottawa County. William and Nancy Pierce Stanley were the parents of my great-grandmother, Grace Alice Stanley.

[19] A more comprehensive cemetery record of Rainwaters is available on the Internet site of R. Steven Rainwater and Susan Chance-Rainwater.